Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 23, 2022, #363


Dane Wigington

Record heat, drought and deluge, the hallmarks of climate intervention operations. Far worse is yet to come.

Long duration deadly heat waves have become the norm, climate engineering and ionosphere heater installations are inseparable from this equation. A newly published science report has confirmed the collapse of plankton populations in the Atlantic ocean, the ramifications are beyond dire. Though there are countless factors contributing to the demise of plankton, intense UV radiation is a core factor that is directly linked to catastrophic climate intervention operations. If this foundational pillar of life perishes, we will follow. The United Nations chief has warned that humanity's days are numbered due to environmental devastation, but the central factor of climate engineering operations continues to be ignored and denied. Can we alter the current course in time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Marin Center/Exhibit Hall, San Rafael, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our sincere gratitude to Tom Keith for his help with raising awareness on the dire issue of global climate engineering operations at the Freight House Farmers Market in Davenport, Iowa, on July 16, 2022.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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46 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 23, 2022, #363

  1. Trevor Smith says:

    Southern England is normally hottest the first 2 weeks of July at around 90 degrees.   This year it was 104, a new record, in the 3rd week of July, beneath a sweaty, chemtrail-deposited blanket.   Winters unchanged: around 27 degrees minimum.

  2. Lance says:

    Got up to 102 here in Roseburg OR yesterday.  PM 2.5 levels were quite high.  Supposed to be this hot today.  Unusual weather pattern being caused by a manufactured "cut-off" low which has formed off the W coast that is clearly visible in the upper level water vapor imagery on COD.  Its drawing the so-called "monsoon" moisture up from subtropics which is going to cause thunderstorms which could be quite severe.  Of note it has been reported that firefighting teams have been "pre-positioned" in S. OR due to the threat of lightning causing fires.  Likely they're positioned in other areas as well.  A similar situation developed N of San Francisco a couple of years ago during a heat wave when a severe thunderstorm developed S of San Franciso that went north along the coastline.  Suspicious fires destroyed 100s of homes in Sierra coastal mountain communities.  Will update as the events unfold as long as I'm able to.    

  3. Avira says:

    Look I know you know what is going on. Do you know what it's like to have your entire summer stolen from you?

    My entire summer has been flat grey phoney induced skies and I have absolutely no-one to talk to or that will take me serious about what is going on.

    We had a rare blue skiy today and the whole day we were bombarded it was insane how many aircraft zig zagged. I being the only one aware sat and watch it happen. Every time I seen someone coming I'd look up to put focus on the chemtrails. They looked at me like they were disappointed. Now it's raining. A day in  July day that started off with 100% ble skies is now white skies and raining. White f*cking skies. WHITE!

    Does that sound normal?


    Is there a forum I can chat to real people about this?

  4. Lance says:

    Temperature could reach 104F this afternoon in Roseburg, OR.  Not there yet, but heat is building.  Near 100 right now.  Fire weather watch issued for N. CA  over the Siskiyou mountains north of Redding, CA and over the Cascade mountains in SW OR issued due to thunderstorms developing this Saturday.  Forecast calls for "abundant lightning" to occur.  Not good due to all the dry vegetation.  Into Monday another low pressure impulse will bring more of the same spreading over much of N CA and S OR.  Air quality is not good now, which is affecting my and undoubtedly others breathing, and any fires that start will certainly make it a lot worse, obviously.  Could be rough!   

  5. Lance says:

    COD upper level water vapor imagery showing very dry air moving from the SW to the NE into OR and WA.  Big thunderheads visible over central OR dissipating as the dry air moves in.  It was 101 in Roseburg, OR, where we're staying at an RV park.  Supposed to be this temp or even higher Fri and Sat.  Air quality has not been good.  Sky was a milky pale blue all day.  Puget Sound is supposed to get record setting heat tomorrow.  Am waiting for the lockdowns to start.

  6. Harry says:

    A recent article by talks about the UN article on the benefits of hunger. One also has to wonder, "Do these people have somewhere to go?" That may sound like an odd question. However, from the standpoint of predictive programming in media, consider the movie, Elysium.

  7. Vic says:

    Hi Dane,

    Good news from the Tucson area, we got 2 inches of nice rain yesterday afternoon, July 26, and another half inch this afternoon. Our Sonoran Desert really needs it.

    This despite apparent spraying going on at night, leaving the sky with residual artificial clouds designed to reduce our daytime temperature so it doesn't rain.

    Even though these coalesce into a strange overcast with the natural clouds in the afternoon, we're still getting rain, thank God.  

