Climate Engineering Is Creating Increasingly Extreme Weather Fluctuations


Global climate engineering is forcing the climate system far past the breaking point. The ever more radical fluctuations of temperatures and weather conditions is beginning to gain the attention of many around the world. Record high temperatures are now often followed immediately by record low temperatures. The geoengineers are desperately trying to create regions of “cool-downs” in a world that is rapidly warming. The “cool” zones are shallow layers of cold dense air that settles out of clouds and storm systems which are being heavily sprayed with artificial/chemical ice nucleating elements. Profound jet stream manipulation with the use of ionosphere heater installations are also a major factor in the engineered “polar vortex” events and cool-downs. The radical lurching of the climate system will worsen rapidly as the damage to our biosphere increases. Make your voice heard in this critical battle, we must all work toward exposing and halting the geoengineering insanity.
Dane Wigington

Weather records tumble, and will continue to tumble, nationwide

Source: Examiner

Upper level wind forecast for Nov. 14, 2014 at midnight C.S.T. Note the omega-shaped wind pattern across the northeast Pacific, Alaska and western Canada. (NOAA/NWS, H. Michael Mogil)

Upper level wind forecast for Nov. 14, 2014 at midnight C.S.T. Note the omega-shaped wind pattern across the northeast Pacific, Alaska and western Canada. (NOAA/NWS, H. Michael Mogil)

Upper level wind pattern at 6:00 a.m. C.S.T. on Jan. 8, 2014. Blue arrows show wavy wind flow pattern surrounding a large “polar vortex.” (US Navy/FNMOC)

Upper level wind pattern at 6:00 a.m. C.S.T. on Jan. 8, 2014. Blue arrows show wavy wind flow pattern surrounding a large “polar vortex.” (US Navy/FNMOC)

Same as Fig. 01, except for 6:00 a.m. C.S.T. on Nov. 19, 2014. Upper trough across eastern U.S. is expected to amplify. (NOAA/NWS)

Same as Fig. 01, except for 6:00 a.m. C.S.T. on Nov. 19, 2014. Upper trough across eastern U.S. is expected to amplify. (NOAA/NWS)

Same as Fig. 01, except for 6:00 a.m. C.S.T. on Nov. 22, 2014. Large amplitude pattern is expected to flatten dramatically by this time. (NOAA/NWS)

Same as Fig. 01, except for 6:00 a.m. C.S.T. on Nov. 22, 2014. Large amplitude pattern is expected to flatten dramatically by this time. (NOAA/NWS)

Surface weather map forecast for 6:00 p.m. C.S.T. on Nov. 26, 2014. Large area of heavy rain and thunderstorms is excepted in the Deep South. (NOAA/NWS)

Surface weather map forecast for 6:00 p.m. C.S.T. on Nov. 26, 2014. Large area of heavy rain and thunderstorms is excepted in the Deep South. (NOAA/NWS)

Imagine that the weather pattern this week and last week represents a rock concert. There will be lots of acts, many with different flavors, yet, all within the theme of the main program. If that analogy works, then, last week’s Typhoon Nuri was the opening act for the main weather show. This pushed warm air northward into Alaska (where Bettles broke a high temperature reading on Nov. 12 – 39 degrees (old was 36, set in 1976). A reading of 39 may not seem all that warm, but this is Alaska in November, after all!

Upper level wind forecast for Nov. 2014 as midnight C.S.T. Note the omega-shaped wind pattern across the northeast Pacific, Alaska, and western Canada

Upper level wind forecast for Nov. 2014 as midnight C.S.T. Note the omega-shaped wind pattern across the northeast Pacific, Alaska, and western Canada

That weather event was followed by Monday’s upper Midwest snowstorm. Now, bitterly cold, record-breaking arctic air has paid an early visit to the lower 48 states, bringing more wintry precipitation to some places. And, the weather concert is far from over!

Records started tumbling with Nuri. The typhoon brought record low pressure readings to some places in Alaska and proved to be a monsterous tropical, gone extra-tropical, storm. Then came the Upper Midwest snowstorm. As noted Tuesday, St. Cloud set daily and monthly snowfall records. Other locations have also set precipitation records in the past few days. Wausau, WI, for example, reported 4.5 inches of snow on Nov. 11, breaking its old record of 2.5 inches set in 1933. Little Rock and Harrison (both in Arkansas) reported a record-breaking “trace” of snow on Nov. 12.

