Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 5, 2023, #417


Dane Wigington

"From drought to flooding, Northeast region reeling from weather whiplash". "Beijing records heaviest rainfall in at least 140 years". "Drought conditions and high temperatures threaten corn harvest". Extreme drought / deluge scenarios are the hallmark of climate intervention operations. Government cartels around the world have actively or passively colluded and cooperated with covert climate engineering operations for decades. Have their motives been benevolent? Or something else altogether? Based on all available data, maintaining total control until total collapse is the bottom line in this equation. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

Can storms be dissipated with frequency transmissions?

Does nature do corners and frequency waves?

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35 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 5, 2023, #417

  1. Lance says:

    Am staying in a forested area at an RV park a few miles north of Cloverdale, CA. The coniferous trees are dead and dying in this area. Not just a few trees, but a majority of these types of trees. Looking out a window of our small travel trailer I can see a large dead pine tree, about 3 or 4 feet wide, leaning over at a 30 degree angle about ready to fall over. Other trees of various sizes around it are dead too. Lots of oak trees and other smaller deciduous trees here. A few are dead or dying, but most appear to be surviving.  Very dry here even though a lot of rain fell last winter in this area. Russian River flows through this area. Its a small creek right now, but during the winter geoengineered storms it was quite high and flooded some areas. RV park, however, is right now under a "water emergency" due to low water levels. High to extreme fire danger here and its easy to see why. Getting to this area we drove along the shore of Clear Lake which is east of Sacramento. Its anything but clear! Algae bloom has made it lime green and it stinks! Pollutants and increased atmospheric heating is causing all of this. I can't be out in direct sunlight for more than 4 or 5 minutes. Hard to cool off after being outside in the sunlight even shortly after sunrise. The "curse" is no joking matter!

  2. brent papon says:

    So the US just Couped another country.


    The democratically elected prez was just thrown in jail 4 3 years.

    From 'THE intercept

    He was 'aggressively nuetral' On Ukraine.

    u can't make this up


    From Lee Camp

  3. Lance says:

    Fires on Hawaii that rapidly spread which killed and injured dozens were enhanced by a "flash drought" a scientist proclaimed on This coupled with high winds associated with a tropical storm were "factors" that caused the fire to spread very intensely and rapidly. What other "factors" could be attributed to making this fire burn so intensely and rapidly? You certainly will NOT see or hear anything about other "factors" that could be involved in causing this fire storm, especially on mainstream news.      

    • Lance says:

      Viewed a new report out of Hawaii regarding the fires, especially in the Lahiana area. Residents there were allowed to go in to check on houses/businesses that were not damaged by fire. Apparently, some people crossed into some areas the authorities (Nat. Guard) had secured because they were still looking for those who may have survived (not likely) or perished in the fire (up to 1,000 reported missing) and because there was "hazardous material" in the area. Residents nearly came to blows with the officers in charge who put up roadblocks on the only road into the area saying no one would be allowed into the area until further notice. Authorities are claiming there was no way to warn residents about the very rapidly spreading fire. Speculation is rampant regarding how this fire storm started. Am not going to do that, but as far as the msm is concerned, can't trust 'em!   

  4. Simple horsewoman says:

    Respect to Dane thankfully his news reaches me here in the UK and enables me to join the dots. Listen faithfully. I used to be called a nutter looking up and telling people things I'd learnt from this broadcast.  As things unfold people are less sceptical. Unbelievable that no one in control cares less. Either they are complicit or bind, stupid. They care only for their selfish greed and like to make themselves feel important and clever. Time to get real as Dane says things are out of control . We all need to take some responsibility and stop hiding from the reality.think slow act fast or were f*******d Please don't stop the information Dane. It's invaluable to be armed with so many conclusive facts it exposes the bigger picture however terrifying. Thank you geoengineering watch it's hard to find truths in the current climate. My sadness is not that we may not survive but we may see the demise of everything that has real value and beauty on this incredible planet. ❤️ 

  5. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I only thought that Texas was hell on Earth, with this oppressive "heat dome conjured heat wave" that's been parked here, going on four months now.

