Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 1, 2022, #334


Dane Wigington

As we enter the new year, what will we collectively face on the wider horizon?  Midwinter flash firestorms in Colorado followed by snow. Warmer temperatures in Alaska than in Southern California. Droughts, deluges and flash frosts are crushing food crop production. Completely engineered climate disruption operations continue to fuel radical weather and temperature fluctuations all over the world. How much more can the climate system take before it is broken beyond any form of functionality? Many are now finally beginning to wake up to the fact that something very nefarious is occurring in our skies. What other controller agendas are simultaneously being carried out? Will there be enough of a public awakening to alter our current trajectory in time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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39 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 1, 2022, #334

  1. Lance says:

    Blue sky over the Lake Tahoe region.  Not a cloud anywhere!  20 F overnight and near 40 F later today.  50% humidity, yet not one plane leaving a trail in the sky, but not many planes up either.   

  2. Alan says:

    Beautiful roses are now in prolific bloom in pots on our patio.  The bushes' leaves are vibrant green and lush.  Dozens more buds are ready to burst open any moment.

    So, what's the problem?  It's the middle of "winter" in SoCal and, in years past, those plants would have dropped almost all of their leaves and we'd be stripping them and pruning the bare stalks, preparing them to hunker down for a couple of months of dormancy.  

    The natural cycle is completely upside down, like most everything else.

  3. Jiggy Fisher says:

    -6C yesterday, 15cm snow. +8C today 10mm rain. A near 20C temperature swing in 24 hours. Altantic Canada.

  4. Lance says:

    Geoengineering involves a lot more than just being able to manipulate and control the weather.  Its becoming more and more obvious this is about the manipulation and control of everything and everyone on this planet!  This is a cooperative effort involving many scientists and technologists all over the world who believe that they can create their own future!   

  5. Lance says:

    Big time aerosol ops ongoing today over the Lake Tahoe area.  Unable to view COD website to see what's going on over the rest of CA because the system says their website is "not secure"!  Don't need to see the images anyway because there are lots of SRM trails all around.  Can see EM waves in some of them. Even with the particulate trails overhead the direct sunlight feels unusually hot.  Supposed to be 42 F, but its near 50 F.  Ice and snow are melting rapidly.  Not normal.  

  6. KillingUsSoftly says:

    In SE Pa. cloudy damp drizzle for a week. Spraying seems non-stop. I can hear the craft above the canopy and see it during brief transient breaks. I am blessed with numerous wooded areas near me, preserved parks, abandoned RR trails, etc. This year I am seeing much degradation of trees, larger limbs have broken off and so many barks are clearly displaying disease. In the brief cleared sky of last night I saw dispersions, this in front of the lite coating of ice causing this mornings driving and walking havoc. People now go out of their way to avoid me now for fear of unplugging from their disintegrating matrix. Dane's inspiration keeps me trying.

    • Lance says:

      With regard to dead and/or dying trees, in the area where we live in South Lake Tahoe, CA, there are many dead and dying coniferous trees.  During the wind storm last weekend lots of green boughs and limbs broken off the pine trees were lying in the streets.  Other types of trees that have been dead for some time now had bark blown off by the high wind too.      

    • RandylJ says:

      Hi Again Dane and Everyone sharing info. Thank you for SE PA update, "KillingUsSoftly". I lived on a farm near Reading area – early 2,000's – for several years after meeting my husband and loved the greenery and woods (having lived only in the West). Large flocks of Canadian geese would land near the farm. It's sad to hear of the changes up there and wonder if there are still normal migrations? Definitely see changes here in central North Carolina. Weather warfare ongoing!


  7. CR says:

    It appears there was active spraying in Ohio today. Nobody is talking about all the missing birds. I'm used to seeing and hearing birds all around my home. Many different species could be seen. Now I can scarcely hear a peep. 

  8. RandylJ says:

    Engineered AM Blizzard – Asheboro NC – January 3, 2022

    Thank You Always Dane for being Our Rock of Climate Engineering and Related Topics with Credible Resources ongoing!! Blessings to You and Your Family for 2022 in this roller coaster planetary ride!

