Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 17, 2022, #384


Dane Wigington

Holiday weather, anyone? Geoengineered winter at its finest.

A geoengineered record deep freeze is scheduled to hammer the Eastern US, just in time for the holidays. Increasing warmth and drought through the first of the year is what the weather makers have planned for the US West. 

The airline industry has finally acknowledged that "contrails" are a major environmental problem, but the deeper truth on this issue continues to be denied and omitted. NATO has just held it's first round table on "climate change and security", was climate engineering the primary discussion behind closed doors? Are they preparing for climate collapse? Is that a part of the plan? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

This is the latest scheduled weather "departure from normal temperature" map from NOAA. Does this look normal to you?

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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36 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 17, 2022, #384

  1. Kelly Carlton Swaim says:

    It's so good to hear of so many of you replying here!  I started documenting (with photos) the chemtrailing in 1999 in the skies over Tulsa,OK, astonished at what I saw taking place. A few days ago, I told my brother the coming "bomb cyclone" is probably a geoengineered event, and wow! I just listened to Dane's video claiming just that!  Pellet-like snow fell here, and it's predicted to be in the 60s in just a few days.  Most people here seem quite indifferent, seldom even noticing the sky.  Be of good courage everyone-God bless you all and Merry Christmas.

  2. Randyl J says:

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Winter Solstice Blessings with prayers to All – tough times for so many and as You Alert us, Dane, We must keep Aware to inform and encourage others!

    24 F degrees Friday, December 23 early evening in central NC – bone dry ice locker air. Barely any moisture yesterday as very light sleet came through. Everything Dane is telling us about the 'dryness' is happening around here also. I noticed the Wasatch Range East of Salt Lake UT has been receiving heavy snow! One popular You Tube channel constantly broadcasts from there and it looks like winters of long ago, however, it's obvious that the precipitation is from Pacific moisture fed north then east and south. Nothing is natural! 
    It's great to see many Reader Comments here!


  3. Bryan Paul says:

    Soap soaked snow here in central PA today.

  4. RB says:

    Very heavy spraying for 3 weeks here in Southern California. If I remember correctly this happened before the last Bomb Cyclone that did so much damage in Texas. 

  5. High Awareness says:

    In the past I have posted eye witness comments on this board until today. This December 21st our day started out a brisk  frosty 19 degrees. The sun rose with cold blue clear skies early and then the skies were filled with heavy spraying with jets coming from all directions. I noticed the RF cloud waves patterns were turned on and the spraying from all directions continued until dark. I also noticed very dark trails to the east of me which I've never seen in these parts. Our nights feel so cold here like its zero when they say 28 degrees.  I live just east of the city of Pittsburgh PA and we always get sprayed massive trials prior to a forecasted weather event -storm with warm or cold fronts. I sometimes think we are a pivoting area (Southwestern PA) to split the storms directing the frontal storm energy east, and north of us. The mountains ranges and beyond into central PA east of us always get more storm energy and we remain in a minimal neutral zone receiving smaller amounts of rain or snow. I would like to post this theory as I've watched the chemtrails for many years and this always seems to precede any storm front here. Thank you Dane for never giving up. I'm afraid  reaching people today is going to become even more challenging as people are so distracted and they appear to have brain fog since the shots. I keep trying and have distributed fliers far and wide. 

  6. Ziggy says:

    Yet ANOTHER Bomb Cyclone develops in America and they call it a once in a generation event! Funny, because they seem to be happening every few years. The weather man said this:   "It means mother nature means business with this storm." All while he knows full well that climate engineering is to blame for such insane weather.

    Why the National Weather Service is calling this a 'once-in-a-generation event' | Watch (

    • Ziggy says:

      Great find there Lance. Simply connect the dots, right?

      If you hit the 96 synthetic aperture radar satellites link, you find these statements:

      "Unlike visible spectrum imagery, SAR penetrates clouds, bad weather and can see at night."

      “People want 24/7 all weather .You can’t wait until it’s sunny to have an answer."   They use the word (people) yet these radar imaging satellites are being built for the military!

      "Moran noted that up until recently, only the U.S. government had mature space-based radar products for national security use and now the commercial industry is showing sophisticated capabilities. 

      He credited organizations like the Defense Innovation Unit that five years ago started working with commercial SAR vendors. DIU was an early pilot customer of Capella Space which is now operating a seven-satellite SAR constellation." (DIU is a part of DARPA and Space Force Command, branching out into the commercial sector, to supplement the needs of Raytheon and Lockheed.)

      They are trying to deceive everyone into believing that these new eyes in the sky, high tech imaging systems are going to benefit all of us. Well if that truly is the case. Then why do they refer to this new tech as being desperately needed to get a closer look at Ukraine?