    But I just watched several videos taken by survivors of the Maui wildfires and my heart is totally broken for everyone there on the islands of Hawaii. They said that people were literally being burned alive, right before their eyes!

    Wind gusts of 85 mph caused the fire to spread faster than residents could react to and the loss of life will probably be phenomenal, once it is safe enough to search for any more survivors. 

    Earth's climate system patterns have been altered so much from geoengineering and climate control warfare that there is no place left to escape from these horrendous atrocities.

    If we can't get them to stop these crimes against humanity as soon as possible. Eight billion people will be plunged into a living hell, before the final extinction of all life on Earth comes to pass.

    Untold numbers of men, women, children, pets and wildlife lost their lives yesterday and the climate controllers don't even give a damn. Those of you who are being forced or ordered to be accomplices in these climate related crimes, need to listen to your conscience and trust your moral instincts. And either just walk away from your posts, or become a whistleblower and expose these evil people, for who they are. You are not human if you allow this to continue.

  6. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Should anyone reply to my "Biden's slip of the tongue comments" and say that he was referring to a Climate "Change or Emergency" Control Facility. Meaning Head Quaters or Center of Operations to monitor dangerous climate events and find ways to better deal with the impacts of such events.

    Two things:

    Why didn't he say climate change or emergency? and there is a huge difference between a center/headquarters and a Facility. Especially when you spend 368 Billion dollars. That's a facility and not a center of operations.

    Plus he falsely claims in that interview that he has declared a National Emergency in regards to climate change. Which of course, if he had. Then I would assume that the climate control facility would indeed be a center or headquarters for dealing with that issue.

    FEMA has no record of a National Emergency Declaration by the White House and there are no policies in place to do so either. FEMA does not recognize climate change as a threat to humanity and they also have no policies for an emergency declaration, in regards to human impacts from heat domes or heat waves. Even though there are more heat related deaths in America than from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and droughts.

    If that doesn't wake you up. Nothing will.

  7. Dawnski says:

    As a former resident of the gulf coast Florida, Monday was hurricane force winds from the west over the Piedmont of NC. I was driving N on I-77 from Union Grove to Statesville at 5:05 when I found myself wishing I was safe at home. Too dangerous to pull over or under an overpass as visibility was zero and trees were bending over. By Gods grace I made it home safe to a parking lot full of big branches and limbs strewn everywhere! Ryan Hall Y'All on YouTube, former meteorologist now independent, has a new vlognup about the hellacious winds heading our way (Geoengineered) on Thursday afternoon.

  8. brent papon says:

    Somewhere between honesty and morality, I lost everybody.

    This world is NO place for either.

    NO ONE wants to here it.


  9. mfluder says:

    Hi Dane. Been listening to you for over ten years now. Never commented until now. I live in the Northeast. Long Island, NY. I walked out of my house one day this summer and what I saw truly moved me. A baby possum lying on the sidewalk in the middle of the day. The sun was so hot that this little guy had just given up. He was on the verge of death. I picked him up and brought him to a shaded area in the woods. As soon as he was out of the sun, he came back to life and scampered off. I truly grieve for the innocent plants and animals that suffer due to the climate engineering atrocities. People will not be able to ignore this for much longer. We are in this fight together. To the end. Revelation 11:18

    • Joe says:


      Hi I am from long island  too.. 

      Dane cannot do this alone — I have personally handed out thousands of Dane's materials over the years.  

      I hope you are able to  share this website

  10. Mary Hollowell says:

    “doth blither too much” – a variation on a famous quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet

    article referenced in this week’s GAN

  11. Lance says:

    My mistake JB. The scripture I quoted is from Isaiah 24, not 23. Thanks for the correction. The point is humans have polluted the earth and its far too late to undo what has been done by the earths inhabitants. The inhabitants of the USA are by no means exceptions, as the industrialized and militarized way of life promoted in the USA has, without any doubt, been a major player in polluting the earth. The consequences of doing so are inescapable.  

