David Keith Continues His Campaign of Disinformation and Deception


The military/media/industrial complex and their PR puppets like David Keith are still pushing the blatant lie that climate engineering is only a proposal. How long will the public buy this official lie and thus deny what they see with their own eyes?

Dane Wigington

If you don’t believe there is spraying occurring in our skies, view the 90 second video below

Geoengineer David Keith has just crawled out from under his rock again after the beating he took on the Colbert Report some time back. On the Colbert Report, Keith proposes dumping 20 THOUSAND TONS OF SULFUR into the atmosphere. This is in stark contrast to his earlier proposals of spraying 20 MILLION TONS OF ALUMINUM into the atmosphere. Further, Keith flatly denies that geoengineeing has long since been a lethal reality, this is simply false.

Military KC 10 tanker spraying at altitude, 2 minutes +

Keith continues to be a public relations prop for the global geoengineers, helping the weather makers to hide their crimes by pretenting the atmospheric spraying is just a “proposal”.

Viewing the first 14+ minutes of the film below is greatly revealing in regard to the reality of the global spraying and David Keith’s incredibly cavalier attitude toward the toxic effects of the same. Keith comes into the video at about the 6 minute mark, but the first 6 minutes are still relevant for the conclusion.

So whats the bottom line with David Keith? He pretents not to know climate engineering has been going on for decades. Keith also pretends not to know that geoengineering programs have long since been wreaking havoc around the globe and poisoning the entire planet. Finally, in the article below, you will see that Mr. Keith wants to convince us all that the deadly climate engineering programs will in fact save us all. This is what Mr. Keith is paid to say and it seems he does so with no regard for the real truth, climate engineering and its toxic fall out is killing the entire planet day in and day out. Its up to all of us to expose people like David Keith for what they are, accessories to the greatest crime in human history.  Global climate engineering is pounding the nails into our collective coffins, let’s all do everything possible to sound the alarm and shine the light on people like David Keith.


David Keith: “Give Geoengineering a Chance to Fix Climate Change”

If you want to see sparks fly, try suggesting geoengineering as a solution to global warming

By Chris Wodskou, CBC News Posted: Mar 29, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Mar 29, 2014 4:38 PM ET

There may indeed be broad agreement among scientists that climate change is happening, humans are causing it and urgent action is needed to prevent a global disaster. New reports from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change only add to the weight of science’s verdict on the subject. Just what to do about climate change, however – and how quickly – is still a matter of intense political and policy debate.

And if you really want to see the sparks fly, try suggesting geoengineering as a solution to global warming.


David Keith took first prize in Canada’s national physics prize exam, won MIT’s prize for excellence in experimental physics, and was listed as one of TIME magazine’s Heroes of the Environment for 2009. A proponent of geoengineering to address climate change, he’s now a professor of applied physics and of public policy at Harvard University. (Courtesy Harvard)

​As the term implies, geoengineering is engineering on a planetary scale.

Geoengineering is an attempt to arrest the course of climate change through a number of different schemes, such as seeding the atmosphere with reflective particles. Or putting gigantic mirrors in orbit around the Earth to reflect sunlight back to space. Or fertilizing the ocean with iron to stimulate the growth of carbon-absorbing plankton.

For a lot of people, it sounds like mad science.

And geoengineering has been a magnet for controversy and criticism. Its opponents include some of the world’s most prominent environmentalists, including David Suzuki and Al Gore.

Earlier this year, in fact, the former U.S. Vice President said the very idea of geoengineering is “insane, utterly mad and delusional in the extreme.” He added, “the fact that some scientists who should know better are actually engaged in serious discussion of those alternatives is a mark of how desperate some of them are feeling due to the paralysis in the global political system.”

But Canadian environmental engineer David Keith is taken seriously by policymakers and scientists when he speaks about the possibilities of geoengineering.

Keith was a long-time professor at the University of Calgary and is now a Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Gordon McKay Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. He’s particularly interested in solar geoengineering, or solar radiation management, which would involve putting tiny sulphur particles into the stratosphere, where they would reflect solar energy back to space.

In his new book, A Case for Climate Engineering, Keith says geoengineering is a “brutally ugly technical fix.” He cheerfully admits he has a lot of qualms about it as a technology that could have dangerous and unintended consequences, and that it doesn’t address the root cause of climate change: the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

But, as Keith told The Sunday Edition’s Michael Enright in an interview, that doesn’t mean we should ignore the fact that it could rapidly lower the Earth’s temperature and counteract some of the effects of climate change.

It’s technically feasible and relatively inexpensive to do, he adds.

