Has The Primary Geoengineering Materials Supplier Been Identified?


Dane Wigington

The global climate engineers are spraying unimaginable quantities of materials into skies all over the world as part of the ongoing geoengineering / solar radiation management assault. The world's most recognized geoengineer, Dr. David Keith, has stated on the record a goal of putting 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 tons of aluminum nanoparticles into the atmosphere annually as part of the solar radiation management operations. Where could this much highly refined and specialized material come from? What company or corporation could have the capacity and global network to meet the demand of climate engineering operations all over the world? Who is at the head of such a company? Many of these answers may now have been found, the 11 minute video below is a short exposé of the American Elements Corporation and it’s CEO.

The American Elements Corporation is the largest metals and chemicals supplier in the world. This corporation is a weather / climate modification materials supplier to major military and defense industry entities.

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The effort of pulling back the curtain (and exposing the criminality behind it) is a responsibility we all must bear. With each passing day more of Earth’s remaining life support systems are being decimated by the ongoing climate engineering juggernaut of insanity.

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Geoengineered skies in Antioch, Tennessee. Photo credit: Brent Rodriguez

All of us are needed to help with the effort of sounding the alarm, all of us. Share credible data with others effectively and efficiently, make every day count.

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  1. david from ks. says:

    I have always wondered who would produce such an evil product.                                                        Thanks for the awful truth.     dna

  2. Dave UK says:

    Hi Everybody.  News today from the UK – A number of flights to UK airports have been FORCED to land or divert following reports of 'smoke smells'.  Precautionary landings were reported from flights traveling to Dublin< Manchester, Liverpool and Jersey.

    (Manchester is roughly in the middle of England, Jersey is at the bottom in the English Channel – nearer to France than England. Add Dublin to that and this 'smoke smell' covers a huge area – nearly half of the UK)

    Liverpool John Lennon airport said the smells appeared to be connected to 'atmospheric conditions.'  Operators incl. British Airways and Easyjet confirmed the reports of smells on their flights were linked to weather conditions. 

    Where i live (greater London) the air smells rancid nearly all the time. Sometimes it can even get vicious. It can smell and taste like burning or burnt plastic. Sometimes like a overpowering caustic varnish or a chemical smell and taste that is hard to define.  It can make your eyes sting and cause respiratory problems.  The lungs don't like it at all.

    Now let's add to this the 'incident' of the so called mystery 'toxic cloud that descended over a beach in east England recently – poisoning the holidaymakers.  This was on the news here in the Uk not so long ago.  The holidaymakers on the beach began getting very ill, headaches, nausea , vomiting, breathing difficulties, with some of the people collapsing.  Ambulance / Police and 'other' authorities turned up to find a chaotic scene.  Witnesses / victims describe the 'smell' and say they saw a huge misty type cloud roll itself in from in from the sea.  The authorities can't confirm where it 'came from' or what it actually really was.  Really! ..Yeah, they also went on to say 'it either came from the sky'…or (wait for it folks)…'it came from the sea.'

    Words fail me.  

    One wonders when on earth these 'events' will begin to shake up the programmed sleeping masses – to what's truly occurring in our planets sky / atmosphere. 

    Mid-October in England…temp -un-naturally warm and humid.  Geo-engineered  total white out.  Everybody remarked on the sun (bursting through the particulates)  We'd all never seen a sun like it.  So well defined (it was like looking at the moon at night)  Never seen a sun so red.  Even those unaware of weather modification thought it was a bit different. 

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    Best wishes to Dane and all you other heroes.

    Cheers from the Toxic UK


  3. Nick Gryzoski says:

    American Elements is having an event in Minneapolis Mn. on Nov 15th. Could be a good chance to ask some direct questions. Shout this out to our Minnesota awakened folks. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Nick, about the event in MN, two of our LASG (Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering) attorneys will be attending the event.

  4. David says:

    This is great news, if this company is indeed the main supplier of the geoengineering materials being sprayed around the world then we should expose them as much as possible and take this mafia down.

    Clearly the criminals running these programs are using all kinds of materials (including coal fly ashes as revealed by Herndon's study) and they could have many suppliers. If the suppliers are taken down then their operations would be greatly compromised.

    • Ross says:

      Isaiah 24:5 – God Who "knows the end from the beginning"- Is a.46:10; states in chapter 24, " the land lies polluted under its inhabitants because they have transgressed the laws…" He knew in advance about this problem. Since it is the military; or CIA with proxy help "spraying"; " seeding". How do you propose to stop them? And with a "corporate judging group" using Roman corporate admiralty rules; would you expect a "fair hearing"? Zephaniah 3:8; 1:17,18 reveal that God will deal with them – James 5:1-  in due time, 1Thessalonians 5:1-3* but at some future time they are going to proclaim ( in their madness) " Peace, and Safety"…but following their "unexpected destruction" will take place.."and *they shall not escape".  Endurance of such evil…"man-made climate change" is not easy, and will not continue to be easy. John 7:7,16 Jesus spoke out against Roman; and corrupt religious leaders lies, and deceptions,(sounds familiar today ?) Thank "Geo-Watch" for educating many of us, very good..God Bless you

  5. Dennie says:

    American Elements web address, including a "Contact Us" page:  https://www.americanelements.com

  6. Melody Meachum says:

    The power to CONTROL is the power to define. The power to DEFINE is the power to control. The two cannot be separated.

    Many of us know who it is that holds the power to control and define. They are hidden, yet they move about freely within all columns of a society.

    I refer to them as the "Controllers", those who subverted and wrested control of whole nations beginning in the late 1800's including the UK, Europe, America, Palestine, Canada, Australia and the list grows…more recently as they march through the middle east, for that is their "greater" plan (think Color Revolutions, ISIS and wars 24-7). It is an age old plan, now a powerful agenda!

    They began by taking over a nation's money supply via privately owned Fed Reserve & Central Banks, thus allowing easy subversion of every other column of a society,

    The Controllers finance the military-industrial complex as well as the whole political process. And most obviously, they finance and control the field of (false) science. 

    More interestingly, less than 6 families own & control the vast media empire. If you had that much power & control, you could define ideologies as well. TV "programming" alone has handily accomplished redefining whole cultures. Ultimately it has brought about a whole LOT more than just entertainment!  An agenda has been ever present and has brainwashed generations of people with a pack of lies relating to history, science, self-image, and just basic goodness!

    TRUTH is a subjective notion to the Controllers. A little truth here mixed in with a whole lot of lies, or just blatant lies to fit their narrative and it grows by the day. For you see the Controllers get to define ideologies as normal or abnormal, science as legitimate or illegitimate, rather than based on qualitative facts and they've lassoed modern history with a complete revision.

    Not only do the Controllers get to define ideology, but they get to ENFORCE it as well. We all know what happens or has happened when individuals or groups try to speak out against the lies at higher levels. We live in an age where truth is no longer tolerated and where false ideologies reign supreme.

    At the grass roots level we can and do make an impact and can define truth. With every opportunity, we can gently speak with those that voice their observations about the weather and nature being off, the climate and the carnival atmosphere of our government.




    • Dave UK says:

      LOL. Brilliant Donna. I visualize umpteen similar fates for the psychopathic traitors me self – whilst I am awake!  If the 'programmed' sleeping masses only knew the reality that is blatantly hidden in open sight right in front of their eyes – they too would want 'justice'.  How many people would want revenge for the toxic heavy metal usage – and the known effects that they have had on ALL peoples health. The more they digest about who is responsible and why (and all the other stuff – the mass deceptions and orchestrated distractions, the damage to the eco-systems etc) – their anger would be rocket red!  I visualize millions marching towards various Government Institutions like the White House and Houses of Parliament etc.Wishful thinking huh.  IMO -the awakening (deprogramming of the masses) is too goddam slow to get that much needed shift in consciousness to make a difference for the planet. Knowing how few we are amongst those who refuse to see the realty of our skies including those who just don't care full stop – it would take decades to get change. I can only see people shifting their views when the planet starts showing stark signs of struggling right in front of their very eyes.  They will wake up then.  IMO – our cause needs a shock tactic. What that could be i don't know – but i have thought about it often, due to the fact most people i meet think their is nothing wrong with the skies – even when i point out the ridiculous anomalies that i often see.

