Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 1, 2023, #399


Dane Wigington

Record snow, record rain, record hail and record tornadoes, geoengineered spring is here. Climate chaos is hammering populations and decimating food production. Scripted political theater continues to distract and divide populations even as near term planetary omnicide looms on the horizon. The equation we face is unimaginably non-linear, the remainder of 2023 will likely bring converging catastrophes that few are yet willing to imagine. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

The NOAA departure from normal high temperature map below is beyond shocking, the geoengineers are tearing the climate system apart.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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50 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 1, 2023, #399

  1. Lance says:

    Weather today is warmer and the aerosol spray activity is still going on over parts of CA. As usual they are visible on the Nighttime Microphysics Images and even on visible images, but not as many as I've seen in the past several days. High level "clouds" covering central CA are moving to the east and clear light blue sky is visible to the west of Rio Vista, CA, right now. Sitting in direct sunlight is not advisable due to the high UV radiation levels. That's all I have for now.   

  2. Lance says:

    Look up the "World Engineers Guild". They're all about "Futurecrafting Earth", making this world THEIR world using advanced scientific and technological engineering!

  3. Lance says:

    The aerosol spraying operations have not stopped now since early on April 4th out over the Pacific and above the CA coast. Non-stop almost! There was so much nanoparticulate "stuff" in the air that it appeared black over some areas on the Nighttime Microphysics Image loops on C.O.D. website! Supposed to warm into the mid 70's on Sunday and Monday, but that remains to be seen, given what's going on in the world right now. Most are oblivious or deceived.   

  4. Rick Foster says:

    Dane – As usual I'm looking forward to the "bad news" report tomorrow.  I really and sincerely admire your work through the years.  You've stayed true to the message.  Other alternative media sources – well, I've pretty much given up on viewing their websites.  Why?  They are always showing pictures and giving quotes from criminally insane people.  Gates.  Fauci.  Why would I be interested in anything these men have to say?  They are insane.  Completely gone.    

    Why don't these alternative sources include other criminally insane stories like the one about Mrs. Nora Shinstick who claims she can fart flying monkeys.  "Mrs. Shinstick made the announcement today while standing on her head blowing up party balloons in the ladies room naked."

    Just like I don't care what the insane Mrs. Shinstick says and whether or not she can actually fart flying monkeys, I don't give a rat's ass what two rats – Gates and Fauci – have to say.  Why quote insane people?  Honestly.  You don't go there.  This is not to say that I don't admire the heck out of anyone opposing the elitists and support them, I'd just like to ask them to consider not quoting insane people.  Seriously.  Think about it.  If we all TURNED OFF THE TELEVISION, THEY'D BE DONE.  IT WOULD BE OVER.  Peaceful noncompliance.  

    Thanks for letting me vent.  Will be listening tomorrow.  God bless ya' bro.  You're doing an amazing job!   

  5. Lance says:

    Methane big part of 'alarming' rise in planet-warming gases (

    "The exact amounts of methane that have come from human activity versus natural environments over the past few years is not currently known…"

    Exact amounts aren't known, but estimates do exist!

    "Estimates of methane emissions are subject to a high degree of uncertainty, but the most recent comprehensive estimate suggests that annual global methane emissions are around 570 million tonnes…" ( report)

    Its going to get hotter, which is why the "scientists" have "programs" to attempt to cool it down!


  6. Gary Morrow says:

    Robert F Kennedy Jr Running for President in 2024.

    For the last three years Robert F Kennedy Jr has been one of America's strongest voices in defending our Constitutional Republic from public health officials wielding emergency power The TEAM KENNEDY website will soon announce the details of his campaign kickoff ceremony in Boston on April 19.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Dittos! This could be a breath of life for America- and for freedom & morality vs. the disaster of the Bidet/Harris debacle; IF we can break free of the tyranny of globalist crime syndicates and hacked & stolen election results. Refreshing to have a decent & moral  candidate in there anyway.

    • Lance says:

      Not putting my faith in any man or manmade government, period. 

  7. Randolph Directo says:

    "..people and the web of life don't seem to matter to them…" Dane, I'm relatively sure that we're dealing with super rich, tech-AI-advanced satanists. As satanists, they re-assure each other that their prodigy will inherit their hell on earth – and that no after life waits in judgment upon them; they hope to change the nature of reality using CERN, yet have no idea the reality that waits for them upon passing.