And given how the global community has dragged its heels on reducing emissions, he argues, a crude, quick fix for climate change may become necessary in the decades ahead.

“I think the important point is that it’s not hard to do, that all the hard questions are about whether we should do it, who controls it, how well it works.”

Keith also acknowledges the danger that if geoengineering were to become seen as a proven solution to rising global temperatures, there would be a strong temptation to forego costly emissions reductions and simply press ahead with geoengineering to counteract the results of rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere instead.

“You [need to] do geoengineering during the time that you slow down emissions. In the long run, you have to bring emissions to zero,” he says.

According to Keith, if we want a stable climate, we must eventually stop putting more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. “Carbon dioxide is like filling a bathtub. The climate risk comes from the historical sum of all emissions. The only way to stop adding to that risk is to stop putting more carbon dioxide in.”

“But let’s say you’re going to stop carbon dioxide emissions over 100 years. If you do this solar geoengineering, you could spread out the climate change over 200 years, slowing down the amount of climate change, and I would say most climate risks have to do with the rate of change.”

Keith is not calling for an immediate adoption of geoengineering. What he wants to see is scientific and political energy poured into research into geoengineering’s possibilities and risks, and a robust public debate so that informed policy decisions can be made about whether it’s a viable tool to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/give-geoengineering-a-chance-to-fix-climate-change-david-keith-1.2586882

20 Responses to David Keith Continues His Campaign of Disinformation and Deception

  1. Tim says:

    This guy lies so much that he forgets what toxins he wants to spray.

  2. barbara moore says:

    I echo your comment Debra. We all must stick together and encourage each other. It may seem as if God has forsaken us, He has NOT….He said He would intervene before we destroy ourselves……Believe it, only believe…….

  3. barbara moore says:

    I live just south of Cocoa Beach and see this constantly. The bright sunshine is no more. Wonder why people do not notice this.. Saw 3 planes at one time April 3. We need to really shout so that the sleeping will awaken.

  4. Debra says:


    I live in NH..The Geo engineering has been going on non stop since, last night. The “light’ blue sky and sunshine we had this morning was gone at around.. 1:30..as planned. In dismay I watched the sky from a window at work all morning as planes spewed the intended poison.. The whole sky turned a sheet of gray within 3 hours! I have four children. My youngest and only son is 30 yrs old. He is precious to me. Of course the girls are too. 🙂 I didn’t want to keep talking about it (Chemtrails) to my Son, because..He has hopes and dreams for his future! The girls do too,of course. Everyone does! I had hopes and dreams when I was young and never did I worry that my dreams would never come true because my Govt wanted to take them all away. A home in the country..fresh vegetables from my garden..healthy chickens for healthy eggs, a blue sky..and real rain drops, real snow flakes! Where have they gone? Health insurance from a job!!

    How can we tell our Children to ‘forget it?!’ But, as sad and tragic as this is, our Children need to know the Truth so they can prepare. If, they can prepare. Financially, no one can afford anything anymore but to survive, you know? Live.

    I guess at this time it will be more of a preparation of character, strength and faith. Every day my throat burns as tears well up in my eyes just thinking about All Our Children. I’ve had a very hard time staying ‘calm’ during the past few months..Very Hard. As I told Dane, my own son wrote to me..”Your losing it, Mom”. But, I’ve come to realize, I need to stay calm and now, thanks to Dane, (Thank you, Dane) I now have a support group. I’m not alone anymore! I thought I was losing my mind. ha ha ha.. (gotta keep your sense of humor) I’m not losing my mind after all. I want my children to know that I love them and I’ll always be here for them. They are young, beautiful and innocent. They just want to live, love their children and be happy. I’ll do what ever I am called to do. Maybe this is my calling. I’ll make myself available and assist in this great endeavor to save our planet and our children, our grand children, great grand children and if the Lord tarries..I’ll be here as long as He wills for me to help in our time of need. It’s up to Him. Fear Not .. I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
    Read John 16:33

