Dialog With A Geoengineering Insider (Part 2)


By Dane Wigington

Below is the second and last response from a government scientist and engineer that was inside the climate modification programs. The letter below was sent to former congressional candidate Greg Pallen after the insider communicated with me in a phone conversation. Just as in the first letter from this insider, his self certainty is evident. Like so many that are inside the global power structure, they rationalize their actions. They don’t seem to ever even consider the possibility that playing God with the planet’s life support systems is doing exponentially more harm than any perceived good. This type of person seems to feel that taking such actions without public knowledge or consent is their right. Who gave them this right? The insider’s statements are in italics, my response to each of the insiders statements is in red below the point being made.

Part 1 of Dialog With A Geoengineering Insider

Part 2 is below

Hi Greg,

One can tell Dane is running in extreme mad mode.    Which tends to make me shy away.   He tended to take the conversation and run away with it on the phone, and I can tell he is most upset.   So, I do better with you—–perhaps due to your political expertise on difficult issues where there is no serendipitous solution at the moment.

Why would I not be in “extreme” mode when the biosphere, on which my children (and all others) depend, is being torn apart by climate engineering? Why wouldn’t I be upset? This “insider” did not seem to have any real knowledge of many aspects of the climate engineering destruction. This was especially true in regard to issues like the ozone layer damage that is being caused by the atmospheric spraying. Compartmentalization appears to be a factor in this case.

Tell Dane to advocate for turning off all these climate mediation systems off, if he takes all the responsibility for the looming disaster that will kill off 3/4 of the population of the world.    Point out Southern Africa video—-he wants to just let those folks die?    Or do some mediation tactics?   In this case, they have one technique that is less polluting.

The statement above must be carefully considered. The insider clearly reveals what I believe is the programed mindset of so many that are participating in the climate engineering insanity. They are told (and seem to believe) that they are saving the world, or at least delaying its destruction. All available data indicates a completely different conclusion in regard to the ongoing geoengineering programs. The climate engineering is decimating the planet’s life support systems and the entire web of life from the clouds to the ground. Though there will be severe climate rebound (or backlash) if and when the atmospheric aerosol spraying is halted, this is the only way the planet can respond to the damage already done. Climate engineering over the last 65 years has made an already bad situation exponentially worse. The insider also mentioned Africa, but does not seem to know that Africa has been the victim of weather warfare for many decades already.

He wants nature to correct for these man-made problems due to Ozone and it will but it takes a hundred years.   In the mean time, the methane hydrate issues can make for a much hotter world.   The planet is pumping up the humidity or vapor water, but the aerosol mechanism needs to be returned—but the damaged factor there won’t return for many decades.

As I mentioned above, the insider does not seem willing to recognize the countless aspects of climate engineering that are destroying the atmosphere and biosphere as a whole. What about the total contamination of the entire planet? He never even goes there, no mention whatsoever. I am extremely aware of the threat from Ch4 release, and have covered this factor in most presentations for many years. Climate engineering is making the methane situation worse, not better.

Dane can get a lot of attention and I am all for opening things up—-but I am not for doing nothing.  That activism will be Dane’s and potentially your greatest good deeds.    On either side of this issue, it needs openness for better decisions and to allow stakeholder issues to be vented.   There are more honest ways to deal with the issues that only come with openness.    Openness might even put enough exposure to the public heat to cause them to do less damage to California.

The statement above could be read a number of ways. If this insider was truly about honesty, he would speak out in an open forum, not from the shadows to which he has again disappeared. He defends the climate engineering insanity and then admits that public pressure could cause the geoengineering juggernaut of insanity to back off on the engineered drought catastrophe being inflicted on the US West? Does this add up?

No doubt he is giving some of the military missions a serious hot foot, and they’ll either have to get less obvious or come clean at some point.

I can only hope that many of the honorable men and women in the US military are in fact truly considering what they are involved with in regard to the climate engineering insanity. I can only hope that they are realizing that they have been lied to and used as pawns in a game of global ecocide and genocide that will eliminate any hope of a future for themselves and their own children along with the rest of us. The military industrial complex could do away with me or any of the rest of us anytime they wished. It is my hope that those in the US military and government who have retained their honor are listening and considering that the anti-geoengineering movement is trying to save what’s left of the planet for all of us, including them and their children.

