Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 24, 2018, #133


Dane Wigington

Record weather whiplash, record heat, record flooding, record species die-off, record low polar ice, record high military budgets, record quantities of bomb manufacturing, record ammunition purchases by "Homeland Security", and even now the epidemic of public denial and apathy continues with converging catastrophes closing in from every direction. Is there any chance of waking the masses in time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Many have managed to convince themselves that the current industrialized militarized society will somehow magically continue into the future, such a notion is not grounded in reality. The window of time to potentially make a difference is rapidly running out. If the human race is to have any chance of changing course, the masses must be awakened to all that is unfolding. All of those who are already aware are needed to help sound the alarm, sharing and circulating credible data is key.

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


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  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    'The concept of loyalty is distorted, when it is understood to mean blind acceptance' quote by Dag Hammarskjold is on point for most of what is told to us by governments, the medical field and mainstream media!

  2. Tom Petrie says:

    Here, I'm likely preaching to the choir, but let me say this anyway: Just because something is taught at a major "education" institution" does NOT mean it is correct. MANY lies are taught in learning institutions (to students of all ages), and MIT is no exception. (At Cornell, I was taught that sugar was healthy, organically raised foods were a waste of money, that white bread was good for you and that fluoridated water was perfectly safe–all lies.) Take ANOTHER lie, a more current one, and a a VERY BIG one, as a current example:…/the-growing-case-for-ge…/ "….it might be time to begin limited geoengineering experiments." WTF? These "experiments" are being proposed now because the population is waking up! That's right! When about ten percent of the people (1 in 10), just "know" that they're happening NOW, (yes, they become "awake"), oh, they propose (as Congress is doing now, b.t.w.), to "begin" these programs. This is part of the cover-up to make the population "accept" these programs. As Dane Wigington has so aptly pointed out in his page, these programs began in 1945….that's right, 73 years ago and the patents on them began in 1926. You're being "played" and MIT is in on the confusion and distraction. They're playing with your mind. Think about it: does 10 to 20 million TONS of aluminum, barium, strontium and other toxic elements being sprayed on us year-round sound like a "limited" experimental program? You're NOT to "question" something from MIT, right? Well, they're full of it and this is just part of the distraction. Wake up to the b.s. folks,ok? There's nothing "beginning" about these programs and Do NOT take my word for it. Send your rain or snow to a lab for analysis of aluminum and barium and THEN tell me about whether or not these "geoengineering" programs are in the beginning phases. They're NOT!
    Academia is lying and has been covering up these operations since they began in 1945. When you see the Arctic ice COMPLETELY gone this coming summer, you'll know these programs no longer work, as they did from 1945 to 1970. They DID keep the ice from melting much. Now, it's no longer working so they're screwed in two ways: If they stop, we're screwed and if they do NOT stop, we're screwed even worse.

  3. Dennie says:

    The walls are closing in.  Massive environmental destruction can no longer be hidden.  We are definitely "there" now:

    Wiping out California, the food basket of the U.S.:  And as we know here, this is being done on purpose, with huge help from the Military and their damnable geoengineering.

    Trump and cronies insist on taking the nation backwards:

    But at least SOMEONE wants to get it going in the right direction, again.  Extreme problems require extreme solutions:

    Dennis Kucinich, the boy mayor of Cleveland who went on to serve nearly two decades in Congress, is running for governor on a platform of radical change to how the energy industry operates in the state.

    “Fresh water and clean water are not negotiable issues,” Kucinich told The Intercept, pointing to the water contamination associated with oil and gas drilling. “They’re not negotiable.”

    In a press conference in late January, the Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate unveiled one of the most cutting-edge environmental platforms of any candidate in the country. Kucinich called for a total end to oil and gas extraction in the state of Ohio.

    To accomplish this, he would deploy a battery of radical policies. He would, for instance, utilize eminent domain to seize control of oil and gas wells throughout the state and then shutter them. He would block all new drilling permits and order a total ban on injection wells.

    Kucinich would also deploy the Ohio State Highway Patrol to stop and turn away vehicles that possess fracking waste. Under a Kucinich administration, Ohio would give subsidized health screens to residents living near fracking sites; that data would then be used to file a class-action lawsuit against fracking companies similar to how states took Big Tobacco to court in the ’90s.

    [source article]:

    • Dennie says:

      I sent this query to Rep. Jared Huffman, D-CA:

      Dear Rep. Huffman:

      I'm hoping you'll take the time to review this article that cites studies done by the University of CA Davis and Merced campuses on the future of California's orchard crops which are threatened by the rapidly accelerating rate of climate change:  We have numerous feedback loops that cannot be immediately stopped.  Even if all fossil fuel and hydrocarbon combustion stopped tomorrow it would take 40 years to reverse the warming.  In addition, the ongoing highly visible geoengineering programs are not making it better as we have good research by Berkeley National Laboratories proving that the nano-particulate metals being so visibly sprayed on us 24/7/365 actually shred the ozone layer.  

      Won't you work to stop the green house gas emissions and lead the way in facing head-on the much-denied reality of ongoing "solar radiation management," "stratospheric aerosolized geoengineering" and all of the large-scale weather modification and other not-so-clandestine military ops shredding our ozone layer and adding to the problems threatening our atmosphere and the entire web of life on this planet?


    • simone says:

      Greetings Denny, Thank you for sharing this info! it's encouraging and I keep re-sharing it everywhere I can. What Kucinich does is not just about giving people like us some hope – he already openly stands against the ruling imbeciles in a big way – and he is a very important position to make legal moves!   Any step towards sanity is important! 

    • Hello Dennie: Thanks for the excellent post and links. I saw this article regarding Dennis Kucinich a few weeks ago:
      Dennis Kucinich calls for end to oil and gas drilling in Ohio     Updated Jan 25; Posted Jan 25

      I've always been impressed by Mr. Kucinich, as he's pretty damn clear on key issues. The media keeps castrating him for the usual reasons… Here's some information you may find useful: >

      PERI – Toxic 100 Water Polluters Index (2018 Report, Based on 2015 Data)

      Click on company name for facility and chemical details. >

      PERI – Toxic 100 Air Polluters Index: 2018 Report, Based on 2015 Data

      Click on company name for facility and chemical details. >

      Personally, I don't give much credence to CO2 as an environmental warming issue.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics trumps all such politically motivated nonsense.  Never the less: The graph offers direct access to Parent Corporations or entities by clicking the company names as cited. There are also small "sort" tabs on the columns for aranging by rank.

      PERI – Greenhouse 100 Polluters Index: 2018 Report (Based on 2015 Data)

  4. As many of you may know, Dane's legal teams have been stiffed by "authorities" who refuse to conform to LAWFUL Freedom of Information requests. Apparently they're emotionally sensitive to potential incriminating evidence. 

    Anti-secrecy lawsuits soaring against Pruitt's EPA – POLITICO

    February 26. 2018

    “The FOIA process isn’t optional,” Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) said in an emailed statement. “The American people are entitled to know what government officials, including Mr. Pruitt, are doing with their time and taxpayer money. Yet, from the agency’s refusal to document major environmental policy decisions, to the fictitious ‘blanket waiver’ that it tried to use to justify Mr. Pruitt’s travel expenses, this EPA is evasive when it should be working to be transparent.”

    Please read entire article.

    • Dog says:

      From the Politico article:

      "Other than suing, groups concerned about how Pruitt is running the agency have little leverage in forcing the agency to open its files, because Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress."

      What does this mean?  That Republicans can run roughshod ovr the legal process because they control both chambers? What's wrong with the COURTS? Who is in control?

      The answer is a deeper, more sinister reason than just the government, however – it can be discovered, among other places, by watching this documentary below, the link to which was posted on this site very recently:

      "American Empire – An Act of Collective Madness"

      This documentary is an excellent introduction to, and exposition of, why and how we are in the situation we all are in now. Please take the time to watch it, it corroborates what many of us already know…

      From the documentary:



      It’s a corrupt system in which government appoints corporate CEO’s into a position where their office will make laws that will further their corporate agenda. The very system itself has become corporatized. Both parties are on the payroll.

      “We have created an economy that is actively destroying life…Our economic institutions are leading us into a perfect economic storm, that involves not only financial collapse, but also social collapse and environmental collapse, the combination of which there is no way we can survive as a civilized species.” We can see very clearly that those decisions are made totally in terms of what will generate not only the biggest profits for corporations, but MORE SPECIFICALLY, THE BONUSES OF WALL STREET TRADERS AND EXECUTIVES…

      Those in positions at the tops of corporations, and at the tops of governments, have been given immunity for their personal actions and what they do. So we have this merger, between corporations, banking, and government. And I don’t care what you call it, it’s deadly for America."



    • simone says:

      Beautiful job, Paul 🙂 I'm re-sharing this info you've thoughtfully published on Dane's site.  Too many morons get paid from our tax money creating super-criminal monstrosities using the backstage of the government's Loud Circus Show… Understandably, these hard-working morons are All Scared to Death to be taken to open to public Hearing and then, Court!!  I'm sure that even the very Fear of getting involved in open discussions might work for us and help these morons wake up, well, to some degree. They have to be INFORMED  about their violations, most importantly violations’ Punishments. Some   Gov. and military morons might even try to change their stinky ways, because of that Punishment Fear, at least stay away  from further supporting  Gov. colossal madness…   

      When people try to keep lots of secretive activities and stay  in darkness,  they unavoidably create more and more mess. Eventually “one hand does not know what the other hand is doing" That is why the Gov. morons and their servants of all sorts keep their heads in there holes, Scared even of each other..  Open, true Information is father-DEATH for them.

      Here is what I'm copying from your post and  reposting online everywhere I can:

      Anti-secrecy lawsuits soaring against Pruitt's EPA – POLITICO

      February 26. 2018

      “The FOIA process isn’t optional,” Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) said in an emailed statement. “The American people are entitled to know what government officials, including Mr. Pruitt, are doing with their time and taxpayer money. Yet, from the agency’s refusal to document major environmental policy decisions, to the fictitious ‘blanket waiver’ that it tried to use to justify Mr. Pruitt’s travel expenses, this EPA is evasive when it should be working to be transparent.”

    • Mr. Dog: Ka Boom!  Right on.  Good to see you repost > "American Empire – An Act of Collective Madness" It's an excellent treatise regarding the true nature of the Beast…

      simone: There are methodical ways to neutralize these corporate monstrosities. Like all powerful regimes with too many heads, they've created their own demise. No one knows which one owns the Hydra anymore, and no one knows who's zoomin' who. Every head needs to be severed, and the stump cauterized…

  5. Maria R says:

    Got off work at 7 am and it was 47 degrees outside on my way home which is 2 exits north I ran into heavy fog my car tells the outside temperature and the temperature dropped to 32 degrees……..

  6. Black Cat Italy says:

    Reply to Rachel Robsons comment on my post.  

    We too have thermometers all over the place as they never seem to show what it feels like.  After my comment the other day, snow arrived and the temperature dropped so cold that the local mayor sent messages to the citizens to tell them not to go out unless it was an emergency. It was to go down to minus 10C. In Central Southern Italy we normally don't get much snow but even on the Adriatic Coast yesterday they had 25cm and no machinery to clear it because they are not used to having it. The schools and offices closed.

    The previous time we had big hailstones we gathered it all together in a bowl and watched to see how long before it would melt.  It went all day and into the following morning before it started melting so we knew it wasn't natural.

    You say that the Italian people had protested but it is certainly not true of this area. They don't even see what goes on overhead and they look at me as if I'm crazy when I tell them all this weather is engineered but they continue to believe the stories from the weather broadcasting on the TV (the 'experts')!! But because of the intense cold at the moment the people here fear for the crops and the olives.  I often wonder if it is planned to affect the olive production for oil as the power structure and corporations would like us to use sunflower oil (GM, of course).

    I have reported many times of the dire state of the trees here, many are dead and dying from the top down. The people don't notice and basically don't care. I even saw a guy chop down a perfectly healthy walnut tree last year when there were dead ones not far away! 

