Geoengineering Mexico: What is the effect on the population; a first hand account


By Kerrie Stevenson

When I was about four years old my parents began taking me on trips to Mexico. I loved going there: for the people, the colors, the climate. To me, life, light, and color seemed more vibrant in Mexico. Plenty of people in my extended American family are of the “children should be seen and not heard” school of thought. But in Mexico children are sacred, so traveling there represented a kind of holiday destination where children are cherished and adored by everyone for simply being a child.


In 2006, far into adulthood, my husband and I realized our lifelong desire to live in Mexico. Back then, babies were extremely common. There is no aspect of a Mexican extended family in which children are not welcome. Anyone who wanted children had plenty of them. No one had strollers, nor did they want them. You would see little babies in arms as commonly as a purse. Mexican people were sharp, alert, physically fit and always showed kindness and respect to their children. In the villages you would never hear the kind of fussing and fighting so common in America. Any gringo could witness this, as, mostly due to the warmth of the climate, life transpires out in the open. Because their children are nurtured, held, loved and never left alone, little ones grow up with a strong sense of security. A tiny baby would watch you passing by from the safety of his or her parent’s arms with quiet clarity. Their rapt, intent gaze always amazed us, as these behavior patterns were in such stark contrast to the more common, borderline autistic behavior, which many US children seem so afflicted.

We also enjoyed their sharp sense of intellect. Mexicans loved to hone their wit on word games called dobles sentidos (plays on words and double entendre). They congregated at taco stands and laughter rang out long into the night as witty, fun-loving people entertained themselves with imaginative wordplay. And song! At all times everyone seemed to sing. They were great workers, too. Problems could be solved organically without ever calling in a bureaucrat or police officer to intervene. The beauty and essence of extended family life soothed our souls.

Then, the Monday morning after the November 2008 G-20 Summit meeting in Washington, D.C., Mexico found itself under attack with aerial chemical spraying campaigns. Absurdly enough, shortly thereafter, we found ourselves sweeping mysterious, snow-like particles from our patio. The material stuck to the upward-facing parts of vehicles no matter how fast they traveled along the roads and highways. Driving out from the cities one could observe planes flying in, spraying, flying out, turning spray off, hair-pinning around and going back again for another swipe while turning the spray back on. The cities literally appeared as if in a whiteout.

While this was happening, we took photos and tried to talk with both Mexicans and Americans about what was going on in the skies. But very few were interested in the topic. Most were skeptical. Some resorted to ridicule.

By 2011, babies became more and more uncommon. Equally uncommon were pregnant women. The box stores in the Ley chain used to devote as much as an eighth of their total floor space to infant and toddler merchandise. By 2011, in a bustling store during peak shopping hours when shoppers found it difficult to pass two carts at the same time in the food aisles, the children’s section of the store would be vacant. There was no purpose in buying diapers, etc., because it seemed there were no longer any babies.


The elderly began dying all around as well. The numbers of deaths due to cancers, sudden onset of diabetes, shutting down of vital organs, etc., was alarming. The reports and news stories were not so much objective and anecdotal; now it was personal because it was happening to our family and friends. We hardly knew a family member untouched by death or catastrophic disease.

We also noticed that our friends were gaining weight at an disturbingly fast rate. Even the ones whose jobs were physically exhausting – a mover who handled boxes and heavy loads every day, for example – began to rapidly gain weight.

Almost all the Mexican families we knew began losing their loved ones. By last year, at age 56, I was one of the oldest people in our circle of family and friends. We estimated that if the attrition rate across the country rivaled what we experienced in our personal social periphery, then there must have been five- or ten-million deaths among older Mexicans. For all the fatalities touted in the nonsense drug war, the personal death and sickness among Mexican families had to be one-hundred times as much.

In years past, every evening without fail, the village elders would seat themselves on benches in the zocalo (town square) to watch children play. Entire families came out; it was a social beehive every night. Recently it has become difficult to find elderly people. Instead of diapers, families are busy changing colostomy bags, or the like. Just about the time the geoengineering campaigns started, oceans of pharmacies magically sprouted up on every corner. Because there was so much traffic, as families doctored their sick, pharmacy doors rarely ever remained closed for more than three minutes.

Besides inflicting illnesses, our suspicion is that there is also a massive effort to sterilize the public. Arriving in 2006, we applauded and congratulated Mexico for its overall health and fitness. We were glad not to see the “Walmart” species of obesity anywhere. Girls were willowy, with lean thighs about the size of the average US woman’s upper arm. Every woman or pubescent-age girl you saw had an hourglass shape. Now the obesity among Mexican women is off the charts – human forms so grotesque and huge there is no word to describe it. Large, fat appendages droop in proud, puffy flaps off peoples’ trunks and limbs; not concentric growth the way obesity manifested in times past. Often, this bizarre fat form is asymmetrical, unrelated to proximate areas. You might see enormous – bizarre even – upper arms with normal forearms.

We have since learned that the corn species supplied to government-controlled tortilla producers has been changed to one that compromises male fertility. This might explain the rapid weight gain and would be consistent with something that provokes an estrogen response, which is the key action of birth control pills. We also observed masonry hoddies – men who carry 5-gallon buckets of cement up and down ladders all day long – who could not keep the flab off their bellies.