Coal emissions changed the rainfall patterns all across the US, so in like fashion does Dane want to give up coal fired electric generation ?      I don’t think so.     He appears to have voted for scrubbers and in California some coastal nuke plants that have risk problems too.

Here the insider is truly grabbing at straws to justify his actions and participation in the climate engineering insanity. The effect to rainfall patterns from coal emissions are minuscule in comparison to the intended disruption being caused by geoengineering which can only be termed weather and biological warfare against all populations of planet Earth. Burning coal is not in our best interest, neither is nuclear power, but both subjects are simply a diversion from the subject at hand, the climate engineering insanity.

Under more Govt openness a lot quicker turn around might be possible, and then we begin to see why some are beginning to do better things for Southern Africa’s somewhat like problems to California’s.

Here the insider is clearly living in an alternate reality. Climate engineering/weather warfare is not about the common good. Not in Africa, and not in California. It’s about power and control. It always has been and always will be.

There isn’t an instant fix for the problem and Dane seems to think that doing nothing will fix things, when in the next decade he might find his house under water or some dark days from volcanic effects gone wrong from his fix.    One can see what doing nothing is doing for Japan—basically because no one can get close enough to change the issues due to radiation.    We also can’t get to the atmosphere problems to fix those directly either.

In the statement above we have a crystal clear look into the mindset that has brought all life on Earth to the brink of total extinction. The arrogance is beyond belief and is certainly an underlying factor with so many involved in the geoengineering programs. These people believe that they know better than nature, and are wiser than the natural systems that have sustained life on our planet for a very long time. From the GMO foods to our now dying GMO planet, they will continue if not stopped until all is completely destroyed beyond any recovery. Those at the very top of the global power cabal certainly have many nefarious agendas that are likely aspects of the spraying operations. But the vast majority of those carrying out the programs are peering through the same looking glass as this insider. A very colored, dangerous, and distorted lens.

Mankind treated the atmosphere and oceans as a dump, and it found the breaking point.    XXXXXX (name of facility redacted) screwed up worker health and I and others forced the changes on fluorine systems, even forced closure of K-25 and getting all the DUF-6 cylinders in XXXXX (name of facility redacted) out and making conversion to metals that store long term much better.

Here the insider is trying to convince himself again that he is working for the common good. It is unlikely people like this will ever truly take responsibility for all that they have participated in.

No one wanted to do nothing there, and this climate change issue is an even more important thing to not do anything.

In the statement above, arrogance and insanity is again very evident. The government scientist’s mentality of doing “something” even if that something makes the entire situation exponentially worse. This is the same mentality that has detonated 2000+ nuclear bombs, blowing up once pristine islands in the South Pacific and contaminating everything on Earth. It’s the same mentality that has constructed enough nuclear weapons to mathematically exterminate life on Earth 12,000 times over.

  Time will tell, but somewhere along the line when Dane discovers some of his ideas might end lots more than trees in California he will change and he will learn slowly.

Here, yet again, the insider only seems capable of seeing reality through his own lens. The arrogance of attempting to justify playing God with the Earth’s life support systems is apparent. This type of people live in a reality where they believe they know better how to sustain life, than life itself. There is no acknowledgment whatsoever of the endless list of catastrophic effects to the planet and all life which can be directly linked to the climate engineering programs.  I cannot say for certain what the motive was for this scientist that came out of the shadows long enough to communicate a bit. I recognized his name from documents I have seen. I and Greg Pallen promised to protect his identity and we must keep that promise, but the day will come when all is in the open. When that day does come, all those that participated in the geoengineering insanity should be held accountable for their actions in a court of law set up by the citizens of the world.

