The Planet Continues To Burn To The Ground


Mainstream media is continuing to hide countless global catastrophes from the public view. Huge areas of Canada and Siberia are quite literally going up in smoke. Climate engineering is fueling the global meltdown, not mitigating it as so many in the climate science community would have us believe. The geoengineering programs are nothing short of mechanisms for weather and biological warfare against helpless populations. As the forests go, so will we. We MUST expose and stop the spraying. Though the article below does not admit to the climate engineering nightmare, what is unfolding on the ground still a reality.
Dane Wigington

Historic Wildfires Burn Through Canada As Sub-Arctic Forests Heat Up

Source: Climate Progress

smoldering fire

Wildfires are taking off in Canada as the country goes through one of its hottest and driest summers in decades.

Wildfire activity in the Northwest Territories is more than six times higher than its 25-year average, and as of August 23 a total of 162 wildfires were burning in British Columbia. The latter province has seen 1,269 wildfires so far this year, along with 314,895 hectares of land burned — almost equivalent to 2010, when the province lost 337,149 hectares to various blazes.

The fires have cut through the boreal forests that lie just outside the Arctic Circle throughout Canada, aided by the hottest and driest summer the Northwest Territories have seen in 50 years.

According to Canada’s National Post, the fires can kick smoke up to 10 or even 15 kilometers into the atmosphere, leaving massive plumes that can be spotted by satellite and seen as far away as Portugal.

“It’s a major event in the life of the earth system to have a huge set of fires like what you are seeing in Western Canada,” Douglas Morton, an earth scientist at NASA, told the Post.

A recent study of the nearby Yukon Flats in Alaska concluded that the boreal forests in the area are experiencing wildfires at a frequency that outstrips any prior period in the last 10,000 years — and that’s twice as high as it was 500 to 1,000 years ago.

Covering 10 percent of the Earth’s land surface, the boreal forests around the globe account for nearly a third of all the carbon stored in soils and biomass. A large part of this is the fact that, being sub-Arctic, the forests sit atop permafrost which can release huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere when warmed.

In other words, wildfires in the boreal forest could be one example of a climactic feedback loop: changes wrought by global warming that physically alter the Earth’s ecosystem in such a way that even more carbon is released to begin moving through the planet’s natural cycles, thus increasing global warming even further beyond what’s being caused by human emissions.

Meanwhile, climate change has also assisted the spread of the Mountain Pine beetle in Canada, allowing it to eat through an unprecedented amount of the boreal forests in Canada’s western half. This again introduces the possibility of a feedback loop: as the trees are killed off, fewer of them are available to store carbon from the atmosphere, while the dead trees release the carbon they’ve stored up.

Heat waves and wildfires this year have also extended farther south along the West Coast, into Oregon and Washington State.

As of Saturday, August 23, 360 firefighters from outside British Columbia had been sent to the province to help contain the blazes, including 75 from Australia. An additional 90 firefighters from Ontario and Alberta reportedly joined them over the weekend.

Source: Climate Progress

5 Responses to The Planet Continues To Burn To The Ground

  1. James Halligan says:

    We now have a president (not mine) that could care less about the environment. It's game over. They are going to "drill baby drill" and pump all the remaining carbon into the atmosphere. In a 100 years this planet will be like mercury! Become a total minimalist and not contribute to this evil greedy society, that's about all you can do!

  2. Chris Amend says:

    At any point that I travel through Wyoming and Colorado’s once beautiful forests, I observe 80 percent dead brown trees top to bottom under white/silver aluminum skies. I think that no longer are skies blue and trees green but the new “common core” standard is that skies are white and trees are brown. So sad that we live under this idiocy. Stay strong in Christ is what we must do. Also talk to people everyday and teach with photos and fliers. Best to Dane and all who care! Chris Amend Wyoming.

  3. TWP says:

    To Kathleen… I have friends in Portland and have seen how heavy they spray there. We went to a fountain at Washington park and I noticed several of the trees there were dying. It’s so sad.

    To Dane… I thought you might be interested in this video. In all of the images of the earth you can see the chemtrails.

  4. Jhere McKenzie says:

    I live in SE Portland, Or, and am seeing the same thing. I frequent cemeteries and photograph gravestones, so I see many trees. There are two hugh cedars nestled in with other cedars at Greenwood Hills Cemetery that are dead! As I drive down 99E, the giant sequoias are browning. I am just hoping they are shedding.

  5. Kathleen Fitzgerald says:

    I live in Oregon near Portland and am very concerned about what I am seeing happening to the trees. My friend first pointed out to me a phenomena that I have been tracking since July. What I am seeing is first a small brown twig will show. Someplace on the tree you will see one branch completely brown or brownish red that’s dead. Then you will see another small patch completely dead. That’s the first sign that the tree is severely stressed. I have been watching these trees now every day. Now they are showing signs of their impending doom. Whole trees dying where they stand for no good reason. Also, on some of the other soft bark trees it appears as if the leaves are wilting as if they have been spray with some sort of weed killer. I am now seein arborists taking out the dead trees around the cities. Small trees of all kinds are simply dying in a rapid rate. The gorge is showing literally hundreds of trees along the corridor completely dead. I will do whatever it takes to help! If we don’t stop them soon, the recovery will be immeasurable. Many people will suffer, and the animals will die off rapidly. Our children will be left trying to make a recovery of the devastation. I look at my daughter and feel so sad/mad that she won’t have the same experience as I did growing up. It’s really not fair. And those who are doing this should be held accountable for their crimes against her and all others. Where is their hearts? Where did the common sense go? How can they be doing this? In the name of science? It’s beyond me to comprehend!

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