Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 12, 2023, #418


Dane Wigington

Maui: flash drought and anomalous 85 MPH winds perfectly timed to create an unprecedented inferno. "Maui experienced a two-category increase in drought severity in just three weeks from May to June, with that rapid intensification fitting the definition of a flash drought" (ABC news). "Even in the past week there's been a quick acceleration of that drought", said University of Virginia hydrologist Venkat Lakshmi (ABC news). "Flash droughts occur when the rain stops and it gets so hot that the atmosphere literally sucks moisture out of the ground and plants, making them more likely to catch fire (ABC news). "Major differences in air pressure drove unusually strong trade winds that fanned the destructive flames, according to meteorologists" (ABC news). An anomalously powerful clockwise rotating high pressure zone north of Hawaii combined with the anomalously resilient counter clockwise rotating Hurricane Dora south of Hawaii to create a surface level wind tunnel effect over Maui. Was the convergence of all these conditions just coincidence? Just random acts of nature? Or is there much more to the story that we are not being told? What puzzle piece is being systematically omitted from climate collapse catastrophe reporting of events that are unfolding all over the world? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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53 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 12, 2023, #418

  1. Mary Hollowell says:

    Observation: After a decade, it is becoming more obvious that the military-industrial-intelligence-complex is harassing certain people. Therefore, it is easier to rally a defense. 

    "And they shall no more be a prey to the heathen, neither shall the beast of the land devour them; but they shall dwell safely, and none shall make them afraid." – Ezekiel 34:28

  2. Lance says:

    In case you didn't know….NOAA reports:

    19 Aug 2023 – 12:00 UTC …CATASTROPHIC AND LIFE-THREATENING FLOODING LIKELY OVER BAJA CALIFORNIA AND THE SOUTHWESTERN U.S. THROUGH MONDAY… …HURRICANE-FORCE WINDS EXPECTED ALONG THE WEST-CENTRAL COAST OF THE BAJA CALIFORNIA PENINSULA TONIGHT AND SUNDAY MORNING… As of 6:00 AM MDT Sat Aug 19 the center of Hilary was located near 21.5, -113.4 with movement NNW at 13 mph. The minimum central pressure was 943 mb with maximum sustained winds of about 130 mph.

  3. Lance says:

    Hurricane Hilary Poses Unusual Threat to Southern California via The Wall Street Journal

  4. Lance says:

    Isn't there a severe drought in the Colorado River Basin? Why yes, yes there is. According to the forecast a major cyclone/hurricane is going to bring torrential rains all up and down the length of that river, right? Hmmm? Could this be a geoengineered event to attempt to resolve the issue of lack of water in the southwest? Could be. One news report is claiming that a lake could form in Death Valley due to all the rain forecast to fall. We shall see. 

  5. Julie Large says:

    Evidently the wildfires in Europe are being caused by arsonists. They have proof about this.

  6. Lance says:

    As gas prices hit 10-month highs, Citi warns major hurricanes could ‘massively’ disrupt supplies (

    This news report is predicting the oil producing facilities in the Gulf will be hit with hurricanes.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Fact is though. Hurricane control operations are so advanced now that they will simply steer them away from the oil platforms. Or even loop them around and sacrifice Texas and Louisiana inland communities. 

      Personally though, I don't think hurricanes will hit Texas at all this year. Because they are even using the Baja (Pacific) hurricane that will soon impact southern California and western Arizona, to keep the SE edge of the high pressure heat dome, right over the state of Texas and keep our electricity cooling bills extremely high. Then shift immediately to a bitter cold winter event that also punishes us in Texas with very high utility bills.

      NOAA has now predicted that the Texas heat dome, and the Pacific NW heat dome will both stick around all the way into November. Simply more scheduled weather warfare by the climate engineering Cabal. With chemical ice nucleation to replace the heat domes and this insanity will never end. 

      I think from eastern Louisiana to Florida will be the hurricane target zone and a new record storm happening in that mix as well. Because their insurance premiums are at an all time high and most residents can't afford coverage any more. So, they can use the storms to drive people away from the coastal communities, to more heavily populated inland cities like Baltimore and NY. They have been quite successful at doing just that to California residents, over the last five to ten years now.

  7. Joe says:

    Wildfires burn 4,000 acres in Northern California, forcing evacuations (

    By Tuesday night, the Head Fire grew to 1,000 acres or more near the Klamath and Scott rivers, about 40 miles west of where Highway 96 and Interstate 5 intersect, the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office said.

