Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 13, 2024, #440


Dane Wigington

"A Weekend of Ferocious Winter Weather Could See Low-Temperature Records Set in the US Heartland". The chemical flash freezing of the US is being super sensationalized by all matrix media sources. The geoengineers are doubling down on winter weather whiplash, but what aren't they telling us? Here's one headline example from this week, "Birds drop from trees' in extreme 45C Australian heat amid sweltering four week heatwave". There can be no legitimate discussion of climate anything, from any perspective, without first and foremost addressing global climate intervention operations. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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49 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 13, 2024, #440

  1. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Sarah Bunnell posted a link to a Newsweek article and discovered that microplastic we are absorbing carry heavy metals. (which is just the tip of that iceberg) Well, I read that article and their research proved that we are eating an average of a credit card's worth of microplastics, every single week. And that is just in the meat and non-meat protein foods.

    When you add in the vegetables, fruit, breads, etc. You get another credit card's worth of microplastics.

    So, I dug even deeper and read another Newsweek article that claimed we are breathing in one more credit card's worth of microplastics that collect in our lungs, the back of the throat, the hairs inside our nose and our mucous. Some of it is passing directly into our bloodstream from the lungs, and it will (not can) "when enough of it has built up" form blood clots; lead to blood, lung and throat cancer and hardening of the arteries.

    That wasn't the end of it either. 

    Another article claims that their research shows the average person drinks yet another credit card's worth of microplastics, every single week.

    That total comes to four credit cards, and the average card contains a mass/weight of about 5 grams. So, 20 grams a week times 52 equals 1,040 grams a year!

    453 grams equals one pound, and that means that the average person is collecting about 2.3 pounds of microplastics in their body every single year. And that number will grow exponentially each consecutive year.

    I don't know about you but absorbing (a minimum of) almost two- and one-half pounds of plastics inside of our bodies every year, must lead to premature death. Even for the healthiest people on the planet.

    Because like Sarah Bunnell pointed out. Those microplastic particles not only carry heavy metals and deposit them throughout the body. They also carry forever chemicals, other commercial and industrial toxic chemicals, climate engineering chemicals, viruses, bacteria, fungus and mold. All of which I confirmed from other various sources (except of course climate engineering toxins, which Dane has confirmed).

    The way I see it. The microplastic laced polymers in climate engineering aerosols alone that rain down on us from the atmosphere above, are enough to cause the extinction of humanity. But when you add in what we eat and drink to what we inhale. That's just Overkill in my opinion.

    I just don't see how anyone can carry around that much plastic in their bodies, without it eventually becoming the equivalent of a terminal cancer-like prognosis.

    Not only that. Plastic has one of the highest carbon footprints of anything on the planet. To make something out of plastic you get 6kg of CO2 for every kg produced. That's basically Double Overkill.

    Why would any intelligent species allow itself to be trapped in such a conundrum? The answer is simple. Stop making plastics and use other (abundant) natural based fibrous materials. But of course, we have our favorite GMO conspirator to blame for all of this. Monsanto pioneered the plastics industry, back in the 40s and 50s. Go figure.

  2. WATCHER says:

    Thank You Brother Jonathan for the Kind response filled with Wisdom  We are Birds of a feather Here all kindred spirits.

      Agoihwanohkwak = I care for and respect Your Ideas "Cayuga"


  3. Sarah Bunnell says:


    There are a lot of good earth watch articles here on enviroment. They point out in article that the microplastic we are absorbing carry heavy metals. Yikes! 

  4. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Farmed Salmon Producers to Use GM Canola Oil in Fish Feed


    The genetically modified canola oil, newly approved in Norway to feed farmed salmon, is engineered to be grown using glufosinate, an herbicide banned in the European Union and withdrawn from the French market in 2017 due to its classification as toxic for reproduction.


  5. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ‘Remarkable’ Declines in Fertility, Sperm Counts Worldwide Linked to Industrial Chemicals


    Fertility rates are dropping persistently worldwide, with environmental toxins like pesticides and air pollution likely playing a key role, according to a study published in Human Reproduction Update. Health experts urged policy action on chemical exposures and barriers to fertility care.


  6. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    55 U.S. Doctors Behind Psychiatric Diagnosis Manual Took $14M From Drug Companies


    A BMJ report revealed that 55 of the doctors on panels deciding diagnoses and treatments for the “bible” of psychiatric disorders had undisclosed industry ties totaling millions. The authors of the report said such conflicts of interest distort care guidelines and erode public trust.



  7. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    240,000 ‘Toxic’ Plastic Particles Found in Average Liter of Bottled Water


    Using a new microscopy method, scientists found 240,000 particles of plastic — over 90% comprised of more toxic nanoplastics — in the average liter of bottled water, according to a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


  8. Jonathan says:

    The following came this morning from Eagle Butte Rez.