  8. Hawkeye says:

    Great broadcast Dane! I had to stop it at the 32 minute mark because that's where you spoke about Florida and SWFL Gulf of Mexico's constant and continuously infected waters. I want folks to know what he said is 100% accurate, true and correct, and real. Flesh eating disease is real here. I have seen it personally, it is in our local news (sometimes) and red tide, well that never goes away. Most of the year now and for the last few years this is the case. 

    September 28, 2022 – hurricane Ian hit us (swfl)  a direct hit. 155 mph winds, rain and the flood that never before has happened, happened! I lived through it, almost every home on all the islands on sw coast flooded with 3 to 8 foot storm surge, ocean salt water storm surge! That salt water killed all pine trees and so many other plants and trees. Immediately afterwards ( 17 days later) when we got services restored, reports of extreme red tide and flesh eating disease were reported with warnings of contaminated gulf waters – NO swimming or fishing. 

    There is too too much I can say, not enough room in this comment box unfortunately, but I want you all to know we are demolished still, six months later we are still knocking down homes and buildings, there is a severe housing crisis going on. There is no national news of our horrible conditions whatsoever, Instead it is a real estate buying frenzy! It's the most insane thing to see. Buying up real estate at warp speed for increasingly inflated prices and most all sold are damaged from flood waters and wind. Gutted homes top dollar and the frenzy to get one is beyond my comprehension.  

    My story needs to be heard. I live here, I was here before, during and after Ian. It was steered directly in to us on purpose. Lasted 23 hours! Not kidding. The aftermath I am living in is unimaginable. Too many homeless. Rich and poor are homeless. The water is poison. The weather has been in the mid to upper 90's since February. Our Gulf temps are already in the low 80's. Summer is back already with another hurricane season upon us. If we continue to let this go on without complaint, nothing will remain. SOS! 

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      I am so sorry!

      "… for the elect's sake, those days shall be shortened."- Matthew 24:22


    • Earth Angel says:

       Thank you for the report Hawkeye. So sorry you and others are still struggling in poor conditions resulting from the weather warfare waged upon you. I'd be interested to know WHO are the folks involved in the feeding frenzy of buying up the gutted & wrecked properties at warp speed & inflated prices?!  My bet is it's corporations or banking/ real estate cartels vs. individuals.. I wonder if you can shed some further light on this for us in a future report? Praying for you this Easter weekend. Please keep the faith & koko. I know it's hard though. Be blessed.

    • Hawkeye says:

      In reply to Earth Angel, majority of real estate buyers are said "investors", yes, from all over the U.S. they are swarming in to scoop up poison damaged paradise. A lot of big developers buying up hotels, gated communities and bed & breakfast like properties. There is also a bunch of single "investor" purchases on single family damaged homes to rehab and rent out on air b&b and the minority are locals who just need a home because theirs was lost. Excluding the locals in need, it's la la land vacation mentality on steroids! Ugly as sin it is. What I'm seeing too is locals like myself who just can not afford to live here anymore as sale prices and rental prices are extremely inflated and impossible to afford, but for me, I'm stuck here unable to find a new place to live that I can afford and unable to leave for the same reason, can't afford to relocate. There are still thousands of people living in campers in their driveways still trying to rehab their home, living in RV's provided by fema, living with relatives and friends, living in tents and or in their cars! No kidding it is bad, yet not one news story about the situation. Homeless is what we are and I wonder if these clueless people knew this storm was on purpose would they get mad and complain? Lives ruined, businesses gone, environment ripped apart and this is a good investment?! I'm a realtor, I don't get it. They want this and are paying millions for it. It's sheer madness.

      9 out of 10 sales are cash. You can't get a mtg. on a damaged gutted house because you can't get insurance on a damaged house. Ins companies are going bankrupt and pulling out, screwing people not paying claims, and if you can find insurance it is 10 to 30k a year. I can't sell this so I'm suffering more then my colleague's cashing in on the frenzy. It's a lie and I'm not doing it, so I've only had a few small deals with homeowners who could not afford to rehab and were only paid (if at all) a fraction of the properties value by their insurance Co. Not enough paid to them to cover rehab costs or buy a new home, so they are homeless now and they are elderly mostly. They need to get out so that for me is a person who needs help and so that I can sell, but this vacation land nonsense is nothing I want to be a part of! Not to mention on top of all this destruction is the lines in the sky to complete the whole ugly picture here. 