    We're getting good atmospheric moisture judging from the high humidity, we just need "them" to stop messing with the local sky so we can have some normal weather. 

    I know we should count our blessings because other areas including California are getting nailed with HAARP and chemtrail spraying a lot worse than we are.

    Hang in there Dane, thanks for all you're doing.

  8. Lance says:

    UV radiation levels during peak hours in the Portland Metro area were between level 9 and 10 which is very high.  Readings were at level 11+ in many places in N. CA, S. OR, most of NV and S. CA which is considered extreme.  This is not good for living things!

  9. Lance Blanck says:

    All of you should read the article: Climate Change Isn't a Threat Multiplier – Its The Main Threat – which is posted on  Click on the highlighted phrases, especially the one titled: PLAN E! 

    • Ziggy says:

      Lance,   I was finally able to find the article. But only after searching through all of the misinformation articles first. This is the link:                    Climate Change Isn’t a Threat Multiplier. It’s the Main Threat. – Defense One

      There are a few things that are typical (in this article) for a government/military defense website like Defense One dot com and they appear to be using the climate change issue, to control populations around the world. Not seek clear and present danger solutions to this threat. They are also suffering from illusions of grandeur.  By saying this:

      "To be precise, PLAN E is the conceptualization and planning phase of a six-phase “hyper-response”: a civilian-led, whole-of-society mobilization (note: not militarization). The overall mission is to reach “Destination Safe Earth” by 2100: a habitable planet “safe” for all people and all species. 

      I'm sorry, but humanity will be wiped out long before 2100 and the lightning quick escalation of heat, UV radiation and droughts/fires, are proof of such an inevitability. 

      However, this is very alarming from the article: "The enormous amount of work needed in a short time can only be done by harnessing Earth’s large human population; call it a “humans-as-ants” strategy. Yet traditional military forces will also have key roles: creating the stable conditions that allow the civil hyper-response to work, while contributing capability to support it."

      The article does point out half-truths about climate change (which is odd, if you ask me):

      "These debates miss the main point: that we are moving toward (a shift to a climate inhospitable for most forms of life) that will bring ecological collapse, violence, hardship, and death on nearly unimaginable scales. "

      Problem is that we aren't moving towards these horrific consequences. We are already there and the worst of it is only a few years away!

      This part is total insanity: "…and a planetary security task force to lead a globe-spanning clean-up effort to save “Ally One” (nature) through ecological restoration."

      REALLY!? What complete and absolute ABSURDITY! The Governments, Militaries and Defense Contractors are the ones who have wiped out Billions of lives in Nature. With all of their nuclear bomb tests, other weapons of mass destruction (used in ALL WARS) and their direct involvement in climate modification Geoengineering programs. For which they are clearly the Masterminds!

      This article is pure PROPAGANDA. To make the public believe that they honestly care about all of us and that they will be our Great Saviors. Don't worry. The Military Industrial Complex will stop the runaway Venus Syndrome with their Plan E. Which actually stands for EXTINCTION!


    • Dennie says:

      @Ziggy:  I am not convinced that the author of the article, Elizabeth G. Boulton, is actually military.  I think some investigation needs to be done.  I don't think she's in the military because she sounds much too logical and caring to be an actual member of any of those organizations.

    • Ziggy says:

      Hi Dennie,

      No Elizabeth G. Boulton is not military. But DefenseOne dot com is and they featured her article. So that's how I justified placing it in the Military Industrial Complex catagory. Plus she receives government funding from the DOD to write these disinformation pieces and is involved with DOD Think Tank projects. She didn't come up with the civil hyper-response Plan E herself either. That was brainstormed by the Pentagon. I did my research.

      The government/military uses her caring personality traits to make it appear as though they have all of our best interests at heart. It's a "propaganda" technique that they learned from Hitler, in and before WW-2.

      You have to be able to read through the lines and never once did I  mention Elizabeth G. Boulton, or faulted her for the Plan E fiasco. Because she is simply caught up in the whole "Lets try to make the military appear as saviors" scheme. And doesn't realize that she is being used as a pawn in their Geoengineering Game of Deception.

      The UN is now following suit and trying to downplay the coming collapse of our society, by saying that governments are doing everything humanly possible, to help humanity survive. And  placing the responsibility of climate change on the civil-industrial and commercial sectors.  But the real culprits are the World Bankers, governments and their militaries. Who pay the UN's taxes, property leases and expenditures every year. Once again. Simply reading through the lines.