      There is no doubt in my mind that they are "actually" going to be used in the advancement of Climate Engineering technologies. Especially for advanced abilities in modifying hurricanes, chemical ice nucleated winter storms and prolonged heat waves. Which means that they will have better control of droughts, floods and all types of storms in the very near future.

      Basically giving them a new weapon that can direct microwave radar beams from space to the surface of the planet. Just imagine the power that it gives them… to be able to hit any location on Earth with 360 degree radar transmissions! This means that within just a few short years, they would have 100% control of the weather and the entire world. Ultra powerful radars in space orbit equals… Good bye planet Earth.

      If they really wanted to protect humanity, they would be pointed out into space. Searching for asteroids that are on a collision course. Or even used to detect hypersonic nuclear missiles and rockets being launched by rogue nations. But no! They are dead set on controlling the weather, and He Who Controls the Weather Will Control the World.

    • Steve Brownsberger says:

      Crazy temps in the states, but Toronto Canada is warmer than Ohio. We live in a haunted house

  7. Larry DeMarco says:

    Hello Dane and our geoengineeringwatch family. Thanks Dane for another remarkable weekly broadcast. As aptly said bt Detrich Bonhoeffer, "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is o speak. Not to act is to act." We are blessed to have the leadership of a great world citizen who is dedicated to speak and work to promote truth and inspire us to do the same. Bless us all as we celebrate the birth of  Jesus Christ and pray for his help in our important mission.

  8. Mary Hollowell says:

    Did anyone in the region feel this morning's M 6.4 quake in Northern California?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Mary, thanks for taking notice of the Northern California quake, yes, definitely felt it in my location.

    • Dennie says:

      Not yesterday but I felt one in the wee hours a day or two before that, down here in the North Bay Area.

  9. Jackie Pollock says:

    I am here in North Central Texas and we have had spraying most of last week leaving the skies in the evening and morning looking long lateral wispy and grayish white. Chemical smells are in the air. We have 10 and 12 degree temps coming along in a couple of days to last a few days and people are talking about how the weather has changed so much in the past 2-3 years. It has never been like this and certainly not ever at this time of the year.

    I have given out in comment replies (on other websites)

    Dane's website when people remark on what is going on with the skies, animals, and partially dead leaves sticking to the trees frozen in space.

    Almost no one wants to listen but Almost means that there are Some who will – those are the ones to find!

    Merry Christmas Dane and to all of us good wishes for the New Year.

    Jackie from Texas

  10. Gary Morrow says:

    This morning in South Carolina has been one of the heaviest spray days that I have ever seen It is one of those days where every single so called cloud in the sky is fake The worst spray days are always out in front of advancing storms and weather fronts and today is no exception This is obviously an attempt to manipulate the potential winter storm that is forecast for the Eastern U.S. later this week 

    • Vic says:


      I agree, the heaviest spraying in our area in Southern Arizona is usually in advance of fronts and storms. Good observation.

      Best regards, God bless.

    • Florida Blue says:

      That way, all of the toxic substances sprayed at high altitudes get a better chance of quicker, direct contact with humans, animals, plants, trees, etc.  It's their impatience – sudden increase in winds first, then rain, then barium, strontium, and their "killing me softly" concoction.  I PRAY that these criminals get punished – pilots see everything as I do flying; no comments?  My local TV station won't take my calls anymore, asking to speak with the meterologist.  God Bless You, Dane.  

  11. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I don't know if this will be posted, but the "snow" storms in northeastern Minnesota last week were obviously chemically nucleated and engineered. The noise of aircraft flying above cloud cover was obvious for several days prior to the sleet and "snow" which followed. Electromagnetic noise during the storm was also obvious. I've successfully informed several persons in my local community, and these persons have informed others. So it's not a waste of time…

    Chemically nucleated "snow" is typically granular, and doesn't fall in traditional flake-like consistency. Take notice of this…

    The damage to trees  and power line infrastructure in this area is astounding. There are still numerous rural locations without power. All manufactured chaos via geoengineering… 

    • Vic says:


      Thanks for the report from MN. Your report is pretty alarming. I have relatives in Minneapolis and Lake Bemidji. God bless.

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Paul:

      A friend of mine recently moved from Oakland, CA to the upper Michigan peninsula.  The weather there is in the mid to high 30s during the day, same as it is here in ice-nucleated California, where daytime temps are in the high 40s now.  We have never had this kind of cold in this state for an entire month and I've lived here my entire 66 years.  Glad I have several cold-weather coats, some made with goose down, very cozy.  But the furnace runs a lot more often during the day, I set it at 68 in the morning and then down to 66 during the middle of the day, then 67 in the evening and off overnight.  I will likely have an energy bill of over $400 next month.  Most everyone here hardly notices at all, or the super Red-pilled are saying that we're in for a new Ice Age… whatta loada crap, eh?