      With warnings from officials to not go in the water or eat the fish, people are enjoying the few open beaches and going out boating like this is nice. Stupid is as stupid does has never been more true! A lot of people here need help and are not getting it. With this weather warfare comes homelessness and famine will surely follow. Know this readers because you could be next. I was renting my home and the owner wants out so told me to sell it. It's pending now and I have until may 15th to vacate but for 3 months (knowing this sale was coming) I've been looking for a new place with zero luck. It's too stressful! I have a dog, a cat and 25 ducks. The birds here are starving, I feed as many as I can that's how I got so many ducks. Now what?! I can't leave them. Praying hard for an answer to where to go. 

      This is a warning, they will not stop. If anyone reading this is in my area and might know of anything housing wise to help, please reach out. Be brave, speak out folks. 

  9. Earth Angel says:

    Another amazing broadcast Dane, everything spot on. Wish it all wasn't so but grateful to have truthful research and logic brought to us each week. Thank you so very much for what you do in bringing a voice of sanity to the asylum we find ourselves lost in. I am heartbroken to learn of the dumping of half a million barrels of DDT in the magnificent Pacific Ocean; only one of many assaults against planet Earth since the industrial revolution no doubt. As often stated by you we have ruined our only home in the geologic blink of an eye. The chemical companies and others responsible for these atrocities should be brought up on charges & held accountable for these crimes. There must be a record of what parties and individuals had a hand in these crimes. Sadly, no amount of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ can fix what has been taken away from the LIFE of our planet because of ignorance and greed. It would bring me some solace to have all companies found responsible for this type of contamination be shut down permanently and any persons involved be punished appropriately. But as is said- Nature bats last and will have final judgment.

  10. Lance says:

    Today was the biggest over-the-top aerosol operation I've ever witnessed! Am quite sure that if this hadn't been done the high temperature would have been hotter than it was today. 62F was the high today here in Rio Vista. Currently 57F but it "feels" colder, unnaturally so. Big warnings in the news about major flooding as the snow pack in the Sierra's begins to melt in the coming days. Major warfare kicking off. Heads up!

  11. Molly b says:

    I live in Siskiyou county California,  by the Oregon border. They have been doing aerosol disbursement very heavily since February.  As of right now (April 5, 2023) all the trees and plants in Siskiyou county are still dormant. We do not even have any leaves or blooms on any trees. And this time of year we always have beautiful blooms on the trees and lilac bushes blooming….but it's so cold here we are freezing,  Yet they insist on aerosol disbursement here blocking out the much needed sun light we need to get spring started. Isn't there anyone out there that can stop them from blocking out the sun here in siskiyou county. Those people who are doing the aerosol disbursement need to stop and allow the plants and trees here to come out of their dormant state. How can I get a message to them and ask them to stop?

  12. Jaime Love says:

    Everyone start working on raising funding to get billboards up. Here's one goal for each of us! These pop more than anything and people will be traveling this summer! Let's do this! We have to plant the seed and they will come! God bless and let's fight for our freedom! This is poison on us! It's wrong! It should be illegal! We will see flooding this year due to the synthetic snow they put on top of other snow which makes it melt at a fast rate! This happened in Flag! They love to spray that town and every time I visit it's windy (which they push) and the spray like crazy off on side and blow it in. They are trying to get smarter now. But snow I watched last night. It melted fast again snow it's melting the old snow and flooding. This is what they want! Insurance rates go up and politicos guys get money for emergency funding due to weather. They make money on this all while they hurt many. It's wrong. I get tired of cleaning up heavy metals that come dorks form the snow and rain. Ocd here and it bothers me bad when I blow off my patio come back later and it's full of heavy meat so I have to brush off everywhere to sit. It's obvious now! Let's start billboards! We can do this! Dane showed us how we can do billboards! Let's do this! Put a big sticker on the back of your car anything to be big and loud and clear for them to go to the website and educate themselves! Sometimes I go to dollar store and by white washable car window marker and write it on my back window! Then I drove out of town and people see it everywhere I go! Truth can move around! Let's keep sharing and educating gods truth! 

