Who Killed the Arizona Firefighters


We did.

By William Thomas


Every belching coal plant burning the dirtiest carbon on Earth to power the lights and appliances we heedlessly leave on, all those computers and server farms and traffic jams, the gadgets and gewgaws we cannot live without – plus all the energy-hungry air-con needed to cope with the resulting record-breaking temperatures – helped kill those 19 men.

Every military and airline flight, car trip to consume products produced and transported by burning carbon, every 90-ton shovel-full of tar sands muck, every farm field soaked with nitrogen fertilizers to grow GMO corn to feed to cars – contributed in ways great or small to the fires that killed those Granite Mountain Hotshots attempting to cut a firebreak in front of wind-whipped flames in the Yarnell Hills.

The sudden flare-up of that drought-driven blaze – and the concurrent Priso, Dose, Dean Peak, W-2 and Rock Creek fires in Arizona alone – came on the heels of scorching winds, wildfires and prolonged drought conditions ranging from “severe” to “exceptional” across most of Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

“You begin to see that there’s a natural cycle of droughts, large and small,” says Professor Richard Seager at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. “But when you add in the human effects from rising greenhouse gases, we could be pushing subtropical regions like the Southwest into a permanent state of aridity. There are signs it’s already underway.”

Seager’s computer models show that a sharp decline in winter precipitation caused by changes in atmospheric circulation and water vapour transports induced by warming temperatures is shoving the vast American Southwest toward an unliveable steady-state of persistent drastic dryness.

Meanwhile, the global greenhouse trend continues relentlessly upwards, exceeding 34 billion metric tonnes of carbon emissions every year. In the rapidly thawing Arctic, much stronger heat-trapping methane releases continue to reach altitudes and concentrations unprecedented in modern times, even as columns of warm air rising from dark meltwaters bend the moisture-bearing jetstream away from the parched American Southwest. (Look for my upcoming article: “Thin Ice” at geoengineeringwatch.com.)

But don’t take all the blame.


Geoengineers did.

What the atmospheric models do not show is the worsening climate hangover from more than a decade of deliberate aerosol geoengineering that continue to spread megatons of sunlight-reflecting particles smaller in diameter than a human hair over North America and allied countries.

Drawing on a 1992 National Academy of Science geoengineering study, and public calls for a global “sunscreen” by the late Dr. Edward Teller at the 1998 International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies, the process of depositing light-scattering particles of aluminum and other highly reflective 10-micron-size particles behind high-flying aircraft was first described in detail in the 1991 Hughes patent: “Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming”.

In the winter of 1998, as citizens across the U.S. and Canada pointed skywards to unusual grid patterns of persistent white plumes spreading to occlude once blue skies, I broke the “chemtrails” story worldwide for the Environment News Service.

Official confirmation of this massive geoengineering project came in March 2001, after ABC-affiliate radio reporter ST Brendt counted 30 big jets spreading the telltale plumes over her home in remote rural Maine. When her assistant news director at WMWV took his news staff outside, they counted 370 lines in a sky usually devoid of aerial activity.

In three taped interviews, a federal Air Traffic Control manager for the NE seaboard confirmed that USAF tankers in exclusive commanded airspace were regularly being radar-tracked north into Canadian airspace, emitting clouds of chemicals clearly visible on ATC scopes. When asked the purpose of these missions, the FAA official said he was told by his superiors, “weather modification.” The explanation given to controllers across the USA was later changed to “climate modification.”

In December 2001, a Lawrence Livermore scientist working at Wright-Patterson AFB told award-winning reporter Bob Fitrakis that two different projects were being conducted. One involved cloud creation experiments to reflect incoming sunlight and lessen the effect of worldwide warming. Additionally, barium plumes were being spread to conduct the military’s high-power Radio Frequency beam weapon called HAARP to steer the jetstream and alter the weather thousands of miles away..

In the fall of 2002, Edmonton city landscaper Dave Dickie began noticing severely stressed plant life. When soil samples showed electrical conductivity readings up to 7-times higher than the maximum permissible provincial level, Dickie wondered if there was a connection to events unfolding on ATC radar scopes during his regular visits to the Edmonton municipal airport’s Air Traffic Control Centre.