    From Asheboro NC (couldn’t get my video to post here) – From 60F weather on New Years Day to 30F Monday, (mainstream posted lower of course) and unbelievable snow in huge flakes mixed with the nucleated ice particulates with slippery surfactants coating all outdoors around 8 am and tremendous winds came from the NW and SW like a spiral (most likely according to which RF/Microwave Transmission Source was ‘in play’).  Finally after about 2 hours, it all stopped as quickly as it began. The 1-2” of ‘snow’ covering my car turned into heavy slush, like ‘snow cone’ ice and exactly as you’ve pointed out a myriad of times, the temperature began to drop further at ground level. I also noticed how ‘dry’ the atmosphere felt, when there should have been more moisture in the air for all the precipitation distributed.

    Meanwhile a stop at my bank proved useless with ATM’s offline and a long line of cars waiting at the closed bank without services. Monday Mid-morning no less! Welcome to 2022!


    • Lance says:

      Not a coincidence that bank ATM's are offline!  The PTB want everyone to use digital online banking services at home, or in their vehicles, or by using smart phones, or by using wearable devices, or by using a combination of all these technologies.  Resistance is coming from those who're refusing to CHANGE to this way of buying and selling, which involves a whole lot more than just buying and selling.  

  9. Lance says:

    Made it through the night here in South Lake Tahoe.  Extremely windy last night until about 3 AM.  Could hear the gusts of wind roaring overhead!  Wind is a lot calmer now, steady at 15 mph with slightly higher gusts.  No snow here, yet forecast called for up to 8 inches.  Temp was supposed to be below freezing but its 36 F right now.  Rain/snow showers possible today.  Thursday high is forecast to be 51 F!  Abnormal weather to say the least.  

  10. Dennie says:

    From Common Dreams, U.S., Russia, China, U.K. and France Issue Rare Joint Statement:  "No Winner in a Nuclear War"  

    However, disarmament campaigners noted that the five nations are "expanding nuclear arsenals, spending billions on modernizing, and constantly prepared to start a nuclear war."

    As the leaders of five of the world's nine nuclear powers on Monday released a rare joint statement acknowledging that there can be no victors of a nuclear war, disarmament campaigners called on them to "walk the talk" and pursue meaningful action to reduce the risk of thermonuclear armageddon by reducing—and ultimately eliminating—their own atomic stockpiles.

    In a verbatim repetition of a historic 1985 proclamation by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, the leaders of the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, and France—the five permanent United Nations Security Council members, or P5—affirmed that "a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought."

    "As nuclear use would have far-reaching consequences, we also affirm that nuclear weapons—for as long as they continue to exist—should serve defensive purposes, deter aggression, and prevent war," the statement continued. "We believe strongly that the further spread of such weapons must be prevented."

    None of the five countries, nor any of the other four nuclear powers, signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)—a landmark 2017 agreement outlawing nukes that took effect last January and has been ratified by 56 nations.

    Peace advocates reacted to the leaders' statement by noting the yawning chasm between their words and actions.

    "As Greta Thunberg said, 'blah, blah, blah,'" Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, tweeted in response to the leaders' proclamation. "They write this 'nice' statement but [are] doing exactly the opposite in reality. They're in a nuclear arms race, expanding nuclear arsenals, spending billions on modernizing, and constantly prepared to start a nuclear war."

    The mission of Peru—which ratified the TPNW late last month—to the European Union said Monday that "it is important that all our countries advance together to a nuclear-weapon-free world by prohibiting their use!"

    Darryl G. Kimball, director of the Arms Control Association (ACA), called the leaders' new declaration a "welcome respite from the usual bickering amongst the NPT's five nuclear-armed states," a reference to the landmark 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), to which all five statement signatories are party.

    "But it is important to keep this in perspective since there is less here than meets the eye," Kimball said, noting that Reagan and Gorbachev issued a nearly identical proclamation four decades ago.

    Allen Hester, the legislative representative for nuclear disarmament and Pentagon spending at the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Quaker advocacy group, called on the United States to renounce its first-strike nuclear doctrine.

    "If the P5 can all agree that nuclear war can't be won and should never be fought, a no first use policy is a logical next step," he tweeted. "We need policies that match the (positive) rhetoric if the U.S is going to lead on reducing nuclear risk."

