Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 3, 2022, #382


Dane Wigington

What happened to autumn? From hot to flash freeze, welcome to weather warfare. "Officials fear complete doomsday scenario for drought stricken Colorado River", the same is happening all over the world and this is just the beginning. Moisture that does flow across the Western US is being seeded with chemical ice nucleation elements that reduce precipitation even further. This process creates a cold dense atmospheric air layer that sinks to Earth's surface, temporarily lowering temperatures and often producing frozen forms of precipitation. What is the true cost of the engineered winter scenarios? Have climate engineering operations completely contaminated our snow? Has our air become completely contaminated from the climate engineering fallout? Who is funding the climate engineering Manhattan Project being carried out in our skies? What will be our collective fate if climate intervention operations are allowed to continue? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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28 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 3, 2022, #382

  1. Suzanne says:

    We have yet another "major winter storm" event coming to the upper Great Plains. Local weatherman is saying it is a "cold front" starting in Alaska, which is then going south to Colorado, and then moving northeast up to the Dakotas. Predicted temps for my area are for around 30 F degrees next week Monday–Wednesday with snow amounts during that same time period  of up to 20 inches. This is the second "winter storm" to come to our area, as we just had two feet of manufactured snow dumped on us in November. 

  2. brent papon says:

    thanx and take care bro

  3. brent papon says:

    I have attended and worked many music festivals.

    The crowd will self police to @ 5K.

    Then all bets are off.

    Also there are many studies @ mob mentality.

    They succumb to the lowest people in the group.

    Almost 8 B

    Do the math


  4. Longtime Listener says:

    "Chemical ice nucleation for weather modification, ie: engineered winter, is so core to all of this.

    Search the “engineering winter” section on the homepage of

    Help us to expose this core part of climate engineering, that is the only source attempting desperately to disclose.

    We need help doing so."

    -Dane Wigington, Dec 3, 2022


  5. Longtime Listener says:

    “Earlier this week, nearly the entire continental U.S. was covered in rainless, aerosolized cloud canopy.

    A zonal stream of pacific moisture was being bombarded with climate engineering jet aircraft chemical ice nucleating operations.

    In essence, a massive chemical-cooling conveyer robbing desperately needed rain from the west.”

    -Dane Wigington  Dec 3, 2022

  6. Longtime Listener says:

    "Sometimes truth is like the wind. You can't see it, but you can see the effect it has."

    -The Lakota Way by Joseph M. Marshall III

  7. brent papon says:

    The last REAL rain We had in NE OHIO was 2010.

    I came hear to try to hide from what was to be.

    I figured if the Ohio valley goes down…


    No where to run or hide


  8. Ziggy says:

    Over the last four-hundred days now, if you average out between the day and night humidity levels, it has been at 89%. And I am so tired of sweating profusely, when that has NEVER been the case in all the years past.

    It has NEVER been this hot and with this much humidity, for such a long period of time. Since I have been living here, over the last 42 years.

    If Nature was simply reacting to and adjusting for global warming by greenhouse gas emissions. I believe that same misery would take over 50 years to become my worst nightmare. But I'm sure that climate engineering is responsible for making my life a living hell. And nature is just another victim, like me.

    God only knows what I would give right now, for a 70 degree day and only 32% humidity! I dream of that day, as I endure the blood, sweat and tears of this engineered weather nightmare. While the folks along the east coast are given the privilege of enjoying a "made to order" climate modified utopia, and they don't even know that it is a gift, from the invisible climate engineering empire. (other than the trails in the sky, which they still think is normal)

    Of course six feet of snow is not a utopia. But I would take that any day, over six months of steady heat and humidity, that makes you feel as though you are swimming through a daily sea of sweat and unforeseeable heat stroke.


    • Diane Friday says:

      Greetings to Ziggy and to all. 

      I’m providing this recollection to those of you who were recently reporting on tongue/mouth burning on or after heavy spray days. Also, to anyone who believes we here on the east coast are being “favored” in some way, trust me when I say the chemically ice-nucleated cold is going to be the death of many of us.


