Possible HAARP Locations Around The World


Most people never even heard of HAARP, but fact is, HAARP installations exist and are most likely than not, responsible for a lot of foul weather and earthquakes in the past 15 years. Investigate and you will find the facts. Or just stay ignorant and blissful. It’s up to you./p>

Your Country/family/friends/patriots, fellow human beings, nature and our Mother Earth need you to “WAKE UP”. This weapon was brought into the world over a hundred years ago by Nikola Tesla and patented by Bernard Eastlund. US PATENT #4,686,605

Jeff Rense – Rense.com

Note from Leuren Moret…


Hi Jeff…

I identified the HAARP sites two years ago. They left some key ones out: Chile (HAARP earthquake as President was sworn in), Cyprus (Black Sea Storm), Dushanbe Tajikstan (Tien Shan gold belt), and ANTARCTICA – the most important one. Plus, they forgot all the Russian installations – more than any other country.

Here are the main mining projects of Eurasian Mining Company inc. which are all located where mining riches are located “Bill Clinton Uranium Scandal”


started by Frank Giustra who flies around the world with Bill Clinton to secure mining contracts in these key places after Clinton introduces him to the Pres. of the country he wants to mine in.


After the contracts are signed in each country, Giustra forks over $150 million to Clinton’s foundation. Wasn’t Clinton involved in Haiti, etc, etc, where all this mineral loot is?



More HAARP Facilities: 



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  1. S.l. derrick says:

    Tota agreement !!!!! And now Florida! ! And how about the quake that hit Fukishima? This tech and even more so the people  using it has to go!!!!

  2. Merkat says:

    I have seen a very clear HAARP pad off the coast of Louisiana outside New Orleans. It was eerie to say the least and I don't think it was intended to be visible to people driving the causeway most of the time.

    Looking out from the drive past the old Levys which are still ominously Bobbing in the water to the side of the drivable causeway. Out into the gulf, we saw a huge electrical grid much like the ones pictured in this article. They were obviously creating polar electrical points which created "clouds" right before our eyes. 

    Ii would like to point out that this was the night after a hurricane hit the new Orleans area- it was October 30th 2020…and the entire state was running on generators if there was any power at all…even so, i dont know how to explain what i saw….watching those clouds form from that giant   electric grid on the gulf was by far one of the most bizarre  things i have ever witnessed.


  3. Bert says:

    About 20 years ago the Navy had a project which was the development of a means to communicate with under sea submarines …..they had a high power transmiter located north of Minnesota  in Canada or could have even been Alaska ….. Anyway when they turned it on it produced a ground induced humm . It was there , but not continuos , only when they transmitted data to the subs. 

    I would suspect there is a communications project in those areas ……they may think this is covert but if it is easily received it really can't be covert. . . but then… these folks really are NOT some of the brightest folks.

  4. Kerry says:

    Australia, east coast floods Feb/March 2022: 

    Pulsing ray formations noted on BOM radar (512 composite ) originating in northern NSW. Noted CSIRO antenna array at Narrabri. These weather events are not normal, the wind, the clouds, the sudden erruption of devestating storms, rain totals in the 1000ml and above range and records broken everywhere. Great devestation and loss

    • Nunya says:

      Hey Kerry.

      Since living in the NR I have seen strange cloud events followed by rain.

      I was told by a former acquaintance there may be a HAARP facility located in Nimbin. 

      One thing is for sure before the floods hit Lismore the clouds were very strange and much radio waves in the sky. 

  5. Fern says:

    Will we be safe underground ?

  6. Rakusoft says:

    this is awesome post, i like it.

  7. Roxan Taylor says:

    I live in HPP in Keauu,HI. I purchased a house here Sept. 2020. There is a constant low humming sound under my property. Last eruption in this area was approximately 400 yrs.ago. This vibration no one seems to know about. Some days it's loud especially with windows closed. I feel it through my bed. I've asked two neighbors & previous owner & they all are clueless. The previous owner appears a bit disturbed as he only lived in the house a year. He won't say why he lived here such a short time. My background is on Behavioral Science & the previous owner appeared disturbed.  The house was only 3 yrs. old when I purchased it. I have birds slamming into windows constantly, & a large bird found in front yard fence with his head stuck in gate broken & twisted. Their is definitely going on. This area has very little WI-FI signal. However, something going on in the air disrupting bird behavior. This low rumbling is unnerving. I must turn up television or music to drown out the humming. One cannot here it good unless windows are closed especially at night. The noise is very pronounced. Once outdoors it's hard to detect unless roosters are quiet. According to explanation online it states water under the island. Duh, ya think, however it sounds mechanical, not natural hum. It like a locomotive idling on railroad track. 290 degrees W 19degrees 35' 20"N 154degrees 59' 39"W  Elevation 200' 

    Will someone please answer me. I want to call UH Geology Dept. but fear I'll get no answer. I lived through one earthquake @ Ft. Ord in Cali. 10/17/1989 & I know the sounds & feel. This is different. I've live through Midwest tornadoes in 60's-70's. This is truly a mystery. Any info is much appreciated. 


    • sheree e fortier says:

      I felt the low rumbling, and mild shaking under the building where i worked in Seattle for a few months.  I was afraid an earthquake was coming.  But, no one else seemed to feel it when I asked them.  And, lo and behold, I left that job.  Only 2 days later, the Nisqually earthquake struck…approximately Jan/feb of 2000=01.  Bricks came off the building that I had worked in.                                                       Some people are much more sensitive…animals can detect 3.0, and the average human only detects closer to a 5.0.

