Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 30, 2023, #438


Dane Wigington

"Scientists Warn ‘Doing Your Own Research’ Is ‘Dangerous’ and Turns People Into ‘Conspiracy Theorists’", according to a new report published by Journal Nature. The climate science community is sounding the alarm about the grave dangers of climate engineering operations "if" they were to be implemented while still denying the fact that such operations have already been fully deployed for over 75 years. The weather-makers are increasingly desperate to engineer winter weather whenever and wherever they can, patented processes of chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding are core to the equation. What is the true extent of damage already done to the planet? Is an abrupt climate collapse scenario already unfolding? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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55 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 30, 2023, #438

  1. CJ Young says:

    The one thing I've been trying to figure out about this whole thing is where they would be nanonizing the aluminum and other metalic particles!? I have reason to suspect that they would most likely be carrying these operations out at the airports themselves under extreme cover, whether underground or who knows? Without a doubt the aircrafts are retrofitted to accomodate extra cargo (most likely when they were grounded), but how would they be fueled without somebody blowing a whistle and information getting leaked. I honestly feel like just going to an airport and staying there the whole day watching and investigating the whole matter to see what I can observe. The Harvard university is very much involved I know and some airlines spray more than others I noticed. I do also wonder where all those aluminum cans and other recyclables really go to. The state of New Mexico where I live was once known for its clear blue skies (most of the year) and during the monsoon season, giant crisp high definition natural cumulous clouds which brought vital much needed rain to the southwest. But something has changed, and has become more noticable in the last few years. This geoengineering climate modifacation insanity has made New Mexico's skies look like China's most of the year and caused opressive, unpredictable drought during random times of the year. In the winter where the weather modification is most frustrating you can go out at night after a day of nonstop spraying and blocking out of the sun and see countless flecks and specks of shiny dust falling to the ground silently when iluminated by a powerful flashlight beam— even after many days with no wind!? Please, would anyone here from New Mexico be noticing the same thing? Any one that would be willing to share what they remember as real snow and real untainted skies here in the southwest? Yah bless out there and may He save us all from this insanity. 

    CJ Young

    • Tucker says:

      I'm not in New Mexico but it's the same thing in North Carolina in regards to the vast difference in the definition of the clouds, and the specks of "dust" at night (or during the day when the sun is at certain angles.)


      The frosts here no longer look, or behave, like they used to. No more are there beautiful snowflake ❄️ shapes of ice; now they always appear like shards or spikes. Recently they have been very heavy and will linger for hours even when temps have risen above freezing. Have you noticed that phenomenon in NM?


    • Virginia says:

      Hello, CJ Young. A very interesting and thought-provoking read. Thank you.

      Have you heard or read about the possibility of the use of drones to spread the aerosols rather than using planes?   I read an article, but can't remember the researcher's name or affiliations.  Or, perhaps, Dane has mentioned it and I just missed it?  'I have found many different "foreign objects' in my animals' drinking water, including polymers; so much so that the animals will not drink any of it. The water containers need to be replenished often from our well for the water to be potable to the animals. Especially after a rain, but not necessarily limited to inclement weather.  I do not live in the southwest where you are, but in northern California (Dane country) where we suffer more than our share of geoengineering and all of its destructive capabilities.  Up here in our pine, cedar and oak forests, it's the trees that I cry for.  Dead and dying pines, especially, are the focus.  A neighbor close by just had 28 pines which died within a short period of time felled in his 20 acre parcel. I have had the same experience.  It is so obvious throughout the area.  It is heartbreaking – and when will it end? 

      Thanks for your informative post. Good luck to you in the new year.

  2. RB says:

    Maybe we need to start thinking of something like this for us Geoengineering and SAI downwinders . 2024 is the last year for claims against the govt. for nuclear bomb tests in the Nevada desert. Once again we are the test subjects. We do not consent to the New Manhattan Project of climate engineering and weather manipulation. 

    U.S. Government Downwinders Compensation | National Cancer Benefits Center

  3. Virginia says:

    Japan Earthquake:   Mainstream media in the U.S.are not covering the devastating destruction in Japan from the 7.6 quake on Jan. 1;  at least not as much as they should be, as far as I can find.  And one must ask why?  However, a gallery of large photographs can be seen at the if anyone is interested.  There are over   70 photographs that show the destructive force of the quake over the western section of Japan.  In addition, there have been over 150 aftershocks, some 7. and stronger.  

    How many more catastrophic events will the world suffer this year?  And where.  And why.  Almost predictable.

  4. Virginia says:

    The new year has begun with yet another disaster caused by geoengineering. War fare.  We are being faced by the usual suspects warning the world not to interfere with their goals to dominate and/or depopulate those nations who dare to question or stand up to them. Whether their wrath is directed to individuals or nations does not matter to them as long as they are obliterated. There will be no mercy.  Ask Turkiye (Turkey), Syria, Iran and others who have felt the brunt of warfare by geoengineering and other means.