    Condolences to another full blood speaker (Norman Blue Arm) from Thunder Butte who froze in his FEMA trailer house!


    The genocidal Maniacs are still at it.

    • Robert says:

      He's in a better place now if that's of any solace. My condolences to the Norman Blue Arm family. 

    • Watcher says:

      R.I.P. Norman Blue Arm  Now You have arrived with the Great Ones Pray For Us.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Eagle Butte is the tribal headquarters of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, and that is near where I will be moving to in the next few months.

      The forecast for Eagle Butte, SD is like a scripted copy of the forecast for this part of Texas over the next ten days. Identical highs, lows and wind chills.

      Has anyone ever considered that Climate Engineering is possibly creating the hottest and coldest weather conditions across the country, just to ensure that our dependence on fossil fuels to keep us cool and warm will never cease to exist?

      Considering that they provide an average of 75% of all the electricity in America, and wind/solar is totally obsolete on those bitter cold overcast days when the wind dies down.

      Stop to think about it. What better way for the fossil fuel empire to bolster their argument that we could never survive without them, and our dependence on them will never change. No matter how much we work towards replacing fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly alternatives.

      Because they will never be a dependable source of energy, in a world of climate extremes. Whiplash weather is their signature money maker for the 5% that uses geoengineering to keep the profits flowing. Microwaved heat domes and named chemical blizzards might just be the result of their think tank insane asylum.

      Spend billions on weather modification to make trillions in the long run. To them that would be a win-win investment, and it would cost us millions of lives (or even a billion or more) lost to heat stroke and hypothermia, just to try and topple their empire. Very few out of eight billion will be willing to make such sacrifices, and that's why they settle for business as usual.

      And they get away with it by making us subsidize most of their investments with taxpayer funds. You know, those same tax revenues that magically disappear every year during the country's budget audits. Geoengineering is the all-consuming black hole of our vanishing taxes, and it has been for over seventy-five years.

      The weather is rarely ever beautiful anymore. It's either blistering hot or bone chilling cold (or dangerously stormy) and we are constantly trying to stay comfortable (and safe) these days. I remember when I used that word "comfortable" during my outdoor activities, most days of the year. But now that word has been replaced with "miserable". The younger generations hardly ever experience those feelings of Utopian climate euphoria, and they have no idea what they've had taken from them, by the climate engineering insanity.

      My heart goes out to the family of Norman Blue Arm and I will ask the great spirits to guide him to his new realm of existence.

  9. jen says:


    I was just looking at local and world weather radar. There is almost NO precipitation, anywhere. The world pressure map showed all pink (1030mBar).Belarus and Antarctica at 930mBar.

    Quite peculiar.

    Thank you.

  10. Chris says:

    We are drowning in a sea of dellusions.

    Once America bought the "shot from behind, lone gunman, magic bullet Bs the military/industrial/political complex has gone into overdrive , killing other men of peace. What happened to us? Why didn't the country go into convulsion over such an obvious and blatant perversions of logic over Kennedy's death and others. Propaganda sure, medications sure drugs sure but if I was to point to one single source it would have to be sodium flouride found in toothpaste, water and lots of crops watered with fluoridated water. Sodium flouride has an overall calming effect like Prozac or other psyc drugs and reduces  resistance to dominance. It been used in concentration camps and by lion tamers for around a century. It calcifies the pineal gland in the brain which is our spiritual center and detaches us /we/you from the natural / logical /sane world.

    This detachment is against pure logic which should guide us to protect our biosphere, but we've been medicated out of those concerns. 

    Need proof of how illogical we've become? Men can be women, men can have babies, there's more than two genders, you can identify as a cat if you want, it was a pancake collapse that pulverized around half a million metric cubic yards of concrete in seconds, (never mind about blg7), an aluminum plane can crash through steel reinforced concrete and disappear with barely a trace etc.

    It's called trauma based people control by the military/industrial/propaganda/pharmacutical/ political  complex keeping us in awe shock and disbelief to the point we accept the insane as normal. Sodium flouride has helped tremendously in my opinion. It can affect human behavior at the ppm level and remember to brush your teeth three times a day, your gums absorbing this toxin each time.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for bringing this very relevant point to our attention about sodium flouride Chris. It makes so much sense. I did not know sodium flouride was used by lion tamers on these beautiful but dangerous animals to make them more docile. What a cheat. Good God is nothing safe from being preyed upon by the greed and hubris of evil men? Not even a lion is safe. And now thanks to the willful spraying of billions of tons of TOXIC nanoparticles which do not belong in ANY way shape or form in our atmosphere- but have now become ubiquitious in everything around us- NOTHING is safe anymore. How could we allow this to happen? You just said it. Flouride. 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Chris, maybe that's why I am not brain fogged by the matrix. My mother made me use baking soda instead of toothpaste, and I still use that to this day. I never take prescription drugs unless I desperately need antibiotics. Don't do caffeine, or recreational drugs. Never drank municipal tap water, and only eat Non-GMO organic.