  12. Jonathan says:

    Day four in the past week of a foul smell in the air that is not coming from any local wildfires nor vehicle exhaust. I presume this is coming from straight up above. Yesterday evening there was a north south band of precipitation on the Doppler radar heading from west to east out of Tennessee across the Western half of North Carolina. It made its way to the Piedmont, and the hope was it would have brought some much needed rain to Eastern North Carolina. As it reached the Piedmont, it disappeared. Not a drop here.

    It is supposed to be 110° here today with the heat index. Traditionally this has almost never happened during August. We might normally get a few days in the middle of summer like this, but it's rare until recent years.

    Looking on the bright side, it is now easier than ever to share the educational materials that Dane provides. It is very easy to find oneself in conversations with people about the weather. Everyone agrees There is something unnatural about it. That is the perfect time to hand them a card with the link to the documentary.


  13. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Now that scores of people know about my plight with the climate engineering heat dome parked over Texas (and held in place indefinitely). I feel a sense of responsibility and commitment to everyone out there, to elaborate on just exactly why I chose to tell my story at this crucial time in this newly titled Anthropocene era. Geologists describe the Anthropocene epoch as the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. Some even believe that this era began with the industrial revolution.

    The only thing that I know for certain, is that Earth is heating up faster now than at any other time, era or epoch in history. Yes, Anthropogenic activity like burning fossil fuels and deforestation has been the root cause for the current state of global warming. But if these were the only driving factors and if left unchecked, it would still take hundreds if not thousands of years to get us where we are today.

    And scientists around the world are stumped, as to why this warming is taking place at such a rapid pace. Well, at least that's what they want you to think.

    But I know and many of you out there know that this is not the case. Because we look up at the sky and ask the important questions that the scientists are instructed not to bring up at all. Otherwise, ongoing Geoengineering operations in our skies would have been exposed to the masses many years ago.

    I am no scientist and I have no degree in any climate related sciences. But I do have common sense and what I am seeing happening in our skies, is not entirely the result of Anthropogenic driven climate change. I have been on this Earth for generations and was born at the end of the Baby Boom era.

    I have ssen our deep blue skies turn a hazy, filthy grayish white. Our oceans go from a beautiful sapphire blue, to a murky and ominous aqua green. Massive billion acre flourishing green forested wildernesses, turn to brown and black shades of death. Natural thriving habitats for hundreds of species of animals, turn into ugly and hot urban concrete jungle landscapes.

    I can plainly see military tanker jets spraying aerosols directly above towering thunderheads that are getting ready to release life giving rainfall, to parched drought stricken areas. And virtually cry when the clouds just melt away into a wispy swath of white vapor that vanishes right before my eyes. Sometimes within just minutes after they were assaulted by the climate engineering insanity I so hate and despise.

    Why would they do this? Why? Those planes I watched only sprayed contrails "chemical laced aerosols" above each and every towering cumulonimbus cloud formation and then flew away. They did not fly in regular flight path corridors that would take them from base to base. Some even flew in circles, just to gain enough altitude, in order to spray those specific cloud formations and not anywhere else in the sky. Why?

    The only logical answer to that question would be Geoengineering. But again I ask, Why? Why would they purposely dissipate those rain clouds and exasperate the drought conditions even further? What agenda are they following and who gave them the orders to commit such an atrocity?

    Just exactly who are the people that are doing these horrible things in our skies? Why does it feel like it's only me and a handful of others in America, that are asking these all important questions? Those very same questions that Dane has been raising for for so many years now? It's not a conspiracy people. Just open your minds and look up  to the truth in our skies, and stop letting the media and government tell you how and what to think. You have free will and the very same instincts for survival that has kept our world at peace and harmony with the human experience for eons now.