    We used to have owls including the scops owl which sounds like a reversing truck, at night. We haven't heard one for about 2 years.  There are generally a lot less birds (but they shoot them for 'sport' )which makes me so angry. I try to save any wildlife I can but local people will even kill slow worms saying they are serpents! We save the local snakes and put them in areas where they won't be killed.

    We are sick of the cruelty of mankind – whether it is to the domestic animals or to wildlife.  

    The sun has finally come out after days of greyness so we hope the snow will melt but it is still at freezing point on the thermometer outside.

    Our cats continue to snuffle but the one with the blood coming from its nasal passages I treated with homeopathic remedies and the blood has stopped.Thank God for homeopathy although the medical complex wants rid of that too so we don't have a choice but to take their toxic drugs!

    God help us all!


    • simone says:

      DEAREST BLACK CAT ITALY, what a beautiful person you are!!!!!!!

      I read all your posts thinking how endlessly true, and awfully sad your reports are,  but on the other hand—- at the same time,  I feel that you're waking up good people (not those who cut healthy trees or gun down birds).  You Motivate good people to do everything to make a great change for the better, so you, and your precious cat-family would live healthy and meaningful  life you so deserve!!  We all must work day&night until we stop  human-hell-manufacturers and make them pay very dearly for all their  bloody crimes..  I wish you the very best of the best of everything you want!   Sending you lots of love across the ocean,  Simone.    

      P.S. I emailed your post to my relative who was about to fly to his favorite Italy for a vacation… he read it and he changed his mind. Some big industries like tourism are suffering… and will suffer more.. This shall help us  get more businesses and even industries on our side 🙂    

  7. barbzi says:




    DESPITE emerging from the dead of Winter, the Arctic continues to face unprecedented warm conditions resulting in some truly “weird” and “wacky” environmental outcomes that have scientists very worried.

    The normal temperature for the Arctic north is around -30 Celsius. But temperatures over the entire Arctic north have averaged about six degrees above normal since the beginning of the calendar year and at times have spiked more than 20 degrees higher.

    “How weird is that?” tweeted Robert Rohde, the lead scientist at Berkeley Earth, a non profit at the University of California focused on land temperature data analysis for climate science. “Well it’s Arctic winter. The sun set in October and won’t be seen again until March. Perpetual night, but still above freezing,” he wrote.

    US Meteorologist Eric Holthaus joined the chorus, tweeting: “This is simply shocking. I don't have the words.”

  8. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation
    A new report authored by over two-dozen experts on the implications of emerging technologies is sounding the alarm bells on the ways artificial intelligence could enable new forms of cybercrime, physical attacks, and political disruption over the next five to ten years.
    The 100-page report, titled “The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation,” boasts 26 experts from 14 different institutions and organizations, including Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, Cambridge University’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Elon Musk’s OpenAI, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The report builds upon a two-day workshop held at Oxford University back in February of last year. In the report, the authors detail some of the ways AI could make things generally unpleasant in the next few years, focusing on three security domains of note—the digital, physical, and political arenas—and how the malicious use of AI could upset each of these.
    “It is often the case that AI systems don’t merely reach human levels of performance but significantly surpass it,” said Miles Brundage, a Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and a co-author of the report, in a statement. “It is troubling, but necessary, to consider the implications of superhuman hacking, surveillance, persuasion, and physical target identification, as well as AI capabilities that are subhuman but nevertheless much more scalable than human labour.”
    Indeed, the big takeaway of the report is that AI is now on the cusp of being a tremendously negative disruptive force as rival states, criminals, and terrorists use the scale and efficiency of AI to launch finely-targeted and highly efficient attacks.

    • Dog says:

      +1 Susan!

    • simone says:

      Hello Susan, how endlessly sad… those very "promising" man-made games&gains…  Imagine robotic Stupidity or "artificial intelligence", that is forever deaf and blind towards the very essence of living nature,  is Modifying climate along with the rest of living creatures on this planet… We have been modified already for millennia since "inventing things" which means, mimicking nature we cannot comprehend.. The more brainless technology we use the more we pay for the benefits of our "intelligence", far beyond any money! – our very poor, helplessly handicapped, poisonous society keeps building hell-on-earth, this is nothing close to anything that can be recognized as intelligence.. Be well, and stay very strong!

  9. simone says:

    Human beings are so destructive. I sometimes think we're a kind of plague, that will scrub the earth clean. We destroy things so well that I sometimes think, maybe that's our function. Maybe every few eons, some animal comes along that kills off the rest of the world, clears the decks, and lets evolution proceed to its next phase.” 

    ― Michael Crichton, The Lost World 

    Only a few are able to learn… But these rare individuals are here to save life on this bleeding planet. Bless you in every step towards sanity,  against man-made hell, and those loose psychotic "leaders".. Their place is in mental institutions, and in hell where they have come from..  We are a few but all the power of Mother Nature is with us.

    • Hello simone: Your posts often inspire this feeling:

      A song by a woman I loved from a distance of 20+ years…

      Suzanne Vega – Song Of Sand – YouTube

      "If sand waves were sound waves

      What song would be in the air now

      What stinging tune

      Could split this endless noon

      And make the sky swell with rain

      If war were a game that a man or a child

      Could think of winning

      What kind of rule

      Can overthrow a fool

      And leave the land with no stain."

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Paul, the depth of your contributions never ceases to amaze me. Though I am a simple man, I know those that have grit in there day and softness in their heart. I learn much from you. It is good to know that you are out there. Thank you my friend I haven't met yet.

  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Crazy weather anomalies we're having these days, "eh?". The freeze fry scenario plays on here in USA Inc. I'm in the freeze region and we're still "frying". I kid you not. Though temps are low, things aren't normal. The snow is melting from the bottom up. The recent layer of snow is virtually "untouched" yet the snow banks under it have shrunk considerably. "Sublimation" is stealing any available moisture. Today was a half way sunny day and my thermometer in the shade of my porch post read 38F for a considerable amount of time. This late afternoon I walked through several areas that had been "in the sun" and they were still dry and granular. No evidence of moisture anywhere. My roof barely dripped any water after this last snow fall. This has been the case most of the winter though. Not much of an ice accumulation under the eves as was noted in the past.

    A couple days ago I was down at the feed store and I walked in and over heard a conversation going on at the counter. The gal(customer) was telling the story of how the tankers fly over head and the trails spread out over the coarse of time. She glanced over at me and said to the propriator, "and there's the super hero himself". I could see she was deeply engrossed in her conversation. So, I headed back out to my truck and gathered up two different flyers and a 20 page pamphlet and a DVD(hacking the planet). I walked back into the feed store and patiently added myself into the conversation. Then the customer in all her boastfulness, said the "chemtrail" term. I made sure all 4 folks around me that had been listening to her for god knows how long, heard me say, "they're not chemtrails". It was interesting as to the back stepping the customer performed. Well done though, I might add. She used the proper terms when confronted. It was fun to use an often traveled path in telling someone that they're not chemtrails. Stops those that think they know so much, right in their tracks. The customer made the remark, while I was trying to teach a lesson, the customer said "you're preaching to the blah blah". I said, "well, guess that makes 'me' the preacher, don't it?. There's a nut shell version of what I was allowed to contribute. Know this though. The "customer" had never been to my booth at the farmers market. I had not passed on any info to this person. Yet she identified me as "the super star" and we have never had a Geo engineering conversation. Moral of the story is, "Keep laying it down and speaking accurate truth and you will sometimes get a small reward". "Our" larger reward will only come when we have brought enough people onboard and those to be willing to stop the madness of Geo Engineering. It's the only hope we have. "Talk to strangers, speak well"…

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Follow up: Well a day has passed since I wrote this last contribution. Today here in my region it was actually a very nice day. We had a high of 42F, slight breeze and full on sun all day. Finally, a day without "any" aerosols being laid out in the skies. I see those tankers doing their deed when most others do not. No aerosols today. So what did full on sun get me today. Well, for one, it felt good, that's the up side. I went on the same walk as I did yesterday afternoon. Still no moisture in the snow though it has condensed considerably. At 40 degrees and full on sun it was still crunchy under foot, like dry snow would be. I remember days of "corn snow". It was formed when the sun hit the snow surface and the snow turned to granules of basically ice because there was moisture in it. I know it hurt to fall on it when skiing. It was like sand paper times ten. Tonight will be the clearest night in quite some time. It is also cooling off fast outside. Inside I'm toasty warm. So fathom this, no trails today, 85% humidity now and the temps are dropping. Any guesses as to why? It's not the winds bringing anything in, there aren't any tonight. It's not the clear sky letting heat out(it's the wrong color for that and has been for decades now. Besides, methane has reached such a great factor in the equation it's scary). From my observations, I believe that "sublimation" of snow creates yet again another surface cooling effect. Especially when the sun goes down and the process slows and gains saturated mass due to no more effect of UV and possibly too, a compression of the already sublimated gases. Then there's the important question of: "Why is my snow melting from the bottom up?" I've got the pictures to prove it. Just so everyone knows, I already know why. I just hope you folks know or will learn why also. When Dane quotes how UV is "off the charts", he is exact. Living in a natural environment like I do, these truths become self evident.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear 'a' simple horseman,

      The mailman delivered your banner to my door today.  Thank you!  

      Love and gratitude for who you are and what you do.  

      My Best, Blue Sue

  11. Blue Sue says:

    Dane, I know what you mean about those who walk away or roll their eyes when you present the truth to them.  As a person born in 1956, and wanting to know more about the world I entered at that point in America,  I've been reading I.F. Stone's A Nonconformist History of our Times: The Haunting Fifties: 1953 -1963.  So far, a fascinating (and surprising) read. What a shame that authentic mudraking investigative journalists like Stone (and Molly Ivins) have mostly become a thing of the past.  In the last century, history labeled distinctive decades the "Roaring Twenties" and the "Haunted Fifties" Stone). Likely that like this next decade ahead may become known as the "Tragic Twenties."  I'd love to be wrong here. 

  12. Heidi says:

    Thanks, Dane for educating and keeping alarm bells ringing.  I hope people who choose not to know, to look away, or not to get informed will wake up on time.

    I now finally understand why the flying jets seem to disperse another material temporarily over San Diego county.  The used aerosol only leaves a relatively short contrail that dissipates quickly.  However, it probably contains chemical ice nucleation materials which cause the unusual cool down here for the 1st time this winter.

    More bad news for phytoplankton.  A study showed that they die even more rapidly when UV is combined with nanoparticles

  13. Dog says:

    Beatle George Harrison's son Dhani has a video, All About Waiting, which is an animation of a series of circumstances which depicts many of the topics discussed here – a lab experiment on bees involving microwave radiation,  a cellphone tower radiating; catastrophic weather events (tornado, flood, fire); an emaciated polar bear trapped on an ice floe, a plane spraying; a giant hurricane bearing down on a tropical island; depictions of the double helix/ DNA strand; and genetically-modified animals.

    This post is not meant to be a plug for Mr. Harrison's music, but I find it fascinating that he is evidently aware of the issues being discussed here.



    • Dennie says:

      John Lennon certainly knew what was going on and look what "they" did to him:  Again, a premeditated murder by yet another "lone nut gunman."  They knew the guy was crazy and building security was also amazingly lax.  JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc., ad infinitum.  Simply wash, rinse, and repeat.

      Brainwashed programmed Sheeple are soooo stoopid they let their emotions run away with them every single shocking time we have a shoot-up, without mentioning or even so much as noticing The Pattern.

    • Dog says:

      Dennie – I hope you check/have checked out the Harrison video – it's from his latest release, and you can find it on his website.

      I was quite surprised to see this video – it's entirely animated, with no "live" action, but the content and presentation are striking, as is the song – and again, it depicts much of what the subject matter addressed on this website has been.

      I can't imagine he did not know or understand what he was presenting – I wonder how many people who have seen it are able to connect the conceptual dots.

      As for Lennon, one reason I decided to post here about the Harrison video, is that numerous artists who challenge the conventional wisdom, and have the temerity to address it in their art and release it as product for consumption, are almost universally reviled and maligned by the mainstream press in one way or another.  There are so many examples of this – even if they're commercially successful, their message is always derided. This DEFINITELY happened to Lennon and Yoko Ono.