    • Dave UK says:

      Hi Melody, very well put. IMO – i think our cause needs some kind of shock tactic or radical action. The media won't touch any independant media work on the subject of what's going on in the skies (right in front of everyone), nor will they make any programs themself.  Hey – there were huge protests against 'Fracking / Shale gas' in the North of England recently. Thousands involved. Protesters clashing with police. When I mean protesters, i mean senior citizens,the young, working people, vunerable people – in other words ALL people!  Political and social divides were bridged to show the anger and disgust at then English 'Fracking' outrage. (Scotland recently totally banned 'Fracking') . Point im making is that the BBC news and the independent media whores showed NOTHING about what was really occuring. A true blackout!  Makes this Limey think that radical action might be the only way. The media won't touch the subject – due to how we know how they're controlled, so imagine just for a minute if someone resorted to blowing the shit out of all the ionosphere heater chimneys and their generators (that the masses think are just mobile phone masts). After all – our EMF/RF soaked communities could do with a break from the charged air   Not that i would condone such a thing of course…god forbid huh.  Point is – the media WOULD have to report on this subject – esp if any 'lunatic' or merry band of 'lunatics'  were taking them down on a regular basis.  The media would struggle to not ask the ultimate question…WHY?  The 'lunatics' could then offer (possibly the much wanted answer) of why indeed is this happening on a regular basis, thus the Geoenginnering debate (war against our earth) gets its first 'front page' and mass-media broadcasted news.  Could they ignore it. hmm – makes you wonder. Does me anyway. Again – i wouldn't condone such an action against the deep state and it's elite masters..that would be awful wouldn't it folks,..yeah.  I just think that the way thing are – some 'lunatics' might just pop up in the future…who knows eh.  It would get every sod to think about the sky anyway.   Best wishes and much love to all my aware brothers and sisters from toxic England. 

  7. Maria Soto says:

    Hello Dane, I have been seeing a white out sky from Willits CA, Last night they sprayed SRM heavy aerosols in the sky to make sure the sky was white and milky enough for the morning to keep temperatures down while they installed high pressure to divert the rain. There is this toxic mist at night this desiccant light mist that is at low altitudes and is heavier in forested areas but it is not water vapor at all I know that because it has not rained and the air feels very dry. It seems like nuclei that is the result of a chemical reaction or something just like dry ice reacts to water, this mist might be the chemicals they spray reacting with biological substances plants release during dry times to kill off surrounding weeds that are competing for water. This is just my best guess. Thank you Dane. I come to you for truth everyday.

    • Dale K says:

      It's midday in Marin County. The sun has raised the air temperatures from the early morning lows and there are no obvious aerosol trails visible in the sky. I went outside to check on the vegetables and herbs in the raised bed garden. The oregano bushes take up a large area and are full of attracting flowers, but where are the bees and pollenating insects? I saw only a couple of bees flying about, whereas, there should be dozens at this time of day. 

      Earlier in the week, I pulled out my pickling cucumber, which died after producing only a half dozen fruit. In comparison, I was able to produce 60-80 cucumbers last year from a single plant and gave away bunches to friends. The summer squash (zucchini) is also not not producing like it should. The fruit, which should be green and large, consist of 3-4" midgets that are yellow-brown. The squash is producing very few male and female flowers – very disappointing. The tomato harvest has also been below average. I looked at the tallest vine and noticed no new flowers or fruit ready to be picked. Besides the herbs, the only plants that have grown well this summer and fall have been the kale and bok choy.

  8. Donna-AZ says:

    You know you're pissed off about this when you wake from a dream where you just designed a prototype "Mobile Gallows Unit" built on a flatbed semi-trailer with multiple hanging devices. 


  9. Nelson Martins says:

    Weather here in west coast of Portugal has been dry and hot. Rain clouds diverted north to Ireland, England, France, Germany. Extreme drought. Reservoirs are at 20-30% capacity. White hazy days with extreme direct solar radiation on the skin. They must be routing planes offshore, at least that is what flightradar was showing past few days. No planes overhead, no stratospheric dispersions, as per usual and I am 25 minute drive from shore. Just milky, bluish,hazy sky all of the past 3-4 days. Little to no wind. Another large forest fire ignited today has been "uncontrollable" as its been reported here on the news. I guess over 250,000 hectares burned wasn't enough for this year. September high temperatures broke records for the hottest recorded month of September EVER here in Portugal.  At night, the dense haze drops to surface level and you can almost taste the toxic crap in the air. If we get the same rain amounts that we received last winter, Portugal will have a tough year ahead economically and ECOLOGICALLY. Everything is so dry, it angers me, immensely.  Keep up the great work, Dane.

  10. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: I was up very early this morning, 5am Friday, Oct.6. The god-forsaken Navy was blasting, frying the sky here over the entire Olympic Peninsula WA, and injecting massive transmitter generated doses of radio-frequency/microwave for hours. I took so many photos my camera batteries died. Still going on now. I'm beginning to think they correlate their emissions to some extent with a Full Moon. Since all this is at the core ultimately electromagnetic energy, it stands to reason that the EM energy being reflected back to earth from the Moon would enhance their electronic warfare operations. I am adding this to my observations of cycles. The trees are not dying here yet. I don't know why they are dying in BC and not here? We get more R/F etc. (perhaps scalar waves?), but they don't seem to spray us as often, and it is usual to see the (now) diaphanous clouds that disperse quickly and are loaded with nano-particles heading north & east towards Vancouver Island and Canada. Surely there is no forgiveness for these heinous criminal acts. Dane is right, there must be a trial and convictions! They are killing us and the planet.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes– Trial, convictions and then something that will hold them and their heinous crimes against nature and man up to the light forever.  I think public executions are too good for these people and it would not be a deterrent to them even if their punishment consisted of being burned alive at the stake and the proceedings televised.  Frankly, "they" will just do this kind of massive crime again and again and again, unless they can be triggered into feeling their own terror so completely that they move off their rage position into something else, or somehow are triggered into never trying again.  These heartless, headless types are so fragmented, along with the "good guys," who are also suffering from being fragmented, they will never learn from their mistakes so rehabilitation will be mostly useless.  Unless and until "their" more parental parts "get" it, it would appear that will need to be spoken to with the kind of language that's most easily understood by their group:  Bullying and fear.

  11. Anon says:

    This SH!!!!!!!T has been going on for years. Does any one person notice this? One out of a few. Alas!!!!!!  K.Karen… Yes the trees are dying off and they blame it on the pine beetle. The BEATLES! The FAB 4.

    Tree's get the pine beetle when they start dying. Not before. It is all the Alkaline that is being dumped on on us. It is called Coal fly ash. The main ingredient in the Big Dumping Above,and the other stuff these idiots use. The right dose at the right time.

    Coal fly ash is a very inexpensive way to get the Job Done. Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.

    Of course they have extended the period because their ploy is slow.

    They want fast kill, but that would be way too obvious.

    Again i tried to explain this more and more and more to people….

    They do not have a Clue whatsoever… Too Dumbo'd down…

    The greatest killer or dumbing agent is what you and I are breathing in.

    Not only will there be a massive die off of tree's. It will be every living thing that is on this planet.

    These perpetrators only believe in one thing..

    EVIL and nothing else.

    They go Ha Ha Ha.

    I got you now and now you soon will be Dead.

    The world will be mine.

    So much Divine thinking now isn't it ?.


  12. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    This is outstanding information about American Elements Corporation, being identified. The foundation of these criminal actions are now exposed! Keep it up.

    • James Emery says:

       Everyone should email or call this  American Elements company that is dispersing, selling the elements to do geoengineering. 

    • Dennie says:

      How about a Change.org petition or something of the sort, a big campaign that inundates that company with e-mails copied to our elected representives in government, telling Mr. Silver that WE KNOW what kind of crap his company produces and that his is a CRIMINAL operation for which he should serve major time behind bars and performing seriously HELPFUL community service by liquidating his criminal operation and donating all of the proceeds to fund music and art in the schools. 