    Later, conditions worsened and forced authorities to shut down Scott River Road and Highway 96 between Highway 263 and Seiad.

    Unable to contain the flames, local officials issued evacuation warnings before ordering at least 18 communities to get out as the blaze intensified and closed in on homes, sending residents scrambling for their belongings.

    I hope your family and neighbors stay safe.

  8. Lance says:

    Checked the "simulated" weather forecast on the Tropical Tidbits website to see if the forecast had changed again. It has. Tropical cyclone that was forecast to move away from CA is now being shown tracking north along the Baja Peninusla going over southern CA early morning on the 21st. Prior to its arrival there will be a lot of subtropical moisture flowing into CA, NV, western AZ. starting on the 19th. If this forecast doesn't change this could be a big deal. Shows the center of the low pressure system going over San Diego at 988 mb which will make it a tropical depression. Simulation shows all the moisture flowing north all the way up into OR, ID, WA. Will be watching this closely to see if this changes, again!

  9. brent papon says:

    Great broadcast from Dane and all that comment hear 

    And yes I'm still doing the hear here joke.

    Peace and love to all living beings 




  10. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Read a FEMA report today which said fire investigators on Maui determined that the fires moved as fast as One Mile Per MINUTE! And when you do the math, that's the equivalent of 60 MPH!

    Nearly one-thousand are still missing and feared dead, with many of them having possibly turned to ashes by now. Worst natural disaster in the history of the United States, in the last one-hundred years.

    Problem is that you and I know it was anything but natural. When will the truth ever come out that a select group of insane elites are and have been controlling the weather?

    Mad Max here we come, as that scenario is now "likely" only a few short years away. Especially with most of the world's crops getting fried to a crisp and flooded away this year, or substantial harvests being blown up in Ukranian grain silos. Every bit of this sounds planned by the Eugenics Squads. Just like the new deadly Covid variant spreading in Dallas right now. And I also expect even more pandemics from micro-organisms being thawed at the polar ice caps. Coming to a neighborhood near you this  "unusually hot" winter of 2023 and 2024. They must reduce the population by 2025 in order to meet the goals of Agenda-21. The dominoes are beginning to fall at a very rapid pace now.

  11. Lance says:

    Apparently, computational science has a bigger carbon footprint than the aviation industry and its increasing! Yeah, go green!

    Researchers issue warning over the increasing carbon footprint of computational science – Physics World


  12. Lance says:

    Lots of microwave patterns in the atmosphere off the central CA coast visible on the Visible Red Imagery for Central CA right now. 3:30pm PST.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Alex interviewed Dane earlier this year. 

    This has some bearing on recent GeoWatch concerns:

  14. Lance says:

    Pesticide pestilence: Global scenario and recent advances in detection and degradation methods – ScienceDirect

    They know there's a problem, a very big problem! Efforts to engineer solutions to this problem create more problems, and exponentially until there is no escaping the inevitable end.

  15. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I can't believe how many people I come across daily who claim that climate change is simply a politically motivated lie, put out there by tree hugging liberals. Come on, really?

    Here are some prime examples of climate change that so many say doesn't exist.

    For the first forty-five or so years of my life, the number of days per year in this part of Texas that reached into the 70s and 80s, was always around 180 to 220. Now they range from 25 to 40. What the heck do you call that? If that isn't climate change. Then what is it?

    The number of days over one hundred was always between 18 and 32. But as you can see by my comments on the 13th, we have now gone (counting yesterday) 101 days over one hundred degrees. And by looking at the NWS forecast, we can look forward to at least three more weeks of the same. We have averaged 75 plus days over 100, for the last eight years running. But this year is on track to smash even that high number. Possibly double that by December 31st.

    Oh, but that isn't climate change. So, it must be some sort of freak of nature. Blame everything on Nature. And play deaf, dumb, and mute as to the real causes behind these examples of climate change.

    Climate Engineering above all else, and the Fossil Fuel Empire Elites, who brainwash Earth's sheeple masses into believing that we are simply in a warming cycle, which has happened repeatedly since this planet was formed billions of years ago. And they do everything in their power to make Geoengineering out to be nothing more than a conspiracy theory. More incredible lies by Liberal Tin Foil Hatters and rogue activists as they put it. While I personally believe that politics is merely a tool for covering up Geoengineering operations, and both are funded by the fossil fuel elites.

