Poison In Our Skies


Video Description: This is a song to raise awareness about the covert and unconstitutional altering of our weather that is going on now in most all of our neighborhoods, commonly known as “chemtrails” and “geoengineering.” It was written and produced by Spellbound’s Paul “Pablo” Thomas & Bobby Moon. Feel free to share/use this song as you’d like. It is here on YouTube and the audio is available for FREE on many music streaming services. Get the word out! Save Our Planet!

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  1. Jonathan R. says:

    Québec flooding in May 2017 started right after an experiment with Barium (Tracer), Silver Nitrate & Silver Iodide (Cloud Seeder: Temperature reducer/Condenser), Aluminium Oxide (Electric Carrier, Strontium (Multi-purpose:Photo Catalyst, Ion Neutralizer), sprayed at very high altitudes crossing the Jet Stream's high velocity current (>177km/h). Flooding started to occur approximately 48 hours after the experiment debut. Snow was felt on the 8th day due to the temperature reducing effect such an experiment has on its surroundings; unfortunately, the 2nd phase of the experiment went haywire, the Jet Stream tilted is course in the north-west reducing temperatures drastically in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue & James Bay Area. This also caused the ground to condense and saturate; forming a hydrophobic barrier easier for the flooding effect. This experiment was carried out covertly; I can not divulge its body of direction nor its origin. 

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