Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 3, 2021, #295


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering operations continue to be ramped up all over the world as environmental collapse accelerates. The CV-19 scenario is also expanding, transforming and taking a tremendous toll on societies. How many are still clinging to the belief that their lives will soon get “back to normal”? What will it take to shatter the public’s unfounded trust in the corporate media ministry of power structure propaganda? The totality of deception and disinformation that is being disseminated by all government agencies, elected officials, the medical / military industrial complexes (and the mainstream media sources that serve them), could never be quantified. Can populations be awakened in time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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35 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 3, 2021, #295

  1. Raymond says:

    The first sign of success in our fight to protect our Constitutional rights and religious freedom of choice, has miraculously transpired in my town.

    I received a text message today from the attorney's office that was handling our class action lawsuit and it said that it has been officially dropped! Because the county has terminated the Covid Vaccine Passport Visa program due to the pressure from law firms representing defendants across the country, filling suits against the Civil Covid Passport Initiative.

    The text message also said that members of congress from both the House and Senate committees have expressed their unwillingness to support any Civil Covid Passport programs and their restrictions placed upon the unvaccinated. After the President determined that it was likely to be unconstitutional and ordered all federal agencies to step away, from any future implementation of such illegal Covid Passport mandates. Pending any future Supreme Court rulings on this matter. The Covid Passport certificate system that is planned to be used by the Airline and Cruise Ship industries, will not be affected by this decision and is intended to prevent the further spread of the virus across borders and between continents. Residents will no longer be required to get vaccinated in this county and only those who are 16 years and older, will be eligible for vaccinations at this current time. There will be no restrictions placed on those who do not wish to benefit from the vaccines.

    I am pleased that we have won this first round in the fight to avoid the mark of the beast (Covid vaccination certificate number assigned to each individual)). But I still have an uneasy feeling about all of this and believe that the government backed down, only because they have something more malevolent in store for the people of American and the entire world's population. That being said… Bill Gates still wants to implant microchips into every human on Earth and our government has yet to say NO, to anything that psychopath can dream up.

    On another note:  The media's vigil of public mass distraction never ends.

    From Europe to Alaska, parts of the world are exceptionally cold right now (

    "In Europe, the cold has come as a shock, gripping the region just days after a burst of summer like warmth. Some areas that experienced their warmest March weather on record last week are now enduring the coldest April weather observed. Switzerland and Slovenia both established record low temperatures for April on Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, the temperature in Alaska could plummet as low as minus-50 in the coming days, challenging the lowest mark recorded in the Last Frontier during April.

    The anomalous cold covering Europe presently is forecast to retreat over Central and Eastern Europe in the next few days, but chilly weather may linger in Western Europe from Spain into the U.K."

    Climate context

    The pockets of cold over Europe and Alaska, while noteworthy, are exceptions to the warmer-than-average weather prevailing over much of the Northern Hemisphere. The temperature averaged over the entire hemisphere Wednesday was 1.6 (0.9 Celsius) degrees above the 1979-2000 average."

    Like Dane always says: "Its really cold somewhere. So that must be proof that the planet isn't really going into meltdown… right?"

    Notice how they place the icing on their "frozen" cake, with these words: "warmer-than-average weather prevailing over much of the Northern Hemisphere"… at the very end of the article?

    Not HOTTER-THAN-AVERAGE, which could (may, might) alarm people slightly. And also notice their strategy of placing the World's higher than average temperature (0.4 degrees C), before the Northern Hemisphere (0.9 degrees C) temperatures.

    AND this is the artificial ingredients of their cake icing:  Those above average temperatures were only averaged for ONE DAY, Wednesday April 7th! Which also factored in the record cold temperatures into that equation! They wouldn't dare show the numbers for the record high temperatures in the whole month of March. Which is mentioned several times in the article and is likely closer to around 3.5 degrees C for the Northern Hemisphere. Plus the European and Asian continents within the Northern Hemisphere experienced exceedingly hot record shattering temperatures, from December through February and would probably have blown the warmer than average readings… right out of the boiling water! Hitting around 4.5 to 6.0 degrees C above the average! Those numbers appear to be totally unrealistic I know, but remember that areas of Europe and Asia were actually hitting high temperatures in Winter that rivaled record high temperatures in Summer! Even when you average them with the February (Chemical Ice Nucleated) Polar Vortex that hit here in Texas, for instance. We're only talking about a difference of about 22 degrees F lower in America overall, and closer to a 58 degrees F higher difference overall in Europe and Asia. Some places over there were seeing 90+ degree F readings in January and February!  And areas of the Arctic were seeing numbers approaching 60 degrees F. (Those numbers are getting closer by the day, to the Runaway Venus Syndrome equations)

    And then there's this:

    Arctic melt: the race for resources (

    Nations around the world are so fracking eager to loot, pillage and plunder Earth's last remaining natural resources… and insanely sensationalizing their efforts to boot! Even after they have already nailed our proverbial coffin shut with geoengineering polar meltdowns!

    Russia is now investing heavily in timber logging of their last remaining forests! And development projects in America are being approved by city councils in every state, for warehousing industries that will clear-cut hundreds of acres of forest at each site location.

    Is there any word out there, in any language whatsoever… that defines Beyond Insanity?

  2. Robert Latta says:

    What we can do to fight the destruction of earth's environment is to plant trees and donate to groups that plant trees. Here is one such group – 


  3. Erik says:

    Southern California is completely covered in aerosols right now. I live in Ontario CA . Completely covered.