    But if it is such a ridiculous conspiracy. Then why is our government trying to gain popular support for the use of this technology now?    What? The last seventy-five years of climate engineering hasn't obliterated this planet enough. You simply must resort to OVERKILL, in order to silence the voices crying out for them to end these weather warfare crimes?

    The UN- IPCC reported yesterday that Earth will likely experience progressively hotter and hotter record shattering temperatures, over at least the next five years. Meaning that 2024 through 2028 will likely be consecutively the hottest years on record. And then after that, what? Extinction?

    • penny waters says:

      have mentioned it before but a clever scientist prof gugenheim (think that's his name) reckons from his research that the majority of people, was it 93%, have no curiosity – called sheep by many – bit rude about sheep hahahaha

      very few people seem question anything

      seems to be the order of the day – stupidity – so many people have tried to wake most humans up but……

      some bloke called jesus just went around telling people to love each other – so they nailed him on a cross!!!!!

      some people in charge in many countries have told the people that they need to invade some other peoples country/land

      and so they don a uniform and go and kill people – blow em up, shoot them ……

      and on and on and on……..

      the last war that involved my country england (not to be confused with the british empire) but the nation enslaved for over a thousand years by the warlike viking/french, was in 1939

      look at the history of the aggression that has gone on throughout time

      why do people fight – cos they are animals and most do not use that bit between their ears but live their lives indulging their animal 

      and now the earth is turning on us and so many have their eyes shut and the people in charge are so stupid they have no idea what we are facing

      i despair when i see the danger that we are all facing, and most are totally unaware

      and when i talk to people, about anything really, i know that gugenheim was right – most humans live at a base level – most have nothing to say because there is nothing going on in their minds

      and most people seem to be getting baser and stupider – the old have always been like that and the new are just following their stupid families in their self indulgence

      i have to spend most time on my own otherwise i feel quite insane

      tis the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above, that give me love

      although the wasps and hornets give one a belt if you get in their way (especially the hornet- stung my left ear and i became the elephant woman with an swollen left side of my head and neck) 

      what a stupid species we are, with such incredible capabilities and what do we do – destroy – and don't even know that is what we are doing

      reality – what is that? – s'pose we all have our own

      human reality – the dance of death?

      wish i could help 

      seems like we are all going to fry or drown – just glad my mum and dad aren't here

      no-one to save us or keep us safe

      heaven have mercy on us

      thank you dane for keeping my head straight and ensuring that i am aware of the nightmare that we are facing, thank you sir for all your work and call for help

      i am sorry i cannot do more but i get so downhearted if i engage with the stupid people that i have to stay away otherwise my mind would leave me – tis hard enough to live where i do cos i have been terrorised and harassed by my neighbours for over 20years because i love nature and don't care about stuff (you know – new car, stupid dresses, face make-up, – you know, just stuff that has no meaning)

      thank you, all of you, out there – your messages keep me sane but often very sad that i cannot help

      love to you all in this stupid global human world of chaos



    • Be says:

      As Dane mentions on his broadcast frequently, they are doing an excellent job of confusing us here in the Midwest. It has been a gloomy and wet summer but not super hot (that much). Of course, there is the air quality issue.

      At first, a lot of the trees actually looked good (early in the Summer, after the super dead ones were likely removed here and there). Then in July, they started to look – how to explain it? Thinned out on their tops. This is pertaining a lot of trees all over the place, including those located off the main streets and less exposed to tower EMFs and further away from the sleep-depriving LED street lights – seems a lot of trees suffer around the LED street light locations.

      So I do think they are successfully confusing people here.

  16. Lance says:

    Looks as though thunderstorm activity in CA is located in the eastern Sierra's. Nothing over the western Sierra's north of San Francisco. No new fires reported as of now in CA. Two fires in Lane County in OR are blazing away, getting bigger by the hour. Smoke blowing to the W with wind gusts to 25 mph and higher gusts over ridges. Some evacuations have taken place near the Lookout Fire. Humidity between 10 and 18 percent. Temps over 100F in many locations. Been watching reports made by non-matrix media sources concerning the fire that destroyed the town of Lahaina. People living there don't believe the fire was an "act of nature". It wasn't an "act of God" either!   

    • Laura Cotter says:

      I agree 100% Lance that the Lahaina fire/s were planned in whatever evil way they were executed……along with many many other strange phenomena we hear about almost daily these days!