    This is our Eden and if everyone doesn't wake up to the reality of ongoing Geoengineering operations. It will most certainly be Lost forever to the Insanity of those who want to conquer planet Earth. And not save it… as the human spirit in all of us knows that should be our destiny, and not our doom.

    • Larry DeMarco says:

      Thanks for telling this poignant story. My heart goes out to you and I pray that you will somehow find relief from your suffering. Unfortunately most people don't understand suffering unless it happens to them. I'm sure that this is the reason that it seems so "Well tolerated" in our society. Hopefully what you shared will help others find the truths of your dilemma and its cause.




  14. Waverly says:

    Noticing a hint of discoloration in the trees here in the Midwest, just in the last few days.  Everything from firey reds, orange and yellow to just a hint of yellowing (dead looking) leaves on some.  It's not prevalent (yet) but if it gets any worse , won't be able to hide it.  For the most part, where you'd expect the most UV to be hitting.  would like to blame it on fall colors, but that's 2.5 months early.  Anyone else seeing anything odd in the area?  

    • robert says:

      Earlier this year I was out on my daily walk with my dog and the sky was a filthy grey with strange cloud formations. During the walk I had a caustic chemical taste in my mouth which later in the day felt as if I had a scalded mouth, a day latter skin was coming off the roof of my mouth. I noticed latter in the week that the leaves on some of the trees had turned brown and just hung on the trees. I believe what I inhaled was a defoliant of some sort, why in early spring I don't know why. When I posted my observation here a few of the awakened reported back that they had the same experience. We are slowly being neutralized on a daily basis, all of us. Thanks to all here and to Dane especially for your unwavering courage. A few radio programs back I commented to Dane that maybe he should step back and take a breather from his heroic pace at getting the word out, silly me! Dane, you are the modern day " Marathon Man", there is no quit in you, I should have known better than to suggest otherwise. My apology is noted. 

  15. Matthew/Boston says:

    My notes for last Saturday. My only point for posting this is maybe there are others out there who get sick from the spraying above. I had some serious brain fog for hours after the problem started. What are those demons putting in their mixture and what more dangerous things could they or will they put it.

    My notes:

    August 5, 2023, Saturday: There hasn’t been any chemtrailing happening in many days. It’s really been some time were I’ve seen any. What a relief.

    I got out of the shower about 6:00 PM. I had the HVAC blower on and laid down on my bed under a vent to cool down. My (external) ears became hot. My throat was soar and getting worse. Earlier, I noticed red eye in my right eye. The warmth spread to my forehead and top half of my face. I believed I was coming down with something and was getting worse by the minute. But I haven’t been out and near anyone for the last two days. The bedroom shades were half drawn and from were I was couldn’t see the sky. I got up and looked out the open sliding porch door The sky was saturated with chemtrail horizon to horizon and had at least three very recently laid trails. I had no knowledge the skies were being sprayed when I was becoming sick. The geoengineering is what was making me sick. I also now have a mild headache and tinitus.

  16. Randyl J says:

    NOAA’s Geoengineering Research Proposal 

    Falls short of anything realistic while avoiding the truth about the ongoing Climate Engineering. How scientists can collectively ignore the actual ‘elephants-in-the-sky’ and come up with these absurd proposals is not only incomprehensible to me but points to a complete lack of real concern for Earth’s environment and humanity!

    Naturally this unrealistic proposal and the farcical reasoning behind it, was posted today on Google!

    Dane has many times reminded us to be aware of this type of deceptive activity by the academic community. I do my research at

    Randyl J

    • Jonathan says:

      The article mentions "stalled high pressure systems" but fails to mention that those themselves are controlled by people. (HAARP, etc. Leading to high pressure heat domes).

      And the person from Never A Straight Answer said the weather has been "crazy."

  17. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    My sincere gratitude to you Dane for sharing my (fully awake) climate engineering observations and an "anguishing in hell" commentary with those who faithfully listen to your weekly broadcasts. I know that you have also gone through hell and back at your northern California nature reserve and I feel as though you are a kindred spirit in that regard.

