Aerosol Skies

Unfortunately much of the population cannot seem to recall what natural clouds look like, they mistake sprayed toxic aerosol clouds as “normal”. It’s up to each and every one of us to bring the horribly engineered skies to the attention of others. Let’s all prompt those around us to “look up” and take notice of the criminal activity in our skies. The attached 3 minute video below is a message on this point. My sincere thanks to Anwaar Ali for capturing and forwarding this great footage to


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  1. kirk mannor says:

    With the wakeing up of posions like GMOs in our food and the floride in the water and manny  more ways to depopulate, and the start of the NWO agenda 21 I think the awakening is is driving the elites to now spray us from the skies.God says he will consume the fish,birds,animals,and the people. Well I think the falling away from the one and only God the chirstains worship is causeing all this disemanation, the signs are all here just walk out side and look up ,its happening right in front of your face.what evil is next,the fema camps?people better wake up fast, this is speading up for something else worse to take place and most of the world is in on it.It is hard to see this happening in my time, it all started with dealing with China we were sold out and now the bill is on the table, money from nothing,ballooned by disgn then taken their trying to make the public be leave in home grown terrorist,this is a excuse to put people in fema camps for not compling with the NWO agenda.I in jesuses name pray for these people to wake up,for they do not know what they are doing,they are brian washed.

  2. zay roq says:

    California is bombarded almost every day with Geoengineering Jets spraying their poisons over us

    • Serge says:

      SOS Terrorist organization removing all upcoming rain and poisoning us in California from sky, why no one open Lawsuit against those terrorist organization. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Serge, I am working directly with a team of attorneys (6 from the US, 2 from Canada). Much data is being compiled, we hope to have a filing done in the near future.

  3. Mike Daws says:

    It angers me when I look up at a clear, blue sky and I see it being attacked with extreme discoloration. I wish a revolt would occur soon. A government revolt. The people need to come together soon, before our world becomes inhospitable. It is headed in that very direction right now. These elevated levels of nan0 – Aluminum, Barium AND Strontium are coming from this act of tyranny.

    • Marsha Fulkerson says:

      Totally agree, before it's too late. Should have already done this before bo is done with his term.

  4. Maria says:

    Karen, I moved from the Sacramento area about two years ago, to hopefully escape the spraying there. I am now in a little town in the Andes, and the spraying here is much worse; they are relentless. I am still searching for a place that, if not chemtrail-free, at least has fewer. And of course all are oblivious to what is happening daily, in plain sight. I do mention it to folks, but don’t know how many are able to see it.

    • Watcher (Nancy) says:

      Maria:  Same here, I am in El Paso Texas… and the chem-trailing is vicious.. they start now at about 3:30 AM.. and by the time the average person is up to see, the entire sky is murky/hazy and the sun is diffused like thin skimmed milk.

      I have come to conclusion that if we are to LIVE.. and maintain our health that we must move south to central America or south America… My husband and I bought 43 acres of land in Nicaragua many years ago.. (he has passed away now), and Nica is chem-trail free as is all of central America…

      I do not believe that ANY efforts to curtail this geo-engineering, that they blithely choose to call "weather modification",  are going to be successful……

        ……   time is of the essence.. how long can we, our children and grandchildren suck up this toxic soup before we are TOO SICK to be able to complain?

  5. JaJ says:

    Vaccines are part of it. They dont care about the industrial world to poison us with metals in our bodies and pumping it into our babies.
    I cant believe that some of the pilots have the guts to do thia to the planet 🙁

  6. Sean says:

    I live in Auckland New Zealand. I see a chem trail about once a month. We used to see them all the time, given the speed our weather changes here I figure “they” have given up trying to directly modify our weather, oh but it changing all the same! I talk about this stuff and my freinds think I’m mad, most of our nation are sadly blinded by media BS and rugby mad! So sad that I’ve elected to not have kids in these uncertain times!

    • Jenny says:

      You're lucky it's only once a month.  Very rarely do we have a day without chemtrails here.  I get angry when I go outside 'cause it often looks like the above video.

  7. JR says:

    yeah we’re in trouble.

  8. Jane says:

    Dane is right. Not too many people know what real clouds are anymore. That is because there are not any. They are all made up to make you believe they are real. Unfortunately most people are Ignorant to the facts on Chemtrails and Geoengineering. The purpose of them are to Screw up your mind and Health. Also to regulate the population to Suit The Elite. They are designed to control weather patterns to devastate communities and make them sick or depopulate.

    That is a Given. Just look around yourself and open up your eyes.