31 Responses to Dialog With A Geoengineering Insider (Part 2)

  1. Ghost of Fall says:

    Open Letter to the Elite 

    Up until this point many people have wanted to talk directly to you but no one ever knew where you were hiding. I am here to tell you that I know EXACTLY where you are hiding. I know because I have been traveling around the world my entire life, and I have seen you everywhere in the shadows of this beautiful planet. I have seen you causing war, starvation, stealing resources, destroying nature, putting individuals in cages and entire countries in cages…….thinking you were somehow free. You were wrong. Because of everything you have done I had no choice but to put you in a cage with ME. My conscious wouldn't let you get away. And now I have set myself free, and you are trapped in that cage all by yourselves. If you knew how to get out of it on your own you wouldn't be here reading this. And now I'm looking in at you, waving the key in your faces. We here behind this site are the only ones that you are actually afraid of for this reason alone, so you better pay attention to everything we are saying right now. 

    Not only is a large part of the population of the world angry at you, but the Earth itself is VERY ANGRY NOW. You think you are going to destroy first the animals and trees, and then the population of this Earth, and use technology to save you? I am here to tell you that that will never happen. The population of the Earth is the only spiritual resource large enough to fix the problems you have facilitated by your complete lack of connection to the source. At this moment in time you only have two choices:

    Option One

    Stop the chemtrails, stop the vaccines, stop putting flouride in the water, stop the fracking, stop HAARP, stop the slave labor, stop the wars, stop the armies, stop the contract government, stop building nuclear facilities, and most importantly stop the lies. For once in your lives tell the world truth. Use the media to start telling the populations around the world the seriousness of situation and how everyone must now focus on turning things around while there is precious little time left. The population will start to renew their karma by restoring the planet back to a natural environment that supports all life as it once did. This will be more difficult in the first world countries that have gotten far too comfortable living within your lies. It will be easier for the third world countries which is most of the planet, who have been forced to endure your shackles. You will start to renew your karma by making a book listing in detail all of the countless ways that you have brought an entire planet nearly to the brink of extinction. This will be spread across the entire planet as the new law of the land for future generations to know exactly what to never do ever again.

    Option Two

    Continue to "play" God, watch the population of the planet disappear shortly to somewhere better, watch the world face a complete meltdown shortly after that, go down into your bunkers never to see the light of day ever again. Your karma will be so beyond repair that you will never escape this cage you are in for the rest of eternity. Let me explain to you what this

    looks like. This cage you are in now still has some natural light bestowed on you by God. That light will be replaced by artificial light. Your grandchildren will not be close to you because you will be the only connection they have to a humanity that destroyed the entire world, to which your lies with continue on even to them. They will go looking for the truth, and they will find it in a book about the changing of the seasons that no longer exist. And I will come back to them as the Ghost of Fall, time after time. And I will tell them that I tried to save their futures even though you wouldn't. And I will show them the truth behind every one of your lies. After awhile none of them will keep coming back to this Earth down there where you reside because there will be nothing left for anyone to learn there. The artificial light in your cage will then go dark. The spirit of the Earth itself will depart, and you will be left there for the rest of eternity by yourselves trapped within a dead planet unable to ever escape. Only God holds the hands of time and this is what it looks like. You really think you can play God? Think again.

    If this post is removed it will only prevent everyone that needs to from being able to come out of the shadows immediately which will futher seal your own fate. You think you are serving us amping up your tactics? You are only serving yourselves. So remember this:

    EVERYTHING YOU DO TO US NOW                                                                                                                   ONLY COMES BACK                                                                                                                                                            

    TO YOU.         

    SO TELL ME NOW                                                                                                                                                    HOW DOES IT FEEL                                                                                                                                                             TO BE TRAPPED IN THAT CAGE                                                                                                                                ALL BY YOURSELVES                                                                                                                                            WHILE THE REST OF US


    Even at this late hour GOD will not take away free will. The fact that you are reading this now before everyone around the world that cares the most about the future of this Earth is the only sign that GOD needs.

    EITHER TAKE THE KEY                                                                                                                                                 OR DON'T

    THE CHOICE                                                                                                                                                                     


  2. cursichella says:

    The man (in a former life, maybe…) you are quoting is Patrick Clawson, the “Director of Research” at the Washington Institute of Near East studies.

