Dane Wigington And Josefina Martin Of Skyguards Discuss Geoengineering


This discussion of climate engineering and relating global threats took place just after a major presentation given to Shasta County Supervisors on geoengineering by numerous experts with hundreds of Northern California citizens in attendance. Josefina Martin of “Skyguards” came all the way from Spain to attend the Shasta County event. The Skyguards group is working with the EU in the effort to expose climate engineering. My thanks to Deborah Whitman of “Environmental Voices” for filming this discussion.
Dane Wigington


5 Responses to Dane Wigington And Josefina Martin Of Skyguards Discuss Geoengineering

  1. Earth Angel says:

    This was another very inspiring interview. Thank you to all those who made it possible. The good people of the world are waking up and becoming motivated. We WILL make a positive difference in the equation.

  2. Elissa David says:

    Dane, thank you for expressing my exact feelings about this terrible nightmare that we have no control over. I feel so desperate when I see all the complacency, and I will do whatever I can to protect and preserve the environment for my children. I only hope that my family, friends and neighbors can understand that we must stand united to make a positive difference. So grateful for you and your work.

  3. Tony Browne says:

    Thanks for what you do guys, i have 3 children and will do whatever it takes to expose and bring the elite scum to task for this, wake up people

  4. Hello Jane Kean, I too agree with you , but ‘ sense ‘the natural bio-feed back systems will correct these insults , We may go thru an extinction event , but Nature will always re-balance Her-self , even if it takes millions of years .

  5. Jane Kean says:

    Dane I’m with you every step of the way. However bringing down the psychopaths with evil intent who hold most of the cards at this present moment is to my mind more important than any single issue, they are impossible to reason with! I agree another Nuremburg should be instigated but I just can’t get my head around how this can happen before their last desperate cards are dealt, we are in the last days. Fear mongering is wreaking havoc, people appear to be pussy cats! So many methods could leverage the situation in our favour, populations opting out of every known state system, schooling, medical treatment, energy, the 9 to 5 job, capitalism and paying tax, plus reclaiming what rightfully belongs to us all air land and water. I am a philanthropic business angel to craftsmen teaching alternative business strategy, living what I preach. It IS possible to exist outside present known norms people need to brave up, regroup and fight back. Here in France I’m about to go door to door talking about the One World Government take over; tackle the tourist industry ( which in some cases seems to be down by 70% due to the weather!! ) and enlighten the wine industry whose vines are dying. My knowledge comes straight from my mother who in 1947 helped set up the Iron and Steel industry in South Africa on behalf of the British government. With insider knowledge she then spent the rest of her life warning people of the coming One World government and total dictatorship. Each of us in our own way must work even harder even if ultimately it means resorting to a fight.

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