  13. kanadian karen says:

    I have been watching the geoengineering activities over central British Columbia since 2011.  Chemtrailing is a daily event and there is a 17 structure SuperDarn facility (HAARP technology?) just east of Prince George that was very active for several years as frequency based cloud formations were constant, though this has lessened somewhat recently. I have sent letters and e-mails to our local paper, provincial government, Global and CBC news stations and to the federal elected member of the Green Party, prior to the Paris Agreement, questioning who is responsible for this activity, who is authorizing it and who is paying for it…..all has been received with deafening silence.

    We have had a massive infestation of the pine beetle and are now facing a beetle targeting the fir species.  It is my opinion the all the chemicals used in the geoengineering has weakened the trees that allows for this explosion of beetle infestation. The cottonwoods and poplars are also showing signs of stress and deterioration. We may only have five more years before we witness a massive die off. All of this makes my heart break and still very few folks even look up and wonder what is going on in our skies and if you talk to them they just draw a blank and think you are delusional. I am now exploring the use of energy medicine for the skies. Some of you will know what this means and many of our First Nations Healers will also understand the possibilities. I invite you to join me in a new technology to address this concern and take back our skies as I am at a loss of what to do in 3D.

    Dane, I thank you for being one of the well informed voices in the wilderness of this issue. Your exposure of this company could be a tipping point.

    https://www.americanelements.com/weather-modification … see the chemicals they list

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      SF: THANK YOU, kanadian karen!!!
      Advanced Materials for Atmospheric and Environmental Technologies
      American Elements manufactures numerous products for customers in the the weather modification and environmental science industries including nucleating agents, tracers, and other advanced materials. Applications include cloud seeding, storm prevention, meteorological support services, and environmental monitoring.
      American Elements maintains industrial scale production for all its cloud seeding and weather modification materials. Additionally, we provide customer guidance on topics such as the selection of appropriate materials for aerial and ground-based cloud seeding, trace gas detection, chemical formulation and material safety data.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      kanadian karen,  I think I know exactly what you mean and have been doing, or trying to, the same or similar for years now.  It is very difficult.  Or so I find.  In fact, I feel the four powers pulling away and that worries me very much.  I am curious about your efforts in this.  Dane has my email address if you want to discus this with me.  I wish you luck and comfort, though both are in great demand.  Most of all, I wish you the strength for this medicine!  It has taken a toll on me.

    • Dennie says:

      We need to give voice to the First Nations and other indigenous people with regard to this and other massive environmentally destructive ventures forced on us by the MIC cabal.  As well as the silence of the press that would report on these massive crimes and expose the perpetrators.  We need a massive march on Washington and demonstrations at military academies including Annapolis, Colorado Springs and West Point, at which these aerosol crimes are spoken about in public education events outside their gates and the proceedings reported on the news.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Kanadian Karen, Have you heard of Raymon Grace?  He does Environmental Healing & Health Healing. He uses many methods of Energy.  Dowsing, Crystals etc. Many followers of his have healed water sources & other healings, through his methods. The more sending out Healing Energy, The Better!  Check out his site & products.

  14. Bill F. (west coast of BC) says:

    Virtually any time an individual "DARES" to 'Speak the TRUTH' about a 'Known' WRONGFUL ACTIVITY . . .

    Sadly – (but in the greater majority of cases) – the 'Reporting' individual is immediately "Labeled as a Rat" by the perpetrator of the wrongdoing . . . rather than immediately 'Ceasing Activities' & make 'Reparations' for their wrongdoing. (especially when their 'Admission of & Correction of wrongful behavior' has 'Financial' ramifications?)

    The perpetrator quite often uses every attempt possible – to 'Discredit & Disqualify' the "Reporter" by loudly & boldly telling everyone the reporter is a "LIAR" and therefore not a  'Credible' witness.

    Most often the 'Usual' "FIRST RESPONSE" of the perpetrator is to call the reporter a "WHISTLEBLOWER"

    If the Reporter has "Disclosed" a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY – the perpetrator MAY even go so far as to arrange for physical "DISPOSAL" of the reporter.

    < – – – – – >

    Dane & "EVERY" member of his growing ALLIANCE of actively ‘Educated’ supporters, may now expect a 'Major' – "BACKLASH" effect for EXPOSING & DISCLOSING the TRUTH as it has been 'Unmistakably' reported above.


    In most parts of the world, ALL citizens are 'Legally Expected' to "Report Crime" to the proper authorities and MAY subsequently face Legal Charges for 'FAILING to Report Crime"

    < – – – – – >

    Therefore, I "RESPECTFULLY" request 'MASSIVE & CONTINUOUS AMOUNTS of PRAYER SUPPORT' for the "DIVINE PROTECTION" of Dane Wigington, his family and ALL other "Activists" engaged in "Reporting & Exposing" these CRIMES AGAINST ALL HUMANITY ! ! !

    There is "Very Little Doubt" this 'Battle' is most certainly what is spoken of in: EPHESIANS 6:12 of the book, often called "The GOOD BOOK"

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places"

    THANK YOU from the very depths of my soul Dane, for the amazing "INTENSITY of 'YOUR' SPIRIT" as you have 'Selflessly' & literally – "Put YOUR whole life into this BATTLE" for the 'Greater Good of ALL the rest of humanity’ AND the ONLY planet the Creator of the known Universe has "GIFTED" each one of us with.

    Until I actually "SEE THE PROOF" that 'Another' planet has been made available for "Mankind" . . .

    I am 'Throwing whatever support I can – in Dane's direction" because he "Just Keeps Singing The Same Song" hoping and praying that more people will soon "PAY ATTENTION" to 'The WORDS & The MUSIC' and "Get on Board" to help "Create a NEW SONG"

    I know Dane is NOT the only activist, but 28 MILLION+ people have already been exposed to the 'Truth about GeoEngineering' and NO LONGER have ANY EXCUSE for not "SHARING the TRUTH" with the rest of humanity.

    IT DOESN'T MATTER what names or labels others choose to "Tag" you with or what they DO or Don’t Do with the ‘CREDIBLE” information you provide . . . What "MATTERS" is how many other human beings can ‘Quickly’ become "EDUCATED" about just HOW MUCH HARM is being done to ourselves, our families & the ONLY PLANET that we've been "GIFTED" to live on.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Well said Bill F. It is Our Collective Duty to Stand Up for Our Only Planet. And to Hold those Responsible for it's Rapid Demise Accountable. And to All that are Misleading the Public, Worldwide. Need to Know that We will Not Tolerate It!    I think Our daily Prayers for Dane & His Family, along with all of those at GeoengineeringWatch.org  & the Lawyers from the U.S. & Canada, Is Very Powerful. I am Happy to read here, how many responders have them in their Prayers. Dane's Safety Is Vital!

  15. Zoë Bêth says:

    Great video Dane, My first time posting after first time seeing your YT channel and website  a week ago as I was surfing the internet on climate change and environmental pollution and other planetary issues I came across a video of yours about UV radiation and have took the time to skim through all your videos and website articles to get a basic understanding of the message you are trying to convey. Great job Dane keep it up you are making me proud. Sending Love from the state of Iowa. 


  16. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was Farmers Market #22, 3 more to go. We will be at the Barter Faire October 20-22. The info to be handed out at Barter Faire is locked and loaded. Many thanks to "Eva" and her husband. I am in complete awe of their contribution to the efforts I put forth in my region. I will make them proud with my actions and efforts to teach others of what is obviously happening all around us.

    The market was sizably smaller today. Less vendors and patrons. It was a nice 72F and "sunny". Chemical ice nucleation is in our weather schedule forecast and soon. It rained for the first time in 4 months 2 weeks ago, many folks came down with "the flu". I bring that fact up every chance I get. Any way, I had 2 significant visitors today. First was a very nice young man from our hospital. (This little town will always have a hospital thanks to the shrewdness of Chief Tonasket). Chris is a physical therapist. We had a good conversation. Every thing from vaccines to the hurricane that blasted his family down in Texas. This young man 'will' be back. He's smart. The second was an older gal that works in the "nursing home"(20 years) which is connected to the "hospital"(interesting, huh?). She came by 2 weeks ago and I gave her the full meal deal of info. Today she was back for more. She had copied most of what I gave her the first time and has been putting it in all her mail that she sends.(She still pays bills by check in the mail). The printed out copies of GW articles that Ben sent me have been huge in making impact here. I was told the old guys in the nursing home were asking for more info. This is good. Can't think of better testimony in how much "things" have changed over the years. I get that testimony all the time with the old guys that stop by the booth. They just don't know they're giving it. "Ya gotta ask questions". It's how people learn, the asker and the asked both. I had a few regulars stop by and once again thank me for what I'm doing. I had a few tourists stop by and do the same. Those folks are always sent away with a big hand full of info. I don't hand it to them like I am asking them to take it, oh no, I hand it to them like they need it and it's important. I get to watch folks as they pass through the market after they have received info. I see where they have set it while they shop. I have never seen a flyer in any garbage can. Thought I've seen them folded and sticking out of back pockets or placed in shopping bags. I don't hand out info to just anybody. That may be a sin, but I don't think so. I am frugal and I am precise.

