Profound Sky Spraying Experiments


Experiments of insanity have been going on in our skies for so very long. Consider that if such a small aircraft can produce such a large feature with a sprayed aerosol release, what technology is available now? How far has the power structure pushed the envelope? Geoengineering experiments on a significant scale were occurring by the late 1940’s. There appear to have been strong climate forcing effects from the beginning of these programs, even at lower levels of deployment. Though we do know what some of the elements are which the climate engineers are raining down on us, there is much that cannot be known. Biological experimentation is in all likelihood a consistent part of the aerosol operations. The danger we all face from the ongoing fully deployed geoengineering experiments are immense. There is clearly no sanity within the current power structure. It is up to all of us to educate the masses and wake them up now, tomorrow is too late. Climate engineering must be halted, completely. The 90 second video below is well worth the time to view.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Thanks very much, Paul, for the name of the reference sources for detoxifying. Am familiar with Dr. Blaylock’s writings, and will also check Dr. Berman’s videos.

  2. cora says:

    Sunday 9/14/2014 over Shreveport and Bossier City La I observed 30 plus chem trails..never saw one plane putting them down.

    Decades ago we would watch as Jet planes left a plume but these things are just out there criss crossing each other.

    I thought..oh Barksdale Air Base is in Bossier..and its over a lot of the drilling areas for natural gas and oil.

    but what is it?

    • Kelly says:

      I have seen the same chemtrails. Almost everyday for 7 months. A report in 2007 tested the skies and we have a toxic amount of barium in our shreveport sky. Barium causes muscles weakness, breathing issues and death. People are dying by the masses here!!! Shadow governments plan is working!

  3. Paul Potter says:

    Hi Cheryl,two sources of the top of my head.Dr Russell Blaylock(neurosurgeon)
    Dr.Jon Bergman out of Huntington Beach ca.( Bergman has a lot of classes he teaches that are on youtube.Also I did my own research on the specific items that I posted and am currently using some of them daily.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Appreciate your information, Paul. Can you reveal the source of your detoxification information, please. I’d like to check into this more fully. Thank you.

  5. sherry taylor says:


  6. Paul Potter says:

    Hi Marc,1.chlorella-pulls heavy metal from tissues and encapsulates toxins to prevent absorption in the digestive tract, Pectin-absorbs heavy metals in the intestine. Cilantro-eliminates mercury, lead and aluminum from the body, Kombu seaweed-rich in heavy metal absorbing align ate. Oxygenated Silver-destroys bacteria,viruses and fungal. Activated charcoal-binds heavy metals. Food grade Calcium Bentonite Clay-detoxifies from metals,parasites,pollutants,bacteria,fungi and viruses. Chlorophyll-draws out heavy metals from tissues. Also vitamin c and e reduce swelling in the brain (a known side effect from breathing nano aluminum particles daily). Hope that helps a bit.

  7. Philip Dec says:

    Marc Metz,
    if you have facebook access this page should be helpful

  8. Marc Metz says:

    Paul Potter what supplements or foods to help protect from chemtrailing chemicals? Thanks

  9. Carole Respini says:

    That was pretty creepy…especially seeing that ship at the end just moving right into the midst; makes you wonder if the people even know or remember what “agent orange is”. I think people just feel powerless because when you read about it, seems like everyone who cares to do anything keep coming up against dead ends. I would just have to guess that the powers that be are doing this (knowing there is collateral damage) yet for some reason in their minds, this is the only option they can come up with to deal with some bigger problem having to do with the climate crisis. (just a thought from a lay person who doesn’t know much about all this other than it’s happening and has been happening for years)

  10. Paul Potter says:

    I agree that they are changing there methods of application.I see more aerosol bombs in the Los Angeles area.I am close to the beach and They are two distinct colors.Bright white/silver and dark gray/black that seem move inland at a lower elevation.Also more activity at night and less during the day .Although on the heavy spraying days I can feel the physical effects myself and witness all of my co-workers complaining of headaches and being edgy and spaced out.I pass out a eight page document disclosing what they are doing,what chemicals they are using,what they are doing to our bodies and what foods and supplements we can take to help counteract the effects and damage to our bodies.Most if not all will not even bother to read the material.They will listen to my speeches and then probably talk crap about me behind my back.I give out the info it’s up to the sheep if they wish to help themselves.To most fantasy football is more important! how can we wake up more people?

  11. Jhere McKenzie says:

    Unreal!!!!! What they did then has only increased now!

  12. Luke says:

    Agreed…. I don’t get why it is only over population instead away from where people can see it. Even saying that some people are still too busy with McDonalds hamburgers instead of tilting their head up on a angle to look at disgusting mess above them.

  13. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Something has changed with their formulas and tactics lately. Just in the last few weeks the appearance of our chemtrail sky is dramatically different.

  14. Karen Strong says:

    We are seeing new pictures now .. I am finding them more alarming … The chembombing is the next step to something much worse .. If it’s indeed possible to be any worse .. This video serves as another reminder that nothing is impossible in the pursuit of outcomes to advantage some (questionably)at the cost of disadvantaging the world and all habitation … Thankyou Dane … For rising above opposition … Truth wil always have opposition .. It’s about being the stronger person .. You are most certainly that … The Best of everything will eventually come your way …..

  15. marc rennard says:

    Watched start and stop chemtrails being laid down across a mostly clear sky above St. Louis all weekend. Why lay chemtrails over major metro areas where their existence will be obvious? Why are these morons chemtrailing major cities? Biological “experimentation”? This is supreme B.S.

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