      And I definitely don't do vaccines! My time as a Marine put those on my "Never Do This Again" black list. 
      Sodium flouride is also used in making steel and aluminum products. Metallurgy and medical imaging processes. 

      And if this doesn't shock you, nothing will. Sodium flouride has unique bacterial properties, but it's too TOXIC to be used as an antiseptic. So, why is it in every single municipal water supply in America?

    • Slow Boiled Frog says:

      I had a roommate in college who taught me plenty how to study. He had read many books in the 80's re: the JFK assassination. I believed what he was saying because I respected him but I did not feel the same deceit since I had not had the same experience with the research. It was not until after exploring 911 did I crack the JFK chapter. 

      Hearing something does not resonate with the soul like the absolute realization of the truth.

      Thank you for the reminder.

  11. brent says:


    Russel brand just opened his podcast with a mention of Geoengineering. Not by that nomenclature.

    People KNOW.

    But what can be done.

    These psychos are  gonna do whatever it takes.

    Check out the episode.

    3 hours ago


  12. Robert says:

    So evidently people around me think that I have an anger problem and I need to address it, so what is at the core of my anger, here's one example:

    Recent article in Mother Jones Magazine by author Kiera Butler, senior editor, "Far Right Trump Activist Thinks The Deep State Created The Blizzard In Iowa."

    Basically it states that the wacko fringe is losing it and according to Bob McCoy, Director of the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks states that HAARP is not a weapon and and couldn't be by the way high frequency radio works in the atmosphere it is transparent to those signals.

    So there you go all you wacko conspiracy theorist, right or left, nothing here to see,  keep your head down and keep moving towards the cliff.

    I'll need to end it here as I can feel my blood pressure increasing and I certainly don't want to rock the boat and upset the clueless. Just be aware that our misdirected leaders all know what's happening and the game is to keep us busy quarreling until the bitter end.

    Thanks Dane, and I wouldn't want you to lower yourself to join the ranks of these demented souls, you are my inspiration to keep up the fight. Onward into the fake storm we go. 


  13. WATCHER says:

    Hello Eden and Jonathan: It warms my heart to read what You have done to Help our animal & insect brothers and sisters. in the past i was a hunter/fisher and gatherer. Now it seems iI have lost my desire to do so. I declare i will not unless i find it imperative to use them to feed my family in a famine. These fellow beings have  every right to be here as we do. So i Honor them as  my native ancestors have. There are some who feel them as inferior to humanity  and they are free for the taking. This i do not agree with, because they are gifts to us, you could also say companions. I even question my motives when I start swatting biting bugs. Someone asked me why i like mosquitoes and blackflies even if they are literally a pain. My comically injected answer is "they feed the fish and keep city folks out of the woods. Besides that they are hated by most folks so that automatically makes me an ally with them. Dane mentions the Bees. These are so necessary for pollination, that their extinction would mean a drastic reduction of plant-life and food. We have in the bible been instructed to be stewards. Genesis 8:17 “Bring out every kind of living creature that is with you the birds, the animals, and all the creatures that move along the ground so they can multiply on the earth and be fruitful and increase in number on it.”  As per Genesis 8:17 we have failed miserably.  Another mismanaged verse is: Genesis 1:28 “God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” As far as Genesis 1:28 The term "Subdue the Earth" it seems has been successfully accomplished with abandon, just as "Be fruitful and multiply" Well! we got the multiply part down I guess but we have missed the mark on the fruitful part. Rather it is brute-full and loot-full. We have NOT paid any attention to conserving anything except for our greedy needs. When will we ever Learn?

    • Jonathan says:

      Watcher my friend, Thank you for your kind words. There are two kinds of hunters. The ethical kind, in line with those of indigenous populations going back to antiquity eons ago. And then there are the others.

      I truly feel, and I have always felt, even when I was a small child, that the divine spark of the Creator is in all of us, people, plants and animals, and that, while the Creator may relate to different beings in different ways, They are all an interconnected part of the fabric of Life, and none are any less important than any others. I have never believed that people are necessarily more important than the planets and animals also put here by the Creator. They're just different.

      I applaud your sensitivity to life. Not that this would preclude you from being able to hunt ethically in line with your ancestral ties.

      The Creator goes by many names. And you never know. Once you start hopping the animals, what you will see. I had quite a surprise. In fact, the number of surprises in the last several years, on a number of occasions, to witness quite rare and wonderful animals that are not even really supposed to be living here, and yet they are. With clean water and a stable source of food to supplement their wild diet. I have turned part of the property into a large meadow that in time will probably become larger. Providing shelter and food in a safe place. I have smudged and blessed the land and all four corners, and there was a sense of peace here with all of nature. Nature. Note that I don't necessarily include humanity in that word, nature.

