Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 13, 2022, #366


Dane Wigington

Official sources have finally been forced to acknowledge that the entire planet has been completely contaminated by PFAS "forever chemicals" (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances). What has yet to be admitted to is that the largest single source of toxic atmospheric nanoparticle pollution is the ongoing global climate intervention operations. A formerly classified US military document actually outlines complex precesses of intentionally incinerating forests as a military weapon. Is destroying food production a part of the agenda? Crops continue to be crushed as expansive regions of the world are baking and burning. Food production in other regions is being drowned  in constant deluge. What's next? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

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59 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 13, 2022, #366

  1. Lance says:

    A recent report is now claiming that scientists have come up with a way to neutralize PFAS chemicals!  Tried to look at the report, but was quickly redirected to the source giving out this information.  Unless I subscribe and agree to their terms of service I am not allowed to see it!  I am relatively sure the neutralizing solution involves using nanotechnolgy!

    • Jamnjer says:

      I witnessed on the evening news from Reno NV., about a week ago that the EPA has now come out to tell the public that rain water, not just in the US but worldwide is not drinkable due to the "Naturally occurring toxic chemicals" found in that water. Most of the chemicals will not break down on their own!


  2. Lance says:

    Researchers examine link between pesticides and thyroid cancer risk in Central California area (

    As previously posted, my wife came down with what is called "Graves Disease" which affects the thyroid.  This happened when we lived in Central California!  This disease, and other diseases, and cancer has been linked to exposure to certain chemicals in the water supply.  Companies that develop pesticides have been and continue to utilize nanotechnology!  Many, many, many people became ill and have died from cancer because these chemicals are in the water supply!  Reading the article in the link above the language used in it to describe what has happened is "soft", in that the way that its written minimizes what has happened.  The reality is these chemicals have KILLED people and continue to do so!  This is but a drop in the gigantic pollution bucket!    

  3. Lance says:

    The forecast for the central OR area calling for thunderstorms and dry lightning Wed. did not happen.  Nothing happening in this area right now either even though its quite cloudy.  Scattered lightning in W OR last night..  Nothing here in the area where we're staying.  Why nothing happened, I have no idea.

  4. Robin says:

    I met an acquaintance at work this morning.  After a little catch up conversation on our personal lives, I asked him if he was familiar with climate engineering.  I wasn't surprised that he was skeptical.  He mentioned that China does weather modification.  I shared a brief wrap on the global scale, cover up & damage that climate engineering, not local weather modification, causes.  I left him with conversation piece web card, respecting his need to get back to work.  Got home & my wife showed me the Natl. Public Broadcast article- ministry of propaganda.  She unfortunately, goes hook, line & sinker for the propaganda.  Just gotta move on.  Many have thanked me for the photo/facts with an open mind.

  5. Lance says:

    Reality?  Here you go!  Car tyres produce vastly more particle pollution than exhausts, tests show | Pollution | The Guardian

    Guess what?  Electric vehicles use tyres/tires too!  They also have carbon fiber brake pads that contribute to the micro and nano particle pollution.  It doesn't matter now though because the pollution situation is beyond reversible!

  6. Lance says:

    Anyone who believes that carnal man's scientific developments are going to "save" them and this earth is deceived!

  7. Marc Rennard says:

    What boggles my mind is the vastness of the psy-op being perpetrated upon the American people, and the effectiveness of this psy-op in duping Americans into believing that ALL weather is just organic, or in otherwords that what we are seeing in the American West as regards the failure of the Colorado river drainage region, lakes drying up, and critical water rationing policies looming, IS JUST THE SIMPLE RESULT OF "CLIMATE CHANGE" blah,blah, blah, etc. This psy-op extends to the California drought, crop losses, forest fires, etc. Just the price we have to pay for being a part of human civilization. Is there no one left who can rub two brain cells together?? When you add into this scenario the fact that many tens of millions would acknowledge that some level of weather modification is going on, though no consensus of any kind seems achievable yet, WHY ARE WE NOT HEARING A RISING UPROAR FROM THE PUBLIC FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO GET OFF IT'S ASS AND DEPLOY SOME OF THAT SO-CALLED WEATHER MODIFICATION TECHNOLOGY TO PUT A FUCKING END TO THIS MASSIVE WESTERN DROUGHT????

        Ahhh, but this is precisely where the cards must be held close to the vest. If the government were to openly admit to it's massive, massive, massive weather modification agenda then they will have so much as admitted to having the capability ALSO!! TO PUT AN IMMEDIATE STOP TO THE CONDITIONS CAUSING THE WESTERN DROUGHTS. They could, starting tomorrow, begin to put in place the materials (or alter the HAARP/EMF'S) that would unleash trillions of gallons of rain over a vast section of the Rocky Mountain chain, including ALL of California. This would certainly "spill the beans" and the American people would never look upon it's government/military the same way again.