  5. Gene Maynard says:

    There is a Way Out
    Hell is Not Utopia and Hell Can’t be Fixed
    I am sending this to Geoengineering Watch.Org as well as posting it on my blog, End Day Biblical Truth. Their traffic is immensely greater than mine so I hope it will be posted. Just as God said it would, the earth and all earth life is being destroyed. Flora and Fauna as well as all atmospheric life supports. Most reading this will probably see nothing new. What I believe needs to be new is this; The idealistic, unrealistic, utopian, starry eyed, notion that men are inherently good but simply make mistakes that when only pointed out to them will be quickly corrected, must change. Reality must displace this visionary, quixotic, Disneyland existence America has imprisoned itself in. The reality you need to be aware of is this; you and your children are closer to death than you could ever have imagined! This is not conjecture but rather fact. Conjecture presumes incomplete evidence. I believe anyone who still has a brain wave would say we passed the incomplete evidence stage long ago.
    Geoengineering is much more than Solar Radiation Management (SRM), or Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). It also seems very much about Population Control through Democide (PCD). Too many things are showing up in chemtrails that have nothing to do with reflecting the sun’s rays, such as Bioaerosols. If reflecting the sun’s rays back to space was ever the true intention, then I believe it quickly morphed into something far more sinister and evil. I don’t know all the scientific terms but Bioaerosols are microscopic particles of biological origin. Desiccated, these aerosolized particles float in the air indefinitely being inhaled by all with each breath we take. They carry different mycotoxins and bacteria that invade your home and clothes, and lodge in your nasal passages and airways. Mold and other toxic spores are associated with this, some causing pneumonia and tuberculosis, as well as other terrible maladies. When these particles finally come down as rain or snow, the ground and all the drinking water is contaminated. Water and wind also separate these particles making them even more life destructive when inhaled or taken in by drinking water. The poly fibers I would think are also part of the directional technology associated with these Bioaerosols. Nothing seems to be as they say. For instance, aero-soled aluminum can certainly reflect sun rays but it also reflects it in both directions making the earth much hotter. These people are smart; do you believe for a minute they don’t know this? An aluminum laden atmosphere can also greatly enhance cold or hot temperatures, the same with a human body filled with metal. And what do GMO foods have to do with anything pertaining to moral consciousness? The only apparent goal can only be the kind of greed that ultimately will end in death of even the perpetrators. Even their vaulted seeds are useless. Where will they grow them? Even their biospheres are polluted for the same reason as everything else. Will they grow them in space? They have even altered that in their imagined brilliance.
    My main point is this; I hear many voices that seem to be calling for a critical mass uprising. Critical mass is good. By that I mean knowledge and awareness are essential elements but either without wisdom and common sense can be deadly. Some comments seem to be saying if we’re going to die, don’t go down without a fight. My plea is with those who would advocate this is to stop and use wisdom, because this would be suicide. The wisdom in choosing suicide over democide escapes me. God has promised if we turn to Him He will make our enemies His enemies and He will deliver us. There is hope in this because God is real. There is no hope whatsoever in suicide. Vengeance sounds like it would give us satisfaction and closure but all it will bring is misery and suffering. Even you who would not advocate this violence; do you really believe when it comes you will be immune? There will be no distinction between you and your children over those who would advocate this as an answer. The answer to 1984 is not 1776. That is simply folly, this is not 1776! Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, nuclear; all can kill millions in an instant; musket fire takes forever. Be wise. At least musket fire discriminated to one bullet per person. In a weather or nuclear war, death would not discriminate! I want my children and grandchildren to live and I know you do as well, but the result of that kind of thinking I assure you will bring misery and death untold on you and your family! Are these people going to stop what they are doing? No! They cannot and will not! Two years ago three members of my immediate family died within one year of each other. Two died with fast growing cancers and one suddenly developing a respiratory problem. These people are fully aware of the suffering they are causing, if that meant anything they would have stopped long ago. If their hand is forced it will only escalate to a level we do not want to contemplate. For them to stop would mean to admit truth which is impossible for Satan. He is the “god of this world” and the “father of lies”. All who are participating in this destruction believe they have the means to live forever but they are deceived. The deceivers themselves are deceived. They believe they are in control of what they are doing. They don’t realize they themselves are helpless pawns on a stage much too immense for them to even fathom, much less control. The god they are serving hates them as much as he hates you and I. He is using them for his own selfish means, he too will be destroyed. They will not survive what they are doing. But neither will you and I unless we turn to God and believe He loves us and will deliver us. You may be reading this as one who has never considered the God of the Bible to be real. That doesn’t matter, He loves you anyway and all you have to do is accept that and place your life in His hands. I don’t mean go to church or talk to a preacher or pastor. Do not do either of those! Simply where you are this very minute accept what God says at face value and trust Him to deliver you and slay your enemies!

  6. Michel Pelletier says:

    Drove down to Florida from Montreal.We saw painted skies in Quebec,Ontario,New York,Pennsylvania,West Virginia,North Carolina,South Carolina,Georgia and Florida.We saw at least 20 aircraft doing the painting.
    This morning in Cocoa beach saw aircraft painting the
    sky until it became a gray cloud cover.What can I say
    insanity rules while most us sleep.

