Chemtrails Killing Organic Crops, Monsanto’s GMO Seeds Thrive

Organic farmers and our food supply have a huge environmental hazard to contend with compliments of the U.S. government – chemtrails. Chemtrails are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public in programs directed by various government officials. These sprays pollute the soil, water and air while compromising the health of humans, animals and plants. But wait – Monsanto has developed seeds that will weather the effect of the sprays, creating a tidy profit for the corporation while organics suffer.

Monsanto’s GMO seeds are specially designed to grow in the high presence of aluminum. Aluminum is the chemical found in chemtrails. If this poisoning continues, true organic farming may become impossible in the not so distant future. When aluminum pollutes soil and water it kills crops. It collects in people and causes diseases!

Chemtrail cocktail

Geo-engineering food companies such as Monsanto use the governments claim of slowing down global warming through chemtrails to justify the need for the GMO seeds. The problem with chemtrails is that what goes up, must come down. These chemicals are seriously polluting our waterways and soil while seeping into crops and contaminating livestock, not to mention changing the weather patterns. Plants are especially sensitive to the soil degradation that occurs with chemtrail spraying, creating serious issues concerning our food supply.

Genetically Engineered Seeds Resistant

Monsanto in cooperation with the government has designed genetically modified seeds which withstand the effects of chemtrails. The seeds are designed to survive extreme weather conditions, pollution, salt stress, heavy metals and chemtrails. Organic and natural crops will die from severe pollution and the chemtrails while Monsanto continues to profit. Further proof that the government and giant food cooperation’s are controlling the food supply.

Source: Undeground Health

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  1. Cheryl Ives says:

    what can we do about chem trails? It plain seems we the people controled by  a thousand self-serving governmentals are  poisoning us for their monetary gains!

  2. Keith L says:

    Is this story updated or of the concern as of this date Feb. 4, 2017 and of current times with Monsanto who has won the war (if there is or was any) for their not having to label or even so much as public test their goods. And what about CODAX ALIMENTARIUS in United Nations WHO? If they don't have a hold on America, i'll eat the hat that i don't wear. If doing a google (Start Page) search, there's not too many 2017 dates with updated information about codax and so it plays on, it would seem. And most Americans have no idea about that 'organization.'

    • Tommy Lourdes says:

      I say codex alimentary (C alimentarius) and the replies are generally blank stares. No one knows or seems to care.

  3. Jerry says:

    Geoengineering and Modified foods go hand and Hand. 
    Try to post on other stuff that really matters.
    Google keeps a real good watch on you.
    They will die 2.
    just a matter of time 

    • Charlotte says:

      You and I know this, many still do not. It's fortunate we have this article to share with them. 

  4. Jane says:

    If anyone thinks that this is Joke. Then the joke is on You.

  5. Elisabeth says:

    This spraying and growing of GMO plants is also killing the bees. What is this company planning on doing with their money when all the people are dead?  Or perhaps their crops will die out due to non-pollination when the bee population is exterminated through their endeavors.

  6. Matthew says:

    Sorry to say, but it’s already too late. A multi pronged approach to widespread infertility is augmented by the chemtrail program. We will begin to see the results during the third year of John Bush’s presidency in 2019. Civilization will live on, but society will be very different. Oh, well. We had a good run!

  7. Tevo says:

    Since there's no way to stop it, I'm delving into ways to rid my body of the excess aluminum and heavy metals that are being forced upon me without my consent. There are homeopathic remedies that you take every day and they remove these metals. The only thing I do is take my vitamins at night, and use the aluminum removal remedy in the a.m. That way I don't lose minerals that I want my system to have.  I enjoyed reading this blog, knowing that there are people out there who are fighting this. I just wish there were more of us. People think that if something isn't on CNN or Fox News, it must not be true. If they only knew!  

    Protect yourselves the best way you can. Cover your gardens over the winter, keep the snow off. I'm looking to greenhouse gardening year round, since the soil will eventually not grow anything. Protect your soil from the elements. Also look into bentonite clay, it will cause aluminum to bind to it.