The grand prize goes to Marquette, MI on Nov. 11. Here, 16 inches of snow buried the old record of 6 inches (set in 1977). Liquid equivalent precipitation of 1.89 inches submerged the 1.04 inches (set in 1974). Records for Marquette date back to 1961.

Temperatures, however, are providing the greatest performances. While record cold is dominating the program, record warmth is offering a competing perspective. Such out of balance temperature extremes are not uncommon when bitterly cold air starts to replace unseasonably warm air.

Here are just a few of the temperature records broken in the past few days. What is especially impressive is that the geographical area affected is so large. NOTE: even though the period of record is typically not shown, many locations broke records set at least 50 years ago. Thus, it is wise to treat some of the record reports carefully, especially those that only overshadow a record set a few years earlier.

• Tues., Nov. 11 highs:

Dubois, PA – 68 degrees TIED (old was 68, set in 2012)

Elkins, WV – 76 degrees TIED (old was 76, set in 1915)

• Wed., Nov. 12 highs:

Wallops Island, VA – 71 degrees (old was 70, set in 2012)

•Tues., Nov. 11 lows:

Clayton, NM – 10 degrees (old was 15, set in 1940)

•Wed., Nov. 12 lows:

Jerome, ID – 7 degrees (old was 17, set in 1978)

Ontario, OR – 14 degrees (old was 16, set in 1955)

Livingston, MT – minus 21 degrees (old was minus 19, set in 1959). This is also the earliest in the winter season that a temperature this cold has been reached.

Borger, TX – 15 degrees (old was 20, set in 1986)

Dalhart, TX – 14 degrees (old was 16, set in 2012)

Laramie, WY – minus 23 degrees (old was minus 16, set in 2000)

Amarillo and San Antonio’s Bergstrom Field, both in Texas set record low (cold) maximum temperature readings on Nov. 12. The high temperature only reached 21 degrees at Amarillo, shattering the old record of 22 (set in 1920). San Antonio’s Bergstrom Field saw the mercury only reach 51 degrees (old was 52, set in 1976).

Note that record highs were set on Mon., Nov. 10 across the same areas of northwest Texas when Childress, TX reached 87 (old was 85, set in 2012); Borger, TX topped out at 85 (old was 80, set in 2007) and Dalhart, TX soared to 84 (old was 79, set in 1980).

Alliance, NE, Denver, CO and Cape Girardeau, MO also broke record low high readings on Nov. 12. Alliance reached only 12 degrees (old was 15, set in 1940). Denver only reached 6 degrees (old was 9 degrees, set in 1916). Cape Girdardeau topped out at 36 (old was 38, set in 1997).

Watertown, NY (ahead of the advancing arctic air mass) saw its low temperature fall to only 53 degrees on Nov. 11. This set a record high (warm) minimum temperature. The old record was 50 degrees, set in 1970.

California was not to be outdone. More than a dozen southern California locations tied or set records for maximum minimum temperatures on Nov. 11.

These included Long Beach and Burbank with 63-degree readings. Long Beach’s and Burbank’s old records were 59 (set in 2009 and earlier years). San Diego saw a low of 65 (old was 63, set in 1980). San Diego’s weather records date back 100 years to 1914.

All of the above record-keeping would have been impossible without the efforts of National Weather Service offices nationwide. These offices not only issue forecasts, but also maintain a wide array of weather and “climate” records. These include daily, monthly and other records and significant weather events.

The out-of-balance weather pattern can easily be linked to the development of an upper level ridge in Alaska and western Canada and the formation of an extension of the polar vortex over eastern Canada). This wave pattern (which is typical of the upper level jet stream winds) allows warm air to move northward in some places and cold air to plunge southward in others.

The current pattern involves an “Omega” blocking pattern (Fig. 1). Here the winds across Alaska take a path that resembles the capital Greek letter Omega. To the east of the “Omega” block, a large polar vortex feature covers almost all of Canada (even though its center is well to the north).

What is unusual about this scenario is that it is taking place so early in the cool/cold season and that it is so persistent. Both are making the record-breaking weather event newsworthy.