      But, in fact, DECEPTION will continue to be the modus operandi of the US Military and the US government. A gigantic thank you to Dane Wigington for all of your ongoing efforts to awaken. Enjoyed your appearance with Greg Hunter today. Strength and Honour, my friend…

  8. Lance says:

    Well, looked like it was going to really thunderstorm here at our location in an RV park S of Bend, OR, but its not done much so far.  Spit a little rain and that's it.  Wind has picked up from the S though which may cause the fire down by Waldo Lake and other smaller fires to spread.  Lightning was registered near the CA/OR border and points S, but nothing here.  Wind has cooled it down considerably.  Below 80 F now.  Possibility of other storm cells coming up from the S showing on radar.  Any fires that do start won't be from non-existent lightning strikes!   

  9. Lance says:

    No need for a nuclear war because the earth is already polluted with numerous radioactive particles from 1,000s of nuclear weapons tests, some that have been conducted recently, the use of nuclear weapons on Japan, and in other places they've never disclosed, and all the radioactive particles that have leaked from hundreds of nuclear power stations, and all the radioactive particles leaked from nuclear accidents, plus all the nuclear waste sites leaking radioactive particles, plus the use of depleted uranium munitions in recent wars, plus all the other "events" we've never been allowed to know about!  The reality of the insanity is irreversible!      

  10. Lance says:

    Toxicity of Nanoparticles and an Overview of Current Experimental Models – PMC (

    This was published in 2016.  Take note of what is stated concerning Non-Metallic "Carbon Based Nano-materials"!

  11. Orwell Luxley says:

    Hi Dane, thank you for all your great work! Please checkout this article from the defender (RFK) about heavy metals in baby food. It shows the same toxic particulates in the sprayed aerosols in the baby food exactly. However the baby foods with the least amount of heavy metal particulates have a protective barrier or skin, coincidence?

    A previous study by Health Babies Bright Futures (HBBF) found that 95% of pre-packaged baby foods tested were contaminated with toxic heavy metals including lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, sparking a congressional investigation and conversations about whether homemade baby foods are a safer alternative.

    The 10 most heavily contaminated foods consumed by babies, beginning with the highest, are rice cakes, crisped rice cereal, rice-based puffs, brown rice, rice-based teething biscuits and rusks, white rice, raisins, teething crackers (non-rice), granola bar with raisins and oat-ring cereal.

    The 10 least contaminated foods consumed by babies, beginning with the lowest, are bananas, grits, baby food brand meats, butternut squash, lamb, apples, pork, eggs, oranges and watermelon.

    I wonder what is the culprit???

  12. Lance says:

    Well, the fire danger situation just went from bad to very bad as there are approaching thunderstorms coming from the S toward central OR and our location S of Bend.  Red Flag Warning has been issued for Wed. and dry lightning is forecast.  Am looking toward the S and SE from the lodge at the RV park we're staying and there are thunderheads rapidly building.  They're moving quickly into the central OR area.  Could see a thunderstorm tonight from the looks of it.  Could be an event filled night and day tomorrow!          

    • Dennie says:

      After receiving a H.A.A.R.P.-induced "heat dome" yesterday in northern CA, with temps of 102 in inland Contra Costa county (and 73 in Berkeley), we were treated to humidity and partly-cloudy skies with rumors of thundershowers. Didn't happen here but probably up north, towards Oregon.

  13. Lance says:

    Sitting outside the lodge that was built in the RV park where we're staying this morning.  The panoramic view of the biological life here in low light and from a distance is quite amazing.  Yet, as the light gets brighter and one looks closer there are some "problems" visible.  To my immediate right are 4 pine trees.  What specific species I'm not sure.  They're right in the middle of pond on a raised piece of land.  They're dying and one is dead.  All the water in this pond is polluted by various manmade toxic substances.  There are no fish in this pond.  Next to the pond near the waters edge are two bushes.  They are dying.  They have some green leaves on them, but there are many dead limbs with no growth on them at all.  In the pond there are aquatic plants that fill the pond.  In these plants are all kinds of toxic substances.  Off in the distance not far from here is a road I've biked on several times.  I hear the sound of engines and tires from many vehicles driving on these roads.  They are but one of the sources of the toxic substances that have gotten into the water supply over many years.  It matters not, not now, because the damage to all biological life is irreversible.  There is no escaping it!            

  14. Lance says:

    Effects of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Zebrafish (or any FISH!)

    Effects of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Zebrafish – PMC (

    Now, go ahead, debunk this, call it disinformation, or a conspiracy theory but this is reality!

  15. Lance says:

    Its quite obvious, at least to me, that any "scientific" evidence provided to expound upon the deadly dangers of toxic nanoparticles, be they natural or manmade, is being overridden by those who are looking purely at the amount of MONEY that they can gained and power that they can be wielded by creating and using these invisible materials for their purposes. Based on my understanding these purposes, though appearing and portrayed as being "beneficial" to humanity are, in reality, disruptive and destructive in many ways.          

