What Does The Union Of Concerned Scientists Say About Sea Level Rise?


Why is the power structure and the mainstream media they control, trying so hard to confuse the population on the reality of sea level rise? Because if the population truly understood the gravity and immediacy of what is unfolding it would cause an immediate paradigm shift. Those in power are doing their best to delay public awakening as long as possible while they prepare for total collapse. Sea level rise alone will radically alter coastlines around the globe with catastrophic impacts on dozens of major cities located at sea level (this is not to mention all the other impacts from the warming). Mainstream media and special interest organizations have successfully confused many on the warming/cooling issue. The climate engineering insanity has further completely confused the population with highly toxic engineered “cool-downs” which are making the overall warming worse still.  What does the largest independent body of scientists in the world say about sea level rise? It’s happening rapidly and all available data fully supports this fact. Can sea levels rise on a “cooling” planet? No. can formally frozen methane deposits thaw and release on a “cooling” planet? No. Would forests burn to the ground around the globe at a rate many times normal if the planet was cooling? No, again. If the anti-climate engineering community is to gain the credibility necessary to expose and stop geoengineering, we must know the facts so we are standing on solid ground. Climate engineering has been skewing the Earth’s life support systems for over 60 years. The damage from climate engineering has added greatly to the overall damage done to the planet from many forms of human activity. All of us must abandon ideology and stand on facts from the most credible and verifiable sources.
Dane Wigington

Infographic: Sea Level Rise and Global Warming

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists


Sea level is rising—and at an accelerating rate—especially along the U.S. East Coast and Gulf of Mexico.

Why are the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico hotspots of sea level rise?

  • Global average sea level has increased 8 inches since 1880. Several locations along the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico have experienced more than 8 inches of local sea level rise in only the past 50 years.
  • The rate of local sea level rise is affected by global, regional, and local factors.
  • Along the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico, changes in the path and strength of ocean currents are contributing to faster-than-average sea level rise.
  • In parts of the East Coast and Gulf regions, land is subsiding, which allows the ocean to penetrate farther inland.

How quickly is land ice melting?

  • Shrinking land ice — glaciers, ice caps, and ice sheets — contributed about half of the total global sea level rise between 1972 and 2008, but its contribution has been increasing since the early 1990s as the pace of ice loss has accelerated.
  • Recent studies suggest that land ice loss added nearly half an inch to global sea level from 2003 to 2007, contributing 75 to 80 percent of the total increase during that period.

Why is there such a large range in sea level rise projections?

  • The long-term rate of global sea level rise will depend on the amount of future heat-trapping emissions and on how quickly land ice responds to rising temperatures.
  • Scientists have developed a range of scenarios for future sea level rise based on estimates of growth in heat-trapping emissions and the potential responses of oceans and ice. The estimates used for these two variables result in the wide range of potential sea level rise scenarios.

How high and how quickly will sea level rise in the future?

  • Our past emissions of heat-trapping gases will largely dictate sea level rise through 2050, but our present and future emissions will have great bearing on sea level rise from 2050 to 2100 and beyond.
  • Even if global warming emissions were to drop to zero by 2016, sea level will continue to rise in the coming decades as oceans and land ice adjust to the changes we have already made to the atmosphere.
  • The greatest effect on long-term sea level rise will be the rate and magnitude of the loss of ice sheets, primarily in Greenland and West Antarctica, as they respond to rising temperatures caused by heat-trapping emissions in the atmosphere.


The Sea Level Rise and Global Warming infographic is based on careful evaluations of published scientific observations and projections of sea level rise, as well as material in the UCS short report, Causes of Sea Level Rise: What the Science Tells Us.