    • JR says:

      Hello Mr. Vonharnish from Southwest, NM-USA. I hardly ever write here anymore, can't tell when it'll show or not I'm thinking scrubbed? We are all in this fight. This February coming will mark 12 years ago these punks sprayed us with this crap. My folks had some Saguaro plants from Arizona they brought out here from their days in 70's. They were awesome starting to branch out. Well they were wiped because the poor things froze, all the water in them. They were in all about 12., it was sad after seeing them survive everything else in our area-region. No doubt this crap of ice nucleation. This aerial spraying has been going on since 1977 when I saw trails on jets coming from East as if a missle had been shot. The old western movies shows man made clouds in skies back then? My poor old man said they were contrails, so I left it as that and continued with life. He was wrong as we sometimes don't get everything right. I had just moved back from LA  area after 7 years, yeap. Good seeing your name here again. Continue as best we can in health. The whole Earth and everything on it is being fumigated. Literally it's going to hell in a hand basket. Greetings to everyone else here 

  12. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Hello to All good souls, who frequent this resource and at least try to contribute something to awareness and exposure of climate engineering to the wider public.

    Being in this trench for over a decade myself, I know how impossible this task seems to be. Nevertheless try we MUST. Thanks to all contributing here and commenting, all of our efforts DO matter, no matter, again, how insurmountable the challenge seems. It is NOT.

    Here is a short video of the brand new billboard we just put up in Arcadia, Florida on U.S. highway 17, after Hurricane Ian smashed one displaying our dire message in Port Charlotte, Florida continuously since 2016.

    This is just one example of what can, and in this case, is being done to help move this battle forward.

    Maciej Kocialkowski.


  13. Virginia says:

    M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S 

    ……T O  A L L…..


  14. DALE says:


    SUN CITY,   GEORGETOWN TEXAS   outside temp 35 degrees

    MANY AIRPLANES flying ARC  PATTERNS over my home in SUN CITY TEXAS a retirement community in TEXAS.

    ARC PATTERNS over the exact area of the retirement community borders. 



    …come here to do an EXPOSE   ARTICLE.

    SUN CITY to SMOG CITY in the same day!

    • Brandi says:

      I am in round rock Texas and noticed that smell in the evening of December 21st. When I smell that I know a storm is coming bc it's not a natural storm but manmade. I am so glad so many are finally waking up to the chemtrails because for years I looked crazy to so many people. 

  15. Jonathan says:

    This is an observation I would like to share. It has to do with the psychological processes behind the way so many people think.

    I was discussing this week with a friend some of the things that are happening in the world. Most of us in this geo watch Community are acutely aware of many of these things. Mind you, these are things that involve extreme cruelty and harm to living and a lack of empathy to their plight- whether plant, human or animal. Her response was one of complete indifference. She said that the healthiest thing she and her husband had learned to do was to stop watching the news. They only watch the weather. And of course, she doesn't take the weather engineering concept seriously.

    I do not doubt that she probably sleeps very well, even better, at night than I do in a sense, because clearly she's not worked up or upset about what's happening in the world, such as the things that Dane is talking about every single week.

    In my case, I spend a great deal of time and energy involved in things to help combat some of the evil in this world. And if anybody does not believe in the existence of Pure Evil at this point, they are delusional.

    Anyway, it comes down to what motivates a person. If a person merely wants to do whatever is necessary in order to stay within their comfort zone and not have the external circumstances of the world intrude upon their personal sense of security and peace of mind, then I wish them well… I believe there will be a time at which they look back on that and realize that their apathy and indifference contributed to the wholesale slaughter of so much of the life on this earth. If they are content to do this, then I really don't care to invest much time in knowing such people.

    For me however, I find that at the end of day, I am willing to accept personal inconvenience and even some loss of Peace of Mind, if that is due to being concerned about what is happening to all life on this planet. All religious Dogma aside, the Divine spark of the Creator lies within every created thing… even the very rocks and minerals of the Earth display an absolutely orderly arrangement of atoms. Everything that naturally exists, including all life that naturally exist, is characterized by Divine order. And this means that none of it is an accident. The second law of thermodynamics basically states that spontaneous processes increase the entropy or disorder of the universe. However, what we actually see if we study the natural world- all of Nature, is that everything that naturally exists exhibits an extraordinary level of order. So much of what the human race does however involves utter chaos and disorder.

