Toxic Skies, Call For Action

We only need to put a crack in the dam of silence and secrecy on the climate engineering issue, then the whole dam will finally break. This 30 second time-lapse film clip is yet another tool to help wake people up. We must all make everyday count in this battle. My sincere gratitude to David Weiss for making this excellent and revealing video.


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  1. kirk mannor says:

    Just found out that there is a  virus going around Ohio and the rest of the US, I think my five year old son has it, big phrama is sure going to profit from this one, when they spray they can add any concoction they want , this is most concernning , how they can get away with this with no liablity, some day their going to hurt the rong persons kid, and all hell will break lose, this slow killing of the planets life systems has to stop soon, before it hits the breaking point of no retrun ,we can't let people like David Kieth get away with this, as will as the rest of the crimenals , who take part in this scam, I am sick of being misserable allmost ervery day I see them spraying this shit.can't even let my kid out side anymore, my son has lived with this chemical spraying his hole life, how will it afect his future health? Who the hell runs this country anymore?

  2. kirk mannor says:

    We are in a fight for our very life and our family’s lifes, tell everyone you know and erveryone you see, it’s getting closer now, trees in  Ohio are showing their stress, the masses still sleep, wake up.


  3. USABorn says:

    Dear Sky Watchers,
    David Whelan a chief scientist for Boeing
    John Shepherd
    Ken Caldeira
    David Keith

  4. USABorn says:

    Dear Sky watchers,
    Make no mistake, “they” whoever “they are”–> are spraying chemicals relentlessly across our country. The modifications being sprayed into “OUR” airways—whether for weather purposes, global warming purposes, or over population purposes is in FACT harming people, plants,soil, water sources, insects, birds. Now, the question is at hand….WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT, “THEM?”

  5. Judith Sollars says:

    Dear Ms. Katherine L.

    Thank you for the health tip.  I am going to apply this to my morning regimen.

    Ms. JS 



    • Milt Farrow says:

      We might consider picketing the Military bases that are sending these aircraft up –The Military is NOT OUR FRIEND THEY HAVE BEEN COMMITTED TO DESTROY US, Make no mistake about it if we do not fight and put up a stand we are all "dead by oir before 2025" ( what about our kids and grandkids?) 

  6. Jamie says:

    Hi, I’m in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and my skies are streaked day and night which I just became recently aware of geoengineering etc. I agree that there’s not enough retaliating from the masses but how do they get informed in the first place?! Where do I find the information about the “forced down” jets? Can you post the links please ? And where do we go to get answers? If you are in the states can’t you sue someone for aggravated assault if these sprays are affecting your health AGAINST YOUR WILL?! I definitely DO NOT consent to the actions of what’s going on-and if its supposedly being done to control climate control…. Who the hell voted in favor?!?! Or no one gets to have a say?!?! OMG My wish that my children were safe in this world is like a streak in the sky-gone with the wind!!!

  7. Katherine L. says:

    Let me just say that a shot of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning (down with juice) helps eliminate heavy metals. This is not the only thing one can do but I do this. Until the masses finally wake up and DEMAND this end, we have to do what we can. This change is going to take mass mobilizations. When people have had it! then.

  8. Debbie Galassi says:


  9. morgan says:

    Its happening on a regular basis in Illinois midwest now too. It scares me. I’ve heard they’re doing it Canada but not hiding it.

  10. Jane says:

    The Hollow Tree.

    Commission’r Mc Kinnin said it could not be done. Another Politician.
    Well he was wrong. Just like the people that say Nay.

    Well that is not Dane and the Team

    Confident People

    Critical Thinker’s

    Get the Job Done

    Stanley Park

    Foliage dying in Halifax

    All there

    In front of their face

    So happy we have Dane Wigington

    Someone that has a Care

  11. Sharon Intilli says:

    How on earth can Governor Brown allow this over his state? Why does any governor allow this? It’s been particularly heavy in New York state this week too. How does a united front to make everyone aware of this happen? Where do we make the first “crack in the dam”?

  12. Earth Angel says:

    Mark, Could you elaborate on this aircraft that was forced down?? What happened? I don’t know anything about it. When did this happen and where? W hat did they find on board, who was piloting it? Does anyone know about this? I sure would like to know!!