      Lennon was certainly in a position to understand how things really work, which is why, I think, he became a peace activist. He realized that he was capable of making a real change.  Nixon and his "people" understood that all too well. The Beatles' influence on almost all fronts – musical, social, political – was then, and remains, immense. We should not forget their contribution to our world.

      BUT – who wants Peace and Love? Giant multinational conglomerates who crank out endless war?

      As for The Pattern, all we have is speculation, because the cloak of immunity that surrounds those at the pinnacle of power remains in place, as long as it is allowed.


    • Pedro says:

      People of the Earth; REVOLT !!


  14. Blue Sue says:

    Dane thank you for this latest Global News Alert and the dire truth it contains for those with ears to hear. Like countless teachers, I was stunned by Trump's shockingly moronic suggestion to make schools safer for our children.  

    It's hard enough to teach today with the numerous social, economic, technological, and health challenges confronting students and teachers without the mainstream news airing/sharing such absurd  ideas!  

    EMR from pervasive WIFI is a serious health detriment that concerns me greatly.  Bringing awareness to this issue is difficult in our smartphone culture and when I try, most look at me like I have two heads. 

    Everyone I work with has noticed the anti-geoengineering bumper stickers on my car, and I am aware of their dismissal and mockery of my attempts to point out our defiled skies. Many simply are not able to see yet. Never to be deterred, I have typed up a message for my colleagues and will leave copies in our staff lounge tomorrow: 

    A message to those who care: Life As We (could) Know It

    Tragically, life is now toxic.  Certain critical realities, certain dire topics today that scream for our attention, are skillfully silenced, artfully rejected, or faithfully ignored — by design.  So very many of us succumb to countless ways by which we escape reality.  Reality hurts.  Knowing and facing reality is painful.  We truly ache from the knowledge.  It is a heavy burden upon our hearts and souls and a lonely load to carry.  Awareness of reality is wearisome and frustrating.  

    Deeply troubling is the mind control clearly evident in the all-too-common reaction that’s ever ready to dismiss or ridicule the reality of past and present global geoengineering vis-à-vis a tired semantic psy-op tactic that tethers the widely used term “chemtrails” to “conspiracy theory” and vapid “debunking”.   How sad, that we have become strangers to nature, unable to even see the sky above us.

    May God help us all throw off our carefully designed blinders of distortion and distraction; help us wake up and face the truth of today’s painful reality!   Climate change, global warming, whatever the terminology we choose to use or not use, the fact is: the earth’s worldwide environments are changing rapidly and radically and reveal the decline and devastation of mankind’s deadly assault.  The land, the waters, the air are all horribly and visibly defiled and poisoned.  Hundreds of species continue to go extinct every day, and we who survive, experience countless ailments, diseases, and disorders.  Our suffering children weep silently or scream wildly for our attention to this frightful calamity.  Are we listening? What kind of world will we leave them?

    The destruction, the careless carnage, the wholesale industrial and pharmaceutical poisoning must stop.  What could matter more?  Surrender not to the tyranny of our times.  Let us not march like zombies to our deaths.  Awaken. Educate yourself.  Do research and investigate credible sources.  Learn who really holds the power, is responsible for the damage and fallout, and who controls nearly every facet of current life, as we know it.  Refuse to be distracted!  We MUST pay ATTENTION! 

    WE, THE PEOPLE, need to heal our deeply troubled, politically dysfunctional, and economically fractured country; heal our deeply wounded earth, and transform our debt-based, distracted-by-design consumer culture in service to our corporate masters, to a wholesome social structure that honors our mutual well-being, protects and supports the web of life, and serves the needs of the people and the earth rather than the brutal and sociopathic ruling elite.  We are called on by the very times in which we live to ACT, to BE the CHANGE we wish to see in the world.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 

    We must seize the day and do something to turn the tide of our impending doom while we still can!  We are still free to take desperately needed moral action for the benefit of all.  May all who care enough to act be abundantly blessed and strengthened in their efforts to this noble cause for the greater Good.

    (A few honest and informative resources you might be interested to check out:)

    Global News Alert 2/24/18

    The American Empire: An Act of Collective Madness

    What a Way to Go: Life at the end of Empire— (Start watching at minute 1:43 to hear the more hopeful and positive part of this film, if you aren’t ready to dive in at the beginning of the video – be ready for dense, heavy, dire content.)

    • Blue Sue says:

      “Imbue thyself with the power of imagination. Have courage for the truth. Sharpen thy feeling for responsibility of soul.”  — Rudolf Steiner

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Blue Sue, Gee but what you've said here is beautiful and inspiring as well as your wishes to which I agree very much.  I believe it is up to us to forge a new future built on sustainable everything with the well being of everything and everybody in mind.  The thing is, how?  One huge task, so little time.  Depending on how one factors time.  All over the world countries are tightening up their borders.  All over the world there are climate refugees.  Not to mention wars.  How old are your students?  Do you cover other counties in your teaching?  Kids always have such interesting things to say.  And kids relate to other kids.  I'm half afraid to watch what you offer here: heavy, dense, dire!  I've about had it with dire!  Still….Guess we all, here, know that eye roll Dane and you mention.  I know people must think that my intentions are good, but that this little old lady has fallen for fake news, i.e. weather modification scenarios.  Like a character flaw, a weakness.  They just don't get it.  And sometimes I do wonder if they should get it.  Of course they should, but then what?  What to do with that knowledge?  Here, there are now so very many cars.  So many and many of those new.  Commercials advertising cars that can easily go off road, as if all want to go where no one else can, as if that is a good thing.  Maddening.  Clearly, no one gets the damage being done six ways from Sunday.  So depressing.  I'm guessing way less traffic in Alaska?  Please say yes!  would be nice to imagine!   

    • beatriz says:

      Blue Sue, wishing that your lucid, well stated, thorough and compassionate message touches the heart and brains of your fellow teachers. Thank you.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hi Rachel,

      To answer some of your questions, this year I am teaching first grade, but last year I taught 5th grade.  We "loop" where I work and teachers stay with the same class of children from grade 1 to grade 5, and then another new middlle-school teacher takes the same class from grade 6 to grade 8.  I love that we stay with the children through the grades. It is powerful for their developmental, social, and academic progress and very conducive to their emotional intelligence and community building.  We soon become a family where everyone accepts (and even loves) one another, warts and all.  You are so right about the interesting things children say.  I learn as much from these young (but often wise/old?) souls as they do from me.  Many days my former students (now 6th graders) come down to help volunteer in my classroom and help the young ones with math or handwork (knitting) — depending on the time of day.  Tonight I gave a ride home to one of my former students and he was talking about President Trump's odd and conflicting statements regarding the NRA he caught on the evening news. He found it strange that one minute the president is saying don't be afraid of the NRA and the next minute he's saying we might just need to fight them.  This insight from a 12-year-old boy!  Our conversation shifted and he asked me what "propaganda" meant.  My oh my.  What a world these children are inheriting from us.  In addition to the teaching the regular 3 "Rs", our school's 5th grade curriculum teaches the children about botany and ancient history so they study many ancient cultures, starting with ancient India, Persia, Chaldea, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  In 4th grade, the children learn about Norse Mythology and zoology, and in 3rd grade they learn the Hebrew Stories of the old testament, farming, and shelter building. Fables and Saints in 2nd grade and fairytales and nature stories in first grade. Not the typical dry mainstream academic fare.  Also, music, art and foreign languages are experienced every day by the children. Imagination and creativity are highly valued as is reverence for life and nature.  This education we provide has a healing impulse/quality for our children who today are so terrible challenged by the times in which we live.  As for the traffic situation here in Alaska, it can be bumper to bumper much of the day in Anchorage now, and where I live in a smaller town it's dense traffic for an hour or two during certain times of day (to and home from work-rush) but it is nothing like the traffic in So. California or many other big cities in the "lower 48" as we call you folks south of Canada.  We have about 14 inches of snow here now.  Weird crunchy very dry snow.  Clear (mostly) today and about 20 above (F). Supposed to be cloudy here again tonight with "patchy fog" or flurries at temps near zero.  So totally unnatural.  Hope your weather is not so strange. Bless you my friend. 


  15. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Got to Love Voltaire's Intelligence. He said; Doctor's are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings they know nothing.    On Oct 16th they started pushing flu shots here in the local paper. Influenza season is here!  And now over four months later…Alberta's Influenza program is ongoing! Ongoing? You mean it will be, year round?   They say Influenza is a Real Threat.   Though vaccine effectivness may vary, know this: last season, influenza vaccine cut Alberta's risk of influenza by about 40%. Without immunization, Albertans were completely at risk. And we do mean all Albertans, they said. Although some individuals (pregnant women, seniors, children & individuals with under lying health conditions or compromised immune systems) are at greater risks of complications, without immunizations, even healthy Albertans are at risk of severe illness and even death!  Sixty four Albertans died with influenza last season, and more than 1,600 Albertans were hospitalized.  Let's do better this year, they said.   Dirty, Dirty, Dogs!   I would bet that most, if not all of those spoken of, had a Shot of Mercury laden toxic crap with a chaser of Aluninum!  That's why they are Dead or Hospitalized!  On Nov. 6th they even said; "Please", Get Your Influenza Shot!   Desperate times call for desperate measures.       On Oct. 23rd 2017, with headline reading; More than "810,000 Albertans" consult a physician for addiction and mental health.    Yes, Albertans, not Canadians as a whole, make up that 810,000.  Alberta with a population of 4,067,175 with census of 2016. So almost a quarter of our population in Alberta are affected & they are worried about the Flu??? I think they need to put their energy where it needs to be & it's "NOT THE FLU" that needs attention from our government.   Then titled under, "Health". Get up to $50,000 from the Government of Canada. Do you or someone you know have any of these conditions? ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, cancer, COPD, depression, diabetes, difficulty walking, fibromyalgia, irritable bowels, overweight, trouble dressing, and hundreds more. All ages and medical conditions qualify.  Are you freaking kidding me?    A lie with a purpose is one of the worst kind, & the most profitable  –  Finley Peter Dunne  – 

    • Mark says:

      Ensure you are getting enough potassium you need 4700mg per day and many do not even come close.  All the dis-ease you mentioned can be tracked to low potassium levels. 

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, it's amazing that even PHYSICIANS do not tell their patients the RDA for potassium, probably because they don't know and they don't care, they'd rather you work yourself into high blood pressure then prescribe some toxic poison masquerading as "medicine," that will only make you even sicker!  Without enough potassium you run the risk of cardiac arrhythmia which can be fatal.  The potassium-sodium "pump" is what keeps the heart's electronics firing correctly so the muscle contractions are in sync with the conductor (minerals).  Read more here:  A lot of high blood pressure can be helped by getting enough potassium as well as magnesium, which keeps muscles from cramping up, helps muscles to relax and improves ability to fall to sleep.  Of course, calcium's important and you need enough vitamin D to be able to use calcium in the body, though you don't want too much because it is then deposited in the arteries, stiffening them up.  Be sure to get enough vitamin K-3 found in broccoli, to keep the excess calcium out of your blood vessels. 

      One cup of avocado supplies 20 per cent of your daily recommended 4700 mg of this soft metal mineral, so get out the chips and fill up on guacamole!  You can get +600 mg of K in a glass of orange juice.  Other sources:  Potatoes of every kind, sweet and not; spinach, chard and other leafy dark green vegetables; dates and raisins are great, whole milk and yogurt's good too.  Thankfully these are all my favorite foods, could it be a coincident?

    • Nina says:

      Barium reduces potassium in the body drastically. I read that barium is given to rats in cruel experiments to induce heart attacks. I always feel better and more grounded after taking potassium supplements. (Potassium citrate form is best.)

  16. Joseph L says:

    Very well done show. I have been listening to yours shows for a long time. You always present new stuff even for old time listeners. I hope that people that come in here continue to listen and pass the info on  for new people.  Alot of people believe it is someone else's problem. Let's talk about health if a family member had a heart attack and their life was on the line -then they would be very concerned and help that person get well.  Well the planet is dying so everyone is needed to get off of their butt and help spread the word. Most people unfortunately are cowards and will do nothing.  I personally have handed out thousands of flyers from this website and I wonder were they all end up.


