The Connection Of Bill Gates & Monsanto


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  1. james says:

    Wow – well done, & a wealth of info. to research!

    Dane – curious if you know of this report about Temperature Statistical Info. being modified to fit TPTB’s motives? i read the article, makes sense how & why this could benefit the climatologists (& those for whom they work) in makng their case to IPCC (& others) as to why SRM is Indeed Needed (& to continue unabated – & all connections considered).
    it is saved in my links – i will go find it.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, most climate scientists are not pushing for climate engineering and are in fact against it (with the exception of the AMEG group and a few others). I have personally spoken to NOAA scientists off the record that are frantically fearful of climate engineering and totally against it. In regard to statistics, the actual temperatures on the ground are HIGHER than what is being reported, not lower. An associate of mine from the union of concerned scientists has confirmed a 4.6 degree UNDERREPORTING of temperatures in his region, my measurements are similar. The planet is already much warmer than what is being officially disclosed.

  2. Freedom4Life says:

    I absolutely loved to listen to the program on C2C last night. I have been aware of the chemspraying for decades. I applaud you and your associates for all your tireless work and hard efforts. This is a calamitous issue that affects all life on the planet and if we all don’t step up to the plate right now and go to bat, there will/are dire consequences that will be irreversible.

  3. Trickzta says:

    You’re so right about getting thru to the people. Often I wonder if they are aware of the dangers but are unaware that they can make a difference. Isn’t there a way of getting them to understand how they can help and the same time explain the problem in an easily understood manner? Couldn’t we use the tactics of the enemy to get the situation thru to their fried brains? Possibly stick to short, uni- subject, calmy worded, candy coated posts? What are the chances they have brain blocks when the post (I’m generalizing) jumps about spouting common knowledge to the few, using hi-tech talk and acrinoms by the bucket full? Put differently fight fire with fire. I’ve read that a lot of school leavers cannot read/write properly (New York, sorry don’t have a link right now). Simple wording, repitition and limited subjects per post (boring to us) might unjam the fear of appearing to be foolish as confidence is lacking and post mentions FEMA, TSA, CIA, FBI, GE, RF, GMO, GE, The Village People, ACDC DOJ, DOD, Giga, EPA, LSD, nano, EMF, watts, HAARP, FIDDLE, YGMD you get my drift? It is not presented in an user friendly manner. I could easily be wrong (it would be the first time I’m wrong, yea right). It’s just if my observation is valid to a helpful degree then I’d be the fool for not spraking up.

  4. Karin says:

    I heard the Coast to Coast radio interview last night (thanks, very informative!)and was wondering where the connection between climate control and GMO seeds was. So ‘aluminum resistance’ is part of it. I wonder if these franken-plants can withstand flooding and reduction of sunlight as well as drought? I’m not surprised to find Monsanto at the center of that web.

  5. linda lalisan says:

    What would it take for people to wake up?

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