    On a lighter note. I set up the booth each week right next to the tamale stand, the busiest booth at the market. also I am right across the street from the busiest grocery store. Mike the tamale guy has become my friend this summer. It has been fun to somewhat steer his awakening. He is an acute listener. Today he sent me home with 2 tamales(vegan, no lard). This is after I had two already while tending the booth. Seems that every time I get my tamales folks start showing up. That's OK, I ask questions and take a bite while they think and answer. Same holds true with my weekly and only treat, a soft serve swirl ice cream cone from the coffee shack next to the market. It makes me feel like a kid again. A short break from being a warrior in mind and spirit, the body? Not so much anymore(grin).

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Rachel Robson says:

      'a' simple horseman, Howdy, as they say where I come from.  Or, another: Hau Kola, hello friend.  You mention a nursing home connected to a hospital and that does interest me.  I take care of, by phone yet, oversee the care of my Lakota brother in law in a nursing home in SD, which is part of SD's massive hospital complex: Avera Mekenna.  It finally! occurred to me that the nursing homes are like people farms for big pharma.  Sitting ducks they are for all sorts of medications and vaccines.  Said brother in law is on way too much medication.  Some he really does need, but too much is too much.  On the other hand, in all other ways he is well treated.  I do admire the staff there and the work they do, but I have so many objections.  And brother in law wants out!  No easy fix for that as he really does need skilled nursing.  I discuss the weather with the staff all the time.  When I mention white skies, they don't get it!  Why?!!  Our skies here in Berkeley are white nearly all the time.  And again today, the dawn colors showed up in the west.  Yesterday a friend from Southern Oregon told me about how scary and very close the massive fires were there recently.  She also said NO ONE tried to put them out!  No crews, nothing.  Can this be true?  I suspect that in winter, even as you rest? you will miss the market you anchor.  Your efforts have been so very inspirational.  But as I said prior, as for angles and cowboys, the work is never done!

  17. Anon says:

    Here is some true words  from someone that has Knowledge.>>>> READ ON>>>>


    Son of san quentin says:

    January 26, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    No problem. Road rage, now how about a little air rage? That is why more and more air travellers are acting up as though they are clinically insane and demonically possessed. Mixing dope and pharma narco with a good dose of toxic chemtrails and radiation might just set off an otherwise mild mannered passenger. By the way, the powers that be are now lowering these clouds to ground level in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On 'warm' winter evenings you can watch the filthy toxic plasma clouds dancing around the light poles. This may be the latest method used by the new and improved eugenics Nazi establishment to feed the citizens and their children cancer, Alzheimer's and autism. There was an article the other day about people in Alberta, Canada now suffocating, in addition to the poor Aussies. The fascist media played it off as the flu. Funny thing is, growing up there, the medical industry used to tout about the positive healing effects of the fresh Rocky Mountain Chinook air on any respiratory ailment. I guess that's also completely toxic, and obviously, no longer breathable. Let the poor ignorant sheeple, standing in line for the slaughter, wrap their heads around that one: “THE AIR IS NOT SAFE FOR HUMAN RESPIRATION.”

    It's all a sick evil game that has been in the works for a very long time. The bottom line is the weak, the sick, and the ignorant shall die, most of them in extreme agony. But, hey, what's the big deal? In between chemo and radiation sessions you can always grab an organic big mac and be comforted by the bitten and forbidden fruit of your iphone.

    It is the price that must be paid for pathetically watching as entertainment pure unbridled evil wreak havoc on this earth for more than two centuries. It was not only tolerated, but also glamourized and glorified, because a few bread crumbs and pennies trickled down to the working class. As a result, there is no longer any real meaningful work or livable wages to be had in the West. They even took the leftovers and table scraps from the people. Now they will take your health and mind, and children to boot just as they exterminated the original landlords and stewards of this continent by covering their women and children with smallpox infected clothes, raping them, and blowing them away like cannon fodder. The few that survived this original holocaust were shown the bottle and the reserve for their perseverance. Genocide is nothing new, it is the flavour of the day. Chemtrails, GMOs, and vaccines are simply the new and improved, trendy, yuppy versions of good old fashion Nazi-American playful eugenics and concentration camps.

    The Nazis were playing around with all these goodies during the war, but when things fell apart for them, the Yankees walked in there and stole everything. It was more a like a repo though, as the US corporation through its misleaders and private federal reserve banking system fuelled, funded and wholeheartedly supported their Nazi brethren. After 'legally' repossessing the Nazi goodies and trinkets that the US corporation had paid for in full, and then some, the US authorities, with their imported illegal alien Nazi mad scientists in hiding, blindfolded and gagged, quietly developed these technologies, let's say conservatively, at least a few thousand years into the future. Meanwhile, the citizen taxpayer was left with the bloodshed and shell shock, stuck with the bill, and patriotically paid for his own demise. And the good ole boys even threw in television for good measure to rot the mind before they came for the whole package.

    Ionizing the atmosphere and toxifying the air that is essential to all life on this dying and nearly dead planet simply cannot and will not be understood by the profane. Cockroaches and rats are conscious and aware when fumigated and will resist extermination. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people do not possess that level of understanding and survival. If that doesn't do the trick, start pulsing entire domestic populations with intense microwave radiation. For the finale, they might as well grab planet earth by the scruff of the neck with maniacal contraptions like CERN. Using weather warfare by steering storms, hurricanes and cyclones, triggering earthquakes, hurling thunder and lightning bolts, and practising throwing curve balls with planets is not human. We're talking Zeus, gods, master of the human domain, and butting heads with the Universal God. If a few billion human beings suffocate, get shanked with a mercury laden syringe, or eat and drink ungodly filth manufactured in a quarantined, top secret, highly secured lab, so be it.

    What has been done to Western culture and human civilization in general is subhuman. To consciously and deliberately make entire national populations dumb and numb with no cum is probably unfathomable to the average person. The games and technologies that have been secretly (repugnantly) unleashed on the humanity and life force of this earth are completely demonic, maybe even godly in the eyes of the psychopathic perpetrators. These events and technologies have been set in motion and are being intensified and amplified constantly. They must run their course.

    I applaud and admire the peaceful, yet intense and poignant dissemination of valuable life-saving information that is being amassed. However, at this late stage of the game, the law, fundamentally, was created by the same people for the same purposes as geoengineering. A seditious, treasonous undeclared biological and chemical third world war is being waged on sleeping, dying citizens by their own governments. Maybe just a tad illegal, but now there's a new boss in town, new cinema and theatrics, so that will make everything better. The now regular pitchfork and baseball bat commentary is also admirable, but way too late. The thoroughly nano-tech vaccinated and poisoned law enforcement gestapo and ss have been completely militarized and would have absolutely no problem or hesitation in assassinating their own mothers. The descent of this planet into complete darkness must run its course.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Thanks for reposting this Anon.  I feel what you are offering newcomers is immence.  Well done.  As for Son of san quentin, if you are reading, your words and thoughts are put together remarkably.  Thanks.

    • marc says:

      Anon, once again, thank you for posting Son of San Quentin's remarkable essay. Standing ovations…

    • Earth Angel says:

      I hadn't read this brilliant assessment by son of san quentin before. Thank you for sharing it again.

  18. Jeff Naish says:

    Thank you, Dane. Great info


  19. Anon says:

    It kinda remind's me of the "Happy Days"… You know, that show on T.V. where all the youngin's all meet at the soda bar… Make you laugh and laugh and laugh…

    Then you have the Simpson's of course… You know, that show that air's that cartoon show…

    Impossible not to see unless you don't watch T.V.