      Apparently, I’m one of those “canaries in a coal mine”. 

      I first experienced tongue/mouth burning approximately seven years ago in late spring/early summer. I’d left our apartment to go to a laundromat that’s maybe a mile and a half away. As was my routine, I applied lipstick before leaving. I stopped at a convenience store to get myself a (non-diet) soda or iced tea and usually a soft pretzel, which would be my lunch while at the laundromat. It was my usual routine, from which I almost never varied. 


      After the laundry was done and I’d loaded it into the car, I called my significant other to remind her I was going to the supermarket before heading home. After I made the call, I once again applied the same lipstick I’d applied before leaving the house house less than two hours before; the same lipstick I’d been using for quite some time without a problem. Immediately after applying the lipstick, my lips began to swell and itch. This supermarket is maybe a mile away, and in the time it took to drive there, the swelling had moved to my upper lip. By the time I’d reached the supermarket parking lot, the swelling had moved up my cheeks and my was moving to my eyes. Given that I was well aware of geoengineering at the time, I wiped off the lipstick before going into the store. I was then, and remain convinced to this day, that had I not removed the lipstick and gone into a climate-controlled building, my face would’ve looked like I was suffering full-fledged anaphylaxis. 


      That was my first experience with some kind of geoengineering-related reaction. After that, I’d have occasional bouts of burning tongue/mouth – maybe once a month or less. This gradually progressed to several times a month, then several times a week, to now, where it’s pretty much every day. This gets noticeably worse when the chemical ice nucleated-cold begins in earnest in September. 


      Yes, here in SE Pennsylvania, “winter” temps tend to begin after sunset in late August, briefly relenting only when major rain events are scheduled, and they are many. We have had all-day heavy rain EVERY THREE DAYS since November 27, each one has been worse than the last, and it seems the scheduled weather will now bring two days of scheduled rain every three, maybe four days. So…anyone who thinks we’ve “got it good” here in the NE US, think again. 


      We are experiencing not only burning tongue/mouth, but chronic, systemic inflammation, terrible irritation of all mucosal membranes, debilitating pain and fatigue, chronic gastrointestinal issues, and we can quite literally feel our brains being scrambled courtesy of the 5G towers by which we air surrounded in every direction. Oh, and the relentless HAARP, which I’m guessing helps to facilitate, in conjunction with the 5G, the relentless cold, wind, and movement and positioning of this relentless precipitation.  Welcome to whatever circle of hell. 


      P.S. The next all-day rain is scheduled for tomorrow, the only difference being there may be “snow showers” as well. The “snow showers” are scheduled only for the Poconos, which are a good hour or so north of where we are in SE Pennsylvania. However, I learned long ago that the Poconos are where “they” say they are, so…

  9. the party's over but we are still standing and will never give up says:

    Another excellent installment, your radio show is so epic, and every week it just keeps getting better.    THANK YOU!!!

    "The Ponzi scheme only works until biosphere collapse brings the party to an abrupt end"


  10. Dennie says:

    From Common Dreams: Supply Chain Woes Didnt' Slow Down Global Arms Sales, Analysis Shows

    Responding to the report, the U.S.-based group Win Without War said that "our economy prioritizes profits over people, leading to unnecessary violence and death. It makes us less safe."

    Sales by the world's 100 leading weapons and military services firms continued to increase last year despite significant supply chain challenges—with the United States accounting for more than half of all sales—an annual analysis published Monday revealed.

    Global arms sales rose for the seventh straight year, increasing by 1.9% to $592 billion in 2021, according to new data published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The rate of growth was higher than the previous year, but still well below the 3.7% average of the four years preceding the Covid-19 pandemic.

    SIPRI said that enduring supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic affected last year's figures.

