On And Off Spraying From Geoengineering Jet Is Beyond Dispute


The ongoing and lethal atmospheric experiments appear to be in a constant state of flux. As more and more people wake up to the climate engineering insanity, less obvious methods of particulate spraying for artificial cloud creation will likely be utilized. Skies are now often filled with cob web like aerosol clouds or even just silvery white in hue, such skies are still the result of aircraft sprayed reflective aerosols. My gratitude yet again to Tom Anderson and Anubis 420 for this latest 3 minute addition to our ever increasing library of climate engineering video evidence.
Dane Wigington


8 Responses to On And Off Spraying From Geoengineering Jet Is Beyond Dispute

  1. Jenny says:

    That is exactly what I saw while driving in the middle of MA one day:  there was all this cloud cover with protruberances , like fingers, at the edge.  A plane came along and squirted a little blob of material on the end of each protrusion, but nothing where the blue sky was showing, in between them.  I thought for sure this would finally convince my husband that geoengineering was occurring, as I pointed it out (it was like dabs of Reddi-Wip), but he still doesn't believe me, no matter what I show him or tell him.  It's pretty frustrating.

  2. Steven Chamberlaon says:

    Mom, Thank you for your kind words. I wish you didn’t put my email out there for everyone, but that’s OK. Please tell at least one person a day about what is happening and give them this website. Sorry I was so angry with you on the phone.


  3. susan chamberlain says:

    My son Steven Chamberlain in Nikiski, Alaska is a natuarlist, as I am and we’re concerned about our environment. He is very active in his community. His E-mail is jschamberlain@Alaska.net

  4. Randy says:

    i smell a rat over on GCN..that be one Michael Rivero of WRH.. Rivero[if that’s even his real name] will deny chemtrails/geoengineering till the cows come home & hangs up on ANY caller that even hints they are going to bring up this incredibly important issue on his 3 hour,WRH, GCN radio show..why? he calls chemtrailers kooks,idiots,&”chemtards”..Rivero it seems,is still connected to his old boss,the U.S. government,namely N.A.S.A. NASA is involved in this chemtrailing of our skies up to their frickin eyeballs..whish Dane would call in to Rivero’s WRH radio show[4-7 EST..GCN Network] & set Rivero straight on chemtrails! ..the last thing we need is Rivero dissing listeners about chemtrails! THEY ARE REAL!… Rivero can name call all day but it doesn’t make the white haze disappear!

  5. Its empirical! the long trails were becoming so obvious that the best idea they came up with was to turn the stream on and off periodically, to look more like thin clouds. Simpleton idiots…we need good men of science and technicians in charge, not psychopaths!

  6. Mr Rodger l' Umstead says:

    Sept 11th in Redding was amazed how much spraying was done on that day, even on the 12th but not as obvious. My fellow worker are no pointing them out to me to make fun of me , but at least they are looking. At 65 I have not seen this kink of air trails until recently, and it seems to be non-stop. Night time day time it just doesn’t matter any more. Try and catch the Motley Fool article on Geo-engineering, how to save the earth for ten billion dollars, Cheap they called it, except you and I are the ones on the hook for it.

  7. Jack McLeod says:

    Very, very good footage. Thanks, Dane, Tom Anderson and Anubis 420.

  8. Gus says:

    Thank you for this Dane.. I’ve been trying to wake people up for years concerning chemtrails and you have made it much easier. These AHoles have to be accountable for this.

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