    Thank you as well to Penny Waters for offering me a place to live in the UK, if and when I decide to leave this plot of real estate that is turning into another Venus, faster than anywhere else in the U.S.

    The temperature has peaked at 118 degrees nine times so far this summer, and at double or even triple the humidity found in Phoenix or Death Valley. Thusly, after you do the heat index and wet bulb math numbers for this location. 132 degrees "in the Valley" feels like a cool Fall day to all of us here in the Hill Country. As they don't have the atmospheric water vapor from the Gulf of Mexico, like we do on a daily basis. And as Dane has pointed out in this week's broadcast. The same Gulf moisture that the climate engineers pull up to the northeast coast, in order to keep them cooler and wetter than the rest of this boiling planet.

    Yesterday I taped a meat thermometer to a long stick and placed it in direct sunlight at the top of a ten foot wooden ladder, above a light colored surface. And after just five minutes it shot up to 265 degrees! A mercury thermometer said it was 112 degrees and my hygrometer said the humidity was at 48%. Then I wrapped tan colored masking tape over the "metal" meat thermometer, in order to simulate human skin.

    After ten minutes it read 158 degrees. Which is quite ironic, because the heat index "real feel" temperature on that chart for 112 and 48% is 156 degrees. No matter how you view these numbers. That's just insanely HOT!

    The AC units that die on me aren't designed to withstand such heat and humidity. If the air was much drier the condensing coils could dissipate the heat and keep the head "high" pressure much lower. But the pressure got so high on some of them, that the condenser coils burst and leaked out all of the refrigerant. Causing the compressors to burn up as well. Same goes for the refrigerators and one of my freezers now. The compressors ran so long at extremely high pressure (and very hot temperatures) that the internal motor windings basically melted.

    Vehicles are breaking down here in record numbers too. With many of them having the catalytic converters catch on fire from excessive heat (they are becoming glowing red hot). I see fire trucks putting out vehicles engulfed in flames, on the the roads almost daily. Several grass fires have been the result, because the grass is beyond dead and brown. We have had 1.25 inches of rain since early May and the temps have been over 100 for most of that time. The only reason that this entire county hasn't burned to ashes, is the higher humidity. But still, to see our fire danger elevated to purple. That's extremely shocking.

    I simply cannot understand why so many people just write all of this off to an unusually hot summer, and don't take the threat more seriously. Maybe it's because they aren't as old and haven't been around long enough to see the massive changes to our environment. According to the weather outlook. It appears as though some sort of chemical ice nucleation operation will be taking place along the Red River corridor, in northern Texas and southern Oklahoma, over the next few days. So, if you see news about a strange mid summer hail event taking place there, it will not surprise me one bit.

    Thank you Dane for all that you do, and everyone here that tries so hard to wake the masses. I am right there with all of you. Just a little more sweaty and uncomfortable. But still full of fight and gumption.



  18. A Friend says:

    From Eastern North Carolina. I am able to confirm some of the same types of things that Eden, referenced in today's broadcast, has described. The same things are happening here, although to somewhat less of a degree at this moment. Only somewhat less…

    The ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight now is absolutely scorching out here. Plants are having a difficult time surviving. Most of the trees and other plants that I have planted around the house have stopped growing. I have to pick tomatoes off the tomato vines when they're still green and let them ripen indoors, because if I try to let them ripen on the vines, they start to go bad quickly and rot on the vines. They cannot handle the temperature.

    Most animals are having to remain in the shade during the day. I've never had to put so much bird food out for all the birds I feed. I think they're having a hard time finding enough food. Twice this week there have been very strange and foul chemical smells in the air that I have never smelled before. There were no local fires, nor was I close enough to the roads to smell exhaust from passing vehicles. That smell is coming apparently from straight above.

    The night time temperatures are high, more often than not. More often than not, the air appears and feels dead and stagnant. Refreshing, cool breezes are a few and far between.

