The Truth About 911 Must Be Told


911 was the event that truly unleashed full insanity of the global power elite. Steel structure high rise buildings collapsing from a basic carbon fire? Building 7 collapsing in seconds at free fall speed and it never got hit by anything? Though many were initially cautious about speaking out, that is changing rapidly. The short interview below is very credible and compelling. Ever wonder why the 911 commission report never even mentioned the total collapse of building 7 (a 50 story steel structure high rise)? Because the only explanation is demolition. We should all try to sound the alarm on the 911 issue. If this could be brought out into the open, it would be of great help in awakening people to the climate engineering and a long list of other atrocities committed by those in power.
Dane Wigington

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  1. WTC/911 was an act of Treason, Murder, Domestic Terrorism perpetrated by a Bush administration full of psychopaths. Nothing will be done because folks are cowards and will always look the other way in the face of truth.

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    wanted to say fantastic blog!

  3. Clarence A. Fune says:

    I always tell people don’t listen to me. Do your own research. Compare your notes and fit it all together so you can see it as one. If you are aware then you will be more ready when the time comes and if not then you will panic when that time comes.

  4. kawika says:

    Three New 9/11 Consensus Points
    Point WTC7-5: World Trade Center Building 7: NIST’s Analysis of the Collapse
    Initiation Is Not Valid
    Point WTC7-6: The Fraudulent NIST Claim That There Was No Steel Recovered
    from Building WTC7 for Analysis
    Point WTC7-7: Foreknowledge of the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7

    The Nine Eleven Accountability Team is on the job.

    Please sign this petition

  5. Gloria says:

    I believe I learned that SHAK-I-NAH means a “Place of God” in what language,maybe Hebrew? I don’t remember. Imagine that. They used that phrase to begin The IRAQ War. Shock-and Awe!”

  6. horsegirl says:

    Don’t know if we shared this with you before. Hubby had 40 years working as a concrete mason. Did a lot of one-man jobs like sidewalk replacement. Half of every sidewalk job is ripping out the old one with a jackhammer. Has spent over 1,000 hours using one (the only thing a jackhammer is used for is concrete). He knows the behavior of concrete demolition. Rip up 8 feet of sidewalk, you get all rubble. No fine dust, and any small rubble is so scant there is not enough to fill a cookie jar.

    Miracle of miracles, on the great holy day of fear and terror, two buildings constructed of 880,000 cubic yards of concrete turned into finer powder than flour instantly in mid-air.

    Look at those tapes. Dust? IT IS FORMER CONCRETE DISINTEGRATING INSTANTLY. All that “dust” that blew all over the place is not smoke. It is concrete.

    Examine the debris. First thing hubby asked himself was where is the rubble? There was not a chunk of concrete intact the size of a peanut. I defy the world, go back and look at those pix. Find even one chunk of concrete. Paper, furniture, steel, aluminum cladding, fixtures etc. but not a single chunk of concrete rubble.

    Well we can’t wait to learn the secret. Tell you what, jackhammers are a bitch to use and we would like to get the job done faster.

    That day was such a ruse.

  7. T H says:

    Thank you Dane Wigington to continue to bring this kind of information to everyone! God Bless!

  8. Rose says:

    This is all horrific and yes they are all psychotic. What bothers me is that they haven’t been arrested. You can bet they know that people will catch on to them and and put all their effort into putting them away, it’s just a matter of time. They already have a plan in place for that day and that is the most frightening thing of all, not knowing what that is. That is the ultimate plan, for them the nothing to loose plan. When the day comes for the take down I sure hope it is unforeseen,thorough and swift.

  9. mark says:

    For investigators and interested souls… Top Documentary Films has 48 documentaries under the topic of 9/11. The current gold standard is the 5hr 2013 in-depth production: September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor.

  10. DianeDi says:

    Before everyone continues to jump on the AE911 Truth / Controlled Demolition bandwagon, I encourage folks to forget everything they’ve been TOLD happened and look at these videos. Yes they are long, but how much time have you invested over the past 12 years?
    This information changed the way I see 911 and everything surrounding that horrific day.