    If you know about Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21… vitamins and herbs will one day be illegal…and the GMO crops have been mfg to not contain any nutrients. We will be full, yet we will be starving to death. THAT, folks, is how they will destroy 90% of the population. They call it "soft kill"…all of this is tied together- chemtrails to poison the soil, GMO seeds being the only seeds that will grow, but they are void of vitamins and minerals, then ban all vitamins and minerals so we cannot be healthy…

    Thanks for letting me have my say. I've been digging for information, putting puzzle pieces together for 5 years now, and I know what the plan is. I now wish I had never had children…the future will be anything but kind to them, the future generation will suffer horribly.


    • Pierre says:

      Same conclusions. What do you detox the aluminum with?

    • Diann says:

      I am very interested in the homeopathic remedy you are using to get rid of the aluminum. Since the particle size is important – nano particles aren't easily removed from the body since we don't really have any natural systems to get rid of such small particles. So, it stands to reason that the only thing that will get it out is some kind of energetic solution.


    • Ian Napp says:

      tevo i am the same i put it together long time ago ,you know they say its never too late now people are waking up by the thousands

    • Staci says:

      I really resonate with you Tevo. It took me about 5 years to get where you are tying it altogether. We are like frogs on a slow boil. It is all tied together with fluoride in the water, chemtrails in the air, and gmos in the food. It's like a trifecta to decrease the worlds population to controllable numbers. I still have hope for humanity, we are weak at times but we will prevail through these turmolious times.


  8. Maria Amélia Cardoso says:

    The seeds of Monsanto has  very hard shell so they are difficult to digest .


  9. John Smith says:

    Monsanto makes Darth Vader look like a kind and considerate person.

  10. Kyle says:

    I don’t know about you but this is how I feel about the bankers running everything to power big brother.

    Quote from It’s a Mad Mad Mad World!

    Lennie Pike: [furious] So! So someone will “stumble over the little girl’s bicycle in the dark”, huh? Well when I’m finished with *you*, they’ll be stumbling over *YOU* in the *dark*!

    • What the banksters fail to realize is that their days of wreaking havoc on the rest of humanity are just about over.  What's coming in less than a year will blow most people's minds and reveal the chemtrail/GMO mess as the last desperate acts of madmen and psychopaths bound for eternal torment in the burning lake of fire and brimstone.  Unless one has the spiritual discernment to see it, life on earth in late 2015 seems incoherent and totally void of meaning and purpose.

      What can we learn from all this?  That truth matters.  That doing that which is both right and kind matters.  That resisting that which is evil and exposing it for what it is is the only way to effectively combat it in the meantime.  The rest is truly up to God.  As it always has been.


  11. Madeline Loder says:

    Yes,bikerkim. Change happens at he individual level. So,” Wake up world!”

  12. verna Smith says:

    Warren thank you for your service . please post info and the knowledge you have on Dane Wigington is a man to talk to. I would appreciate it very much if you would join our facebook at Rogue Valley,Oregon Geoengineering Awareness. Thank you. Verna

  13. Louise Neufeld says:

    I have found similar experiences regarding the denial of chem trails whenever I contact our local meteorologists and government officials. Apparently they must be sworn to secrecy because they refer to “contrails and conspiracy theories” not chem trails and when I correct them… thus ends the conversation.

    • You are on target, but I believe it goes even beyond this.  They are threatened and intimidated into secrecy or they are likely to be told in no uncertain terms that their careers will be over.  Occasional Masonic ritual killings punishing a few who dare to cross the global conspiracy that are well-publicized among this group seals the deal and keeps the rest in line and living in fear.  It's how the system works and is enforced.  There is a spiritual warfare element to this too that further keeps insiders in line.

  14. Dan Williams says:

    I posted two links to the local news channel four and they disappeared as soon as they were posted, does the meteorologist want himself and the planet dead?

    • John Smith says:

      Most sources of news are owned by corporations. Any news they don't want seen, they have removed and buried.

    • red says:

      since the weather central  is reportedly owned by the Rothschild family, rest assured that the safety & welfare of the little people is insignificant…….

    • Elisabeth says:

      Weather forecasters get paid regardless of whether they get the weather report correct. They don't get fired. So why would they tell the truth about the chemtrails? Perhaps they even believe the lies they hear and are told. They are paid to repeat what they see, not to think.

    • Kuastar says:

      Probably not, but not wanting himself dead takes a far higher priority. Look at what's happening to integrative MDs who are reporting on a cancer cure: 13 assassinated so far, maybe more by the time I write this.