  10. KillingUsSoftly says:

    I'd love to say people are waking up the ongoing attack on our biosphere  but what I am witnessing is a proliferation of apathy and much has to do with the so called 'truther' community on websites claiming 'climate change' is a hoax and using all the previous claims by so many politicians that we'd be under water by the year 2000, etc. So many 'experts' spewing off and using these failed forecasts as evidence for proof that see, it's always been to take away your conveniences and comforts. 
    On the other side believers who have bought into the incessant MSM climate change promoters want to support the idiotic proposed mitigation methods to counteract the 'climate change' so spraying is a necessary evil for their paradigms. God help us.

    • Don't Give Up! says:

      Dear K.U.S.

      Almost all of what is being shown in the media (all forms including online) is controlled opposition, especially in the so-called "truthers" domain! This is what we must address right now.  It's not new and it's not going away.  

      Just because someone has been "banned" doesn't mean they are legit.  It is shocking how people can lie! 

      Also, this is why I deeply appreciate the work of GeoengineeringWatch!

      Sticking to only the facts will cut through the lies in the most direct way. 

      Don't give up, look for ways to present this information that they can understand and give them useful, relevent facts in small bites.

      Like my Grandmother always said, The Good Lord is looking out for us whether we know it or not.

  11. Heidi says:


    A lawsuit needs to be filed against whoever is spraying the chemicals, the military, to stop this. Evidence needs to be presented and justice brought to those who are implementing our future demise. 

    How else are we going to stop this? 

    Thank you,


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Heidi, thank you for standing with us in this all important battle. In regard to your question, there is only one way forward in this fight.

  12. Lance says:

    Pandara fog trails all over the Pacific Ocean off the SW coast of CA.  Ya'll can see them on the COD regional satellite radar images if you care to look.  Also note the very unusual small low pressure system rotating just off the coast of N. CA too.  Its drawing lots of moisture up from the south.  Will have to wait and see if thunderstorms develop.  Watch for fires if and when this happens.

  13. Robert says:

    Through this current heat wave  (Eastern Oregon)  96 degrees today and with no visible aerial dispersions to be seen,  the weather makers giveth and taketh away.  The blind are getting their vision back quickly as it's harder to hide the breakdowns, more news briefs and so on. I have a renewed vigor to speak out, I'm finding my second wind with people more willing to listen. I guess I still have a sliver of hope for humanity, but not much. Go Team!

    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you for this uplifting message Robert. We will never know what might happen unless we give it our best and commit to this.

      Each person will have differing abilities to reach out and influence others. Here are some things that people can do that are quite easy. Take the global Alert news broadcast link each week and email it to as many people as you can at your local news station. Your local talk radio station. Your pastor. Your friends. Anyone you know who has contacts in the military. Get one of the t-shirts and wear it when you go into the grocery store or the bank for example. Order some of the flyers and booklets and leave one or two in the shopping cart when you go to the supermarket. Leave one at the checkout window if you go through a drive-thru. Leave a few at a public library or public park if they have a bulletin board. You can even fold one up and stick it in the envelope with your electric bill or your water bill. These are very easy to do and do not require much work.

      Some of the people in this community have the time energy and ability to commit to going to local farmers markets and other public places. God bless them for doing this. Do what you can and never give up. Look the storm in the eye and know that is what Dane says, they are not god's, we are not helpless. We have more Collective power than we can possibly imagine. We out number them by a factor of millions to one. It is time for us all to now act like it.

      The materials are very effective. I was wearing one of the t-shirts the other day walking into the supermarket and I had a flyer in my hand to give to somebody. A man was staring at the shirt as I was walking into the supermarket and he was walking out. So I handed him the flyer and wished him a good day.

      Be encouraged!

  14. Joseph says:

    Greenland loses 6 Billion Tons of Ice in Three Days, harbinger of Unprecedented Coastal Flooding



    The melting was because of a heat wave at the top of the world, caused by our burning coal, gasoline and methane gas and spewing billions of tons of the dangerous heat-trapping gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere



    Greenland loses 6 Billion Tons of Ice in Three Days, harbinger of Unprecedented Coastal Flooding (

  15. Lance says:

    Read about the flash flood that hit the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, caused by a strong thunderstorm that also dropped tornado's?  Weather is a weapon you know.

  16. Ziggy says:

    Things that scare me to death:

    Haven't seen a single bee in almost 2 years now! Humans have no clue as to how important they are to the survival of our species. We can live without dragon flies, hornets, spiders, etc. But the bees are a vital link in our continued existence.