    • Brent Papon says:

      Same here in NE Ohio.

      Clearly, the intent is to spray More and More until the bitter end.

      Hopefully the Modern militarized capitalist western model society will collapse.

      If it doesn't, we're done. And we're talkin months now; not years…

      I will do everything I can to preserve life here and in the rest of the galaxy, but I fear we are past the point of return.

      Thank you Dane and Everyone Else that gives a shit.

      There's just not enough of us.



  4. Raymond says:

    OK, I know that this is a very bold move on my part and it may be "all for naut" in the long run. But at this point in the game, what have we got to lose by throwing up a Hail Mary? I am willing to bet that there are active service members who check this site out occasionally. And at the very least, folks who visit this site that personally know members of the military or know veterans that stay in touch regularly with active servicemen and women. 

    This is my way of pleading with my fellow brothers and sisters in the armed services, simply as a concerned combat veteran who took the same oath to serve and protect with distinction, conviction and honor. Just as each of you did, when you joined the greatest military fighting force on the planet. Their is without doubt, a time to fight when the people of this great nation are in harms way and face perils, from any force that is great enough and aggressive enough to inflict massive casualties and deaths… on a scale that pales any world war to date.

    That time is NOW!

    The orders that you have been given, to fill our skies with deadly aerosol "nano" particulates like aluminum sulfates, barium, strontium, chemical and biological agents, just to name a few. Are KILLING US! And it's not just the very old who are near the end of their lives. Not just the weak, sick, frail, crippled, diseased and immune deficient either. The toxins that you are spraying are killing the most innocent and precious lives that we hold near and dear to our hearts, above all else in the name of the human race. Everyone's Children! Yours and Mine and Our Children's Children… who will never be born, if you don't help us to end the geoengineering insanity, that could never have even become such a threat. If you had simply questioned your orders or refused to obey… by resigning your commission and dropping out of the military. And then joining us in this fight, if not for your fellow Americans or yourselves. But for the sake of those who are too young to even know what's at stake here.

    The orders that you are following without questioning them and without any sense of morals or ethics being applied, are not being placed upon your shoulders… to challenge your sense of duty and they are certainly not dignifying your commitment to serve your fellow Americans, with pride and bravery as protectors of the free world.

    They are given to you by your superiors, who have been threatened with immediate suspension of their commission and the loss of all retirement benefits. Should they fail to follow orders from their commanders and our president. Both of which only serve a purpose, as long as they allow their strings to be pulled by the puppet masters, hiding in the shadows of the Deep State.

    I know this to be a fact, because my Father faithfully served 25 years with distinction and honor in the US Air Force. He risked his life by running towards burning B-52s and various attack and fighter jets. Just seconds and minutes after talking the pilots of those crippled planes, down to the tarmac from the control tower at Clarke AFB at the height of the Vietnam War. He was awarded the highest medals of honor and bravery for his actions which saved many lives.

    But when he couldn't live with himself any more, for following orders that demanded his B52 maintenance squadron retrofit and service those planes and tankers, with huge chemical containers in the fuselage and aerosol spraying nozzles on the wings to be installed… that was designed to release unknown toxins into the sky above and around Minot AFB in North Dakota. He decided to hand in his papers of retirement instead.

    They tried desperately to appeal to his sense of duty and offered him the position of Senior Master Sargent of the Air Force. Which came with an office at the Pentagon and a massively huge salary. But that assignment also meant that he would be overseeing Solar Radiation Management for the entire NE coast of America.

    His conscience and devotion to the oath we all took in the military, was too overwhelming to ignore and he declined the offer. And just a few short years into his retirement, he was diagnosed with stage 4 Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The doctors at Carswell AFB in Fort Worth told him that his exposure to the chemicals at the 5th Field Maintenance Squadron at Minot, was likely to be the source of his cancer. Those same chemicals and toxins that were being used by the retrofitted planes, were also responsible for giving cancer to every single member of the old squadron that he commanded. They all died in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

    I only learned of his reluctant involvement in those early military geoengineering operations from his death bed confessions in 2003. And this is the first time that I have ever written or told anyone about this! My Father was good and honest man and I have respected his final wishes to keep this quiet. But we are all running out of time to stop the insanity in our skies and the ulterior motives behind GMO crops. Not to mention the ramifications of the pandemic and vaccines, concerning depopulation strategies by monsters like Bill Gates.

    I truly believe he would have wanted me to break my silence, in this eleventh hour of humanity's fight for our continued existence, on a dying planet that can no longer continue to support it's diverse web of life and collapsing biospheres. 

    So if it is still asking too much of the Pilots in the military, to leave your posts and join the civilian ranks. Then, there is something else that your oath will allow you to do… that will ultimately expose solar and climate geoengineering to the entire world. 

    I have personally observed your incredible flying skills and the post I left here yesterday about the Smiley Face aerosol trail, is a testament to those skills. Please consider the following:

    I have seen tanker planes leave actual letters, numbers and symbols in the sky. So if all (or at least some) of you could possibly attempt to leave these messages in the sky that are visible to large populations? While flying over areas that wouldn't jeopardize the safety of those people, should anything go wrong and you lose control of the aircraft. These would inspire observers to search the internet for their meanings and expose them to the truth. They would finally be able to confirm for themselves that Geoengineering is real and has been taking place in our skies for generations.


    If enough of these start showing up in the sky across America and are recorded or documented. Then shared by social media throughout society. It will start a domino effect that becomes unstoppable and everyone will begin to realize that something is seriously not right with the planet, our skies, our crops and national food supplies… and the government's agendas that don't have the people's best interest at heart.