    And this means that all life on Earth is important and matters.

    Emperor Marcus Aurelius is thought to have said that the things that we do now will echo through eternity. If there is any truth in that statement, and I believe that there is, actively engaging in our efforts to inform others and to effect change, is worth the loss of some of our personal security.

    I caution everybody who is in them, to get out of their comfort zones.

    The days pass and never return. Time is short.

  16. Stan Sylvester says:

    The Howard Hughes Corporation recently purchased 37,000 acres of land in Buckeye, Arizona, 40 miles west of Phoenix for $600 million.

    The plan is for 100,000 homes and 55 million square feet of commercial real estate including office space. The community will be called Teravalis.

    There's one small detail that has to be ironed out. The Department of Water Resources has to agree that there is a, wait for it, 100 year supply of water. One would think you would get this small detail taken care of before plunking down $600 million.

    Howard Hughes Corporation spokespersons have said that they are confident that the necessary water is there. In addition, they are prepared to utilize water recycling and "drought tolerant landscaping" to easy any concerns. Wow, they've really thought things through!

    It's astonishing to watch land development continue as the skies above are sprayed with toxic chemicals inflicting harm on the earth's life support systems.



    • Vic says:


      Buckeye has been growing fast. I remember 10 years ago they only had a convenience store out there. Now look at it.

       That's the question I have: How the heck can they guarantee a 100 year water supply?

      It's the same story in Tucson and surrounding areas. They're slapping up houses like crazy. And I've heard that some developers are cheating on their promises not to use CAP water instead of just well water.

      Today my wife told me she read an article that said Lake Mead and Lake Powell might be dead pool by 2025.

      We took a quick road trip to Vegas a couple of weeks ago to see a show, and nowhere did we see anything about water conservation. Amazing.

    • Earth Angel says:

      I'd be interested to know who was the 37,000 acres purchased FROM?? Was this owned by an individual, some arm of the government or perhaps a Chinese or foreign holding corporation?!  Who became the recipient of the $600 million purchase price?.. Who was holding title to the 37,000 previously?..Inquiring minds want to know!

  17. Jay Dee says:

    Greed and dishonesty, working together, destroying anything and everything they can.. The controllers are killing life on earth ON PURPOSE, not merely as a "side effect" of their actions. They are sadistic, not just psychotic and sociopathic. It is deeply saddening, beyond words.  We can each, and all, still do whatever we can to slow and perhaps reverse the damage, if we use our hearts and minds and whatever strength/energy/resources we have. Thank you, Dane.

    • Nobody U Know says:

      Exactly. They are psychopaths. And in a sense, serial killers. The community colleges and universities are basically wrapping up final exams or have already done so and the students will be back by the second week in January in most cases. This would be a good time to get your resources or even make photocopies of some of the resources that you buy from Dane and get ready to go to these institutions in mid January to hand out copies of these things. You can make photocopies or even download the Flyers at home so you don't have to order that many from the website. This may save you some money. And then you can go to these institutions with your geo watch t-shirt on and kindly and respectfully without being pushy off of these materials. I usually tell the students that I'm handing out information about climate change. Those words not taken in a confrontational way and then I had in the materials and walk on. When I read them, they will find out why the climate is changing. Or at least why it is changing so rapidly.

  18. Randyl J says:

    Thank you Dane for another factual weekly report attempting to reach & awaken the almost blind and comatose population of Earth! Every week’s Alert News feels more urgent yet powerful!

    Lately, trying to share Geoengineering information and materials feels like trying to talk to a brick wall that doesn’t care nor know it’s a wall! 

    Thank you for the Arctic updates. I followed your excellent suggestions and checked the current live satellite images on Yahoo Weather. It shows zero white snow cover over most of northern North America above the US and Northern Europe. Alaska shows no white over it. This is December!!!

    Thank You again for reminding us as to why it’s  so darn frigid at ground level, while the sun is bright, even here in Central North Carolina.

    I’m not looking forward to the horrible frozen Fake ice/snow likely scheduled around Christmas, especially if it’s more like ‘dry ice’! Today was almost clear overhead.  Then I noticed spraying to the north this afternoon; again filling the sky with toxic nano particulates.

    I’m not surprised to be sneezing again tonight.

    Holiday Blessings to All and let’s keep trying to awaken others as we head into the New Year.

    Randyl J


    • Dennie says:

      @ RandyJ: It was so cold here with the ice nucleation and powdery crap in the air that I couldn't walk for even a block and a half last night.  I was frozen…it's been down in the mid-30s overnight since about Thanksgiving.  We've never seen such consistently cold temps here. I've been here since 1957. This is in Marin County, CA.  

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