Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering affirmed from personal experience


Between the years of 2000 and 2003 I was employed by a private government contractor called Brookhaven National Laboratories in Upton, New York. While there I learned of a Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider or RHIC buried in the Earth, forming a one-mile-in-diameter circular ring containing collision detection points. At these collision detection points sampling of positively and negatively charged ions is performed every quarter of a mile. During the time I worked at BNL as a Unix systems administrator my job was to work on one of the collision detection points referred to as “Aerosol.”

 – September 18  2013

photos by David Masem

Experiments were carried out at that ring point to determine the effects of aerosol injected into the stratosphere. My job consisted of working with the physicists and configuring real time Unix servers as well as setting up the initial websites to publish the findings of these experiments. It was at this time, after speaking with the physicists, that I learned exactly what was going on. Offline, these physicists would speak of the military’s interest in taking over these projects for their own private agenda, one I was not privileged to, as I did not have the necessary clearance. Although the pay was excellent, I eventually chose not to participate as I became more and more outraged with the knowledge that the eventual goal of this spraying of aerosols into our stratosphere, or SAG (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering), was just a cover-up for a far greater and more sinister agenda: depopulation. I was made aware of this ultimate aim by speaking with physicists who converged on Upton from around the world. My decision to leave BNL caused me a divorce and blacklisting in the information technology field. Jobs were scarce for me, but I stood by my decision, not wanting any part of what was happening, regardless of the pay and benefits. Since then, these are the supporting facts of what I’ve learned doing my own research.

— Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG)
— Global Dimming
— Solar Radiation Management Government Initiative (SRM)

— 20% of the Sun’s rays no longer reach our planet.
— Solar Obscuration is the primary goal of SAG.
— Reduction of global warming by injecting particulate matter into the atmosphere as stated by geoengineers.

Existence of a US patent for Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for reduction of global warming—stated goal is to block the sun. First ingredient in the patent is aluminum. Rain tests have risen from 7 parts per billion (ppb) of aluminum filtered forest location testing, which, according to hydrogeologists, is quite high. Subsequent tests over the next five years have risen to 3,450 parts per billion in a single rainfall in the same testing areas. Similar assessments conducted by the California Air Quality Resource Board have confirmed these results (June 29, 2001).

Sub-micron fallout is dangerous for human respiration with regards to highly reactive metal used, ie, aluminum, which is toxifing soil and water. The Entropy 2012 document reveals empirical data confirming Autism symptoms related to aluminum and acetaminophen exposure. Climate policy is under uncertainty as published in December 2009 with regards to the ecosystem of this planet. Solar Radiation Management introduces damages by means of an increase in the risks of destruction of stratospheric ozone due to SRM implementation. Moreover, sulfuric acid deposition can create health and regional problems. Also, recent numerical simulations show that SRM will affect precipitation patterns and volumes, causing droughts throughout large regions of the planet.

Illness patterns coincide with heavy spray days in 1998, 1999, and 2000 during the winter months, specifically. In Peterborough, Ontario, 307 acute asthma cases were reported in one day of heavy spraying. In Birmingham, England, 8,000 people died during three weeks of heavy spraying.

Geoengineers are purposing to dump 10–20 million tons of toxic aluminum and other unknown substances into the sky ostensibly for the purpose of cooling our planet.
The World Meteorological Organization says that climate change is human-caused and has impacts on us now and those impacts will become more and more significant over time.

Persistent contrails have an additive that causes contrails to be persistent, which is the problem. What is that additive? A patent suggests that “the particle seeding should be done at an altitude of 10 kilometers. The particles may be seeded by dispersal from seeding aircraft; one exemplary technique may be via jet fuel. . .  Once the tiny particles have been dispersed into the atmosphere, the particles may remain in suspension for up to one year.”

Further evidence:

  1. The substances found in soil tests are exactly what are stated in the patents.

  2. John Holdren (Obama Science Advisor) has openly voiced his support for geoengineering.

  3. The Arctic Methane Emergency Group is openly calling for emergency wartime geoengineering.

24 Responses to Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering affirmed from personal experience

  1. Dave Downing says:

    Who is paying for the billions of gallons of jet fuel for this world wide crime? Who authorized this to be done? They must be stopped now, public awareness is not working and won't work. We need to file a lawsuit  to get it stopped and bring out the sociopaths behind it. I'll contribute the 1st 500. Dollars to file the suit and I know there are thousands  more people that will do the same. Let's get after them. 