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists

9 Responses to What Does The Union Of Concerned Scientists Say About Sea Level Rise?

  1. Mark Davis says:

    The general public is not paying attention to or is interested in, chemtrails, rising sea levels or melting glaciers, arctic warming, etc. I share these thing and am completely ignored.
    My newspaper had a article when a company said their solar panels were not getting enough sun from “contrails” and fog,etc. I wrote the paper a told them that those were not contrails but chemtrails, and even explained the difference, with references. Totally unacknowledged, and ignored, completely uninterested.
    They can just look in the sky to see them, and a plane that is not spraying leaves a short trail.
    I believe the sad truth is the “powers that be” want all this happening to get rid of about 6 or 7 billion people so they can rule without much opposition or problems, and control the world. It a lot easier to control 1/2 or 1 billion than 7 or 8 billion.
    Here in the USA it doesn’t matter who or what party is in office, these things are not addressed and the secret or shadow government is really the one calling the shots. Even the President does not have a high enough clearance to know what is going on.

  2. Ana says:

    Global warming deniers probably don´t believe in geoengeneering or Chemtrails or weather/clima manipulation.They probably don´t know what SAG or SMR are or they perhaphs could understand why they feel that their land is getting colder.Perhaphs they are smart enough to see their weather getting cold but can´t look up to see their sun being covered everyday and everywhere in the world(specially early in the morning) .I believe that we are not even receiving sun enough as it should be to maintain the health of our planet and ours and they are expecting what?hot days? .these diferences of weather where some people are living with terrible snow storms while others are living with warm temperatures or droughts or melting Ice how it means a “cooling” planet? maybe engineered local/regional cool down would be more reasonable to think ,of course to who believes in geoengeneering and SAG or SRM programes taking place already (and not just a research project as oficial information)
    About global warming used as “fearmongering” as argument :to be honest i think that scientists were never alarmists enough when they make predictions up to 2050 and i say “alarmists enough” cause the selfish human nature never cared about future generations or we wouldn´t have come to this now and these kind of information in the Media is one time a year and very synthesized and the critical subjects are not given enough relevance or even taked about…people just adress the envyronment problems to their governments ,unfortunatly !
    If there´s any “hoax” (to search for) is the geoengeneering denial in my opinion…
    The real pourposes of all these geoengeneering programes i don´t know for sure;my mind can think about a million things but my eyes just see what they see -SUN COVER .At naked eye they seem to be cooling certain regions of the globe…my simple equation is:
    Geoengeneering/chemtrails = sun cover= Less sun radiance= colder Weather …

  3. poppy robbins says:

    I am 60 next month. the reality being it has been a whole life lived under lies and illusion , deep deep sadness! that the veils of illusion have fallen so late in my life, to really grasp the reality is overwhelming, my wish is for toxic free skys and earth, i am doing but i need to do more, i follow dane in order to keep informed and try to maintain hope for something better for all our children and grandchildren , truth ,freedom, love, LIFE, we must hold on to this …..

  4. Marc Rennard says:

    To CW, right on, my friend, right on. Thank you.

  5. Marc Rennard says:

    The methane outgassing, which has only relatively recently been confirmed, represents a GAME CHANGER!!! A monstrous spike in planetary warming is already beginning due to the potency of this greenhouse gas. The Greenland ice sheet is gonna be a goner within a relatively short period of time, which will take us a long way toward coastal inundations on a “biblical” scale.
    Miami, Tampa, New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Beijing, London…….it’s terrifying to even think about what is coming.

  6. In nearly every case of prediction for the future the math has been done incorrectly. It is too easy to extrapolate the future with linear math (at present rate) even when it is recognized that there is an acceleration (exponential increase) occurring. This same linear math has long been applied to fossil fuel usage. They, with their ‘at present rate’ math indicate we have hundreds of years of fossil fuels remaining. Yet, when exponential mathematics (which takes into account the never ending increase in consumption over time) is applied, one recognizes that the end is near. That means the effective end of oil, coal and other fossil fuel production occurs within 15-20 years – apply that (using all the remaining fossil fuels in the next generation) to global warming, sea level rise, food production, etc.

    I believe that the sealevel rise predicted for the turn of the next century will occur in the next 20-years.