    The new and updated oath includes protecting the constitutional rights of every citizen and every word of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You swore your allegiance to the flag and the people to whom it represents. All threats foreign and Domestic.

    It is now time to honor that oath without question and not obey orders that vagrantly make you break that oath! You swore to give your life if necessary to honor that oath and all we are asking, is that you walk away from a career that makes you executioners and war criminals of the American people… who pay your salaries and pension/retirement benefits. No more people, no more military pay. Kill American children and the masses will deserve justice. At least consider leaving the messages that I listed, in our skies and turn those toxic aerosol particulates… into a force for good. For the first time ever in the 75 years of Geoengineering crimes against humanity. 

    Please! I am begging you to Do the Right Thing. 


    • Earth Angel says:

      Raymond, Thank you for the most heartfelt plea to our military service members I have ever heard and for sharing with us what your very brave father told you upon his last remaining days regarding his experiences with toxic aerosol climate operations while in the Air Force. This, to me, is your most valuable contribution yet among the many that you share with us. Bravo Sir, well done!  : )

    • Raymond says:

      Earth Angel,

      Thank you for the kind words in regards to my Father. He was indeed a very brave man and treated all life as precious. I always knew that something was not right, with how he left the Air Force. Because he loved his work and was best friends with everyone at his squadron. Then to just walk away so abruptly and not look back really surprised me as being so out of character for him. But all the surviving members who also left, shortly after being ordered to retrofit planes for geoengineering experiments, came to say their goodbyes in his final days. Their stories should be told for the entire world to hear, as it ultimately cost them all of their lives, from agonizing forms of cancer that saddened their families too. They all knew that spraying chemicals and other toxic substances into the sky, was just SO WRONG on so many levels and regretted their involvement. Even though they protested and walked away in the end.

      I just wish that these newest generations would also grow a conscience and walk away too. If they did, everyone could breathe a little easier starting TOMORROW!

      My Father was always haunted by and had many nightmares, of the plane crew members that he was unable to save in the Philippines. And I still remember watching those shot up and burning planes coming in for emergency landings as a small child. I saw a lot of death and destruction up close and personal as a young boy and have never looked at war the same way again. Especially when I fought as an Airborne Ranger in Iraq. Where I experienced my first nightmares from geoengineering side effects. They sprayed lots of aerosol particulate trails to make it rain and bog down Republican Guard tanks in mud and wet sand. But it also sent home many troops with Gulf War Syndrome illnesses that the government denied even existed. Until VA hospital doctors spoke out publicly and made congress admit that military climate intervention flights caused their symptoms. Exactly like operation Popeye and Agent Orange flights in Vietnam!

  5. Robin says:

    I have lived in southern AZ since 1976; having lived in several different locales. I've been in my current place since 1989. The Sonoran desert of southern AZ was never just a big sand dune, as many people think. It had many species of trees, shrubs, grasses, cacti and a large, diverse population of mammals, birds and reptiles. Actually, this desert ( and the nearby foothills and mountains) has enjoyed a lush, rich, vibrant ecosystem for many thousands of years.

    In the past 35 years, the normally reliable winter and summer rainy seasons have become not just erratic…but absent. The normally clear skies in the non-rainy seasons have become clogged over with chemtrails. This junk in the skies over the desert causes heat retention at night…making unusually hot temperatures worse. This makes the drought worse. Which makes the die-off of bees, birds, mammals, and native trees and plants. These "powers that be" who are orchestrating the the chemtrails activity are orchestrating the death of the Sonoran ecosystem. 
    I am watching native trees die…trees that are accustomed to high heat and some drought. And you know it's drought when you see cacti wither and die!!! And whole populations of indigenous wildlife disappear.

    These PTB that think chemtrails will turn the world into "dimmed-sun utopia" are actually turning the world into into a toxic hellscape. Ordinary people…neighbors…friends… just don't seem to notice.  You can watch vintage TV shows and movies from the 70s, 80s, 90s; and in those shots of outdoor scenes you can see….chemtrails in the sky! Once you become aware of this…you notice it everywhere!


    • Raymond says:

      Hello Robin,

      I lived in Sedona, Arizona for a few years before I moved back here to Texas and worked as a Stuntman for the various movies filmed there.  In between stunts I worked as a professional jeep tourguide, with Ancient Expeditions, Red Rock Jeep Tours and Pink Jeep Tours. My specialties were wildlife and Sinaguan Cliff Dwelling Tours.

      I spent entire days from 1994 to 2001 traveling around in the Coconinio National Forest, which had almost 2 million acres of Pine and Juniper trees. It was the most enjoyable adventure of my life and it was so lush and green. I loved the smell of the trees, agave, yuccas and cacti and the sounds of such a huge, diverse wildlife population. 

      But my old tourguide friends who stay in touch are completely heartbroken by the drastic changes over the last 20 years. They say that constant drought is the norm now and it averages about 10-15 degrees warmer year round. About 65-75% of the trees and wildlife have died off and natural flowing creeks that fed rock ponds, are virtually non existent. Rainy monsoon seasons that lasted months are just a few days to a couple of weeks in length and every five years or so, they get 1,000 year flooding rains that destroys what's left of the forest. Followed soon after by 50 times more savage wildfires than normal. 

      That area has gone from a thriving high chaparral and beautiful ponderosa forest heaven, to a bleak and parched landscape with only a scattering of insects, birds, reptiles and wild animals.