    • Rachel says:

      I too am curious and have researched the chemtrails not contrails in the skies. There is so much scientific evidence and this is truly a great cover up. Wikipedia is a joke. I am outraged and astonished that more people aren’t curious. No one looks up at the sky, the millennial s just take selfies and post Facebook. I will chip in and match $ to bring this case to justice . We need organization and I will actively inform the best I can. I live in Amherdt, ma and i see the x crossed trails sometimes on a daily basis. The once beautiful clear skies now covered in a haze. We need more awareness.

    • Justin Chase says:

      I am in Saratoga County NY. The planes have been criss-crossing the sky all morning yet NOBODY seems to notice! And let me tell you — it is OBVIOUS! The sky was blue this morning with a few trails, then more and more and now– the whole freaking sky is pasty white! It looks creepy! This happens every time there is a change of weather coming, especially before rain is forecast. Why is it that nobody, no news media, no weather forecasters, nobody in our region on TV ever mentions the lines in the sky? It is so obvious that the planes are creating a pollution that is blocking out the sun and nobody says a thing about it. I guess that's what's bothering me the most about this whole mess — total complacency.

  2. Kay says:

    I moved to the Coachella Valley, CA in 1996. I used to live fairly close to Palm Springs International Airport. I walk about five days a week early in the morning. I began observing contrails in the sky, but I thought it was odd that they didn’t disappear quickly. We normally have clear blue skies in our valley almost everyday. After I noticed these trails spread out and turned our blue skies milky white, I started researching and found out we were being sprayed. I used to walk even when the chemtrails were visible. I don’t want to go outside when we are being sprayed. The spraying happens almost continuously. We had about five days of clear blue skies prior to the President’s visit to play golf over Valentine’s day weekend. The spraying started again this week. Yesterday it wasn’t excessive and the skies cleared. Today I woke up about 6:30AM and the skies were all white. I can still see the spraying at 12:25 PM.

    I can’t understand why people don’t look up at the sky and notice this very obvious pattern. Are they in total denial? Children are normally curious. I wonder if they say anything to their parents and teachers.

    I’ve called and emailed representatives and senators. Diane Feinstein’s response was they were just normal water vapor contrails.

    If I bring the subject up with a friend, I get the feeling they they think I am some kind of conspiracy nut

    Kay in Palm Desert

  3. Kevin OToole says:

    Just became aware of this “geoengineering” and at first was somewhat skeptical of the the subject because I follow weather and climate change like a hawk and had not heard much of anything about this chemical spraying and HAARP and all..most on my weather blog feel this is “conspiracy theory”..but sure enough I was up near Mt. Shasta in Calif. about two weeks ago..july 23..through 29th.. and saw it first hand on a clear day.. suddenly all kinds of planes and contrails and weird vapor like clouds that did not disperse for hours..asked many people if they had heard of Geo-Engineering and no one had and to be honest I think they thought I was a litle weird..As if it is not bad enough what we are doing to this planet.. now we have people insane enough to do this!!.. these are the same the 50’s and 60’s that told us to hide under our desk in the event of Atomic war!!??…

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  5. Lightworker says:

    Thank you for your courage. When in doubt follow the money. It is not a faceless “they”. Someone is paying someone else. The someone else has to decide to do something dispicable for the money (fly the plane that dumps the chemicals).
    We are the 99%. But we are not victims unless that is our mindset. Together we can solve this atrocity. Find out who is contracting to fly the planes. Find out where the particulate comes from. Find out who works for those chemical companies. Not all employees know what the ultimate results of their laborious is. Let them know. Let them know that the “99%” is waking up to what’s going on. We know where they live. And we are shedding light into the darkest corners. We are 7 BILLION strong.
    The Internet is a powerful tool.

  6. Darcy says:

    I’m sorry, for ur anxiety, i too am losing sleep..There is no where to go anymore..I’m in Northern Calif. it’s terrible, my kids father moved to Brazil yrs ago as we always knew things were gonna get bad here in US..He lives in the Northern part of Brazil, it seems to be the last place on earth that isn’t getting sprayed YET..The rest of Brazil it started as soon as they got rid of the last President and put in an illuminati sympathizer that is there now..Where our land is down there the winds r so strong even commercial planes don’t fly, it’s all windmill farms as far as the eye can see…I’m not sure u can get there in a motorhome tho…Hang in there…and look into “Orgone” thats what i’m using now..just started, but a LOT of ppl r getting great results w/this stuff from here to’s worth a try!!!

  7. Freeme says:

    ADD this to your advice: WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING?, and soon to be released, WHO IN THE WORLD IS SPRAYING?

  8. Freeme says:

    Read or find video on YT, ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’.

  9. garys says:

    It’s was recently reported [with no direct reference to chemtrails, etc.] that 50% of the children in detroit have asthma most of whom are inundating the local hospital emergency rooms. Another depopulation beta site?