    Toxic Oilfield Wastewater Used to Grow California Food, Including Organics


  17. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    How true is this statement from Voltaire born Nov. 21,1694 in Paris France then passed on May 30 1778. " In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to another".     No Robin Hood thinking from governments even then.  Steal from the Poor to give to the Rich!  Our governments working on our behalf.  Wink, Wink!   A quote from hundreds of years ago.   And still up to their same ole tricks.   And yet another from century's ago makes it to a ripe old age of 84, without being vaccinated. How on Earth did they do it? Now avoiding Alzhiemers before 50 is a feat. Doesn't seem to me that we are progressing in health.  We are going backwards. Way Back!

  18. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    One day everything will be well, that is our Hope.    Everything's fine today, is our Illusion.  –  Voltaire  –    Summer like conditions in February in Eastern U.S.? So what about in the Spring? Will it be Super Summer like Heat? What will they say come Summer to cover their tracks!   Parents certainly cannot say as some of us use to…Go outside & get some "Fresh Air"!    Dr. S Collins Air Pathogeons to infect the populations below.  Oh My!   Ban on making viruses lifted.  Who are these people, ( & I use that term loosely) participating in finding deadlier viruses?  It never ceases to amaze me.  The Big Freeze my butt. These are engineered cool downs. Contrary to some thinking in Alberta, we have  "Four Season" not two. Three months of each Season!  And because of you participating idiots.    It will soon just be Summer!     Summer, Summer, & more Summer!     September 19th 2017, It was Snowing in Yellowhead County Alberta at 5C (41F) The 20th, Blizzard warnings in Central Alberta, 8 inches fell. By the 21st, 12 inches of snow had fallen in some areas. They have kept at it since then & "Five" plus months later…We have at least 18 inches of Manufactured Snow still on the ground. Snowshoes sink a foot while walking on it. The squirrels jump from tree to tree or dig tunnels to get to seed, peanuts & fresh water (heated bird bath). I've had to dig out feeding areas for the regular 200+ Birds that come daily & have been here since November. I feel blessed to have them here, so       -30C or not, in the early AM before they come, I am out cleaning up the mess the sprayers have left behind so I can save the ones that count on me each day. I've lost two Pine Grosbeaks ( A Big Boreal Finch) today, & my heart is broken. I put them in the shop freezer so I can bury them proper come Spring with the others that didn't make it. I've noticed many with their feet (Talons) frozen. They hop & squat to protect them. One of the Pine Grosbeak (Gib) lost his legs & feet & balances on his belly to eat. After several tries he will find a branch to balance on. He has such courage & determination.  I have a hundred+ Common Redpoles.  Hairy & Downy Woodpeckers. Nut Hatches & Chickadees.  A few dozen Snow Buntings pass through now & then to feed in open areas. A couple dozen mouthy Blue Jays.  And my two Buddies, My Raven Friends.  Lest I forget the "protected Merlin", that kills Song Birds. My Air Gun scares him. The Bad Asses always seem to be looked after!     How long will this amount of Snow take to melt? Another month or two? How long will they continue to spray us with ice nucleated substances & block our Sun all day long keeping us in a Toxic Hazey Canopy & blocking all of our daylight hours with manufactured cloud creations to keep the manufactured snow on the ground? Yes, another 'Six Months  Plus" of winter in Alberta.  I use to be out Landscaping by now. And I worked into October in Alberta "Outdoors" ! YES OUTDOORS IN ALBERTA!!!  Up until the last 5 years or more. Cleaning up yards & preparing beds in February. Too many decades that I have spent outdoors working, to be fooled, I guess.   I worry about the Robin's that will soon come looking for Worms & Bugs again, only to find a frozen land to try to survive in before it melts, so they then, can find food. Last year I bought them mealworms to help them out. They ate them along with other birds in need of an Earth Crawler. And God help the Bees that do make it through another brutal Six Months of Manufactured Snow.  The Deer eat Hay just to alleviate their Hunger Pains. Many have been found dead with bloated stomachs from eating things they shouldn't, just to Survive!   The eyes are truly useless when the mind is blind.    Every Man Is Guilty Of All The Good He Did Not Do!  –  Voltaire  –     What will you do today to help this most critical cause?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gail, A Pine Grosbeak lost its legs and feet and yet survives, balancing on branches?!!  God!  That is both the most heart breaking thing And the most inspiring thing I've ever heard, maybe.  Stunning.  You must photograph this bird!  He/she must be known by many.  Amazing grace! 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Gail, Thank you for this detailed report on your avian wildlife up there. My heart breaks to hear of your little Gib who lost his feet and legs, likely due to the unnatural cold being foisted upon them. Please continue to take good care of him, (and all of those dear creatures) they are lucky to have you. Thanks also for the excellent quote from Voltaire. I wonder how many fall into that category? How many times  could we have done some good but didn't?!  Its an excellent reminder to never miss the chance to if we have an opportunity- no matter what that good deed may be.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Rachel & Earth Angel for your very kind words.  Gib is a Sweet Boy. He has Tenacity like no other Bird that I've seen. I have loyally feed Birds & Animals in need, for over three decades now & have never seen one loose their legs, I hope it does show others the severity of this ice nucleated crap.  He now is like a Humming Bird with rapid wing beats grabbing several seeds at once from one feeder in particular, then dropping them on a stand I have near the feeding station on a large mound of snow there. He then eats each one, & back he goes. He uses a lot of energy by having to do this, thus needing to eat more. He has become a Strong Flyer & right in front of me yesterday, while outside watching Gib, the Merlin went after him. Between my screaming & Gib's new strength. He avoided what could have been, certain death. I Hates those Birds!  They are Brazen indeed.  Jonathan Livingston Seagull?  Yes Rachel, he balances himself on very small branches. You would think the large ones who do better, but, he will land on several looking for the right one that suits him. I think he hooks the stubs that are left, on them. He tilts forward & back, then he's good.  You should see him in a wind storm!  The other Birds seem to care & watch over him. I've never posted a picture before. He sure does deserve to be acknowledged.  Courage is so powerful to witness.   It Humbles us!    I too Love Voltaire's quote.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Just so others understand…Gib was flying on top of another sloped awning/roof of a large feeder to eat after dropping seeds, so, I got the idea of what I thought to be helpful to him by placing seeds there, to make it easier. The other Birds then flocked there to eat up the seeds & Gib could no longer freely land there. So I no longer do that for him. I have also built him ramps to balance himself that he does not use.  He will find his way I now understand & will watch over him until he decides to go. Although some Grosbeaks do stick around & the Evening & Rose Breasted Grosbeaks will come in the Spring.       I Pray I see him again next Fall, if he does leave.   It already Hurts to say that!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Gail, I can always relate to what you share in your posts.  Living in the northland as you and I do, we have much in common.  It is heartbreaking to hear of your wounded and suffering feathered friends. The birds have been hit hard here in Alaska.  Ravens and chickadees are about all I see during these cold winter months. A mama moose and her two young twins have been foraging through our neighborhood recently. It is so sad how wildlife must endure mankind's unthinking cruelty.  I remember what you said about the horrible environmental devastation to Jasper and Banff, which I visited back in the seventies, thinking they were two of the most gorgeous places on earth I thought.  It seems that the same basic mentality that predominates in Alaska mirrors that of Alberta.  All revolves around resource extraction, big oil, and "growing our economy".  The big event in these parts, the Iditarod Dogsled Race starts once again this weekend along with all the media coverage it garners.   I wish that people would would give as much of their feeble attention to the shrinking sea ice, habitat loss, and suffering wildlife resulting from climate engineering. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gail,  You must photograph Gib!  He could be The poster boy of nucleated snow!  Seriously, people think of polar bears on a tiny ice flow, thanks to Green Peace, which gives the impression of climate changes far away from most of us as opposed to all over, not to mention the horrors of nucleated snow.  Gib's situation is like an arrow to the heart!  It really could be a poster or a 'flyer'.  My pink and turquoise sky jewel weirdness here, my photos of, I think I will have made into postcards.  It would be fun to send them to others who will no doubt wonder what the? People will see what apparently they do not.  Think of how much further a pic of Gib could go toward any similar, if any!, stories, and wondering about his situation, the flyer/poster could ask the question: Fake Snow?

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Blue Sue. I too thought Banff & Jasper to be a Great Wonder of Beauty in the 70's. Banff was just a hop, skip & a jump from Calgary, so many Parents would take their Families for holidays & weekend get-aways there. It is so familiar to me. It's a Big Warm Hug!  I am much closer to Jasper now & cannot drive through without "Balling my eyes out"!  It is a Horror to see what SRM has done to this once Pristine area. Now all you hear about is the Devastation from the Pine Beetle! They have now hired a team to figure it out & what they should do!  Stop SRM You Nuts! Our tax dollars paying for their dishonourable work.     I am Glad that you got to see it then. I have wanted to see the Beauty & Wonder of Alaska, since I was a teen.  And the Dog Sled race.  I no longer think this Dream will come true. Sadly. I cannot bare to see anymore suffering in such Beauty. Here in Alberta is enough!  Rachel. thank you for your concern about Gib. I took some pictures yesterday. Where would you suggest I post a picture of him? I have never been on facebook or any like sites. By Choice. So it is not an option to me.      I would gladly send you some photo's.  This Merlin seems to want to take him out.   Please Pray for his Safety. 

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: More on the heinous Crisis Industry. Seemorerocks in NZ with an extensive photographic proof of Drills, Anomalies and Child Actors Involved With Parkland School Shooting in Florida. Our world is beyond sick. It has truly become insane.
    Sunday, 25 February 2018
    Drills, Anomalies and Child Actors Involved With Parkland School Shooting in Florida revealed
    Extensive Post Reveals Drills, Anomalies and Child Actors Involved With Parkland School Shooting in Florida on February 14, 2018 (N.S.F.W.)
    21 February, 2018
    Click on the Show button at the foot of the post to reveal all images.
    This particular event stands out due to all the laughing and smiling by the main students being promoted as angry anti-gun advocates by the media. It is notable that the mainstream media has quickly embraced a few specific personalities in regards to the Parkland school shooting event. Keep in mind that this is the same media that openly promotes wars overseas and even support for cloaked terrorist groups such as the White Helmets in Syria. Thus, they should always be watched with a skeptical eye as they often misreport the truth and rely on triggering an emotional response from their audience.
    Information posted online by the students at Parkland and by other individuals reveals some of these children to be involved with the crafts of acting, reporting and directing movies.  This post predominantly deals with material related to Cameron Kasky and David Hogg, although there is a substantial amount of material also related to other individuals who seem to be 'acting' out of character for a tragic event, plus there are links to various articles explaining censorship and conspiracy theories related to such.

  20. Ron Marr says:

    If one cannot identify truth through one's own experience and research, truth becomes a chimera. A friend of many years, attacked me verbally, because he found a website that debunks everything, he thinks, I believe. I can only inform him it is not about me. He must discern truth for himself, and that, may he sleep in peace. Dane mentions blind acceptance. Its victims come from the web of the fake reality. We all have been subjected to it. In moment to moment situations, at times, it seems impossible to wake people up. Some say they understand, they get it, as they spew their mainstream crap…like, we should have gun control so we can save lives. Police alone have killed 400 times the Americans that the false flag narrative has killed. Governments have killed millions upon millions of its people in our history. Today, as Dane pointed out again, (my words) we are surrounded by the totalitarian tiptoe from all angles, for destruction and depopulation. People are still tuned in to their technology, MSM, TV programs, (people roll their eyes, when I say, they don't call it programing for nothing) and many other distractions. I spent three days, literally, in my sons home. My youngest grandson wakes up in the night with a bloody nose, twice on my visit. The eldest has a form of asthma. Dane's thick book of compiled facts is stuff away in a cabinet…unread. I know people are waking up and that it is just in the trenches that the war seems unending and that we can never give up.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Yes, that Gun control is yet again what they throw back at ya. I too hear this one lately. If only they understood, You take away the guns from the innocent & it leaves the thugs with the guns. They will always find away to get them, even when we can't, or are not allowed to have them. The government will sell them, to them!     And what does the fact of Geoenineering have to do with it. They act like they are talking about something more important than you are by bringing up the gun issue. We should focus on another fraud of the minds thinking.  And yes as you said Ron, The amount that have been Killed by Police, including, Family Pets in Yards!  What a Threat they are, & what heroes those Police are!   I`m Very Sorry to hear about your Grand Children`s Health. You can lead a Horse to water…I took a video from my Son, that I gave him, & gave it to another that was interested. Of course I told my Son. He didn`t object. I was tired of seeing it collecting dust & still in the wrapper.  We don`t have time to waste on those that refuse to listen, learn or investigate. Even our own families.

