Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 11, 2023, #392


Dane Wigington

"Scientists" are now proposing to use moon dust to cool Earth, the ranks of academia continue to lose credibility with each passing day. Micro plastic pollution is in every breath we take. Is it all just from decomposing trash? Or is there much more to the story? The US government is handing out 374 billion dollars that it says will create 100,000 new "green jobs", do you believe them? Geophysical anomalies are wreaking havoc on planet Earth and populations. Is it all just nature behaving badly? How much longer can we survive on a completely polluted planet with life support systems that are breaking down at blinding speed? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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20 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 11, 2023, #392

  1. Robin says:

    What took me so long!?  Just a follow up from last week's commitment to (Explore Minnesota) University of MN in this case.  I was able to build some rapport and levels of agreement on climate engineering topic with 5 students  (they received fact/photo sheets).  First contact was at this fancy new Alumni bldg.  Why not?  Since I am a disoriented old alumnus in a dramatically changed campus).  An excellent start with reception student, in quiet surroundings.  A launch into adventure/exploration! 

    The remaining 3 fact/photo sheets were drop offs.  One quick sentence drop off to a busy student at rec center desk.  One drop off at Biophoria display (embellished by orchids, etc) amidst highly trafficked student hall/dorm.  Finally, a drop off on a hallway table at the Army ROTC.  It is a castle-like building (very imposing!).  I didn't stick around ROTC.  A warning is posted at ROTC door that a German Shepard guard dog is on guard.  Yikes!  I was bitten from behind, on the behind, many years ago as a canvasser for Clean Water Action.

     I did this all feeling the same grief, rage & sympathy expressed in this broadcast in regard to the tech-earthquake causal connection.  How can I do otherwise?  No time for fear.  Not here to brag, only to encourage, cuz its the growing team of aware people that I know are supporting each self &  each other, as each can do what they will to do, in this incredible journey called life- urgently with calm/creatively with reason-  collectively and individually.

    I skedaddled back to my car in 11 degree cold, thanks to the ice nucleated rain (40 degrees) that failed to produce the predicted snow.

    Just an idea:  Will copy/paste a couple sentences from my above comments best suitable for youtube followers.    

  2. Joe says:

      This winter in long island , NYC has been the warmest winter that I can ever remember going back many decades.  Today the temp will be in the  60s but most of the winter  has been in the 40s or 50s etc.

    We do not get any snow etc.

      Something is  wrong w the weather   everywhere.



  3. Paul Davis says:

    Regarding the Chinese "Weather Balloon" and the 3 other objects that have also been shot down..  Something does not feel right about this situation. This type of narrative is serving some purpose.   Thoughts on this…?

    • Stan Sylvester says:

      With all the technology available including all of these satellites floating around, I'm supposed to believe China needs balloons that everyone can see to spy on my neighborhood? 

      Any buildup to war needs to get the approval of the sheeple behind it. The propaganda machine gets fired up. First it was "China virus, China virus!!!" Now it's "China balloon , China balloon!!!" Pulleessee!!!

      A magician gets you to look at one hand to keep you from seeing what the other is doing. Media frenzy is often the tipoff that there is more to the story. By now you should know who I think is behind balloongate.

    • Lance says:

      There's a war going on.

  4. Dominic Gervasi says:

    Here in Tempe, Arizona, the ice frost which forms on the rooftops of houses here that last well past 8am on some days and forecast lows well over 40 degrees has Chemical Ice Nucleation for Weather Modification written all over it.   As a result, my gardens, plant and tree growth seem to be so slow that winter lettuce and vegetables take many months grow just an inch or two.  Not normal.  Who wants to slow the growth of home gardens, follow the money. 

  5. Be says:

    I know this might sound unbelievable, but some of the tree death is from the radiation coming off these towers. Easy to observe since they are bathing us in the stuff. Say a tree is behind a building – from perspective of tower proximity. Say only the top is unprotected. The top will be getting fried, bottom will be okay.

    No doubt – they also spray us all the time like cockroaches. Literally watch the tic tac toe in the a.m. If the flight route is E-W to O'hare, then why are their planes flyng N-S spewing whatever that clearly floats out into cloud cover.

    But back to my point – it is easy to observe this top – bottom, side to side, radiation effect with the naked eye – documented by researchers in Germany and noted by leaders in this field in U.S. But I promise – anyone looking can see this.