    Japan has been just one of the nations feeling the wrath for daring to have discourse with those nations in the East who have formed both financial and diplomatic relationships that would further enhance the growth of their nations for the good of their people and for peace in their region vs the West.   In March of 2011, Japan was 'hit' by their first geoengineered warfare scenario in Fukushima with an earthquake and the severe tsunami that caused such devastation to this tiny nation. We all witnessed it.  You see, Japan, at that time, was supportive of Palestinian self-determination.  Japan was told to 'knock it off" to use popular vernacular terms, and refused.  It paid for its decision – in spades.  Consequently, the Pacific Ocean also paid the price, is still paying the price as is the rest of us.  Now,  2024, a nation who also knew the horrors of death and destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at end of World  2, again pays the price with another massive earthquake and the questionable horrific passenger plane incident at the same time.  Why? Japan has been under the boot of USA and its partners since end of WW 2.  They have had it and want out.  Not so fast – they will not be allowed to free themselves from that yoke.  These incidents also are warnings to other nations what their 'rewards' will be if they dare to exercise their sovereignty in opposition.  Geoengineering warfare at its finest and more to come. Remember: "He who rules the 'weather' rules the world." We are now witnessing the fruition of that horror.  It will be up to the people of the world as to which path they will follow. 

    May God have mercy on all those who are paying and have already paid the price merely for their desire to live in peace and their freedom to do so. God help us all.

  5. Joan says:

    Happy new Year. Does anyone know of laboratories in the United States with the ability to test for the specific elements Dane mentions in these podcasts such as aluminium, barium, strontium, etc? I am working on putting a presentation together for my local and state officials…for whatever it's worth. Keep up the good work. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joan, thank you for standing with us in this battle. In regard to your question, there are certified labs all over the country, I would suggest not disclosing the reason for your testing your precipitation.

    • Jonathan says:

      This is the group I have worked with.

      Waters Agricultural Laboratories.

      Stay away from any state-owned lab.

  6. Joe says:

    Put  Geoengineering into a search engine and see what comes up.  There are it seems to me new articles all the time that we might need to do it to save the planet. 

    Well we have been doing it for many decades and the planet would be alot better if we did not do it.




    Watch the video below

    Alais Clay – Deadly Rain » Alais Clay – Deadly Rain | Geoengineering Watch


  7. Chris says:

    Empathy, or the lose thereof

    Xanax,prozack opioids, alcohol,pot, sodium flouride ,violent movies have all removed what use to be a human attribute/trait Ever wondered why killing people in movies is rated "R" and sex is rated "X". Killing is preferred and we are so hopelessly devoid now of empathy we seem to care less.

    The excuse is always the same "well what can I do about it" and to some degree is understandable, I get it. But to sin by silence makes cowards of all men.

    It's probable that all the drugs we take to "kill the pain" both psychologically and physically has stolen what use to be a human attribute, ie empathy.

    Depression is a normal response to adverse conditions in ones life and you can either change what's making you depressed or get a prescription for it, but it won't go away with the latter. We have all become comfortably numb with help of coarse.

    Adversity makes men, prosperity makes slobs.

    Yo Scotty I said beam me up please.



  8. Joe says:

    Happy and healthy New year to all 

    It has been 10 years since the people's climate march in 2014 . This took place in over 150 countries worldwide. NYC was one of the largest w hundred of thousands of people. I was there and handed out hundreds of geoengineering flyers.  

    Question were are we today and we need more marchs worldwide but geoengineering must be included in the march.  The organizations who ran the march and there were many won't touch geoengineering.

    • Jonathan says:

      That is fantastic. Keep up the good work my friend.

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Joe and Happy New Year to you and yours, as well.  How interesting that you participated in that march nine years ago and you are still working for the good of the Earth.  Congratulations.  You are right, we need another march; however, people are now so inundated with other causes and worrisome situations that  they are overwhelmed.  But, look at the progress people such as yourself and Dane have helped so much to achieve.  The people of the world, for the most part, now know  about geoengineering and are aware of the dangers to all of us and the planet. Not enough people work at fixing the problem, however.   We just have to keep at it and hope and pray for the best. And thanks to all who do just that.  Thank you, Joe, for marching.  Best to you.

  9. Crystal in Oregon says:

    Rachel Carson wrote a book (1962) Silent Spring

    Page 1

    To Albert Schweitzer who said

    "Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall.  He will end by destroying the earth."

    Page 2

    The sedge is wither'd from the lake,

    And no birds sing.     Keats


    I am pessimistic about the human race because it tis too ingenious for its own good.  Our approach to nature is to beat it into submission.  We would stand a better chance of survival if we accommodated ourselves to this planet and viewed it appreciatively instead of skeptically and dictatorially.