  21. Hello Dane: Your last two presentations show incredible focus in every regard. I wish I possessed your dignity and strength of delivery, but it seems I am made of different materials. Not sure of composition as yet… My frustrations brought forth this loving tirade sometime before breakfast: >

    To Esquires, PhDs, and other academic thespians: I’ve refrained from posting this comment, as I’ve become so offended by the content therein, that I needed to take several cold showers…

    It would seem you folks enjoy bathing in bathtubs – replete with corporate sharks, nasty pirate ships, and ancient church Canons. Let’s just cut to the chase: >>> You need to pull your heads out of your own asses. <<< There are oceans of civilians out here in the big world. Last count was about 7 BILLION. Allot of us are dying of all the fun you’ve created with your pink rubber duckies, but enough is enough.

    LAWS are designed as civil protections in such case as persons with Titles of Nobility happen to become corporate pirates and/or employees thereof… See: TONA Research Committee (and elsewhere) – The Original Thirteenth Amendment

    I’ve worked with several Esquires in the past, and they did a really fine job as long as I was able to provide a few car payments or perhaps buy them a new ward – robe. Some of you might get my drift… I repeat: >>> You need to pull your heads out of your own asses. <<<

    No one is going to notice your new argyle socks when there’s no one alive to enjoy them… As civilian Americans, you have the rare and profound occasion to lead the World out of the corporate graveyard you’re participations have created. You can do this of your own accord, or allow the laws of physics and biology to  sink your Admirable bull-ship altogether…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Paul, guess you let 'er rip!  One pissed off Paul.  Making astute sense.  Clever use of wording.  I happen to have a bird calendar, not my main calendar, up from last year as the last photo, and big, is of a Reddish Egret with its head literally up its ass!  Hysterical photo!  One can see its head, long neck bent down, standing high on spindly legs, long beak up ass.  Gotta love birds.

      By the way, thanks to your link about Deep Green Resistance and their issue on Juniper and Pinion trees in Nevada, I read it and am amazed by the sheer scope of what I did not know!  So glad you informed me!  Here, back when I thought I was helping save the pinions, I did not know what I was trying to save was a rare survivor!  Did not know, somehow!, that there once were vast Juniper and Pinion forests, forests! in Nevada. And back to smelting again.  I thought I was done with smelting but no.  This article actually quantifies all of it, from the sheer numbers of both trees, to the amount burned for smelting, as in Comstock, and silver and  wow.  They say how hot pinion burns, making charcoal from pinion and how many trees to make what, and so the Great Basin denuded.  The skies around Comstock, in late 1800's black like China, from these smelters.  Every thing covered in soot.  Nothing new under the sun, but for UVC!!  

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Rachel Robson: Birds are my most beloved of two legged friends. Especially ravens and crows. I've had crows lead me out of forest at dusk, inspire visionary poems, and answer my good morning greeting. I had a mating pair who hung out across the clearing of a cabin I once owned. They befriended me for over seven years. I used to feed them my best brown breads, and they'd pester me for breakfast as soon as they'd notice my open kitchen shades.

      I have a friend who's a traditional blacksmith from West Virginia. Swears that char form pinion brush is the only way to go. He's truly and artisan with respect for every material he uses. Makes prayers of offering to the spirits that inhabit all things…

    • Pedro says:

      Great text written with the heart; the most powerful force in the World. In my native language, the word "coragem" has its roots in the word "coração" ( heart ). Courageous acts or acts of bravery are acts or actions guided by the clairvoyance, emotional intelligence and infinite Power of the Heart. Men that think or act without being guided by the Heart are the anti-human version of Humanity. In this site it is possible to find many Courageous Persons, that is exceptional.

      Ravens and Crows are amazing animals.

  22. Anonymous for a reason says:

    In the debate between free speech supporters and advocates of hate speech law, free speech supporters argue that, yes unfortunately in society there is a terrible disease called hate speech. However, despite this, the ONLY speech that should be penalised legally is threatening speech and speech that incites violence. We do have to think about things that can be done to lessen hate speech in society, see later, but making hate speech laws is not the answer. Why? – because the proposed cure for hate speech, hate speech law, IS FAR WORSE THAN THE DISEASE of hate speech. That old saying “the cure is worse than the disease” is so true in this debate. Of course there is a price that we have to pay for this allowance of freedom of speech, and that price is the possibility of being badly offended or upset by what others say, but this is a far lesser evil and price to pay than the negative outcomes that hate speech laws produce in a society or have on an individual.

    What are the negative outcomes of hate speech laws for a society or for an individual?

    • Hate speech laws stop people from saying what they really think, because everyone starts worrying that what they say will get them into serious legal trouble or make them lose their job. This means that totally free debate and the free flow of ideas are stopped. The positive outcomes that could have arisen from this free flowing debate and totally honest dialogue are all lost to society. Totalitarian states are always less creative and productive than free states.
    • The fully free market place of ideas can flush out bad ideas. By exposing bad ideas to the disinfecting light of free speech we can improve society.
    • With hate speech laws society becomes an Orwellian nightmare where everyone is afraid that other people will report on them. In addition some people will make false hate speech claims for revenge or other purposes. This would be a terrible society to live in.
    • Hate speech laws can be used in a political way to further a political agenda by preventing political opponents from putting their case forward – a terrible outcome for society.
    • In denying someone else’s speech you are denying yourself (and society) the right to learn something that might change your life (or society) for the better.
    • The person who says something outrageous, in your eyes, may have put a lot of thought into what they have said and, even if outrageous to you, there may be a grain of truth in what they have to say that both you and the rest of society may learn a lot from.
    • Other people’s outrageous views, in your eyes, may force you to look again at what you believe and why you believe it, making you go back to first principles and improving your understanding of why you believe what you believe and your understanding of the issues involved. A very valuable outcome.
    • If you and society in general are shielded from different ideas and perspectives you (and society) will not reach your maximum potential.
    • If people can’t say what they truly feel, they may become frustrated and take more aggressive or violent routes to vent the issues that they feel strongly about.
    • It is particularly important to defend the speech of the person who thinks differently. That person may be you one day.
    • The FIrst Amendment of the USA was particularly passed in order to allow a minority to say what the majority may find offensive. You may find yourself in that minority one day.
    • By curtailing the free speech of others, you may in future find that you yourself are prevented from speaking, that is, you are in potentia creating a rod for your own back.
    • In the USA you have no right to be free from being offended. If you don’t like what you hear it is up to you to debate and counter what you disagree with.

    In addition we have to ask these questions

    • Who would you want to entrust to decide, for you, what hate speech is?
    • What individual on earth is uniquely qualified to make this critical decision for you?
    • Who is to decide, for you, where the line is to be drawn between speech and hate speech?
    • Do you want to be ruled by what is in effect a “Thought Police”?
    • Once we as a society lose critical thought and freedom of speech what is left between us and totalitarianism?

    In Conclusion

    • Nobody should be in fear for their liberty for speech, unless it is threatening speech or speech inciting violence. Apart from these two exceptions it should never be “you can have free speech, BUT”. There should be NO BUTS.
    • Hate speech laws produce far more pernicious results for societies and for individuals than beneficial results. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    What CAN be done to reduce hate speech in society?

    Of course some groups are more vulnerable to hate speech than others, so what CAN be done to protect these groups and reduce hate speech in a society?

    Civility and respect codes can be used in institutions such as universities, instead of implementing hate speech laws. Within an institution such as a university a very high burden of proof would be required for people making hate speech complaints. If the proof was deemed good enough, the person deemed as making hateful comments could be given a lot of warnings before they are temporarily suspended. There would never be any legal prosecution for hate speech. They would be allowed to return to their job after a reasonable period of time and given more chances to resolve the situation. A faculty member would only lose their a job for example or a student would only be expelled from a university after a lot of repeated transgressions of this code. That is, the people in institutions would be secure in knowing that they could speak freely. They would know that if anything they said was deemed as offensive by someone, the person complaining would have to have a very well proven complaint. They would also know that they would not be in fear for their job except under extreme circumstances and would never face legal action. They would have plenty of time and chances to turn the situation around.

    Outside of institutions eg in public spaces, civility and respect rules could also be in place, again with high levels of evidence required for reporting to police. The police could be required to give for example four or more warnings to someone and only after this could they ban that person from a public space. This would be temporary, for a specified period of time, but no legal action would be taken.

    This much more lenient civility code system would mean that the vital free flow of ideas in institutions, and in society generally, would not be restricted by fear.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Anonymous for a reason, I could not agree more.  I think one of the good things to come out in all this political madness has been all the varied voices of discontent.  I always say I prefer a dog that barks.  I do think that much of the conflict in the US now is due to people holding back their thoughts too long, now feeling they can finally speak their minds.  It's been a revelation.

    • Hello Anonymous for a reason: I come from an era when people spent evenings (sometimes entire nights) talking and debating in coffee shops. The air was filled with the smell of fresh espresso coffee, was blue with cigarette smoke, and one could even share an occasional joint around the room. The Vietnam war was raging ever onward, and there was plenty of heated discussion.

      The place I often haunted was right down the street from the University of Minnesota campus. People present were collage professors, street people, hippies, war veterans, Black Panthers, and others hungry for debate and knowledge.

      There were times heated discussions would burst into flames. It was an expected reality. Coffee shop veterans in the smoke filled room, often provided a little question and answer session. >

      Question: Hey, hey hey!  Are you two friends?  > Answer: (More often than not)  Erm… Ya… I guess so…  > Instruction: Than why don't you act like it…

      End of hate crime. And the band played on…

    • Dennie says:

      Yep, the Hate Speech "law" is a pretext for shutting us up and shutting us down.  "They" wanna rule by guns and worse, without any kind of objection from The Ruled.  They don't even want us to feel our feelings about any of this.  Would rather we were all of us dead.  MORE resources to suck down for THEM THEM THEM that way, as if they don't have enough already– INSATIABLE ADDICTS!  

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Justin Trudeau at a town Hall meeting in Edmonton Alberta interupted  a Woman after using the term Mankind & asked her to use the term, Peoplekind“ !!!   Now he`s covering his tracks by saying it was a Joke!  Sure Trudeau, now that Mankind is pissed  at your outrages term, Recover with…I was just Joking.  That always works!     Freedom of Speech, Yeah Right.   So Proud of those that called him out.  

    • Joseph L says:

      Thanks for posting that article.

    • Dennie says:

      Some of the better sound bites from the article:  

      "Blaming Russia for allegedly destabilizing U.S. politics and society is a cover for denial over the internal rot of the United States."

      "Some may scoff at the very idea of an American Empire…. The US has over 1,000 military bases in more than 100 countries around the world.  If that is not a manifestation of empire then what is?"

      "Rather than accepting the fate of demise, the US is aggressively resisting by denigrating China and Russia's power as somehow illegitimate.  It's the classic denial reaction of a sore loser."


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie,Blaming Russia for allegedly destabilizing blah blah" is not what is happening and that has been said so time and again.  Rather it is the extreme effort to sow discontent and pit us against each other, the sheer scope of it and that they got through, stealing in some cases people's real IDs and emails, in most cases inventing ones, having come here and gotten the hang of it and wording-which is at times noticeable.  They hacked our cyberspace and that is tantamount to a serious crime.  A big deal and for real.  2) "Some may scoff at the very idea of an American Empire"–who?  would that they would, but no, too real.  3) Rather than accepting the fate of demise, the US is aggressive resisting by denigrating China and Russia's power as somehow illegitimate…denial reaction of a sore loser"–what garbage! I hear nothing of us denigrating the power of Russia or of China, indeed, the opposite, though not in flattering ways.  At least our candidates here do not get poisoned, thrown in dour prisons for years at a time, pushed off roof tops, etc.  Sure, 'we' are bad, but Russia and China are old and they wrote the book!  Pish tosh!  Had to be said!  Apparently!! 