    So – to what extent is this horrific global satellite phenomena also contributing to the death of plants and animals?

    There is shocking amounts of ambient radiation right outside my front door. Down right shocking. Never mentioned in the media, forced to live with the stuff. Mention it to others – and they don't want to know.


  6. Stan Sylvester says:

    Following their leaders in D.C., Americans set new personal debt records in 2022 with an eye popping $15.6 trillion with a "t". Leading the way to this suffocating debt was home mortgages  at $11 trillion.  This represented and increase of $890 billion over 2021. Are we sure we want to continue to call this part of the American dream "home ownership?"

    Next up is credit card debt. This rose to $860 billion. It represents an increase of $52 billion from 2021. What will inflation alone do to this number in 2023?

    Auto loans increased by $90 billion to a total of $1.46 trillion. With all three of these consumer loans, the pattern is as obvious as the toxic spraying in the sky above. Debt is the new currency for many Americans. If you want something, borrow now and figure it out later. 

    No need to keep wondering  why so many don't seem to care about  the ongoing collapse of the earth's life support systems. Many are drowning in debt.The desire for things and to have them now is part of the reason they won't be joining us in this noble fight with Dane and each other. 

  7. Born Again says:

    I have seen a major increase in the spraying near Charlotte, NC. It is almost every day now. The weather is really strange. 70 degrees some days in February and way more rain and clouds than I have ever seen. Last year my vegetable garden production was around 40% of prior years. Some seeds didn't even sprout. I have contacted the Sheriff, State Senator, and US Senator, but crickets. They either don't care, are complicit, or think we are crazy. I have been taking pictures and have tried to share these with the useless politicians. 

    I pray everyday that God would intervene in stopping the destruction of His creation. These evil, satanic people have no souls. 

  8. Matt says:

    The rollout continues like it's totally normal.

    Dane has encompassed this at length and here's another glaring example of the 'proposal' disinfo.

    Connecticut is being so consistently and heavily sprayed it compels us to leave. Full sun start to finish is a thing of the past.  

    Dane, your continued work quantifies the strength of humanity – May God Bless You.


  9. Geoff Hanham says:

    Dane, first of all, Thank you!

    In a January downpour I wet to open the tailgate of my car to remove some shopping. I sudden noticed a large queen wasp trapped in the hatch-bodywork intersection bt the handle. It was covered in road filth. I assumed ir was dead but found a rwig and carefully removed it – by which time it was (just) gripping onto the twig – its wings were badly crumpled and I thought momentarily of killing it. But I didn't, I brought it into the kitchen and washed it in some tepid water in the sink (it was still gripping onto the stick). I then sat at the kitchen table whilst it dried and then preened itself. It then 'buzzed' its wings as they de-crumpled… It then walked along to my finger and still 'buzzing' turned round in a circle three times and went back to the birch twig… I found a small cardboard box and took it into the hall and placed it on a bookshelf (the hall is quite cool). Now and the it comes out of hibernation and perches on the (open) top… I know it will let me know when it right to take it outside… Folks, this is an insect and one with a certain reputation – but it is LIFE!

    My late wife and soul-friend  had a 'gift' with bees and wasps of all kinds and had no fear of them…

    Again, thank you, Dane!



    • Jonathan says:

      Bless you for your compassion. Being January, it may also have been cold, too cold to get the wind muscles moving. I pick them up and breathe on them to heat their bodies, until they can get the wings really buzzing, then they can often fly to where they wish to go and the muscle movement can keep them warm. Your idea is also good. Many wasps die of dehydration/starvation during the winter. Might to give it a few tiny drops of water or Pedialyte when it comes out to say hi.

      I saw a dead fly on the vinyl siding of my house once and brushed it off, only to my horror to see a jumping spider peer out at me. I picked the fly up and gently held it up the spider, which gently took it out of my grasp using its forelegs, then it resumed its meal.

      Blessings to you Geoff for being Sensitive to Life, brother.

  10. A Friend says:

    Richard Sauder, Ph.D., has several excellent books on the deep underground military bases.

    I had many conversations through the years with long distance truck drivers who have contracted with the military or other elements of the government. Many of them have been on the underground roads crisscross in the country, and some of them have actually been in some of these facilities. To varying degrees.

    As we head into the next phase of what is to come, remember to take time to be kind to yourself and to all other living things.