Because of all of this, we honestly feel we are observing a mass-genocide in Mexico, which, incredibly enough, is still in progress.

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  1. Deanna Clark says:

    Genocide, also cultural genocide….murder

    Does the Pope condemn this?    Anybody, anybody?     What happened to the good old Catholic ban on birth control?    Does the church ban geo-engineering?   Does it speak against anything anymore? Catholic countries in materialistic Europe have the lowest birth rates and family unity is also "old fashioned".  Where are the moral leaders in the world?   Only the gentle pagan youngsters online seem to preach a Christian moral ethic….a paradox Chesterton would love.  Churches are in full retreat with pensions and politics.

    This article details the HOW but not the WHO.   For those who love old Mexico, it is heartbreaking.    Mother of Guadelupe, pray for them.

  2. Ken says:

    I moved to the ‘heart” of Mexico in Jan of 2012. I came mainly because I could no longer afford to live in the Land of the Fee. I also mistakenly thought that the chemtrail situation down here would be better – if not even non-existent, than I had experienced in Sonoma County CA for 14 years.
    There are days I cannot even believe the amount of insanity in the sky above.
    I live in a town at about 6,500’ ASL. It’s called the Central Desert Highlands. For me, that conjures thoughts of a dry climate.
    Again, it absolutely amazes me that on heavy spray days no one seems to notice how muggy it becomes. When I cal attention to it to friends, the response is usually something like, “Oh, is it muggy today?”
    I’ve been ridiculed and ostracized because of pointing out the apparently-not-obvious deconstruction of the air we breath for 13 years now.
    Personally, I give up.
    Having reconciled my own death as much as I can, I’m okay with watching it all implode. I’ll hang a sign around my neck when it becomes apparent to all. It’ll say something like, “Gee, does this mean I’m NOT a Conspiracy Theorist after all?”

  3. garel says:

    comment controler le monde !
    sous influence de l’agriculture !

  4. sean cairney says:

    this is the same everywhere … especially in the UK… elderly dropping like flies…. COPD very much on the uprise, and Dementia being suffered by men in their 30,s …… Genocide is for real globally, and its time to put a stop before there is no turning back…… great write up Kerrie

  5. horsegirl says:

    Considering the population issue – the “population bomb” we are taught to fear – I would speak of Mexico alone, by itself. It didn’t need to be sterilized. We put a ridiculous amount of miles on our Toy4 driving all over, and I can vouch for this: 99% of the country is empty.

    People would argue that the CIA factbook says only 11% of the land is arable (don’t you love people who have never been to a place prognosticating like they knew it…). If one looks at the footnotes on that CIA page, it defines arable land as previously farmed land. It has nothing to do with qualifying the other 89% as suitable for agriculture… or not.

    As an artist/builder, I love the sloped nature of the landscape. Ideal for catchment. There are little reservoirs all over the country (not such an overweening bureaucracy as in the US). Hiking in the hills one finds little springs all over the place.

    To summarize, I don’t dispute that industrialized clusters have to go – those rat traps called big cities. I really don’t see more than a quarter of a million people’s sewage needs being in one space. But as for 110,000,000 people dwelling in Mexico, there is plenty of room to do what most of them love to do – farm. Subsistence. I don’t know how many conversations I had with Mexicans (I’m fluent in Spanish) who said they didn’t give a damn about TVs, cars, etc. Were quite content to just have their cattle and a humble cabin in the countryside.

    Can’t speak for Asia, a continent I have not visited. But as for Mexico, they could have given mass sterilization a miss. Such a beautiful country, lovely people.

  6. Alli Larkin says:

    Kerry you are truly a Sister Giant for sharing your story in such an eloquent way about what is happening all around you in Mexico, and then having someone add all the references confirming why it is happening. It has quickened my sense of urgency and leaves me with a couple of questions. First, what area of Mexico are you writing about? And second, why is the President of Mexico not standing up and speaking out about these crimes that are being committed against his people and the environment? You have given something to the world that now needs to be shared with all. Thank you.

  7. Anthea says:

    This is so sad.

  8. horsegirl says:

    What is so heart-breaking is that most people over 50 are nominally literate, if at all. There really is no alternative media in most parts. People have no idea what is happening to them. Mexicans will tell you their educational system is bare bones, that people don’t read (national avg one book per person). So they are taking this blow with no clue. Just what local clinics tell them about genetics/obesity. Same problem as in the US. Youngsters think these skies are the norm. Totally tragic villainy at work against this people.

  9. Earth Angel says:

    Thank you Kerrie for your personal perspective of this most abnormal and rapid change for the worse in a previously overall healthy and happy culture. We would never hear of this through the mainstream controlled propaganda media outlets. The fiends who are behind this evil agression must be unmasked and exposed for the world population to see. It is unimaginable to me how quickly the degradation of the Mexican population has taken place- the changes you describe would not normally occur in just 7-8 yrs.! People are waking up to realize we are all under attack. Unbelievable!

  10. gingercake5 says:

    This is a horrible situation! Can you convince a group of people to NOT eat corn for a year or so, see what a difference it makes? I know that it is a big staple there, with tortillas and more. Are there others who remember “life before the trails” there?

  11. russ says:

    That was beautifully written and painted an easy to see picture. All countries with their stories also told would be of great interest to compare. Thank-you

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