  15. Lori Lamb says:

    Bonnie, I had a guy once from Twitter who identified himself as a Flight Controller and so I had to ask him what he knew about geo-engineering? He replied that he was aware and beyond that was at risk of losing his job if he said anymore. I never was able to find him again. I send posts almost daily to our rinky-dink meteorologists and never hear anything either. They are prohibited from commenting.

  16. Lori Lamb says:

    Angelique, what a beautiful poem. May I repost it?

  17. Bonnie says:

    Yes they are spraying everywhere. A great deal of people just don’t want to notice this issue. Denial. I’ve sent pics to the local newspaper and no response.

    • All forms of media are tightly controlled to maintain silence over portions of the globalists' NWO plan which they seek to keep secret. It is amazing just how far this goes.  My reading of my book exposing the global conspiracy and its many lies, entitled "Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad" at the local library was not announced in our local paper serving a rural county population of 10,000 residents merely because "it was not something they wished to promote."  They're the only newspaper in town.

      Everything our media at all levels feeds to us is highly controlled and distorted to keep the masses clueless and in the dark as to what's really going on.  Most people simply don't want to know.


  18. arcadia11 says:

    well said, curlybird. but don’t give up on the stragglers just yet, please. i have been talking about chemtrails since 2006. just this week a neighbor who has never responded to my email forwards etc finally became ‘curious’ about what he said he failed to notice previously and he did not state this to me but to another neighbor i sent info to who took to it immediately and also mentioned something to this person just recently. and it worked this time. you plant seeds. then go about your business. it is so painful to confront that some people cannot do it right away. very forgivable.

    thanks –


  19. arcadia11 says:

    how refreshing…someone who is not bound by political correctness or moral relativism.

    thank you.


  20. arcadia11 says:

    matt – thank you for being another person who is not in denial. don’t give up please. and i promise you i will not give up either.


  21. arcadia11 says:

    the observable evidence and the effects are what is vital here. not the intelligence or lack of such of those who are perpetrating the events.

    we cannot deny what we see because the reason for the doing of it by others who might also be affected is unknown to us. hard to determine what a sociopath is thinking.

  22. jason says:

    so I guess dumping chemicals high in the atmosphere where they could come down and poison the people that are doing it makes sense, rightio oh and I guess if you guys don’t want gmos in your food supply you cant eat most grains no bananas cant eat quite a lot of fruit and vegies cause a lot of it has been modified by artificial selection over many thousands of years. its why you wont find a banana like in a shop in the middle of a deserted island

    • Elisabeth says:

      Are we safe buying and eating imported produce or are they spraying in other countries as well?

    • Carl says:

      I am so bringing this thread back from the dead to point out that BECAUSE IT'S A DESERTED ISLAND THAT MEANS THERE ARE NO SHOPS THERE.

  23. Very interesting information. How can I get copies of this sites information. I am an old ww2 vet and I have noticed that these chem trails are not made by commercial aircraft. My friends think I have become senile when tell them the high altitude planes that have been going overhead this year are not commercial jets and it appears that we are being sprayed with some kind of chemical. The local newspapers refuse to address this issue.Any ideas how we could bring this to the publics attention ???

    • Karen says:

      Back in 2006 Paul Moyer did a show on the “Lines in the sky”

    • denise ward says:

      Artificial selection is not the same as genetic modification. GMO's take genes from one species and splice them into a completely unrelated species such as a fish and a tomato. This is the debauchery of nature much like fracking, nuclear energy and chemtrails. Scientists have zip idea of what this can cause down the road to the ecology and to your insides or your children's insides.

  24. Angie Home says:

    Here is my own contribution as small as it is. I use in in flyers as well. We have to keep trying especially in the UK. We are so dumbed down, I holler at the weather men telling me how the weather is going to be, not.

    What Will It Be Today – Brolly or Sunglasses


    Searching for home, the father and the boy.
    Fly vast amounts of space, to yield a safe haven.
    Each planet scanned with hope 
    Somewhere with flora and fauna laden

    But there would be one suitable
    A planet blue and sufficiently “cool”
    We call it home, the land, the Mother Earth
    Growing food and all imagined life

    Held in place by magnetic force 
    But brightened by a burning orb
    It’s own atmosphere of oxygen
    And an ozone layer for a shield of course.