  17. ogardener says:

    ogardener here in the northwest hills of Connecticut. I can verify what Dane said about Fagus grandifolia – American Beech trees being infected with a devastating type of nematode that affects the leaves of American Beech trees.  The American Beech tree leaves on the property where I live have all turned black and I have never seen this in the thirty five years I have been residing here. This is downright awful to say the least as the American Beech is a tree that is valued for it's lumber, aesthetics and ecosystem stalwart in the forests of New England, across America and Canada. A magnificent large specimen tree when it is mature.—Updates-2021.pdf

    It's bad enough that we lost most if not all the green and white ash trees Fraxinus sp. due emerald ash borer which made up around fifteen percent of the Connecticut forests. Ain't globalization grand?  One can still observe the standing dead skeletons of another magnificent hardwood tree in my neighborhood, throughout Connecticut, the Northeast USA and elsewhere in the USA and Canada.

    Just barely is right. Ash tree suckers were observed sprouting from the base of felled trees in the mature hardwood forest where I reside which is somewhat encouraging. Baseball bats were traditionally made from ash tree wood as well as furniture.

    SRM is nearly a daily occurrence here yet no one bothers to look up. One can only imagine the tweaking going on in order to "control" the climate and weather. Tropical deluge after tropical deluge has been the norm this summer and in recent years it's been droughty. This puts a great deal of stress on woody and non woody plants.  

    I could go on but I'll stop here for now.

    Thanks Dane for your efforts in trying to educate the public. Never give up!




    • Lance says:

      Pestilence is caused by a variety of "bugs" that cause diseases in all forms of biological life, from the very tiny to the very large. Efforts by man to deal with and kill these "pests" have been going on for a long time. In fact, ever since the first "man" began to "till the land" about 10,000 years ago. Who was this man? "According to the Book of Genesis itself, Cain was the first person to be born of man and woman: he was the first to till the land…". (Luc Estang (Le Jour de Cain, Paris, 1967). Now you know real history, not the lies you're taught by the descendants of Cain!

  18. Larry DeMarco says:

    As the horizon becomes more clouded by poisons and by outlook we are being accosted from every angle by a well-honed machine of destruction. Thank you Dane and those who support him for never, ever giving up!

  19. Lance says:

    Forgive me for posting so much, but I must. New fire in OR started on Lookout Mountain east of Eugene along the McKenzie River Highway. Given the high temps and very low humidity due to the "heat dome" over the region this is very dangerous situation. The Lookout fire, as well as the ongoing Bedrock fire, is going to spread rapidly later in the day due to winds out of the east with gusts up to 25 mph. More "dry" lightning forecast over the next 3 or 4 days over CA, OR, and WA. Not looking good. 

  20. Lance says:

    Looked at the weather reports this morning as usual. Cloudy over the area where we're staying. Thunderstorm buildups to the east over the central CA Sierra's are already happening. They are heading directly west toward the west coast and could impact the area we're located later today. The upper level moisture making this possible is streaming up from the subtropics over Mexico. The plume of moisture makes it up to the middle of CA/NV/UT, but is being blocked by a high pressure heat dome located over Oregon! This is why its going to get so hot in western valleys there! As stated, forecast calling for temps up to 114 F in some locations in western OR! I lived in Oregon for many years and I don't remember it ever getting that hot, EVER! Fire weather watch in effect for all of western OR. Humidity to drop to 15% in many locations. Any fire that starts will rapidly spread. Any fire already burning, and there are two large fires in forested areas in Lane County east of Eugene, could become much bigger. Will update as the day goes on, that is, if the communications system continues to operate.

  21. Lance says:

    Clouds have dissipated over our area, for now, so no concerns about lightning caused fires. That's it for today.

  22. Lance says:

    Just looked at the radar images for the central CA area and there are thunderstorms over the Sierras and some might be headed this way. Highly unusual moisture flow from the E causing the buildups. Where we are is extremely dry! If a fire starts anywhere in this area and we're not given enough warning time to get out this could be a very bad situation. Will let you know if anything happens, that is, if communications is not available. Stand by. 

  23. Lance says:

    Looked at the forecast for weather in Oregon in the western valleys, including Roseburg where I stayed at m brothers house for awhile. There are two weather alerts for there. One fire weather watch and one for extreme heat. Both started today a 2pm and are to run through late Thursday. Temperatures there are forecast to be over 100 F and up to 114 F! Its 101 in Roseburg right now! I'm not 100% sure, but its never been up to that temperature in Western valley locations, EVER!