It is also an omen, if you will, of things to come. This type of wave pattern often gets “locked in place.” This allows for a weather pattern to repeat itself over many months. The pattern actually started in late 2013 (or earlier) and has persisted, albeit not always this intensely, since. Several times during the winter of 2013-2014, a “polar vortex” like-feature (Fig. 2), similar to that currently taking place (Fig. 1) led to bitterly cold and snowy weather across parts of the eastern U.S

Forecasts call for the cold weather pattern to persist into next week, possibly intensifying further, along with at least one East Coast storm (Fig. 3), and extended periods of heavy Great Lakes “lake effect” snow, before the wintry grip relaxes a bit late next week (Fig. 4). Cold air and occasional bouts of wintry precipitation will even affect coastal and near coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest. Strong easterly winds have occurred and will continue to affect the Columbia Gorge area near Portland, OR.

Then by Thanksgiving week, warmth is expected to return for much of the eastern U.S., along with the possible risk of heavy rainfall and severe weather in parts of the Deep South (Fig. 5). If this longer term, computer forecast verifies, it will involve yet another dramatic flip-flop in weather conditions.

For the record, astronomical winter doesn’t begin until Dec. 21, 2014. Meteorological winter doesn’t start until Dec. 1, 2014.

Source: Examiner

37 Responses to Climate Engineering Is Creating Increasingly Extreme Weather Fluctuations

  1. Syrian children and Turkish police officers play in Edirne, a Turkish city near the Greek aand Bulgarian border, on Sept.

  2. Sherrie says:

    Thank you for the great reporting. With the technology available today that I feel is affecting the weather, I would like to know why this is being done and how people will be compensated due to property damage, etc. ? I do not think anyone should be interfering with weather systems. Period.

  3. JR says:

    Evil persists from the west of Mesilla Valley, Southwest N.M. with SAG. This spraying would be towards Deming, N.M., Lordsburg, N.M. and no doubt into state of Arizona. To Freedom Ranger evil is just plain evil and can even deceive the very elect. The skies are whited out with powder looking non clouds. I will not call them clouds period, and refuse to accept them as such. I hope those asleep wake up. Evil for most part has been running this world for some time now in much deceit and brainwashing us. Time to take scales off eyes people and help those around us if they will…

  4. Ahimsamaid says:

    Problem, we want peace, ideal conditions in which to flourish and enjoy our lives. But how can we expect this when we continue to make our brothers and sisters, the animals and plant life, suffer hell? Simple logic of action>reaction explains all. Put your hand in the fire you get burnt. We sure have put our hand in the fire, so now we are getting like treatment – and finding out what it is like. Just make the comparison for yourselves… “If you give mercy you will receive mercy. If you do not give mercy you will receive none”.

  5. jack says:

    i may seem crazy, but i cant help but think that strange light in the russian sky may have been a giant controlled explosion pushing AEROSOLS to alter the arctic wind patterd aimed at america. but then agian im probably nuts!

  6. matt says:

    WE NEED TO STOP WORRIE ABOUT ASLEEP PEOPLE!!!!!!????… we need to be the strong that are ready for what we all know is ahead??? a war , being in right place will help, not california or east coast. I am in colorado northern rockies if we were here alone with no ski guest we could be good if geo engeneering was going on and population was not issue. we have snow, water wild live farms, but trees are dead they are spraying and am a nature man a mnt man this makes me want to take it next level…?? but got to take high road have to see the positive till the last breathing min , call it blind fait ,call it over the currant situation something needs to happen, plan for worst, hope for best . also being prepared with food shelter, protection, game plan.. fuck the rest there brain washed zombies in future….??? only the strong openminded can see past the smoke, we are smart lets start acting and stop trying …. some of us can make it the but not all face it, depopulation is going down weather your girlfriend, co-worker, or even parent not trusting there own….. does not matter will not over take the powers plus its all but done, they been planing for 30 60 years…??/ SORRY we will not take they over or stop there planes from spraying WAKE UP AGAIN !!!! your still half ASLEEP go all in you know its going to HAPPEN !!!! your town, even your city all seeing it does not change anythingSORRY … but shasta ca???? come on man i love people but something went wrong last 3 to 5 years, WRITE IT UP TO H.A.A.R.P. MIND CONTROL THE JAMACAINS SAID IT YEARS AGO BOB MARLEY ????? HOW MUCH CAN WE TAKE BEFORE YOU AT LEAST GET OUT OF CALIFORNIA REALLY GET OUT NOW BEFORE THEY DONT LET YOU !!!! I BEEN AWAKE TOO LONG ……………………………………………….I SEE IT ALL… WISH I COULD FALL ASLEEP IT WOULD BE EASY TO FALL ASLEEP ??? BLISS?? WE AWAKE HAVE SEEN TO MUCH… WATCH IT ALL FALL DOWN … LIKE A CENTENNIAL I SEE IT ALL… RISE AGAINST MUSIC THEY ARE AWAKE IF YOU LISTEN TO THERE MUSIC …. THING IF YOUR IN CALIFORNIA ABOUT GETTING OUT HEAD NORTH COLORADO WYOMING MONTANA … SOME FIGHT ARE WORTH FIGHTING TILL MUCH LATER THE FIRST PART IS LOST IN MOTION FOR YEARS MOVE ON ……….OR PROVE ME WRONG I HOPE …