    Again and again I reach out to all who will listen. So many people are, for now, so focused on their personal comfort and the security of their belief systems, or focused upon certain political saviors,  they just don't take this seriously.

    They will, soon.

    Thank you, Eden, for what you've shared. I will lift up a special prayer for you and your beloved animals to our Creator.

    On a different note, how many of you are aware of the incredible flooding taking place in China right now? Those who are involved with the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves for not alerting people to things that really happen in this world of which we should be aware.

    I urge everyone reading this to make an effort to share information about this subject, including links from this website, to everybody you can. Politicians, meteorologists, friends, family, law enforcement, anyone you know and have the ability to contact.

    I spent much of my earlier years outdoors communing with nature in all its seasons. I have never seen anything like what has happened in the last few years. Such chaos, such instability. Such a terrible loss of life.

    To those who are sensitive to life, you will be acutely aware of the many ways in which this world is changing, and changing rapidly.

    There is a divine order to life and the design and interrelatedness of all living things throughout this world. All this is being damaged by people who lack empathy.

    I know many people who simply don't care about this, because they're so focused on the afterlife. However, we are here, and we are here, now.

    Let us do all that we can to make a positive difference for this world and all of the precious living things that occupy it, while we are here, with whatever time we have left.

    In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo tells Gandalf, that he wishes certain bad things "needn't have happened in my time."

    Gandalf replies, "So do I. And so do all those who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

  19. Steve says:

    I was noticing today the lack of birds around my house as compared to one year ago.  One year ago I had to close my bedroom window around 4:15am because the birds were chirping so loud outside my window.  There would be just a cacophony of sounds, robins especially, along with mourning doves, blackbirds, and sparrows.  Now there are just a few "coos" coming from one or two mourning doves, in the distance. Even the dove numbers have been greatly reduced.  During the course of the day I would see numerous robins, mourning doves, sparrows and black birds…no more.  Even more surprising is this time of the year I would see killdeer birds all over my neighborhood, running on the ground up and down the street, making their little "screeching" sound.  This summer I have seen just one killdeer on a single day, and haven't seen any more to date.  I have a cup of coffee and have dinner out on my porch as much as I can.  Last year I would be constantly bothered by flies and bees.  Not this year, just a lone bee will fly by sometime.  So my point…look around and see how the wildlife and insects are around your place this year as compared to last year.  Be aware and cognizant of subtle but profound changes that are taking place right now in your environment.  These changes are slow and small but are having a profound effect on our lives, and the way it looks, not for the better.  Blessings to all.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Something very peculiar I noticed a few days ago. I have NEVER seen this before. I was sitting upstairs at my computer looking out the window mid-morning and a bat- yes a bat- was fluttering about outside. I had to do a double take because at first glance my instinct said it was a bat, then I looked again because I have only seen bats about in the evening, just before dusk. I thought it must be a bird then and took an extra good look the next time it fluttered by- sure enough it was a bat! The poor animals are so confused by the insane's attempt to control Earth's weather. It's driving us all BATTY.

  20. Gene Adaway says:

    Is there any wonder why so many so-called elites have travelled to Antarctica?  Or, why you're not allowed to go there?

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Around 40% of all Americans are obese — not fat, obese. The drug companies who developed a prescription drug for diabetes realized this enormous market and began to sell their products for weight-loss. There seem to be four or five of these weight-loss drugs which are given as injections.

    Now the side effects are beginning to show their ugly side and the victims are filing lawsuits claiming the companies did not fully warn them. The rush to lose weight instantly is a sad comment on our culture.

    My summary from RFK’s website Children’s Health Defense:

    Hundreds more lawsuits against injectable diabetes and weight loss medications are ready to be filed by victims across the U.S.  Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly, the manufacturers of Ozempic and Mounjaro, respectively, “downplayed the severity of the gastrointestinal events,” such as gastroparesis and gastroenteritis, caused by the drugs — did admit a variety of stomach problems — including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and constipation.