      There are a number of people who truly feel that animals are expendable and that they don't have a soul as so many fundamental evangelicals like to say. I've got news for them…. They're wrong.

      I was going to share this tonight anyway, so I'll just include it here.

      The principle of looking the Storm in the eye applies here. As does the principle of carpe diem.

      By the beloved author Jack London:


      " I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, that is sleepy and permanent planet. The function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."

      This of course can be taken in different ways. Here's how I take it… Apply this each day to the best of your ability using the opportunities that you have and the resources that you have within your sphere of influence to make sure that your path is the better of the two in the fork of the Star Road. While material things can be nice, you will not take them with you. You will however, take your good name, your courage, your honor, and the finer points of your soul.

      Do what you can to help people plant the animals in need. Part of this is local and personal based upon needs that you identify. For example, I keep extra cans of dog food and extra water in the truck in case I should run across animals here and there who are in dire need. Many of us feed the wild birds and wild animals around our homes. These are our friends, and I feel sure that most of them realize this.

      Many people today are going to extreme lengths to prolong their earthly lives while perhaps neglecting some of their responsibilities towards others. I've said it before and will say it again. Love is the greatest force in the universe. If it wasn't for love, this website would not even be.

      Be a conduit for the forces of kindness and love extended to others within your area of operation so to speak. And make each day count as Dane says, using your time while not bothering with trying to prolong your days.

      Whether you take it literally or theoretically, remember the sentient being who knows all things, sitting at the fork of the Star Road.

      I just got back in from feeding some of my little friends. Actually, some of them are quite large. But that's beside the point. Thank you again for your kind words.


      Mitakuye Oyasin


    • Doolittle says:

      KJV Job:7-10

      7 But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:
      8 Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.
      9 Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this?
      10 In whose hand is the SOUL of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

      I have never been in any type of church where they preached about 

      "The Beasts, The Fowls of the Air, The Earth and The Fishes of the Sea having a soul" and yet here it is in their King James Version of the Bible.

      How much better it would be if they taught this truth.

  14. JS says:

    Introducing Sulfur into our upper atmosphere via Stratospheric Aerosol Injection is in violation of US and EPA Clean Air Act of 1990. A govt. that does not abide by it's own rules is really no govt. at all.  

    Clean Air Act Text | US EPA  

    Here is how the EPA district 9 replies back to SAI from aircraft. Basically in the eyes of the EPA everything you see in the sky is a vapor contrail. They are sadly uninformed and willfully ignorant.  

    Information on Contrails from Aircraft | US EPA  

    Hope that New Hampshire HB 1700 gets some much needed traction. Open one door at a time. We may not get behind all closed doors, but we can get real close.

  15. Diana says:

    Yes this is hard. Where does God's Word say it would be easy? Believers, Stand Strong!! We are the Light! Unbelievers, ask Jesus into your hearts & into your lives. It just takes a simple asking & He will give you a peace that surpasses all understanding🙌🙌🙌

  16. Chris says:

    Not to bust the bubble but I believe military flights over the the US falls under national security and therby a secret. (That's the cry of the great oppressor "ie state secret").

    Someone once said "the lie can only be maintained by the state for such time as to protect the citizenry from the military, industrial or political consequences of the lie. The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie and thus by extension the truth becomes the mortal enemy of the state. It thus becomes necessary for the state to use all of its resources to protect the lie from the truth."

    It went something like that, can't remember exactly, thought it was Goebbels but it didn't come up.

    To track and intercept one of those military crop dusters (we are the crops) to arrest or fine someone won't be allowed or tolerated. I can only hope to God I'm wrong and it seems like a start but decades of denials suggest otherwise. Years ago a country overseas tried but was forced to release the aircraft.

    Years ago a bill before Congress tried to ban "chemtrails" and other geoweapons but was rewritten to exclude most geoweapons and "chemtrails"

    My take is that they're just throwing us a bone again like they always do to placate us for awhile as it goes through the courts.

    I've never run across anyone from Russia or China talking about the spraying there and I can only wonder if they/we are allowed to modify their atmosphere as here.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      The supreme court rules over Congress, when it comes to all enacted laws and they determine how the Constitution is interpreted in reference to those laws. Congress rules over the Pentagon. The President rules over Congress, but only by veto. He or she also rules over the Pentagon.The military cannot do anything without the approval of Congress and the President.

      Anything that falls under military National Security is still answerable to, and governed by Congress and the President. Whether a program is top secret or not, it can still be terminated by first, the President and secondly, Congress. Including by way of state legislature laws being enforced by both.

      And all of the above has to obey the Constitution (no matter how it is interpreted). As the military in considered to be a Federal entity, they obey all Federal laws. Including state Federal laws passed by Congress.