    E.B. White

    President Kennedy was a friend to Rachel Carson.  That made me love the President.

    As a kid I wondered at times where the world was going.  In my twenties, three file folders formed in my brain.  (1) Life is Cheap  (2) Too Dumb to Live  (3) Dime a Dozen People  (for things I thought were a function of human over population.)  Something pertinent would show up and drop in a file.  Hey guys, it's okay to laugh, and I hope you do.

    Later I went to a written system:

    My thesis —- To have the best chance to salvage what we can of the living planet, we must intellectually evolve.  We need to understand the human weaknesses and the modes of thinking that have brought us to planetary ecological collapse.

    I had items numbered that I kept in an envelope labeled, 12 Reasons Humans are Doomed.  I came to think of it as my 'negative indicators'.  Later in a highfalutin mood, I renamed it.

    Forensic Examination of the Characteristics of Homo sapiens Delineating Negative Indicators for the Long-term Survival of the Species

    I dropped the numbers.  They are all (#?).  Some examples, (in no particular order)

    (#?) We govern ourselves using secrecy and propaganda.  In this way, we organize ourselves to destructive and self-defeating purposes.

    (#?) We have a severe problem with Time.  In the short term, our estimates of time frequently are not accurate.  In the long term history of planet earth and human civilization, we fail to make realistic appraisals of our role in life, and we do not associate with Historical Time in a manner that would provide a realistic perspective of ourselves.

    (#?) Money is more valuable than life.

    (#?) We are assassins.  This backward practice tends to winnow out the more reasoned thinkers, and favors the more suicidal and destructive people.

    (#?) We are emotional creatures and very limited in reasoned thinking.

    (#?) We have an exalted opinion of ourselves as problem solvers, and a fanatical dedication to the technical fix.

    (#?) We do not respect other forms of life, and we do not comprehend the value of the living planet as necessary to our own survival and happiness.

    (#?) Our aesthetic sense is being crushed.

    (#?) We live in artificial environments, and that can make it difficult to connect to the living planet, but not really because it is highly individual and variable.

    (#?) The human genome project discovered that we are 99% chimpanzee, yet our tool-maker capacity experienced explosive growth encompassing numerous earth destroying technologies. We are tool-makers gone amok.

    And so on— regarding "intellectually evolve", all I meant is that we have to think our way out of this mess, and that is a tough prospect since all of our human institutions have failed.  The good thing is that humans can change their minds on a dime.

    In 2017 I worked over my negative indicators, and left out (#?) War entirely because— not happy with what I had written and rewritten.  Now, Christmas 2023 (#?) War is back in, with my thanks to Thomas Jefferson, the young people who coined the phrase "war is not the answer", Lion in Winter, et al.

    (#?) War has been a persistent major characteristic of human existence.  War is about winning and losing, leading to the conclusion that a selection process has been going on.  The countless victories since the Dawn of Man may well have produced a dominate type of Homo sapiens, and, the vanquished composing a receding type of human.

    Well, it is a start, and I can see how it could influence the trajectory of the species to suicide.

    Every Christmas I play the film, Lion in Winter with Peter O'Toole (King Henry 11) and Katharine Hepburn (Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine).  The script is pure genius.  I love watching great actors and this is a superb cast. I have learned from this work of film art.

    The family has met at the castle at Chinon to spend Christmas together.  Eleanor is in her chamber where she is visited by her three sons, Richard, Geoffery, and John.  During an argument, Richard chases John and Eleanor explodes.

    John:  He has a knife!

    Eleanor:  We all have knives!  It's eleven eighty three and we're barbarians.  Oh my piglets, how clear we make it.  We are the origins of war.  It's not the times or history's forces, or religions, nor the kinds of government, or the lack of it, nor any other thing.  We breed war!  We carry it inside like syphilis.  Dead bodies rotting field and stream because the living ones are rotten.  My God!  Can't we love one another just a little?  That's how peace begins.  We have so much to love one another for.  We have such possibilities, my children.  We could change the world.

    Geoffery:  And while we hugged each other, what would Philip do?  (French king Philippe)

    John:  Oh my God!  We are suppose to stat a war!  If Father finds out I'll be ruined!

    Hepburn is brilliant, and you can see about where the word "peace" comes in the script that Eleanor knows that she is wasting her breath.  In the end she rises up to provide direction to the plans, giving orders to the princes, her piglets.  The film was a 1968 release as the Veit nam war raged, and another assassination, Robert Kennedy Sr., he saw war and tried to stop it.  At the end of the war, the draft was abolished. It seemed like a terrible mistake to have a paid army, not appropriate to a democracy, and I wonder how sold Americans would be for this string of wars if their children carried draft cards.





    • Gayle says:

      Crystal, I have similar habits. But my conclusions are different. It is not "we" . "We" want peace, to protect the environment, to stop the violence and psychological brainwashing of media, etc. But "we" are not in charge of…anything. It is a small handful of wealthy controllers dictating everything. Our behaviors and thoughts have been hacked, as Harari says.

