Philippines: Hell on Earth – Consequence of Man’s Usurpation of Mother Nature


How long will people blindly look on and believe the ridiculous lies they are told by the media? At least 10,000 people are dead as a result of this geoengineered event!

Dutchsince Video:

Mail Online Article:<br

If you need more proof that these events are being engineered, please look here:

latest72hrsmicrowave pulse

9 Responses to Philippines: Hell on Earth – Consequence of Man’s Usurpation of Mother Nature

  1. Constant Walker says:

    Interesting similarity, too, in the storm track’s sudden hard
    left turn, to that of Hurricane Sandy.

  2. Annie Ocean says:

    very few of my friends are willing to accept HAARP or chem trails or geoengineering regarding our weather, this is depressing, perhaps even more than reality…..

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a crisis to do with the human mind, it has always been. The fact that people are delusional, nihilist is the crisis itself. An excellent planet with a degenerative civilization. Perhaps the degenerates won't out-power the rest every time.

  3. Earth Angel says:

    The madmen responsible for these vicious acts MUST BE STOPPED ASAP!

  4. Tracy Stevens says:

    Debra,I walk in your shoes too.I have noticed the sky is strange for quite a number of years now.I have even noticed when the trails are thick overhead I get this bruised feeling headache.All I can suggest is to try to reflect your passion and caring in what you love,if you can stay under the trees and look at the beauty of this earth of ours.Most people I try to mention this to think Im depressing and what can we do about it? This is like a nightmare so please try to enjoy your time here and do all you can to be a good steward to our earth and find the love where you know it is Peace be with you always

  5. debra says:

    I’ve been looking up..don’t want to anymore!! But, I can’t help it! Nashua NH.. every single day!! Chem trails bombard the sky. It’s distressing. I sigh and look I walk back into work from my break, thinking..I shouldn’t go outside for my breaks anymore!! It’s safer inside! At home..I look out my window and see the fake clouds..or chem clouds..trails..and although It’s a ‘nice’ day, I don’t want to open my windows for fresh air. There is no fresh air! I think of my children and grand children..My Mother and all the old people suffering from respiratory problems.. people are getting sick..i’s NOT just the flu! Well, and I’ve even asked people at work..’have you noticed the sky?’ NO..ha well, we’re all in the same boat. I wonder if this is prophesied in Revelation..

  6. Paul Stein says:

    Greatly appreciate your informative work. Forward it to all I know and do not know.

  7. Bill says:

    When you lack a frontal lobe there is no need for empathy.

  8. Im in fear of what this country is on the brink of becomeing. I wont go down without a fight. Our world wont be worth liveing in. Quality or quanatee…

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