  7. Nigel says:

    Traveling west on the train on the 18th from new Mexico to CA, across many pueblo lands. The sky started out clear blue but quickly became a soup of chemtrails and ugly haze. Its mentally depressing to see this kind of destruction happening and feeling helpless to do anything. I have to think that perhaps the native americans might have a louder voice because this poisoning of the air land and water is being done on their sovereign lands.

    In Albuquerque they have a very large event called the “Gathering of Nations” It’s a massive Pow Wow. It would be great if Dane could speak at this event and get some political momentum going.

    I am white, but have several native American friends who are also well aware of this chemtrail activity. I think this could get some national attention which is very much needed if we are going to stop this.

  8. Earth Angel says:

    Yes Matt, I am sure they will be slinging this $*#% at us as long as they can..It looks to be a long difficult exhausting winter for most of the USA. 🙁

  9. Freedom Ranger says:

    JR I think they simply have enough sociopaths in positions of power to run the show. The powers that be have made sure every police department is majority sociopath, every air force pilot/airline pilot involved, militay commander, every bureaucrat, every scum of the earth politician, every blood sucking parasite pretty much is on board with their program ergo reptilian brain DNA propagation and survival. We are protesting to people who know full well what is going on and are actively engaged in our dissolution if you will. Their aim is to get rid of us, those with altruistic/human genetics and characteristics, they want us out of the mix. It is Darwinian evolution playing out on the human race. The sociopathic/reptilian brain humans have deemed that humanity cannot survive unless it is comprised of only Sociopathic/reptilian brain DNA dominant, altruistic humans are far too great a threat to their heirarchy. We have divided ourselves, we have made system which have allowed these sociopaths to take control and now they are doing what comes natural to reptilian brain sociopaths, they are premptively executing a plan for our annihilation and their genetic victory. It matters very little if only 1/100th, 1/1000th or even 1/10000th of humanity remains as long as it is comprised of the sociopathic/reptilian brain DNA types. Those who submit to the Draconian social caste system are the only ones worthy of life in our rulers eyes. This is what is happening to us I believe. There is so much more to geo engineering than controlling the weather, I am 100% certain controlling the weather is just the tip of the iceberg with these types at the helm. Just look at the scientists who know the truth but lie to your face. They know what is happening about to happen,it is called survival of the fittest. They keep their mouth shut and submit to a savage reptilian amoral system in order to survive and in their eyes only those without morals can survive, because these scientist are smart and they are betting on who they perceive as the winners in this battle, Sociopathic DNA. They are creating a situation where an ARTIFICIALLY FIT caste will survive. What I mean by artificial is they have imposed the conditions of our destruction and made safe their genetics through artificial means ie undergrounds cities, bunkers, seed vaults etc… The philosophy is submissive/sociopath DNA is dominant, it is what should survive. They mean to kill everyone who is not possessed of this DNA type. Its obvious. Now begins the battle for humanities soul if it is not over already.

  10. matt says:

    THE WEATHER IN NY IS CRAZY ……… people are saying its the worse snow storm ever there and its FALL. how stupid are people not to see this is going worse by the day……. they are going to freeze the upper mid-west and not bring them food to stores things will chance fast i think next 2 months will be going next level you can bet on it almost>>> its not good there is almost no GOOD LEFT ….. food price will not stop now load up on food its going to be gone from stores soon maybe to soon ….