    Popular Weight-Loss Drugs Ozempic and Saxenda Under Investigation for Link to Suicidal Thoughts. Several weight-loss drugs have a history of links to suicidal ideation and other side effects, some severe.
    – from RFK’s Childrens Health Defense

    Popular Weight-Loss Drugs Ozempic and Saxenda Under Investigation for Link to Suicidal Thoughts
    European regulators are reviewing several popular weight-loss drugs like Ozempic for reportedly inducing suicidal thoughts among some users. Several weight-loss drugs have a history of links to suicidal ideation and other side effects, some severe.
    … Drugmakers aren’t the only ones profiting from weight-loss drugs. Telehealth companies have sprung up offering an online prescription for the drugs in just 15 minutes.
    Companies such as Ro and Calibrate launched telehealth services dedicated to prescribing Wegovy and Ozempic and they’ve plastered ads for their services around places like New York City.
    Some U.S. medical spas and compounding pharmacies have chased the profits as well, allegedly producing copycat drugs with semaglutide as the active ingredient. Novo Nordisk has filed lawsuits against them.

    These drugs are not made for short-term use. Studies show that when people stop taking them, they regain much of the weight they lost, or potentially gain even more weight. Most people who start taking the drugs and want the effects to last will have to stay on them long-term.

    But recent pharmacy claims data shows that most people who start taking Wegovy stop taking it within a year, some because of side effects and some because of the high cost of the drugs.

    Semaglutide’s other known side effects
    In addition to concerns about suicidal ideation and thoughts of self-harm, pancreatic cancer and other adverse effects linked to semaglutide are also becoming apparent.
    A study using data from EudraVigilance, Europe’s system for analyzing adverse reactions to medications, found a high prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders among users.
    Metabolic, nutritional, eye, renal, urinary and cardiac disorders were also reported.
    There was an increased risk of diabetic retinopathy. Studies also suggest using semaglutide may lead to adverse kidney events.
    In addition to thyroid cancer, researchers have raised concerns about the potential risk for pancreatic carcinoma associated with the drug.

    In the comments:
    Can't speak for other countries or other cultures, but what I see is Americans are too selfish, too living in lala land and too "privileged" to ever give up the lifestyle they have come to expect. That "might happen here" thing just doesn't apply to their world. They have no idea where their food comes from or what is in it. They just know a pop tart for breakfast, a hot pocket for lunch and a trip thru the fast food lane for supper. It's hard to feel sorry for their ignorance.

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Lawsuit Alleges Woman Was ‘Severely Injured’ by Popular Diabetes, Weight-loss Drugs
    A Louisiana woman on Wednesday sued the manufacturers of Ozempic and Mounjaro, alleging the drugmakers failed to warn the public about the risk of severe gastrointestinal problems.

    A Louisiana woman who sued the manufacturers of popular diabetes and weight loss drugs Ozempic and Mounjaro is alleging the drugmakers failed to warn the public about the risk of severe gastrointestinal problems.
    Jaclyn Bjorklund, 44, who on Wednesday filed the 26-page lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana Lake Charles Division, claims she was “severely injured” after taking the two medications.
    According to the complaint, Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly, the manufacturers of Ozempic and Mounjaro, respectively, “downplayed the severity of the gastrointestinal events,” such as gastroparesis and gastroenteritis, caused by the drugs.

    Gastroparesis, a disorder that “slows or stops the movement of food from your stomach to your small intestine, even though there is no blockage in the stomach or intestines” is frequently caused by diabetes. Narcotics and antidepressants also are linked to gastroparesis.
    Ozempic (semaglutide) and Mounjaro (tirzepatide) are injectable diabetes medications, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CBS News reported. Mounjaro was approved in May 2022. Ozempic was first approved in December 2017, and approved at a higher dose in March 2022.
    According to NBC News, Bjorklund is the first person to come forward alleging that the drugs in question cause gastrointestinal injuries.
    The two drugs are part of a new category of medicines known as glucagon-like peptide-1, or GLP-1, receptor agonists. They are intended to help people with Type 2 diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. However, the medications are also commonly prescribed off-label for weight loss.
    According to CBS News, “These drugs were originally developed to treat patients with Type 2 diabetes as they produce insulin and lower blood sugar. They also release a hormone that slows down digestion and keeps food in a patient’s stomach longer.”