    In the United States—the only country to have ever waged nuclear warfare—the ACA last year lamented that the administration of President Joe Biden has continued "every part of the unnecessary and unsustainable nuclear weapons spending plans it inherited from the Trump administration," including an expansion of Obama-era programs such as "more usable lower-yield nuclear capabilities."

    Meanwhile, the ACA says that China has endeavored to increase its nuclear arsenal from around 350 to 700 warheads by 2027, and 1,000 by the end of the decade.

    Russia—which, with over 6,000 warheads, is home to the world's largest nuclear arsenal—is modernizing its missile delivery systems while developing two new types of intercontinental ballistic missiles, including the road-mobile RS-26 Rubezh, according to the U.S. Congressional Research Service.

    In a move that disarmament campaigners called a violation of Britain's NPT obligations, Prime Minister Boris Johnson last year announced a plan to increase the size of the nation's nuclear arsenal by up to 40%.

    "The problem," said Kimball of the five statement leaders, "is that each advances deterrence strategies that depend on making the threat of use of nukes 'credible' and possible," adding that they "must walk the talk."

  11. Lance says:

    Looking at the COD Nighttime Microphysics regional images and there are lots of aerosol trails visible off the west coast coming into CA.  Winds here in South Lake Tahoe are blowing strong and gusting to over 65 mph at lake level.  Could be twice that over the ridge tops!   

  12. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64 | ZeroHedge

    The death rate for those aged 18-64 has risen an astonishing 40% over pre-pandemic levels, according to the CEO of Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica.
    "We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica," said Scott Davison, head of the $100 billion insurance company that's been in operation since 1877 and has approximately 2,400 employees.
    The increase represents "huge, huge numbers," among "primarily working-age people" who have employer-sponsored group life plans through OneAmerica, according to The Center Square.
    "And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic," Davison said during an online news conference last week. "Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic."
    "So 40% is just unheard of," he added.
    According to Davison, the majority of deaths being filed are not classified as due to Covid-19.
    "What the data is showing to us is that the deaths that are being reported as COVID deaths greatly understate the actual death losses among working-age people from the pandemic. It may not all be COVID on their death certificate, but deaths are up just huge, huge numbers," he said, adding that the company has seen an "uptick" in disability claims – at first short-term, and now long-term.
    “For OneAmerica, we expect the costs of this are going to be well over $100 million, and this is our smallest business. So it’s having a huge impact on that," he said, adding that the costs will be passed on to employers purchasing the group life insurance policies.
    At the same news conference where Davison spoke, Brian Tabor, the president of the Indiana Hospital Association, said that hospitals across the state are being flooded with patients “with many different conditions,” saying “unfortunately, the average Hoosiers’ health has declined during the pandemic.”
    In a follow-up call, he said he did not have a breakdown showing why so many people in the state are being hospitalized – for what conditions or ailments. But he said the extraordinarily high death rate quoted by Davison matched what hospitals in the state are seeing.
    "What it confirmed for me is it bore out what we're seeing on the front end,…" he said. -The Center Square
    The number of those hospitalized in Indiana are now higher than before the Covid-19 vaccine was introduced a year ago, and is in fact higher than at any point in the past five years, according to Dr. Lindsay Weaver, Indiana’s chief medical officer.
    Meanwhile, the article can't be viewed in the UK.

  13. Lance says:

    Weather temp reports on some weather websites are incorrect, claiming that its 32 F here right now in South Lake Tahoe.  This is false information!  Its 38 F at 6500 ft. according to my thermometer.  Very windy and gusts are becoming more frequent.

  14. Lance says:

    Time now is 12:52 PM here in South Lake Tahoe.  Wind is steady at about 25 mph and gusts have increased to over 50 mph.  Just had a wind gust that shook the mobile home we live in!  All the billions of ice pellets that fell a few days ago are blowing off of everything.  They don't seem to melt very fast even though its 40 F!  Course, no one thinks about this.  I wonder if the nanoparticles in these billions of ice pellets get absorbed if they get on someone's skin?   

  15. Lance says:

    Here's an update on the wind situation over the Lake Tahoe area.  Starting to get windy already.  Wind gusts over the ridge tops just south of Lake Tahoe are up to 55 mph right now.  Wind is blowing snow off the tops of the mountains on the W side of the lake!   Wind here at my location, which is about 6500 ft, is gusting to about 20 mph.  If the wind speeds predicted happen its going to cause a lot of damage.  Will update as long as I can.  