    It’s the same thing everyday. The big Jets and the little Geongineering Contractors and your Air Ambulance flying around spraying this Toxic Mess to keep them in a job. Big money in Flying them Aircraft.

    Sadly to say that these people involved are doing it to their own friends and family.

    But they don’t care because they probably don’t have many of each. Funny or better a better word is Pathetic what people will do for money because of their Greed.

    I once talked to a person that had warned me of this in not such words. He just said there are people out there trying to Kill us. Has to be at least 12 years ago. My reply was. No Way.

    Well I didn’t believe this person then but I do now. All you have to do is see all the devastation overseas because of these intentional Fake Wars and the Devastation this Geoengineering is doing.

    It is quite ridiculous that there are people in this world that think it is their Duty to control the Planet in which we live on.

    I had a hard time trying to figure all this out when I first became familiar with 9/11 and the Staged Show that most were led to believe.

    After researching hundreds and hundreds of hours I pieced it all together.
    When I tried to tell people, they in turn were like I was about twelve years ago like I had mentioned previously.

    Maybe they will come to their senses and piece the Puzzle together also if they research heavily.

    Good Luck to Everyone that takes on such a thing. It is most important to their well being and survival in this State of A World today.

  9. Amy says:

    This has been happening for years. Cause severe weather and devastation and make money.

    Keep the Phamacuitical real busy and all the Hospitals.

    Nice Big Trick on Everyone.

    People actually think it is just Mother Nature.

    Are most Blatently that Stupid to think that?

    Oh yes they are.

    Walking around in a Zombie State

    May as well be.

  10. Matt says:

    Every day is going to be cloudy with a change of contrails. We might make it… I mean it might rainn… Thannkkss

  11. tom says:

    Look for a company that makes bumper stickers. To save money, design yours to say the same thing on the left and right so you can cut them in two. Now hand out and place your stickers EVERYWHERE you can think of. Drive-thru restaurants, utility poles at left turns, public transit stops, near schools or anywhere else the local population may congregate. God speed.

  12. poppy robbins says:

    i live in the UK. today walking dogs on nesscliff hill in shropshire the sky as far as you can see was completly surreal, with all sorts of type of cloud much of which looked like it had been streched out and very smooth some in the distance was charcoal coloured and in smooth blobs then another area of large cloud had a crumpled effect in the centre even an obvious chemtrail going through smokey looking cloud. it was very windy and mild .there has been a lot of cloud lately and when the cloud breaks you can see them spraying . i saw five aircraft spraying at the same time very high but easy to see recently in a lovely clear blue until they began spraying . i recently got a response from local bbc news radio ,and went in to talk not live ,to ask them to present a program about weather modification ,i gave them information i had researched and danes web site and facebook . they are consulting a local enviromental scientist and i have been told they will be in touch ,suprised it got that far! am waiting . . . . . .

  13. Mike says:

    Sacramento resident and 65 year old self-employed engineer. Have contacted media, politicians friends, etc. Politicians,such as Ted Gaines, think it’s a damn joke and just dismiss the comments! They are either part of the cover up or are naive and ignorant.

    Has anyone gotten traction from any media source or politicians? I watch daily as white, unmarked twin engine jets spray this toxin on us daily like we are lab rats. They are going nuts today.

  14. Becky says:

    Hello again Dane and friends
    I want you to know that I am a professional in my community. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have my own established business for over 20 years. I too have tried so hard to get people to wake up. I am soon to retire and I have been more aggressive with getting people to realize the sky is being sprayed and the trees are dying. I understand what we are up against waking people up. People are terrified of the thought. People feel powerless to do anything about the spraying. People actually think someone else will care. People are overloaded with garbage from our mainstream media and live in constant fear and anger. It is subtle fear and anger, but it is constant and, it is lethal.

  15. kathleen says:

    DIsheartened Marc. Many are asleep.
    This is a new way i am using to explain what is going on in our skies to folks. Maybe this can help you ….

    When I grew up and into my adulthood, the SUN was either SHINING or BEHIND a CLOUD. WE ACTUALLY HAD TO WAIT FOR THE SUN TO COME BACK OUT AFTER THE CLOUDS MOVED ON TO AGAIN REVEAL THE SUN. These DAZE, the SUN SHINES through THE CLOUDS. That is WRONG. That is NOT NATURAL. The SUN CAN ONLY SHINE through GEOENGINEERED CLOUDS which contain a range of heavy metals including nano-ALUMINUM, nanoSTRONTIUM, nanoBARIUM, nanoCOPPER, nanoMANGANESE. 52% of all species have DIED in the past 40 years. Govt Manipulation of the Weather via AEROSOL SPRAYING (the plane lines in the sky) have been in effect as well for at least that many years. WE ARE RAPIDLY REACHING GROUND ZERO FOR EXTINCTION. THE CLIMATE ENGINEERING PROGRAMS IN PLAIN SIGHT DAILY MUST BE REVEALED OR CATACLYSM IS SURELY AHEAD.