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Jaime.  Billboards were and are  a great idea, but, and I say this with regret, it is past the time to rely on them so heavily.  We are dealing with the Department of Defense, Raytheon, Lockheed, etc.  They don't read billboards – too busy creating more ways to depopulate and kill off every natural thing of beauty that nature gave us.  Then we have Gates and his ilk busy in their efforts to starve us of real food with their substituting nutrition with "God knows what?"   Billboards are read by people who care and will act, but, now, that will not be enough against the giants of evil with whom we are dealing.  There must be an answer to them, but who among us in this country  is brave enough, strong enough and willing to die for his/her efforts?  But, there is still hope and each of us must deal with the situation brought upon us in his own way, finding those who will work with him to protect his personal environment, his family and their future in what will be left of America as we knew it.  We can do it.  Peace and health and success to all of us.  Be of strong will and do not let 'them' continue their programming of fear to cow us into submission.


  13. Lance says:

    This morning over and around the area of Rio Vista, CA, there are more than one aircraft spraying "stuff" into the atmosphere. Several spray trails are visible out the little window of our small trailer facing east. Sun is rising and the trails are being highlighted by the suns light. Watched an aircraft flying from the S to the N spraying the "stuff". Atmosphere is quite hazy and pollution in the air is making it impossible to see the Sierra Mountain range to the east. Been congested since coming here for this reason. Its not from pollen either. Nighttime Microphysics Image loop clearly shows these "trails" and even thicker ones that have been sprayed out over the western Sierra Mountains along the west coast north of San Francisco. All this "stuff" is moving to the SSE and will be visible over the Rio Vista area shortly. And as I'm entering this information another aircraft is visible out the little window facing east that is flying from the S to the N spraying even more of the "stuff". And people wonder why they're congested and having breathing problems? I don't wonder why! 

  14. Lance says:

    4.5 magnitude earthquake near Hollister, CA, this afternoon. This morning I observed a high altitude narrow wavy line in the sky over my location in Rio Vista, CA. Stretched from the NW to the SE for as far as I could see in either direction. Tesla understood how to cause earthquakes using scalar energy. Food for thought.

  15. drew bird says:

    I was believing this is a plan to destroy us, I have lived on the earth for 68 years. It is not normal to have such an amount of tornados ripping city's apart. The rain and everything. They ruin things and then make it look as if it is our fault for using cars. But how can we stop them?


  16. Lance says:

    Regarding UV levels, checked the EPA's readings and in the Rio Vista, CA, area where I am right now it's now at level 6 which is in the High range.

     "Protection against sun damage is needed. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, use sunscreen SPF 15+ and wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants when practical. Reduce your exposure to the sun's most intense UV radiation by seeking shade during midday hours."

    Naturally, this number increases during the "midday hours". Easy to get a sunburn in a short amount of time. Causes rapid snow melt too! 

  17. Lance says:

    The UV level is NOT being shown on msn weather report. It says "Data unavailable". Hmmm? Doesn't take long to get a sunburn does it. Elevated UV radiation level causes rapid snow melt. Temps in CA to increase by 20F by 4/6. Forecast is calling for rain to start falling in central/northern CA in the PM hours on 4/7. Moderate to heavy rain forecast overnight into the day on 4/8 in the watershed's of the eastern Sierra's. Reservoirs are near or above capacity. River's are all running at high levels. 