  16. paul maupin says:

    Years into your broadcasts to inform the people of climate engineering, we want to thank you for your tireless efforts to make it known. We have been aware for a few decades now and are still appalled at the continuing insanity and absolute denial most people have about this dire issue. We have printed material that we try to get out to our small town here in Northern California but still, not much discussion about it. Saddened and disheartened but still at work trying to get the word out. Climate Engeneering!

  17. Lance says:

    Regarding manipulating wind, started seeing weather forecasts yesterday concerning high winds impacting the Lake Tahoe region and the mountains north and south of the lake.  This area is now under a "Extreme" high wind warning according to the MSN weather forecast.  High winds are expected to start near 12 noon today and last until 7 am Tuesday.  Trees will be blown over and many limbs will be falling out of the trees.  Power outages are highly likely.  Up to 8 inches of snow possible late Monday into Tuesday morning, but I expect more.  Temps will be above freezing to begin with then drop to near 32 F.  Will try to update as this "event" unfolds, but if the power goes out that obviously won't be possible.  Waiting and watching.  

  18. Michael says:

    Hi Dane,

    Again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your weekly Global Alert News. It is the only news I listen to now, since your ontop of everything being connected.  We know you have connections in Oz (Australia) in regards to everything going on, just so you are aware, we have major Wind Events here lately in New Zealand.  The air has become hotter and they seem to ice nucleate later in the day then they used too.  When you spoke about "Nocturnal Tornadoes" that made me worry a bit.  We had a few tornadoes here in Auckland alone over the past 7 years.  I had a custom "" window banner made for my car in the read so people could at least see it and be curious. I do pass on your credible data and the link here to The Dimming often.  Thank you my friend for keeping up the fight! We here in NZ won't give up and support you too!

    Michael S.

  19. Joseph says:

      Happy New Year Dane and family.  Thank you for all the hard work you do for all these years .


       I saw this program on pbs last week.   

    Earth Emergency.

    . It was very good but of course it will not  touch Climate Engineering and Geoengineering.    This is worth seeing .  This should be on main stream T.V. since alot of people  do not know what is talked about here.  


    Earth Emergency | PBS

  20. Mary Webster says:

    Tampa, FL – your show did air Saturday, 1500 , as scheduled – sometimes erratic due to sports – sometimes your show plays later.  BUT whenever it is on – the hour for the week that it is on – it is great and I am glad on the radio.  I give the address to the one chat room I am on – some feel "only God can control the weather" – LOADS of work to be done.  Of course, you are apolitical and I tell them that in hopes they will go to your site.  THANK YOU.  

  21. Calvin Payne says:

    Good Morning. For the past year 2021 from January to December 2021 I have kept a record of the rain, the snow and the chemtrales here in Carlsbad New Mexico for this whole year and here are the results, for RAIN = 49 days for all year, SNOW + 5 days total all year and for the air planes spraying chemicals as CHEMTRALES for all year is 175 days of spraying, Any where with 4 to 6 to 8 planes spraying chemiocals. Who controles the spraying of these chemicals???? Thank you. Stay Safe. God Bless America.

  22. Lance says:

    On the COD nighttime microphysics images of the west coast of the US a large number of aerosol particulate trails are visible in the storm clouds coming from the west, especially over northern CA!  In fact, I can see some out my window facing north.  I can see a white plane at high altitude laying down a long trail flying from the N to the S right now too.  Storm front coming this way is forecast to bring strong winds over the Sierra's, 65 mph at Lake Tahoe level and 100+ mph over the ridgetops!  Power outages possible they say! 

  23. Kelly Green says:

    Constant weather whiplash here in Colorado for weeks and weeks. We had toxic "Snow" on Christmas Eve, and again on New Years Eve with tornado force winds before each event.

    It was raining fish in Texas yesterday. They have now named this weather phenomenon "Animal Rain". 