    However, their long-term impact is unknown.
    According to CNN, “The lawsuit is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for past and future pain and suffering Bjorklund will have including health care costs and medical monitoring as well as her attorney’s fees and court costs.”
    Attorneys Paul Pennock and Jonathan Sedgh, of Orlando-based Morgan & Morgan, said during a press conference, that the basis of the lawsuit is “a failure to warn,” CBS News reported. Pennock told the press:
    “It is our opinion that these drugs are causing these problems. We think that the evidence is sufficient for us to be able to prove it or we would not have filed the case, and we intend to file many more in the coming days and weeks.
    “[Bjorklund’s] problems have been so severe that she’s been to the emergency room multiple times, including last weekend. She’s actually even thrown up so violently that she’s lost teeth.”
    This is the first lawsuit alleging the two drugs caused gastrointestinal injuries, however, lawyers representing Bjorklund said hundreds more similar lawsuits are ready to be filed by victims across the U.S.
    Ozempic recently was linked to a range of other health issues, including kidney disorders and causing suicidal thoughts.

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Kids Are Being Exposed to ‘Concerning’ Levels of Carcinogenic Heavy Metal Found in Common Foods

    A new study published in Food and Chemical Toxicity found common foods like leafy green vegetables, potatoes and nuts contain levels of cadmium far beyond recommended safety levels for younger children.

    By Grace van Deelen
    Young children are being exposed to a potentially cancer-causing heavy metal known as cadmium through many of the foods they eat, often at levels that exceed safety standards, according to a new study.

    Cadmium has been shown to contaminate water, air and crops, including a range of foods considered healthy that are used in baby food.
    The study, which was published last week in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicity, found that the cumulative average daily levels of cadmium ingested by children were higher than daily cadmium intake levels considered safe by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).
    For instance, children between 6 months and 24 months who consumed spinach and rice at least once a week ingested cadmium that exceeded the ATSDR guidelines by up to 200%, the study determined.
    The authors of the study warned that the findings are particularly concerning because the bodies of young children are still developing, and may be more susceptible to the effects of heavy metal exposure.
    The study comes after a 2021 U.S. Congressional report showed dangerous levels of metals in infant food, prompting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to launch a research and action plan to assess the risks of heavy metals in foods.

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    There Is A Financial Crisis Brewing In Offshore Wind Energy | ZeroHedge

    The costs associated with U.S. offshore wind projects have risen by 57% since 2021 due to inflation in components and labor costs, as well as rising interest rates, leading to a large number of canceled or renegotiated deals.
    Authored by Felicity Bradstock via,
        •    The costs associated with U.S. offshore wind projects have risen by 57% since 2021 due to inflation in components and labor costs, as well as rising interest rates, leading to a large number of canceled or renegotiated deals.
        •    The recent cancellations of major offshore wind projects have erased billions of dollars in planned spending and put at least 9.7 additional gigawatts of offshore wind projects in the U.S. at risk.
        •    Despite the financial crisis in offshore wind energy, the Biden administration is persevering with its goal of achieving 30 GW of offshore wind energy capacity by 2030.

  25. john michael vanOs says:

    GREAT GOOD WORK Dane. Thank YOU John

  26. Lance says:

    "The earth lies polluted under its inhabitants; for they have transgressed the laws, violated the statutes, broken the everlasting covenant.  Therefore a curse devours the earth, and its inhabitants suffer for their guilt; therefore the inhabitants of the earth are scorched, and few men are left." 
    (The Book Of Isaiah, chapter 23, verses 5 and 6, RSV, 1952)

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