  11. JR says:

    Today 11/18/14 in Southwest N.M. skies due west towards Mexican border south and U.S. boundary (west) the area was hammered with SAG. This crap would be blowing over Juarez, Mexico and of course right into El Paso, Texas being as their across from each other.
    The sorry lowlifes were below due southward from yesterday’s massive spraying as I posted here, estimated 50 miles difference give or take. It’s all coordinated folks, you just don’t change flight patterns for nothing on a whim from what one would think normal. Some flights were overhead in normal patterns as seen daily for years with those exceptions. The local weather was as yesterday, no snow or ice, rain or such, you figure? Whatever their goal, I believe their timeframe is running short and in a hurry to finish what they started brain dead scum of the earth. They have blood on their hands with loss of peoples lives with all the havoc and oppression done by them, no doubt.

  12. Rachel Robson says:

    I agree with Ana. Though some countries are not NATO, but NATO friendly, but not all. And not all are doing this. But most are. I keep wondering if we’ve thrown the world into a polar reversal. We are due for one. I’ve been studying this phenomena for a couple of decades as when I first read about it, then saw PBS shows about it, including the fact that some humans did live through the last one, I thought how elegant! What an elegant system for the earth to adjust and cleanse itself. But a rough ride to say the least. There are complete reversals, partial, and what they call wanders. If this was the case, no one would say because the implications are so very dire. It is or was the only thing I once knew that could make the jet stream act the way it has been. If this was the case, I think governments would throw everything they had at it. If known, populations would panic big time. I do wonder for the same reasons Ana wonders.

  13. Earth Angel says:

    Yes Odd Person Out- It’s just too horrible for most people to contemplate. Thank goodness for the growing number of brave souls who are able to analyze and process what is happening around us. Keep on keeping on..I hope we will break through the ignorance, fear and stupor.

  14. The Zionist world BANKSTERS hard at work with your tax dollars = boycott the illegal IRS .Hitler turned to trade and barter to rebuild Germany and the Jews orchestrated WW2 to destroy the productive Germans.
    Adolf Hitler – The untold TRUE story: .BOYCOTT Zionist Jew DC,Wall ST,the Worldbanker Facists.

  15. Laurie Jo says:

    AMEN WandaKate!

  16. Laurie Jo says:

    Going to refill with aluminum I suppose.

  17. jefe says:

    I just got a phone call from our newspaper, the Contra Costa Times– they’re planning to publish my chemtrail letter! It’s in response to their articles about CA’s drought.

  18. The Haarp Report .Heavy Aerosols Maintain Polar Vortex, on 11 08 14.

  19. Earth Angel says:

    I am furious about this! Last winter was miserable enough here in the southeast of the USA. So hard on us all; our animals & livestock. We should NOT be having this kind of cold so early in the fall season nor the wild temperature swings. I’ve lived for 50 yrs. in this area, grew up here. Yesterday and today we are suffering lows in the teens and twenties with wind chills around 5-15 degrees. The high today barely got above freezing. Just days ago it was near 60 degrees. Now they are calling for temps. to rise to near 70 degrees by next Sunday with potential for damaging storms. UNHEARD OF for this time of year in our climate! I also notice often now the wind blows in from an opposing or different direction than the clouds bringing the rain do. HELLO!! It used to be that the WIND was what BROUGHT the clouds bearing the weather systems in. Whats happened here?? (Can we all say HAARP?!)I wish I could get my hands around the necks of the people responsible for producing this widespread misery..I should like to make them pay dearly for their sins against humanity and nature. I sure hope someone delivers them the justice they deserve and quickly.

  20. btruth says:

    Scalar weaponry, TTA, HAARP, Telsa tech, weather warfare aside, we have another elephant in the room;
    In 2010 the Gulf Stream was purposefully stalled, via the PLANNED ONGOING E.L.E. called the BP OIL RIG DISASTER. The Gulf stream regulates the North American JET STREAM! The Gulf stream was already weakening, but was accelerated to collapse, with help from ocean water temperature manipulation, which influence/change the natural current structure. Although unfortunately, weather control is still the real & present danger/E.L.E. for the entire planet!

