The Cost of Geoengineering


I was sitting outside in my wicker rocker with my wonderful hot cup of perfectly brewed organic coffee watching the morning sky as the clouds changed to pink. A jet began to draw a line dissecting my perfect view.

By Patti Jo Edwards
September 6, 2013

"Chem-trail or con-trail?" I asked aloud to the little white dog on my lap. The trail was intermittent and did not go away, persisting and beginning to spread. "Chem-trail." I told the dog.

The night before, my friend on Facebook had insisted these were normal contrails.

"Different orifice," I told him. "Contrails are from the jet's exhaust. Chemtrails are from sprayers located on the wings that are hooked up to large containers of chemicals."

Chemtrail-PlaneI posted this picture of the inside of a chemtrail plane.

My Facebook friend said it is just sky-writing. I countered with the fact that the spraying takes place at about thirty-thousand feet.

The friend then said it was nothing new, which is true. What is new is the use of toxic metals.

Jets, fuel, pilots, aluminum oxide, barium, strontium … How much money is our government paying to do this? It is our taxes. What are we paying and for what? What is the cost?

Another tiny streak began and soon another. That made three. From the other side of the sky, at a diagonal began another – four.

I took my phone out, opening the SkyderAlert app,[1] taking a picture and sending it off through cyberspace. Thanks to this app two Senators and two Congressmen would be reminded that I was aware and do not consent to this experiment. It wasn't much, but it did make me feel like I was doing something.

My thoughts went back to what our government is paying to do this. What are the costs to our health and our environment?

COST DEFINED 2. To cause to lose, suffer, or sacrifice.[3]

My cup was empty. I put down the dog and went in search of information. How much does a jet cost anyway? And drones!? I understand we are buying more of those. Time to explore the internet for fun facts. I refilled my cup and prepared to be amazed.


U.S. Army Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) and U.S. Air Force drones were marketed to the citizens as a way to fight wars without putting our people in harm's way. The "POWERS THAT BE" left out the part where these same vehicles or UAVs, as they are also called, would be used to modify our weather and apply chemicals on us. The price was also withheld, so it is hard to imagine, but believe it.

$12,548,710.60 will buy a single MQ-9 Reaper,[7] which is a great name for an unmanned jet that dispenses toxic chemicals on the people who bought it. I guess they don't want us to know what kind of gas mileage these babies get. I have not found that mentioned anywhere.

Roughly $5 million buys us a Predator Drone.

One F-15 burns through approximately 1,580 gallons of gas in an hour.

A KC-10 tanker uses 2,050 gallons of highly toxic jet fuel per hour.

A KC-135 Stratotanker burns 2,650 gallons of fuel per hour and is useful in that it carries 31,275 gallons of the chemicals needed for the current project.

Flight missions have a duration of two to five-hours and jet fuel runs between $4.79 to $8.11 per gallon.[2] Since this is the government, I'll figure $8.11 is a bargain.

F-15 uses 7,900 gallons in a 5 hour mission with a fuel bill of $12,813.80 for that ONE single 5 hour mission. This does not include vehicle maintenance, personnel and whatever else is required to park and house a jet.

KC-10 tanker uses 10,250 gallons in a 5 hour mission with a fuel bill of $83,127.50.

KC-135 Stratotanker uses 13,250 gallons in a 5 hour mission with a fuel bill of $107,457.50! Seriously! In ONE mission!!!

The U.S. Air Force used 2.6 billion gallons of jet fuel in 2006. That's $210,860,000,000! Yes. I do imagine that some of these billions of dollars in gas went towards other flying then just the laying of chemtrails. Still, it is impressive.

The reality that our own government is putting this much jet exhaust into the stratosphere seems counter productive if the mission is to stop global warming. Nitrous oxide, carbon and sulfur delivered in the stratosphere are much more damaging to our ozone than CO2 from our cars and factory farms down here on the ground.