  16. Lance says:

    One more tidbit of info.  There is an ongoing and focused effort by those involved in supporting the development of nanotechnologies to discredit those who point out the truth about the deadly dangers of toxic nanoparticles.  Common substances reduced down to the nanoscale are known to be toxic!  The synthetic and manufactured substances used in nanotechnologies are known to be highly toxic.  Carbon C-60 is one of them!

  17. Lance says:

    Nanoparticles are used in 3D printing (and in regular printers truth be told).  Guess what?  They're toxic and get into people's lungs!

    3D Printers May Be Toxic for Humans – Particles Released Can Infiltrate Deep Into the Lungs (


  18. Lance says:

    Fire situation in central OR has changed little.  Might change later this week.  Took a bike ride down a road that leads to a bridge that crosses the West Deschutes River.  Years ago this river was teaming with all kinds of fish.  I saw one surface several times feeding on insects floating down as I stood on the bridge on the W side of the river.  Water was clear and I could easily see this one fish as it effortlessly went about what fish do in order to survive.  Never saw another fish feeding on the stretch of river I could see on either side of the bridge the 15 or 20 minutes I was there.  Never saw one telltale dimple on the water!  Not normal.  Lots of run-off debris trails on the bridge where the rain had washed the toxic nanoparticles and other particles into the river.  Lots of run-off seams in the gravel on either side of the road going to the bridge and going back.  All the particulates, many made of toxic materials, of all sizes drain off the roads when it rains and when the snow melts.  When the roads are dry those particulates get lofted into the air as the vehicles speed down the road.  You cannot escape getting them into your lungs and into your body, PERIOD!  This has gone on for years and years and years.  We're way past the point of no return!      

  19. Larry says:

    I was pleased to see to see all the shout-outs for Danes family. I add my thanks and admiration for the support and love you are providing for a true bigger than life hero. Looks like your dad has instilled in you values that are really worth living for. And thanks to all of us who stand with Dane and the values he espouses. We have the courage to look up and face the truth. And maybe we are also able to see, beyond the devastation, the face of the one who created it all.

  20. Alan says:

    Scotland cuts down 14 million trees to be replaced by wind turbines.  Really?  Is this true?  

    • Dennie says:

      Well, trees don't make any money for rich folks until you cut 'em down, heh heh.  And don't bother replacing 'em, they won't grow (fast enough).

  21. virginia says:

    My God, Dane, your story about Herman is so poignant – so beautiful and moving.  Who would think a little lizard would give us such joy in his rehabilitation, thanks to you and your children.   It is an example that we should all follow, so thank you Herman, for fighting on in spite of your injuries and showing us mere humans what life is all about.  Thank you, Dane, thank you to your son and daughter.  But what saddens me is that you plan on releasing him….wish you could keep him safe within the confines of your home surroundings.  

    Be safe, Herman…wherever you go.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Dittos virginia, Dane & family & Herman. This story of compassion, care & kindness for a fellow creature's life brought tears to my eyes. Every act of kindness matters. Beautiful story Dane. Continuous gratitude to you for ALL you do for our world on the brink; Love always.

  22. Lance says:

    Correction on the wind direction as related to the fires in the area where we're located S of Bend, OR.  Wind is to be out of the WNW 5 to 10 mph with gust to 15 today.  As the week progresses there is an increasing chance of thunderstorms in this area.  By the way, a CME could cause some problems on the 17 and 18 according to report.

  23. Lance says:

    Just read a claim by some "expert" on social media that the toxic nanoparticles emitted by vehicles engines (no mention of the toxic nanoparticles that come from tires and brakes) can be removed from the environment by planting trees.  No mention of the fact that these toxic nanoparticles that are in the water, the soil, the air, in enormous amounts are not only very harmful to humans but to other biological lifeforms, you know, like TREES!  They're either ignorant or liars.

  24. Lula Porter says:

    I tilled up my 'big' garden this year after letting it lay fallow for 4 years. I transplanted Creole and Rutgers tomato plants. They died. Planted okra. It is now fall and they are a foot tall. Planted corn. Some of the stalks are six feet tall, but most are under 4 feet. The stalks are falling over. The Fordhook limas fared no better. I'll see how the peanuts did in a few weeks. The weather has been nearly perfect for growing.

    Four years ago I had a wonderful garden. The corn was at least 8 feet tall. I had tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, watermelons, okra. So what happened?

    • Ziggy says:

      Hi Lula,

      In my area alone the UV radiation has increased by around 80%, over the last four years. I also had a good garden harvest five years ago. But in the last three years it has dwindled to virtually NOTHING! Everything I planted this year died within 2 months. Even though I watered daily and used camo nets to block out over 50% of the sun. 