  16. Alexandra says:

    I do the same thing Paul

  17. Marc says:

    I have been telling many close friends to investigate this website, posted links on FB, told my grown kids about it and so on. It is shocking and disheartening how many of my so-called “liberal” friends are initially hostile and mock my perceived ignorance. I don’t get it.
    Another type of response is to choose not to be concerned, EVEN IF IT IS TRUE!!! This is patently unbelievable to me. Much of this reasoning appears to emerge from a feeling of being already overwhelmed with life’s demands in general, and to add one more issue to one’s plate, especially one of this magnitude, becomes impossible. And, of course, there is the feeling of impotence in the fight against such a vast enemy.
    And a thousand other possible reasons for remaining passive and unconcerned, stupidity being one of them.
    I remain undeterred. I like the aforementioned idea of standing on a roadside and simply pointing up when trails are obvious. I have myself taken cellphone shots of the sky and seen people wondering what the hell i was doing.
    However, we need to increase awareness of this debacle by orders of magnitude. Standing on roadsides won’t do it. But guess what? The phenomenon itself is doing a pretty good job of awakening millions of people to the fact that something really fucking weird is going on.
    Another weather pattern I have been tracking here in St. Louis is that probably the last 18 out out 20 weekends have been “nice” weather….few clouds, little or no spraying. Meanwhile, DURING the work week I see rampant SAG activity. There would appear to be an orchestrated effort to “clear out” the weekends which is, of course, when the multitudes are out and about, outside at fall festivals and other events. This would be a perfect ruse to intoxicate the masses into believing that everything’s just fine…Chemtrails? I don’t see a thing. You’re an idiot.

  18. Karen says:

    It’s Saturday 24 in Sacramento. We are supposed to get rain. I live in the foothills and they have been spraying from 5ish on. It’s now 7 and they are still spraying. Even the rain clouds don’t look REAL. They now look dark lined gray. I can’t understand how these pilots who carry this mission out, sleep at night. Isn’t there a time when they say Enough is Enough. Don’t they have families they care about? They have to understand what they’re doing…

  19. Bella_Fantasia says:

    That’s a seriously disturbing sky, so I’m wondering where Anwaar Ali lives. Thanks, though, for that footage. How can people not see this perversion, this rape of Nature?

    What ever is going on in Alaska is much more subtle this year than last year. It also seems much more lethal. In some places there are very few birds or bugs. The birch leaves were stunted and suddently turned brown this fall, but did not drop off.

    Yesterday was sunny with some spraying, and today was colder with both real and artificial clouds. I’m hearing jets at night, and I’m not supposed to be in a flight path. None of that seemed too out of the ordinary. What did seem odd was when I glanced straight up in to the blue/silver sky, I saw what looked like black carbon particulates hanging in the air. They can’t be seen looking from an angle. I thought my eyes were playing tricks, but asked an honest friend. She saw it too. So, silver/blue/washout sky with think yellow layer on the hoizon looking like industrial pollution, but we have no industrial pollution, and now we have black hovering particulates. Make it STOP, please! I feel violated, and I know it’s not just me.

  20. Paul lewis says:

    When the spraying is bad I find a busy road and stand close to road pointing my camera upwards. Drivers look up. Pedestrians ask what I’m photographing. If enough of us do this awareness might grow.

  21. Terence Spencer says:

    I have been looking up for a number of years now and this is the first year I have seen the clouds that were described as cob web clouds. I live near Lincoln Nebraska and I was wondering if this is the first year these types of chemical clouds have been seen elsewhere. They seem to start out with a stretched look to the trail and then they form those fibrous clouds that certainly do not look natural.

  22. Brenda hamilton says:

    How do we reach the pilots flying the planes? If they knew what they were doing some might stop.

  23. Brenda hamilton says:

    I live in S CA. The weather here is unseasonably hot and dry, dry, dry! We now have water police who patrol for wasted water. I see these trails frequenyly. Its crazy. How do we stop the planes that are spraying? I cant believe that the piolets flying those planes would participate if they knew they are poisoning everyone. How do we reach them? Thanks for your hard work and information.

  24. RW says:

    Are there any flyers available to print? Something pre made for download? Thanks

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