      I hope this answers any questions you have Chris, about who can enforce laws that pertain to the military. The FBI, CIA , Marshal's office and the Sheriff's department, are all Federal entities. Including the Texas Rangers and all other state Ranger law enforcement agencies.

      Black Projects fall under different guidelines, but must still follow all laws designed to protect everyone's constitutional rights. Including state legislature laws passed by Congress. Their actions and budgets are not disclosed to the public, for national security reasons. But simply being Top Secret in nature, still does not give them the right to break constitutional laws.

      It's just a matter of whether or not Congress, and or, the President are willing to instruct federal agencies to enforce the law by carrying out warrants against military agencies and base personnel. If a crime has been comitted, they are treated no different than you or I, and all instruments, technologies or weapons used in those crimes are subject to confiscation.

      I intended to become a lawyer in my twenties, so I have a solid base of knowledge when it comes to U.S. laws. Which always comes in handy when law enforcement officers try to go rogue on me, my loved ones, or my friends.

    • Lizzyh7 says:

      This is the essence of compartmentalization of the Intelligence community.  As is mentioned in The Dimming, there are many levels of compartmentalization, one is not read on to every program and access is based strictly on need to know.  The fact that NO ONE in any media, nation or government will go anywhere near admitting the scale of the geoengineering is a tell.  Personally, I think this one is The Big Lie that none will touch seriously.  The ridicule of the very idea that "they" would do it at all keeps it that way.  As well as what might happen to one who does know and tells about it…

      I worked briefly in a classified facility in the US Army.  The old spook adage, that we all laughed about, was "Admit Nothing.  Deny All.  Make Counter Accusations."   That's how it's done.  And it works.  Sure the media will admin once in a while the generated snow storms and all, but to admit they've been doing this for 75 years?  Never gonna happen.  And yes, the entire global governance is obviously well aware this is ongoing and not some loony theory.  The rulers of other countries who might go too far to expose it are conveniently gotten rid of, one way or another.  Or paid off, those are the one's still in office. 

      As Dane says so often, if people really knew just how real this loony "theory" really is, even in a dumbed down, tamed down, distracted populace, the revolt just might get out of hand for our owners.  And they know it.

  17. David White says:

    In December 1983 I lived near St. Cloud, MN and the average temperature that month was minus 1/2 degree.  According to the national weather service the average December monthly temperature for St Cloud is 16.5.  Last month – December 2023 – the average monthly temperature was 32.13.   As Dane says, the planet is in total meltdown!

  18. Stan Sylvester says:

    As if all of the aquatic life didn't haven't enough to worry about with warming ocean temperatures, here comes the Royal Caribbean "Icon of the Seas" zooming by. 

    The largest cruise ship ever took 7 years to build by Finnish ship builder Meyer Turku. The cost was over $2 billion. It is 1198 feet long and 250,800 gross tons. Compare that to the Titanic that was 882 feet long and 46,328 gross tons. 

    It has 2805 rooms  and can hold 7000 passengers and 3000 crew members. The ship's maiden voyage is 1/27/24. The 7 day Miami to the Caribbean trip starts at around $1800. Wanna go? It'll be awhile. The next available booking is 10/11/25. 

    The ship features "neighborhoods" like Central Park shopping. After that you can hit the adult themed "Chill Island". The kids can go next door to "Thrill Island" with 6 slides. No kids? "Swim and Tonic" is the world's largest pool with a swim up bar.   

    Love artwork? "The Pearl" is the world's largest "kinetic" art sculpture. It is 3 stories high and made of glass. I had to look up kinetic. It involves or produces movement.  The ship can even fulfill your dream of going zip lining out the way. The line is 150 feet above the water.  

    I'm sure a cruise on "The Icon of the Seas" is a lot of fun for people. On the other hand, our message to the masses of the continued assault on the earth's life support systems is not fun for people.  

    It's also not an easy job being the messenger. However, no cruise can provide the personal satisfaction of knowing you are involved in such a noble cause.  No cruise can give you the sense of pride supporting a truth warrior like Dane Wigington.

  19. Laura Cotter says:

    Bravo Dane!!  Yesterday I read about the New Hampshire Bill 1700-FN.  Hurrah!   Finally, some at state level are putting forth an Act designed to establish a regulatory process to prevent the intentional RELEASE OF POLLUTING EMISSIONS in New Hampshire's atmosphere, as well as providing penalties for violations.  Wouldn't have happened without your years of work!  Will pray for its success.

    • Gram says:

      Rhode Island has had a similar bill in their House of Reps for several years but their Senate won't second it!!!

  20. Captn. Jack says:

    Is China or Russia or both,with Commie Joe's blessing, doing this with our own traitors help?