  23. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Well done Dane.  Another Powerful Global Alert News.  I often wonder what a listener that has tuned in for the first time to KQMS AM 1400 while you're on, ( And now other stations, Yeah.) must be thinking hearing, all the "Real World's News".  As YouMa remarked on;  You are fluid in speech & easy to listen to. Your information almost demands it.   I suppose to those that really want to "Hear It"!   Um's & Ah's are a turnoff, & hard to listen to. You know, like politicians & weather reporters/actors & so called experts do while explaining away the daily plagues in the sky & the dispersions behind the aircraft. The truth always seems a wee bit easier to speak. You don't need to search for words. They're there.  "We should keep so close to facts that we never have to remember the second time, what we said the first time!"  –  F. Marion Smith  –    Lying is like alcoholism. You are always recovering!  – Steven Soderbergh  –   "Rather fail with Honor than to succeed by fraud!"  –  Sophocles  –     Supporting you Dane, & is Easy!  I never have to worry that you will leave someone that I have sent here, wondering, having to discipher what you are saying or have said. And it is always consistant & you have documents, published statements, Patents & lab tests to back it up!     Go Figure!     FACTS to back up TRUTH.   Thank You Never Seems To Be Enough.

  24. Black Cat Italy says:

    Here in the middle of Italy we have had really cold temperatures and its expected to drop to minus 7 or minus 10C tonight. We are out lagging water pipes etc. before it comes.  I am wearing ski wear in the house! We have had rain but the feeling is toxic. We are sneezing and so are our four, poor, cats. One has bloody mucus coming up too. When I test us and them for the air outside using kinesiology –  it says the outside air is toxic to us and them.  

    We have felt really, really cold, chilled to the bone even though the thermometer says its 6 or 10C outside. The low cloud hangs in the valley and the planes are above us obviously spraying to make it snow soon.  

    Dane, I don't know if you or others have noticed if they have a barometer at home. Our barometer is always showing 1000 millibar (high pressure) despite what is going on with the weather outside. It has been raining and awful for several days.  This is the position on the barometer most of the time – the barometer hardly ever registers low pressure.  In other words the weather and the barometer don't tie up.

    Another interesting thing happened a couple of days ago. We have ceramic tiles under a covered veranda which the rain cannot reach. It was really cold and when we looked at the tiles they were totally soaked with humidity as if it had rained on them.  I presume that the floor temperature was very cold and then the air temperature changed to warm suddenly.  We have had this happen a couple of times.  We seem to feel colder than the thermometer shows.

    We have not seen the sun for about 2 weeks. Always the same low cloud, damp and cold.  The planes above the cloud often sound very heavy or low or both.  We can only try to stay as healthy as we can in the light of this crime against the web of life.



    • Nina says:

      Hello Blackcat, I understand what you mean about the strange cold that seems to penetrate deep into your bones. Here in Southern Portugal we experience it sometimes too. In the space of half an hour the temperature can plummet drastically. At other times I feel like I'm being micro-waved, cooked fro within. Ice-nucleating chemicals and EMF's ?  The sun is unbearably intense. Nothing feels natural anymore. Forcasting rain this week. will be suprised if it comes to much. Our cats are often ill after drinking it.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Black Cat Italy,  How different from normal is your temperature?  I have a barometer that a friend gave to me long ago, a gift and new but it has never worked properly.  What inspired this gift was my rheumatologist at the time saying that when it drops, I think he said, my condition will flare, my Lupus like, autoimmune thing.  But it does not seem to work, which I thought was due to living so close to sea level, then I found a key and have a faint memory of it needing to be set somehow, of course I don't know how, but I do remember someone doing it, yet, as you say here, it does not drop down.  I have thermometers all over the place inside and out because I can never believe the temperature when I read it, it always feels colder than what it says.  Interesting to me that your ceramic tiles are doing to you what my windows did to me, minus heat.  So much water.  Much of the south wall of my kitchen is tile.  It was said that glass is the coldest thing.  But I don't know in that by feel, the wall here under one window feels as cold to me as the tile and the glass.  It is an unusual way to generate water anyway!!  And today here it is raining and boy do we need it.  Whatever it is, we needed the wetness and we need more than a bit.  Is it normal to snow where you are?  I remember years ago now, that fantastic march, protest in Italy against weather modification.  It was so well done!  Even in the rain.  Are there people near you who are still protesting this?  Groups?  I look forward to your posts.  I like Italy!  How are crops there now?  Trees now?  Hope you and yours, cats and all get over 'whatever'.  A friend of mine in Hawaii is so sick, and spit up bloody stuff.  I've never heard her this sick ever and I've known her nearly 50 years.  Oddly, I am not sick, but I do sneeze all the time.  I have no real way of protecting myself from this stuff, so sometimes I wonder if that is why I am not sick like everyone else?  I know, odd thing to say, but?    

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Three days ago ( 25 th ) we had a Sunny day with deep blue skies with some artificial clouds made from the aerosols that were being dispersed through the day, not in great quantity. In the 26 th ( two days ago ), the story was very different; despite of the high pressure zone being ( apparently ) kept in place by the usual EM manipulation of the atmosphere / ionosphere, the quantity of aerosols that were sprayed in the atmosphere since the middle of the morning was unbelievable. Incredible quantities of aerosols were released into the atmosphere during all day, but the sky seemed very deep as when the high pressure zone is in place and we have the strange deep blue skies and dry weather that is not for the Season. For me it is always very surprising to witness that people do not see what is happening in the skies, in days like in the 26 th. It was like a nightmare. The change in the weather was drastic, temperatures dropped 5 or 6º C in two or three hours. The "official" forecasting in 26 th at night for the 27 th ( yesterday ) was of rain, low temperatures, wind and snow above the altitudes of 400 m ( ! ). It's not rare to have snow in the end of February, but never under the 700 or 800 m of altitude. In fact, yesterday and today we had the normal rain for normal Winter days, and the cold temperatures are back again, after the several warm days that we've experienced in January and February, with very dry weather. My wife two days ago was very dizzy and fell in the street. Curiously, in the same day I was lunching in a restaurant, and a lady fainted to the floor while waiting for her meal. I think women are particularly sensible to this changes in the atmospheric pressure. Also in days when we are having high pressure when the expected weather is low pressure Winter weather. Women are also more sensible to the aerosols due to the fact that normally they are smaller than men. I bled from my nose in the 26th and in 27th, even without hard work. –» Black Cat, it is very interesting what you say about the values of the atmospheric pressure. Is it possible to manipulate the levels of Atmospheric Pressure keeping them high even when the artificial creation of cold and rainy weather due to the massive quantities of aerosol spraying is happening?, maybe yes. Because, normally rainy weather brings temperatures that are never very cold ( and low pressure, which is possible to feel, at least the change from high pressure to low pressure ), and this rain is bringing the cold. Yesterday and today we have had snow, I think only above the 500 m of altitude, but not near my region. From yesterday night until today, we had in some parts of this "country", precipitation falling frozen or snow that froze after hitting the floor and the Trees. Many Trees were very damage by the ice and wind. I saw a short film in the news that shown twigs in the end of the branches completely covered with a layer of ice. That is not normal for the end of February under the 1500 meters of altitude, and this was not the case. They are destroying the climate. Also agenda 21 is being implemented at full speed, now the government is making circulate a paper warning people to cut down the Trees and grasses around villages up to 100 m of distance from the houses ( ! ). From isolated houses, up to 50 m ( ! ), and inside the gardens people must cut Trees and branches in order to keep a distance of 5 m from the houses. They are scaring people with penalties up to 5,000 euros, and up to 60,000 euros for companies, the limit date is 15 of March. And people are cutting, even Fruit Trees.

      –»» But "they" do not tell to the People of this "country" that they are complying and collaborating ( at least passively ) with the fact that is being implemented since many years ago until now, a criminal program of climate manipulation over this territory that consists basically in the spraying of thousands of tons of nano materials into the atmosphere ( every year ) that cause a DESICCANT effect on the Trees ( that "they" want to cut now ) and that these nano materials are also toxic and FLAMMABLE. ..And about the artificial high pressure zones which are being created through the EM transmissions and manipulation of the ionosphere, that bring dry weather when we should get RAIN?

      ««–  ..F cowards !!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All. This text was written at 28 of February. The final lines in 1 of March.

      Three days ago ( 25 th ) we had a Sunny day with deep blue skies with some artificial clouds made from the aerosols that were being dispersed through the day, not in great quantity. In the 26 th ( two days ago ), the case was very different; despite of the high pressure zone that was kept ( apparently ) in place by the usual EM manipulation of the ionosphere; the quantity of aerosols that were sprayed in the atmosphere since the middle of the morning was unbelievable. Incredible quantities of aerosols were released into the atmosphere during all day, but the sky seemed very deep as when the high pressure zone is being created, and we have the deep and blue skies and dry weather that are strange and are not for the Season. For me it is always very surprising to witness that people do not see what is happening in the skies, in days like in the 26 th. It was like a nightmare. The change in the weather was drastic, temperatures dropped 5 or 6º C in two or three hours. The "official" forecasting in the evening of the 26 th for the day of 27 th ( yesterday ) was of rain, low temperatures, wind and snow above the altitudes of 400 m ( ! ). It's not rare to have snow in the end of February, but never under the 700 or 800 m of altitude. In fact, yesterday and today we had the normal rain for normal Winter days, and the cold temperatures are back again, after the several warm days that we had in January and February, with very dry weather. My wife two days ago was very dizzy and fell in the street. Curiously, in the same day I was lunching in a restaurant, and a lady fainted to the floor while waiting for her meal. I think women are particularly sensible to this changes in the atmospheric pressure or to very high levels of atmospheric pressure. Also in days when ( probably ) we are having high pressure when the expected weather is low pressure Winter weather. Women are also more sensible to the aerosols due to the fact that normally they are smaller than men. I bled from my nose in the 26th and in 27th, even without hard work. –» Black Cat, it is very interesting what you say about the values of the atmospheric pressure. Is it possible to manipulate the levels of Atmospheric Pressure in order to keep them high, even when the artificial creation of cold and rainy weather due to the massive quantities of aerosol spraying is happening?, I don't know, maybe yes. Because, normally rainy weather brings temperatures that are never very cold ( and low pressure, which is possible to feel, at least the change from high pressure to low pressure), and this rain is bringing the cold. Yesterday and today we have had snow, I think only above the 500 m of altitude, but not near my region, the max temperatures forecasted for these days were over 14ºC ( in places of altitude ), and the snow fell only in some regions and not everywhere above 500 or 600  m of altitude ( toxic snow ). From yesterday night until today, we had in some parts of this "country", precipitation falling frozen or snow that froze after hitting the floor and the Trees. Many Trees were very damage by the ice and wind. I saw a short film in the news that shown twigs in the end of the branches completely covered with a layer of ice. That is not normal for the end of February in altitudes that are not very elevated, and this was not the case.   They are destroying the climate.

      Also agenda 21 is being implemented at full speed, now the government is making circulate a paper warning people to cut down the Trees and grasses around villages up to 100 m of distance from the limits of the villages ( ! ). From isolated houses, up to 50 m ( ! ), and inside the gardens people must cut Trees and branches in order to keep a distance of 5 m from the houses. They are scaring people with penalties up to 5,000 euros, and up to 60,000 euros for companies, the limit date is 15 of March. And people are cutting, even Fruit Trees.