  24. Jonathan says:

    Here in Eastern and North Carolina it is so hot. It's like a hair dryer in your face. I'm having a hard time keeping all the outside animals watered, not to mention the plants. I was just outside a few minutes ago sitting under a tree and there was a hummingbird sitting above me in the tree and it had its beak open, and it was panting. It was so hot.

    So I brought the hummingbird feeder inside and changed the solution and put a couple ice cubes in it and brought it back out there and then the hummingbird sat down and had a long cool refreshing drink. I know this isn't the way Nature intends for things to be, but at this point, I feel like we have to do everything we can to help the wild animals and birds.

    We have to make every moment count and remember that we are stewards of the life on this planet.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Bless you Jonathan for your kindness and caring. Also your wisdom. Proud to be walking shoulder to shoulder with you in this battle. And of course as well as with Dane and the rest of the GeoWatch family.. Keep in going guys (and gals)!

  25. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Yesterday marked an ominous milestone of 100 days (not in a row), with temperatures over 100 degrees since the first day of May. The old record was set at only 42 days of 100 plus temps. And it has now been 110 degrees or higher for that same number of 42 days, while the old record was just 19 days.

    It usually goes from 95 degrees one day, to just 45 degrees the next, around the middle to end of November. Basically no Fall season at all and that has been the case here for the last five years in a row. 

    Mind you it turns instantly from hot to cold, but we still get some occasional 95 to 100 degree days, every single month of the year. The only exception being the deadly Texas chemical ice nucleation, polar vortex, in February of 2021.

    A cold front will be coming through tomorrow and originally they had us dropping down into the 80s, for both Monday and Tuesday. But they haven't sprayed aerosols in the sky here for almost two months  (since there has been no need to do so, in order to keep this heat dome parked over Texas), and that all changed Saturday morning, with heavy spraying from horizon to horizon. Now the updated forecast shows high temps in the upper 90s and right back to 108 on Wednesday. And then the temps will be soaring to over 110 degrees all over again!

    The only time they sprayed anything into the sky recently was to melt away rain clouds that could ease this exceptional drought, and only drought resistant GMO crops are surviving in Texas this year.

    Before they began spraying here I shined a bright light up into the night sky last week, and it looked like a laser beam shooting thousands of feet into the atmosphere (from illuminating nano-particulates drifting here from other spraying operations in surrounding states and the gulf). But last night it was extremely shocking! Because the beam showed millions more particles and only went up about 50 feet, before it diffused out from larger floating contaminates that acted like an invisible fog!

    My allergies have been mild with very little eye burning over the last two months. But ever since they started spraying again Saturday morning, I cannot stop sneezing and my eyes burn so bad that it's hard to keep them open. Tears run down my face constantly and the air smells heavily of sulfur, making my nose and throat burn day and night. It hurts my lungs to breathe this filthy air and I have no energy at all. Plus the migraines have returned and there is no appetite.

    This is the worst summer I have ever experienced in my entire life. They are baking us alive. Choking our lungs and making it feel like acid was thrown into our eyes, nose and down our throat. I just want to crawl up into a nice and cool cave somewhere, and hibernate through this caustic inferno. But that wouldn't work either. Because my laser thermometer said the soil temperature is over 180 degrees in the sun and still over 100 degrees at night.

    Maybe if I could find an old abandoned missile silo and turn it into a walk-in freezer, with a hundred Hepa filters to scrub the incoming air.  I know. Wishful thinking on my part.

    It has been so hot and so dry for so long, that I am beginning to see small sand dunes forming in my front and back yard now. At least 90% of my grass has baked to a crisp and blown away. Leaving me with the impression that it will become a desert here, in just a few short years. You know, like the coastal regions of Iraq. A new Texas desert with high humidity and killer heat index values that go off the charts. We're almost there as it is.

  26. Lance says:

    Took a short walk today in the RV park we're staying at for awhile near Cloverdale, CA. As previously stated there are lots of dead and dying coniferous trees in and around this area. Walked close to a large conifer tree that is dying and noticed something. There are many hundreds of holes in the bark! Looked at some of the other trees like it and saw the same holes in them. In fact, all the coniferous trees in this area that are dead or dying have these holes in their bark  Pestilence on a massive scale! 