    "We might have expected even greater growth in arms sales in 2021 without persistent supply chain issues," Lucie Béraud-Sudreau, director of SIPRI's military expenditure and arms production program, said in a statement. "Both larger and smaller arms companies said that their sales had been affected during the year. Some companies, such as Airbus and General Dynamics, also reported labor shortages."

    Broken down by country, U.S. companies made up 51% of 2021 sales—a larger share than the next 10 countries combined. U.S. companies made up 40% of SIPRI's top 100 list, with 2021 sales totaling $299 billion—a 0.8% decrease from the previous year attributable to rising inflation. For the fourth consecutive year, the top five firms on SIPRI's list were U.S.-based. 

    Responding to the report, the U.S.-based peace group Win Without War lamented on Twitter that "our economy prioritizes profits over people, leading to unnecessary violence and death. It makes us less safe."

    SIPRI said that Russia's invasion of Ukraine "has added to supply chain challenges for arms companies, not least because Russia is a major supplier of raw materials used in arms production."

    "This could hamper ongoing efforts in the United States and Europe to strengthen their armed forces and to replenish their stockpiles after sending billions of dollars' worth of ammunition and other equipment to Ukraine," the report states.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for this report Dennie. This is beyond disgusting and (imo) criminal. The US DoD and its subcontractors are fueling and enabling the escalation of wars and destruction around the world.This has to STOP. I respect all veterans and they deserve MUCH better than our government gives them for their sacrifices in the wars for plunder and profit (banker wars) they are sent to participate in. I ache for the lives lost & quality of lives lost for lifetimes by they and their entire families. When I receive phone calls asking for donations, lately I have started asking WHY haven't defense contractors, who earn billions of dollars of profit off of arms sales from these wars, set up a fund to donate for the future care of the men and women crippled or killed in these wars? Wouldn't that make sense if they really cared about them? No one yet has had an answer for me. Just a thought..

    • brent papon says:

      I don't know how many of you have lived abroad…

      However if your willing to research a bit,

      10 minutes

      The US has leveled at least 100 countries.

      From my research EVERY war was intentionally prolonged for profit.


  11. Kerf says:

    Dane Wigginton you are an angel sir. Please keep fighting the good fight to wake up the masses and make those aware of what is taking place above their heads and to make our skies Blue again. I was thinking….while Elon is in control maybe if you have not already…should take to Twitter to help get your message out and blast people with the truth of what is going on, and you should now have less of a chance of having your content censored or removed because he is the owner now.

  12. Patrouille de France says:

    J'ai trouvé en librairie en France un livre : "Le Monde en 2040 vu par la CIA"- Editions J'ai Lu.

    Ce livre dit que la CIA recommande la géoengénierie…

    HAHAHA Alors que c'est déjà en cours…

    I found a book in a bookstore in France: "The World in 2040 seen by the CIA" – Editions J'ai Lu.
    This book says that the CIA recommends geoengineering…
    HAHAHA While it's already underway…

  13. Laura K says:

    What might the planet look like now if people in the past few generations had all voluntarily decided to have two or fewer children? I love kids, was a teacher as my career choice, and believe that when a child is on the way he or she has a right to be born and live life. When people decide to have a large family, though, how does that impact the planet's health and resources? What does it take from nature, from people who are already here, and from future generations? When people say it's OK to have as many children as they can afford, do they consider that others might not want the planet to be burdened as heavily as it is? 

  14. Randyl J says:

    Holiday LaLa selling everything but truth. Thank You for the Awesome Ongoing Reports Dane! 

    To ‘Ziggy’ and ‘ALL’ — “Duck Duck Go” browser is still opening the GEW website! I appreciate Their access!! To ‘brent papon’ ~ I lost my Maltese April 2022. Certain breeds are especially vulnerable to respiratory issues and the chemically nucleated particles are definitely ‘choking’!

    Everyone finding their way here is blessed! 