    It would have a burning inner core
    Of molten metal we knew this before
    Tectonic plates to seal in the searing heat
    Making life some serious feat

    Erupting volcanoes by the score
    Would act as valves to tame the foundry
    Earthquakes would also come into play
    Releasing energy and tsunamis on the way


    No matter that we cure disease and pain
    No, we’ll do these other things instead from which we’ll gain
    But what is the point in all of this
    If being human causes death

    But no, we will advance the human race
    To destroy the thing we love the most
    To gain metal, notes and numbers in a Bank
    To scheme and scam the planet off it’s face

    Poison the rivers and fell the trees
    Pollute the air with noxious fumes
    Pour chemicals over all the land and
    Prise open mountains for minerals and fossil fuel

    So now the ultimate, the biggest threat
    To you and me and all living things
    For those in charge are hell  bent
    In controlling the weather, heaven sent.

    To use technology gained from scholars to
    Concoct these particles to spray from planes
    Creating white-outs, thunder, gales and rain
     Flooding, mudslides, droughts, it’s insane

    If only people looked up to see
    That these cloud formations are not real
    Only “Created” for control of you and me
    To satisfy some mad scientist’s distorted dream

    We would protest –  it cannot be
    That human beings would think to invent
    A weapon that would destroy us all 
    Just for gaining complete control.

    Angelique. 23.6.2014.

  25. Lydia says:

    It seems like we are being hit on all fronts. It is no wonder that one out of two can expect to have some form of cancer in their lifetime. It was mentioned in the documentary, “The Gerson Miracle” that there are many different pollutants and are impossible to avoid these days. Add chemtrails as another nail in the coffin of mankind.

  26. JR says:

    Perhaps society as whole in this country needs to start hanging these lowlifes like Judge Roy Bean back in West Texas, (Pecos). I may be out of step (extreme) here in this thought but I bet they would not hesitate to do it to us. There is way to much corruption in this good ole USA. The Romans in era before Christ were into crucifying for I’m sure minor offenses just for going against the Roman Empire in thinking, no hesitation. The nation (empire) was fallen right? I believe we are not far aligned with them, difference is we are getting sprayed. Look into scripture of what happened to the Great Babylon (whore of nation) for all its evil deeds, we are not immune from God’s hand. He owes us nothing-John said repent…..

    • denise ward says:

      We've tried crucifixion, hanging, torture and execution – isn't it about time we stepped up a notch?  No, nobody has to get hurt. What we could do is not pay the banks or governments and forgive all debt. Let the bankers go free and we start a new system where public matters are fully out in the open and we vote for issues directly using the internet, the most powerful tool known to man. Even more powerful than the military might of the US.

  27. Matt says:

    Who gives a crap. Typing at 3:00am with no sleep because I am up all day taking pictures of them spraying is why I spelled before wrong. And really there is worst things going on to worry about then being a spelling and grammer Nazi.

  28. JD Jackson says:

    printed material loses credibility when there are words misspelled and grammatical errors. These things do matter.

  29. Matt says:

    OH but hey everyone… The answer to our problems is we need MORE nuclear testing, bombs, and “clean” (ROFLMAO) nuclear power plants. The queen is getting her rocks off radiating the hell out of everyone.
    Whats the bigger problem here guys.

  30. Matt says:

    Oh and I am quite sure it is less about the “climate changey global warming” and more about the new world order take over of the world. And the open plans to depopulate us all. Just like you can’t fix radiation in Japan with Ice walls and Corexit, You can’t claim to say spraying crap tons of aluminum and radiation on our heads all day, and here all night as well is helping anything. They fly too low and often even at night when its already cold and crappy and rainy from all there chemical dumps. Its really horrible in the Tacoma, Wa area especially around the AFB. But I have great pics that no one wants to see.

  31. jim says:

    It’s similar to dumping the fluoride in our water. Now it’s something else they are contaminating us with, in the very air we breath. These contractors care about nothing except making money. And the people who came up with this crazy scheme care only about getting rid of 80% of the population.

  32. Curlybird says:

    The “what is going on” is simple, but too horrific for most people to even consider. The time for waking up is long past. No more hitting the snooze button.

    Having studied the “geoengineering” CF since the late 90’s, I have argued with many people that see the chemtrails as normal. I no longer argue as it is a waste of breath and will never convince one that have concretized their reality into an unchanging, unevolving stasis.

    It is therefor up to us that know, to do what we must not only to survive, but to thrive.