      All because of geoengineering and climate warfare operations that has even made the lightning strikes much more numerous and intense. It was already the #3 spot in the world for number of lightning strikes annually and now they say, it's like something from another world!

      All of the older guides and even the current younger ones, are fully aware of SRM and SAI climate modification trails in the sky. They try to educate the tourists to these facts, while riding on their jeeps or going on Nature Hikes. But times are especially tough now since the pandemic shut the tours down for about 18 months straight and tourism is down by about 80% overall.

      My heart goes out to you, my old tourguide friends and all of the Nature in Arizona. The world will never be the same again, since geoengineering has choked it to within an inch of it's life! 

    • RandylJ says:

      Hi Dane and Everyone ~ I just want to say Thank You to Robin for sharing the details of Southwest desert changes from Climate Engineering because I grew up in the Mojave Desert and I've camped and lived in all of the '4-Corners States' up until the mid-2000's and I've been wondering about the changes in my beloved desert country, due to Geoengineering. Very Sad! Thank you for sharing that.

      Randyl J in NC

  6. Raymond says:

    Back in 2018 an Air Force tanker plane was spraying an aerosol trail in the form of a giant circle. Over and over again in the same part of the sky and I stood there taking high resolution pictures the entire time. As the pilot, copilot and crew used only one spraying nozzle on the right wing. Turning it on during the formation of the circle and off, when the plane swept around to repeat the stunt. Clearly showing me and anyone else who was watching this plane, how they could easily turn the "single contrail (aerosol trail)" on and off at will. After drawing the circle three times the plane shut off the single trail and flew south a few miles. Then began spraying its typical geoengineering double SRM aerosol trail, to fill the gap between previously sprayed trails that were now forming artificial cirrus clouds.

    Well I found this on the internet today:

    Pilots make giant smiley face in the sky (

    And this is the caption for that 47 second video:

    "Check it out as these pilots crate a huge smiley face in the sky over Bristol. How cool is that?"

    Of course the observer misspelled "create" and honestly thought that it was the coolest thing that he or she had seen all day.

    This is a prime example that illustrates a mindless acceptance of  geoengineering as just a benign, harmless and playful gesture in our skies by most of the world's population. Even though we know for a fact, that actions like this by the military industrial complex are the leading cause of biosphere collapse!

    You and I and Dane, can easily see that this plane is able to turn it's condensate trail on and off with ease (because there's no trail leading up to the circle being formed). Which all forms of common sense and reasoning by any ordinary person, should make them question what this person just recorded on a video camera (or their I-phone).

    But…NO! Everyone tells us that we are conspiracy theorists, when we try to point out that condensate trails do not turn on and turn off! ​Only planes with aerosol spraying nozzles on the wings can turn vapor trails in the sky, on and off using electronic switches and or manual controls.

    This is exactly how they are able to convince the world that they aren't really seeing solar and climate control geoengineering, taking place in our skies right now. That and by publishing articles saying that if we want to remedy climate change… out of sheer desperation. Then all governments around the world should explore and test solar geoengineering projects in the very near future.

    No one except us, will question this smiley face video or the circular trail formation I photographed. And that is so darn frustrating to know that the elephant in the sky, is right there in plain sight, for the entire world to see!

    But everyone only sees some pilots having a little fun, to break the boredom and monotony of flying a military tanker from one base to another. I am also so deeply ashamed that Air Force pilots can treat their contribution, of ushering in the inevitable extinction of the human race, with such amusement and playfulness.

    This a sad day indeed and that smiley face is so inappropriate. Yet it's  exactly what I expect to see in our Insane Asylum nightmare world, that we are all forced to accept and simply told by all of the cowardly sheeple… to just deal with it! 

  7. Raymond says:

    Folks here might find this to be just as interesting as I do:

    Super-chilled thunderstorm unlike any other ever detected (

    "When people think of a thunderstorm, towering clouds on a warm and humid summer day may come to mind, but one thunderstorm tracked by forecasters over the Pacific Ocean several years ago set a record for the extremely cold conditions that it generated.

    The lowest temperature detected in the clouds above the strongest part of the storm was so low that it was almost literally off the charts — coming in at around minus 111.2 degrees Celsius, or a bitterly cold 168.1 degrees below zero Fahrenheit."

    Can everyone say… Chemical Ice Nucleation Experiments?

  8. Raymond says:

    For the first time in months there hasn't been a single plane flatulating in the sky, with chemical cloud making fart trails for two whole days now. Or as RandylJ puts it:  "Slap Me, Kiss Me" climate warfare aerosols blanketing the entire sky from horizon to horizon.

    And I feel so good, with no severe allergies or hacking chunks of my lungs up as usual. But it's been so long since I last felt this great… that I almost feel guilty for not bitching and moaning about feeling deathly sick.

    It's like I just scored a "Get out of the Climate Controller's Insane Asylum for free" Jail Pass, but I only have 48 hours left before I have to check back in. Or #2 will send a giant white bubble to track me down and bring me back by force. (Black and White Psychological BBC (UK) television series which aired in 1967 and 1968… called "The Prisoner").

    If anyone remembers that really cool show (if you're old enough like me)? It shadows exactly how I see my own personal life unfolding at this moment in time. Just as #6 is always trying to guess who #1 is. I also racked my brain in trying to figure out, just who exactly is calling all of the shots and pulling all of the strings, as the Puppet Master for the mechanics of the Official Narrative. There is no question that Bill Gates is #2 and I'm sure that Biden is definitely not filling the shoes of #1. Nor do I believe that World Bankers are in that top position.

