Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 9, 2023, #435


Dane Wigington

The US Navy War College is promoting a seminar titled "Geoengineering the Earth's Climate", yet official sources and matrix media both try to marginalize any public discussion of this most dire issue. The ongoing COP 28 global climate conference is being seen as the smoke and mirrors facade that it is. A recent geoengineering patent promotes the spraying of highly toxic dimethylamine into our skies to enhance cloud formation. At ground level, "Thousands Of Tons Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore In Japan" shortly after the mass release of Fukushima waste water. Toxic skies, toxic seas, toxic everything, how much longer can we survive on a dying planet? Is there still time to turn the tide? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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41 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 9, 2023, #435

  1. BoomerFred says:

    Eden, Been listening to Dane, taking hand-writtten notes since #124 and have decided now is the time to speak my piece to assist this special group in the special ways with only the special ways l've learned. Will be 79 next early year and if DW chooses to print me I'll write here.

    Rough draft.last night, arose EAM to finish and send you an intro to the way i've found best to deal with 200 ailments fast and well. Eden you've moved me to come out now with 'barefooot doctor' info that avails much. Let's Go

    Before sharing enough with you to use these three pairs of acupressure points for relief sans side effects allow me to say i've carried this book around for all these years; for me and others in need cause it Works and you have reached out for unique help. You are among the 80% of people who can benefit from needle use acupuncture or acupressure (G-Jo) hand use as

    This is First Aid all the way to life and death. G-Jo means 'start now' in Chinese, the simplified handbook is a 'cookbook', and so i continue

    The priority sequence was gleaned from your excellent posts yesterday. Non-specific allergy response for exposure to toxic materials, with seven points, of which we start with three. Jesus said we have all we need inside us already didn't He ? 

    There are only two measurements. The hand, and thumb at it's widest part. Use a stiff pointed thumb with trimmed nail to go deep with 20-40 # pressure if needed. Directions are given to locate the 'sore spot' just 2mm. You'll know when you do, it's pure pain. Find it to a 5 on a 1-5 scale, too much to handle. Back off to 3-4, hold and Breathe. It may melt, breath, wait. If it's chronic you may need to return. 

    Main points now are #11, 27 and 28. Eleven's location reads " In the hollow, but more to outside (lateral) of inner elbow crease. #27 is 'where the horse bites' two thumb widths above the kneecap, inner thigh, about in line with inner ankle crown. #28 is on your back and may require using a door jam. It reads "One thumb width off either side of spine, along an imaginary line drawn drawn between rhe bottoms of the shoulder blades. You can find them. G-Jo Go

    These are the same points used for needle stimulation, but are the 116 available for us to use of the 1200 or so with our hands. Look for the book."The Natural Healers Acupressure Handbook, Vol !, Basic G-Jo, by Michael Blate. Comments/Questions Welcomed, BoomerFred  .   .      

  2. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Don't ask me why my mind works in these strange ways. But I just realized something today.

    Why in the world would we expect the wealthiest oil barons and tycoons to even care about anything, when it comes to curbing global warming and taming extreme weather events?

    I did a search today to see exactly where they call home, and probably 90% of the absolute richest of them all live in these locations.

    Over half live in the middle east desert regions. The rest live in places like Siberia, Texas and of course, Upstate New York and surrounding states.

    They could care less if the rest of world becomes excessively hot barren wastelands. Because so many of them already live in one as it is. Siberia rarely gets super-hot and even with global warming, it still won't heat up as quickly as say the desert southwest of America. Those in Texas live mostly in mansions that are majority underground, with tons and tons of air conditioning systems, and have their very own electrical power substations. Which also utilizes solar and wind back-up systems feeding massive arrays of generators. Besides, if it gets too hot to survive, they will just relocate to northern most Canada or Alaska and watch the rest of us melt into heaps of sheeple biomass.

    Cyclones and floods rarely ever hit deserts, unless the climate engineers are tasked with bringing populations to their knees, bucking the Cult of Conflict Empire's agendas. 

    We can't live in 120-degree temperatures, but many of them have been doing so for generations, and they like it!

    The geoengineering cabal that they run will simply keep them cooler and wetter, like in Upstate New York… and, with their new drone cloud zapping technology. They create cooling rains in the desert to keep their Olympic sized pools filled with fresh clean water, and their lush landscaping greener than someone who just ate poisonous Blowfish.

    They will never care what happens to the rest of the world, and they will never accept the scientific facts clearly pointing to total climate collapse in their lifetime. Because they are addicted to living in the moment and reaping the rewards of their black gold empire. They pay their fortune tellers even more fortunes, to never say, "All good things must come to an end."

    They're like heroine junkies who stay high all the time, and can't possibly fathom how, and when, they will crash and burn (with the rest of the planet). Their wealth and power controls the narrative and that's how they wrangled their way into the climate summits, in order to strike new oil deals with China, Canada and Columbia.

    Fossil fuels will never go away, as long as we allow the barons and tycoons to party till the lights go out. On all of us!

  3. Crystal in Oregon says:

    A little over a year ago, I was at our house where my son is living in eastern Washington.  He called out to me to come because he saw a fire.  I walked to the yard where he was, and looked where he was pointing to the hill across from us.  There is a house on that steep hillside that was built years ago by a builder I met one time, a really nice guy.  To build, they cut into a grove of trees which made me unhappy, but then he only cut what he needed to build the house, and I came to like that little wood house because it was interesting architecture and blended with the surroundings.  The part we see is the back where there is a deck on piers, and the fire was on the deck.  I kept waiting and hoping somebody would come out with a fire extinguisher.  The fire grew but I didn't hear any sirens, and I said should we call the fire department, but my son said someone has called by now, and it seemed so by the circumstances he reported.  A wind had kicked up in the valley and the wind became very strong blowing the fire to a blaze.  My skirt was flapping in the breeze, and I watched amazed as the little house in just a few minutes burned in a fierce wind.  Then it was calm again.  I know fire can cause wind, but this wind did not seem natural to me.

