The Worship Of Government As A Religion


“Statism, The Most Dangerous Religion”, this is the title of the 12 minute video below. Populations have been trained and conditioned since their youth to blindly and unquestioningly do the bidding of their government. This fact should be petrifying for us all. Without such blind obedience from citizens of the state, the atrocities which are constantly committed by governments around the globe would never come to pass. We must all work together toward the critical goal of waking the masses to their own blindness. Once the awakening gains enough momentum, there will be no stopping it. My gratitude to the makers of this video.
Dane Wigington

Source: Liberty or Death Media

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  1. Gene Maynard says:

    We need to understand that socialism is not a share the wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control all of the world’s wealth; and will be accomplished through the subjugation and elimination of populations. Once this is understood and the horrific truth can be admitted to by all of us, then the seeming paradox of extremely wealthy men promoting socialism will fade. We must understand that human governments exist solely to control populations. They have no qualifications to control, they have no inherit right to control; they control simply because we willingly gave them authority over our lives and the lives of our children. We have been indoctrinated from the time we could understand words into the understanding that good citizens must become brain dead drones who blindly follow authority. Well, how’s that working out? Human governments consolidate our God given rights unto themselves and then charge us through taxation and exorbitant fees to use them. Without our consent they could not even exist. All governments are simply organized crime operating with the full consent of the populations. They have no reason to be except to legalize crimes and then commit them. You and I are nothing more than the means to an end. When the end is achieved you are no longer the means.

  2. nikki says:

    The indoctrination into statism/nationalism is true, current, and creepy. When I was a substitute teacher I used to ask students both, what the pledge of allegiance was, and how many sentences it actually was. Unsurprisingly, most kids did not know or understand most of the words… even those as simple as what a republic is.. or what liberty stands for. Additionally, the way they say it makes it sound like nine sentences. It is one. (E pluribus unum … so to speak.)

    The police in this video sicken me. I have seen what they do first hand when they think no one is watching them. The problem (along with the obvious bullying and pain going on) is, that even though this abuse is caught on tape many times – and sometimes even used in court – the cops are rarely reprimanded or punished to the degree that they induced.

    Even when I was young I was aware of the sheep who joined the police force and the military. Generally , they are people with low IQs .

    This is tremendously dangerous for both “enemies” and civilians because of the fact that they lack the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

  3. Steve Fimmel says:

    I wouldn’t class myself as an anarchist, but this video does reveal the shocking truth about government – especially when unaccountable and unrestrained by the populace. The evil of unrestrained tyranny is amply portrayed in the awful images of violence meted out on man and innocent beast is truly hell on earth. I believe that a tipping point can be reached in humanity waking up – then significant changes can come about. Hopefully, this will be in my lifetime.

  4. Terri says:

    very true video. have been a student of Larken Rose and his philosophy for many years. Brilliant man.

    Almost without exception every atrocity and genocide as well as countless other mass murders by government are committed by those ‘following orders’.

    The murderers are those at the lowest level. The armies, the police, the secret police. Always those who worship their masters to the point they will kill for them.

    It is difficult to imagine but Hitler didn’t kill anyone. His soldiers following orders and ”law” are the people who did it. They put on a state issued costume. picked up a gun and murdered millions of Jews. The person who gassed those in the concentration camps blindly followed his orders.

    Same thing happening with the Geoengineering. Thousands of people willing to destroy the planet for a blind belief. Sacrificing the lives of everyone on the globe.

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