    In that show, #6 (Patrick McGoohan) is always concerned about the other people held against their will on the same prison island. Turning him in to the "Controllers" for not conforming to the "Offical Narrative", if he drops his guard down and allows them to realize that he "has NOT succumb to the daily brainwashing" by the social media loud speakers. Placed throughout the entire "Village".

    Any of this striking close to home with everyone here at GW.O?

    I always thought that "The Prisoner" TV series was years ahead of it's time and was cancelled abruptly (even though the writers and producers "including creative consulting by McGoohan" managed to give it a fitting end, when the final episode aired in 1968), because the real life Controllers of Society were paranoid that it would expose their covert plans of turning the world's population, into passive and mindless servants of governments and the World Bankers.

    It had very high ranking by the viewers and was even quite popular in America. So it was puzzling to everyone as to why it got the boot. Even when Patrick McGoohan was interviewed years later, he had no viable explanation and was just as mistified, at the abrupt termination of its production.

    We are all "The Prisoner" now (here at GW.O and the 2% of humanity that defies government brainwashing) and the rest of society is the mindless sheeple who stop dead in their tracks and suddenly have a blank stare on their face, every time that the loudspeakers spew out the Controller's brain zapping disinformation propaganda. Just like in that series.

    My gut instinct (research) tells me that the real life #1 is none other than the Rothchilds Family Empire. Founded in 1760 and now worth over 700 Trillion dollars. They are the invisible Puppet Masters who use world bankers to corrupt anyone in power to look the other way, as they operate clandestine projects like SRM, SAI, the Covid plandemic, GMO food production, Wars for profit, mainstream media and entertainment industry brainwashing, bullying other countries (with military industrial complex intimidation and climate warfare) to pump up the Dollar under the threat of nuclear annihilation and purposely using geoengineering to melt the polar caps… in order to access Earth's dwindling and final natural resources, like (of course oil and gas) gold, diamonds and other rare Earth minerals.

    Pillaging, plundering and raping the Earth and humanity till the very bitter end, simply because "THEY CAN".

    The Rothchilds have always had close ties to the Koch Industries family empire and more than likely, they use them to covertly produce all of the aerosol particulates in jet trail atmospheric dispersals. The Dupont family empire supplies the aerosol trail chemicals and biological pathogens and The House of Saud empire supplies the infrastructure, for American defense contractors to construct the tanker planes and aerosol spraying systems. All according to my last ten years of in depth research, into those empires and the rolls they play.

    Gates fills the #2 position perfectly because he is well liked by the public and has governments at his disposal. He is also a key figure and the mastermind of the Rothchild's Eugenics operations that is traced all the way back to the 1950s. When Henry Kissenger was the founder and used academia think tanks to create the project's goals and timeline. Gates has successfully turned himself into the Poster Child for projects supposedly designed to save the human race, while at the same time… secretly using said projects to implement the first phase of depopulation in their (Rothchild's) wider scheme of things to come.

    The Rockefellers are merely playing the role of the bad guys in all of this, to draw attention away from the true House Of Cards orchestrators. Even though they are still key figures in the deception campaign behind the eugenics agenda.

    Suffice to say. Now that I have used "The Prisoner" analogy to explain my research findings. #1 and #2 are quite paranoid of #6 (Dane and us) and our efforts to expose them, to all of society on this island planet Earth Village. They are concerned that our voices, research, truths and facts could (may, might) tear down their loudspeakers of public deception and hypnotizing propaganda.

    Which possibly explains why I lose my internet connection for exactly 45 minutes, every single time I open the Geoengineering Watch website in my browser! Anyone else out there experiencing this same anomaly?



    • RandylJ says:

      Thank You again Dane for providing a 'chomping-at-the-bit' zone and to ALL again and just a brief comment to the especially soul-searching dialogue of Raymond ~ Yes – I AM old enough to remember and #2 – About that Conspiracy Theory list posted – very well said and one of mine is: "Aliens don't exist" – haha- they've been here longer than US – in fact, I believe WE are part 'Them' and taking it even further, out into other realities that play a major role behind the scenes as to what goes on with this amazing planet. Outsiders are watching, caring, and waiting. I hope They are also tuning in here to!!!


    • Earth Angel says:

      Wow Raymond- I think you NAILED IT!!  Bravo with your comparisons and analysis of 'The Prisoner' and its parallels to the truths facing all of us in today's times. Glad to hear you're getting a reprieve from the toxic sh*t sprayed over you, even if  only a brief one. Stay well and strong, we need you in the fight. Thanks for your superb contributions. Always informative and entertaining as well.

  9. V says:

    I am so grateful to you Dane and all those who are brave to share the reality not the fakeality!

    I am older then I'd like to be, as time went so fast from when I was a little girl, around the age of 7, when I asked my dad while standing outside looking up into the blue skies, watching the long white lines behind the planes, "Daddy, what are the long lines behind the planes for?"  He said, "Dolly babe, those are what are going to kill people when you are a big girl."  Somehow I knew it was bad stuff coming out that is why I asked him. My little body had chilling tingles all over when he said those words.

    My dad served in the Navy in WW 2 and had many amazing badges from the war.  He never talked about the war, or his inside information as he was one of the men in the submarines going into the war zones to "view" what was going on before the warships came in behind them.  He was privy to a lot of inside information that if he spoke, there were be high consequences to him and his family.