    According to Wikipedia, he is an “American economist and Middle East scholar” (Why differentiate? To perpetuate the illusion that these two subjects are not one in the same?) and also directs the Iran Security Initiative. Basically, the W.I. is an arm of Israel (in the form of a spinoff of AIPAC) that dictates U.S. Policy in the Middle East.

    And this is how the guy speaks in public. Speaking of Chutzpah… Just imagine what he says in private. Unbelievably arrogant.

    Democrats? Republicans? That’s an illusion. It is guys like this who call the shots. For a good hurl, here’s a link to his infamous press conference:


  3. anthony barrett says:


  4. Jeanne says:

    Why does he keep talking about “doing nothing”! No one is advocating that!! He is all about CONTROL, instead of trusting the earth to respond to people living in accord with nature, caring for it as if it is our personal body. The LIVING planet can and WILL sustain life, when it is LEFT ALONE and respected! Not using her as a garbage dump; no toxins in the air, water, agriculture! The planet can and will heal itself once we stop pillaging and destroying her. There IS much to do; replacing all of our systems with natural alternatives!

  5. James says:

    Thank you kindly for your reply Dane. It implies there is a sub-structure, one of operations where the insider may belong, detached from his controllers by whatever means, say compartmentalization, military, family caste, and so on. At the top there is a plan, the scope of which we are left pondering.

    James-in Ont

  6. James says:

    I have a question. Do you Dane, believe this man represents the power structure?

    Whoever it is, whoever is at the top, they have a plan. Its left to us to figure it out. Do you sir believe this man represents that level of thinking, control, and management. Your answer is important to me.
    James-in Ont

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, yes, I believe available data supports the conclusion that this insider thinking is common in the framework of these programs. I do not believe those at the top are in this category. Those that pull the strings know full well what is coming down and they will try to hide and confuse the totality of what we face till the last moment. All the while the climate engineering itself fuels the fire overall. Those at the top will never turn from their insanity, they must be exposed and stopped.

  7. Ange Denuit says:

    Good Job, thanks. How can I send you picture of chemtrails ?

  8. What a most kind note from you, J! Yes, I agree with what you have said. Not very many people want to speak of the eternal life, and ‘most’ certainly don’t want to mention Jehovah God, Yeshua Hamashiach. Yes, we must pray that their eyes will be opened. Their spiritual eyes for sure! All the government sees is ‘power for themselves.’ But all this is passing away, yet the Word of God abides forever. Thank you, J, for not being ashamed of the gospel, and the Lord’s words. “Set your house in order, lawlessness abounds, and the love for Truth is fading away. In the last days, many will turn away from the truth.” God Bless America!

  9. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Don’t these so called scientists realize that all that crap they spray we have to breathe? My windows are covered with it. So tiny you can only see it when the sun hits directly on the glass, but boy can you see it! Plus all the little 2 inch iridescent thin fibers. Cobwebs have never been colored. I see it on my plants, leaves on the trees, etc. The places I see bare soil it sparkles too. The snow use to sparkle like clear diamonds and now the sparkles are colored. Kids eat the snow, does he tell his kids or grandkids not to eat it? I washed my car last week and the next day drove about 30 miles and when I came home driving in the sun late in the afternoon I could see sparkles all over the windshield. The air is saturated with this crap all the time. Every breath we take we are sucking it in, for Gods sake don’t they think about this? It’s in our hair, on our clothes, on our pets, every time you open a window or a door it comes in. It’s everywhere, how can we avoid it? We can’t!

  10. Jo says:

    I totally agree with Grace. Your feedback is right on track. He seems to talk/think gobbledy-gook.

    Are there any honest people at the top of the military?

    Re the video you posted the other day, namely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC3tINgWfQE

    This was the transcript of the man speaking at the end of the first video about the necessity to create false flag events to achieve the end goal of war. People are just expendable pawns. Who is he?