    The sun's rays are now "scorching" the surface of this planet and causing all land dwelling species to migrate to cooler climates. NASA has used satellites to track the mass exodus of insects and animals moving away from the mid latitudes, and trying to relocate closer to the polar regions. Problem is that their new homes are heating up ten times faster than the rest of the planet… and the UV radiation is just as severe. So, just like the human race. They are doomed as well.

    Our weather forecasts went from being announced by the local radio and TV stations, to the Weather Channel (scripted by Raytheon for NOAA to send to the National Weather Service outlets) and now it is being distributed to the public… by the WEATHER COMPANY! I think that name alone says it all.

    Two-thirds of America is experiencing record heat and drought. While the East Coast stays mild and wet…. AGAIN as usual. Simply Geoengineering at it's best. Or worst, if you live where most of us here do!

    By 2025 it is estimated that nearly half of all the land masses on planet Earth, will be on fire or have already burnt to ashes! That estimate alone by the academia cowards should put the fear of God into everyone.

    Every single person that I try to introduce to Geoengineering Watch dot org. Tells me to go F*ck myself! Sorry Dane. just being honest. But I will never give up this fight, and your weekly reports are helping to turn the tide. Along with your interviews and the special documentaries that you produce. You're like the Energizer Rabbit. Keeps on going and going…

    • Jonathan says:

      I want to respectfully rebut part of what you said. There is absolutely _nothing_ mild or wet about the East Coast weather. It is scorching hot out here and because we have so much humidity, the heat index is absolutely unbearable. Absolutely miserable for both people and animals. Not to mention the plants. There's nothing, nothing mild about this weather in this part of mainland usa.

    • Bumblebee Survival says:

      Hi Ziggy,

      I was recently so upset that I was not seeing any bees for months this year on a particular lavender bush that always hosts them! 

      Then I noticed that when I gave the bush some water, one honey bee showed up to try the flowers.

      I continued to water the bush since then, and now I am seeing many more bees, both honey and bumble!  I think the lavender was too dry to produce nectar for the bees.

      I took it as an important lesson that we must help the flowers survive in order to help the bees survive, and when we do it will make a huge difference right away. 

      None of us can know what will happen from this point forward, however if we can help even one plant feed the bees and even one native bumblebee colony makes it through this year, maybe it's enough to make a difference somehow in ways that we don't understand in the future.

      Sending you and everyone all the best!


  17. dava golino says:

    WHO & WHY? MARXIST BOLSHEVIKS CAUSED THE Holodomor IN THE early 1900s. most do not know about this…In the biggest Holocaust on the planet, 20-30 million were starved to death & brutally murdered by 

    Bolshevik Stalinists.  Holodomor 2.0.. same criminals. same criminals infesting schools medicine and all so-called science. Today the world has become the Weimar Republic on steroids… The US is like pre-WW2, The Weimar republic. filth, perversion, decadence, national debt, usury…

    • Diane Cartwright says:

      I know about the marxist bolsheviks also and you are right….I saw what was going to happen in 2019 and said flat out that we are going to have a bolshevik revolution in this country…..I am just relieved that there are a very few that also know this and the bolsheviks behind it….the difference today is that they have gone global… be in the masses and think like the masses is to sign your death warrant……the ignorance is unforgiveable at this point in time.

  18. Lance says:

    You can all relax now because Bill Nye, the science guy, has a new program that will be airing on Aug. 25th in which he and his science friends will describe how to survive, mitigate, and even prevent future natural and unnatural disasters.  The program will offer hope and a way forward so that humanity can survive anything that could happen.  Unbelieveable!   

    • Ziggy says:


      Spot on. Bill Nye is the biggest FARCE on this planet!

      I watched an interview he gave once and he said that the only chance this planet has to recover from climate change… is to construct a massive fleet of planes to spray aerosols, high up in the Stratosphere. Plus, he said that chemtrails is the biggest conspiracy lie ever perpetrated on the public. That idiot is a walking Oxymoron! He was simply a moron to begin with, but now he has downgraded his intellect to a new level. Or basically, the lack there of.

      He also told the interviewer that the Ozone layer is just fine and we have nothing to worry about. Because it Will Always filter out deadly UV radiation. No matter how much we manipulate the atmosphere.

      That knucklehead lives in his own little world. Because he certainly has no idea which planet he is living on, otherwise.