On June 15th of that year, Dickie and an excited group of 12 year-olds had watched two American KC-135s flying circuits around Edmonton. “The signature is significant” commented one radar operator, referring to the trails clearly visible on his scope extending for miles behind the big tankers. In contrast, a commercial JAL flight on the same display left no visible trail.

Stepping outside, Dickie and several controllers easily located a KC-135 leaving a lingering, broad white plume across otherwise clear skies. They could also clearly see the JAL airliner at a similar flight level. It left no contrail at all.

“We see these guys up here a lot,” radar techs told Dickie, explaining that the USAF tanker flights originate in Alaska and continue on into the States – after gridding the Edmonton area with chemical trails clearly visible on radar.

Guessing that the unusual metallic fallout in the soil could be causing the high electrical conductivity readings, Dickie collected samples of a fresh snowfall for the city, and took them to Edmonton’s NorWest Labs for analysis. Lab report #336566 conducted on snow samples collected by the city of Edmonton, Alberta between Nov. 8 – 12, 2002 showed unaccountably elevated levels of aluminum and barium.

These readings matched unusual spikes of both metals left by aerial “laydowns” over Espanola, Ontario and many other North American cities [Chemtrails Confirmed 2010 by William Thomas]


Whether you’re a firefighter, student, pregnant mom, big banker, stooped elder or small child playing outside under nearly ubiquitous chemical plumes, 10-micron particles of any kind are deemed an “extreme human health hazard” by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Lodging in lungs and migrating to inflame heart tissue, a lungful of these invisible particulates is capable of causing acute respiratory distress and fatal heart attacks in susceptible individuals within 24 hours of acute exposure.

Aluminum fallout also stunts plant growth by sucking nutrients from the soil. Exacerbating the effects of drought, dying aluminum-stressed plants spread desertification, while increasing stocks of “ladder fuel” that can send wildfires spiralling out of control.

But it is the drying effect of tanker-loads of tiny particles on airborne moisture that spells special hazard to firefighters and other water-dependent beings everywhere.


At the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, Al Cooper studies the tiny nuclei around which clouds and raindrops clump. Spreading extra particles into highly humid air can cause bigger drops to accrete and eventually fall as rain. But in skies already lacking moisture, thousands of tons of microscopic particulates dumped behind high-flying air force tankers compete for what little humidity remains, acting as a sponge that completely dries out the air mass – preventing rainfall.

Vincent Schaefer, the Naval postgraduate who invented iodine cloud-seeding techniques in 1946, Joseph Moran’s contemporary Meteorology textbook, and ongoing NOAA and NASA atmospheric studies confirm that the only way to form artificial clouds under conditions of relatively low humidity and warmer than super-freezing temperatures is by dispensing additional particles from aircraft.

Modelled by Paul Demott at Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science, the principle factors determining cirrus cloud development are temperature, relative humidity and aerosol size. The last variable is of primary importance. These particulate “aerosols” may be inadvertently or deliberately supplied by high-flying aircraft. The smaller the size of each added nuclei, the faster the rate of artificial cirrus cloud formation. And the worst amplifications of drought. [Chemtrails Confirmed 2010 by William Thomas]

Unfortunately for firefighters and the rest of us, unheralded atmospheric-tinkerers are stepping up their climate-modification efforts in a futile attempt to prevent total meltdown in the high Arctic. Deploying newly developed ice-nucleating chemicals to cool large air masses coming in off the Pacific and the southern Gulf Coast – and thereby divert this urgently needed moisture east and north to shield rapidly thinning ice sheets under an artificial cloud layer – USAF Weather Force Specialists also appear to be aiming HAARP at specifically-tuned aerosol filaments to bend an already erratic jetstream toward these same destructive ends.

Much to the delight of corporate profiteers and other “disaster capitalists” – but few others – these ongoing efforts are exacerbating long-term drying trends over much of the USA: from parched northern California forests, to the tinder-box regions of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Colorado.

All the while, a few mad scientists mask their nefarious activities behind the misleading rubric of “contrails,” all-too-convenient “climate change”, and the false debate over geoengineering efforts “to come”.


Forget climate change. Like a slowly pulled trigger, climate shift is about to detonate from a convergence of misplaced geoengineering and unstoppable natural feedback processes, shattering our denial and our civilization in a global trainwreck that will dog survivors for thousands of years.