      You can literally feel the super-heated tingling on your skin, if you stand in direct sunlight  now days. I feel like I am going to spontaneously combust, even on a 78 degree day! 

      I have a friend who works at the Channel 4 weather station and he says that the UV radiation has become so severe. But they have been issued a government GAG ORDER and warned not to let the public in on the danger it poses. So all they can do is issue a UV EXTREME level alert on a DAILY basis.

      So sad to know that all government agency "upper echelon" personnel are aware of this NEW and DANGEROUS threat to all life on Earth. And yet they don't even warn the common workers at these agencies, out of fear that society as a whole would lynch them, for not telling the truth about this new threat to humanity, when it was first confirmed years ago.

      He says that every time we get hit with a massive CME, the UV levels spike to virtually DEADLY levels and he fears that all of the poor souls, who have to work outside and get exposed to these solar flares, are going to die of cancer in the coming years. He feels so guilty for not being able to do anything about it and tries his best to warn family and friends… at the least.  

    • Dennie says:

      What happened?  At least two things:

      1. Ultraviolet A, B and C increased

      2. Geoengineering "fallout" changes the pH of the soil (and got knows what else it does…)


      * Have you done a soils/water pH test?  

      * Have you checked your soil for nutrients (N/P/K, as well as copper, magnesium, chlorine, sulfur, manganese)?

      * Do you make your own compost/compost tea?

      * Can you get a micorrhizal fungi inoculant?

      * Check out biodynamic farming techniques.  We have to keep putting stuff back into the soil, probably more than ever before.  

    • Paul Davis says:

      Good question.. Possibly related to my observation as follows… I see many trees with a loss of leaves.  The loss of leaves starts either on the outer edges or the top of the tree…. this is the result of UV radiation making it thru a damaged ozone layer… thus hitting the tree on the outer regions first, with the inner leaves maintaining protection…and as the season progresses more and more of the inner leaves to die…from UV radiation.  …..

    • Judith E Peroni says:

      Lula, same with mine. I’ve even replanted and squash (winter) seems to be all I’m able to grow. After an extremely rough winter, the beds had about 14” of snow on them. When they melted, the freshly made beds last year (which yielded so much, but my spine bones (osteoporosis)all gave out), looked like the Sahara. Dried up. And even after I worked up the soil, it still wouldn’t produce. Then the June/July rains and hail came. (Abnormal) destroyed all plants coming up. So, I replanted, and all looks so bad that husband think s I didn’t plant ‘right’. (He misses his zucchini😩). So, I’m watching the skies. And know at the end of this all, God is true and Revelation is unfolding before our very eyes. I’m thinking Manna! 😉

  25. Lance says:

    Regarding the forest fire situation where we're located, it appears that all those many thousands of lightning strikes that hit all over in Central Oregon didn't start any big fires right away due to the heavy rain that came with the thunderstorms.  Now, today, on the InciWeb incident reporting website the map shows the 4 fires still burning approximate 40 miles to the W and SW of Sun River Resort, but there are also some new fire starts showing up now on their map that weren't there yesterday.  One new fire has flared up NE of the LaPine State Park which is near Hwy 97 which runs north and south.  There is another small fire that is showing not far to the E of the Windigo Fire also.  Wind is forecast to pickup later today from the SW up to 15 mph.  With this wind there is the potential for new and spot fires to develop and rapidly spread.  The fire danger presently is extreme.  Of note saw a fire spotter plane fly over just to the W of our RV park.  Heard a low flying helicopter also, but could not see it because of the dense forest all around us.  First sign of any major fire developing and we're outta here!  

  26. Envirowarrior says:

    In Our Area of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, the highest concentration per capita in the nation of PFAS are in our drinking water. The FDA and the EPA have known about  this bad actor substance this for decades. The FDA and EPA are nothing but whores in our government bureaucratic system, to be bought by the highest bidder I.E. Chemical manufacturers and big pharma.Yet, proven therapies and cancer fighting cures take one’s lifetime to be approved .WHY ? Because they are effective and work to heal us.Toxic substances are also effective and work  to make big pharma richer to push their medicines and the side effects they cause. Sickness and illness due to our poisoning is a huge cash cow for big pharma and the medical industry. It is in their best interest to keep us plagued with their toxic soups. Meanwhile, back at the ranch we and our planet are all getting more ill day after day.

  27. Stuart says:

    More Floods

    A study just released by UCLA researchers is predicting a growing danger of "Megafloods" due to Climate Change.  These would be huge events such as flooding of California's Central Valley. Inundation and vast destruction. Mostly based upon "Climate Models" or numerical analyses. But is this reality?

    Over the past several weeks now I have been observing much Aircraft Spraying ops here in Orange County, CA.  This area basically the western edge of the Monsoon Flow.  The ignition of forest fires in northern CA was not a surprise.  Nor the floods in Vegas, Death Valley.  I saw it coming.  My point is once again, without any mention of ongoing Geoengineering ops, Climate Models are foolishness.