      –»» But "they" do not tell to the People of this "country" that "they" are complying and collaborating ( at least passively ) with the fact that is being implemented  a criminal program since many years ago until now, of climate manipulation on the Iberian Peninsula, that consists basically in the spraying of thousands of tons of nano materials into the atmosphere ( every year ) that cause a DESICCANT effect on the Trees ( that "they" want to cut now ) and that these nano materials are also toxic and FLAMMABLE. ..And about the artificial high pressure zones which are being created through the EM transmissions and manipulation of the ionosphere, that bring dry weather when we should get RAIN?

      ««–  ..F COWARDS !!

      Today ( 1 of March ) we are having less rain and less cold with moments of strong wind ( this makes sense? ).



    • Pedro says:

      For the newcomers on this site, it is very important to underline, that with the same techniques of aerosol spraying that created the Winter weather conditions of these last days ( with big rain and snow in my region, as I said above in the previous text – the same happening in all Europe now ), depending of the materials used and / or in which specific circumstances these materials are used, or used together or not with other techniques of weather manipulation, it is also possible to achieve the opposite result.  Such as; the interruption of rain that is starting to fall and the obliteration of  massive formations of nebulosity, that occur naturally.
      Insanity is total.

  25. Jeffrey Fish says:

    JinTampa: Here in Ft. Lauderdale and right there with you. It's bad. Even with the new laws allowing homeowners to obtain and grow citrus trees again after the fake canker BS that allowed for the cutting down of every single citrus tree on private property years back, there is no use. We don't have our cyclic cold weather in the winters anymore and it has allowed for the taking hold of all sorts of diseases and no bloom sets for fruit. I love all those who are awake but I'm afraid that we are toast.

    • Seagirl54 says:

      Did you notice that our chemtrails ceased on February13, the day before the "event" occurred? We've only been sprayed a couple of times since, yesterday (March 22nd) being one of them.

  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: NDAA is National Defense Authorization Act.
    U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans
    For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government’s mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But on July 2, 2013 that came silently to an end with the implementation of a new reform passed in January. The result: an unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption in a reform initially criticized as a green light for U.S. domestic propaganda efforts.  … The restriction of these broadcasts was due to the Smith-Mundt Act …

    WIKI: The U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (Public Law 80-402), popularly called the Smith–Mundt Act, is the basic legislative authorization for some of the activities conducted by the U.S. Department of State commonly known as public diplomacy. The act was first introduced by Congressman Karl E. Mundt (R-SD) in January 1945 in the 79th Congress. It was subsequently passed by the 80th Congress and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman on January 27, 1948.
    The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which was contained within the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (section 1078 (a)) amended the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987, allowing for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to be available within the United States.[1][2]


    • How their corporate portfolios are kept brimming with the wealth of payable demons and insipid dupes: > Industry "Weapons" for Earth's Depopulation     It's quite a list, and was posted years ago So I shall pound my drum evermore: > 18 U.S.C. § 241: Conspiracy against rights – Wikipedia 

      “Conspiracy against rights is a federal offense in the United States of America under 18 U.S.C. § 241:

      "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person […] in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;…They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.[1][2]” 

      Complete text:


      Also see: 18 U.S.C. § 241 – Conspiracy against rights under Color of Law

    • Dear, dear V. Susan Ferguson: Your post: > Entire CRISIS INDUSTRY Arose After Legalization of Psych-Ops in 2012 NDAA (bottom of page) provides a link to a video EVERYONE should watch. Thank you so much.

      Again: LAWFUL answers are clearly defined under anti-racketeering judicial review and enforcement. Corporate "actors" are BY DEFINITION: Racketeers.   "A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket were not to exist. Conducting a racket is racketeering.[1] Particularly, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party. An archetype is the protection racket, wherein a person or group indicates that they could protect a store from potential damage, damage that the same person or group would otherwise inflict, while the correlation of threat and protection may be more or less deniably veiled, distinguishing it from the more direct act of extortion.

      Racketeering is often associated with organized crime, and the term was coined by the Employers' Association of Chicago in June 1927 in a statement about the influence of organized crime in the Teamsters union.[2] "  Complete text:

      Also see: 18 U.S. Code § 2331

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan, yet again!  Gee but you are fast!  I'd not had the time yet to look this up and never would have guessed, I did try.  National Defense Authorization Act.  So, this came down shortly before that huge navy bid for unlimited funds for war games along our coasts, hugging our coasts, with executive authorization (meaning the president as in Obama) to 'take' wildlife, marine animals/fish, as in wound, even kill, despite birthing areas and mating areas, a virtual blank check to do whatever the heck they wanted.  And so came the ridiculously resistant ridge of high pressure 'fog' like thing concealing the coast and their crimes before you moved to Olympic Peninsula, even as they were upping their range and time frames, shortly after the fact.  That 'infamous' sequester thing at end of 2013, begun nearly immediately early January 2014.  And, the subliminal like messaging I referred to that would flash on TV screen for a second:" US Navy, Protecting America 24/7".  Surely the talking heads know about this, right?  And so the navy had all their ducks in a row.  Wow.  Makes me wonder who knew in Congress?  Who voted for this?  I just gotta know.  Have to ream them.  Have to let Everyone know!  I mean there was a reason for the Smith-Mundt Act.  Maybe given all on TV and the net, they felt it was tit for tat.  Like, who is speaking up for the US, but really?!!!  In reality, who the hell IS speaking up for the US?! Certainly not Herr Trump!  And apparently not Obama.  This country is for sale!  And has been, long time now.  Even as the navy attacks the homeland.  This is beyond farcical.  I am so pissed.  But, as always, grateful to be informed!   Thank you Susan.

  27. Lee Eyerman says:

    This week it rained 20 inches here in Ohio.A tree fell and missed me by 30 feet,10 seconds later I'm dead.My old dog finally died at 16,I guess no sun and constant rain was too much.Ohio River will be over flooded for another week.Tonight in addition to the non stop rain,60mph  winds,small tornados,more trees to saw up.Heres a message to the sprayers and the brains behind the fake weather – stick the spray nozzles up your assholes and trigger the spray till the shit comes out your ears.You are no fukin good for what you are doing.God bless this website,at least some of us now we are through.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Thank you Lee, Sorry to hear about your dog.  I love your message to the sprayers and the brains though. I actually visualized it happening as I read it. It put a REAL smile on my face. Best comment I've read here in a while. Thank you for posting it GeoWatch.  

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Amen to that.


    • Hey Lee Eyerman: Heh… How do you really feel? I love it when someone has the audacity to just let 'er rip. > It's been "snowing" like crazy here in Minnesota. I have extreme electro-sensitivity. The seizures and spasms always step up when the bastards are using HAARP or GWEN. The puke sacks  lay in a bunch of nucleates, then tractor in another round of fake weather. Locals here don't even notice the snow changes form and consistency within the same "snow" storm. Good to see you here…

    • SD says:

      Lee – there's nothing funny about what's going on in our skies – but thanks for the belly laugh anyway.

      Some low temp records broken here in southern CA Fri night.  Sat morning I noticed Barometric Pressure had rebounded back to HIGH after a week of lows. Several days of cold, WINDY weather here.

      Even that guy Sheckter @ Mammoth Mtn Weather called this condition "very rare" as he issued his first Platinum Powder Alert of 2018 for skiers.

      Great Basin Inside Slider trough (low pressure) settled into western NV accompanied by an uptick in seismic activity that area. Proximity of that Low Pressure to our High Press Ridge causing high winds.

      Meanwhile, I also noticed jets leaving short trails which quickly disperse making CIRCULAR patterns (20 mi dia?) at high altitude Fri/ Sat.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Lee, close call.  Too close and 20 inches of rain!!!  OMG, too much of a good thing.  Just what one might expect from weather modification. 16 years is a respectable age for a dog to achieve and die.  My soul mate of a husky died at 16, the vet said she lived nearly twice her life expectancy for the breed.  But another thought occurs to me, a Native one.  It is said that if 'bad medicine' is being made against you, your animals, your closest one will take the hit for you, sacrificing themselves to spare you.  'Bad medicine' is a thing in Native culture, a real thing.  Maybe it doesn't apply here.  Maybe it does.  Take great care Lee. 

    • Dog says:

      Lee – yep, sometimes one must be blunt in their opinions…

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (FIVE STARS!!)

      The REALLY funny thing is that they are actually doing it to themselves, anyway…if they figure THAT out, then maybe something will change.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Lee, thanks for the chuckle. I know just how you feel my friend I haven't met yet. Sorry about your dog. I hope you will find another 4 legged friend that suits you.

      "20! inches in a WEEK! That's not good for flat landers. Heck, that's not good up here in the mountains either. Personally, I have a serious dislike for "weather as a weapon".

  28. Jintampa says:

    Hi everyone,

    Well the month of February is almost over and it used to be my favorite month here in Tampa Bay,

    however this year, it has been the hottest February on record.The temperature is so far above normal that to me it is unbearable and miserably hot and humid.Thank you whoever is responsible for this diabolical weather tampering, you're responsible for destroying our lives and life on planet earth. You are not going to get away with it ultimately.


    • Donna-AZ says:

      So while Florida's roasting in Feb., here in the middle of the Arizona desert, we've been iced down into the mid 30's for a week. Most of the ice dispersing planes (the short trails) are up there around 38,000/ 39,000 feet, but yesterday I got a good picture, and, screen capture from flightradar24 of Southwest Airlines flight SWA3046 from Tucson to Las Vegas @ 32,000 feet above my house, just spraying away. Once the masses wake to the poisoning, I would not be surprised if the airports were stormed and all flights halted.

  29. You, aka YouMa says:

    Thank you.  To help those affiliated with the various sectors of our culture which are unknowingly for the most part contributing to the ongoing coverups, about this information, such as:  military, medicine, education, government agencies, etc., to awaken to this assault on all life, we can continue to share this website with these people we know.

    Even though the information shared weekly is awful and outright depressing, if we do not carry the message to those we know (especially out of fear of what our friends and family think of us), we are part of the problem.  Granted, it is imperative that people have some kind of relationship with a "Higher Power", whatever that may be, and then begin their own personal investigations to confirm this type of information.

    Again, thank you Dane for having such a good command of the language when delivering your messages.  It is easier to listen when there are not a lot of "ums, ahs, like, etc."-types of language interspersed.  Clear communication is like a clear message – easier to comprehend and worthy of listening to by everyone.  Pass this on everyone because if not us, who will let the people we know about this subject?

    I snowboard in Summit County, CO and do not appreciate seeing chemtrails with long trails of these toxic elements filtering down onto everything, not just us humans, but on the beautiful land and all the inhabitants such as trees, insects, bear, etc.   Who will stop this travesty and criminality?  Who?   Us!!!!!!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "There NOT 'chemtrails!". Geez people, want to talk to someone who's eyes "don't" glaze over? Do ya?!… Well, ok, then don't ever and I mean ever, let the term 'chemtrail' roll off your lips again. "Pretty simple"…

  30. Peace officers and law enforcement personnel take notice:

    Exposing STATE Impostors; Foreign agents impersonating your lawful public servants!

    Posted on August 11, 2015

    Excerpted from: Exposing STATE Impostors; Foreign agents impersonating your lawful public servants! | Scanned Retina

    "Taken from the pages of under the heading of evidence, comes these documents."



    "Many, but not all, won’t understand the profound significance of the documents and image files, but if you take the time to review what you now have you will clearly see the magnitude of foreign control we are dealing with." >>>>> Complete text:

    • horsegirl says:

      Excellent work as always, Paul.  I said it ages ago but for newbies here, when I looked into becoming a Mexican citizen, although I could one day vote [suppresses horselaugh] I could never occupy any social post sensitive to state security.  For example I could never be the harbormaster of a port  OUR PORTS ARE MOSTLY FOREIGN-OWNED IN THE us – CONTAINER VESSELS ARRIVE UNCHECKED.  Further research showed nearly all countries proscribe non-native citizens from occupying sensitive jobs, especially anyone with a dual passport.  AHEM.  Fast forward to now, where most slimy recesses of the deep state all the way up to seats in the Senate are held by dual passport holders of only one middle eastern colony.  Who happen to be the owners of the mass media.  The conquest has been made.  The republic is in more trouble than money can buy.  For further information look up the word "golem."

