Strange radar blob over Huntsville, Ala. was military test – What a Relief!!


Gee, what a relief the “blob” was just the military dumping highly toxic elements all over us. No need to worry!!

Mystery Solved! Strange Radar Blob Over Huntsville, Ala. was Military Test

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This 3-D radar view over Huntsville, Ala. shows the strange blob that persisted there for hours.When a strange blob showed up on weather radar over Huntsville, Alabama back in June, there were plenty of equally-strange ideas floating around about what caused it, but the mystery has now been solved, thanks to some persistent weather service scientists.

Meteorologists see some strange things with the weather sometimes, but back on June 4, forecasters in Huntsville had a real mystery on their hands. A large blob suddenly turned up on their weather radar, which they thought was a sudden ‘pop-up’ thunderstorm, but looking outside there wasn’t a storm in sight. The sky was sunny with just a few clouds, and there wasn’t any smoke visible either. The standard radar continued to show it, though, and even when they switched to dual-polarity — where the radar sends and receives in both the horizontal and the vertical — the blob persisted. In total, it was visible for over nine hours.

There was plenty of speculation about what caused it. Some went straight for conspiracy-theory territory, talking about secret military transmitters. Others went for the disaster angle, thinking it might be signals from a damaged utilities substation interfering with the radar. There was even talk about it being caused by 1,000 ladybugs that the local botanical gardens released that day. However, Matthew Havin, the data services manager for Baron Services, a weather technology company in Huntsville, told LiveScience: “It would take many millions of ladybugs to really show up on a weather radar, and it wouldn’t look the same as what we were seeing.”

It didn’t take very long for the mystery to be solved, though. The severe weather group at the University of Alabama – Huntsville caught on first after finding clumps of hair-like strands of fibreglass on the ground. Two days after the ‘incident’, the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville put out a press release explaining that it was a test of military chaff — a defense system that interferes with radar-guided missiles, forcing them to miss their intended target.

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With thousands of these hair-like fibres being dropped out of a plane over the city, the extremely calm winds in the area that day ensured that they stayed in the same area and simply spread outward, forming the large, persistent blob on the radar.

Havin has spent the time since June working on a detailed look at how the weather contributed to the event, which should be of help to forecasters if a similar situation occurs in the future. He presented his study at the National Weather Association meeting, in Charlottetown, S.C., last week.

(Image courtesy: Baron Services)

5 Responses to Strange radar blob over Huntsville, Ala. was military test – What a Relief!!

  1. robin says:

    *911* Morgellons Diseases Alert in North Alabama!

    It’s here, it’s real and I have it. It is biological, it is parasitic and it feeds on people and animals.

    Where did it come from and why has the CDC took the stance it took?

    And, why the disclaimer by the researchers, drs, etc…the CDC?

    The Chemtrails over this area in the last year has been massive.

    I fear for us all, this disease is progressing and evolving. The parasitic creature things, that come out of my skin have grown in size and have now taken form or shape. With heads, legs, fanglike teeth that sucks my blood and claws, some have eyes and all have many sharp hook projections underneath that hook into the skin, making it extremely painful and difficult to remove this ‘thing’.

    I have removed larva and eggs, also have removed tiny microscopic flys. One was malformed with many legs, the other wasn’t formed right in the legs either but, definately some kind of fly. And, the fibers, red, blue and silver on me, coming out of me and growing in theses ‘bugs’, creatures.

    Evolving into something I believe will eventually move about, crawl, fly, bite, infect and whatever will it then do… more to hurt us?

    I get sicker by the day, some days I can’t function at all, and the physical pain has made me think bad things. The pain is nearly more than I can take.

    God is keeping me going and fighting.

    I would like to here from others in Alabama, just to get some idea just how infected it’s getting here.

    Please contact Oklahoma State University, OSU, they will help and listen also, contact the Charles E Holman Foundation, they will listen and these people are doing the most right, factual research.

    God Bless and protect us from the evil of this….pestilence?

    Robin Blackburn
    Alabama, USA

    • c m says:

      Three people in 5pts have it definitely. My posts are disappearing faster than an ER doc on bug patrol.

  2. deano says:

    Look at Missile Defense gives USAF COBRA DANE phased radar array. Epicentre was over Raytheon,BAE, Decibal & Grumman. They state they are testing new missile tracking radar systems control.
    SBX-1 is selfpropelled oil-rig with phased radar,new for Missile Defense tracking made by Raytheon.BAE made HAARP in Alaska. SBX-1 has new home in Alaska.
    We have these radar anomolies in Australia too. It is radar beams bouncing off aluminium & barium particulate in ionosphere>Chemtrails. Chaff 188 is al coated silicon streamers & would have fallen to ground. THIS IS HAARP. Radar beams,electromagnetic waves heating the ionosphere to affect weather or Ground Penetrating to induce Earthquakes!

  3. Vanessa says:

    I do hope that Clifford Carnicom has gotten a sample of some of these fibers! He has done an exhaustive study on the ‘fibers’ found in people suffering from Morgellons disease. And, he has found many more inexplicable things, such as dessicated red blood cells. I heard somewhere that Lithium was found, but not sure about that source. The fibers shown in the photo that accompany the original article look quite large compared to the nano-sized fibers found in Morgellon’s, but they are fibers, still. I have my doubts they are fiberglass, but even if they were- imagine getting these in your eyes, and what about the wildlife???

    On a different track, a comment to fellow commenters; in my opinion the moment someone shouts “it’s the Jews!!’ the topic looses credibility. I will just chalk it up to trolls who are trying to do just that. But this topic needs serious attention, so if you want to blame an entire race or religion for this crime against humanity please try to restrain yourself. Yes yes, I know about the nefarious Cabal, etc. But we won’t be taken seriously the moment we point fingers of blame where it’s not appropriate. Just sayin’

  4. Jason says:

    This is just another example that the military industrial complex doesn’t care about the citizens. Specially the wildlife, trees, plants and the water that they are contaminating.
    IT’S none other than INSANE!
    This is not the only place they are doing this.
    “We the people” are Millions and Millions strong and we need to shut this program down to preserve all life on our fragile planet.

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