A gallon of gas produces approximately 19 pounds of CO2. After doing the math, I have our U.S. Air Force putting 49,400,000,000 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere in 2006. It probably is more than that as of this writing.


I imagine most of the pilots are Air Force and may be had for cheep. Drones are operated from the ground. They may not have a human on board, but it still takes someone to fly them and that person gets paid. One site that answers the question, "What are pilots paid?" Answers: $35,000 to around $60,000 with a captain making between $80,000 and $250,000.[8]


There are other chemicals and bacteria that are being used, but here is a sample.

Note: I can find no information on how much or what kind of each chemical is being used.


You can purchase Aluminum Oxide Crystals on line: 25 lbs for $120.00.[6]

Aluminum Oxide is a neuro-excitotoxin and is known to cause short term memory loss, seizures, Alzheimer's, Autism and ADHD. Particle sizes of less that 10 mc. can not be filtered out of air or water and enter our brains through our nasal passages and into our cells through our lungs. In 2010, aluminum particles in our air was showing to be 15.8 times over the allowable toxic limit as set by our EPA even on mountain tops.

According to neurosurgeon Russell L. Blaylock, degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's disease, and Lou Gehrig's disease are growing exponentially and in major part to geoengineering's use of nanosized aluminum.

According to Dr. Blaylock: "…aluminum nano particles can easily penetrate the brain through the blood and olfactory nerves in the nose. Passing through the olfactory neural tracts, aluminum particles easily penetrate the area of the brain most affected by Alzheimer's disease.

Furthermore, in Alzheimer's cases, this part of the brain has shown to contain the highest level of aluminum!

The aluminum particles also enter the body through the respiratory system, where they have been shown to cause tremendous inflammation in the lungs, further aggravating conditions like asthma and pulmonary diseases. Due to their small size, the aluminum particles can even enter the gastrointestinal tract and can disperse into many other organs and tissues in the body, including the spinal cord."[12]


1 lb. Strontium Nitrate Power (not radioactive) lists for $6.99.[4]

Geoengineering's Strontium is Radioactive, and does not occur in nature.[9] We are exposed by breathing air or dust, eating, drinking, or by contact with contaminated soil. Concentrations in food cause concentrations in the body. Strontium dissolves in water so is more likely to contaminate groundwater. The only way to decrease this isotope is through radioactive decay to stable zirconium.[10]

"Infants and young children who ingest too much strontium can develop a condition called strontium rickets with bones that are thicker and shorter than normal and may be deformed causing bow-leg and knock-knee deformities and lifelong problems with walking. Other signs of rickets include thinning of the cranium, delayed closure of the fontanelles, beadlike growths at the ends of the ribs, conspicuous thickening of the wrists, and leg deformities in children.[9]

Strontium has no taste or odor in drinking water. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a lifetime health advisory of 4 mg/L for strontium levels in drinking water. Water that contains more than 4 mg strontium per liter should not be used for drinking water."[9]


Barium has a cost of $55 per 100g." 100 grams!? I wonder how much it is for a 50 pound barrel.[5] Another site offers free shipping and 50 to 55 grams for $154.[5] Such a deal.

Barium as of 2010 was testing in our air at 5.3 times the allowable toxic limit as set by our EPA. If you get too much barium in your drinking water you may experience a severe loss of potassium.

If you breath barium dust you can get bronchial irritation (astma) and something called baritosis. Barium oxide dust is a skin and nose irritant.[10]

From[13] this is what you get when poisoned with too much barium:

Increased blood pressure, weakness, tremors, anxiety, excess salivation, vomiting, and diarrhea and dyspnea. An acute overdose can result in convulsions and death from cardiac and respiratory failure.

I had had enough, so decided to check in with my Facebook friend. He had responded to my earlier post with his assurance that geoengineering is not as wide-spread as I say. I returned a collection of 75 YouTube video links. One from every state in the United States and 23 from other individuals around the world. Every video shows a sky just like mine, from Italy to Russia to Australia, China, Japan, India, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, Africa, France, Egypt. Chemtrailing is blanketing the globe. It is changing the ph in our soils, causing serious chronic disease and taking away our sunshine.