  18. Chickadee says:

    Every time there is an article on Epoch Times about the 'weather' I always write the same thing:  Watch 'The Dimming' on the homepage, then go outside and look UP at your sky.   I think people are looking because there are more and more other comments about geoengineering, haarp and weather warfare!   Then today we got some devastating news.  This is about the farmers and our food supplies!!  We've been ordering a 1/4 cow and 1/2 pig every January for the past 8 years.  We buy from a local organic farmer in Maine down the road from our little camp. We bought a freezer to keep the meat and veggies we get at the local farmers market. It lasts us all year.  We bring home what we need as we go through the year and then the rest of it in November when we have to shut down camp as the water pipes freeze.  We ordered our usual 1/4 cow last month and he was late with that this year.  We paid our deposit.  Today he sent us an email that he didn't want to send. He said he had 2 deals to buy the Belties as he always had, but they fell through. He found 1 other but they weren't the best and too young, so he has to suspend all beef orders for 2023 winter delivery.  He is now seriously trying to find some Belties that he can raise himself and that will take 2 years if he can even get a herd together. He has pristene organic farmland and they are grassfed/finished. He also raises pigs and chickens. We buy our eggs there too.  We've been to the farm often and we know and trust Joe. This is a big blow to him too. And so I ordered 1/2 pig with our deposit so he wouldn't have to return it and we'll have some good meat for 2024. But we exist on the 40 lbs of burger meat as I make alot of casseroles, soups, burgers, meatballs and everything with that.  I will not buy burger at the grocery store. It makes me gag after eating the 'good meat' for the last 8 years.  And like I told Joe after the news that the horizon is dark for all farmers!  The main farm he bought the Belties every spring sold out in 2020.  This all goes back to the WEF/NWO that wants everyone to eat BUGS.  I never thought this would affect Joe, a small family farm in Maine. But it has and so it affects me and all his other customers that relied on his beef to feed our families all year.  We had another farm here in NH that was the first to receive some special organic status here and they raised heritage pigs. We bought from them at the farmers market and right from their farm when we needed extra pork chops or a roast.  We emailed them in December asking if they had an chops for sale and Ed wrote back that they sold the farm last year and retired now living in Virginia. That was a shock!  He said the guy that bought the farm is not farming.  And another in NH that I would buy from organic beef and chicken if we ran out, announced in 2022 that he was no longer going to be raising animals.  This is just the beginning of the food shortages for 2024 and beyond. Look at all the regulations 'they' want to put on farmers just like the Dutch farmers and everywhere else. They want to get rid of them period. Doesn't matter how small they are. The CAFOs continue on.  So that was our news today as we wonder what we will do with no beef in our freezer come next spring. So people, prepare yourselves. Get what you can while you can get it because 'they' are going to make sure one damn way or another that we won't be able to get what we want. I'm a meat eater and I will NOT eat bugs!!!  

  19. Robin says:

    I had a terrible time with the 10" April Fools blizzard that included the metro area of Twin Cities, MN.  Indeed, aerosol spraying occurred prior & likely during cloud cover.  From this snowpocalypse, here is an example of the endothermic process made ever worse by ice nucleated artificial precipitation/aka cement snow:  Four loaded trailers of mail were dropped one after another in assigned spaces each next to the other, all within 10 minutes.  All drivers were unable to move their tractors into the exit lane.

    The larger heavier tandem axle trucks had to be towed out by the plow with a chain pull.  My single axle also had to be pulled (rookie error in forgetting to grab my salt container from car!).  The 4th truck- lighter single axle- managed to get out thanks to my shovel.

    I'll spare you the many traumas experienced that night.  Here is my point.  I investigated info about why snow can turn to ice under increased weight.  Heavy wet snow has less air space, A thick layer on ground has more weight, thus even less air space (described as 'firn').  Now add the weight of a stationary or slow moving tractor and you have instant compression which forms a concave wet ice beneath tire.  Surfactants also?  Very likely!  Tires do nothing but spin in place!

    Salt melts ice by bringing it to a lower melting point (endothermic)  It's tricky to understand because you have ambient air, ice water, salt water, & ice all with different chemical/thermal activity.

    Final word:  Post office driver said, " many called in tonight- what's the use of being a hero (heroes work here/aka pandemic lingo)!  Yes, we're living in an insane asylum-  too much wasteful consumption!  I consider Dane's web card as a gift ticket  out of insanity (mass psychosis) given to any and all suffering from such chaotic whiplash.  Don't forget to keep some cards in your pocket!

  20. Dagny says:

    when they wipe out emerging blooms and they do. it happens ever year here. without fail. ice nucleating chemicals freeze our fruit trees year after year. it also kills the bees and in the spring the bee keepers call it colony collapse or other die off. i believe it is a starvation. the spring blooms are wiped out every year. fruit trees are not the only thing to get hit. the wild berries. the nuts. hickory nuts. all things that produce blooms get hit and killed. most only bloom once and the monsters with airplanes never miss it.

    perfect hit year after year. what do you suppose happens to the pollinators when their first foods after emerging from winter is wiped out? doesn't take a scientist to figure that one out. some bee keepers i have known loose 25-30 % of their hives every year and they think it is normal. it isn't. it is part of the destruction of the climate engineers.

