The “Global Cooling” Meltdown


 That’s not smoke you’re smelling. This ship is unsinkable. This building cannot collapse. Wireless radiation is perfectly safe. Those persistent lines in the sky are normal jet trails. Go back to sleep, the party, the mall, your screens, your microwaves, your office. Everything’s good.

by William Thomas

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2 Responses to The “Global Cooling” Meltdown

  1. Gene Maynard says:

    The Ice Man Cometh
    Data from Environment Canada shows that ice cover amongst all the Great Lakes for the week of April 16 is nearly 40 percent, which is the highest level since 1996, when ice cover reached nearly 20 percent.

    Air temperatures in the region were well below normal for March due to persistent polar air masses.

    On March 6, ice cover for all lakes combined reached 92.2 percent, the second highest level in 40 years of record-keeping, NASA says.—————————
    This particular ice nucleation program comes at the expense of the normal weather patterns of the USA; that is, if there is such thing as normal anymore. The Southeast has just experienced two unprecedented monsoon seasons in 2012 and 2013. A new weather pattern has developed whereby massive amounts of moisture are being sent north from the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) via artificially created low pressure systems. The most recent Tropical Storm Karen is a perfect example of where a GOM weather event is literally hijacked and the moisture is conveyed northward to form ice in the Arctic regions.

  2. Constant Walker says:


    Insanity rampant a field of remorse
    An Ape on the left, on the right a Pale Horse
    Missiles and minute men fill a sky choked with soot
    Man hung on a Tree
    With a Child at its foot asking

    —Author unknown

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