Tanker Enemy – On the Edge of the Awakening


Earth. Home of nine millions species.

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Every ecosystem contained in it, is an entire world set by subtle balances which allow her stability, and survival.

Some species live in symbiosis, others in loneliness, but no one tries to destroy the very planet which sustains it’s life, except one: the human being.

People don’t look at the sky anymore. That wonderful blue sky told of in hundreds of books, under which thousands of people have spoken, prayed and fought their battles for freedom.

But the sky is not blue anymore. It is not our sky anymore.

The entire planet is in danger.

It has lived for years now under a constant threat which is poisoning our air, our water and our bodies. A problem that is being denied and minimized by those who hold an interest in hiding it.

The environment’s already precarious balance, due to the threats of pollution from productive activities, today is at risk of collapse. The primary cause is a poisoning activity called “undercover geoengineering”. This activity was designed and implemented by a cast which control world governaments, and is justified from people’s indifference and inaction.

Just a few people are still fighting for the Truth, trying to open our eyes and to alert us.

But the veil which we are living behind, now has to rip. And we will do that, thanks to this documentary, containing concrete and positive evidence.

This is the moment to come together again and to fight, until a stop is put to the contamination of our air by this chemical spraying that is poisoning our environment, killing ours and other species.

When a species is in danger, it cooperates to restore a balance.

All of this can change only if everyone contributes, and this is the reason that we need your help.

Only together can we win.

So, join us. We have to free our sky.


Pianeta Terra. Nove milioni di specie.
Ogni ecosistema che ospita, è un intero mondo regolato da sottili equilibri che ne permettono la stabilità e la sopravvivenza.
Alcune specie vivono in simbiosi, altre in solitudine, ma nessuna di loro cerca di distruggere il pianeta che la ospita. Soltanto una lo fa: l’uomo.
Le persone non guardano più il cielo. Quello stupendo cielo blu decantato in migliaia di libri, e sotto cui migliaia di uomini hanno parlato, pregato e combattuto le loro battaglie per la libertà.
Ma il cielo non è più lo stesso. E non è più nostro.
L’intero pianeta è in pericolo.
Esso vive da anni sotto una costante minaccia che avvelena la nostra aria, la nostra acqua ed i nostri corpi. Una problematica che è stata finora esorcizzata, smentita, o minimizzata da chi ha interesse affinché essa rimanga celata.
Gli equilibri ambientali, già così precari poiché minacciati dall’inquinamento delle attività produttive, rischiano oggi di collassare a causa di una deliberata forma di avvelenamento denominata “geoingegneria clandestina”, ideata ed attuata da una casta che controlla i governi del mondo, e legittimata dall’indifferenza e dall’inerzia di molti abitanti del pianeta.
In pochi lottano ancora per la verità, cercando di aprirci gli occhi e di metterci in guardia.
Ma il velo dietro il quale il sistema ci costringe a vivere da decenni ora deve strapparsi. E lo farà grazie a questo documentario, fatto di prove concrete e inconfutabili.
E’ il momento di unirci, e di combattere affinché la nostra aria non sia più contaminata da irrorazioni chimiche che avvelenano il nostro ambiente, uccidendo la nostra e altre specie.
Quando una specie si sente minacciata, collabora per ristabilire un equilibrio.
Tutto questo può cambiare soltanto se ci convinciamo di poterlo fare noi stessi. Ed è per questo che per rendere possibile questo progetto, abbiamo bisogno del vostro aiuto.
Perché solo insieme possiamo vincere.
Allora uniamoci, e liberiamo il nostro cielo.

6 Responses to Tanker Enemy – On the Edge of the Awakening

  1. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Those of us who are aware and understand the significance, were meant to know. We cannot unknow what we have learned. We might try to ignore what is happening, but how can we? We may not have much time. We may not be able to affect change, but should we not try? After all, only everything is at stake.

    Peace and Strength to all.

  2. Thomas Verster says:

    I have seen these chemtrails in several poorer countries in the world , I wonder who finances them to comply with imposed rules . I wonder how much fuel , resources , time and money this is costing the taxpayer for the priviledge of being poisoned daily. I experienced on two occasions that the air was so heavily poisoned that I had to vomit . Saliva changes to an oily substance .
    Terrifying . Absolute stupidity . These chemtrail artists belong in jail .

  3. They are spraying very heavy here last night and today.

  4. Andy Kruusi says:

    The video didn’t have subtitles, but it didn’t need to. Language doesn’t matter, the message is clear. We need everyone at the table for this. If you are awake, I hope you are doing everything you can to get this message out. There is no debate, it is now just getting truth out to the masses. Even if they won’t accept it now, they will have no choice later. Plant the seeds now and it will hasten the awakening.

    Peace and love.

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