    Look at them clouds on that show…. Billow'y Billow'y and more Billow'y…

    That is called conditioning Folk's….

    THE SIMPSON'ssssssss.

    You have to look at that and go….

    WTF is this?

    Yet everyone just laugh's and laugh's and LAUGH'S…

    Ha Ha Ha!!!

    Hardy Har Har.


    Hockey up next….

    Then everyone will be glued and un-clued…Looking at that Puck fly around and try to get into a Net… Internet.

    That is the way the puck drops here.

    It's Fckin Ridiculous…

    Hly Fck.

    The puck drops here and so does MY JAW.

    • Dave UK says:

      Hi Anon. Worst still was the BBC news show that had a guest speaker from the 'Cloud Appreciation Society.' He nonchalantly explained to the overly-excited BBC lady presenter all about the 'NEW' 'thirteen cloud types' that had now been given their official names. 

      (I found it hard to watch for various reasons incl; the programmed idiot presenter that was so gullible, and what was being said by a man who had supposedly watched the skies all his life!)

      They showed pictures of the different 'clouds', then he told us their individual names. I was genuinely gobsmacked at the audacity of the ruling psychopaths to show this unbelievable piece of deception via the mass media.  Every geo-engineered toxic smog-fog was there, even the blurred cotton candy types that show anomalies every now and again (I took a photo of one that looked like it had a zipper running down the middle, i watched it as it 'unzipped' in half!)  

      He went on to congratulate nature for this fantastical story of the thirteen 'new clouds'. He then went on to say they were now going to be published in this 'Cloud Atlas' book. This book will be perused by every school-kid in the UK.  How's about that for conditioning eh,..F**K ME – I gotta hand it to them, they really know what they're doing..the bastards. 

      As to the idiot from the so called 'Cloud Appreciation Society' – i think he might have been genuinely ignorant and unaware of the deception – and was basically a 'human baton', used to pass this blatant crap onto the dumbed-down masses.  He could have been paid off..ie pension or paycheck, who knows.  All i know is the emotion that i felt when i saw this bullshit fill my TV screen. 

      How crazy it all is. But, the bigger the lie the better yeah…as Hitler once said. He knew how easy it was to hoodwink the masses. The ruling cabals and deep state motherf*ckers and all their co-conspirators are doing it to us no different.  And they say we learn from history…yeah right!

      Best wishes from totalitarian England

  20. Colt says:



    Says it all. Dane – be careful. You are exposing alot of stuff that they don't want exposed. Worried about you. This is amazing.

  21. Rachel Robson says:

    All:  On our local website: Berkeleyside today, I was stunned to see pics from yesterday of a big heart in sky, looking as if done the geoengineering way, and apparently there were more, as in several over whole area.  Gee, miss a little miss a lot!  Not at all sure I can send the photo.  Anyone know anything about it?  Not tattooed like sky writing.

  22. Chad says:

    That is just the most awesome information Dane, I don't know how you managed to unearth that but it will prove pricelss in the ongoing battle I have no doubt.

    What can we collectively do now ourselves with this information, would it be viable to bomb the company with emails? Does anyone have any good suggestions regarding this?

    • Rosalie says:

      Hi Chad.  I was thinking, to connect the dots further and expose things on a local level, we should all investigate aluminum manufacturers in our states or provinces close to us. Dane has uncovered such important information where we all can join in and bring critical information to the table for Dane.  The planes and spraying have been non-stop today in Nova Scotia.  They've been very busy.

  23. Anon says:

    I asked this guy today what them big white lines are up in the sky.

    He replied   "Uh"   I don't know… It sounded as he said…. "Duhhhhhh" I don't know.

    I don't know…

    Welcome to Crazy Town…… 'Weiner".

    Nice post Marc.

    Hit the bell one more time.

  24. marc says:

    Just listened to C2C with George Noory interviewing Linda Moulton-Howe on a climate discussion which also featured yet another climatologist/clown by the name of Kevin Trenberth. How absurd is it that only 6 days after interviewing Dane Wigington on Coast George Noory seems to have completely forgotten EVERYTHING they discussed. Nary a word about climate engineering in his discussion with Moulton-Howe. Nary a word. Of course, I long ago relinquished any real confidence in Noory to truly connect all the dots, but nonetheless, it is aggravating and tragic that on a topic of this magnitude and importance both Linda Moulton-Howe and Trenberth are too wussified to discuss the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Unbelievable how any mention of climate engineering still remains taboo amongst so many who should be ashamed of themselves for their spinelessness. It is, however, gratifying and significant that C2C did have Dane on for a wonderful broadcast on September 22nd, and for that I applaud them.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Marc, just for the record, my most recent Coast to Coast interview was done by Jimmy Church. This being said, I have done several previous interviews with George Noory on C to C. Certainly George is well aware of the climate engineering insanity, it is unfortunate that he does not bring up the issue during a discussion like the one which you have brought our attention to. A mantra we must all remember and remind others of, there can be no legitimate discussion about the state of the climate without first and foremost discussing the critical climate engineering issue. One more mantra to remember is this, there can be no legitimate discussion of climate engineering / geoengineering with out including the chemical ice nucleated engineered cool-down factor. As you stated, Marc, lets hope C to C will continue to cover climate engineering in the future.

    • marc says:

      Thank you, Dane, yes, my mistake. It was Jimmy Church. Nonetheless, Noory should have raised the issue with LMH. I have emailed LMH several times in the last couple of years re: would she please address the climate engineering issue. Never have received any kind of reply. Have also emailed Whitley Streiber, who regularly posts reports about climate change, climate catastrophes, etc. Have never received a reply from him either. There is still a line many will not cross about this. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      So George is up to his old tricks. Linda & Trenberth were on with George before. I wrote them both after the interview. They know full well about these sinister programs. Linda has a brother in the military. Enough said! George has Children & Grand Children that he professes to Love. But not enough to Stand Up For Their Futures. George keeps confusing this Dire Issue with these Distractors. I Believe that the Public is Demanding Dane's Interviews on Coast. Coast, has to respond. We have more power than we know.   To Write them: Linda Moulton Howe – P.O. Box #21843 – Albuquerque, New Mexico – #87154     —    Kevin Trenberth – National Centre for Atmospheric Research – P.O. Box #3000 – Boulder, Colorado – #80307-3000  We Must Hold These Distractors Responsible!

  25. Schoebi Brigitte says:

    Take photos of the sky and do it in a very obvious way, also when you are walking with your friends. It helps to change the discussion, it's 'scientific' and it breaks the pattern of denial. Notice how the spraying is intensified before temperature drops. Proof it with your photos! The cold that follows is very uncomfortable, unnatural – it goes into your bones and it's no solution against the warming because it's very short term and adds more problems as explained by Dane.

  26. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Great Job Dane, & Others involved at Geo Eng Watch. Such Critical Information. I really don't like the term "Climate Change". I knew they created it! Sure gives an in, to explain away their weather whiplash events that they have created.      My Son had noticed the foaming of the water, while watering his Vegetable garden in Southern Alberta. He actually said he thought it was the Barium fallout. He noticed it when it rained also. Scary!    And I am sure you had stated Dane, a few years back about Edmonton Alberta being the "3rd Highest" on the Planet in levels of Barium "8!" only next to Bijing China & Mexico City. And the residents of Edmonton, I've heard, are off the charts there with Heart Attacks, Strokes & M.S. And they blame it on everything else! They are sprayed Heavily.

  27. marc says:

    Here's a reprint of the graphics overlaying a brief Weather Channel video of heavy rain events, in sequence: 

    Does climate change make hurricanes more intense? A new Washington Post/ ABC poll shows 55% of Americans now think so. That's up 39% after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    It's too early to tell if climate change played a role in this year's hurricanes.

    But a warmer climate does mean more moisture in the atmosphere.

    Which likely means more rainfall.


    Are you Weather Channel guys f**king kidding me? Classic disinformation, mixing lies in with truths. What about the alleged OTHER 45% of Americans in this poll? Gee, where do they stand on this issue? Do they even exist? Are they in "our" camp by realizing the military is shredding the planet's natural weather systems? Etc. etc…..And that's just the beginning of what's packed into these three statements.