Who is doing this? Our government. Why?

On May 21, 1992 in Evian, France, Henry Kissinger addressed the Bilderbergers saying:

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."

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Nah! We're not stupid. The people are uninformed. I inform someone everyday. I don't rant or rave or proselytize. I simply mention the chemtrails. I point to a blue sky and say how thankful I am that they haven't begun chemtrailing that day. The person next to me in line, says, "What's a chemtrail?" or "That's just a conspiracy theory." or "Don't we need that because of global warming?" And I say, "Look up [14] on the internet. The patents and United States Government documents are there for you to read and make up your own mind." And then I chuckle incredulously shaking my head as I walk away saying just loud enough for everyone to hear, "Our government is causing global warming and we are paying for it."

I am a peaceful warrior. I make my videos[15], [16] and write. I endeavor to build community, buying local and organic, growing an organic food garden, teaching guitar and music to children. I fight by living a healthful honest happy life.

I am an American with Cowboy Values. I walk my talk and my country is not my government. My country is the People and the land. We the People, do not consent! This is our sky and our world – yours, mine and the little white dog.


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© 2013 Patti Jo Edwards – All Rights Reserved

9 Responses to The Cost of Geoengineering

  1. chris hedrick says:

    They blast San Diego daily. It makes me sick!!

    I believe geo-engineering is linked to the Paris accord

  2. Ronald Martens says:

    I don't spend enough time here as I should. I guess I look at many issues we have in this world. My brother told me how can they afford geo engineering. I thought the cost would be around 10 million or was it 10 billion. Im not sure so my search took me here. Dane did take the time to message me a few years ago and I have seen hours upon hours of presentations from Dane and other people. 

  3. Tin Tin says:

    Dear Little White Dog
    I lie under a huge palm tree and watch the planes fly over our house. My paws are aching and I have nervous twitches which burn my feet. I hardly run outside anymore because the air feels dry and it hurts my lungs. My owner who I guard with my German Shepherd Life loves me and is also aware of what is happening. At night when we cant sleep due to the high EMF’s from cell phone towers which are enhanced by the chemical spraying, we drink rooibos tea together. She reads from a book to me. The Secret Life of Plants. It is an awesome book. You must also ask your owner to read from it to you. I sleep off the ground to ease the bad Lower Tone Frequencies which are really bad for us. The 900MHz frequencies affect our ears much more that it affects our owners. Love and Light. My name is Tin-Tin. I am the most loyal, loving and caring female “dog” in town, and I am “aware”.

  4. Tim says:

    Where is that photo of the kids and chemtrails from? Ugh

  5. James says:

    Massive Chemtrailing today over Alliston Ont today. Pics taken at 1PM EST Fri Sept 06.
    I uploaded these to a free server. Pics taken with cel phone, sorry about the quality, but actually its pretty good.

  6. Tony C. says:

    Early this morning we were photographing the heavy spraying from a bedroom window here in SW Ct. using the skyderalert app.
    A neighbor saw us from his car as he was about to leave for work. We pointed at the trail covered sky saying Look Up! He got out of his car and then walked over to our side of the street. We dropped a geoengineeringwatch card down to him and shared some more information. As he left he said he will start watching the sky more and also tell his son who is in college.
    Yesterday while at our community garden which is on a hill with a wide view of the sky we saw some of the strangest scalar cloud formations yet. It was a good
    opportunity to point out some evidence and I gave two more cards to other gardeners.
    Possibly a few more seeds planted.
    Reading the facts about the fuel consumption of the jets and the various costs and the other horrors requires, for this mind, an intense inner review as to how to respond creatively without allowing the outrage and inrage to be self defeating.
    Thanks to Patti Jo Edwards for this article and to you folks at Geowatch for the continuing work!

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