    We were about 70 feet into our property that ends in a cliff down to a four lane street, then 100 feet to the railroad, then a small river that flows through town, then a gravel road and a little more distance before the other hill starts up.  And that house is not right across from us, but a distance south of our property.  The fire was small when the wind came up, and at that distance; I didn't think the fire caused the wind,  And for the wind to just go away like that?

    The news reported a barbecue fire started by a visitor from Colorado.  I don't know if the actual renters were there or not.

    August 18, 2023 there was a fire in Winona, a tiny old town in eastern Washington.  I have a cousin that lives out there, so when I heard about the fire I called to check on them.  She said, "Oh heck, I didn't even know about it until the next day when my neighbor called."  She told the story she got –It started in the feed lot, and the farmers were right on it coming in with their water trucks.  They think it was electrical.  When I asked how they knew that, she was a little confused.  They found a dead bird with wire on its feet, or the bird was on the wire?  There are two grain elevators in Winona and one full of grain burned down last year, anyway the grain wasn't that good because of the drought.  But the farmers were right on it this time and saved the other grain elevator.  The old wooden train trestle burned.  (It's a short rail line that connects to the main rail line, then the grain is barged down the river to market.) "So those farmers don't have a way to get their grain to market and it's harvest season."

    Then she told me that something really strange happened right at the exact time the fire started in Winona, "and I mean exactly at 2:30."  She went out to the barn to feed the chickens.  "It was calm, the flag was down" (they have a flagpole), and she spent about 20 minutes feeding and playing with the chickens.  Then she took the water pan and went out to get fresh water.  "The wind knocked me up against the side of the barn."  She got over to the pump, but the wind was so strong she couldn't get the water to go down to the pan, it all blew off sideways.  "So I dropped the pan and went for the house.  Good thing I was wearing my boots." The barn is about 80 feet from the house and it was hard to stay on her feet.  For an hour she worked in the house then thought she better get the chicken water.  "When I went out, it was perfectly calm, the flag was down, no wind."  My cousin's farm house is about six miles from the town, down in a river valley.

    I looked up the news stories on the Winona fire — Cause? under investigation.  Nothing about the farmers saving the grain elevator.  Later updates — The trestle was rebuilt and open by November 3.  Earlier in the year, there was a Federal Grant for $73M to improve that rail line and the State matched it with $40M.  Some of the wheat was trucked before the trestle was finished.

    My cousin couldn't believe how fast they got that trestle built.  I guess it was handy that the old 210 foot tall trestle burnt, saved them tearing it down.  I saw a photo of the thing on fire, the whole length of it bottom to top in a blaze.

    My latest call with my cousin— She said she was at a party and one of the gals mentioned the fire to her.  So my cousin told how she didn't learn about it until the next day, and told her crazy fire story.  " She looked at me knowingly, nodding her head.  It was a happy party and we couldn't talk more, but you know what?  I think, they think something funny is going on."  Then my cousin went on to talk about places getting painted blue.  The Maui blue lazar tale gets around.

    In October, I went to Washington to bake my son a cake.  I saw a lot near us that has been vacant for several years had a new house built on it, a blue house.  Before I left to return to Oregon, I heard a hissing sound. When I looked, it was a guy spray painting the house across the street blue.  It is a small old house, shake siding with the original paint green for the last fifty years.

    It is a rental house and the old lady that lives there got sick so it has been vacant for awhile.  Somebody came and took her cats to someplace 14 miles away.  Only one cat, Butterscotch walked 14 miles back home.  Since old Butterscotch cared to walk the 14 miles, my son and neighbors are taking care of him so he can live in his old neighborhood.  Gotta LOVE animals!

    I have more stories to tell about our neck of the woods in eastern WA going back to 1968 — fire, arson, and getting rid of old people.

    Many years ago, some smart aleck said:


     Well, I've got a case of it now.  My spouse of 56 years died a year and a half ago, so with the old professor gone, and me the thorn in the side of the established order– and the town is being "revitalized"– and we are considered an eyesore as well as a pain in the neck–    I got a bad feeling.

    Well, I've made it out of tough spots before, and I'm smart enough to do a lot of good thinking, HA, HA, HA, Hi Penny.

  4. Robin says:

     Eden Lost to Insanity,

    Indeed, you have already written a book's worth on this website.  We are grateful for that!  In this compression chamber of limited time, writing limericks has helped keep me focused and sane to build better health and to build more courage to act.  Yes, I continue handing photo fact sheets etc.,  frustrated by work and family obligations slowing progress at times.  

    Two themes come to mind.  One theme in regard to your blog name 'Eden…'  the other in regard to Orwell's '1984'  First a clue as to where I live.  From the land of lakes and loons, I'm anguished by the global ruins. (cool & cloudy lately, much dryer than last winter so far.) 

    Author Daniel Quinn wrote the award winning book 'Ishmael' (1992).  In short, the theme is that an ape representing non human life learns to communicate telepathically to a human who knows something is terribly wrong.  The ape in captivity warns of total extinction (human system of captivity unbeknownst to most) due in large part to a misinterpretation of the Genesis origin story.  