      Most homes and buildings in Lahaina were built of wood going back to the 1920's and 1930's. Think of all of San Francisco built in the 1800's of redwood. When the Great San Francisco earthquake happened the  greatest destruction was from the fire. Imo this catastrophe was witing to happen. 

      Also, research wildfires  of the 1800's in the USA. We have been gaslit by them saying the current fires are the worst ever. That, is a blatant lie.


  27. Captn.Jack says:

    I' m worried that we here on the Gulf Coast are going to be the next victims of the "flash" fires.Here in NW Florida it has been dry all summer,wells getting low,gardens ruined,and power bills out of sight not to mention the paper mill's vast pine forests are very dry. Due to the way NW Florida votes and most of the "Red Neck Riviera votes also.I bet we are on their list.

  28. Laura Kozicki says:

       There's a recent article by Joseph Mercola titled "Feds have a plan to block the sun-what are the risks?" The article mentions a form of geoengineering called Marine Cloud Brightening.

       The article says, "MCB involves spraying salt or other chemicals into marine clouds in order to increase their reflectiveness."

    Online I found this description of Marine Cloud Brightening also, from a different source. "Like a marine snow machine, it uses the surrounding seawater to generate hundreds of trillions of microscopic sea salt crystals. These crystals float into the sky to form a fog and bolster the existing clouds' reflectivity." ((Feb. 21, 2023)

       In the King James Version of the Bible, Luke 14:34-35, there's a reference to salt. It might be at first referring  to 'the salt of the earth', but moves into a warning to pay attention. "Salt is good: but if the salt has lost his savor, wherewith shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill, but men cast it out. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear."

       Could this have been an ancient reference to Marine Cloud Brightening with a warning to pay attention? Surely it isn't referring to snow plows depositing salt on icy roads.

       Author John Hogue wrote about a related topic in his book, 'The Essential Hopi Prophesies'. On page 6 it says, " The white men hung ropes  of metal on posts in the air. These ropes soon crisscrossed the world as if by a giant spider making her web." The ropes of metal seem to refer to the aluminum particles in climate engineering aerosols.

       Also in his book, "In the twentieth of the white man's centuries, 400 years since the first sign of the cross, the false white brother began weaving cobwebs crisscrossing the empty skies. These were his planes and jets drawing contrails." If the author had been aware of geoengineering, he probably would have concluded that the cobwebs across the skies were climate engineering aerosols seen so long ago in prophesy. Maybe different groups of people around the world received different information about the same crucial time in our present and near future.

  29. Jackie Pollock says:

    So many people actually still do believe much of these extreme weather chaos happenings are just random acts of nature.

    Informing people of geoengineering is a hard task since so many just shrug off what information you give them or laugh it off.  The fight still has to go on though, otherwise we give in and become no better than they who will not listen. No time to quit or to be lazy!

    Thank you Dane for your frontline report each week!

  30. Lance says:

    Looking at the forecast/simulation for weather on the Tropical Tidbits website right now. It shows a major cyclone forming off west side of the Baja Peninsula. As it moves north it is to weaken slightly. If this simulation is accurate, and usually it is, this cyclone is going flow directly over southern CA starting early on Monday, August 21st. Lots of moisture from the subtropics is shown flowing north prior to it hitting SoCal. Thunderstorms, high winds, torrential rains coming!

    • Lance says:

      The forecast "simulation" showing a cyclone moving up the west side of the Baja Peninsula and going over SoCal on the 21st has changed. Now showing it staying off the west coast and NOT going over SoCal. Question is, will the forecast change again in the coming days? Probably. Keeping an eye on it for sure.

  31. Lance says:

    Fear of the 'Big Melt' turns to big relief along California's Eastern Sierra

    No mention of "sublimation" being the reason why no major flooding!

  32. Jonathan says:

    I was talking to a physician friend of mine recently about the last broadcast and the extremely serious report coming out of Texas. The reply was that this individual would look into it later, as this person had to tune into the next political rally by a certain candidate.

    Dane asks an important question in this weekend's broadcast… It is important for people to contemplate what is happening around them and equally important for us to do our best to understand why so many people are unwilling to acknowledge what is happening all around them.

    He goes into some of the psychology behind this ambivalence. Many people go into a state of cognitive distance when they are presented with information that strongly conflicts with their chosen belief systems. 