    • Suzy says:

      Hi Roxan. I understand your distress at being subjected to constant hum. We also have a similar issue here in Australia. When I play 528hrtz tunes (can find on any platform) this drowns out the hun and helps calm our minds. If you turn ON yr tv/radio etc this will emit 440hrtz which is designed (by the Nazis) to CREATE anxiety. Keep yr TV and radio OFF.these LOW FREQUENCY tunes feed whatever is causing the hum.ALL living organisms need healing frequencies …there are many and I encourage you to explore these as they are incredibly powerful.

      Our police here in Australia are using LRAD frequency on our 2 million protestors which is causing severe neurological damage, bleeding ears, vomiting and severe illness. So you can imagine how powerful using the OPPOSITE healing frequencies are.

      God bless you, keep your faith in yourself HIGH and play these everyday, especially for the animals around you. I use portable speakers and sit them on our handrails to play to our neighbourhood. Within 5 mins you can feel the change in energy. 💕💕🙏🇦🇺

    • BIG ED says:


    • Clea says:

      Hi Roxan, I live in Australia and hear this hum. It started a few months ago and I hadn't ever heard it before that. You described it exactly as I've experienced it. I have no answer for what it is but it's been quite disturbing and effecting my sleep. Not many others seem to hear it. Lately the hum has gone from a very slow pulse to much faster. So strange. Hope you have found some answers since your post I'd love to hear.  

  8. Madeira says:

    I kow why they created this huge machine, it has something whit the Illuminati association and other stuff. It’s because there are to many people on earth causing trouble and pollution they are trying to find many ways to reduce human life whit there high technology, there are some other high tech invention that they don’t want to reveal to us. The world is hiding secrets from us. And by the way I’m 13 years old 

  9. I was in Alaska for ten years.During 911 also. I worked for a Ex-emloyee of Nasa. I met the Author of Angels don't play this haarp.I bought two copies at his urging. It was only on the shelf for one month at Fred Meyers.Then it disappeared. There is a secret launch pad in Alaska and a secret military facillity, along with two bases. There is a large hole in the atmosphere there. I learned about the 187 satalites that they can bounce the microwave signals off of. There are many secrets. We used Haarp against the Kuwait people during desert storm. Read Tesla, And the year this started.I am under surveillance, and have been arrested since coming back to Oregon. I am told I am dangerous. Mainly for the information I know.And of course for thinking outside the box.lol

  10. Jason Oliver says:

    I believe we need to put an end to Haarp as soon as possible but it will take more than one person to stop Haarp.  Thank You.  Jason D. Oliver

    • Roxan says:

      Jason that's a very large scale operation. It is easier said than done to shut it down. I worked for one of those agencies over 44 years ago. We were Temp. Fed. Contractors working with NASA building the initial Space Shuttle. We weren't even allowed to know what we were working on until after we left the manufacturing plant due to Top Secret status Watch the politics & you can figure out the key players. Make sure all your family & friends vote. Gov't. Monies for Space Program have been reduced to almost nothing. I believe this is how Elon Musk came about & got private donations for his company when Space Program went down the tubes. Voila' "Space X". Several movies such as: Geo Storm have subliminal message right into our face this exists.

    • Kai Heinonen says:

      hello and u are where?

    • S.l. derrick says:

      TotaL agreement !!!!!

  11. Phil says:

    Wondering about Thailand

    • Ian Stuart McPhail says:

      Phil:  I live here (in Thailand) and am more than wondering about Weather Modification.  We have been getting some fairly strange electrical storms of late and a sound that is reminiscent of the sound of the time machine in the movie "Contact" (from Carl Sagan and wife's book) Jodi Foster; David Morse; etc).  A coincidence? The HAARP installation in India is on exactly the same latitude as bangkok).  Mac

  12. Joe says:

    What government facilities can you call directly, hang their phone number up over the 405 or 101 freeways, and tell those sucka's to turn of their haarp transmitters or keep their planes grounded?   Also the pathway to finding those numbers needs to be explained so that when they inevitably change their numbers, the new numbers can be found.

  13. Nicola Flammel says:

    HAARP is a "conventional" VLF antenna array operating on very high power and can be used to heat up the ionosphere and the atmosphere for different purposes (as weather manipulation). Just wanted to clarify this. For more information about Tesla and HAARP, read the book "Secrets of cold war technology" by Gerry Vassilatos.

  14. tad matlock says:

    its strange when i go on google maps u can see part of the radio towers but the rest of the top part is blurred out i tried reloading the page but the same results show up on the next page ive noticed this in other areas that are classified on this planet there is something jamming the gps something they dont want us to see

  15. Fiona Montgomery says:

    is it true that the location 46°30’47.2″S 168°22’34.8″E is a HAARP site?

    • Doug Noyce says:

      I have checked these coords on GE Pro, satellite image taken in December of 2015, and it appears to be and open field, no structures seen. It is at coastal New Zealand. I cannot figure out how to post the image here (they make it very difficult) There is a strange image I have never seen on GE before, about 1/2 mile NW of this spot, at
      46°30'42.52"S 168°22'34.38"E
      but again, no way to post image.

  16. david says:

    how about hurricane Katrina that wiped us out in the south ? is that a possibility ? we will never be the same

  17. teresa says:

    years ago I saw as many as 15 harp stations in antartica with google why did they airbrush them out

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