    Rather than view Cane & Abel as biological brothers;  Adam and Eve as biological husband and wife- this falsified interpretation is from the conquerors/offenders/wheat farmers point of view.  The defenders/pastoral sheep herders authored/originally told the story as it occurred.  Cane was a metaphor for wheat farmers, Abel a metaphor for pastoral dwellers- trapped to defend themselves from this invading tribe of farmers from the north.   Metaphors Adam- humanity & Eve (not an actual woman!)- temptation to proliferate and take new land.  In Quinn's conclusion, ' the falling of man began with war and the lies to justify it.'  This birth of warrior culture is so deeply imbued as a preconception of western civilization (to paraphrase Quinn).

    Orwell's !984 had a profound impact on me when I read it decades ago, so my response, whether Orwell's thug (Big Brother/the state) or Huxley drug (Soma/Social Media surveillance state) is a follows:

    Its a preamble to a Declaration of Interdependence & Limits [12 pgs].  Still working on the footnotes to this referenced rhyme [black print] discussion [gray print between the lines] & references after the body of work. 

    Two Tattoos 

    One per each shoulder will make me feel bolder, in this spiritual battle where sabers don’t rattle, shedding light on what’s not right.  Once most awaken to defend what’s right, admit their mistaken, from dreams they invite, earth’s been forsaken, an end close in sight.  Soul takers war makers.  So dire their giant paranoia, higher than a giant Sequoia; beyond earth entire, their war plans require. Defend this tree’s right to bless sense & sight.  Defend all hearts beating with all our might.  Natural life breathing, enlightened succeeding- MUST CONTINUE!!  When courage prevails, we will not fail.  Wakeful peace makers STOP hateful war makers !!!


    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Robin, these two themes are very thought provoking and so connected to the strange times that we live in. Your metaphors are so relatable and accurate. As well as the "Two Tattoos" describing the cause and effects of the Military Cult of Conflict I so often condemn.

      The Lakhota believe that the Sequoia is a lighthouse to the human spirit. Attracting those spirits who are hoping to shine a light on the path of peace and harmony, for all of humanity to find and follow.


  5. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Larry DeMarco and all, I began writing my book manuscript this morning and I plan to utilize a slight twist in just exactly how I will address the issues (and consequences) of geoengineering (compared to all other books to date).

    I will definitely refer constantly to the proven scientific facts and undeniable evidence, the likes of which make up the meat of Dane's documentary "The Dimming", and his own book on this subject as well. Not to mention everyone's contributions here on these discussions, and various YouTubers and Tik Tokers who do podcast editorials and interviews about geoengineering.

    But I will try to guide the readers into seeing the world exclusively through my eyes, and through the experiences of my own personal life's journeys. Starting with before the Earth became So White; So Hot; So, conflicted between So dry and So wet; So infertile; So, polluted with plastics; So brown; So unforgiving; So smothered by aerosols and anthropogenic pollution; So, assaulted by chemical cool downs and artificially created heat domes; So many manipulations of droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes, deforestation and weakening of the ozone layer's ability to protect us from deadly UV radiation.

    Before the world became So Divided; So unstable and volatile; So treacherous for those who speak up; So addicted to technology; So ambiguous to how we treat and feel about Nature; So unaware of what's happening daily and right in front of our own eyes; So easily pacified by untruths; So willing to burn fossil fuels knowing the end result; So willing to accept insanity as the norm; So misguided by trends, government conspiracies and peer pressure; So willing to go to war at the slight drop of a political, economic or social hat; So able to be distracted by wars, entertainment, our own mundane lives and politics, all of which keeps us from dealing with the real and present dangers threatening our world; So obsessed with, envious of, and the worshiping of, those elites destroying this world and our planet in the first place. 

    My hope is to paint a clear picture of a world that I knew so well, and enjoyed living on, before insanity brought us geoengineering. And allow them to easily compare that world of old, to the steaming and dying world of today that is being destroyed even further, by allowing geoengineering to continue without proper action being taken to stop the madness.

  6. Lulubell says:

    I live around the LAX area and I also visit parts of Northridge in California, it seems like every single day they are spraying the skies. I would really enjoy seeing blue skies and fluffy clouds like the old days. I wish somebody would stop the madness. I tell people to look up at the sky and see the poison and I explain just based on what I've learned from Geoengineering and Dane. If they are doing this across the globe my question is, aren't the evildoers also been exposed to these chemicals?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Lulubell, in regard to your question about why the power structure would poison / contaminate their own air with climate engineering, it is imperative to remember and consider the agenda behind what is occurring in our skies is varied and complex. The planetary decimation is more accurately a consequence, not a specific objective.

      From climate intervention to mask the rapid warming of our planet, to weather warfare, to ionizing the atmosphere for over the horizon radar and communications purposes (and more), there are many objectives / agendas being carried out at once. Ultimately all is about power and control, there is no benevolence whatsoever in the climate engineering insanity. Again, about why “they” would do this to themselves, consider the behavior of a cancer. Does a cancer intend to kill it’s host? No, a cancer simply continues to expand and proliferate until the host eventually dies. This is the mentality we are dealing with, the power structure does not consider the consequences of their actions (even to themselves), they never have. They have detonated over 2000 nuclear bombs (contaminating the entire planet), they continue to construct faulty nuclear power plants (even though Fukushima alone has the potential to kill us all), there are many other examples. For more,  link attached

    • Joe says:

      Dane great explanation. 