    • Virginia says:

      Gayle: Hi.  Good post saying truth and all in a nutshell.  As for Harari, that egomaniacal piece of 'you-know-what' – his main assignment (for the good of his people) is to screw up the minds of those who are weak enough to believe the garbage he spews forth.  I pay attention to his 'words of wisdom" (not) just to see how far he will go before he self-implodes and be assigned to the dustbin of psychos.  But, thanks for mentioning him – not many are aware of him and they should be, for he and his kind are more than merely dangerous to humanity.  That's us, folks. Referring to an old Roman concept and warning: "Caveat Emptor" or buyers be aware.

      Thanks, again, Gayle.

    • beatriz says:

      Thanks Virginia, well said!!! always appreciate so much your posts.

    • virginia says:

      Hello, Beatriz,

      You are very kind and I thank you.  I don't usually find those who agree with all I say or write, but, what the heck, as old as I am, if I don't do it now, I never will.  Ha.

      I hope the new year is kind to you and yours.   Best wishes, and stay safe and be well.  


  10. Chris says:

    Health and war are two of the most profitable things on earth. It's been said they make more money in a day of war than a year of peace and there's no profit in a cure.

    Eisenhowers speech on the military/ industrial complex is what we have here now. To stay in business they have to create business, a bogey man, someone or something to hate or both.

    Devide and conquere rules the day as all perception is being controlled by the mass media that's mostly owned by the military/industrial complex that needs to stay in business and our consent or at least our toleration is needed which is apparent.

    Until killing people and breaking things stop being profitable nothing will change sadly.

    Beam me up please, quickly


    • penny waters says:

      dear chris

      many people are involved in negativity

      i am grateful for people on this site (without dane – would not exist) and from knowing the people who have engaged here over the years and knowing that once the eyes can see, and not just look, there are plenty, plenty of individuals who are aware that us humans are an absolute disaster hahahaha

      and i love the aware ones cos i don't feel quite so crazy 

      be grateful for the small things in life cos i am aware that many people want to be BIG and show off

      cannot fight violence with violence

      thank god and nature for all of us here and out there who keep the positive 

      and hope we all have a better year ahead

      happy new year to dane and family and us all in the wide awake club

    • Joe says:

      Yes Chris war is big business

      War Is A Racket

      WAR is a racket. It always has been.

      It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

      A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.


      War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935 (

    • Sunlight Germany says:

      Thank you Chris for posting this text that prompted Joe to post this link. (Thanks Joe) What are the benefits of wars other than human suffering and destruction? And even at this time in which we live, there are still people from certain industries who want to explain to us that you can't fight wars with knives. Well, if these people think that wars are necessary in this way, then they should go into their own disaster, which they will not do. But after all, you can't cause such destruction with knives alone. As far as I'm concerned, all this military material can be scrapped or melted down, forever and ever. I don't want to attack anyone who has served in the military or is still doing so. I don't want to be misunderstood. All I want is for humanity to come back to the path of reason. I want "my blue sky" back. This is worth fighting for. But I would also like to say something about Penny. Now that I know that you don't feel crazy anymore, I feel better. Dear Penny, since we know we're not crazy, there's no reason to think we're crazy at all, because we're not…

  11. Jonathan says:

    This article is a few years old and does contain misinformation, just so you know. The misinformation is partly that they think we have centuries to play with. We do not.

    What is fascinating is that you can see time lapse photography of a glacier moving and breaking apart.

  12. Jonathan says:

    One more thought about CWD. Although I do not believe that it is a naturally occurring thing, if it is natural, it is spreading by infected animals, leaving saliva on plants or in water where other animals then come by and drink or eat from the same. In which case it's not only in the bloodstream and the central nervous system but also in the salivary glands. No one is saying that that I'm aware of. And if it's not natural, and if it's not being spread through the salivary glands to others, then it must be that it is being sprayed from above, in which case we are all getting it.

    On a different note, remember and be mindful of the delicate and very fragile balance in which all life on this planet exists. That balance and divine order is being disrupted on a scale that can scarcely be comprehended.

    I urge you to to everything that you can to share information with others through the widest possible platforms.

    • Crystal in Oregon says:


      Prions are so creepy.  It takes 1,200º F. to kill them.  From things I've read, it seems in question exactly what they are— not a virus, not???  To be viable to such a high temperature?  I wonder if they are synthetic.

      I appreciate your suggestions about how to get the word out. The shirts and hoodies are great!  The first time I wore my hoodie to the store, I was there two minutes when a young woman rolled her cart past me and said, "I like your shirt.  I just love Dane!"  I carry flyers in my purse, and one shopping trip I was able to unload 3.  In October I went back for two saturdays for a return engagement at a farmers market in Idaho where I ran my geoeng table.  I felt like an official big shot in my hoodie HA HA HA Hi Penny

  13. Stan Sylvester says:

    As the number of species of fish declines, technology can provide a substitute. Established in 2019, located in Rehovot Israel, Steakholder Foods is a plant based 3D food supplier. Its latest achievement is 3D eel. 