  21. Geoff Hanham says:

    At least from the U.K. Establishment's point of view "Every Thought is a Political Thought – Every Action is a Political Action"…

    Thus the myriad "Anti-Population Legislation" over the past fifteen years, with new laws even now being 'railroaded' on to the Statute that make Drakon seem like a cuddly Pooh Bear… The ghost of Lavrenti Beria (though Heaven forbid!) mus be salivating at the power the U.K. Crown (perhaps 'Krone' would be more appropriate?) has over His subjects – for assuredly we are not, legally, 'citizens' and no longer have "Habaeus Corpus"… Nor "Right of Assembly"… So now we face arrest by even suggesting that "Geoengineering" is a reality… A while back, a Priest was forbidden to stand in a quiet place by our Town Hall at Easter because it was considered "Offensive"…  The Mental Health Act facilitates your arrest if you 'promote' Geoengineering as a fact. It merely requires one Police Doctors signature – and there is no appeal…

    Geoff Hanham

  22. Lance says:

    Well, it happened! Woke up at 4:00am, looked outside, and there is a thin layer of white stuff on the ground even though its only 34F right now. Supposed to get down to 29F just before sunrise. Just a dusting of the white stuff though. Went to a storage shed we rent here in Placerville, CA, yesterday and the day before. Noticed a lot of dying and dead trees along the roads up to the storage facility. In one place a group of trees had fallen over some communications lines strung between poles along the road. Been here two days and no one has come to remove the trees. At the RV park we're staying in there are some dying and dead trees too. One is a cedar tree. The top of this tree is dead and the rest of the tree is slowly dying. A group of deciduous trees along a fence a few hundred feet away is also quite dead. The "flash freeze" is certainly going to cause problems for any trees of this type struggling to live that have budded early. Meanwhile, most people just keep on with BAU, thinking that everything will continue on as it always has, yet the signs that it won't are everywhere. For the record, am not a "doomer" or a "rationalist". Am a realist and the reality is the natural world is in deep trouble. That its not going to recover is a reality.    

  23. brent says:

    So Elan shuts down New York Times' Twitter account.

    His reason being the they are "propaganda."

    This soo funny and scary at once.

    Celente calls The Times the "toilet paper of record."

    And He's right.

    But it's still censorship on the part of Elan.

    Take care ALL


  24. brent papon says:

    NE Ohio

    A couple days ago I cleaned my gutters.

    They were filled to the brim with pine needles and branches.

    Never seen that one before.

    ALL of the trees are dying, but the conifers are looking really bad.

    The wind and the dryness has been aweful too.

    Take care ALL



  25. Jonathan says:

    I sent this Friday night to UCSD's  Dr. David Victor after seeing him spouting off nonsense and lies on documentary about geo engineering. This is an example how we can contact people whom we find spraying disinformation and share with them facts. We may be able to open their eyes. This is an example of what I am talking about. -J



    Dear Dr. Victor,


    Regarding your interview in the following documentary:



    You said, "… We are considering playing God with the planet."


    Geoengineering is not a consideration. To suggest in a public documentary that it is a consideration is a misrepresentation and academically dishonest. I urge you to seriously consider the following documentary that was put together by Dane Wigington of


    These weather engineering programs have been in place for many years, having started with United States military in 1947, as Project Cirrus.




  26. Virginia says:

    While we continue our fight to abolish  the evil destruction of our planet by climate warfare and other means, there will be an event of the most significant importance to our country played out this week in New York.  The ramifications of this event will shake the foundations of our country as never before in our history.  Hopefully, Americans will realize that it isn't merely a 'sideshow' and give it the attention it demands of us as Americans – for we may not be able to recognize our country in the very near future as a consequence of its outcome.