    It's called Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    • Dennie says:

      @Stuart:  I'd heard, probably here, than "The Plan" is to burn everything to a crisp, then flood everything, so nothing will grow 🙁 

      I am SO SICK AND TIRED of the mthrfckrz getting away with this sh!t ALL the time, and NO ONE even notices anything's wrong– WHAT in Hell is the MATTER with these stupid, stupid, greedy, selfish hypnotized little notice-nothing people? What is with the collective Stockholm Syndrome?  Do people really believe that "going along to get along" is how we really fix problems?

  28. Lance says:

    I could, like so many do, ignore reality, or as you have said so many do, refuse to accept reality, or even create their own artificial reality.  I won't and don't.  Years ago when I was younger, and up until a few years ago, I didn't think about things the way I do now.  At one time I thought nothing about the way of thinking and the way of life that I was educated to believe in was the right way.  It's NOT!  Coming to grips with this reality is NOT embraced by the majority who continue to think and believe that they can create their own way forward, that they can subdue fortune and create their own future.  The destructive consequences of this way of thinking and this way of life are now being experienced and are accelerating exponentially.  Few will escape this reality.        

    • penny waters says:

      lance, tis strange how i have never been a fan of the "system"

      have always tried to fly under the radar

      what makes some who watch and some who do? 

      have always thought humans lacked so much sensitivity

      and it never gets any easier

      cannot understand why people want to live a long time

      i shall put my hands together in thankfulness when my time is up

      i decided at 22 to stay, just to see what would happen

      have always been a pessimist – then it can only ever get better hahahahaha

      cut down trees to put up wind turbines – poor scotland

  29. Lance says:

    Regarding "complexities", read a report detailing the toxic pollution that has been caused just by tires.  This has nothing to do with tire dumps either!  All the nano-particulate matter that is used in the construction of modern tires that has scrubbed off as we drive down the highways, byways, etc., has gotten into the water supply.  The estimated amount of these nano-particulates that have gone into the water supply up to this point in human history is in the billions of tons!  Now, add in all the toxic nano-particulates created by all the brake pads used on all these vehicles too!  The "problems" just keep increasing don't they!

    • Lance says:

      Additional info regarding tires, a new company based in the Netherlands is under construction that is going to "devulcanize" the mountains of old tires in order to create new tires.  The "process" used to do this is not disclosed in the information available.  This "solution", however, does not address the "problem" that exists concerning tons of toxic nanoparticles that have already gotten into the water supply, and thus are in every living thing and everyone, nor the fact that the new tires will continue to scrub off more of these toxic nanoparticles when they hit the road.  This "solution" is what they term is part of their "smart circular economy".  Not hard to figure out that their "smart solution" has a major "problem", don't you think?      

  30. Ziggy says:

    The abandoned quest by the human race to fulfill our destiny as responsible stewards, of the one and only planet we are able to call our home-world. is alternately bathed in the light, hope and faith by a true and dedicated friend of Mother Earth. Thank you, Mr. Wigington.

    I can remember a time when all of nature was bountiful and thriving.    The splendor, beauty and wonder was truly a sight to behold.            But our own neglect has kicked it down to where it's just surviving.    Without its life-giving miracles, I'll not be able to enjoy growing old.

    All of those who are addicted to wealth, control and absolute power.  Have lost their way and are void of compassion, empathy and love.  Even as the human race has hit the wall and reached its final hour.  They continue to spray us with chemicals and toxins from above.

    As they feel the need to conquer, pillage, murder, rape and plunder.  We bear witness to a nature loving man, by the name of Dane.        And all those joined together by his spirit, let no man put asunder.      For he is a guiding light for all of us who pledge… to remain sane. 

    His weekly testimony along with headline gloom, despair and worry.  Is exactly what this world needs now, as humanity sleeps at the wheel. But I'm only sharing with you… a very miniscule part of this story.    Because he can only guide us, on how to help our Earth finally heal.

    We need to shout his words, from the top of every single mountain. And convince those pilots who are unwittingly spraying our skies,    that they are unknowingly poisoning all of us and Nature's Fountain.  By listening to the Controller Insane Asylum's rotten pack of lies!

    Dane is just one man and one single voice.                                        This is my conviction and here is the score.                                        The truth be known, we really have no choice.                                  Cause' if we fail, then our world will be no more.

    Love: Ziggy 2022

    • brent papon says:

      There's a great Dead tune with  lyrics by Robert Hunter called 'Ripple.'

      'There is a fountain, that was not made by the hands of man.'

      great song . Your mention of nature's fountain reminded me of it. It's one of my favorite lyrics, as is the Peter Gabriel that Dane keeps quoting.

      'And the grand facade so soon shall burn.'