We could step back from this incipient blast by curtailing greenhouse emissions now. But in the absence of political leadership, deliberately spreading aerosols in the upper atmosphere to permit petroleum pollution and profits as usual – while the life-giving world ocean turns acidic under a continuing carbon deluge – is not helping.

As The Guardian reports, “For the first time in human history, the concentration of climate-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has passed the milestone level of 400 parts per million. The last time so much greenhouse gas was in the air was several million years ago, when the Arctic was ice-free, savannah spread across the Sahara desert and sea level was up to 40 metres higher than today.”

Despite current solar trends and “global dimming” from a stew of airborne pollutants contributing to a contrary cooling effect, record-smashing temperatures and extreme weather events continue to top the weather news. Portending even worse, the extreme speed at which CO2 levels are rising – perhaps 75-times faster than in pre-industrial times – are entirely absent from primeval ice core records.

“We are creating a prehistoric climate in which human societies will face huge and potentially catastrophic risks,” warns Bob Ward, policy director for Climate Change at the London School of Economics. “Only by urgently reducing global emissions will we be able to avoid the full consequences of turning back the climate clock by 3 million years” – this time with 7 billion human beings in attendance, and an already mind-bending rate of planetary extinctions. [Guardian May 10/13]

The consensus of atmospheric scientists worldwide is that 450 ppm of “carbon equivalent” greenhouse gases is the Do-Not-Exceed point to prevent catastrophic warming in this Last Chance Century. Others insist that 350 ppm is a safer limit. Both points are already moot. Adding current levels of nitrous oxide and methane to CO2 releases brings the current total of “carbon equivalent” warming gases to 478 ppm. [Guardian May 14/13]

Make that 478 and rising.


This suicidal trend spells an increasingly busy and hazardous time for firefighters everywhere – not to mention every other creature long accustomed to mild temperatures, plentiful water and crops not withered by heat. In this troubling context of an increasingly unstable atmos-fear, the desperate efforts of a few faceless scientists and blindly-obedient aircrews to divert available moisture north to the desolate Arctic makes each of them – along with their enabling politicians – urgent candidates for the climatic equivalent of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.

You may not have a choice right now to forsake your car and still get to work. But the daily aerosol geoengineering defacing the sky above our heads is an option we cannot continue to condone, either through our ignorance or our silence.

We must wake up to this insanity and demand that after more than 15 years of atmospheric crimes, the geoengineers be brought to justice now. Otherwise, if their aerosol depredations do not cease and saner energy policies prevail, the recent tragedy in Arizona will be horrifically magnified when these wind-and-moisture-diverting efforts dry up croplands and reservoirs worldwide. And shut down the Asian and African monsoons on which more than two billion human lives depend.



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  1. Pat Cannon says:

    Today being a day to protest; I see none organized locally. It seems there still are many who choose not to even notice. Today is also a day to meditate on the coming EVENT, 4:11 CDT, see prepareforchange.net at some point soon people are going to have to wake up…to be continued

  2. Ron Hinton says:

    Needs a Facebook “Recommend” button so we can provide the external link to this page in the title box – since Facebook will definately block the link generated on their page.

  3. Ron Hinton says:

    Finally, someone mentioned it.

  4. BJ says:

    Today I took photos of our normal “popcorn” clouds and a few large cumulus clouds, interspersed with the wispy nano smart dust junk of the criminal chemtrailers. During my one hour drive from Kingman to Lake Havasu City, AZ I caught shots of planes starting and stopping their trails ONLY above these groups of real natural clouds! Proves to me that they are determined to keep the western drought going by killing the possible rain that might develop during this humid day at the beginning of our monsoon season.
    Is it any wonder they want to take away Americans high powered ‘assault’ weapons?

  5. Nicolina Clark says:

    Excellent article, job well done in illustrating the devastation that we are facing and the irreversible damage caused by the dumping of aerosols on our planet. It is very frustrating to observe these criminal activities carried out in plain view. It is a further insult to have to hear the denials from our constituents, senators, congressman, the president etc and the list goes on and on. We are under attack!

  6. deborah barker says:

    I often hear this reply to protest against Geoengineering…”well, it’s been going on for decades…this is really nothing new”. Thank you, William, for putting these comments in perspective. You write “We must wake up to this insanity and demand that after more than 15 years of atmospheric crimes, the geoengineers be brought to justice now.” Indeed, we must overcome apathy and force these criminals to walk the plank!

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