TV Interview with Josefina Fraile – “Geoengineering is Genocide”


In this video interview, Josefina Fraile exposes the long history of geoengineering and the damage being caused by it. This interview is in Spanish with English subtitles.

11 Responses to TV Interview with Josefina Fraile – “Geoengineering is Genocide”

  1. jim says:

    hi to all. i just wanted to say this is madness! i do know as a fact this program is doing such with weather control mind control. i spent 30 years as an electronics tech/tv repairman and can say without a doubt this is real and sick. and i dont want to stand by as this happens does anayone know of a group/org i can join to fight this? maby a job in putting a stop to the madness! 2/28/14

  2. JR says:

    Hey Mere; I’ll be brief I hope. Your apology is welcomed and received with an open heart. We have to remember who the accuser is of our fellow man in this world, Satan. He (it) only comes like a roaring lion and devouring us who don’t or won’t cling to our Heavenly Father. He (it) always points the finger at people who are not his followers in doing evil, o.k.? Thank God I gave up my drinking days when I started having my battle with cancer (chemo). The cancer I had was Burkitt’s Lymphoma, in 2011 predominately found in kids in Africa, 50 cases only in U.S. nationwide? I’ve never been there. Poor kids and the people there I feel for them. Dr. Len Horowitz (author) of “Death in the Air” writes of experiments in those areas, and then the Aids epidemic breaks out amongst other experiments with people with mucho dinero $$$$ backing the experiments. I have not finished the book because it shows how evil man can be, sick. They have to be worshippers of Satan no doubt, evil. If you have not seen dvd’s Chemtrails, Aerosol Crimes, What In The World Are They Spraying, and Why In The World Are They Spraying which I’m sure most on this site have seen, please check them out. Hold on to your soul and sanity I pray, seek Him and He is always there for us. One last note, if you have not seen Holes in Heavens-Advances in Tesla Technology you will want to see. If you are close to a library look for paperback Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, it’s very interesting and maybe some of your family will check out and see what our good ole boys have done in past with present patents put in for altering the spheres above. Enough said, I’ll see you around, and please hang in there alright………..HOPE…..FAITH……LOVE….

  3. mere says:

    I am sorry i hurt you
    Do you know that I am stinking drunk at this moment?? And i don’t even drink, how bizarre is that.
    do you know that i am listening to ” lonely enough’ by “little big town’, over and over?/
    do you know thati am crying un stoppable?
    do you know that i am always at the wrong place at the wrong time/
    do you know that i can’t just go hang up the stinking laundry, no that would be too easy. no, i have to go and look out the stinking window first, cause something tells me to and look at this guy across the street grabbing a woman in only panties to her knees and i can just feel how she is feeling, but i can feel how he is feeling, it is ugly. now this image is in my brain for the rest of the day and i cry and cry. then i go to the park and i see this guy hitting his puupy and i can’t believe it, and i go over there and tell him that I’m gonna report him and i took pictures of his car and license number and i tell him that and my son walks 50 feet behind me cause he’s scared and i really don’t care, cause the puppie hurts, or the time i heard the noise that wasn’t usual and it was this guy walking a dog with a woman and a dog and every few steps he hit the dog with a sort of belt and i just was trembling and puking and so outraged i wanted to run him over with my car but i didn’t of course, but i can’t believe the evil that is in this world and i see it all the time and then i sat across from my husband one day and said that i was soooooooo sad after 51 years of seeing these things and praying and crying for them that if god wanted me to see things why didn’t he give me something big to see and then he did and at times it is so much more than i can handle and i so lonely in this knowledge that i can hardly breathe and it is ripping my world apart more than anything i ever had to endure in 50 years and i really can’t hold on much longer and it is toooo much to bear cause the husband i have known loved for 30 years is not a friend and rolls his eyes at me and my kids are busy to see their mother is faling apart. Now i see this evil everywhere and i can’t breathe anymore and i no longer want to exist cause no one cares and 95 percent of what i see is so bad that i am literally faslling apart and no one knows cause i am the strong one the one to go for this and that who knows how to do this and that well i don’t do shit no more and not gonna just gonna be miserable in the knowledge that the world is the most evil place i have ever seen and you don’t know who your own neighbors are if you ever think things are weird is cause they are. if cable is for free just watch it don’t be a moron and get teased for it years later that you couldn’t watch ‘free tv’ you know right and wrong or the girl who wants to break up with this guy but he has a pick up and she moves next wweek and could use a pickup you know convenience over right it is all good we are what we are i am so fucking sad though cause it is so lost and evil not funny open our eyes and stare out the window and watch it is not good. I am soo sorry this world sucks and they dump crap over our heads from airplanes. like my granddaughter says shes 5 grandma lives in stinky town where they dump garbage over your head from airplanes then she says why they dump garbage on you/ yah why, why do they do what they do and i keep on seeing things cause i am a moron, this is why they give you pills cause the truth is soooo fucking ugly that it is unbearable for anyone who feels sorry for a fly. this is the last comment i will post gonna dis connect the old internet and go live in a cave. i never meant to hurt you at all i am so sorry i am only babbling no one in particular god bless us all.
    Spelling is courtesy of hangon on e n j brandy.