    The eel industry was $4.3 billion in 2022. However, recent mainstream articles mention problems due to over exploitation, especially in Japan. Also noted are breeding problems in eel farms and regulatory problems endangering the industry. Not mentioned was any concern of solar radiation management contributing to the the rapidly warming waters the eels are struggling to survive in. 

    Surf and turf lovers should know that Steakholder Foods has your back. In 2022 they announced 3D beef morsels that rivaled a cut of meat called Wagyu. This is a cut of meat that is known for its rich flavor and buttery tenderness. 

    In case you're a sushi lover concerned about being left out of the 3D eel market, you can relax. Arik Kauffman, CEO of Steakholder Foods is looking for partners to mass produce 3D eel. The company will offer its proprietary 3D printer and ink to partners. The goal is to produce hundreds of tons monthly of this eel substitute. As Julia Childs used to say, "Bon Appetite!"



    • penny waters says:

      eel populations reducing near japan

      nothing to do with the nuclear accident and the radiation spreading throughout the pacific?

      and aren't eels the bottom of the food chain where most pollution ends up?

      ands what's the rate of radiation decay – hahahaha – we are a srazy species

  14. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I really didn't expect to still be here, but I can't just drive 2,000 miles north and wait out the "scheduled" chemical blizzard that they have planned for Texas. There is a strong commitment to these folks here, who I still consider to be family. They will need help with winterizing everything to keep pipes from bursting, wells from breaking down, gathering and chopping firewood, etc.

    We need to do what we can to protect everything that will be sold at our huge estate sales and keep all the vehicles and farm equipment we plan to sell from ending up with cracked engine blocks. Not to mention getting the generators and heaters in good working order at the church, in case we need to gather there as a backup sanctuary from the bitter cold. We are currently adding some wood burning stoves and a stockpile of canned food and water containers.

    If Kentucky really does see temps drop to sixty degrees below normal and Texas drops below zero, as NOAA has warned in the coming weeks. Then how in the hell can the rest of America not see the giant chemical ice nucleation elephant in the sky? Especially if the northernmost tier states only see temps drop slightly below normal, while we turn into a huge block of dry ice.

    What? The extreme cold just appears out of nowhere over Kentucky and Texas? But has no natural polar vortex source for such an event. Yet, I expect everyone to buy into the official narrative that it's just an oddity associated with climate change or an El Nino on steroids. 

    God forbid, you can't do your own research into why such a blast of arctic air makes it this far south without effecting even more dramatically, all the other northern states, and Canada as you might expect from a natural event. Because that would make you a conspiracy theorist.

    I hate to say it, but it's official. We are now living out a real-life episode of "The Twilight Zone". Only, there are no more episodes after this one. Or a miracle to save the day and end this episode on a high note. This is the final episode of the final season, and it all ends in extinction.

    That is, if the people don't wake up and become shocked at the once cloaked elephant. Causing this episode to be re-written, to add hope for the victims (Eight billion strong) and support for the protagonists "Heros" (Dane, RFK Jr. and others). While holding the antagonists "villains" (NOAA, Raytheon, Lockheed) accountable for everything they've done over the last seventy-five years, that has led us to this critical point in time.

    I totally believe in your friend who worked at NASA Dane. I have also stated on the record many times before, that the ozone layer will be totally erased by no later than 2025 or early 2026. Even at the current level of only 23%, humanity is going to lose over half of its population, and those who worship the sun and strive for the perfect tan will be the first ones to get terminally ill. Followed by everyone who makes a living by working outside in the direct sun.

    The Professor monitored UV-C radiation daily and he also said we only have about two to three years left, at best. So, what happens when it is no longer protecting us? Will the public even know that they aren't being protected anymore? Will governments blame the shocking number of deaths on zombie viruses released from arctic ice thawing? Or will they stage another plandemic to keep everyone clueless to the non-existent ozone?

    And what will happen, if the world does finally become aware of the ozone collapse? Do the surviving remnants of humanity only come out at night? Like a marauding colony of vampires? Looting, pillaging, plundering and murdering helpless victims who try to find food and water for survival? What kind of madness will there be that makes Mad Max look like a Disney Wonderland Adventure?

    My money is on a nuclear war though. That makes perfect sense as the end game of a militarized society.

    • penny waters says:

      thought the ozone had dispersed many years ago – what a clever species we are – hahahaha

      are we already watching our end coming?

      what's the old saying – put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye

      what is to happen in the middle east – tis one of the most unstable parts of the earth's plate tectonics  – many plates at odds with each other – pushing and pulling and israel is bombing the top of the crust?????

      is netanyahu (spelling ? – and do i really care about the spelling of the name of a madman – the anti – christ?

      where are the horsemen?