  19. Here Too says:

    I just passed a group of cyclists resting by the side of the road.  Stopped and told them about the website and told them i was concerned about them due to short sleeves and the UVC. They declined the materials I offered.

  20. Lance says:

    And right on cue the mainstream scientific explanation of what is behind the heat waves effecting the U.S.!  Its the change in the jetstream and the warming of the Arctic.  No mention of the use of geoengineering technologies to manipulate the weather, or the use of ionosopheric heaters, or the use of nanoparticulates, etc.. etc., etc.  Not surprising.  

  21. Lance says:

    The tech community is now collectively rising up.  They now claim "they have the power to drive change" and for "good".  They are now exercising their power to force "all" to accept their interpretations of what is "good", which are not "good" according to the Lord God's definitions.

  22. Sammy says:

    Those of you who followed the events of three eleven eleven closely will know that the Japanese government came out some years ago and said that the technology does not even exist to fix that nuclear meltdown. The Japanese government said that the technology might exist somewhere between 50 to 200 years from now. You will also know that they have sent robots down into the gigantic holes where the reactors melted straight through into the earth. These were robots equipped with cameras and so forth that were designed to be radiation proof. Every one of them died within minutes. They don't even know where the reactors are. They just burned straight into the earth. And because this is right on the Eastern edge of the island that radiation is going to eventually be leaking into the ocean if it's not already and that is on top of all the radioactive contaminated water that they used to try to cool off the plant for the first 10 years or so. They are now getting ready to start dumping that directly into the ocean, that wastewater, if they haven't already started. This is an example of how dangerous this technology is. People do not have the intelligence or the moral fiber necessary to be able to handle this kind of Technology responsibly.

    And remember that these nuclear reactors around the world have diesel powered backup generators and so in an emergency the generators can be run for a short time to keep the power plants cool and operational. When the diesel runs out it's all over.

    • dana norris says:

      you should have been at the diablo hearing the other night could have used more confirmation the schedule to remove fuel wont happen until 2076 and that will be by barge we did point out to the nrc that diablo is old tech that cant be fixed with new tech that isnt around yet the pros were disagreeing Im afraid they will extend the beast for another 20 years we have until 10-19-2022 to post comments to the nrc

  23. Daily Bread says:

    I just sent a link to this glow Alert news broadcast to the entire news team at the local so-called news station. Every email contact they had from production manager to Editor to weather forecaster to even sportscaster. Everybody.

    I would encourage everybody to do likewise.

  24. penny waters says:

    anyone fancy helping nasa invstigate clouds during the "N.A.S.A GLOBE CLOUD challenge 2022:clouds in a changing climate" !!!!!

    yes you can, tis on their website – a recent find of hilarity for me 

    human society is just beginning to make me laugh more than cry – cannot believe how below the neck most people work – used to be called reactionary – emotional reactions from the body without thinking

    don't ya just love it – no – find the madness – tis okay to be nuts if you are harmless – but other people are just unnerved by the use of the mind to understand our place on earth, in the universe – and they are the dodgy ones

    just recently been told by a couple who live next to me – hurry up and die – both of them said it separately

    first time it was said by the man and i cracked up laughing – gurgling i shouted (yes he shouted to me over the fence) we are all going to die mate 

    hahahaha – so many people have not come to terms with the idea that we die – tis those cowardly people who are dangerous – we are not immortal – seems to me, the brave who face up to life know the real 

    love to all

    • Sandra says:

      Love from across the pond. My father taught me that nothing  lives in the same form or life form for forever. The Universe is beyond our human comprehension.. I too have so many that surround me that think that their existence is based on material gains that will make them immortal. To me the krickets that use to sing at night was a comfort to me ears. How much so many have missed, and will probably not even know what they have missed. I send my Love to all.


  25. John Barlow says:

    It's interesting that our biodiversity is failing at the same rate that we poisoned our own futures with the use of gmo food, plastics, geoengineeering.  We are no longer as strong physiologically as we were just 2 generations ago.

  26. Orwell Luxley says:

    "Our war against nature is a war against ourselves", total truth.

    Thank you for your non-political theater biased perspective and refreshing discernment. 

    Praying for you and your Family Dane.

  27. Kate KELLY says:

    Owned oceanfront land north of Diablo Canyon for years. However, when we first purchased the first home in Cayucos, we were not told that Diablo nuclear power plant had been in construction since the late 1960s, in Avila Beach area. When it was first commissioned in 1985 and 1986 (1st and 2nc Reactors), we were stunned, as since 1985 now it has to be disclosed in real restate transfer of sale papers to new buyers; but we were not told because the reactors had not been commissioned, i.e., in use, yet, until 1985-86. We sold our last oceanfront home in the area in 1992, and we were so relieved, as we seemed to get the double whammy of the traditional power plant (in the coast in Morro Bay) smoke stack(s) exhaust that stripped the paint off cars in the area, not parked in enclosed garages.