    I have lived under sixteen presidents in my life.  It saddens me deeply to see that High Office (to use the words of John F. Kennedy) being utilized by this event in order to demolish our Constitutional Republic, for I am afraid that is what will happen. If you believe in prayer, this would be the time to use it, for the sake of our beautiful country – and it is beautiful, in spite of the political machinations in Washington, now and in the past.  I personally pray that there are some level-headed players in this event who will prevail in order to save America.

  27. Jackie Pollock says:

    Nothing is said on MSM about these things!  Whether from the news media spokespeople or any politicians. We have so many blasting-apart events going on here and around the world that people are almost zombies from it all. Oxygen production is plummeting! Because 90% of the oceans plankton is gone and bacteria and algae levels are overwhelming southern beaches that people are told we "can't be outside".  And this bacteria includes flesh-destroying bacteria! The DoomsDay Glacier melting is worst than previously reported! This is very dismal and dire and alarming. Thank you Dane for your relentless reporting – you belong here on this planet in order for your purpose to be fulfilled.

    "The human race as a whole has lost its mind!" -Dane Wigington

    I agree!! 

    -Jackie from Texas

  28. Ken says:

    everytime it snows or rains i find im always getting some sort of allergy that is from these mixes of chemtrails the winter mix is always infecting my lungs an nose an sinuses its not only screwing up the world its infecting my breathing everyday they spray the winter mix is bad news the rest i see how the forrest here smells dead not like pine trees an all i see how this is its not only killing the world but its making me an several people suffer respratory issues an i see what looks like dry ice in the mountans after snow melts i see mounds of dry ice it always takes several days or weeks after snow vanishes

  29. JR says:

    Good morning from Southwest,NM. Yesterday 4-1-23 was awful spraying being done again in the same fashion as recent days. This was done over El Paso, Tx. and the city of Juarez, Mx. I have no doubt somehow it contributed to the hell that struck in South with tornadoes. There is a lot of desert here where experimental spraying is done almost daily. The desert environment gives them incentives I imagine to utilize in other parts of world with deserts? The one and only Lord give us and our kids a helping hand. Fight the good fight, we'll be rewarded in the end. Peace to all…

  30. Lance says:

    This is a quote from a comment posted on a social media website:

    "Can you care about the climate without panicking about the climate? The evidence suggests there are actually reasons for optimism. Technological innovation means that many of our biggest fears about climate change may not play out the way we think."

    Proves my point about those who believe that technological "innovation" is going to change the inevitable outcome!

    • BBB says:

      Technological meddling has changed the natural outcome.  And not for the better.  Science is not a friend.  It's a threat to all life on earth.  I'm sitting in the middle of weather like I've never experienced here in Northern California.  It's snow on top of snow on top of snow since the end of October.  Sunshine is banished under non-ending cloudy days.  My barn is coveted and house too like it's the top of Mt. Hood.  Here it is April 2 and not a spring flower, anywhere.  It's snowing with strong wind gusts included.  The wild animals have zero to eat.  I've spent a lot of money to keep them going.  For 70 years California has conducted massive cloud seeding. That alone has created ecological disasters.  Add geoengineering of the jet plane variety to the massive NEXRAD (750,000 watts per each of 200 stations) microwave energy zapped onto all living things, into the earth, our sky, our oceans….something's gonna give.  I'm a witness to the end of the former natural weather. Gird your loins.

      global weather system.  

    • Problem->Reaction->"Solution" says:

      Dear Lance,

      You are so correct in pointing out that technology is being presented as the one thing that will save us…… but from what? Fortunately we now know for sure, as a result of Mr. Wigington's excellent research, that it's technology causing the problem in the first place. How absurd to present it as a solution!

  31. Lance says:

    Reading comments on a social media website this morning under the heading "climate collapse". Most are of the mind that all the problems now facing humanity can be resolved through scientific "innovation". At the top of the list of "innovations" is use of advanced artificial intelligence systems to provide scientific "solutions". Many believe that instead of continuing to conduct "business as usual", or BAU, we should all put our faith in artificial intelligence systems to provide humanity with a "new way forward". There is a bigger problem though. Recently, there have been a large group of scientists involved in the field of artificial intelligence that are saying they need to put a hold on "it's" deployment. Some are saying that "it" needs to be stopped all together. The dilemma now facing humanity is this. Either keep on conducting BAU or turn to artificial intelligence systems to provide humanity with solutions to all their problems, yet both lead to equally and totally disasterous and undesirable outcomes. Damned no matter what choice is made!        