  13. T Blevins says:

    I live in EDH off of the 50 and have noticed the same thing. There were about 20 streaming trails across the sky which mado no sense to me. I have noticed them a lot lately. I would like to know how to get more truth and information on this. I don’t understand why or what the benefit is to the govt..

  14. Maria says:

    That’s what NATO-General Fabio Mini said tt!

    We only need to put a crack in the dam of silence and secrecy

    This material shouldn’t be there; there’s no justification for those trails in the atmosphere….
    We can imagine or discover the real reasons and the people behind it all only if we find out the real composition of the doses.If we are against such things:
    download english transcript:


  15. Kim Ireland says:

    This is WWIII…make no mistake about it. What is different with this war is “killing them softly” so they don’t even know that are being taken out. The “enemy” is supposedly “mother nature” rebelling against the careless humans excessive use of fossil fuels created global warming.

    And to combat this global warming, governments of the world have signed on to a code of silence surrounding the the SAR and SRM operations being employed worldwide to combat this “enemy”. Looks and sounds logical enough, problem is there are glaring inconsistencies in the carrying out of a logical battle plan.

    Most obvious is operations in California where a full court press is being applied to prevent ANY moisture from falling on the targeted “extreme drought” region of the SF Bay area south to LA. It appears CA is being sacrificed to perhaps to demonstrate to rest of the country how real the global warming really is.

    Having travelled the West coast from San Diego to Washington for the past 6 years, it is blatantly obvious the stepped up spraying activities, particularly just north of San Francisco, are designed to maximize the drought. All vegetation along the coast is under severe stress with perhaps as much as 25% already dead or dying. Spraying occurs on 9 out of 10 days. Certainly, if the spray operations were to reduce global warming, normal low pressure pacific storms would be permitted to cool the parched dry area increasing vegetation which has a cooling influence.

    Rain water and blood analysis confirm the presence of heavy metals aluminum, barium and strontium at levels thousands of times above normal. In the long run, and possibly short run, as well, the effect of this ecocide/genocide is assured. We can all take whatever proactive action is prudent for us, or forever hold our peace.

  16. Karen says:

    engineered clouds Friday and again today. A lot of carbon in them tonight. I’m wondering if it’s all part of the “polar vortex” platform. We have no moisture here in the hills east of Sacramento. I agree that we should all call our legislators on Wednesday!!

  17. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:


  18. sadskies says:

    JR Thank-you…that is comforting. We must trust and lean upon our heavenly father like never before. He is so faithful!

  19. Tim says:

    CO once again doused with millions of lines seen going horizon to horizon all the way to the mountains. It was supposed to be sunny today but we got chemtrailed to death instead.

  20. Lisa says:

    I also took pictures today in Colorado Springs, CO. It’s so apparent yet most turn a blind eye, don’t want to know. Is there a place on this site where we can post our pics? Database to awaken everyone that it is occurring in their town, ah everywhere.

  21. JR says:

    I will try to say some comforting words in spite of all evil and deceit in and from this country’s people within our borders. Nothing is done that our one and only Lord does not already know is happening. Never lose faith in all adversity as He knows His own. The rest who think life is but a joke (evil) and destroying life as we know it will lose in the end, (hell) a one way trip. I understand some will believe this is no consolation but the lowlife will continue in their havoc over us and this world. They know no restrain and more than likely will die in their sin, they just don’t realize it or care it seems. I am in the same fight as the rest on this site and this world, so let’s be good stewards while here. The majority of the bureaucrats are super complacent playing a part in this farce and not leaders is obvious. As for me and my household we will wait on the Lord, His peace be with you in all…..

  22. Mark says:

    There is no question there is aerial spraying going on, the government denies it and then says we cannot stop it. Climate control may not be the only reason for the spraying, which if true, would be worse, because other chemicals would be used, for other reasons. There are several different thoughts on this, and in fact there may be more than one purpose for the spraying.
    The thing is, no one much seems interested. When these things are posted, no response. When I point and say look at the aerial spraying, not much response. People are ignoring this, but do not deny it.
    When the report of the (forced) down aircraft was made,( in India and China) the links would not work and the websites not available. Only when I found some sites outside of the USA did I get the story, and it was difficult to obtain information.