    As he got older, when I was in my late teens, he started to say a bit more about the trails behind planes saying "Those are what are going to kill the human race."  Then he was really put down as a crazy man.  I believed him out of all his 11 children and since the early internet years, 25 yrs ago, I have done my own research.

    Also there are diagnostic, holistic type equipment that can detect airborne viruses and chemicals in the body, which from my experience 15 yrs ago, showed me that my Dad was informed in this truth. Proven. I am the odd duck in my family and none of them have any conversations with me.  But that has gone on for years as I share more then what is on the Chicken Noodle News. 

    What we are dealing with currently is what my dad shared with me 60 yrs ago.  I can remember where I was standing to this day, I can remember what I saw.  Yet that means beans to many since that day! But now I just email Danes link, he shares clearly, concise and factual!

    Now the other thing I said 20 yrs ago, that in years to come there will be a time to head to the mountains when the deathly vaxxsos come out  because people will drop like flies!  I read above someones comments of quick passings of people after getting them. We are in frightening times which has been in the works for years. 

    I hope and pray for things to turn for the better but is it too late? Thank you Dane and all those who help you.  You are a courageous man!   And I am grateful you articulate the facts in such clear spoken words,for the many of us who have hearing loss.  Thank you!

    Thank you to all those who read Dane's research and share his information.  I feel if we don't share, it will be too late!


  10. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    "We're So Stupid Following Our Politicians" – Charles Barkley Unleashes One Minute Of Truth On America

    …  on April 4, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy broke the news about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. to a crowd in Indianapolis, urging people to seek compassion and justice rather than anger and revenge, saying the vast majority of Americans, both black and white, want to live in peace with each other.
    As a reminder, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated two months later.

    This was the same message Barkley offered, as he warned:
    "I think our system is set up where our politicians, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grasp of money and power."
    Furthermore, he described what he believes to be the thinking behind the divide-and-conquer strategy:
     “Hey, let’s make these people not like each other. We don’t live in their neighborhoods, we all got money, let’s make the whites and blacks not like each other, let’s make rich people and poor people not like each other, let’s scramble the middle class.”


  11. RandylJ says:

    Blessings Dane as Your Incredible 'Vim and Vigour' (now that will 'date me), continues to Boost Us Forward in this Battle to Survive in an ever-expanding environment of chaotic climate and human Engineering by the Control Freaks of our struggling planet Earth, (which some of my friends lovingly call 'Terra').

    It's always good to see the weekly posts from GEW friends, near and far,     
    recent and long-timers. Central North Carolina (as fellow state dweller, Jonathan posted), was sadly targeted for what someone once called the " Slap Me, Kiss Me" effect that is a known ploy in the Power People Game, and definitely 'weather warfare'; as you remind us Dane.

    My heart goes out to Raymond and all others who feel the pain and frustration of suffering 'flu' type (and related) symptoms from simply taking a short walk outside with a pet during these times of Spray Pollution. You feel pretty good starting out and come back inside feeling miserable! And so many people Still haven't a clue. So we just keep sharing all we can! And just when I thought the 'jets' wouldn't dare be spraying today, I looked up at the "blue-particulate-laden" sky – as I was listening to beautiful music from an outdoor church service –  and saw a silvery jet with a definite trail behind it, crossing to the north – on Easter Morning!

    Blessings to All!  I'm here almost every week. Motivation and Inspiration is key! Dane is The Voice! And all of the 'Posts' – WE All Count!

    Randyl J

  12. Paul Davis says:

    4/4/21-Boston region.  Dane Your Efforts are Greatly Appreciated!  Field report…. 1) weather whiplash here: a few days ago, temps in the 70s, now down in the 20s, 30s; only happens after non-existent rainfall shows up scheduled. This is the pattern.. 2.) VERY DRY Here, my skin is very dried out especially behind my ears…dehydration continues…3.)Very bright Sun, blinding….continues…4.)Blue skies, maybe 3-4 days each month, the rest are greyish-white skies….5) the TV weather script readers are always very cheery…and distracting (they hire attractive females in their 20s to deliver the weather forecast)…another way to control the minds of the viewers..a Truman-world..asylum it is…People are very excited to get their Covid Jab, especially have the media has been either scaring them or creating a pent-up demand situation…the fall that is coming will be so hard…

  13. Stan Sylvester says:

    In early March I submitted a letter to the editor of a TN newspaper regarding Kari Lake. She was a popular TV anchor of 22 years in the Phoenix area. She recently resigned saying she was no longer proud of her profession. She said it got really bad when Covid hit. She said that the script she was asked to read was "not fully truthful." This was huge. This is  the type of public individual we need to step up and no longer be bound by paycheck and pension. I waited for 2 weeks and nothing got published. I was not going down quietly. I emailed the editor to make sure that she had received the article. She said that she had. I asked why this wasn't info that the newspaper's subscribers had a right to read. After a slight editing, she agreed to publish it. One week after publication, a local nurse  wrote in and raked me over the coals. Well, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. We are going to have to fight to have our voices heard. Prepare to be shamed. Fighting to get the truth out is the least I can do after listening to Dane and his courageous broadcasts.

  14. Raymond says:

    My favorite quotes from the one person that was more awake than six billion humans are today and they don't even know who this person was!