    There are many such people with whom I from time to time share information. I make an effort not to overload them. For those who are still in somewhat of a state of cognitive dissonance and would rather, for now, choose the known and the comfortable over the unknown and the uncomfortable… this is perhaps most painful when it occurs with friends, family and church.

    I would encourage people to try not to come across too forcefully. I would just scatter a few seeds of truth and some occasional information and then back away for a while and hope that it finds good soil eventually and takes root. And then consider sharing some more information at a later time. There's always a balance between wasting time and using time wisely. So we have to use our intuition and determining which people we think are likely to eventually wake up and see things more clearly.

    I've had some success with this and also some failures. Much of my family will not talk to me at all. If I share this type of information. They would rather cling to security, which is simply an illusion.

    The scope of the power structure's deception about the weather warfare programs is almost too much for the mind to bear. I was reading the brand new September, October USA edition of Nexus magazine this weekend and came across more of the same type of deception on the part of those in control.

    I'll offer this encouragement to everybody:

    " If thou workest at that which is before thee, following right reason seriously, vigorously, calmly, without allowing anything to distract thee, but keeping thy divine part pure, as if thou shouldst be bound to give it back immediately; if thou holdest to this, expecting nothing, fearing nothing, but satisfied with thy present activity according to nature, and with heroic truth in every word and sound which thou utterest, thou wilt live happy. And there is no man who is able to prevent this. "

    Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

    Book III, section 12

    Be encouraged in this grand work of which you are a part and in which you have much to contribute.

  33. Gary Morrow says:

    Regarding psychic numbing 

    Death of one man is a tragedy. Death of millions is a statistic. 

    (Attributed to Stalin, but originally said by Kurt Tucholsky) 

  34. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Prescription drugs are contaminating Florida’s marine life, researchers find
    A recent Florida International University study identified 58 different drugs in bonefish from South Florida’s coastal waters. A single fish had 16 drugs in its system.

    Feb. 28, 2022|Updated March 2, 2022

    Fish and marine life off South Florida’s coast are ingesting high amounts of pharmaceuticals flushed down the drain or excreted in wastewater, because outdated treatment facilities are unable to detect and filter out the contaminants.
    Results from a study by researchers at Florida International University’s Coastal Fisheries Research Lab have identified 58 different pharmaceuticals in 93 bonefish, sampled along a 200-mile stretch of South Florida’s coastline over a three-year period. In one case, the researchers found 16 different drugs in a single fish.

  35. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Twin Crises Rattle America: Suicides And Drug Overdoses Hit Record Highs
    Saturday, Aug 12, 2023

    A disturbing trend in America: New data reveals that suicides and drug overdoses climbed to a record high in 2022. The twin crises have been rapidly accelerating post-Covid and could be a symptom of a worsening nationwide mental health crisis.
    Instead of 'woke' corporate media outlets pushing gender identity conversations and warning about the end of the Earth because the hamburger that you eat and the car you drive are allegedly heating the planet (what about El Nino? or the billionaires that fly around in private jets and sail on diesel-powered megayachts?) — perhaps America's mental health crisis is a more urgent topic.

    New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals a staggering 49,500 people took their own lives in 2022, a record high — that's a 2.6% increase from the prior year. Notice a trend (we outlined it for you)?
    CDC spokesperson Christy Hagen told Bloomberg that the age-adjusted rate of suicides per 100,000 US population was 14.4, up from 14.1 the prior year.

    "Mental health has become the defining public health and societal challenge of our time," Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said in a CDC statement.
    Murthy continued, "Far too many people and their families are suffering and feeling alone."

    Let's not forget about our veterans. According to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Members 2022 report, nearly half of those serving in the US military have contemplated suicide since joining the forces.

    In May, the CDC released preliminary data that showed drug overdose deaths hit 109,680, a new record high, in 2022. If you combine both crises, about 159,180 people died last year.


    • Gary Morrow says:

      Thanks, Susan for this report. More evidence that the people running this country (and planet) are insane. 

    • Lance says:

      Just as the matrix media doesn't tell the truth about what is causing the climate collapse crisis, they don't tell the truth about what is causing the mental health crisis. So, what is causing these twin crises? Could it be caused by the industrialized/militarized "way of life" which has been practiced and preached for thousands of years since the establishment of the first "civilization" named Babylon? How many "nations" have "played the harlot" with ancient Babylon? As Dane says, "You decide."     

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