  21. WATCHER says:

    Two nights in a row we received styrofoam bead snow; something I never remember seeing in my first 68 years. It started showing up about 5 years ago. It seemed kind of odd back then until I found out here what it was. On another note I am proud of my state of New Hampshire for creating a bill to stop weather modification programs in our skies. It's at least a start ,I hope other States follow suit. Not to say this bill will pass without opposition, because money talks and it may become "Curses Foiled Again". At least with the help of Dane and all His hard work and devotion to our planet.more and more people have become aware. I have posted flyers from this site on bulletin boards locally and have had to replace them. On the flip-side staunch conspiracy deniers may have destroyed them. Who knows? Hopefully folks are taking them home and sharing them with friends and family. By speaking freely of this to folks I know with open minds, some have been also have become aware .Unfortunately others say "where do you get that stuff from? that sounds like a conspiracy theory".  As I have stated, before round earth and gravity was once a theory as well as other things that have become accepted facts.Well I'll just keep replacing the flyers when missing.Thanks to this site they are free for the cost of paper and ink. The good fight is on and we ALL hope to win it A.S.A.P.

    • Sunlight Germany says:

      My friend and everyone here. Before I write down anything about these "Styrofoam balls", I would like to talk about other events that I would like to summarize here. What was the weather like this year after large parts of Lower Saxony, other regions in Germany and other European countries were affected by massive flooding? There was a day when a part of the sky broke into the blue of the sky. And already these paths could be seen. After that the sky was overcast again and after that there were 4 days of clear skies with few paths. With -9° Celsius, my weather station measured the coldest night. I don't know how many wildlife, aquatic animals and fish were killed by the flood. (People can flee from a flood.) And I don't know how many wild animals will lose their lives from the massive cold on the other side. It's just too sad to see the whole picture. We will also have to wait and see how this affects agriculture. I would now like to come to the "Styrofoam balls". I know this heavy "snow" that melts very slowly. But what I saw this morning on January 19, I haven't seen in 57 years. Lots of "Styrofoam balls" as far as I can see. The temperature at night was -4° Celsius and in the morning -1.5° Celsius. I don't know when this material fell from the sky. Thanks to everyone who helps the poor wildlife, which I have always done. I offer the animals in the garden a large assortment of food, so that I can still see a few different species, sometimes in large numbers. If I hadn't seen that anymore, I don't know how I would feel. Yes, we are all like-minded. And yes, we are all soul mates…

  22. Jonathan says:

    Remember the concept of the star road and the life review.

    " What did you do during your time on Earth to make the world a better place? What did you do for the people, the plants and the animals who were in need?"

  23. Jonathan says:

    Remember to be kind to the little ones. I was stacking firewood for some friends yesterday when I found the largest jumping spider I have ever seen. It was clearly taking shelter among the pieces of wood from the fierce winds that were cutting through seemingly everything yesterday. I gently picked it up and placed it in another location where it would have plenty of shelter as well as access to warm sunlight in the afternoons from the west. I've shared this before but will share it again for some of the newer folks here. Some years ago. I got home from work one afternoon and found a dead fly hanging from under the edge of the vinyl siding by the back door. Without thinking, I flicked it off with my finger only to find a jumping spider peek out from under the siding, very distressed that its meal had been taken away. I felt terrible about this. So picked up the the fly and held it out to the precious little soul, which very gently took its front two legs and picked up the spider from my fingers and then resumed its meal.

    Remember that hours may be the only helping hands ever offered to The Innocent ones- many people, all plants, and all animals. Yours may be the only voice ever offered on their behalf. So many do not have a voice or a choice in what's happening around them.

    Remember that the same Divine Spark within you indwells them as well. We all have the same Creator.

    Let your work with this organization Be motivated by Love. It is the most powerful force in the universe. It undergirds everything that we do here.

    By the way, yesterday I had to get some gas for the truck. After I fueled up, I took one of the 20 page geoengineering booklets and rolled it up and discreetly. Put it in the handle of the gasoline pump so that the person behind me would see it. There are many ways to leave materials for people without having to directly engage them. Be creative in thinking of ways to share information.

    There is a worldwide Awakening, some people call it the Great Awakening. Clearly it is having an effect, or the elite would not be so upset and so desperate.

    Look the storm in the eye…

  24. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    It's pretty bad when I go from having to leave the windows in my vehicle cracked a little bit, just to keep it from getting hot enough to literally kill a person. To getting an electric heating rod ready to insert down my vehicle's oil dipstick, just to keep the oil from freezing and seizing up the engine.

    All in less than twelve hours time!

    Between 2:00 pm and 2:00 am the temperature is expected to go from 88 degrees to just 8 degrees. Which began with massive spraying ahead of the Arctic front's passage, at around 3:15 pm today. It dropped 35 degrees in less than 15 minutes and it literally felt like sub-zero sleet was hitting any exposed skin. Strangest feeling I have every experienced while standing outside, under mostly sunny skies.