    Randyl J


    • Ziggy says:

      Hi Randyl J,

      Thank you, as now Duck Duck Go is my new "Go To" search engine and it appears to have no government or political agendas controlling its search criteria. What a breath of fresh air. Figuratively of course. Since all of the air on planet Earth is now toxic. But thanks any ways. Love reading all of your comments and same goes for everyone else too.

  15. dava golino says:

    What did Frank Zappa KNOW 40 years ago in the … "Don't eat the yellow snow" song? Remember during the 9/11 Planned event to bring the US into the israeli wars. the pentagon was supposedly hit by something and the only, two agents, all the files was the investigation of the missing 35 trillion dollars… all vaporized. Nothing to see here. Thank you for your brave battle, Mr. Wigington

  16. Stan Sylvester says:

    Much has been made about the $12.5 billion in arms the U.S. has sent Ukraine. What gets little attention is the role the U.S. plays daily in the world of weaponry. 

    For the past 3 decades, the U.S. has been the #1 arms sales leader in every year but one. From 2017 to 2021, the U.S. has garnered 39% off all arms sales. 58% of that went to  4 manufacturers, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon and General Dynamics.

    Since Joe Biden has been selected, excuse me,elected, sales have been $101 billion. Would you believe  that Indonesia, at $13.9 billion and Greece, at $10.2 billion were our biggest customers? 

    34 out of 46 global conflicts have at least one party that is using weapons purchased from the U.S. The weapons industry appears to be recession proof. 

    When one becomes aware of the staggering impact the U.S. weapons industry has on the planet, is there any reason to doubt that the U.S. is the leader in the  geoengineering assault on the planet?

    Isaiah 59:8

    "The way of peace they know not, and there is no judgement in their going; they have made them crooked paths, whosoever goeth therein doth not know peace."

    Those that spray our skies and partake in weapons distribution have no interest in peace for us. Their paths are crooked. It's rewarding to avoid their paths, choosing rather to make known the assault on the earth's life support systems. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Stan for bringing this important perspective and facts to our attention. We will NEVER hear any of this from the lying legacy media outlets- who waste valuable time with useless information, utter nonsense and smoke and mirrors. All each of us can do is our best to make our voices heard against massive crimes and total insanity going on around us everywhere each day. Blessings and thanks to all who come here and care about our world. Thank heavens for you all!

    • Robert says:

      Since WW11, the United States has been involved in 80% of all wars and conflicts world wide, and that doesn't count all the subversive exploits we don't know of. Delivered GW material to our local newspaper editor-in-chief today after an article he wrote called, "Leaves Refusing to, Well Leave". He said the cold snap apparently interrupted the process that causes leaves to let go.  He's got a big learning curve ahead of him, I wonder if he'll get back with me? If not, on to the next opportunity to spread the word. Thank you Dane, your courage and dedication to exposing these criminals keeps me going.  Salute to all here.

  17. Ziggy says:

    If you do a Bing search of Geoengineering Watch dot org. It shows Dane's website link (which is surprising). But, NOW it has this message beside it and slightly to the right

    "Climate engineering" and "Geoengineering" are not used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Climate engineering (or geoengineering) is used in the literature as a term for both CDR (carbon dioxide removal) or SRM (Solar radiation management or solar geoengineering) when applied at a planetary scale. However, they have very different geophysical characteristic which is why the IPCC no longer uses this term." 

    Then, if you right click on that message, it will take you to a brand new Wikipedia Entry and this is what they say about Climate Engineering: BTW-  I am unable to get Dane's website to load almost 80% of the time now. Instead I get a 502 ERROR!… which means that the web server is unable to process the request So just imagine how many people are going to be turned away, when they do a search for this website. Because the error message appears over and over again for me at times. And most of the sheeple will just give up and move on.