    "It's too early to tell if climate change played a role in this year's hurricanes." I don't even know where to start on this one, there's so much wrong here. But we can see how these a-holes cleverly f**k with the public mind to create confusion and deception. Endless deception. Endless complicity. As we careen over the cliff to our doom. Unbelievable, actually, yet……..painfully believable. Why, as a species, are we doing this to ourselves?

     As regards the last two statements about moisture on a warming planet, we have a meteorological truth wrapped around (and concealing) another truth, which should be obvious to those who visit this site regularly. 

      Every single day brings to light more examples of power structure desperation and wanton disregard for anything even remotely resembling the "greater good." 


  28. Arlyne Ball says:

    Ok. We are all Awake.

    Ok. We have all this info.

    Ok. We have been sharing it.

    Ok. Our congressman have gotten our letters.

    Ok. We are detoxing as part of our daily routine.

    Dane..what's next..now that you have given a list of companies

    that are in this together..what's the next step for us and our community's?

    i don't own a car and I live in the Redwoods which take the brunt of the overhead aerosols and I detox as well as others who are informed and know about this site. What can we do next to shake the tree? Even if everyone on the ground knew how can we stop these planes from above? We can all boycott these companies but their agenda is to kill us from above so they can take over our planet. Evil pure evil to humanity.

    May God stop this insanity!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Arlyne, thank you for not giving up in this all important battle. GeoengineeringWatch.org is pursuing every possible means of exposing and stopping the climate engineering assault, but we must remember there is no easy way forward, no silver bullet. We are still advancing on our legal and behind the scenes efforts, I will post an update on the legal efforts next week. In the meantime, all of us need to double down on the effort to effectively and efficiently wake the masses by passing on credible data, there is no other way forward. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/how-do-we-stop-climate-engineering-only-way-forward/

    • Dennie says:

      "Take over" our planet– LOL, "They" did that over 2,000 years ago, nobody noticed then, and they still don't today.  

      And what, exactly, will "they" get when they "win?"  A DEAD PLANET.  What a "prize–" LOSERS!!! WHAT WILL YOU EAT THEN, MOHTREFCUKERS– YOUR OWN CHILDREN??? 

      NOTHING will grow from the soil YOU poisoned no matter how hard you try to force it with all of your GMO bullshit and aluminum-resistant plant genes, in 104 degree (and hotter) heat.  Duh.

  29. Dennie says:

    Michael Silver's ancestors were surely the owners of the ships that transported Black African slaves for sale to American slave owners– very enterprising TRIBE of "humans…"  God's "favorites," surely….

    I'd like to call "Mr." Silver out– degree in "psychobiology" and all– hmmpffff–!!!!!!!!!! … "Silver…(clink-clink-clink-ca-CHING!)… Michael Silver, HUMAN??  HARDLY– HAHH!!!  More like a piece of unearthly SH!T.

    When the spray is really heavy, I say to myself that we're being sprayed with the "Bubbling Barium" mix.  I've said this since May and June of 2010 when our lovely "friends" in the U.S. Navy decided to show off the wide array of weather-changing effects they could pull on nature– we got served somethin' different, every single day….

  30. Christine says:

    one should mention EDTA for an extremely efficient chelation therapy:



  31. Blue Sue says:

    Dane, Susan, and friends,

    Another visit to the American Elements website opened a can of worms that I didn't expect to find concerning dental procedures and products that they (AE) manufacture and supply. From their website:

    "A visit to the dentist typically includes a dental X-ray. The X-ray allows the dentist to diagnose cavities and study the integrity of existing fillings. When the dental industry moved from metallic to ceramic amalgams two decades ago, patients loved the white material that mimicked the look of natural enamel, but dentists could no longer see the fillings on an X-ray.

    The Innovation

    American Elements worked on this problem with DenMat, a highly respected manufacturer of professional dental products. Since the material is a ceramic, metallic materials were not an option. American Elements reached to extremely dense fluorides for a solution. American Elements proposed a high purity form of ytterbium fluoride as an additive to the ceramic. Ytterbium fluoride is an extremely heavy dense material that would mimic a metallic on X-ray.

    The Result

    Today dental patients can have the natural look of ceramic amalgams and dentists can see the filling on X-ray due to ytterbium fluoride containing amalgams. The approach is now a standard in the dental industry."

    Dental fillings have come a long way since mercury amalgams. Mixed into dental composites, Ytterbium Fluoride provides the radio-opacity that allows dentists to identify a filling under X-ray, while due to its high transparency the tooth-like appearance of the filling remains unaffected. Sukgyung AT’s YbF3 series shows the best transparency as well as the highest radio-opacity in the market today, and it is already being used by leaders in the dental composite industry. Various particle sizes are available for optimal application. http://www.sukgyung.com/1bio.php?dept3=1&2application.

    Filler material(tooth fillings)

    The filler materials are of inorganic composition, such as silica glass (SiO2), alumina glass (Al2O3), and combinations of glass and sodium fluoride. Silica glass is made of beach sand and ordinary glass, but also of crystalline quartz, pyrolytic silica and specially engineered aluminium silicates (e.g. barium, strontium or lithium aluminium silicate glass). Alumina glass is made of crystalline corundum, while sodium-calcium-alumina- fluorosilicate glass is an example of a combination glass. A combination glass has to be considered as an engineered mixture of various glasses, which can serve as a source of fluoride ions. The radiopacity of composites is obtained by the addition of barium, strontium, lithium or ytterbium fluoride (YF3) to the filler particles. http://copublications.greenfacts.org/en/dental-amalgam/l-3/5-health-effects-alternative-materials.htm

    So, not only are we breathing this (heavy metal) crap, it may also be in our mouths. I mistakenly thought the ceramic fillings that I replaced my silver amalgams with were not harmful.  Should have known. 


    • Blue Sue says:

      "Fluoride science is corporate science, it's asbestos science, it's DDT science, it's tobacco science, it's a RACKET!" –Christopher Bryson

      Great video: An Interview with Christopher Bryson, author of The Fluoride Deception by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) http://fluoridealert.org/fan-tv/bryson/

    • Rosalie says:

      Blue Sue, I also had my mercury fillings removed about 12 years ago. I wonder if this (American Elements' DenMat) is what's in my mouth. That would certainly explain why I get so severely affected on heavy spray days.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Blue Sue, Thank you!  This answers more questions than you know!  Very grateful!

  32. Janet Holstrom says:

    Thanks Dane for that information, I was wondering about that. It's mind boggling to think of the sinister reasoning as to why they spray. I was looking at the sun today and couldn't help but think that it just doesn't look the same as it use too! I'm passing out the materials I got from you but it is crucial that more citizens realize this is going on. I thank you for all you do. I'm thinking of going to my local city officials too. 

  33. Susan Ferguson says:

    Greg Hunter with Catherine Austin Fitts on the monstrously obscene levels of financial criminal FRAUD in America!!! The crooks are running the government, all honest people have been pushed out, and we the taxpayers are being systematically robbed – through entrainment, technology, and endless propaganda. The criminals intend to "tear up the Constitution!" Fitts has precisely researched accounting evidence.

    • Rodster says:

      As the late great comedian George Carlin used to say: “It’s a big club and we ain’t in it”.

      He also back in the 90’s coined the phrase “the upper one percent”.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Susan.  Catherine Austin Fitts, Is Amazing.   A Hero & A Strong Woman. I Admire Her.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, I am sure I have posted reading Ralph Nader's wee but dense book: Breaking Though Power.  He does one excellent job explaining all this, how it began, how it morphed and still does and what we can really do about it.  Fascinating and I've learned so very much.

    • ron hall says:

      SUSAN: I've been reading/studying the Constitution for decades.  "They" have been ignoring, twisting, lying about "THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND" for about 200 years.  Almost no one in America studies it. I occasionally easily embarrass someone by simply asking,"When was the last time you read even part of the Constitution and Bill of Rights?" A blank stare is almost guaranteed. The point I am making is that there is no "intend to destroy it".  That would be akin to suggesting scientists "intend" to perform geoengineering.