    The only clouds in the sky were the artificially created aerosol "thin and wispy" cirrus clouds and yet I felt a mutant-like sleet coming down that had a super cold sting to it, and the air had a very strong rubbing alcohol odor to it as well. These tiny chemical ice pellets sparkled and twinkled in the sunlight, making it feel more like a dream than reality.

    I was not witnessing anything having to do with nature and it was actually quite traumatizing. Knowing how such a bizarre weather phenomenon could actually be conjured up by humans.

    The National Weather service said that this was all due to a very rare and anomalous Stratospheric Heating Event in the skies above the Arctic. Which caused a weakening of the polar vortex and a sudden dip in the jet stream. Bringing bitter cold air down all the way into Mexico. They said the Arctic stratosphere became super hot and yet they revealed no source for such anomalous heat. But anyone with half a brain knows that only HAARP technologies are capable of heating the upper atmosphere to temperatures rivaling that of our own sun.

    Their wind chill alert says it will be around minus 6 degrees by 7:00 am, and minus 15 degrees by 7:00 am, Monday morning. Minus 18 degrees by Tuesday morning. Shattering all of the previous records for the lowest temperature ever reached in Texas.

    And that is all they are talking about in the news. Purposefully distracting everyone's attention away from the boiling planet syndrome, that is by definition, a direct result of climate engineering. Both, the heat and cold. But it's only Nature doing this, according to the mainstream matrix media.

    So, if nature is capable of magically producing temperatures that are only found in hydrogen fusion reactors and the sun, within the stratosphere and ionosphere. Then we really are in deep doo doo.

    • Jonathan says:

      My spirit is in anguish to think about the innocent people, plants and animals who were not given a choice or a voice in this matter. Those wind chill numbers are extremely dangerous. Many may die.

      Many agendas are being served simultaneously. Here. You have severe damage and disruption to the food supply. As you alluded to,  you have psychological trauma of seeing such extremely violent weather patterns. One may also logically conclude that the people conducting these weather modification operations, at least at the highest levels, are truly sadistic. Sadistic. The people working under them are partly acting like cowards and partly acting like mind controlled robots. Remember that these are military programs.

      Twice this week already, we had straight line winds that peeled off much of the vinyl siding off our house on one side. Side. The wind was so ferocious, it sounded like Giants were outside kicking the house. 

      Also recall the principal of Ordo Ab Chao, which is also at play in so many ways right now in human society.

      I talked to a neighbor of ours next door a few years ago about the weather. He is in his mid '80s and has been a farmer much of his life. I asked him what the weather is like when he was a young man. He said that there were four separate distinct seasons. It was cold in the winter and it was hot in the summer. However, there were virtually no violent upheavals in weather patterns. There were no extremes of anything in the weather. And interestingly, he said that in the summer time, they would have a gentle rain every single afternoon, and it would always be enough rain for his crops to flourish. To flourish. There were no prolonged droughts that he recalled, nor were there these violent rainstorms that cause such flooding and wind damage.

      It sounded like he was talking about the garden of Eden. Actually, he was talking about Greenville, North Carolina.

      Eden, thank you for your vigilance and for including in many of your posts such detail. Those details may be helpful in waking up some of the people who are new to this website and to this material.

      Remember to do all that you can to help the little ones, as I call them… The wild creatures who live around you.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Jonathan, I was (we were) prepared well in advance. I have two huge wood burning stoves in my barn and there are animals and birds of nearly every kind taking refuge there. I just went out there and added more wood to the stoves, and gave them more food and water.

      I keep the back gates open for them to come into the barn and only one door remains open, while all the others are closed. It has thick insulation sprayed on the walls and ceiling, so it stays warm in the winter. That one door faces south and the cold arctic wind cannot enter the barn.

      They have comfortable hay beds to also keep them warm and small space heaters around the water containers, to make sure they don't freeze up. Many others in this community have the same amenities for the animals and birds, as all of our barns have high rafter beams for the birds to perch there. With plenty of seed thrown out on the ground and on the top of each feed room.

      We are known in town as the Dr. Doolittle Society. None of the precious wildlife in this little valley will freeze or starve on our watch. As we also place corn in our feeders at the back of our properties for the deer that are hesitant to enter the barns. We break the ice and add more water to their troughs three times daily too. They huddle there in masses to use each other's body heat to stay warm.

      I am glad that I chose not to go to South Dakota just yet. Because the local wildlife would be in trouble right now if I weren't here. But it will break my heart when I must leave here and turn everything over to the military in April. They are nothing more than expendable cannon fodder to them.

    • Jonathan says:

      Eden, you are a good man. I applaud the things that you were doing to help our kindred spirit animal brothers and sisters. You certainly are walking on the right path, which we call the Red Road. You're not just talking a good game, you are living it out. Never underestimate the ability of the Creator to bring in others, perhaps unlooked for, to play their role in helping our animal brothers and sisters.

