Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 11, 2023, #396


Dane Wigington

From flash freezes to flash floods, climate intervention operations are nothing less than weather warfare. The climate engineers are chemically cooling the continental US wherever and whenever they have enough atmospheric moisture available. Endothermic reacting elements are seeded into cloud canopies to initiate manufactured winter weather operations, flash surface cool-downs are the result. Patented processes of chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding are creating "snowstorms" of frozen material at lower elevations that would otherwise have received only rain. The frozen material that falls often has very different characteristics as compared to naturally nucleated snow. At their discretion the climate engineers can then manipulate warmer moisture flows of atmospheric moisture into regions buried under chemical snow, flooding is the result. What will it take to awaken the masses to the climate intervention operations? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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36 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 11, 2023, #396

  1. Ziggy says:

    Just thought I should share this text message from my Uncle in Texas today. It seriously made me roll on the ground with laughter.

    "For the last five days the weather service has been warning us about the storms in California, moving into Texas and threatening us with storms that will produce tornadoes and large hail on Thursday (today). Even last night and this morning the local news was saying that we should be prepared to take shelter at a moment's notice. Because it was looking like we were in for some very powerful storms between 4:00 pm and midnight.

    Well in the last thirty minutes, all of that just magically vanished and now all I see is wind advisories from 4:00 pm to 4:00 am. Including all of the other states that this powerful storm system was supposed to impact, like Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Now, just wind advisories with only an 8% to 18% chance of rain!

    I guess those climate engineering idiots you keep telling us about, simply snapped their fingers and like magic, "POOOOOF" it's all gone! What are we to expect next here in Texas? Pooooof and a 10% chance of rain, instantly turns into EF-4 tornadoes and grapefruit size hail? This is absolutely F****** Nuts!

    How am I supposed to run my ranch and protect my cows and chickens, if the weather people can't even get a stupid severe weather forecast right? You know, like the one that they drilled into us every single day, for the last week and said "Danger, Danger Will Robinson!?"

  2. Lance says:

    Are the train of storms that have been coming into CA for months now "acts of nature"? Are the other storms that have caused massive flooding in other nations "acts of nature"? Most believe so and comments on social media support this. Could give many examples. Many also believe these events are biblical "signs of the time". I could give many examples here too. What if these "acts" and "signs" are being orchestrated by those who have "engineered" highly advanced large computational "systems" that give them the POWER to control the weather and thus rule the world? If these "acts" and "signs" are being orchestrated by those with the POWER to do so then aren't they "lying signs and wonders"? Think about it! 

  3. Lance says:

    There are "many" who believe that the "innovations" being made possible via the 4th industrial revolution are the "solution" to all of mankind's "problems". They believe that by merging themselves with artificial intelligence they will be able to create a new way forward. Is this the way you want to live? I'll pass, thanks.   

  4. Lance says:

    Reports coming in this afternoon that the Middle Fork of the Feather River which is one of three rivers that feed the Oroville Reservoir is causing flooding in Portola. This is a mountain town located way up in the Plumas National Forest. Rain is falling on the snow causing it to rapidly melt. In the Lake Tahoe region its 40F in many locations and raining. Will really be watching the lake and river levels tonight and tomorrow. By the way, the so-called "atmospheric river" storm that is passing over most of CA right now, with its low pressure center located over N. CA, is being followed by at least two more to come! One on the 19th and the next one on the 22nd! Regarding our situation, as previously stated we're staying at an RV park near Nicholaus, CA. We were supposed to go to another RV park in a couple weeks but its been flooded out and has been closed indefinitely! An RV park we stayed at between Morgan Hill and Gilroy until Mar. 6th was flooded out the day after we left there! Are supposed to go to an RV park we stayed at near Rio Vista which is right on the Sacramento River after our stay here in Nicholaus, but it may get flooded by then too! We shall see as they say.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Please stay safe Lance. Praying for everyone in the once Golden State of California now under siege by the weather terrorists. The human, wildlife and ecological casualties will be incalcuable. We here in the south are wrapping fruit trees to save what blossoms we can from engineered freezes the past two nights with one more to go. We go from record highs to record lows with hardly a normal average temperature anymore. How the weather script readers keep trying to normalize any of this is beyond me. I don't know how they face their families or the public at this point.