  7. Anthony says:

    Hang every fucking one of them. Anyone involved, anyone who profits from it, anyone who covers it up. Hang them all.

  8. skywatchergrandma says:

    I read the April fools article on Huffington Post. Just amazing that there where only 3 comments. That doesn’t even make sense to me. I wanted to post but they want your life history to do so. I’m so sick of all of this. Everyday there are articles about climate change and how they might have to geoengineer. I like to read comments and there are people who are falling for all of this, thinking it is a good idea. I’ve posted do you know what is in the spray? I guess they either don’t know or think it’s ok to have all that crap fall on us. To me this article was just another one of so many that is telling us what is going on without admitting it. When people read this stuff why aren’t they thinking, my gosh that is what I see in the sky everyday!
    When are these so called smart people with all these big ideas going to wake up to the fact that they are causing global warming and climate change? They are destroying this beautiful planet we live on. Every living thing needs the sun. The planet needs the sun to function properly, why would you block it? The earth has taken care of itself for billions of years, it does not need mans schemes to change it. I am so sad, mad, and frustrated over this, and just want it to stop!

  9. Gene Maynard says:

    The Weather Channel’s predicted high today is 77; at 3:00pm in the shade my thermometer registers 87. In the direct sunlight at the same time it is 93. Yesterday the Weather Channel’s “observed” high was recorded at 2:00 pm for some reason, they posted 69. At 2:00 yesterday my thermometer registered 78 in the shade and 98 in the direct sunlight. Three planes are working feverishly right now over my house. I am afraid this is going to be an extremely hot summer. These temps are at least two months early. Seriously, brace yourself, it is looking like they are not going to be able pull this cool down off. One distraction after another doesn’t cool the temps one bit. The more they spray the hotter it seems to get as it traps the heat earth side. Wear plenty of sun screen and look to God.

  10. Rebel Siren says:

    According to my research on disinformation, it looks like “JK” stands for “Just Kidding” and that he/she is a troll who intentionally posted it knowing it was April Fool’s “joke”. http://rebelsiren.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/dispelling-internet-disinformation-tactics-debunking-the-debunkers/

    Aside from the Huffpost writer’s attempt at making light of geoengineering, the question is, will it capture the attention of people that otherwise might not listen, or fuel the trolls that will use it to try to “discredit” us? Likely both. But, regardless of the humorous aspect of the Huffpost April Fool’s joke piece, there is much truth in that article that people should be aware of, so perhaps it was the writers way of sneaking the topic of geoengineering into the mainstream?

    Let’s take a closer look, this is a piece by the same writer (and linked in the Huffpost article) dated Feb. 2, 2012, so apparently this guy has been thinking about geoengineering for a while. It’s unclear whether he’s for it or against it, nonetheless, he acknowledged it, which is a step forward: https://blogs.nicholas.duke.edu/thegreengrok/geoengineering-srm/

    So then, is his Huffpost piece a “trick” to soften the blow of the realities of climate engineering? Well, the same could be (and has been) said for the Colbert Nation clip where David Keith was on to promote his new book, “A Case For Climate Engineering”… People laugh and clap, but it’s not so funny when we consider that David Keith is deadly serious about aerially spraying 20,000 TONS of SULPHURIC ACID as a “solution”, and is likely promoting his book on the comedy network as a strategy to keep people confused, or at least not freak them out as it would if it were on the mainstream news. People would react a lot differently like, “holy s#!+, he’s going to poison us”, but on Colbert Nation it’s like, “hahaha, that’s so funny”, but at least people are finally talking about it (not for the bogus reason David Keith states in the clip), and starting to realize it’s in fact a reality and not some “far fetched conspiracy theory”. http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/lv0hd2/david-keith

    If we want to know what the writer’s intentions were, perhaps we should contact him and ask. Depending on what he says, the recommendation could be made that he switch from Duke to Harvard for more up to date information about geoengineering science and governance: http://environment.harvard.edu/geoengineering

  11. Steve says:

    Sorry, JK, that article is a Huffpost April Fool’s PRANK
    (see last line in article) Unfortunately, HAARP and SAG
    programs for the last 20 years are NOT a prank. I wish they were…

  12. Alan Conrad says:

    that huffpost link is an april fools “joke”

  13. Rebel Siren says:

    As always, Dane, thank you for your tireless efforts and continuing to spread the word & increase awareness about these harmful global programs!