  23. Becky says:

    I took pictures tody in Grand Jct. Colorado. It is hopless

  24. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Marc I replied to you before, guess you never saw it. They are spraying everywhere not just over cities. I live in a rural subdivision, I’m 10 miles from 3 small towns. 100 miles from a city and 45 miles from a large town. We are sprayed day and night and have been since 2011. I have tons of pictures and videos of them making X’s and grids over the top of my house. In 2012 they couldn’t have even been 10,000 feet. Not at all upper atmosphere where you’d expect. Last winter when we had zero and below temps they sprayed daily and kept us covered with dark aresole. WHY!? We were already cold, no need to cool us down. We see what is going on, we are not stupid. You said it Marc, you know, and there is no place to hide. Do you get the small military planes flying over? We have that daily, I hate it, it even goes on at night. They are like surveillance planes. I’m to the point I think I’m done being frustrated, I’m really getting mad and I rarely get mad. My life has changed drastically. My days outdoors are now only when I need to do something and I wear a mask and get back indoors as soon as I can. It makes me cry as I love the outdoors and nature. No longer do I sit on the porch with an iced tea and listen to the birds sing and watch the butterflies and hummingbirds. There is only a few birds in my woods now. The migrating ones that nest here I never even saw at all this year. Insects and butterflies are almost nonexistent. Is this from GMO corn and soybean fields that are everywhere or chemtrails? Both I’d say. Marc you said in your post my exact feelings of what is going on. For 3 weeks we have only had a few hours of sun if you want to call it that. They keep that thick black aresole over us constantly. Take care.

  25. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:


  26. Marc says:

    I went outside this morning here in St. Louis and was astounded and repulsed by the massive spraying going on all over the sky, from horizon to horizon.
    Once again I must raise the question: who on earth is so naive as to believe that it is necessary to do such extensive spraying right over the heads of huge population centers in order to address global warming or methane spiking or whatever stated reason they are doing this?
    Sorry, my friends, these morons straight out of hell are spraying population centers and strategic regions so as to poison the greatest numbers of people. They are succeeding.
    And you know what? They will win this game unless a f*****g miracle occurs. Except for one small problem: how can destroying most of humanity and most of our planet’s incredible species AND most of the biosphere be considered a win?

  27. andrew says:

    my 21st email to my contacts – not directly geoengineering, but helps to understand why we can not believe our ‘politicians’.

    1. Whilst veiled in less warmongering words, Obama’s ‘war on war [1] and Camerons ‘eradicate conspiracy theorists’ speeches [2] are both examples of their desire for a world order where anyone who disagrees with them are eliminated. Hardly democratic.

    The Iraq invasion had a kill ratio of over 200:1 (200 of their military to 1 of ours). Difficult to be accurate since the fuel air bomb (aka The Big Blue) vaporises/incinerates anything within 1 sq km and has a kill area of around 3 sq km, depending on topography.

    The same ratios probably apply to Afganistan.

    With the dramatic increase in use of attack drones, currrent conflicts probably have a kill ratio (including civilians) around 1,000:1. In drone attacks, only between 2 – 14% of those killed are classified as militants.

    USA has invaded, occupied or bombed at least 14 muslim countries since 1980 [3].

    Putin is absolutely correct when he said that ‘Russia is accused of massing troops at Nato’s borders, when infact it is Nato that has expanded and putting troops at Russia’s borders’.

    Putin is probably the main reason we are not already at open global warfare, but in the near future, even he may be pushed too far.

    2. We do not live in a democracy, and certainly not one which others should try to copy. This is seen at all levels.

    Take for example the wind farm that is to be built on an Ordnance Survey Triangulation Point, 1.6 km away from our home.

    The application showed that our property will be “The most affected”, but since we live over 20 meters from the application boundary they did not have to inform us of the application, nor did they have the decency to do so.

    This application had 93 letters of objection and 1 letter of support from the applicants father-on-law. It was refused by Angus Council and then on appeal was allowed by the Scottish Government – an all too often occurrence.

    There is absolutely no democracy in these appeal decisions.

    3. Another 37 million honey bees killed [4].


  28. Little Tree says:

    I am really interested in this. I am near yosemite national park and yesterday 11/8/14 I was coming home from work around2:30 and the skies were clear blue no clouds. Then later less than 3 hours the whole valley was covered in a dark haze. I was believing there was a fire since we have had multiple fires in our years drought. I hear from the news ABC 30 that it’s pollution n it sounds really fishy to me still. Since that time my Lungs have hurt to breathe what do u think

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