    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      Eden, If we had a free press, the plight of your community would have been on 60 Minutes by now.  Please write a book now, perhaps Skyhorse or Trineday would publish.  Your descriptions are vivid — "huge block of dry ice" — your early posts of the heat and how it feels — the whole saga of weather warfare including earthquake!— the corruption, and Eden ceded to the Space War infrastructure —It is all there and you are the perfect storyteller.  As if you don't have enough to do.  Above all, I wish I could stop what is happening to your Eden.

  15. Lance says:

    Accelerationists and Techno-capitalists have 'No affinity for biological humans'! Their words! They believe that through their scientific and technological efforts, or works, they're going to create their own "post-human" future by co-operating with and relying on advanced sentient artificial intelligence. This is precisely what they're doing right now! 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Whatever these insane 'people'? are and wherever they came from- they are clearly the spawn of satan.. how can it be otherwise? How can one have NO affinity for their own species? Or that of the natural world and the Divine order which sustains it all? These kooks do not belong on THIS planet. Perhaps they should all be rounded up with their AI and 'tech' fixes, loaded onto spacex ships and launched FAR into space, never to return here again. Could this be a New Year's resolution for the rest of us in 2024?!

  16. Jonathan says:

    Okay, I sent this far and wide, to friends, family, colleagues , people connected to politics/military, and as far away as West Bank and India. Even the local TV station. Every email address that that TV station has that is publicly available Got a copy of this this morning.

    Do what you can, with what you have available, with the resources in your control, where you are.


    • Virginia says:

      Hi, Jonathan,

      Man, you really do never give up!!!  Your devotion to and ideas for the spread of info on geoengineering is most admirable and an inspiration for all of us.  It's hard to keep up with your efforts, though I try to do my best and I sincerely thank you.  It's surprising you thought of India and the West Bank in Palestine as recipients of your quest.  How on earth did you reach the West Bank with all that is going on at present.  If you did, you deserve a metal.  I salute you, sir, and wish you continued good luck in your work to benefit this Earth and all on it.  Love your sensitivity and goodness to all in the animal and plant kingdoms as well.  I miss the absence of bird song in the morning and watching the beautiful and gentle mourning doves eating the cracked corn I gave to them.  All gone. What a dim world.  A silent world for those who love and appreciate nature and all of its gifts.  Thank you, Jonathan.  Keep  well.

  17. Jonathan says:

    I urge you all to share this link with as many people as you can, including anyone that you may know who works in the realm of politics, media and military. If any of you have contact with any celebrities, who may have a larger platform, get this link to them, please.

    The innocent people, the plants and the animals have no voice but ours.

    I'm going to be sending this out to a lot more people this time in the media, in just a moment.

  18. Jonathan says:

    And by the way, I sent many people a link to this GAN broadcast specifically requesting that they listen in it two and a half minutes.

    I included my district congressman in that email.

    And as for the prions, are those possibly also being sprayed from planes? You decide….

  19. Crystal in Oregon says:

    Jarold Frender wrote in his#436 post, "The solution for every problem is to eliminate the cause.  Your suggestion?"

    My impulse was to say that I didn't know of any beneficial applications for the ionosphere heaters, in fact, the applications I do know about are downright evil.  The wonderful thing about ionosphere heaters is that they have a switch and can be turned off.  Switch the power to the "OFF" position.

    Ultimately, the human race is the cause of the world's major problems.  And that is a complicated subject.

    • penny waters says:

      dear crystal

      not really – we are just living out our destiny – am just sad that i am watching the worst and best of humans – or maybe not – tis good practise for not losing my mind – hahahaha

      nature creates and destroys and within the creation are the seeds of its destruction

      we are not special – destruction comes to all creation in the end

  20. Crystal in Oregon says:

    The 'me-get-mine' impulse in humans is as natural as breathing.  It can be devastatingly detrimental or evil, but the reverse is true when the greed of the 'me-get-mine' champions a just cause, and follows reason and sanity.

  21. Virginia says:

    "…the nations remain silent,

    tho' the people weep,

    as ye sow, such shall ye reap,

    this, then, is our world.

    May God forgive us…"


    • Jonathan says:

      This is basically precisely why I quit voting in past years. I grew tired of politicians from both sides, turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to concerns that I brought up to them. I won't belabor the point here; We can all think of many examples times against humanity and against nature and against the Creator that the criminal political class is ignoring, because they're either a part of it, or it has been so badly compromised as to be unable to be effectual.