    • Hello from the future: To ron hall and Susan Ferguson: The American Bill of Rights is the only part of the Constitution that hasn't been grossly corrupted or misinterpreted. Many attempts were made to infringe on the general premise of "government by the people" prior to the final draft in 1789. Most amurkuns have no clue that the final draft took 13 years to complete… >>>>> Here’s another detail most “civilians” remain blissfully unaware of: The missing Thirteenth Amendment – TONA Research Committee – The Thirteenth Article of Amendment  >>>>> http://www.amendment-13.org/ <<<<<

      Thus all Constitutional Amendments from this “missing” Amendment forward, are acts of treason and plainly UNLAWFUL.

  34. Mary Hollowell says:

    "Expedition Unknown" photographer shares cloud seeding for weather modification on TV, tonight – trying to prompt celebrity spokesman Josh Gates during Q & A. Thanks, Travel Channel

  35. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "We can't never get back what we had when we was young"…….

    Think about 'that' for more than just a text message minute. The magnitude of losing more than just my physical attributes is staggering. I was/am prepared to face my elder years. I think of all those species that go extinct every single day. The "web of life" will miss them immensely, exponentially. I know 'I do'.

    Dane, thanks a lot for making me more angry(grin). I watched this video, twice, and what comes to my mind is, "would you like me to spell it out for you?". It's an old slang term I know. Often it is asked, "who's doing this to us?". Well now you folks have an answer. The ball is in your court. What'cha ya going to do now that you have your answer? I'd like to know.

    Excellent investigative reporting my friend. Good tips help, eh?

    • sea says:

      So well said 'a' simple horseman.

      This is it- the information Dane provided here is actually the most powerful batch to have in your back pocket of talking with any individual.

      We will see the implosion of Michael Silver and his company American Elements Corporation…this is the ultimate in information to expose.The CEO and the company name and its workings.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      'a' simple horseman, Hi and I thought of you the other day when I found myself behind a big, dusty, white pickup truck from Idaho-license plate a cowboy on rearing horse.  There was a sticker in the top right corner of his back window that said: As for Angels and Cowboys, the work is never done.  Fitting, eh?  

  36. Joseph L says:

    Great video exposing the chemical company that supplies all those other companies.
    Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer | Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | Chemtrails
    Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped
    January 13, 2011  
    Ted Gunderson was later poisoned and died for exposing  the truth.

  37. Abigail says:

    Thank you so much, Dane. Please keep up the fight against Geoengineering.  Your work is not in vain. Sharing with Russ Tanner at Orbis Vitae and Global Skywatch. Press Onward!  Those liars should be held accountable for destroying our planet! PLUS causing so many sicknesses. PRESS ON!

  38. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    Dane, many thanks for this information on who his producing all of the nano particles being sprayed in our skies. I was recently rewatching and listening to a documentary called "Take Your Power Back" and two follow up videos that were created by "In Power", regarding smart meters. A man by the name of Cal Washington does a legal presentation on how to block meters from being installed and how to have them removed from our homes utilizing a "Notice of Liability". I have been wondering if this same Notice of Liability could be utilized against our government and all of the companies supporting the ongoing Geoengineering? If you have not already seen the documentary and two follow up videos, please try to. My gut feeling tells me this information could be very valuable in the Geoengineering legal battle to stop their program and hold them liable and accountable.

    True Regards

  39. Rachel Robson says:

    All, Am I the last one to find out that Saudi Arabia bought Fort Arthur?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      And today I find out Russia just hosted the king of the house of Saud in the main for oil, thus causing oil prices to go up.  The two back different factions in Iran.  This was Russia's first visit ever from Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis needed Port Arthur to refine their crude.  And Russia struggled under sanctions.  Problem solved!  Skirted!   

  40. Victoriana East says:

    Thanks again Dane for all you are doing.  One method I used to alert people is pointing up at the Chemtrails  as they are spraying. People instinctively look up to see what you are pointing out and it's an easy way to start a discussion. 

  41. Laura says:

    EXCELLENT!!!  What an awesome nugget of information to begin unraveling the mystery that we watch daily.  Putting a name with this helps us direct our energies to the task of unmasking the perpetrators.


  42. Pamela says:

    Thanks Dane for the research info.

  43. Frank says:


    I stumbled onto an idea so basic it may help our cause immensely. The oldest enemy we have in the fight against geoengineering is when the "other side" says they are just normal contrails from jet engines. I know we have good comebacks for this, but there is another very important one I don't think I've ever heard said.

    For the past few months after dinner I go out to my back yard and watch the planes in the sky. To get to the point, most commercial air traffic flows in lanes in the sky. I am just north of Philly and I have a lane of traffic over my head that sometimes acts like a train, with planes flying along it every minute. This one lane is probably from PHL to NY and carries most of the planes in my sky.

    So when people think that all that garbage all over the sky is air traffic we can say that air traffic follows organized lanes and not tic-tac-toe or random patterns in the sky.

    It's a big point I never heard mentioned.

  44. Rachel Robson says:

    Amazing Dane.  What do you suggest we do with this?  What would be most effective?  What does legal say?  Kind of exciting!  Thank you!

  45. Vicki Scallo says:

    OMG…..Thank you.  Sharing.  ;(


  46. Betty Starke says:

    Now I see why I always feel ill and fight to function and have a life. Others are suffering around me in varied ways. Evil doers change your evil ways. I don't want to be a part of their warped world. Thank you for exposing this. I wondered how they got it to the planes.

  47. birgit says:

    Would  it be  wrong to ask them to  leave the island  called earth ?


  48. Nelson Martins says:

    Dane, as always, GREAT JOB! We need to find out what companies world wide are subsidiaries of American Elements Corporation. So our friends around the world, that ARE awake, can learn of their locations. We need to protest this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY in their faces. In entrances of these facilities is where we need to  "Make our voices heard". We need to push on, and stop this Ecological Disaster from continuing in the path of total extinction of all life on this planet.  I am only 40 years old, by I remember my childhood well. I recall the blue sky and YELLOW sun that we used to have. Dane is dead-on when he spoke of Geoengineering being "Ramped up" in the 1990's. I have always been a person close to nature and through my lifetime I have watched nature slowly DIE around me. During my childhood, I have watched the  permanent blue skies turn into temporary blue skies fade to white. If nothing is done soon to stop this. There will be no nature for future generations. There will be no future generations. We have psychopaths at the helm of a Sinking Ship. Pray for Jesus to intervene, and to give us strength.

  49. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Thank you, Dane! great video. Here is a partial list of the companies who “rely” on American Elements:
    AMERICAN ELEMENTS: We wish to thank the many companies who rely on the American Elements Pledge of Quality and Consistency. A few (partial list) are recognized here. Thank you!

    LOCKHEED MARTIN – RAYTHEON – BECHTEL – BOEING – NSA National Security Agency – NAVAL RESEARCH LABORATORY – LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY – HARVARD – UNITED STATES REGULATORY COMMISSION – EXXON MOBIL – LAWRENCE LIVERMORE NATIONAL LABORATORY – OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY – JPL NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF AEROSPACE – BASF CHEMICAL COMPANY – CERN – US ARMY SPACE X – NASA – NORTHROP GRUMMAN – MERCK – HALLIBURTON – THYSSEN KRUPP – AMES LABORATORY – MOLYCORP, THE RARE EARTHS COMPANY – WEIZMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, Rehovot ISRAEL ($100M in research grants) – COHERENT (Palo Alto – Photonics) – BATTELLE (tax exempt non-profit applied science & technology development company) – VWR (Over 1,200 VWRCATALYST associates are working worldwide today at industry-leading pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, education, industrial, and high-tech production institutions.)

    SF: Here is one specialty 'product' from American Element  — BST (Barium Strontium Titanate) is generally immediately available in most volumes. High purity, submicron and nanopowder forms may be considered. Titanate compounds contain a form of Titanium Oxide and have various applications including electronics, ceramics, and batteries (in the case of Lithium Titanate). … American Elements produces to many standard grades when applicable, including Mil Spec (military grade); ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade; Food, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Grade; Optical Grade, USP and EP/BP (European Pharmacopoeia/British Pharmacopoeia)and follows applicable ASTM testing standards. Typical and custom packaging is available. Additional technical, research and safety (MSDS) information is available as is a Reference Calculator for converting relevant units of measurement.