    “I frankly think that crisis initiations are really tough and that it’s very hard for me to see how the United States President can get us to war with Iran.
    Which leads me to conclude that if, in fact, compromise is not company, that the traditional way that America gets to war is, what would be best for U.S. interests?!
    Some people might think Mr Roosevelt wanted to get us into WW2, as David mentioned, but you may recall, he had to wait for Pearl Harbour.
    Some people might think Mr Wilson wanted to get us into WW1…… you may recall, he had to wait for the Lusitania episode.
    Some people might think that Mr Johnson wanted to send troops to Vietnam…..you may recall, he had to wait for the Gulf of Tom kin episode.
    We didn’t go to war with Spain until the U.S.S. Maine exploded. And may I point out that Mr Lincoln did not feel he could call up the Federal Army until Fort Sumter was attacked, which is why he ordered the Commander at Fort Sumter to do exactly that thing which the South Carolinians had said would cause an attack.
    So, if in fact the Iranians aren’t going to compromise, it would be best if somebody else started the war. One can combine other means of pressure with sanctions. I mention that explosion on August 17th……. We could step up the pressure!
    I mean look people….. Iranian submarines periodically go down! Some day one of them might not come up! Who would know why?!
    We can do a variety of things, if we wish to increase the pressure. I’m not advocating that…. But I’m just suggesting that this is not an either/or proposition. It’s just sanctions have to succeed or other things!
    We are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians……. We could get nastier!!!!!”

    And re the Ebola virus, was it created to destroy great masses of the world population? Is this really the Ebola virus patent? :

  11. manor dweller says:

    hopefully it won’t survive in our environment much longer

  12. JR says:

    We are being sprayed over Bellingham, WA daily. I’m taking pictures of this and sending to the department of ecology almost daily and cc’ing other legislators. I’m being rational and sane when discussing this threat per Dane’s suggestions. I’ve told numerous friends and they tell me how they’re now looking up and seeing the spraying overhead. Curious that I’m not being pegged as nuts or a conspiracy theorist. I’m going to keep hammering and spreading the word.

  13. Allan says:

    How Fluoride Affects Consciousness and the Will to Act


    In Lies We Trust
    When truth becomes conspiracy, reality becomes an illusion.
    The world as we know it, is an illusion based on lies and deceit.

    If the world seems insane, it’s because it is run by insane people.
    Money talks and people can be bought
    Jobs at all cost, cost us all.
    So stop going along to get along, because it is wrong and it does cost us all.

    Ignorance is not bliss, it is how we are all being used and abused.
    Blind trust will be humanities undoing.
    So stop believing blindly and question everything.

    You may think you are free, but really you are only free to conform.
    Truth is knowledge.
    Knowledge is power.
    Knowing the truth will set you free.

    People say they love their (grand)children.
    Talk is cheap.
    Actions speak louder than words.
    This world is in a sad state of affairs and needs fixing.
    So grab a cause and get involved.
    Be the change you want to see.
    If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

    You can make a difference now
    by sharing this message.

    Deal with reality, before it deals with you.

    How Will the 99% Deal with 70 Million Psychopaths?
    What can we do collectively to contain and manage this small minority of … Can we contain the 70 million psychopaths in the world today?

    Psychopaths Rule Our Entire World – Politicians and Bankers are all Psychopaths
    Look at their eyes and you can see something is unnatural in there! I was thinking that it has always struck me, that when studying politicians and businessman in media they always seems to be totally out …


  14. citizen in California says:

    The insider is just like all the rest of them that want to keep people “confused”. The guy needs his paycheck and continue to be a talking head that makes no sense and tries to throw “cure balls” whenever possible. People on this website and those who respond seem to see this horrific game that’s being played. It’s up to the public to raise their arms in protest and say “enough”.

  15. J says:

    I truly applaud Dane, Gregg and Russ and everyone thats fighting this fight and please,never give up on it and I say if more ppl were like them, we may not be in this mess in the first place but here we are. Just please dont forget to please get your house in order and you heart back to Jesus. It is so true that lawlessness abounds and so manys love has grown cold and so so many are totally unaware of whats going on around them. Pray for them that there eyes as well as there hearts will open.
    Thank you all for all that you do and may god bless and keep us in whatever is yet to come.