    • Virginia says:


      Our votes may not even count in Nov.. 2024 if we allow Robert Kennedy to succeed in his plan to create a 'contingent election.'   If neither of the leading candidates garners the required electoral vote, the Congress will then have the power to elect the president and vice president.  That is why Mr. Kennedy is running as an Independent – to screw the entire election in his favor.  When he first appeared on the scene, it was thought he was "The One.' finally.  However, he has changed coats and now takes many opposite views from those he first touted.   I intend to look up Dane's interview with RFK Jr. to assess his position on SRM, etc. just to satisfy my curiosity.  Think I'll take another pass on voting… it has already been decided, at any rate. At least, that is my opinion, for whatever it is worth. It is going to be a helluva year coming up on many fronts.

      Thanks, Jonathan. 

    • Joe says:

      Politicians on both sides of the aisle are owned by lobbyists and special interests.   

        Citizens United was passed in 2010

      The ruling has ushered in massive increases in political spending from outside groups, dramatically expanding the already outsized political influence of wealthy donors, corporations, and special interest groups.

      In the immediate aftermath of the Citizens United decision, analysts focused much of their attention on how the Supreme Court designated corporate spending on elections as free speech. But perhaps the most significant outcomes of Citizens United have been the creation of super PACs, which empower the wealthiest donors, and the expansion of dark money through shadowy nonprofits that don’t disclose their donors.

    • Jonathan says:

      Virginia, I always appreciate you comments. I too thought about the same about RFK Jr. But I heard he was going to be running. He was also kind enough to interview Dane about the weather warfare operations. Is he a true believer? Well, his former campaign manager Dennis Kucinich, is only man in Congress that I know of to have ever introduced legislation to stop geoengineering. Geoengineering. He was quickly run out of Congress, and then his brother in Cleveland died under suspicious circumstances. RFK Jr. No longer has him as his campaign manager. I suppose when you watch the interview on geoengineering with Dane, look at RFK Jr's body language. Look at his non-verbal communication.

    • WATCHER says:

      I'm with You Virginia , I may never vote again at 73 I have been voting every election since 21 .Now I realize the winner has already been appointed  NOT elected. Anyone running on the upper levels are part of the Elite Political Cult Club. I feel all is feel good theater if Your candidate wins.  and I can't believe they won by Your worst candidate you could ever imagine. They call some controlled opposition but it is we who are the controlled Sheep  The populace either sleeping or ill with their so called shepherds.

      It seems Here on this GREAT informative site we are uncovering many plots against us; especially  "The Blue Heavens Above" being Toxified and Heaven on earth becoming a hellish nightmare.

      God Save Us From Ourselves as Humanity. It's time to awaken.Keep spreading the Word and Thoughts my brothers and sisters, here on this site.May We Help Usher in a BRAND NEW YEAR for ourselves and Our dear Planet TURTLE ISLAND

    • Jonathan says:

      Elections or selections?

      Take your pick… Garbage or trash?

      Oh thank you, I think I'll take garbage, wait, wait… no, trash. 

    • Sunlight Germany says:

      Dear Virginia, I will not forget to wish you all the best and love, just as you have done for me. And so I hope you're in good health. You once wrote that "getting old" is not for soft people. You know, I told my dear dad a few days ago that "getting old" is not for soft people and he smiled. He will reach the age of 92 in a few days. So he's roughly in line with "age". If you feel good and are cared for, then don't be surprised if I (and people close to me) are told that I want to live to be 100. This is the will to live. How thankful can we be that our "hard drives" are in order? Even though my good mother left earthly life more than 7 years ago, I still haven't been able to fully process it, although she got her due. In addition, there is all this knowledge here, and there are people who are close to me, but don't really want to listen to me, even though they could. My dear dad, yes, he would listen, but I will burden him with this. Dear Virginia (and everyone), can we agree that we won't be "older" until tomorrow?

    • Sunlight Germany says:

      To put it straight, I will no longer burden my dear father with this issue. It doesn't make sense anymore at this point. But he at least believed that the sky and atmosphere could be "edited" with frequencies and that it was done, similar to a speaker cabinet, comparable to other dimensions of watt numbers that create herringbone patterns in the sky. He didn't need to see this movie, which every human being must have seen. But my dad is probably just a conspiracy theorist, isn't he?

  22. Jonathan says:

    This may seem to be a little off subject, although it deals specifically with sending. Sending Dane has talked about many times. He has mentioned many times the bioweapons Labs around the world.

    I was thinking about something today. In the last year or two, North Carolina has had increasing numbers of cases of chronic wasting disease among deer, CWD.

    I looked at a map this week of just how common this now is In America and Canada.

    As I thought about it further, it occurred to me that people in North America have harvested some deer for food for thousands of years, going back at least through the history of Native Americans. And that goes back 10,000 years plus.

    And suddenly, just in the last few years, we now have CWD spreading like wildfire across the country? And in Canada?