    In the Colbert Nation segment to promote his book,”A Case For Climate Engineering”, David Keith openly admitted that his solution is to aerially spray 20,000 tons of SULPHURIC ACID globally and states that it will “rain down” on us and kill 10,000 more people than the existing pollution already does. He attempts to slyly put a spin on it to make it appear somehow benevolent, but those of us that have clarity beyond the mainstream spin, can clearly see the reality of the devastation.

    SULPHURIC ACID is highly corrosive and toxic to humans, animals, and vegetation. To put this into biblical terms, sulphur a.k.a. brimstone, is associated with “hell”, therefore, some might conclude that David Keith,(and his partners in crime), are turning this once pristine planet into HELL. Would that make him “the devil”? Or “the devil’s minion? Perhaps that is best left up to the religious institutions of the world to debate. Biblical references aside, David Keith is playing with fire at the expense of this planet and all life on it; apart from any religious connotation, that fact is indisputable.

    Although Colbert Nation is technically “comedy”, David Keith is deadly serious, and this is no laughing matter. If anyone missed this show when it aired in December and haven’t seen the clip, here it is: http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/lv0hd2/david-keith

  14. Mr.B says:

    Hey Dane,

    I’m a bit bashful/apprehensive about publicly publishing my findings – or at least I used to be. With a brave soul like yourself putting your reputation and life on the line to bring to light a larger picture, I will not abstain.

    You’ve paved the way, and the ripples will be felt through time. It is time to change the course. A link to a time lapse of the sky outside the Boston area. Not my most impressive work – my only video thus far, yet undeniable.


    Will send upon request.

  15. vj ross says:

    I agree that many people are so involved in their own worlds that they chose to ignore ‘the world’.
    I called into a radio talk show that the topic was this question,
    “What do you think as a woman is the most important issue of today?”.
    Beginning my comment with clean water and air then I mentioned geoengineering in the form of aerosol spraying needed to stop. The narrator immediately interrupted and said are you talking about contrails. I said, “No, these trails in the sky are persistent and spread turning the once blue sky into a gray haze. We discussed why would anybody deliberately spray their children? I said that is a good question. Then he asked who would do this? I said that is also a good question. He said it is his belief that these are irresponsible rumors. I said, “Please check out geoengineering watch dot org to illuminate his current perspective as this is my most important issue for the day.

  16. francis m reps says:

    ” Two legged Farm Animals ” is a quote from Mr. Jim Willie, a statistician and economic analyst who has a website entitled Golden Jackass. An unbelievable number of supposedly intelligent people from all walks of life refuse to believe what their eyes see. The childlike desire to want life to be rosy has prevented these people from an honest appraisal of the airborne activity. ” Two Legged Farm animals ” is an apt description of these humanoids. They wait to be cared for and KNOW that Farmer Brown will take care of them. It is Hopeless.

  17. Karen says:

    Not ONE mention from the insane David Keith of the devastating OUTCOME—or the human and environmental “risks” that will most certainly come from implementing this geo-disaster—which we KNOW has already been in place and ongoing for decades…worst of all—the ongoing geo-engineering IS THE CAUSE of the “climate chaos” that is happening right now!! David Keith (and our government)is attempting to scare people into believing that our planet will be destroyed if we DON’T implement geoengineering—when in fact it is being destroyed BECAUSE of these programs that are ALREADY GOING ON—for many, many years.

  18. Anthony says:

    What would happen if Mr Keith was asked to answer this one SIMPLE question: IF Geoengineering would be implemented,what would it LOOk like? What would people SEE happening in the Sky?
    He would either be forced to avoid the question or prove himself a liar by describing what is in plain sight daily all over the planet.

  19. SL says:

    In one of your interviews you mentioned that some people will never believe the truth, no matter what amount of evidence they are presented with. I’d say why some of us are so concerned with becoming like Borg? We are pretty much there, as a society of brainwashed, will-less, easy to program cattle-like creatures. I have recently watched one of the NASA talks on geoengineering one YouTube, where the lecturer admits that theoreticly weather weapons exist, yet, he continues by saying that “God forbids, this technology gets into hands of rogue, crazy billionners”. Right. He is confusing the real reality with the one created by Holliwood. Crazy independent loner billionners use technology on masses only in comedy spy movies. In real life, historically, technology against masses has always been used by those in authority…. Especially, in societies with an advance level of fascism, where the industrial banking elite uses the power structure to get profit, to exercise power, and, sometimes, I’m afraid, just for “fun”… Yet, if one was to bring this fact to the nasa guy’s face, I’m more than positive the truth teller would be ridiculed by the masses…. I don’t know what the answer is. I try to bring then topic of climate change and geoengineering with my friends, but, most would rather not approach the rabbit hole… I just want people to think about the future of their kids…

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