    I had a friend who I hadn't been in contact with for a decade tell me last week that we would have to agree to disagree about "Contrails". This friend is a retired Commercial airline pilot and former fellow skydiver. I was ready for them to say they didn't think climate engineering was happening, but instead they said they knew about historical weather engineering programs and that they were willing to accept my research and views, but that he knows someone directly who has a lot of money who wants to block the sun with "good" "unharmful" aerosols instead of the bad ones currently used, and he wanted to help fund the sun blocking program. 

    That was a shock to say the least. We agreed about many things, but right now he can't possibly understand the amount of damage these programs have done and continue to do. Our conversation went on for 2.5 hours. I hope to be able to get him to watch The Dimming. While he acknowledges ongoing weather modification, he can't accept that the damage from them is so bad. He feels a need to "Do something" because time is running out. 

    I have had the solar geoengineering as "necessary evil" conversation many times with people online while trying to spread awareness about ongoing Geoengineering, but this was a whole knew level because it's someone I have known for a long time with an extensive aviation history.

    I had this devastating conversation on the same day that my copy of "Horsemen of the Apocalypse" book arrived. Authored by RFK Jr., Dick Russell and David Talbot about "The men who are destroying life on earth and what it means for our children."  This book is to say the least one of the most disappointing I have come across. No mention of Climate Engineering. No mention of any weather modification programs or the people, governments and institutes involved. This limited hangout book pins everything on David Koch and the oil industry.

    I have been trying to get CHD to acknowledge Geoengineering the past couple of years, and often leave comments on their climate related articles that get support. There are definitely other Geoengineering Watch viewers there in the comment section as well. I had hope that they would possibly address this all important part of the puzzle with enough encouragement, but this book makes it clear that will not happen. Shamefully sad to say the least because a team effort with CDH would make a huge difference in reach of audience. 

    Dane, you truly keep the flame of truth and hope alive for many of us, and your weekly broadcast makes overcoming these huge disappointments easier. The comment section here on Geoengineering Watch makes me feel a sense of community in this quest. It is important to know that your not alone, so thank you, and thank you to everyone out there trying to sound the alarm and make a difference. I know you are all facing many, many obstacles from job loss, health issues, deaths of family and friends, the loss of family and friends from division etc, and I want you to know that I appreciate you and your continued efforts and courage in this battle. You are not alone.

    Dane Wigington has a Posse. 

    May 2022 be the year that the light of Truth shines directly on the Climate Engineering subject and exposes it to the masses so that they may protest and end these devastating programs while it's still possible.

    Peace and Blue Skies,

    Kelly Green

    • Jane Lenner says:

      Yes Colorado has got worse since last year! Hard to joke anymore due to the heavy metals in the air and respiratory issues it's causing many in children's hospital. Boulder runs the show with CO springs! We need to spread the word in CO. Lots need educated on the truth! We were once in there shoes and didn't know now it's time to share! Modified weather warfare is gonna get worse this year! Time to spread truth! God bless!

  24. Stan Sylvester says:

    On a recent 60 minutes episode, it reported on the effect of climate change, not climate manipulation, to the wine industry.

    Christine Sevillano took over the family bottled Champagne business 14 years ago. Champagne, France is the only place in the world that produces the bubbly. She said that due to warmer temperatures and last year's drastic rain, 90% of her crop was ruined. They normally produce 50,000 bottles a year. This year it was none. The higher temperatures plus a month worth of rain in 2 or 3 days produced a fungus that ruined the crop. She does not know if the family business that started in the 1700's can survive another disastrous year like that

    As a country, France lost about $2 billion in wine sales last year..

    Enter the wine climatologists to the rescue. They advise the wine industry on current trends that effect growing. For example, their data shows that England's temperatures are now what France's was 30 years ago. Wineries are now moving from France to England. Believe it not, Norway is entering the wine business. In this country, Napa Valley growers are moving to Oregon. Meanwhile, no education from the wine climatologists on the spraying going on above the vineyards.

    Rising temperatures that cause economic loss for one country  are a blessing to another. Moving is also working for wine growers in the southern hemisphere, You move south for cooler temperatures. 

    It's amazing to watch the human race skate around the manipulation of the earth's life support systems. In the wine industry, the growers of grapes move north and move south for cooler temperatures. For the future, they hope the trend stops so they don't have to keep moving further north and further south.