  10. Freeme says:

    Yes Diane, it is true taking in all of CA, from top to bottom left and right, of course all bordering states are doused with it too. The delivery system was different in LA county a few years ago where you could actually collect samples of the teeny tiny sparkles left in the wake of aerial spraying. Before I left there last fall, the particles were no longer seen, and surmise they are now nano particles only to be seen under very strong microscopes?

  11. Heather
    RE:Request.Noted and completed.

    Troy Lessard
    “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” -Gandhi

  12. Heather says:

    Thank you for your great post.
    I live in Northern Arizona, and it never seems to stop lately. They are ramping it up, here as well.
    There were at least 20 planes over my head last Thursday. The created a cloud that went as far as the eye could see. The cloud never budged, in spite of 40-50 MPH wind gusts on the ground. Ripple patterns evident in the clouds as well. We got snow the next day…..
    I am so disgusted with it all.

  13. Cassandra says:

    I live in Lincoln, NE. They began intensive spraying Friday afternoon and continued until Sunday evening. On Monday finally the skies cleared. But on Saturday I drove from Lincoln to Omaha so could see the spraying being done over Lincoln once I got out onto the interstate. Lincoln was completely doused yet nothing on the interstate in between Lincoln and Omaha. When I arrived in Omaha the planes arrived about the same time and began spraying heavily there. We were outside demonstrating against the spraying and it actually looked like they were mocking us by flying directly over us again and again in a straight line as if to say “see, there’s nothing you can do about it.” When I arrived back in Lincoln the skies looked like a nuclear winter. 80 mile an hour winds came up out of nowhere and temp dropped nearly 60 degrees within two hours. The air seemed like it was DEAD and dust was blowing everywhere as they have created a terrible drought here now for the past couple of years. They sprayed again all day Sunday and all through the night. I could not sleep because of the anxiety so looked out the window constantly and this time the trails were so low they appeared to be skimming the top of my chimney. When you ask one of the so-called experts they say “oh there’s just a big conspiracy out there. They are just spraying silver oxide to help the crops.” Oh yea? I don’t know of any crops inside two densely-populated cities and that is where they concentrate the spraying. I’m afraid we have to do something and fast. The spraying has been ramped up and that is obvious. I have decided to buy a small motor home and leave. All I know is I will try to find someplace where they are not spraying and then move on when they start. Don’t know what else to do as I think it is killing my animals. Here is a good website for those who are interested.

  14. frances says:

    I live in Birmingham UK and was shocked to read that 8,000 people died after 3 weeks of heavy spraying. Were these caused by respiratory problems? For some time now I’ve been watching the skies, taking photos and despairing that hardly anyone that I speak to accepts that the weather can be engineered. Barely a day goes by without trails, but most of the time it seems to be total sky cover. It doesn’t matter where you go – into the depths of the countryside, the coast, or abroad, you can’t escape this abhorrent practice. I’m wondering if cities – such as Birmingham – are being targeted with heavier spraying due to the density of population….?

  15. John says:

    Every day here in Dallas tx they are spraying. I have been so frustrated with this problem for so many years now. I was first brought up to speed by my late father who knew of this going on since early 80’s. At first being so long ago, I did not believe it but as time continued, I quickly realized what he said was in fact true in regards to whom ever is responsible for spraying us like cock roach’s. I have watched people literally turn into zombie like creatures slowly changing from all this constant fall out and NO EDUCATION ! I am so happy to finally se folks such as yourselves waking up and starting to band together to speak out and do something, anything about this unnacceptable and horrifying siuation we are ALL engulfed in. I am always speaking to people about this and more, trying to educate them and make them believe first and foremost. Everywhere i go i see spraying and everywhere i look on tv i see it in the skies there too. It is everywhere. It is cold from the blocking of the sun light as well. After it all settles you can see the rust color in dust form on all things, cars, bushes,etc.. It has a strong smell like something chemically is burning at times. They start around 5-6 a.m. and go until usually late afternoon, and who knows they are most likely spraying at night as well ! It is so easy to see what is taking place and these zombies I speak of cannot see reason or have any common sense left at all. there is no hope for many as they are too far gone, with the diseases they fester from the pollution,water, extremely bad diet and for so long that they are not functioning at even close to normal level and cannot see what is being done and said. Good luck and thank you for allowing my venting of this subject. If there is and thing I can do please let me know and I will gladly give my best effort.