  16. Blue Sky Lover says:

    Seem that English is not the native language for this “insider”. Lots of insight when read between the lines. His connection of Africa and California?
    The last sentence was very odd and a bit creepy. What else was he referring to?
    Thanks DW

  17. Nick Eisenhauer says:

    Dear Carol, you hit the nail on the head. This guy and his conversation are soooo disjointed it hurts my head. He is now breathing his own poison, thank GOD. Dane is a saint for even trying to respond to this but I understand why, this is the first fish to bite regarding anyone attempting to justify the implementation of the Geo Program by the powers, if this is really where he comes from, which I am not sure who he is and what role he has played. He keeps mentioning the former South Carolina Uranium Enrichment Plant Facility, what role did he play there? He seems to have a grudge about working there and I do not see the connection to GeoEngineering or the Artic Melting in terms of his time at the nuclear facility and his statements about these activities other than his feeble attempt to support the spraying. Anyway my mind is not working much better these days either. With the spraying and the microwaving of the masses they are getting what they want which is zombie behavior, muddled thinking, confusion, lack of decision ability, passivity, etc, etc. If it is working on me it is working on everybody. I am only 55 and used to be tough as nails and sharp as a tac, now I can barely get out of bed and don’t remember what I just read anymore. I can only pray for the day when all are saved from anymore despare and pain and that all is done. I pray for all of humanity and the future it holds. I love my kids and I hope everyone does the same. Love your children like never before and be nice to those you know are not involved with the insanity. Best to all.

  18. doc noss says:

    I was going to make the same exact points about this “insider” being a very poor writer and communicator, but I see you already said it much better than I could.

  19. Gene Maynard says:

    Dane, I could be wrong but this “insider” seems to be just that; simply one who is privy to information, but only the information the elite want him to be privy to. He comes across as an immature employee who wants to please his boss. He believes he is part of an organization that is trying to save the world from its own ignorance. His job is to convince us of this and distract us from the true agenda of world domination and total control of; Food, Water, Money, Military, Government, Weather, Space, etc. etc. He has drank the kool-aid and desires we drink from the same cup until it’s too late. What is happening is real and the true agenda is not to save us from ourselves. The true agenda is to halt our advance as a people, neutralize and manage us, then destroy us. I’m afraid this will also be this “insiders” fate when they are finished with him. Please consider; All of earth’s life supports that are currently being destroyed by these people could not have possibly been initially put in place by man or dumb luck. The God who placed them there is our only hope.

  20. Ken says:

    Shameless! I think that the powers that be may have allowed him to leak this propaganda on purpose, knowing that you would repeat it.

    They are hoping that some will believe him…that they are doing it for the “better good”.

    I don’t believe a word that is coming out of his mouth and I think the “Global Seed Vault” in Svalbard has something to do with it. Why else is this program TOP SECRET? Look what it is doing already to life on earth. Isn’t that the goal of the psychopathic Eugenicists? Population reduction through starvation. Think they wouldn’t do it? Look up what happened in the Ukraine Holodomor. The Zionist elite in charge now come from the same tribe and WOULD do it. Look up the SAMSON OPTION and see how crazy they are for power.

  21. Håkan says:

    Thank you Dane!
    Dialog with a madman, sad but true , we are victims of the largest crime against humanity in human history.

  22. Jay says:

    This is no scientist, it’s a brainwashed Nazi terrorist, the likes of which were imported to every university and research facility in this country by our own administration, directly after the war, under the name “Project Paperclip.” With all these Nazi collaborators guiding our scientific community, under the cloak of secrecy and with practically unlimited funding, is it difficult to then imagine Nazi Amerika fostering an agenda that is best described as Hitler and Orwell’s love child? Welcome to the Fourth Reich. Game, Set, Match….

    • Charles says:


      The only question there is to ask is "What is the impact that this can have on Earth?"    Can our industrial activities ie. CO2 emissions truly cause the Methane Bomb to take off and get beyond our control and actually push the planet climate towards Venus Syndrome ? Part of me believes it can, yet part of me thinks the Earth is bigger then human civilization's impact to self destruct ourselves.   But the rational part of me reads some very smart sounding writings that puts our time frame to somewhere from 10 to 50 years !! And I know that I am not nearly smart enough to think otherwise !!