  4. Mere says:

    JR, I am so sorry the comment made you feel all that, would you please accept my apology?
    No, I am not your enemy, I might just be my own worst enemy? And maybe really lousy at writing comments?!

    And also I have been told that I have a big mouth, and I become passionate. Well, they use a different word, lol.

    I do not question people’s faith in God.

    Congratulations, JR, cancer free for ten years. That is awesome!

    Yes, I have contacted many. Guess it also did no good, ’cause they are dumping crap over my house at this moment. The visits from the cops are never fun, either, after I “make trouble.” Oh, you know, it’s always a “welfare check”, because I became too “passionate’ about the subject of please not have the city poison the kids on their way to school, or some crap like that. It doesn’t mean shit to them.
    So pretty soon I will get my house tax bill, since there is a word called “levy” on there, part of my money goes to guess what!!
    Since they are a fake town, with fake police, and fake everything, maybe I should pay my tax bill with fake monopoly money. See, JR, how fast this riles me up?

    Wishing you well, JR.


  5. JR says:

    Hey Mere; For you a special note, I actually used to work in the outdoors over 20 years ago. Wanting to ride motorcycle to work I used to see what I thought were clouds in the early morn. so I would take a chance and ride, guess what, no rain all day? When your nose and eyes are in the trenches you work. My eyes to the chemtrails were opened over ten years and you? Do you have any correspondence from your elected officials from your state if in the U.S.? I do, telling me that what I see are normal condensation trails for several years back now, memory and letters to fact. Please don’t breath down my back, I have enough to contend with lying bureaucrats, o.k.? I’m not your enemy, are you mine? I know how to discern, and Yes I’m a believer! Yes of God, do you think the Chemtrailers are? One can’t serve 2 masters I’ve said. Oh and by the way I’m a survivor from cancer, for over ten years of a rare Lymphoma. Do you not feel in your heart it crosses my mind when I see all this stupid crap in our skies we are breathing carcinogens? Teflon looking and all etc.,. Don’t just use your eyes, but mind and heart please, I’ll try to be nice with this post….

  6. James says:

    I enjoyed this video very much. It’s outstanding in many ways. First, to see a TV station take the subject material seriously, and not ridicule the guest. She makes some significant declarations, ‘Most of these flights are military, the planes are not registered, and have no flag they are outside of the official radar system’. This woman is very courageous and the fact that she was able to address the EU parliament says something about the EU. Why is this not happening in Canada? Seems NATO is now an acronym for New World Order.
    Remind me again why it was we bombed Libya!? I seem to forget. Oh, I remember now, Anderson Cooper got two live phone calls from a distressed woman claiming she was oppressed and Gaddafi was a demon ..

    We need to wake up to more than just chemtrails.

  7. Geni says:

    I have visited Germany a few times in the past few years and always, always see tons of chem trails almost everyday.

  8. Mere says:

    If memory serves you right, you saw this kind of thing happen ” a few years back “????? YEARS????
    Stuff hanging around, falling from a plane???
    YEARS???? REALLY?????
    A seemingly nonchalant attitude toward having witnessed such a thing further fuels my belief that the best gift God gave us, the ability to tell right from wrong, has been lost. We are in deep trouble, indeed.

  9. JR says:

    Another brave lady! These same looking kind of fibers falling from sky in this video I saw a few years back here in Southwest, NM. (USA). If memory serves me right they were falling from a propeller type aircraft flying from South to North. The fibers were hanging off car antennas, tree limbs, etc. No doubt these are evil people doing these works. This so-called free country is not really free, even though the higher ups (so-called) leaders want us to believe that. Faith is not put into man but God Almighty….Search High Cabal on web and look at other works in past history!

  10. phil says:

    Wonderful interview.

    Aluminum makes fires burn hotter.

  11. Diane Ridaeus says:

    Pyromaniac firefighters. Great line. Captures the whole thing in 2 words.

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