    Hope you take the time to be mind blown as a new investigation has already been completed, by Dr. Judy Wood.
    Dr. Judy Wood ~ Evidence of Breakthrough Energy on 9/11

    Dr. Judy Wood at New Horizons – Where Did The Towers Go

    The Journal of 911 Research

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes Cooper Union who owns Cooper Union that is owned by Rockefeller he funds it so once again the buildings were his he is the Port Authority he does want new world order he does own the Federal Reserve Monsanto the FDA American Medical Association American Cancer Society American Dental Association the CDC controls the EPA with money Anza Chemical Company Germany IG Farben which funded Hitler and run the horrific experiments on the prisoners started water fluoridation in the United States also has manipulated and took over the oil industry. Who wrote a biography he is one of those quotes. Well the damn reply wouldn't let me out it anyway it's summarize that people believe that we are apart of a cartel wishing to take over America destroy America and he admits to being part of this cabal you can look that up for yourself on his biography. Guess you also funded nist Rockefeller guess who also founded the Warren Commission for JFK's death Rockefeller you got to know before JFK died his last speech he warned you about a monolithic conspiracy also about secret societies in a blister quite a few above also you put out an executive order 11110 to shut down the Federal Reserve you always must follow the money Rockefeller did not want the Federal Reserve shut down this was screw up everything JFK was assassinated before he was assassinated he fired Alan dulles the CIA director guess who hired Alan dolls back to run the Warren Commission Rockefeller you see the problem here????

  11. JOHNNY ROTTEN says:

    I hate Cheney, but he had a legal obligation to divest himself of all his Haliburton stock before accepting the Vice-Presidency. In fact he coincidentally sold all his shares about 4 days before stock plummeted…no insider trading invest.

    There is a video of Larry Silverstein admitting he pulled (had demolished) building 7 b/c of the fires. That means that they had to have it rigged with explosives days before.

  12. Veronica says:

    So glad to see others cannot believe the “story”. When it was very obvious what ‘really’ happened.

  13. Reta Lane says:

    President Bush was told about an attack that was going to happen 6 times before 9-11 and he chose to ignore the intel. I really believe that he didn’t care that it was going to happen and in fact wanted something like that to happen for he and Cheney could go to war. Cheney had stock options with Halliburton and that company made billions off of the war so he was richly rewarded. Also, that company should have never be awarded the contract because it was a conflict of interest. There was never a bid for that contract. They just gave it to Halliburton.

  14. Luke..

    Getting “Disrespect of the 911 Victims” back into the conversation.. It’s far more disrespectful to continue to use their deaths to support a lie. They at least deserve for everyone to hear the truth of why they died. Their murder was used as a excuse for “Shock and Awe” and two ongoing wars and the ending of countless foreign lives. The American soldiers who have been killed and maimed in support of the false flag also have to hear the truth.

  15. A concerned American Citizen says:

    I truly believe that 911 was a inside job when it happened i knew something was not right back then. Everyone forgets about all that missing money that went missing along with these important documents that would destroy a lot of high potential people. This caused the trickle of what is going on today Wall Street, Mortgages, No jobs, Healthcare, Nsa Obama who divided and conquered the folks allowing them to be on Gov assistance because the folks on Gov handouts will not go against the Gov. They are playing us like we are fools. My biggest concern here is the depopulation re; Chem trails, Monsanto, Fema Camps NwO, Martial Law.The puzzle is coming together now. These Fema camps i feel are for us because we are sick & tired of being Lied to. WE are waking up. I believe these Fema camps, Martial Law threats is for the ones who are standing up and know the truth… We are not believing them any more the truth is out. Now that the truth is out folks are going to stand up and rise and when they do This will be history. These Fema camps and this Martial law is only them getting ready for the awakening of the American people and they know this and that is why we are being threatened with Fema camps, Martial Law and lets not forget the Micro chip

  16. Robin says:

    Wow! Thank God for honest and brave Americans such as this man. No wonder the government wants to control in internet.

  17. Annie says:

    I am speechless! Rumors of what this brave fella said have abounded; however, who wants to believe such evil? We are bound by our own innocense and naieté to even imagine anything this horrible. Who is responsible for this horror? People need to rise up and take back control of our country and rid America of the evil persons who have perpetrated such horror!

  18. Harika Acar says:

    The court must judge!

  19. Marian kunetka says:

    9/11 was Put in motion when the Supreme Court handed over the the highest office in our country to george w. Bush. Because of this action our democracy began to unravel and continues to do so.

  20. Alan says:

    Liberals did 9/11, not 19 Muslims…haha just kidding!
    Glad to see you bringing all of this stuff up Dane.
    9/11 will bite everyone in the ass and their kids and grandkids too….if they don’t face the truth now.
    Chemtrails, war, greed, ecocide etc….Wake up everyone!

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