  23. Robert Exter says:

    Obviously this scientist is sure he is right and we should submit to his ideas. How many of us have thought we were right only to find out we were wrong later? Just look at history and you can see how smart we’ve been. We should be observers only, but not make a big mess. I say the scientist has been lied to by his pears to make him believe he is doing good and that we are not smart enough to know what is right for us; he is arrogant. He reveals in his letter that the programs do exist, which proves that Dane is right. I say that these arrogant scientists need a real job like working at MacDonnalds where their abilities would be helpful and not damaging. I say MacDonnalds because they apparently know how to do things on command without really thinking. It is obvious that we are in big trouble as with these ongoing programs our oceans will not be creating the natural evaporative cloud cover we need. Instead we are being poisoned with chemicals by these government stooges and paying for their stupidity with tax dollars. Also, what does a US Representative of have Senator have upstairs that makes them honorable or wise? We are in real trouble.

  24. Francis Reps says:

    Should we curse the Wright brothers for inventing powered flight ?. If not aircraft; these fools would be using Krupp cannons to saturate our skies with chemicals.All of these disastrous activities have their funding from the central bank FICTION of creating money from NOTHING with the blessings of all governments in our world.The astronomical costs of geo engineering activities can only be met by spending FAKE money created out of thin air. Madison, Jefferson and Jackson as well as the timid but accurate Ron Paul warned about the dangers of central banking . When these institutions fail { and they will }, normal times will return, if there is a world to return to.

  25. Gene Maynard says:

    Dane I realize the game plan is to galvanize as many as possible and bring attention to the geoengineering travesty which is calamitous. This is a noble plan and would to God it would be successful. History is not exactly replete with would-be world conquerors/destroyers that have suddenly found their scruples and changed their ways. Neither is it replete with men who have had their murderous ways exposed and then suddenly grown fearful. Men who undertake such endeavors seem not to be subject to scruples or world opinion.
    From what I can tell in the Bible, this is destined to get much worse. We are only in the beginning stages. Global dimming is going to turn to total darkness. UV levels will spike and men will be scorched worldwide. All sea life is going to die. The world’s trees and plants will not survive. Morgellon type diseases will be rampant.

  26. Carol says:

    I’m surprised that anyone can even understand what this person is saying! His sentence construction and communication skills are terrible. He seems confused about the points he is trying to make, and his comments are garbled. I hope it isn’t just me who is having difficulty understanding what he’s trying to say.

  27. Kathleen Gabel says:

    Our Earth Systems were Created in Perfect Balance. Earth has always Made its own Corrections to Maintain Homeostasis. Business As Usual with No Regard for the Life Support Systems of Our Planet has brought us to the Present Moment. These Programs are Operated Under Total Dishonesty. The Fact that the Global Power Structures Condition The Populations with Intensive Propaganda so that The Public Wont Think There is Anything Unnatural Happening in the Skies Speaks to the Cataclysm of These Programs. If GeoEngineering is Helping, then why Are they LYING and HIDING it? If it is for the Public Good, it should be Celebrated. CLEARLY THESE PROGRAMS ARE BEING HIDDEN BECAUSE THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND RISKY TO EARTH’S WELL-BEING.


  28. Alarmed says:

    my god. the level of evil and insanity is beyond belief. This creature has worms on the brain. He is insane. Evil beyond our understanding of the word. Wait until their own family and friends. Their own property starts to die due to their own hand and what they have done. The sounds just like the nazi’s in germany justifying the experiments they did to humans because jews were not considered human. it is amazing how easy it is to convince a man that evil is good.

    he reached out to you Dane because somewhere in his insanity is a small spot of logic. He wants you to tell him he is doing good. he wants to be patted on the back for being the global ”hero” who is saving the planet. Him and his fellow demons. He wants his ”accomplishment” to be approved and applauded. He wants ”thanks” from his victims.He wants his victims to be grateful for being killed and sickened. A symptom of insanity.

  29. Grace says:

    This guy makes me sick! Your feedback is right on track with my thoughts as I read his propaganda!!

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