    • Annabel Australia says:

      It always makes me snort with amusement when l hear how the techno fools promote their ai wizardry, make their mega dollars from it and then say "Beware." They know what could/will occur and their public comments is just another level of anxiety to feed to the public.

      It's similar to when Dolly the sheep was first cloned and the scientific community stated that they were bound by ethics…

      Their puny efforts to outdo the Creator make me laugh. Karma is very satisfying.

    • BBB says:

      Salvation is the nearest wall socket.  Unplug. AI is a counterfeit intelligence. Just like the rest of this digital nightmare.  Fake  reality.  The silicon beast.  Robots.  Fake life. It's a DEAD end!!  

  32. Lance says:

    A possible "flash freeze" event could occur in the foothills of CA. A short rain event is to start at 7pm Sunday lasting until 3am Monday 4/3. Temps are to drop to 31F by 7am on 4/3 after this short rain event overnight. Am staying in Placerville, CA, until late Monday so I'll be in a front row seat to see if this happens. Tuesday morning the low is forecast to be 29F with high only 50F. Then Wednesday the low of 33F is forecast, but then a warm-up is coming as I detailed in a previous post. 80F by Monday 4/10. Rapid warm-up. Reservoirs filled to capacity? Runoff from snow melt could be catastrophic! We'll see.  

    • Lance says:

      Well, it appears that the weather is being changed so that the big warm-up isn't going to be so big. Major aerosol ops ongoing just off the CA coast W of San Francisco, over SF, and points inland to the SE this afternoon. As a result the warm-up forecast calling for high temps in the upper 70s to low 80s beginning Sunday into Monday this week have been changed. Rain still forecast for Friday into Saturday, but highs only in the mid-60s Sunday and low 60s Monday. Was out watching the sky this morning after sunrise and the air pollution to the E of Rio Vista all the way to the Sierra's was clearly visible in the sunlight. Also viewed what appeared to be a long narrow wavy stream flowing from the NW to the SE from horizon to horizon this morning around 10am for a short time. Microwave induced perhaps. Not something one see's everyday.    

    • Lance says:

      Big warm-up not going to happen now because they've changed the weather so that its not going to warm-up as much. Aerosol ops off W coast of central CA, over San Francisco, and points just inland this afternoon. Jetstream winds flowing from the NW moved all the "stuff" to the SE. Sunday and Monday highs forecast to be in the 80s now forecast to only be in the mid 60s. Rain Friday and part of Saturday. Partly cloudy Sunday into Monday. 

  33. Geoff Hanham says:

    What is it with most people? Is it simply the saturating propaganda? Deep MK insinuation? The chronic infection of 'Cultural Fascist- Marxism'  ab initio from play school and kindergarten?

    No-one will listen… But they certainly have had their ears wide open to Hatred; of any contrary view, of the "Declared Other," of "Divertion from the Imperium's Narrative".  So they HATE with a deep hatred all those "Others" that the Narrative dictates that they do. Meanwhile they are conditioned into being a wagged tail and arf-arf at the 'gods and goddesses' of Sport, of Base Porn, of Celebrity, of 'Royalty', of 'Strange and Unusual' life-styles (Style?), of Perversions, and live  (if it can be called 'living') the utter denigration of what should be a human being in this terrible, wonderful and so beautiful Natural World – and like Nietzsche's "Ultimate Man" merely 'blink' at the passing of Incredible Wonders' and 'blink' at the fall and burning of the Amazon and the Extinction of the Cetaceans whilst the very Planet is on the cusp of Extinction and the likelyhood of nuclear catastrophe becoming seemingly more inevitable with every passing day…

    Yesterday, a wild bird that had befriended me and my late wife came to me with its torn left foot dangling by some threads of sinew…

    How can our hearts not break? But like Dane we must endure and all, though few, say NO! And fight and Love as best we can…

    Geoff Hanham






    • Lance says:

      What is it with most people "these days"? Most people, with very few exceptions, have become lovers of themselves, lovers of money, and lovers of pleasure. There are other words that could be used to describe the way most people act "these days", but these will suffice.

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