    Here is that Wikipedia entry:

    "Climate engineering (also called geoengineering) is a term used for both carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and solar radiation management (SRM), also called solar geoengineering, when applied at a planetary scale.  However, they have very different geophysical characteristics which is why the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) no longer uses this overarching term. Carbon dioxide removal approaches are part of climate change mitigation. Solar geoengineering involves reflecting some sunlight (solar radiation) back to space. All forms of geoengineering are not a standalone solution to climate change, but need to be coupled with other forms of climate change mitigation. Another approach to geoengineering is to increase the Earth's thermal emittance through passive radiative cooling.

    Some types of climate engineering is highly controversial due to the large uncertainties around effectiveness, side effects and unforeseen consequences. However, the risks of such interventions must be seen in the context of the trajectory of climate change without them. This part seems to mirror what David Keith always says. Hell, maybe he wrote this for Wikipedia?

    Evidently this was published in a hurry, because it is full of really bad grammar (like for instance…"Some types of climate engineering is highly controversial…" It should read as- Types ARE, not types is… Plural you idiots!

    Now having said all of this. It is very evident that these Wikipedia misinformation shills (or shill) are (is) merely trying to discredit Dane. Which also means that they (he) actually read through and researched his site, in order to give such a candid response. Yet they (he) refuse(s) to acknowledge Dane's references to the SCIENCE based facts behind what Geoengineering Watch is all about! Exposing Criminal Climate Engineering operations and the senseless toxification of our planet, above and beyond everything else!

    So, first of all. They are now trying to frustrate all who search for this website by showing a 502 error (as much as possible). And secondly they are also trying to make this website appear to be nothing more than a Conspiracy fueled organization. Which tells me that the government is less than 12 months away from making geoengineering operations official and they don't want ANYONE to interfere with the GREAT RUSE OF 2023!

    OK, if you look up the definition of "Overarching" (the word that I italicized and crossed through). It means comprehensive; all-embracing. Which is completely contradictory to the message they are trying to get across to everyone. Because that would mean that Climate Engineering does indeed cover Geoengineering, Solar Geoengineering SRM, Climate Change mitigations and Global Warming mitigations. Yet the Un- IPCC refuses to use the "all embracing" term… Climate Engineering. Why? Because Dane explains the real motive for Climate Engineering and proves his case with the previously mentioned science based facts, and or verifiable research of documents published by academia and government agencies. Personally though, I tend to believe that Wikipedia seriously screwed up and actually meant to say "overreaching". Because the definition of that word is: "the gaining of an unconscionable advantage over another, especially by unfair or deceptive means." Which is exactly what they are trying to say about Dane's use of the term "Climate Engineering". Deception and not all encompassing. Man, they really rushed that one on to the internet. Didn't they? I guess the grammatical and bad choice of text errors will be fixed soon, if they happen to read this comment.

  18. brent papon says:

    ne oHIO

    NOT joe king.

    Only chocking.

    So many of my neighbors lost dogs cuz they ate that shit.



  19. raymond says:

    "green" industrial solar.   Dansk Associates, Pine St, Southborough, MA, proposes to clear cut 160 acres of mature northern hardwoods to make room for 20MW industrial solar "green" energy.   wife of developer is Jill tiefenthaler, CEO of national geo.   

    \hurry and donate now to protect the rainforests.   

    • Annabel says:

      Well Raymond, that's pretty rich considering the front cover of the May issue of Nat Geo read "Saving Forests. They're key to protecting the planet. Now they need our help". 

      I suggest everyone bombards Nat Geo with emails alluding to their blatant hypocracy. And stops donating also. That money is better spent at a local wildlife shelter that can't afford the publicity machine that Nat Geo can. Shelters and rescue centres are the unsung heroes. Let your dollars go there instead of the big organisations that are clearly part of the problem as Dane says.

  20. Jonathan says:

    I'm reading a book titled, World Without Cancer. It talks about the same principle that Dane talks about when he mentions the scientists who are blocking information about geoengineering getting out to the public. The book describes similar scientists who are doing the same sorts of shenanigans even back in the fifties and sixties.

  21. Joan Dunbar says:

    thank you and God bless you and your family

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