      Funny thing about that is that it's actually a love song , though that is the darkest and most eloquent line in the song.

      Dane is quite the poet and He knows a lot about a lot.

      Thanks to all of you and LOVE right back at you.



  31. Jonathan says:

    Herman's story is inspiring to say the least. Anybody who has ever worked with wildlife or even domestic animals in any capacity to help heal wounds and nurse them back to health will understand. Update on the dog I found starving and dying in the ditch several weeks back… her name is Gracie. She lives inside the house with us and our four other dogs. She smiles and plays and jumps and cuddles. She had severe parasitic infections of her intestines lungs and heart. The heartworms are still being treated by her veterinarian and will be under treatment for the next three and a half to 4 months. She is gaining weight and is safe and secure. Her eyes are bright, and she is as gentle as a lamb. Life is always worth fighting for! This is because life itself came from the Creator. Herman and Gracie are examples of this. And at the end of the day, it all comes down to love. Love for our fellow creatures, love for the planet that the Creator gave us to be stewards of for a short time, and love for ourselves. If one's behavior and worldview are centered in love and driven by love, we will naturally stand up for those who are in need. I would suggest that this also includes the Earth as a whole, which, according to some traditions, is itself a sentient being.

    A 501c3 non-profit foundation called The Arbor Day Foundation sent me a solicitation for donations recently. I sent back not the donation page but a couple of the double-sided flyers with a short handwritten letter advising them to drop the 501c3 status so that they can start discussing that truly matter in relation to the Earth and trees in general, which is geoengineering.

    I went to and ordered a used copy of Mark Twain's book, _On The Damned Human Race_.

    I have also noticed that there is a particular theological belief system that many people have, at least in the southeast part of this country, that has psychologically gained a tremendous foothold on a large percentage of the population. With all due respect, it has to do with the sudden disappearance of adherents to a specific religious belief system at some point in the future, "in the twinkling of an eye." I have found many of these people to be among those who are most reluctant to get involved in this fight to share information with people about the weaponized weather programs. I have come to the conclusion that in many cases, they are not overly worried about this existential threat to humanity, including even to Future Generations, because they are of the belief that they will be taken up any day now and not have to worry about this Earth and the problems occurring on this Earth. I find that to be rather callous and cold towards the animals and the people whom they believe would be left behind, living beings who just so happen to all have the same Creator. Regardless of one's belief systems, and even with this group of people, I believe it is our duty to the Creator to honor the world that has been given to as and the Life that has filled this Earth since time out of mind. Our love for the living things of this Earth and the Earth itself, and a resultant protective attitude towards them, should be a natural extension of our love for and our faith in the Creator. To put in bluntly, those who have this degree of faith in the Creator should be in front of the line leading the charge to protect what the Creator has made.

    I will be at an event later this week attended by many people. I'm going to have my geo watch t-shirt on and a Pocketful of geo watch cards to share with people at every opportunity. I encourage people to do the same. The cards are very reasonably priced.

    Look the storm in the eye. We are not helpless. And because the Earth is a sentient being, being a natural extension of the energy of the Creator, just like Gracie and Herman, we shall never know until we try, the lengths to which the Earth may work to heal itself, if we can help this movement to get the governments of the world to roll back these infernal programs.

    I met with a lady last week who works at an Air Force Base as a civilian. I explained some basics of the geoengineering programs, and she expressed an interest in sharing materials with people she works with. We have to reach the military in this Crusade of Truth, because these are military programs.

  32. Rhonda Tomlinson says:

    Words do not come close to convey the gratitude we all (who are awake) feel for you and your family. What you have done and all that

    you do, I am amazed at your strength. courage, perseverance and absolute dedication to deliver the truth. You are an extraordinary rare human being, the strongest and bravest man I have ever seen in my

    life. God Bless You and Your Most Beautiful Family, we are all grateful to see what a difference one man can make. You and your family are an inspiration to all of us, that no matter how bad it looks, it is time

    to stay busy and be doing positive work. 21 years ago I noticed the 

    lines in the sky, at that time in Missouri. I could not find a single person to give reason why. You and your family are building an enormous treasure in the new world, great is your reward for the

    absolute incredible human beings that you are. We are playing out this eternal present moment and for us beings that have the love and

    light in our souls including wildlife,and all creatures we all are eternal, no death, only transition to the new world in the next dimension. Our future is eternal bliss. "The ones that have the sickness in them will

    not be wanted there"-Sun Bear The native people to turtle island knew it was a great day to die, paradise belongs to us. This  planet earth, will be restored. And it will be us to inherit the new earth.

    May the Light and Love Surround You and Your Family at All Times


    • Laura Sutton says:

      Rhonda…I couldn't agree more and your words acknowledge a truth I've agreed with and appreciated for a long time.  I know that Dane has no interest in the praise, but you're 100% correct and I appreciate the reality of the courage and clarity of sight, inner and outer, that particular man displays over and over and over.  I've been sending thru email copies of "The Dimming" to people on my email address  list–been pleasantly surprised by gratitude and agreements from recipients….