    “We're so self-important. So arrogant. Everybody's going to save something now. Save the trees, save the bees, save the whales, save the snails. And the supreme arrogance? Save the planet! Are these people kidding? Save the planet? We don't even know how to take care of ourselves; we haven't learned how to care for one another. We're gonna save the fukkin' planet? . . . And, by the way, there's nothing wrong with the planet in the first place. The planet is fine. The people are fukked! Compared with the people, the planet is doin' great. It's been here over four billion years . . . The planet isn't goin' anywhere, folks. We are! We're goin' away. Pack your shit, we're goin' away. And we won't leave much of a trace. Thank God for that. Nothing left. Maybe a little Styrofoam. The planet will be here, and we'll be gone. Another failed mutation; another closed-end biological mistake.”

    “I do this real moron thing, and it's called thinking. And apparently I'm not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions.”

    "Careful, if you think too much, they’ll take you away.”

    “Don’t just teach your children to read. Teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.”

    “In America, anyone can become president. That’s the problem.”

    “We are a nation of sheep, and someone else owns the grass.”

    “When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.”

    “‘Bipartisan’ usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”

    “I often warn people: ‘Somewhere along the way, someone is going to tell you, ‘There is no ‘I’ in team.’ What you should tell them is, ‘Maybe not. But there is an ‘I’ in independence, individuality, and integrity.”

    “Life is not measured by the number of breath we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

    “If it’s true that our species is alone in the universe, then I’d have to say the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.”

    These quotes all came from the ever so talented and chaotic genius, of a man I admired for never being afraid to tell it like it is. Thank you Dane for sharing the late, great George Carlin's whimsical and sobering views of our world. And for honoring his commitment of never letting us forget that the real world is totally fukked… if we can't wake the rest of humanity, from their selfish, arrogant and apathetic slumbering fantasy world.

    I really miss his wit and humor that taught us to be humbled and not egotistical or pretentious. I sense that same trait in your spirit for life.


  15. Laura Kozicki says:

    Someone told me a month or so ago that his sister in law had died suddenly. Then he said that his brother, her husband, died within a few days after her. I thought about it for a few days, then asked him if his brother and sister in law had gotten the covid 19 shot. He said they'd both gotten it about a week before they passed away. Then I saw his expression change and knew he'd begun to wonder.

  16. Terry says:

    They just finished spraying SW to NE here in south west Utah between 6 pm to 7:30 pm. Thanks to the airplane tracking program one can identify the tail number of the airplanes. They were DAL 1614, DAL 2426, DAL 1412 and DAL 1055. Shame on you Delta Airlines

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Thank you Terry.  I will try looking them up and then try to find a way of notifying the airlines.  Will let you all know if I succeed.  Not that I expect a response…..but maybe just one person will get ENLIGHTENED by what I have to say.

  17. Gary Morrow says:

    Confessions of a crazy so called conspiracy theorist.

    Being a history buff, I have long known that governments around the world will lie whenever it suits their purposes. By 2020 I had come to believe in four so called conspiracy theories.

    1. The idea that Oswald did not kill JFK.

    2. The idea that 19 Muslims did not commit the crimes of 9 11.

    3. The idea that highly destructive geoengineering programs have.               been ongoing for more than seventy years.

    4. The idea that the current coronavirus pandemic is not a random act       of nature.

    I can not remember exactly when I first saw the Zapruder film which clearly shows JFKs brains being blasted out the back of his head, even though Oswald is said to have shot him from behind. But long before that, I came to disbelieve the official version. Several statisticians had shown that the odds of so many of the principal actors and witnesses to the JFK assassination having early or unnatural deaths were billions to one. I had accepted the official version of 9 11 until 2015. After doing my own research, I concluded that the official version of 9 11 was so full of anomalies and downright absurdities as to be not worthy of further consideration. Anyone interested in my ideas about 9 11 can search my comments in response to the Global Alert News broadcasts of September 7 2019, July 18, 2020 and September 12, 2020. I also first became aware of geoengineering in 2015. I discovered GEW at exactly the same time that I began observing the long and expanding aircraft trails on my morning walks. I noticed that on some days there were as many as thirty planes leaving long and extensive trails and on other days there were none. I soon concluded that this was not random activity, but in fact something far more sinister. I first became aware of the current coronavirus in January 2020 from a post by VSF. I immediately realized that this was going to be something BIG. All of the dots seemed to connect all at once for me then. Dane has always said not to just believe anything he says, but to do your own research. Also, the author of my favorite book on 9 11 Elias Davidsson says that he welcomes corrections to any mistakes that he may have made in fact or logic. These are not the kind of statements that a crazy conspiracy theorist would make.



    • Resi says:

      yes Gary, 911 bldgs taken down by our govt.  that is why all the bldg rubbish was sent to China, so the debris could not be tested.  

  18. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    I'm a small-time farmer. Among other things. I raise pears and blueberries among other things. This is now the 3rd of April. The temperatures in eastern North Carolina should be warm enough that buy crops will be healthy and flourish. I had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of small pears on my trees, my pear trees. And I had thousands of blooms in my Blueberry Patch. Despite my best efforts of covering the blooms, I checked tonight and the vast majority of the blueberry blossoms are absolutely burnt to a crisp as are my pears. Both crops wiped out in 2 nights of bone chilling cold that is seasonably unnatural for this part of the state at this time of the year.

    And I have spent so much time through the years cultivating those trees and those blueberry bushes. Only to have my best efforts wrecked by weather engineering.

    This is one example of engineered climate terrorism.