    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Hi 'A Friend',

      Please forgive me for being rather negative about Richard Sauder, (I have read all his publications) but this is based upon (what little) I know about (the subject) in the UK and from friends/colleagues in the USA. Firstly, these installations are deeply classified and as always, there is carefully planted disinformation spieled in the printed and www media, when  it is deemed necessary.

      There is a classic example of this in re the "Beneath Box Tunnel" Emergency Control Center (for the great and the good and the 'necessary')… The clumsy leaking of this faux site was wonderful to behold and was 'over the top' to the extent it was common knowledge to most folk and their proverbial bow-wows in (e.g.) Bristol ab initio; even a small local builder was said to be involved in its construction! Genuine structure? Sort of. Purpose? to confuse the 'Ivans' who were laughing up their sleeves at the waste of resource and money and who doubtless knew where the 'real ones' were… 

      The British Establishment have a peculiar psychology (psychopathology?) inasmuch that they are far more concerned at the 'Great Unwashed' knowing about any perceived  'State Secret' than the alleged enemy or foe – but then many of us suspect that we comprise the latter as far as 'They' are concerned…

      Certainly with anything important, anyone involved in the logistics via say, Halliburton or BAE etc. would simply understand the consequence of 'opening his/her gob'… It's a bit like the vast numbers of people who say they work/have worked for the C.I.A. / M.I.5 / Whoever… (And the S.A.S – but odd you never meet anyone claiming to be from S.B.S. or 14 Int. or the old Brixmis). 

      There might be an alleged old and now probably long obsolete installation on the outskirts of an English city (1970s/80s) where the railway line was, due to the hilly geology, routed a bit too near the surface underneath some university buildings… You could set your watch to some of the 'services'…  And then there were the alleged ventilation ducts in a very odd location… But to my mind, If it's in a book it's either obsolete or disinformation. If you seek, you can (sometimes) find, but perhaps  it's best to leave the rats in their burrows and nests… 

      Said in friendship, not in criticism!

      Geoff Hanham

  11. Earth Angel says:

    Weirdest looking weather pattern I've seen on the radar screen shown at GEW this week. Looks like a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb. Nothing normal about this rain pattern. Never seen one like this that I can ever remember. I type this as I am listening to wind literally roaring through the trees above me and whistling through the eaves of my house. Little to moderate sporadic rainfall happening here in north central Georgia and a drastic temp. drop predicted- THAT we ARE feeling. Just in time to likely damage the premature fruit trees that are starting to bud. Damn these weather terrorists. I cannot help but wonder if the recent terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria are the result of HAARP and other frequency weapons of mass destruction? It seems a reasonable question to ask. Are these countries being punished for something they are either doing or not doing by psychopathic power brokers? How can we know?

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Regarding the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. There is much speculation on the alternative media that these are punishment for Turkish opposition to the the expansion of NATO Turkish President Erdogan has effectively blocked the application of Sweden and Finland into NATO. If HAARP can really cause earthquakes then the psychopathic controllers will not hesitate to put their weapon to use They are after all psychopaths. Erdogan just happens to be up for reelection in May. 

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Hi Paul,

      And in addition to the uncounted number of Cetaceans destroyed by the normal everyday operation and warfare practicing of the 'Great Power' navies…

      It is said that a Great Whale sequesters thirty-three tons of carbon per annum (source WWF)… The death of most cetaceans nowadays is murder by any other name. And then there are the uncounted numbers driven insane by noise…

      Geoff Hanham


    • Earth Angel says:

      Heartbreaking that magnificent and intelligent creatures such as these are viewed simply as collateral damage by military madmen. This makes me even more convinced that this earthquake event could have been somehow triggered by forces other than natural. Militaries around the globe must be brought under control and halted from detonating nuclear (test? really?) bombs under the sea for any reason, let alone fun & games. From the article posted apparently China is doing this too. What about Russia? Do we think are they sitting out of the game? A decade ago I remember Rosalind Peterson and Dane both sounding the alarm on this with evidence stated from the American Navy's OWN website. They literally regard this unnecessary annihilation of MILLIONS of whales, dolphin, other species of fish and sea life as simply collateral damage. Incomprehensible that this is allowed to continue. No wonder the seas are almost dead, never mind Fukushima still boiling away for over a decade now.. Yeah, Let's just keep upping the budget for militaries everywhere they're serving us all so well.. Well, maybe NOT so much.

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