      Let's not forget that the U.S. since it was founded has been at war over 90% of the time.  War is a major polluter of  the planet.


      From the time Europeans arrived on American shores, the frontier—the edge territory between white man’s civilization and the untamed natural world—became a shared space of vast, clashing differences that led the U.S. government to authorize over 1,500 wars, attacks and raids on Indians, the most of any country in the world against its Indigenous people. By the close of the Indian Wars in the late 19th century, fewer than 238,000 Indigenous people remained, a sharp decline from the estimated 5 million to 15 million living in North America when Columbus arrived in 1492.


      When Native Americans Were Slaughtered in the Name of ‘Civilization’ | HISTORY

  7. Larry DeMarco says:

    Over many decades the US government has published enough official documentation concerning geoengineering to make one's head spin yet they have spoken out of both sides of their mouth regarding its reality. Now the US Navy War College is promoting a seminar on the subject. Several years back the US Airforce Academy published its objective of "owning the weather" in 2025. Boy, did they miss their mark by doing so many years earlier.  Last year the US Congress passed a law calling for a five year "study" of geoengineering, finally making it legal after years of illegal covert employment. What a sad laugh it is to institute a feasibility study emphasizing damage control of this deadly force rather than one of damage assessment. Thanks to Dane and others like him, more people are waking up to the fact that we are under attack by evil forces. And geoengineering, though significant as it is, represents just one tenicle of the monster that threatens to destroy us. Thanks to and God bless all who are in the fight for our survival.

    • Rick Cafiero says:

      Amen to that.God help us All.

    • Crystal in Oregon says:


      When I read Owning the Weather, I was really bothered reading the word "coerce" for our relationship to other nations.  I've seen the word coerce since then — Hillary's State Department for one.  It seems that morality and honesty has been thrown out the window and we don't have diplomacy anymore.  They like the stealth and covert nature of these weapons of course, but all this secret war fighting is eroding our soul as a nation. Or perhaps our national soul has always been this bad, I don't know.

      Anyway, you called it right — no damage assessment.  Now, if we could only get Congress to be honest.  Yeah, like when hell freezes over.             

  8. Chris says:

    A lesson I never forgot from Star Trek.

    About 50yrs ago I saw an episode of Star Trek I've  never forgotten. While investigating a new planet Bones, captain Kirk and Spock disappear from the bridge and end up in a cell of some kind with of course a young beautiful woman with a short bobbed haircut. She doesn't seem to speak. The aliens come in and remove Bones and then drag him back visibly beaten up with bruises on his face.and she comes over to him, lays her hands on him and transfers his bruises to herself and then collapses from the effort. She awakens and then the aliens come back and remove Bones again and drag him back again after awhile beaten up worse than before and again she comes over and again transfers his wounds to herself and collapses from the effort. She awakens but this time the aliens come back, remove Bones and drag him back, but this time he's dead. No vital signs at all and captain Kirk pleads with her but to no avail. She's visibly afraid to go anywhere near him. After that the trio reappears back on the bridge but an alien also appears with them and apologize to the Capt. They explain that they were looking for a new species to populate a new planet but since she wouldn't make the final sacrifice of her life for Bones they decided to find another species for the new planet.

    I've never forgotten that lesson but can't believe it's not true. Without self sacrifice nothing will change

  9. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    It's going to rain! Oh Crap. Ooops, sorry. But it's not. Now it's going to rain! Dangit. So sorry. But it's not.

    For the eleventh time in just six weeks, our forecast showed a full day of steady rain at 100% chance, and advisories of possible flash flooding. Simply to have it vanish completely from the forecast a day or so later. Then replaced with cloudy skies and warmer temps.

    El Nino has become just as much of a joke as the climate conference, and we are really tired of these monotonous jokes! We need rain but the climate engineers only tease us with "rain in the forecast" pranks. The drought is returning here with a vengeance, yet we aren't even listed as such on the Texas Drought Monitor map. It really sucks to be the Black Sheep "Forgotten Ones".

  10. Stan Sylvester says:

    Did prior knowledge of the Hamas terror attack lead to short selling of Israeli company stocks? Social Science Research Network reports that short selling of Israeli companies occurred  before the Hamas terror attack of October 7th. 

    Short selling is where an investor "borrows" a stock believing the price will drop shortly. They sell the "borrowed" stocks and buy them back when the price magically drops. They then return the "borrowed" stocks and keep the profit. These guys seem like a modern day version of the temple money changers Jesus chased out.

    Anyways, according to the Social Science Research Network, one Israeli company alone traded in Tel Aviv had 4.43 million new shares shorted between 9/14 and 10/5. Short selling them yielded a profit of millions, [or approximates avoided losses,] when the "borrowed" stocks were returned.

    This sure sounds familiar. Before 9/11, short selling of United and American Airlines stocks was 25 to 100 times normal leading up to the attack. The week after 9/11, Dow Jones lost 14%, S & P 10%, and the Nasdaq 16%. Investors lost $1.4 trillion that week. With financial carnage abounding, it was a good week for those who shorted  United and American Airlines. 

    Proverbs 16:8

    "Better is a little with righteousness that great income with injustice."

    At some point, all the financial wizards of the world's stock markets will wish they invested a little time learning from Dane concerning the ongoing collapse of the earth's life support systems. 

  11. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    They must be spraying dimethylamine here to enhance cloud formation, because the trails are virtually spreading out and filling the sky with feathery cirrus looking clouds, almost instantly after being sprayed. In the past or even just recently as last month, it would take at least ten to fifteen minutes, for those same results to happen.