    Is a coincidence? A- You decide…

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    MAPPED: The 32 states where zombie deer disease has been reported so far – and why humans should be prepared for 'slow moving disaster'
        •    The fatal brain virus, which leaves animals confused, drooling, and unafraid of humans may someday infect people, as cautioned by some authorities
        •    Now, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has detected the virus in 32 states and four Canadian provinces
        •    Much of the reported cases are in the upper midwest, as well as the mid-Atlantic states


    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you for posting this Susan. I have not listened to this Global alert news broadcast yet. I'm curious if Dane talks about it in this broadcast. But I was pondering this subject over the weekend and felt strongly led to tell everybody hear about this. Technically, it's not a virus. It's more correctly called a prion. There is a version of this in the human population as well called Cruzfeld Jacob's disease, CJD.

      The earlier reports of chronic wasting disease in deer indicated that people who eat venison should be very careful not to come in contact with any part of the central nervous system of the animal. Prions from infected animals can be left on vegetation when they graze, presumably even in the water when they drink. I was thinking about yesterday.

      It occurred to me that it is spread in mammals by eating anything That is contaminated by this prion. And that means that the prionsT enter the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract, we're somehow they managed to go to the Central nervous system, pass through the blood-brain barrier, and infect the central nervous system.

      So when a person or other carnivore eats infected meat, or anyone drinks water or eats a plant that was previously visited by an infected animal, There will be a point at which the prions are circulating through the bloodstream on their way to the central nervous system. So this means the prions are in all the blood vessels, meaning that they're in the meat as well. The early reports we were getting in North Carolina indicated making sure that if one was a deer hunter, they only ate the meat and only handled the meat and were not supposed to touch the animal if any part of the central nervous system was damaged.

      But logically, if it is spreading from the gastrointestinal tract to the central nervous system, it is passing through the blood vessels to do so. And that means it's in the meat as well.

      I was looking at The website this week and was shocked at how quickly this has spread in the United States and in Canada.

      The sad thing is that it takes some years to develop symptoms, so infected people would not know they are infected until they get really sick. And it is universally lethal.

      Prions cannot be cooked out of food. So if one was cooking meat, for example, or even plants, infected with these prions, no matter how hot and for how long you cook the food, the prions remain intact.

      To me, this does not sound like an accident. And like other things in the past few years, what will the long-term consequences be when the smoke clears?



  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Cost Of Grain That Feeds The World Hits New 15-Year High | ZeroHedge

    On Wednesday, the Thai Rice Exporters Association revealed that the price of Thai white rice 5% broken, a key Asian benchmark, reached a new 15-year high. This surge is mainly attributed to increasing fears of a global shortage due to the damaging effects of the El Nino weather phenomenon on Asian farmlands and India's recent decision to restrict certain rice exports.

    Thai white rice 5% broken hit $659 a ton, the highest level since October 2008. Prices of the staple food that feeds billions of people worldwide are up over 50% since the start of 2022.



  25. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Is Gluten Making You Sick? Or Is It the Glyphosate Sprayed on Wheat?

    A scientific review identified glyphosate as a possible cause of the global rise in wheat intolerance. While no genetically modified glyphosate-tolerant wheat is commercially planted in North America, glyphosate-based herbicides are commonly sprayed on non-GMO wheat before it is harvested to dry it out.

    … our guts are full of friendly bacteria that help us digest food and function as part of a healthy immune system. Therefore, Barnett and Gibson state that glyphosate could impact gut bacteria, causing “dysbiosis,” an unhealthy imbalance in gut bacterial populations.

    Indeed, as they point out, some studies in rats have shown that exposure to Roundup and glyphosate causes dysbiosis, even at relatively low levels that regulators assume are safe to ingest.

    The dysbiosis effects found include reducing populations of a type of gut bacterium called Rothia. Some Rothia species have been identified as playing a critical role in the degradation of gluten and may play a role in the prevention of celiac disease.

    The authors state:
    “These findings suggest that exposure to glyphosate, either alone or in a commercial preparation, at doses previously deemed safe for human health, may have profound effects on microbiome development and may be an environmental trigger in the development of celiac disease.”

    After Barnett and Gibson published their review, a 2021 study in rats by Mesnage et al. confirmed that the mechanism by which both Roundup and its declared “active” ingredient glyphosate cause dysbiosis is indeed by inhibiting the shikimate pathway in gut bacteria.

    …  exposure to Roundup has been associated with increased anxiety and depression-like behaviors in mice, which correlated with decreases in certain gut bacteria.

    The authors state:
    “Glyphosate may be a critical environmental trigger in the etiology of several disease states, including celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

    “Glyphosate exposure may also have consequences for mental health, including anxiety and depression, through alterations in the gut microbiome.”


    • Virginia says:

      A personal New Year's greeting to you and yours, Susan.  Hope the new year will bring you increasingly good health and happiness. So appreciative of all of your informative comments here.  I and I know others always look forward to them.

      stay safe…best always.


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