  21. JF says:

    They have been spraying heavy again here in Southern California. Went for a walk at dawn, and there were already chemtrails in the sky. Its now about 1 pm and the sky is hazy and milky looking again. How do they get away with this crap!

  22. Odd Person Out says:

    Oregon’s Willamette Valley in the I-5 corridor is hammered daily. Horrible ugly patterns of gray streaks and abnormal icy cold air and almost constant haze. I’ve lived here for 31 years and it used to be a temperate climate in the Pacific Northwest…not too hot in the summer, not too cold in the winter. Now it’s from one extreme to the other and hardly any mid-range temperatures for any decent length of time. In trying to discuss the obvious with so-called progressive friends and co-workers, I am astounded at people’s resistance to believing geoengineering is happening.

  23. June says:

    Another comment…This morning 11/18/2014, approximately 10:15AM- There’s a highly unusual amount of white jets flying over the desert sky heading north. No unusual trails from them. Just a lot of them passing by. I counted 10 in less than a 15 minute time frame. It’s odd and spokey. Where could they all be going?

  24. Anna Wadhurst UK says:

    I agree. I read the Moscow times and often photos with severe trailed skies. So can only conclude that whatever the purpose is, they feel they need to do it too. We did not see any trails in Sweden recently? but driving then into Holland & France the sky was trailed just like the UK again. Are Sweden ‘not’ doing this?

  25. wandakate says:

    What they are doing is trying to play GOD. GOD originally controlled the weather and it’s his job, not ours. WHY do these people take things that are of GOD and put them in their own hands. Thundersnow, who ever came up with that? I’ve been here for any years and never knew about thundersnow…
    Playing GOD is BAD, and it’s ruining the atmosphere, and causing havoc with the earth’s ecology.
    LEAVE IT ALONE, STOP MESSING WITH IT, AND LET NATURE TAKE IT’S COURSE AND DO WHAT GOD INTENTED AND NOT WHAT MAN INTENDED. GOD does not want this, and He is going to cause us to be sorry that we are trying to play GOD and do this our way instead of His way…

  26. June says:

    The airplanes and their chemical trails have been clobbering the skies over southern Arizona day after day and night after night. I hear the humming of the planes in the night and think to myself that it sounds like a war zone outside. I live away from the city in an area that was once silent in the night, except for the sounds of crickets and frogs.

    When I wake up in the morning and look outside, the sky looks like it’s been crapped on. Its face is covered in scars. It so sad loooking, and so vey unnatural.

    The fake chemical haze blocks our sunshine, chases away normal rain clouds and traps heat in at night. As a result, average temperatures have been going up here, and 2014 is predicted to be a record warm winter in southern AZ.

    I’ve lived in this area for about 30 years. Used to be the weather people got the forecast right, because it’s typically almost always sunny here with little rain. Now the weather people rarely get the forecast right. They’ll predict clear, sunny skies, but what ends up happening is that the skies are “hazy” due to chemical spraying. You’d think the weather peolpe would be speaking up about this and how they can’t even do their jobs properly because of the aerosol spraying.

    I worry about all the unnaturalness of this and what it’s doing to our air, water and soil, as well as the aesthetics of the sky and nature. I feel like I am literally living in a chemical haze.

    I don’t understand how this can go on day after day and night after night. I’ve contacted my senators and local media about this, but nothing changes. When will enough people wake up and look up and realize that what they’re seeing is not normal clouds or normal contrails? Streaks across the sky is not normal.

    We must continue to talk about this and educate people about this because when enough people realize what’s going on and decide to speak up, then, hopefully, the chemical spraying will cease.

  27. Douglas Holbert says:

    Where can I get copies of the maps. Weekly. I need these for my research on the solar cycle and the sunspots. I need them for the world and not just localized.

  28. james says:

    i wonder if the HAARP working it’s “magic” which created the giant high pressure in the Alaskan Gulf is also the cause of the Alaskan volcano which has recently been active but has suddenly become quiet …

  29. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Instead of the ice bucket challenge, I challenge you to call your legislators and tell them to stop the toxic spraying of our skies.
    You speak to their secretaries, just tell them to pass on your message.