    Everyone is complaining of the same burning eyes, nose and throat that I go through as well. But not just us. The livestock, pets and wildlife are also experiencing bloodshot, watery and teary eyes. They sneeze and cough a lot too. Way more than what was the norm.

    We never used to see very much military flight activity, other than the tankers spraying high up in our skies. But now all of that has changed. Apaches, Ospreys, C-130s and various types of Fighter Jets are flying around, and sometimes even in large formations. It's becoming like Grand Central Station here with all of this loud and intrusive activity.

    That very strange looking futuristic designed plane with Raytheon going down both sides of the fuselage has been spotted at least a dozen times now since the middle of October, and we are now hearing very loud sonic booms all the time.

    I guess the military isn't waiting around for all of us to move away from here, and are taking over the skies ahead of their new weapons manufacturing complex being constructed in a few months from now. So, we are guessing that it will double as a base with airfields and landing strip runways, barracks and the works. Hell, who knows. They will likely add some missile silos as well. 

    This wild and natural landscape with its rugged hills, vast expanses of valleys and sprawling creeks will be turned into just another barren and ugly, polluted, toxic wasteland of the military industrial war machine. Sending all of the wildlife fleeing for their lives and searching for what little natural habitats still exist anymore.

    If the Texas economy isn't based on over 50% military related growth, then it would truly surprise me with so many new bases being constructed every few years. On top of the record number of existing bases and defense contractor assembly plants as it is.

    It's no wonder that Musk moved his rocket empire to Texas. Because it is more perfectly suited for using his services, designed to place weapons of mass destruction in space, and ultimately corrupting the final frontier with the promise of future death and destruction. Everywhere between the surface of our planet and all the other worlds in this solar system. 

    Space Exploration? Right. And elephants can fly too. Musk and most other elites are sowing the universe with their sinful obsessions, hoping to profit from mining moons, planets, asteroids and comets. Plundering those resources until there is nothing left to sustain life as we know it. Turning space into an even more empty void than it is already. Doing all of this in the name of greed, not to save mankind. Because they make it very clear that colonizing other worlds is their priority. But not with pioneering settlers trying to spread the seeds of humanity. Oh no. They will be miners, factory workers and cargo transporters, turning raw materials into profits back here on a dying Earth. 

    If they could just grow a real heart (like the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz) and replace their greedy obsessions with empathy and desires of peace on Earth. With goals of returning to a healthy environment and abundant, thriving life in the sky, seas and on land. They might use their fortunes to replace fossil fuel emissions with newer and safer resources mined on other worlds. But they aren't in the business of making money on tales of fantasy. Are they?                                  

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Eden Lost says: "They must be spraying dimethylamine here to enhance cloud formation, because the trails are virtually spreading out and filling the sky with feathery cirrus looking clouds, almost instantly after being sprayed. In the past or even just recently as last month, it would take at least ten to fifteen minutes, for those same results to happen."

      I noticed the same effect here in north-west Florida. Something has definitely changed. It seems they are always 'perfecting' the tech. Here the sprays always come from the west, as in the Gulf. Hmmm…wonder who is out there…?

      I have a convex mirror that gets a weird array of white particles every few days – no matter how often I clean it. I have air purifiers that need the filters replaced too often.  i wonder what my lungs look like?

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      V. Susan Ferguson, most of the spraying here in south central Texas comes from the east, and I get those same white particles that float down from the sky. They collect on everything, especially my solar panels. But when it rains, which is maybe all of ten times a year now, there ends up being a complete wash-over of white film, instead of just a scattering of white dust. This film is almost impossible to remove. Whether I use high pressure water spraying, foaming cleaners or even natural calcium removal and de-greasing agents. I have to use alcohol and a lot of elbow grease. But even then I still can't remove all of it. I've tried fingernail polish remover, lime scale remover, you name it… but nothing works.

      So, now I have to place sheets of plexiglass over my solar cells and replace those sheets four times a year. I also use very thick car covers on the vehicles. But the roof of my house looks like it was sprayed with a very thin coating of grayish/brown rubber. It used to be more white. However, the sun has become so powerful that it has baked this mysterious coating to the present color.

      If it's that hard to remove outside. Just imagine how our bodies fight to remove it from our lungs. Because, usually white blood cells collect around foreign substances in our organs, and they try to absorb it as each cell dies. Then they fall off and away in the blood stream, to be extracted by other filtering organs.

      Mysterious white substance. White blood cells. White Lung disease. Do you suppose their is a connection between all three?

      Embalmers, coroners and pathologists around the world are reporting strange white globs or masses in the blood of the cadavers they are autopsying, or preparing for funerals, and they don't know what this new phenomenon is exactly. They have found evidence of dead white blood cells in small quantities, but still can't determine what the rest of those masses contain.

      Logic tells all of us who are awake to the geoengineering elephant in the sky, that it is likely all of the patented climate intervention elements (chemicals) and compounds. Mixed in with plastic polymer particles. (coal fly ash is white too) But what do we know? We are just conspiracy theorists and geoengineering hasn't even begun to address global warming yet.

      Take all of this just a few steps further. White skies (almost no blue anymore), white sun (used to look more yellow in my telescopes), white moon (also looked yellower), white residue, and now white lung disease. What's next? White Plague?

      Everything on the planet is becoming white, yet the masses still see a totally different shade or hue. With their Matrix  Media Supplied… Rose Colored Glasses. 