  33. Randy says:

    Also, they must be spraying silica particles, because silica tests prove it is in soils.
    I’ll bet Monsanto is developing “silica-proof” seeds.

    • Elisabeth says:

      I read silica helps get rid of aluminum that is contributing to Alzheimers. Are they trying to make a food product to cause Altzheimers and is resistant to silica treatment? i.e. drinking mineral water with a high silica content is supposed to ward off Altzheimers.

  34. Joe Smith says:

    Man is trying to re-shape nature thru geoengineering, GMO and other artificial methods. As we”ve sen in history, man’s knowledge is foolishness compared to nature. Does this organization allow contributions to go towards mass mailing to certain zip codes directly from the source ?

  35. catherine mccormack says:

    other things can be discontinued like off shore drilling, XL Pipeline, fracking, the list is long as to what we can do to clean the earth up not add insult to injury.

  36. catherine mccormack says:

    ChemTrails are NOT sustainable. Stop NOW or all plant life, insects, humans will get sicker and die.

  37. Roscoe Bean says:

    I’m sorry to comment here, but have found no other way to contact the publisher of this website. Your automated spellcheck is still making egregious errors, like using “cooperation” for “corporation”. I am repeating my offer — in fact, begging you — to make me your proofreader if you can find no other. I am earnest, and you have my email address.

  38. Kathy says:

    Global warming is real. We need to be aware of the whole picture.

  39. Karin Six says:

    March this weekend against Monsanto. Just say “No” to GMO! Support labeling of foods as well. GMOs are not safe!

  40. Michael Blue says:

    We must stand united against these politicians and corporations. I for one am sick and fed up with the crooked government and all who call themselves servants of the people its time to fight back and take this country and world back so we have something to give our Grandchildren. What they deserve is a future. May God help us all.

  41. Karen Strong says:

    This is really sad .. Our options of healthy living are really being taken from us .. I keep away from Geoengineered foods .. I will have no choice in the future … Next they will be Geoeengineering people against toxin poisons

  42. Neil Bowie says:

    Is it already too late ? No is the answer at this moment in time. But if WE just sit back and watch these daily criminal acts against people. Our health and future is looking grim as a whole. But we can do something take these people who are supposed to be in charge to court bring an end to this corruption that is called “POLITICS”, “THE SYSTEM” as Dale Wiggington said “Tribes must UNITE” We must ALL stand together and petition. Until every last one of the criminals that are planning our deaths and that of many other species on this planet, is brought TO JUSTICE for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. We want to live. So STAND UP AND BE ACTIVE till we BRING DOWN THE CABUL. ONE <3 LOVE TO ALL

    • denise ward says:

      The entire system is corrupt to the core – even the judicial system. Are you kidding, you know what will happen from going to court – nothing. However if that is the avenue some wish to pursue, go for it but we have to "de-leg" them, cut off the blood supply, go for the jugular. They're not tots. They are experts and prepared to stop at nothing. However not paying them, which seems the most logical and easy thing to do, would cut them off at the knees. It's never happened before and they expect us to just sit back and take all their dumps. Remember Pearl Harbor? Two can play that game of surprise. Let them bask in hubris. It's only temporary.

  43. Karen Strong says:

    It just keeps getting worse .. I can’t imagine a natural world in the future. .. As nature … intended any more ..

  44. bikerkim says:

    As a retired chemical executive, I can fully attest to the accuracy of this article. Agricultural chemicals, first introduced on a commercial scale in Europe in the late nineteenth century for promoting crop production became a huge business during the 20th century, particularly after WWI and WWII when idle war chemical production capacity was converted to agricultural chemical use. In today’s market, agchem giants such as Monsanto use all tactics available to them to grow their market share. As consumers, we must repel their efforts by voting with our dollars at he grocery store when we reject food containing their chemicals or seeds in favor of organically produced food.

    States such as Vermont, and now Oregon, are leading the charge against genetically engineered food. Others must do the same.

    We must also “look up” and teach others to do the same and trust their own eyes the trails they are seeing are contaminating our food supply as well as our entire environment. This lunacy must end.

  45. Kelly says:

    There are thousands of stands of dead and dying trees on farmland in southern Victoria, Australia. If they keep on dying, in five years there will be no healthy trees. What is the cause of this catastrophic die off?

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