  30. JR says:

    Today over Southwestern N.M. sky big time SAG, chemtrails laid out mostly from west-northwest towards east-southeast flights. This trash seemed to have hovered and stayed mostly to where the sun would lay in west. They looked like the ice built up in the freezer of your fridge, whited out hovering and just hanging there. It got cold and has been getting colder it seems to early as article states above here. Remember I’ve stated our rain or snow clouds are being busted to nothing when they come, though none were present today. The lowlifes won’t have them stay present in all evil. Good night to all.

  31. Tomola says:

    Ken mentions Russia. There was a lengthy TV programme on the BBC very recently about railway travel in Russia. Much of the footage included shots of the sky and on several occasions there was clear evidence of of large scale geoengineering operations taking place in that country. There is no escape!

  32. Ana says:

    Good question Ken:
    Why so many other countries agree with these geoengennering programes (almost all the world governments cause i think are all ONU or UNO(United Nations organization countries )?and they are United on doing these programmes(including Russia and China),Why?Does it makes sense that none of these countries would not agree with implementing these programes in their own countries? why in all these countries their scientists would all agree that these weather programes would be beneficial to fight global warming on the planet as some people argue? isn´t it suspicious? Specially when we know that clouding the skies will not stop global warming at all (if they want to put more crap such as CO2 or Vulcano dust in ionosphere how this can avoid global warming from happening day afther day ? Couldn´t part of the heat of the sun be traped on these substances above somehow?( i heard the jj Mccartney and all he said makes sense to me -If i understood well that´s what he meant :nobody can fully reflect the sun and it will be traped between the top and the bottom of the ocean somehow!)
    In my opinion they are gaining time as Dane said in his interview with J.J. and it´s a big picture not seen yet if we just see things seperatly .It also seems to be an agreement between the powerful people of the world and for them geoengeneering in our skies must be kept in secret as long as possible.for sure this can´t be just what some clame it to be :”fighting global warming” if no media talks about these programes taking place(when we see chemtrails everyday in our skies) and no single government seems to disagree with this weather programmes (once that they are implementing these weather modifications in their countries) and it makes no sense to me cause not every head thinks the same way,why scientist or geoengineers would all had to think the same in every place in the world? …wich means (in my opinion) that this must be something very serious and related with our Ecossystem ,maybe the damages on the planet are already too big and perhaphs they don´t have the courage (or have the fear) to tell us(cause many questions would be asked and many top secret weather programmes since 40´s would be discovered ) …what they are expecting to happen(they must know something) or their plans for escaping of all this chaos they created i don´t know…but every place in the world having these trails in the skies it´s not natural and can not be just inocent “contrails” coming and going everyday making geometric lines and draws in the sky,does it make any sense? and if it is on every sky and if it was for our common good why so much secrecy? Aftherall they already are bombing us (in the Media) with the global warming and the world meeting to agreement of reduction of Co2 emissions? Aren´t these meetings well known (that is just them doing the talking and just giving us what they want us to see it…) or are not also known the global warming or clima change “events”? Even Leo Di caprio and others public figures talk about it!(an issue very “fashion” between the “stars” nowadays)…but they never talk about chemtrails or geoengeneering,in my opinion very strange ,they would have to talk about it if it was really a serious debate in the world- in my opinion theater again !…

  33. michael Hendershot says:

    Watching all this in Southwestern California folks… lived here all my life with 50 years lived in Southern California near the coast… I miss natural clouds and the rain were being shorted… Thank you Dane for your ministry to us… I find most in America have no idea what I’m schooling them on and the others are the typical Apathetic Americans… sad.

  34. kathleen gabel says:

    It completely defies logic! that it could be warm in Alaska, and thirty below anywhere in the lower 48. I IMAGINE IT EVEN DEFIES THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

  35. concerned in Cali says:

    “They tried to bury us .” They didn’t know we were seeds .”. – Mexican proverb….

  36. Ken says:

    IT makes me wonder how they have managed to sell this madness to SO many other countries. How did they get so many countries governments to agree to this?

    It appears to me to be a NATO operation and in all their member countries.
    I think we don’t know too much about Russia’s involvement, but I have yet to see anything on RT.

    We have to keep pushing at all media venues and expose the liars to the “day of light”. Critical mass can be reached and we are getting closer.
    Thanks so much Dane

  37. Rex M. Vaughn says:

    Thank You Dane, and

    GOD Bless You!

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