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Eden. Very interesting from your solar panel troubles to our lungs. I know my asthma does not behave the way other people's do. But the coughing just keeps coming. My lungs are trying tp get rid of something —- which is often white… …

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Eden and Susan

      Here in Western South Carolina I don't even see spray planes anymore. When I get up just before dawn the so called cirrus clouds are already in place. But a keen observer can tell the difference between real cirrus clouds and the fake cirrus clouds we have today. Real cirrus clouds look more wispy and less substantial. Also natural cirrus clouds normally appear only ahead of cold fronts or storm systems. What passes for cirrus clouds can now be seen almost every day. On mild nights when I have the windows open I can often hear the roar of jet engines at four or five o'clock in the morning. What I suspect is happening now is planes come over and just dump their toxic payloads more or less at random. The material then shapes itself into fake cirrus clouds by means of dimethylamine and perhaps some other processes as well. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Lots of spraying long thin trails way up high that spread out to a milky coverage the past 3 days or so here in north central Georgia. I suspect to keep it cold. Weather script readers acknowledge it is more like late January or early February in terms of low temps. Highs can be close to normal or slightly higher for this time of year. Yesterday my propane heater wanted to run all the time. I had to turn it to the off position a couple of times just to save on gas. It wasn't especially cold, perhaps mid forty's or so and bright sunshine, not particularly windy. I surmise the artificial ice nucleiation chemicals were causing the chill the heater kept running to combat. This morning the script reader on Fox 5 gave the temp. for our area at 45 and both of my outdoor thermometers are reading 32-33 degrees There is frost all over the ground here. Where's she getting her numbers from? When will they finally acknowledge the climate engineering crimes- that are so obvious now? 

  12. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Dane, I guess the spraying of dimethylamine is the reason why my eyes, nose and throat are now burning ten times more than ever before. Just when I thought those painful issues couldn't possibly get any worse. My lungs burn more than just occasionally when I try to take in deep breathes and I end up coughing uncontrollably. Over the last three days the spraying has been just layer after layer of aerosol trails nonstop. My eyes burn so much it feels like I have been exposed to tear gas, and they become so bloodshot that I look like a zombie in the mirror. I get daily nosebleeds now as well, and can't stop sneezing no matter what I do or what remedy I try. Saline mist only makes it worse.

    These new horrific conditions are literally crippling me and I am forced to lay down and try to take naps, just to make it through the rest of the day. Why spray such a toxic substance in the air we all have to breathe? What kind of sick agenda does that have to do with?

    Weakening of our immune systems, for "White Lung" to fulfill genocidal goals? That's the only answer that makes any sense to me.

    • Therese says:

      Daily, put Peppermint essential oil on the opening of your nose and breath it in.

    • Larry DeMarco says:

      Hello Eden, 

      I'm very sorry to hear about the affects of the spraying that you describe. Fortunately, while the spraying has been hot and heavy in the Charleston SC area, coughing and congestion is all I've experienced so far along these lines.

      I really appreciated your post this week. And I think you have a lot to be proud of concerning your contributions to the "fight" and your outlook on humanity and God.

      I would encourage you to write a book if you so desire. Looks like you have a lot to say and the ability to say it well. Despite the fact that many books have been written on geoengineering in the past, now might be an opportune time to throw your hat in the ring and do so because of the more accepting climate and general mistrust in our government and the despots who are working to control humanity.

      I Hope and pray that you somehow get to feel better and continue to maintain your faith in God and His creation. Best wishes, Larry

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Therese, thanks the essential peppermint oil works a little on the burning. But I still can't find anything to substantially reduce the insane amount of daily sneezing. I don't do antihistamines either, as they give me bad brain fog and chronic drowsiness. All pharmaceutical meds hurt my liver and give me migraines. Does anyone ever take notice of, or even care about the side effects?

      "Sudden death can occur. Heart attacks and strokes are possible. Swelling, inflammation, etc." Why would anyone risk their life, for temporary relief of symptoms? Humanity has been conned into taking the insane road of (quick fix) symptom relief, instead of the common sense road to permanent cures.

      That last sentence can also be used to describe the absurdity of geoengineering. I have been tested for allergies to everything in nature, but they all came back negative. So, what's left are the ingredients in climate engineering aerosols, and they don't test for them. Do they?

    • Virginia says:

      Eden: Suggestion: You state you have over 35,000 books stored in floor to ceiling shelves, nooks, boxes, etc. all around your 28 room house.  Have you ever considered that perhaps many of your allergies are caused by components of the books, themselves?  Pages deteriorate over time, not to mention dust collection.  I had to move many of my collection to a garden guest room.  There were just too many books, periodicals, etc. for me to keep dust-free and manageable.  

    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      Eden, I am so sorry you are unwell.  I have a little cousin who is a medical worker, and one time I asked her what was the best thing for a cough.  She said whiskey, a big spoon of honey, pour in boiling water, and a big squeeze of lemon.  Well, it tastes pretty good.  It ain't Big Pharma.

      All good wishes for you, Crystal


    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Virginia, here is the kicker. I go into a serious sneezing frenzy the second I step outside. But if I dart back inside (with all of my books), it settles down a little bit and eventually they slow even more. Allowing me to fall asleep and wake up later, with minimal sneezing.

      Step back outside and the cycle starts all over again. (But I suffer so much because I can't live my whole life inside. I'm a nature lover and so I pay the price.) I began a symbiotic connection to books in my youth. Where I was asked to be the Librarian's Assistant in the first grade. Where I earned extra credit and it helped me to keep straight "A+'s" on my report cards.