  33. Researcher says:

    GO HERMAN!!!


  34. Gary Morrow says:

    God bless you Dane for saving Herman. A beautiful story and a beautiful example.

  35. John Barlow says:

    Don't drink rain water if you are lucky to get any rainwater. 

    • Gary Cristani says:

      We cant help but drink the water.It goes into the lakes and the cities water supply

    • brent papon says:

      I had a place in Kent in 2015. The water was amazing. Only time in my life that yI could take water strait from the tap put it in a pitcher in the fridge. It was delicious. Two years later the water was shit because of the stuff they are spraying. My water in Akron took a nose dive 6 or 8 years ago. 

  36. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Las Vegas strip is flooded as thunderstorms hit triggering rainfall INSIDE Planet Hollywood | Daily Mail Online

    'I'm not sure if it's raining more inside or out!' Las Vegas strip is flooded for the SECOND time in two weeks as thunderstorms hit triggering rainfall INSIDE iconic Caesar's Palace and Planet Hollywood and leaving more than 17,000 without power
        •    Rainwater cascaded from ceilings of Caesar's Palace and Planet Hollywood in Vegas amid torrential rain and thunderstorms in area
        •    The Las Vegas strip was flooded following intense storm and heavy rain, causing flooding within the casino and restaurant buildings
        •    The National Weather Service for Las Vegas issued a flash flood warning amid the torrent as more than 17,000 people were left without power
        •    The annual weather pattern has brought a parade of storms across the U.S. Southwest in recent weeks that lead to flooding in normally dry washes, rain measured in inches and rescue operations
        •    While runoff from storms in the Las Vegas area will reach the lake, monsoon moisture is not likely to affect the ongoing regional drought, John Adair, a veteran meteorologist at the weather service office, said
        •    This comes as the US has been hit with tumultuous weather fronts this summer – including scorching, deadly 100F highs in some areas, but flash flooding in others
        •    Kentucky was one of the worst-hit areas for flooding last month, as a total of 39 people sadly lost their lives as deadly floodwater ruined buildings, submerged homes, and completely destroyed families' livelihoods in a matter of hours

    • Stan Sylvester says:

      I live in TN. I submitted a letter to the editor of a local newspaper regarding weather warfare. I mentioned the suffering of our neighbor state of KY due to the flooding. Open doors to share the truth tragically are plentiful. Even if the editor doesn't post it, one person for sure will read what I wrote. 

  37. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    "Nothing Left In Pipes": French Towns Rely on Water Truck Deliveries For Survival | ZeroHedge

    Severe drought conditions affect about 60% of the EU, and in France, dozens of municipalities have run out of water and relied on a fleet of trucks hauling fresh water for survival.
    At least 100 towns and villages have run out of fresh water. The French government has stepped in to support these drought-stricken areas.
    French environment minister Christophe Bechu said in dozens of municipalities, "there is nothing left in the pipes," referring to freshwater systems that have run completely dry. He said the 'historic' crisis has resulted in the deployment of a fleet of trucks delivering water to areas in need.
    Besides France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands are all facing water shortages and falling water levels on inland waterways (the situation on the River Rhine is one to follow). Drought conditions across 60% of the EU could have severe economic consequences, affecting energy production, agriculture, and river transportation.
    Record heat across Europe has fueled "increased fire danger due to the lack of rain and the resulting dry vegetation, combined with high temperatures," the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service noted.
    In southwest France, a massive wildfire has scorched 14,000 hectares in just a few weeks, forcing the evacuation of thousands of people.
    …French utility Electricite de France SA had to "reduce or halt nuclear output" because record-breaking heat on the Rhone and Garonne rivers made the water too hot to circulate through condensers and discharge back into waterways.
    Meanwhile, French power prices are at a new record of over 600 euros per megawatt hour amid grid strains thanks to the lack of nuclear power generation amid heightened demand during heatwave.

  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Google Searches For "Firewood" In Germany Have Exploded | ZeroHedge

    One month ago, we reported much to the shock of our European readers that in its assessment and preview of Germany's staggering energy crisis brought on by Russian sanctions, Deutsche Bank predicted that "wood will be used for heating purposes where possible."
    You read that right: the largest European bank predicted that a growing number of German households will be using firewood for heating! Maybe allowing a petulant Scandinavian teenager to set the country's energy policy was not the brightest idea after all.
    So fast forwarding to today, when we find that European energy forward prices one year from today are now at staggering, record levels, implying one would need to part with at least an extra kidney to keep warm in the next year…

    … it is no surprise that Deutsche Bank's morbid forecast is gradually coming true and as Bloomberg's Javier Blas shows in his "chart of the day", that google searches for firewood ("Brennholz") have exploded in the past couple of months now that electricity is no longer a staple, but a luxury few can afford.