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      SF: Other key players, American Elements being the # ONE.
      A Press Release from 2016 Global Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles Market 2016: American Elements, EPRUI Nanomaterials and Microspheres, Reinste, Sigma-Aldrich, US Research Nanomaterials
      Major Key Players Analysis – in Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles market:-
      1. American Elements  / headquarters in Los Angles, CA

      2. EPRUI Nanomaterials and Microspheres /  [Beijing?]

      3. Reinste  / Uttar Pradesh, India

      4. Sigma-Aldrich / St. Louis, Missouri

      5. US Research Nanomaterials  / Houston, Texas         

      6. Meliorum Technologies  [Meliorum realized its first substantial revenue from a large university in the northeastern US.]

      7. NovaCentrix  / Austin, Texas

      8. Xuancheng Jingrui / Xuan cheng city,Anhui province,China    

      9. Advanced Nano Products  / South Korea

      10. Applied Nanotech Holdings / Austin, Texas

      11. DuPont / Wilmington, Delaware

      12. Methode Electronics / Chicago, IL

      13. Heraeus / Hanau, Germany

      14. Sun Chemical Corporation / New Jersey

      15. Taiyo Ink / Hong Kong, China


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Amazing work Susan!  Astounding even.  And I am sure I heard of American Elements before, now pretty sure from a recent article by you. One question, why would they use BST?

      I'm not surprised to see China on the list.  Somehow I came across an article from 2006 I think it was, via a California Health thing, in which they collected material from the skies in water, dried it, ran it through a spectrometer which identified it as aluminosilicate from China.  It was said to be blowing here from China and Mongolia.  The thing about that is in reference to Dane's efforts to get a spectrometer via the state to analyze the air.  They said they had none at first if I recall, then said too expensive.  Apparently not!  And China and Mongolia are sitting on a lot of aluminum themselves.

      I wonder what would be the most effective thing to do next given this list?  Writing of course comes to mind.  But seems ineffective.  Suggestions?  Anyone?  Perhaps block letters like petitions?  Wonder what legal advises?

    • Christopher L. Calkins says:

      Susan you are awesome. Many Thanks to you for the volumes of research and information you contribute.

      True Regards

    • Blue Sue says:

      Susan, I read your earlier link to American Elements and there learned of their sinister product BST and thought, what the hell?!!  Who'd have ever believed that the production of poison would be so be highly lucrative and all-pervasive in its applications? It enrages me that earth's benign natural elements can be so perniciously perverted into conveyers of destruction. Thank you for your incredible research and enormously valuable contributions to educating us and affecting change.  God bless!

    • sea says:

      Thank you Susan for providing such important details to the ongoing "mess" of chemicals and the sources we are up against – your work is so appreciated.

  50. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, having seen so much and having studied and spoken out about this for years, it's rare for me to receive something that literally causes me to sit with my mouth hanging open. My mouth is hanging open. This information is incredibly valuable in this fight, and I appreciate and thank you for sharing it, and for doing such a great job connecting the dots on it. We should all save this and use it as one of the sharpest tools in our baskets. Thank you again. 

  51. Kirk Mannor says:

    Dane, a senator from Ohio want 's me to call him concerning my concerns about the geoengineering  going on here in Ohio, I left a message telling him that I left your website geoengineeingwatch.org to look at ,as you know more about it then I do, heres his Phone number 614-466-8285 Joe Schiavoni.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kirk, in regard to reaching our “elected” officials, and holding them accountable, it is best to put credible informational materials in their hands.

  52. Christine says:


  53. Diesel Boatman says:

    Michigan had a banner spraying effort two days ago (10/02/17). I counted over 100 unique stripes across ours skies. 

  54. Toby Dent says:

    Now how do we get them to stop?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Toby, in regard to your question,  I am attaching a link here that was also in the post ( all of our posts). There are also many other important links within this link, FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/has-the-primary-geoengineering-materials-supplier-been-identified/

  55. Marie says:

    All these aluminum nanoparticles are going to cause many more alzheimers patients. I am 68 and my memory is not as good as it was even two years ago. I read when we inhale the aluminum it goes to our blood and then straight to our brain. A heavy metal detox is what we ALL need. There's a product my Holistic doc suggested. It's called Ultra Clear RENEW by Metagenics. It gets out the heavy metals. It is a powder mixed in water. For us poor people i think that Celentro herb would help a lot too. Buy cheap, chop up, put in plastic bag and freeze. Lasts a long time frozen. Then just break off a chunk and put in your soup or mashed potatoes. I sometimes take a chicken or beef boullin cube in a hot cup of water, pinch of garlic, a few peas, celantro and a teaspoon of ketchup. Yummy. Sometimes i mix in a few pieces of corn. I did get my urine tested 2 yrs ago for heavy metals and the most thing i had was the lead was WAY off the chart. I was breathing in the lead from cars when i was a child back in the 1950's the doc said. He said that lead will STAY in the body in the bones for Decades! I didn't know that. They had lead gasoline back then and in the 1960's too and i was always outside breathing in this lead. I can't remember what other ones were listed, but they were all within normal range. I remember now the mercury was listed and it was normal. I don't remember if aluminum was listed. I have to check my back emails.

    • Kat Smith says:

      https://draxe.com/heavy-metal-detox/ has some good info on various foods, herbs, supplements to  help detox heavy metals. 

    • m d says:

      You really need to mention that cilantro also pulls mercury from your teeth and digestive system into the brain…as well as pulling mercury and other metals out of the brain.  I have 13 mercury fillings, and cilantro makes me very sick.  I use turmeric and raw beets, and if I've been massively poisoned because I can't afford much organic food, I burn a twig slowly, and I filter water through the teaspoon of hard wood charcoal. This charcoal is the best–it's what our ancestors did before they invented drugs in the 1800s–but it also combines with good things like calcium, so you have to eat calcium rich foods like sesame seeds and dark green, leafy veggies. The first bottle of filtered water is blackish, and you'll want to keep this in your frig for when you get very sick.  After the first couple of bottles/pots filtered, the water is clear, and when you get it cold, it is the freshest, best tasting water you ever had.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      m d, thank you for this tip I must try!  I had some sort of stomach flu, told it was going around, and yesterday a friend told me to eat a bit of charcoal as that had helped her enormously.  I had no charcoal.  But, it seems I could have made some!  I look forward to trying this, even if my flu is over!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      This natural Metals Detox seems to be working for me, along with vegetal Silica 3x a day.


    • Dennie says:

      I have silver amalgam fillings, I eat cilantro all the time with my bowl  of pho (at least 3 x a week), and I have no discernible adverse effects.  People ask me all the time how I remember so many details from the past (high school and before… I'm 60 now).  It's partly because I go over the events of the day in my mind at the end of each day.  I have a habit of memorizing, including my daily experience.  I'd say I'm just more "magnetic" than most.  The rigorous training I've had as a Classical violinist is responsible for this, while most people really just would rather forget everything, and so that's their habit of choice.  

  56. mortimer zilch says:

    who is running the planes?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      mortimer zilch, My money is on Boeing, given "follow the money", as they pay no taxes, in fact get money instead!  In a 10 year period their taxes were -6.5!  Strikes me as a fat clue!

    • John Arndt says:

      Where do they land and take off from ???
      Where are they fuelled up and re-loaded.
      Remote locations globally, no doubt.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, John, fleets of USAF air tankers are being reported coming and going from USAF bases in many locations around the country. Commercial aircraft are also a part of the ongoing aerosol spraying operations (though commercial personnel do not appear to be involeved). FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/proof-of-retrofit-aerosol-spraying-nozzles-on-airbus-jet-aircraft/

    • Dennie says:

      Come on, you think the spraying programs are limited to just one company?  "We have MULTIPLE AGENCIES with MULTIPLE AGENDAS, operating with NO coordination, NO oversight and NO public discussion."  — Rosalind Peterson.


      N.B.:  REMOTE FLIGHT CAPABILITY was perfected some time in the 70's, meaning you can lauch, fly and land a jetliner all by remote control (computer program).  Why NOT use computerized jet fleets, with NO pilots?  THINK ABOUT IT:  When you hire pilots, you've got to pay them to do the work, pay benefits, and pay them to shut up ;-).

  57. Svjetlana Valentić - enky says:

    Wow, this is a great success in exposing evil doings! Congratulations!

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