      I always donated my time in the school libraries, and even worked as the official Librarian when they were sick or given leave of absence. That lead to me collecting rare, out of print, and signed first edition books. I have been around (old) books my entire life and only began my sneezing frenzies when climate engineering began filling the skies from horizon to horizon with their toxic allergens.

      Trust me, it's not the books. But I give you extra credit for caring enough to try and solve my sneezing conundrum. Reading everyone's comments here takes my mind off of the millions of feathers tickling my nose. But I get jarred back to reality when I sneeze so hard, that I bang my head on the computer desk. Done that more times than I can count. Keep a pillow there now.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Crystal In Oregon, believe it or not. I actually take a nip of Crown Royal with lemon juice on occasion to soothe my coughing. If that isn't available I borrow a shot of Brandy from the Professor, down the street from me. There's no doubt that it burns the throat a bit. But the coughing virtually vanishes long enough for me to get some sleep at night.

      He keeps several bottles in his stash for those long cold winter nights. Which is kinda strange, because we rarely have them any more. So, here's a toast to him never running out. Sometimes I will make homemade dark chocolate rum balls for Christmas dinner desert, and this year is one of those times. Combined with a cup of hot tea, they will soothe a cough too.

  13. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    These initial comments go out to Meridee Susan Thompson, if you are still with us here this week. Your comments to my post "This is what my Native American Godfather and Grandmother tried to pass on to me as a child, and how I feel about our modern world today." (last week's broadcast) was very moving and I just want to say. I too wish that the entire world could read that post.

    Whether you are religious or not, I think the entire world needs to just take a step back and take a deep breath. Calm the nerves and remember that we only have one chance at getting all of this right. Allowing the conflict of hate and revenge to fill our entire being, with uncontrolled emotions like a rage of anger and selfish indignation, and not that of sincere respect. Those kinds of shortcomings will always lead to our undoing.

    Morals, values, ethics, honor and dignity aren't just words. They should be recognized as what it truly means to be human. All of humanity is better than this and striving to embrace hope, faith and love are the only virtues that lead to salvation.

    We are currently heading in the opposite direction and some of humanity is looking behind us. Trying to figure out where we made the wrong turn. Because we haven't been paying attention. Asleep at the wheel as Dane frequently reminds us.

    During our gathering at the church today, several adults and youths alike asked me why I never wrote a book and expressed my ancestrally inspired views, in a more world encompassing dialogue with my fellow humans. But I honestly could not answer that question, because it simply never crossed my mind before.

    Now, I am considering their advice in light of all the challenges I am currently facing. Especially if the UN and climate conference ideocracy has its way and succeeds at taking our freedom of speech away with their new "Summit of the Future" in 2024.

    If anyone else agrees with those in my church gathering today, I promise to sit down and start writing a manuscript tomorrow. I think some moral support would help me to make that decision.

    I think I'm ready, but is the world up to the challenge of accepting my words without prejudice? Or condemnation for trying to raise awareness of, and love for nature. Over setting aside their techno matrix obsessions for just a brief period… so their hearts and souls can absorb my words, and not let them roll off their media hypnotized minds as well, like water from a dirty well.  

    I believe that everyone here in these discussions deserves my utmost respect, as each and every one of you are so eloquently gifted with choosing words that reveal exactly how you feel about the world we are all trying to save. All of you simply blow me away with your different writing styles, formats and expression of thought. I thoroughly enjoy reading your comments, because they make me think and ponder life, taking my mind away from the climate engineering frustration that overshadows each passing day. You give me hope and reaffirm my faith in humanity, knowing that I am not alone in this strange new (extremely hot and getting hotter) world of ours.


  14. Gary Morrow says:

    Dane mentioned the two excellent antiwar movies Platoon and The Thin Red Line. My favorite antiwar movie is the 1957 Stanley Kubrick classic Paths of Glory. 

    The year is 1916. By that time new weapons such as machine guns, rapid firing and monstrous artillery, flamethrowers, fragmentation grenades, tanks, planes, and submarines had made possible slaughter on an industrial scale. Battle deaths are no longer measured in the thousands or tens of thousands, but in the millions. 

    French general Mireau wants a promotion and in order to get it he orders his subordinate Colonel Dax to launch a near suicidal attack on a heavily fortified German position called the Ant Hill. The attack commences and the French soldiers suffer very heavy losses. No one gets anywhere near the Ant Hill and the Germans are never even seen. Moreau then orders Dax to send in the second wave, but the French troops having seen the slaughter refuse to advance. Moreau then orders Dax to select three men from his regiment to be tried for cowardice. If they won't face German bullets they will face French ones Mireau cries. Despite a strong defense by Colonel Dax, a kangaroo French military court convicts all three and they are all executed. The film was banned in France for many years after its release. 

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Gary,

       You mentioned Paths of Glory as your favorite war movie.  It was one of my favorites, as well, and I frequently looked at it on line.  The story line is so real but so sorrowful that it takes a strong constitution to view it, if one is sensitive to the killing fields of that era and what the sacrificial lambs, in this case the soldiers, went through. The only hope that Kubrick gave us was the very end – the scene where the young girl (Kubrick's real wife, by the way) is forced to sing to troops awaiting combat.  Not to be a spoiler, I'll leave it there.  But, if anyone wants to see and hear a most poignant part of the movie, I encourage its viewing.  I think it's listed as 'final scene from Kubrick's Paths to Glory" – and have a Kleenex ready.

      Thanks, Gary.

  15. Jonathan says:

    A couple years ago I planted two oak trees in the front yard. We're now well into December, and they are full of brown leaves, fully attached. I do not see this across the board with all deciduous trees, but I am seeing it to some degree.