    At this rate, with thousands of frozen casualties seemingly inevitable this winter…

  39. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Rhine Water Falls To Critical Level As Germany Faces Yet Another Shock | ZeroHedge

    The water level on the Rhine River at Kaub, Germany, has fallen to a critical 40 centimeters (15.7 inches). It becomes uneconomical for barges to transit Europe's most important inland waterway at this level.
    "About 160 million tons of goods and commodities were hauled along the Rhine in 2020, ranging from chemicals to iron ore to oil products. Low water levels restrict the transport of goods along the waterway by limiting how much barges can carry without scraping against the riverbed," Bloomberg said.

     The water level on the Rhine River at Kaub, Germany, a key point on the inland waterway west of Frankfurt, is one centimeter (.40 inches) from breaching 40 centimeters (15.7 inches), which below that level could severely impact barge shipments.
    Toril Bosoni, head of the IEA's oil market division, said the Rhine's low water crisis would remain a problem through the end of the year, making it very challenging for landlocked countries in central and eastern Europe to receive crude product deliveries via barges.
    On Friday morning, water levels at Kaub were 41 centimeters (16.15 inches), with new estimates from the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration indicating the level could drop even further by the end of the weekend or early next week to 33 centimeters (12.9 inches).

  40. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Rainwater everywhere on Earth unsafe to drink due to ‘forever chemicals’, study finds | Euronews

    Rainwater almost everywhere on Earth has unsafe levels of ‘forever chemicals’, according to new research.
    Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large family of human-made chemicals that don’t occur in nature. They are known as ‘forever chemicals’ because they don’t break down in the environment.
    They have non-stick or stain repellent properties so can be found in household items like food packaging, electronics, cosmetics and cookware.
    But now researchers at the University of Stockholm have found them in rainwater in most locations on the planet – including Antarctica.

    There is no safe space to escape them.
    There has been an astounding decline in guideline values for PFAS in drinking water in the last 20 years,” says Ian Cousins, lead author of the study and professor at the Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University.
    For one well-known substance, the “cancer-causing perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)”, water guideline values have declined by 37.5 million times in the US.

    • Dennie says:

      Okay, we're not dying nearly fast enough so now "They're" adding PFASs to the mix.  Hell, might as well pull out all the stops– the PFAS ain't killing us fast enough, so "grok" this little "soft disclosure," i.e., "Their" Grand Plans for our future (testing the waters), from Common Dreams:

      Full-Scale Nuclear War Between US and Russia Could Cause 5 Billion to Starve to Death

      "The data tell us one thing: We must prevent a nuclear war from ever happening," said the co-author of an alarming new study.

      A study published Monday in the journal Nature Food projects that a full-scale nuclear conflict between the United States and Russia would spark a catastrophic global famine, with potentially as many as five billion people dying of starvation in the years immediately after the war's conclusion.

      Led by climate scientists at Rutgers University, the study examines six nuclear war scenarios: a conflagration involving the U.S., its allies, and Russia and five smaller-scale nuclear conflicts between India and Pakistan.

      "The reduced light, global cooling, and likely trade restrictions after nuclear wars would be a global catastrophe for food security."

      While a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia—the owners of roughly 90% of the global supply of atomic warheads—would have the most devastating consequences from a hunger standpoint, a localized India-Pakistan war would also reverberate worldwide, resulting in a 7% decline in global average caloric production and possibly two billion deaths from lack of food.

      A direct U.S.-Russia conflict, the risk of which is believed to be higher today than at any point since the Cold War, would slash global average caloric production by 90% around four years after the nuclear exchange, the new study estimates.

      "The data tell us one thing: We must prevent a nuclear war from ever happening," said Alan Robock, distinguished professor of climate science in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers and a co-author of the new study.

      To reach their conclusions, the researchers attempted to calculate the amount of sun-blocking atmospheric soot that a nuclear war could cause, potentially resulting in crop failures on a horrifying scale.

      "A large percent of the people will be starving," Lili Xia, the study's lead author, told Nature. "It's really bad.”

      "In a nuclear war, bombs targeted on cities and industrial areas would start firestorms, injecting large amounts of soot into the upper atmosphere, which would spread globally and rapidly cool the planet," the study notes. "Such soot loadings would cause decadal disruptions in Earth's climate, which would impact food production systems on land and in the oceans."

      "Nuclear war would primarily contaminate soil and water close to where nuclear weapons were used," the researchers continue. "Soot disperses globally once it reaches the upper atmosphere; thus, our results are globally relevant regardless of the warring nations."

      "In conclusion," they add, "the reduced light, global cooling, and likely trade restrictions after nuclear wars would be a global catastrophe for food security."

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