  31. Kyle Clausius says:

    Where can I find more info on the elite like bankers and other mega rich and powerful people of human society preparing Antarctica and other underground locations for themselves when everything else collapses? 

  32. Susan says:

    Here in northeast Washington state I have seen something odd in the skies for the past week: the dispersions from the jets spraying our skies are not long trails like they usually are. They're shorter…the trails disappear 5-10 seconds behind the planes. Have they come up with a new formula that masks the trails? Anyone know?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Susan, the SRM / geoengineering aerosol spraying operations can me accomplished by nozzle sprayed payload dispersions, or jet fuel additives. In the case of the short but consistent particulate trails, you are most likely seeing the results of jet fuel additives. The attached link will provide more input, FYI

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, I've been noticing this here as well.  Does seem new.  And is effectively confusing.  My own daughter who is aware thought it a normal contrail!!!!  GRR!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Susan, I see the same tankers as you do. They sure do make some long swaths. I'm in north central WA, 20 miles from the border. Take note how cold it gets at night after you see those quickly dispersing aerosols. I'm sure it's been as cold in your region as it has been my adjacent region. Again, for those that don't know. Take a flash light outside after dusk and point it up. It's 'my' theory that those quickly dispersing aerosols fall at a faster rate than those that hang in the sky and spread out. Our state is covered to the max with chemical ice nucleation agents. "Which are extremely flammable". Just connecting dots, nothing more.

    • simone says:

      Same new "innovative"  strategies you can see  in our skies in Las Vegas :)))  means "they" listen!!!!  


  33. trish says:

    here in nj, the weather whiplash is so blatantly obvious– last week 77 degrees then down to 36 in 24 hours— stink bugs appeared immediately– almost no birds— i haven't seen birds in days— even with windows open my dog and i are starving for oxygen-

    and- 3 days of rain– made me try to remember the last time we had thunder and lightning–at least 2 years ago–anyone else around the country notice the absolute absence of thunder and lightning where you are?

    • bob says:

      Thunder is rare. I like to point out to people how there are never large dark stormclouds anymore. And how it isn’t really that dark during a stormy day. The rain doesn’t smell good, and there are no sidewalk earthworms in the puddles. I remember all of this during walks to school on rainy days. The rain is often short showers despite it being overcast long periods. Or it switches to a tiny hurricane. Sometimes there are crazy lightening storms though (the aerosols cause more static atmosphere)

  34. Gardner says:

    Dane – Thank you. This is one of your best shows yet.  We are indeed in very troubled waters. Doing what I can here to wake the sleeping masses.  It's not easy – as you know. For all of us out there who are awake and speaking out, thank you for your support. Please don't give up.


  35. horsegirl says:

    Another stunning synopsis of our planetary nightmare, Dane.  Thank you for doing this.

    While the east coast bakes, a half hour from Albuquerque, NM we behold one of those "blue" skies – a rare day with not a plane or airborne antipersonnel weapon (nanoparticulate concentrations mistaken for clouds) in sight.  Before the "blue sky" today daybreak began with big lumbering black clouds – nucleation materials?  It burned off or dissipated to reveal an alluring blue sky yet the cold persists, and it burns the skin.  So cold a "cabin fever" festival was canceled today in nearby Jemez Springs.  There is a ferocious glare bouncing off everything metallic as the temperature plummets.  This freezing sensation in the air seems to be more than a temperature variation.  I believe the glare persists because a chemical lingers in the atmosphere.  We have strange reactions when going out into it.  If your nose gets cold, once indoors it is difficult to warm the skin up again.  I fell asleep before remembering to wash my face, and had the freakiest dreams, almost hallucinatory.  We both have experienced abysmal depression from exposure to it.  Washing one's face seems to help us snap out of it.  Would be curious to know the chemical composition of patents for this process.

    • Dennie says:

      I want to know what's in this latest cold-formula crap.  It is definitely something that chills to the bone even as it burns the skin.  It definitely contains toxins that are changing our normal physiological and psychological functioning.  Any way we can get a list of the latest geo-altering aerosolized toxic spray patents and post the ingredients publicly?  People need to know that they ARE breathing this crap.

    • horsegirl says:

      Dennie, for psych properties this is the worst.  I am afraid to go outside.  Even our cats have coughs.

    • Dennie says:

      Roseanna M., my all-day eye-on-the-sky, told me in the wee early hours this morning that "they" were up spraying after dark, low, and pretty late, too.  The jets were low and they were blowin' trails in the sky late at night last night.  Today "they" were layin' all kinds of white ones again, then the big long fat white ones appeared early-to-mid-afternoon– "Spring mix?"  WTF!

  36. John Arndt says:


    Susan, your responses to this site have been profound to say the least.

    I too am very informed and in part thanks to you!! [& Dane].

    Over th the past 8 years.



  37. Tina barrett says:

    Hello Dane:

    All we can say is a BIG Thank You,  for alerting people to what is surely coming their way;  every day we see the chemtrails WHEREVER we happen to be,  for people to ignore,  or even deny them,  and see no threat to our  environment  is ignorant..   I Hope you don't get discouraged and will keep up your good work.      Harry and Tina Barrett


  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This report on the crisis industry comes through Seemorerocks in NZ. The original research was done by Debbie Lusignon, Sane Progressive’s video. We knew this was going on, but the professional level and the obvious big business aspect is still appalling.
    The CRISIS INDUSTRY spawned by the 2012 NDAA  / Feb.24, 2018
    The NDAA of 2012 legalised the use of propaganda and psyops against the public of the United States nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion. This was passed by both Republicans and Democrats.  Congress went out of their way to make it legal to carry out psychological operations.
    The question needs to be asked why would they introduce provisions that would be unpopular with the public (if they knew about it) if they are not intending to use them. In the wake of passing this law a whole crisis industry sprang up. Debbie goes through various examples of such companies. This is NOT conspiracy theory. You can go onto the Net and see these companies for yourselves and check the services they offer.
    In summary: There are numerous companies , providing services such as actors for protests and rallies — people to stage chemical, terrorist actions — and you can even hire cadavers. … a look at some of the material Debbie found:
    CROWDS ON DEMAND: Crowds on Demand is an American publicity firm that provides clients with hired actors to pose as fans, paparazzi, security guards, and professional paid protesters.[1] The company operates in Los Angeles; San Francisco; Las Vegas;[2] New York City;[1] Washington, D.C.;[3] Iowa; and New Hampshire [4] The firm was founded in October 2012 by Adam Swart
    : The crisis actor company is associated with an aerospace and space contractor company that is holding the Security and Policing Conference 2018 to take part in a closed-security facility and is holding meetings with all the senior government policy makers.
    Magnum Service UK: Our capabilities of Casualty Simulation (Cas Sim) effects range from the unobvious and not visible to the physical and traumatic injuries such as: Primary health care simulation – rashes, blisters, bites and shock — Closed/healing wounds including lacerations, bruising and scarring — Infected and necrotic wounds — Head and facial injuries, including avulsions and abrasions — Fractures, both open and closed — Amputations, partial and full. We add realism to Casualty Simulation (CAS SIM) training.                Magnum Services provide professional amputee actors and makeup specialists.  Our actors have many years of experience including being featured in film and television. Utilizing the unique combination of our realistic prosthetics and expert CAS SIM effects, our role players will expertly and appropriately use their skills, experiences and simulated injuries to mimic the emotions and actions of a casualty, resulting in realistic and very definitive clinical training delivery.


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Entire CRISIS INDUSTRY Arose After Legalization of Psych-Ops in 2012 NDAA
      The original research by Debbie Lusignon, Sane Progressive’s video.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, It had to happen.  Seems inevitable, despite horrible taste.  I saw some of these actors on Trump rallies via TV and they seemed so very obvious that I cannot credit them with acting well.  One black guy in particular stands out as he stood up behind Trump on cue, with a sign and a big smile, doing this over and over again.  But, I do not know yet what NDAA stands for nor why this came up in Congress in the first place, nor by whom but I will find out one way or another.  To me, the questions to be asked are many, none of which the one you mention as first I want to know what the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 was and why.  Then, why it came up at all in 2012.  One reason that leaps to mind is how very obvious spraying began to be.  And the efforts to deny it.  On MSNBC lately is some new background filler stuff, kind of fancy, well done colors and a split screen.  About a week ago, one such behind talking head to my right, on that half background screen, showed blue sky sort of with puffs of white in one horizontal row moving from my far right towards the left, stopping and starting again, so a continual line of white puffs in a row moving left.  These backgrounds look like pop art lately so would not have particularly stood out but for screen, other half, behind person on the left.  That one appeared to show a storm cloud, brewing.  So, the overall subliminal message was that these lines of puff balls lead to storm clouds.  Seriously.  I was shocked.  I don't know why, but I was.  This is conditioning.  To me, blatant.  I watch some of MSNBC knowingly, ferreting out the info I'm looking for, hoping for and specifically following Maddow's trip following the money.  I feel I've learned a great deal.  About how to make money illegally and what life is like if you do, on a large scale.  How to trace these things and where to look.  What Congress person backs what, what corporation backs what.  Don't forget that Eisenhower's speech's draft read: Military Industrial Congressional Complex.  For some reason he left Congressional out when he gave the speech.  But it is spot on.  Both parties have switched sides again and again over time.  It is the whole dichotomous thinking trip, this, or that.  They seem to need that, in a regressive way, to mount debates!  To frame the current lines of thought. "Bullet points"!!!!  I am aware that all big media but for Hollywood and some music, is East Coast oriented.  It is as if the rest of this country did not exist.  And I am of course aware of their nerd like little bubbles of knowledge, quite confined to the task at hand, and it is a job after all.  Yet they are the ones sifting the baby from the bath water.  So, really, it comes as no surprise that these paid crisis actors spring board much of the public into confusion and controversy over real events.  People are aware, some, only subconsciously, some knowingly, suspiciously.  And the stage is set for the next act.  The brutal deaths of those young children in Parkland was real.  The pain exacted on their friends and families from fake news over crisis actors is cruel beyond belief.  But what, these days, is believable?!!  Shortly after Parkland, one more school shooting, not nearly as much drama, the 19th this year! and we are not out of February yet.  And yet here we discuss genocide.  Guns, in schools and out, are slaughtering people every day in America and only in America. Separately from war.  But, there is that as well!        

    • Earth Angel says:

      What I would like to know is who are these a**holes who show up for a paycheck from these companies?!.. Please- you cannot tell me they do not know the fraud they are perpetrating on the general public? could they NOT know what they are doing??..They have to see the results of their 'acting' on the news when the propaganda is shown there. How can they then go out and face the public- or look at THEMSELVES in the mirror?!..This is incredulous to me!  Just more trash making a living on fraud. No different than the criminal  banksters or politicians. Wow, another career choice LOW.    : 0

    • Barb E says:

      I knew in my gut that some of the news interviews were with paid actors…I say that to my other half every time there is a mass killing because those people talk like nothing happened and show no emotion. He didn't believe me. I read him your post and he understands now why I say that.  We just heard on tv that somebody said some of the Parkland students being interviewed about the shooting and then wanting gun control were paid actors!  I piped up right away "see I told you!"  He couldn't believe it as I had just read him your post.  Missed clues about that shooter?  I don't think so, I think he was being well groomed and brainwashed for his part in the massacre.  The worst part about that well known practice is that real innocent do die.  But they don't care, it pushes on the agenda's they want and so like weather modification programs it will never end.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Earth Angel,  I'm not at all sure this is a career choice.  The one guy I mentioned seeing, so obvious, looked to be homeless and insane.  I imagine because of his color, someone offered him some money, thus making his smile genuine.  Others have been described as missing limbs, or related horrors, and I would suppose they too would be receptive to being paid off, and really it would not take much money at all.  Others may just want screen exposure, dreaming someone in Hollywood will see them as perfect for some film.  I find money is getting very tight.  Prices have gone up across the boards.  A lot of people are desperate, and this cold makes homelessness brutal.  Perhaps that is the reason for this coldest cold winter here in Berkeley where homeless people gravitate.  I am forever amazed now by the newly rich newbies in Berkeley confused by the homeless, some wanting to help, others cruel. But there are more homeless here than ever before.  

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