    Sad, that such a beautiful area was so poorly protected by the abuse of modern technologies. A wake-up call, for sure. Additionally, the U.S. Navy was doing a lot of underwater work off the coast at the time, and the booms were resounding and unnerving…and caused fish to float, too often, to shore — dead as doornails.

  28. Fran says:

    Thank you! Printing and sharing info as best I can here in Nevada. Getting frusteated with all the censorship online though.

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    'Post-apocalyptic' wildfire scenes in Europe: Thousands of tourists are evacuated as flames approach in Malaga, Portugal sees July record of 47C (117F), and Italy's rivers dry up
        •    In Gironde, France, 1,000 firefighters continue to battle two fires which broke out on Thursday
        •    The flames have devastated 7,300 hectares, fanned by scorching heat, tinder-box conditions and strong wind
        •    Portugal, Spain and Croatia are all suffering from huge blazes amid the suffocating Europe-wide heatwave


  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’: Digital ID Systems Could Lead to Severe, Irreversible Human Rights Violations / Children's Health Defense

    The authors of a New York University’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice report on digital identity systems warned of “severe and potentially irreversible” human rights violations and argued for open debate “with full transparency and involving all relevant stakeholders.”

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    It Is Only a Nano-second to Armageddon
    Paul Craig Roberts

    The U.S. Government’s “Nuclear Primacy” meta-strategy says that there are “acceptable” levels of destruction of America in a nuclear war against Russia and/or China, so long as America “comes out on top” globally, at the end.
    The Pentagon’s doctrine doesn’t say how many American cities and how many millions of Americans are among the “acceptable levels of destruction.”  But it is enough to show that Americans are regarded as canon fodder by their rulers.
    You see, the only importance in the ruling neoconservative doctrine is US hegemony, not your life.  For the neocons, as long as America rules over a wasteland devoid of life, we have won.  Neocons are truly insane people, and they are in control of US foreign and military policy.  
    That should scare you and wake you up.  But it won’t. The young can’t stop scrolling their cell phones long enough to have any idea of the reality around them.  They already live in a virtual world, disconnected from all reality.  Older Americans say they have heard fears of nuclear war all their lives and it is never going to happen because there can be no winners.  This is a very unsophisticated understanding, especially in the face of a US war doctrine that says Washington can win a nuclear war as long as it doesn’t wait beyond 2025 or 2030.
    … The Kremlin is unable to get its mind around the fact that Washington is insane.
    … we now face nuclear Armageddon.

    … To deal with the challenges America faces requires awareness of the facts, but facts are no longer politically correct. They don’t fit the narratives and, therefore, are untrue and dismissed as misinformation.
    In my lifetime I have watched my country descend into degeneracy, ignorance, and evil.  The nation into which I was born does not exist except as a geographical location.

  32. David Ney says:

    Anyone not believing should look at patents from 1920's to 2018 , LBJ speech about weather control , "The Dimming" of course (all at this site)….we haven't had blue skies since 3rd day of 9/11……current reports  on Covid shutdowns showed NO yearly change in pollution/world weather … if it didn't change pollution , what are climate shutdowns going to do but to continue killing people/life via lies……I know most people have been trained to not think , EDUCATE YOURSELVES (not tv/hearsay or late night propaganda……THINK

  33. Sunshine says:

    Hi Mr. Wigington,

    Ty for all your hard work. I was wondering how many days of water are left in Lake Mead?

    Thank you again and stay safe-Sunshine

  34. dana norris says:

    Idthanks Dane as always an excellent report. One thing you mentioned fukushima and nuclear. On 7-21-22 I went to the hear on decommissioning of diablo canyon npp held in san luis opispo. They are thinking of keeping the beast going for another twenty years. I must admit there was a pervasive smell of money in the room. The room appeared to me to be a mix of pro nuclear people. There were many comments to close the plant a few to keep it open I got up and spoke my views told them I thought fukushima was worst than chernobyl which he agreed with me. Public speaking is something that doesnt come easy for me after about 2 minutes I hit a wall but I did manage to get my point across. This is something you must come across all the time I commend you for you  we all have to stand up and confront the beast  thanks again

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