  16. Jonathan says:





  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    How Japan poses a threat to the global financial system

    Huge, reliable buyers of overseas bonds may be about to close their wallets


  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Money Supply Continues its Biggest Collapse Since the Great Depression | Mises Wire

    Money supply growth fell again in October, remaining deep in negative territory after turning negative in November 2022 for the first time in twenty-eight years. October's drop continues a steep downward trend from the unprecedented highs experienced during much of the past two years.

    Since April 2021, money supply growth has slowed quickly, and since November, we've been seeing the money supply repeatedly contract year over year. The last time the year-over-year (YOY) change in the money supply slipped into negative territory was in November 1994. At that time, negative growth continued for fifteen months, finally turning positive again in January 1996.

    Money-supply growth has now been negative for twelve months in a row. During October 2023, the downturn continued as YOY growth in the money supply was at –9.33 percent. That's up slightly from September's rate decline which was of –10.49 percent, and was far below October 2022's rate of 2.14 percent. With negative growth now falling near or below –10 percent for the eighth month in a row, money-supply contraction is the largest we've seen since the Great Depression. Prior to this year, at no other point for at least sixty years has the money supply fallen by more than 6 percent (YoY) in any month.

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thousands of tons of dead fish wash ashore in Japan – three months after the nation released treated Fukushima radioactive water into the sea

    Thousands of tons of dead fish have washed up on a beach in northern Japan, prompting speculation that the release of treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant has wrought havoc on local ecosystems.

    The sardines and some mackerel washed ashore in Hakodate on Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido on Thursday morning, creating an unsettling sliver blanket that covered almost a mile of shoreline.

    Officials could not come up with an explanation for the phenomenon, but Takashi Fujioka, a Hakodate Fisheries Research Institute researcher, posited a number of theories as to why the fish could have died en-masse.

  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    13.1.1 Toxicity Summary
    IDENTIFICATION AND USE: Dimethylamine (DMA) is a colorless gas. It is used as acid-gas absorbent, solvent antioxidants, manufacture of dimethylformamide and dimethylacetamide, dyes, flotation agent, gasoline stabilizers, pharmaceuticals, textile chemicals, rubber accelerators, electroplating, dehairing agent, missile fuels, pesticide propellant, rocket propellants, surfactants, reagent for magnesium.

    HUMAN STUDIES: Workers in a foundry complaining of breathlessness and choking were found to be exposed to 1-46 mg/cu m DMA in the air. Vision has become misty and halos have appeared several hours after workmen have been exposed to the vapors of DMA at concentration too low to cause discomfort or disability during several hours of exposure.

    The edema of the corneal epithelium, which is principally responsible for the disturbance of vision, clears spontaneously by the next day, but after exceptionally intense exposures the edema and blurring have taken several days to clear and have been accompanied by photophobia and discomfort from roughness of the corneal surface.

    ANIMAL STUDIES: A 6% solution of DMA, when applied to the skin of rabbits, caused reddening, then thickening and ulceration after a single treatment. A 3% solution produced similar effects after five treatments. A 5% DMA solution dropped once on rabbit eye caused hemorrhages in conjunctiva, corneal edema, and superficial opacities. A drop of undiluted DMA placed on rabbit's cornea, with the lids then closed and no irrigation performed, caused the cornea to become whitish blue and translucent within few sec, then white as sclera in a min.

    DMA was a skin sensitizer in the guinea pig closed epicutaneous test. Histopathologic evaluation of the respiratory tract of rats exposed by inhalation at single concentrations ranging from 600 to 6000 ppm for 6 hr revealed concentration-related changes ranging from ulceration and necrosis to rhinitis, tracheitis, and emphysema.

    Mice exposed at 813 to 1626 ppm DMA had ocular and respiratory irritation and that cyanosis, convulsions, and death occurred above 5420 ppm. Pathologic evaluation revealed massive hemorrhages near the periphery of the lungs and peripheral emphysema in those mice that died during exposure. Small hemorrhages were found in the lungs of mice sacrificed 20 days postexposure. In a repeated exposure study, mice were exposed by inhalation 6 hours/day for 5 days at 511 ppm of DMA. Body weight decreased by 10% to 25% in all animals, and 3 of 24 mice died during exposure. Nasal lesions were observed in these animals. DMA was not carcinogenic by the inhalation in mice and rats. DMA was weakly mutagenic in Salmonella typhimurium strain TA 1530 in the presence of metabolic activation. No mutagenic activity occurred without activation, and no activity was found in a host-mediated assay in mice.


      Hi ! V Susan


      Soup of the Day So many new ingredients yet to come to a Sky nearby

      While we attempt to sleep restlessly with myriads of ailments.

      The Malignant Malevolent  Warriors Plan and Plot ever more.

    • Earth Angel says:

      When will they stop uselessly torturing innocent animals with crap they KNOW will be harmful to a organism of life? God, one doesn't have to be a genius to know that exposing a rabbit/rat/dog/cat/chimp's skin, lungs or eyes to some noxious chemical will cause a BAD and harmful reaction. Wouldn't common sense tell you that? How can anyone do this in the name of research in order to help the human species?!  I will never understand or condone such a barbaric practice. These people calling themselves 'scientists' who do this should be forced to experience their own tortures. Perhaps they should volunteer as test subjects for their own brutal experiments instead of using gentle creatures unlucky enough to be procured for such sadistic purposes. I cannot tolerate this evil. It makes me furious and turns my stomach..

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