  25. Lance says:

    Listened to the entire latest Global Alert News report.  Am well aware of all the issues you detail.  I do not believe that man, through the development of a multitude of advanced sciences and technologies, is going to be able to undo the immense damage that has been done to all biological life, us included, on this planet.  I used to believe in the ideology that man could shape and create man's own future, but this ideology has led to nothing but a bottomless pit of problems that mankind is not going to resolve.         

  26. Richard C Brown says:

    I go interested in the WEATHER due to the Hurricanes and Tornadoes in my state of Louisiana. Hurricane reports appeared to look funny.They started off the Coast of Africa.That was ODD!!

    I found geoengineeringwatch and have been educating myself as much as possible and telling Others.I even purchased some of the materials.

    Officially we are back home January 1,2022. After the so called 1000 year  flood of 2016.5 years+months + days. I just realized the Flood of 2016 was geoengineered!

    There are Others like us and new ones more and more to come as the Kentucky Tornadoes.Death, Destruction and Chaos and A Governmentthat WECKS HAVOC Upon a COUNTRY that was founded by Blood,Sweat,TEARS and Taxes.

    I am Richard C. Brown

  27. Paul Davis says:

    Dane-thank you. Your work is vital to this effort; your courage and awareness, too. I could not do this without  your efforts.

    Boston Field Report: temps were heating up to the 40s, 50s, now another dousing of rain and temps are falling.   Leaves still on trees; pending defoliants possible…  Regarding surfactants:  i live near a small lake with a dam… upstream water looks fine; downstream, many bubbles, like detergents being agitated into bubbles as they move over the dam….  Last week-last storm, thin layer of ice on everything.

    Dane-question:…on Controlling Air Speeds; controlling the speed of air mass movement. With more tornadoes hitting KY, how are air speeds controlled? w/ HAARP?….air speeds can lead to tornadoes, maybe even the massive ones…look forward to this information….

    much appreciation -Paul

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Paul, in regard to surface wind speeds, they can and are being manipulated via atmospheric aerosl dispersions and RF / microwave transmissions. HAARP is certainly a factor in many weather manipulatin equations, but keep in mind there are many smaller scale inonosphere heaters and RF /  microwave transmission facilities / networks around the world. Atomospheric aerosols and RF / microwave transmission impact atmospheric pressure zones and convection, thus upper and surface wind conditions / speeds.

  28. Ignacio says:

    I may be wrong, but here in the Azores I have the impression that climate engineering is not working as smoothly as it used to.

    Last week we have had plenty of failed forecasted "cold fronts", with no cold and not much humidity, just a thick haze or smog that dissipates slowly, also failed cloud formation attempts.

    After a few days of failed attempts we had plenty of lightnings in the Sky with no thunder, and the next day a huge storm with plenty of rain, lightnings and very strong gusts, but before that there were many ups and downs in air temperature, as trying to cool down the air before the geoengineering tricks could work.

    It's as if the NOAA forecast for the area is becoming more of a "wish list" than a "prearranged script", I wonder if it may be because of increasing solar radiation breaking geoengineering tools.

    • Michael says:

      Same here in NZ Ignacio, 10 day forecasts go right out the window. We have "heaving seas" with no winds in the morning, then the winds pickup over the day and no moisture comes.

  29. David Apman says:

    Hi Dane,

    Your broadcast is a must listen for me every week. Keep up the fight on behalf of all of us that are aware of geoengineering. 




    Lake in the Hills IL


  30. Okie Observer says:

    Observed twin circular spray patterns (figure 8) across the NE Oklahoma skies in the late afternoon of the "Big Tornado Outbreak" on Dec 14, 2021, Unusual & unique pattern, but so was the effects later that evening for those who lost their family, homes, and posessions.  

  31. Laura Kozicki says:

    I shared this website with my homeowners insurance representative who handled my claim after the windstorm did over $5,000 worth of damage to the roof of my house. It's a topic that insurance companies would hopefully want to know about.

    • Jason j Brunner says:

      of course they know, they are largely responible for the coverup. the few dollars they pay out in homeowner claims is nothing in the big picture

    • Dennie says:

      If they know about CBOE listing weather futures (and they do), then they know for certain that our weather is geoengineered.  What they don't know, nor do we, is how many are playing and who's playing against whom….

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