    • penny waters says:

      dear jonathon

      heart breaking watching the extremes of temperature destroy the best that nature grows

      such an abundance of flowers threatening a wealthy harvest – that harvest that gets less and less, as the filth in the skies kills throughout the seasons

      it seems everything now sits in extremes – with not much long time balance in between – the cold and the heat bringing out the worst in weather, as well as people

      there seems to be a human conversation about 'consciousness' – the definition – seems to me each human individual's consciousness is very much on show now

      a little bit of heat – blinding sunshine (no-one seems to notice the strength of light, apart from with joy!!) and the animals get restless – especially the human kind and some get out of control and many become childlike – having tantrums with little provocation

      methinks consciousness is the awareness of being separate from the outside environment, aware of my reality (my truth) but also aware of the natural flow of which i am a part of 

      i feel the anguish of watching such destruction – have always seen it

      take care friend jonathan and be grateful for seeing what could have been

      the garden pear trees are just showing tips of many flowers, and blueberry has shoots showing, so way behind you sir

      but the cold has been bone chilling, tis true

      with little between us and the stars 

      oh for tree cover for the world, and enough water left to cycle

      they will not stop till there is nothing left to gobble

      love to all

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Jonathan O'Quinn… So sad. Heartbreaking indeed. We take courage from people like you and Dane.



    • Janine says:

      Govt and their stakeholders are planting hybrid trees. Scion trees. A billion trees in private co op plantations. The trees are counted using a mathematical system that counts tree as carbon unit. Carbon has doubled in New Zealand. Doubled in price. Emissions are traded. Offsetting polluters gain units of carbon and reduce their own filth by counting a tree. 1080 was aerial dropped from helicopters and killed everything. Everything is killed at mass planting. Insects, grass. Nothing survives. The hybrid Scion trees that grow fast will seep, slowly die. They house emissions for 50-70 years until felling. UN agenda sees worldwide burning of all old cycle stores, all trees and vegetation burning, worldwide. The world is planting. Planting to house emissions. Trees counted. Truth is the filth goes no where but chokes dies and seeps into soil, waterways and air until the filth is released by deforestation by felling. New Zealand trees will be felled by stakeholders and exported wood will go to China. New Zealanders will breathe 90% of materials released into their lungs. That's the legacy we leave by planting stupid trees that only house emissions for offsetting carbon🤬lung disease 

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Masks containing harmful chemical distributed to schoolchildren

    Masks distributed to schoolchildren in Quebec were found to contain harmful chemicals.
    Health Canada is now warning schools not to distribute the masks since there is a risk of “early lung damage associated with inhalation of microscopic graphene particles.”
    Keep in mind that children are the least likely demographic to suffer serious complications from Covid-19— or even notice they have it.
    But now in the name of slowing the spread, they have been exposed to a much bigger health risk, with the potential to cause long term health effects.


  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Groundbreaking Investigation Finds Alarming Levels of Arsenic, Lead and Toxic Chemicals in U.S. Tap Water
    A joint investigation by the Guardian and Consumer Reports found drinking water samples from systems servicing more than 19 million people in the U.S. contained unsafe levels of multiple contaminants.

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Thanks Susan.  As I read almost daily of yet another way in which we all are being attacked, it hadn't occurred to me to post it here for all of us.  So thank you for doing that.  I try to post what I can on my facebook page hoping I don't get thrown off.  My 'friends' are getting fewer.  Apparently, they don't like reading depressing news.  I think that is the same problem we have sharing geoengineering news.  Everybody wants to be happy…… their end.  Where are the thinkers, the doers, the religious, the caretakers, etc.?

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Netherlands suspends use of Vaxzevria Covid jab among under-60s
          The Dutch Health Ministry said it has temporarily halted administering AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine, Vaxzevria, to people aged under 60 after a woman who had received one of the shots died.
    In a statement on Friday, the ministry said the decision was made “as a precaution” on the heels of reports from Dutch drug monitoring agency Lareb which said it had received news of five blood-clot cases among women who had recently been given a shot of Vaxzevria, the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca.
    The women, all aged between 25 and 65, had received the jab about 7 to 10 days beforehand.
    “Three [of the five] patients had extensive pulmonary embolisms. One died and one also had a brain haemorrhage," Lareb said. “Another patient had extensive abdominal vein thrombosis. One patient developed a thrombosis of the arteries in the legs.”
    The agency noted that within the period concerning the five complaints, around 400,000 people were given the vaccine, and the reports “appear to be comparable to other reports in Europe.”

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Burn pit advocate, Navy vet, Lauren Price dies after long fight with cancer
     A prominent advocate for military burn pit victims died this week from complications related to her own toxic exposure injuries.
    Lauren Price, a Navy veteran who co-founded the Florida-based Veterans Warriors Inc., passed away on March 30 from complications related to cancer. She was 56.
    In a statement, group officials said her death was “due to illness and disease that directly resulted from her service in the United States Navy, specifically her exposure to toxic chemicals and substances during her deployment to Iraq.”

     They also released a statement from Price given just days before her death: “It has been my greatest honor to serve the veterans of this nation as their advocate. The people and organizations that I have met and worked with have been the best in the world.”
    Price served in the Navy from 2006 to 2013, a tour that included 13 months in Iraq at the height of the war. She testified before Congress that she frequently breathed in toxic smoke from burn pits as she drove trucks on and off base for missions.
    Her own respiratory issues from that exposure inspired her to launch Veterans Warriors Inc. The group grew from a Facebook group trading burn pit stories to an organization focused on nationwide advocacy, legislative lobbying, caregiver assistance and other help for veterans dealing with health issues related to toxic exposure.

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