    For those interested in an explanation of the exponential function, watch a series of videos beginning with this one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F-QA2rkpBSY

  7. Marc Rennard says:

    Mass migrations of human beings escaping coastal cities will provoke societal chaos on a scale heretofore unimaginable. If sea levels rise gradually, humans will migrate accordingly. But if we see unlivable inundation of coastal cities within 5-15 years, I fear the worst case scenario: there is literally no infrastructure to accommodate tens of millions of people moving inland. The extreme chaos and violence that will result in such a mass exodus is appalling to contemplate. Along with the hardships pressing in upon us already from weather chaos, geoengineering, agricultural disruption, toxicity, disease, and so on, we are facing an apocalypse by any other name.
    I am so consumed with emotion as I look upon my beautiful daughter and realize inwardly the world she will live her life in. I fight off hopelessness and despair and pray for even just some modest signs of something GOOD manifesting in retaliation to the forces of true evil running free-range over the planet right now.

  8. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    I found the article very good.UCS is located about 8 miles from where I live.
    Susan Solomon from MIT is speaking here in Lexington, MA on Dec. 6 at 7 pm.

  9. Constant Walker says:

    Those making-up the so-called “power structure” are (and have long been) fully aware of the utter impossibility, here in the late terminal stage of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease process, of preventing (by any means available to them and the rest of the domesticated peoples stuck inside the “global”-gulag/shrinking-“economy” contraption) the catastrophic cascading collapse of Earth’s ‘eco-system.’ So the decision was taken, long ago, to suppress to the extent possible any knowledge that might roil the muddled masses….as the “end-times” effects (on them and their falsely idolized “civilization”) become rapidly and exponentially more devastating.

    Ruthlessly putting-down any potentially disruptive reactions from “the public,” when their dire straits do ‘dawn’ on them finally, is phase two of that plan. It is even now being more-and-more put into daily practice by “the authorities,” by-means-of their heavily “militarized” police….and their politicized armed forces. Running ‘parallel’ to this ‘policy’ (and having to be ‘protected’ from the panic-stricken “mobs” that “full disclosure” would [and finally will] almost certainly generate) is the massive program intended to somehow “save” some “self”-chosen “few” from the already ongoing “sixth great extinction”….which was and is also seen as unavoidable.

    The actual extent of this ‘operation’ is orders-of-magnitude greater than even the most suspicious members of “the public” are wont to….well…..suspect. So too, though, is the inevitability of its ultimate futility largely lost on those who (from a wide variety of motives) are participating knowingly in it.

    There is no socio-political means (including “revolution”) for stopping “climate-engineering”/”weather-warfare” (and its associated idiocies like the U.S. military’s “full spectrum dominance” doctrine) from running their DEAD END course. These insane activities have been effectively insulated from any effective interference with them by even the relatively few among “the people” who are even partially aware of them….like those in “the anti-geoengineering movement.” The ‘momentum’ already built-up in these programs, and in the massive machinery deployed to keep them ‘officially’ “secret” (much like the already entrained consequences of the vast amounts of industrial-strength and military-grade toxic waste ‘products’ already present in air and water and soil) guarandamntees that even the domesticated Humans in the “power structure” who’re actively involved in running these programs can’t stop them from bringing-about the Planet-‘death’ they’re expected to cause.

    There is, of course, a Medicine specific to the Planet-wasting process of the “civilization” disease. This Medicine is the Living Virtue of Organic Functional Integrity as found in the handful of surviving Free Wild “Communities” (for lack of any better word in English) of Free Wild Natural Persons that are what’s left of the organically functioning Human component of Earth’s immune system. It is not, however, accessible at-all to the artificially “individual”-ized and alienated and biologically-crippled Humans who’re infected with the “self” sickness that is the active mechanism of the disease’s immune-suppression regime….not accessible, that is, except by their first gettting over the terminal illness that is their own too-precious “self.”

    This Old Indian guesses these words are likely to ‘strike’ many as one of those “bad-news/good-news” (or maybe vice versa) situations we hear so much about from our tame Human Sisters and Brothers. The thing is, though, they are describing what are actually Natural Facts….and not just some man-made make-believe conceit like “democracy” or “justice” or “America” or “Almighty God.”

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