      I won't name all the animals here that I help care for. Suffice it to say that we have developed what I would call a spiritual connection, with some unwritten rules for behavior and respect. I don't try to approach the wild ones. Although we do cross paths at times. Some of them are quite dangerous if one were to be foolish enough to break the rules of respect and try to engage with them personally. But all the different animals here like what you were seeing up there in Texas, all know who the other animals are and of what species who also come here for refuge, shelter, food and water. And they all know that they have a place, and they don't take each other's food. It's amazing. And then again, it's not really amazing if we consider that they possess the same divine spark that we do. Blessings, brother.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Eden, You are a modern day Noah- with your barn substituted for an Ark for all the animals to shelter in it!  Bless you and Thank you.   ; )

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Blessings to you as well Jonathan. My brother and kindred spirit. It would be an honor to become blood brothers with you, as you have that same spiritual connection with the wildlife that we love and care for, in our journeys upon this world

      I'm sure that you would agree. Dane could easily be our blood brother too. With the native heritage that makes his family unique and special, when it comes to our oath of stewardship for all of nature. We feel the pain and anguish of a dying tree and very few share that spiritual bond anymore.

      I planted a silver maple tree in South Dakota when I was just four years old, and it split into two distinct trees as a sapling. They tell me that both are still thriving and doing well…considering…

      Just like Elvis, I lost my twin during birth, and I feel that my Maple Tree became two. As a way of giving life to both of our spirits, and will never be separated again. For they are growing on my Godfather's reservation and they will never be cut down. I look forward to living with them again this coming Spring.

      My cousins tell me that they have perked up recently and look much healthier. Probably because they sense my return.

    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      Eden — For the record—

      I have been in survival operations, so busy that I had not tuned in DW #440 show.  I went to comments because I wanted to know how you and everyone was doing.  When you mentioned "ice pellets sparkled and twinkled". and yeah, "more like a dream than reality" (just how I felt), I mentioned the diamonds I saw.  So after I wrote my comment to you, I fixed my dinner when I would listen to the #440 show.  I about choked on my scrambled eggs when DW says, "diamond particles", "could more effectively cool the climate".

      Holy Cow!  I think the geophysical morons have deployed this.

      Your post was great and educational, and I loved the last paragraph.  Thank you and Goodnight, Crystal

    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      Eden,  Gosh 88 to 8, the thermometer is slamming up and down here too.  We got our blizzard (first snow of the season, not normal), powder snow up to my knees, however this is the most fluffy snow I have ever seen, like fairy dust with angular flakes in it, and super cold.  We have a flood light I hardly ever use.  I turned it on one night to look at the scene and saw diamonds.  Beyond the deck and as far out as the light would go, I saw tiny diamonds.  I don't know and I could be off, but I don't think I've ever seen snow reflect light this way before.

      But here is something I do know!  I've known deer for years, white tail up in Washington and mule deer here, and we have been through a lot together.  The deer hate this frozen crap.  I can tell by how they walk.  I've seen enough.  This is not the friendly snow of the past.  A couple days ago I watched one trying to knock the frozen crap out of her sore back hoof.

      It hurts their feet and makes them go lame!!!

      The deer hate this frozen crap!!!

      Thank you for taking care of our companions in life, Crystal

  25. Michael says:

    The climate chaos continues. While blizzard conditions rage in Iowa and the Midwest, today Maine enjoyed a spring-like rain and temperatures in the 50s, 

  26. Jonathan says:

    Thank you Dane for continuing to beat the drum as you have for so very long. To all those listening here… For what it is worth, I urge you to hold your elected officials' feet to the fire so to speak for holding them accountable for this information. As Dane recently told Mike Adams, when you email people like your elected officials, CC is many other people as you can, especially people they might know or know of, so that there is a higher degree of emotional accountability for them since they will know something of the other people who are aware that they have been  made aware of the weather warfare programs. This can be done absolutely. Respectfully, although it does increase the psychological pressure on them to find their courage, to realize who they are and why they're here, and to do the right thing.

    • Steve says:

      Actually, I think Dane should run for congress. He's a gifted orator, and we need statesmen like that. That's the best way to really make a difference.

    • Holio of the corn says:

      The last thing the world needs is a STATEsman.  That is also the last thing Dane would sink to.

    • Mike says:

      Excellent suggestion and approach. I have recently contacted the entire RI state legislature providing them with the links to "The Dimming" documentary, the NH bill 1700, and to RI's 2014 bill 7655 ("The Geoengineering Act"). RI bill 7655 was apparently "shelved" in '14 but I'm hoping the current RI legislature could be motivated to recommit, especially given the new NH bill. All state legislatures should be contacted, and we can follow up with our specific town/district representatives who we vote for (or don't!).

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Mike, hope you can again stoke the climate engineering awareness fire in Rhode Island. The attached link is from our former efforts in RI.

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