Weekly Weather Update – Man Made Super Storms Now In Progress.Dec. 29, 2013


Weekly Weather Update.Man Made Super Storms Are Now In Progress.
December 29, 2013

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  1. Chris Potter says:

    Let’s keep the awesome information going. Dane’s message is vital to human beings sustaining life long-term on this planet. Spread the word to family and friends.

  2. Sue says:

    Hello friend,

    I have lived here in south central Alaska (40 miles from Anchorage) since 1970. It used to be a sure thing that when the temperature dropped below about 20 – maybe 15 degrees Fahrenheit we might suffer the cold but would be guaranteed sunshine and deep blue skies. The past few years it has snowed at temps close to zero many times, which I know is totally unnatural. Now when it is even below zero what should be clear blue skies are overcast or hazy from the spraying that is so prevalent up here. This unfortunate truth is deeply disturbing. I am teacher and I see the toll this manufactured weather is taking on the children here who are frequently sick with colds, coughing, sore throats, or flu-like symptoms. I love Alaska, but this weather modification is making me want to move somewhere else that might have clearer, cleaner skies. Wonder where that would be . . . ? Sorry about your dad. I suspect the aerial toxins have much to do with the ailments affecting both the elderly and the children.

  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Hello Dane and Yvonne,

    There’s been many articles describing a “POLAR VORTEX” causing this extremely cold weather. I then post this 12/29 video and acknowledge the “drama” surrounding it. Who ever heard of a polar vortex? I’m in my sixties and never heard it before. One thing I’m sure of, though, is this was “manufactured” for the cold and for the drama.

    It’s a shame because freezing rain and frostbite can really injure and kill people. Those behind this have no shame. We are dealing with insanity.

    Wishing Peace, Love, and Perseverance to All,

  4. David says:

    They are only spraying United Nations countrys and they stop spraying in areas where the elete like the G20 are having meetings. Does this tell you anything?

    The media are controlled via the various government censors so these newsy items never make it to the people. they only tell us what they want us to know.
    Have you heard anything from our governments on how to handle all this radiation that is sweeping our continent, they don’t even tell us to use some iodine. They just keep raising the exposure limit which I believe is a criminal act.

  5. David says:

    Hi Pam,

    You can bet that Chemtrails played a big part in your Dad’s problem. One of the chemicals they are dropping is aluminium oxcide which stores it’self in brain tissues and causes such diseases. Most all of us will end up with these symptoms.

  6. mark says:

    Ahoy Bill, I’m out on the Cape… Got a bit of snow but no low temps like yous. Funny seeing those familiar names here.
    I’ve been following chemtrails since they started in ’98. Swear I was the only one on Cape Cod who knew anything about them.
    For anyone, over the summer I saw, on six different occasions, very odd looking flying craft. Still guessing… Either drones or, the real deal. They were silent while turning on a dime. Seeing all that’s going on, my guess is that whatever they were they may have been monitoring the atmosphere.

  7. James says:

    Canada is being hit hard by these storms, which as Dane says are coming in roughly one week intervals. The number of households that have lost power is striking, just listening to the news over the past week the number is well over 500,000. Considering Canada has less that ten million households, that’s already 5% of the country that has experienced power outages, and with this latest assault, over 200,000 Newfoundland homes without power in -35C. This next round of storms is going to be severe, as fronts converge over the great lakes. I’m hearing new weather terms, like snow-rain. There’s hundreds of coldest-day records broken in Ontario this week and we’re only 15 calendar days into winter. More freezing rain on the way, behind that, deeper temperatures and snow. The chem-trailing has been constant. We get the odd brief blue sky day, then the aerosol spray begins again. Looks like a long and cold winter with a lot of strange events is in the program, one that started in the fall.

  8. Vanessa says:

    It continually amazes me that this topic is so under reported- even by many alt media outlets, when the evidence is so overwhelming. I often write to these outlets suggesting they explore this issue and do a report. We need to get this into the (diminishing) light of day. EVERYone who cares about this issue, please join me in this!

  9. Truthy1 says:

    Economic terrorism,fear,jet stream steering for weather war against europe,death,control.

  10. gingercake5 says:

    Why are they blasting the northeast with cold right now? What is their purpose?

  11. Debra Luttrell says:

    In Australia we are seeing 52 degree days never before have i seen temperatures rise above 42, we were having these sorts of heat waves in spring, Its summer now and there predicting heat waves of 50 and above..

  12. francis m Reps says:

    President Monson of the small but respected LDS Church as well as Pope Francis of the 2 billion member Roman Catholic church and leaders of other denominations have a responsibility to alert their faithful as well as the general public to this most evil enterprise . If these religious leaders are truly looking after their flocks, they should be chasing the wolves away. All readers should tell their ministers and pastors to wake up and do their jobs. It is up to you readers to contact the churchmen.

  13. Bill says:

    1/03/14 2am
    Hello Dane,
    I live on the Northshore of Boston, only about a mile away from the ocean by Salem. The oddest thing happened today when I caught the 6pm weather forcast, we had already been snowing all day the bulk hitting the Northshore, but what was unusual was how cold it was, and then on the news I saw the map of temperatures around Boston, and I couldn’t believe how cold it was. Everywhere Boston north and west was in single digits and it was snowing at a good clip at least moderately. I told my wife I never saw snow at so cold a temperature, ours was 7 degrees, and I didn’t think it was possible around Boston, maybe Alaska. Then on TV the meteorologist whom I most respect, been around since Blizzard of ’78’ Harvey Leonard, said he never seen snow at this cold of temperture, and I told my wife “see he even agrees”. Around 7pm I went for a ride with my friend to fight the snow and get in our evening workout, and on his radio news station was another old meteorologist, Barry Burbank also goes back to the 1970’s, he said right then on my ride the same thing! That he’d never seen such cold temperatures and snowing at the same time. Right now it’s “0” degrees and snowing almost moderately. Amazing. I doubt this is just some weather anomolie and I’m certain after hearing your recent report. Thank you for all you do,

  14. pam washburn Humboldt County says:

    Dane I see it everyday. Im really seeing the affects first hand. My father 83 is slipping away to demenia. Like over night. I cant help but wonder if the chemtrails are what took his world. His words. (my world is going to hell…..)

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