  16. otterwalks says:

    I concur with Troy. Bottom line there is a need to create a new labeling system for “organic”. One that has inserts, not unlike Big Pharma, telling the residual aerosol content found in its composition. Much is unknown regarding the composition of these aerosol slurries. What is, is found in the water and soil, as well as the Global Atmosphere. The fronts for these operations -NOAA, NASA, US Navy, US Air Force, et. al; could not present reports (White papers) stating the advances in SRM, if it was not a global program. The covert nature of this is not covered by the codes enabling testing of chemical and biological agents on the populous. This goes to the use in chorus, with artificial plasmic -electromagnetic wave forms. There is no provision allowing that agenda. It is outside of law and we need to make that case: yesterday… otterwalks: (Under the influence of toxins and radiating wave forms. Apologies…)

    • Rachel says:

      Interesting point. They are covering their asses. Well the fact that the chemical compositition is toxic and deadly. We need samples, we need a solid case, which sounds like you knoe quite a bit,a damn good attorney and a mass law suit. This needs to be fought, tooth and nail.

  17. otterwalks says:

    Good grief! We got slammed today with massive trails. Then followed sine wave, (Shark Gill Like ripples) likely a Pave Paws wave form on line. Chem-bows lasted five minutes, one half hour after a minimum of fifteen passes. It stared with a fanning out from the west heading over Upton and spreading northeast toward Boston and Maine, and Southeast toward New Jersey. Then the return flights were parallel to the coast, out of the north, crossing the dissipating fan operation.
    At this time Brookhaven/Upton Radar and Both Boston Radars are reading heavy NEXRAD/HAARP and HAARP ring activity. “Crew”, who photographs for me to compose articles from, says there will be images tomorrow. The skies went from what passes for blue sky to leadened faster than I have witnessed. I have been watching for decades… It was dark so fast and people started presenting a full spectrum of issues, physical, emotional, and psychological. Even those that pay no heed were thrown by the rapid darkening that seemed not to be “normal” weather patterns in their geniuses. Many here on Martha’s Vineyard are fishers, and bird watchers, they are a bit more in tune with New England weather patterns. That despite the obvious changes over the decades, There is no telling how many more passes disbursed aerosols as the artificial haze close the viewing window in about 1.5 hours after the first flight was passing. Todays sunset lighting was about one hour early. Now, hoping for winds to move it out -radar says that is not the case! …
    There is much more to tell but you know the realities, I need not retell them. I simply hope for tomorrow to be better for all that have been exposed to these toxins from above.
    Fascinating article. Thanks to all for your efforts. More data collection and constant vigilance will be needed for the future, when these criminals are brought to justice. otterwalks: 29th January 2014

  18. Karin says:

    Well said! We have to stop this somehow. Everyone should watch What in the World are They Spraying and Look Up.

  19. Maggie says:

    They’ve been doing chemtrails over the Coachella Valley for probably twenty years. That’s in Riverside County. So Palm Springs, La Quinta, Idyllwild, Rancho Mirage, Twenty Nine Palms, Thermal, Indio, Palm Desert, Banning, Cabazon, etc. We start out with beautiful blue skies…then these stupid jets make their checkerboards across the sky…and we soon have gray, overcast skies. So annoying! And ignorant people keep insisting they are “just contrails”.

  20. Diane Moffat says:

    do you know what areas of California are heavily doused? i have organic orchards and feel terrorized by this information, especially since i grow not-for-profit to feed the homeless. i cannot do this if i am poisoning people!!! please respond!

    • Diane.RE “do you know what areas of California are heavily doused?
      Answer – Yes all of California is heavily effected from the geoengineering toxic fall out.
      Sadly thanks to geoengineering there is no true organic fields any more.The only hope we have for anything close to organic food, is the food that is grown indoors.Even then we still have to worry about the same aerosol contaminates in the air from out side making its way in doors.The water supply is also still being contaminated by the nanosize aluminum that is 10 microns in size.Just to give you a idea how small that really is, it is smaller then the cells in your body, so the nano particles go straight to the brain and are not absorbed by any of your body along the way.Most Hospitals operating rooms air purifiers only filter particulates down to 2 microns in size.The worlds best fertilization system IQ Air only filters down to 4 microns.

      The best defense we have to date against this toxic aerosol spraying is to take Colloidal silver daily.
      Sorry we have no solutions for the apple orchard feeding the poor, but sharing this information and helping the geoengineering activist cause in some way, goes one step closer towards stopping this crime against humanity, and that saves lives all around the globe !

      “.. My major concern is that there is evidence that they are spraying tons of nanosized aluminum compounds. It has been demonstrated in the scientific and medical literature that nanosize particles are infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues. Of special concern is the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum.”- By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.August 23, 2012.

      – Troy Lessard

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