  5. Lance says:

    Am now staying near the very small town of Nicolaus, CA, which is south of Yuba City about 20 miles. Nicholaus is located right next to the levee that channels the Feather River which comes down from the Oroville Reservoir. River is high but not putting much strain on the levees, yet. 3 to 6 inches of rain forecast to fall all day today and into the night on the watershed that feeds into Oroville Reservoir will certainly change that. As of now the river is below flood stage along the river here.  Rain on snow at higher elevations is ongoing. The reservoir is at 845 feet below full pool which is 900ft. Water is being let out to compensate for the inflow. Am watching all of this intently. In other news, have watched some video's of vehicles slipping, sliding, spinning out and crashing on the roads leading up to Lake Tahoe that were covered with the manufactured snow. One video shows a 4×4 Jeep unable to gain traction sliding down a slight incline and was unable to stop! Another video shows a semi truck passing another semi truck. As it passed by it lost control, jack knifed, and crashed in front of the other semi. Spin-outs on both Hwy 80 and 50 going up to into the Sierra's were way more than have ever occurred before in similar snow events in past years. Is this because of the surfactants in the snow? I think so! One more observation. Yesterday afternoon had a thunderstorm cell move over our location. Two lightning strikes hit quite close. After it passed by the cloud cover was thin enough to see an aerosol line that had been let out at high altitude that drifted to the NE. They aren't going to stop!      

    • Steve Olsen says:

      Lance you are so right about the snow being so different now up in the Sierras,both for driving and skiing.Been making the weekly trek up there during ski season from the coast for over 4 decades,and never seen hwy 80 close so much due to multiple spinouts. Quality  fresh powder days are also more limited not only by the contents of that snow but the nearly incessant winds that  nearly always seem to be paired with it. Have gotten some traction over the years  in the local comment sections on local skiing/ weather threads such as Unofficial Alpine and Weather west,but most  still stay in denial –

  6. Peter Myyry says:

    Posted to my face book page.  Keep up the Great work Dane!  You are in my daily prayers.  

  7. Robin says:

    Once I worked as a docent at the Bell Museum of Natural History at U of Minnesota- meaningful pay for my tuition.  The first diorama exhibit at the museum showed a taxidermed specimen of the now extinct passenger pigeon.  Watch 'From Billions to None'.

    In the 1800s massive flocks of passenger pigeons roosted in trees heavy enough to break branches.  An excellent article in Audubon explains their demise thanks to European settlers (the white man) making a business out of relentlessly killing them tp sell them as food or to relentlessly kill them as  pests.   Even Mr Audubon himself did not foresee this tragedy. 

    In contrast, during the 1850s, a 20 year old Potawatomi tribal leader named Simon Pokagon was thrilled by the sight of these birds as they…"drop from their course like meteors from heaven."  Many years later he wondered what type of divine punishment might be "awaiting our white neighbors who have wantonly butchered and driven from our forests these wild pigeons, the most beautiful flowers of animal creation of North America."    

    Upon reflection, I remembered a statement by native American AIM leader Russell Means.  To summarize, he said that empires are- "designed to usurp its  sustenance from others….such as native people in harmony with nature & its resources or  countries/empires- those living within, along with the natural resources within their boundaries….one of these others is the planet itself, quite soon to be discovered by all …the cracking branch that we are all sitting upon."  How true today!!

    The same wanton killing of earth's life support systems has spread throughout humanity in so called first world nations/empires- like a cancer (so clearly expressed by Dane).  If we kill off wildlife and even our own kind with reckless abandon, the outcome must be to cope & act to mend not to hope fact less to an end.

    So, in conclusion- one species over-populated breaks branches sustainably, the other overpopulated species breaks earth itself (the branch we're standing on)- in the most unsustainable way imaginable.

    Rest peacefully mending self & what surrounds you.  Awaken to the challenge with daily vigor & rigor-  sounding the alarm to awaken others.  We can, we must, we will!





  8. Aaron Coomer says:

    My Heart is so sad Today! I feel Danes anguish from this Broadcast. I grew up on a small farm in Southwest Ohio in the early 60s and remember the brilliant blue skies and white clouds of summertime. I remember the smells of summertime and the sounds of the frogs and crickets. i worked for a man named Bob Morgan in the late 60s who took boys from Cincinnati on canoe trips to Canada and West Virginia and Tennessee all summer. It all seemed so Beautiful and amazing. Nature was so alive back then. I was the First paid raft guide on the New River in 1968 and 69. I was drafted in 1970 and after the military I worked at ski resorts in Colorado for a while. Back in Ohio I have a small Organic farm of my own and for the last 5 years I have watched it slowly die.I work hard locally trying to wake people up and the frustration is agonizing. I have dove a lot of locations in the world like Dane and the dying of the Oceans has taken a piece of my Soul. My Heartfelt Gratitude to Dane for trying to save something of this once Magnificent Planet called Earth!!!!! Thank You my Earth Brother!!!  .  

  9. Lance says:

    Articles & Chapters: geoengineering : Search (

    All the proof anyone can see and read regarding geoengineering!

  10. Elentari says:

    Over the last three years millions of people have protested all over the world including the globally supported with Canadian Flags being flown all over the world the Canadian Truckers Peaceful Protest.  It was supported by millions of people.  People were protesting and still protesting mandates, lockd owns, farming regulations….. and as far as I can see it has done absolutely nothing to improve anything or stop the "Controllers". 

    They ceased the Trucker's Trucks, CDL licenses, ceased their bank accounts, ceased even bank accounts belonging to minimum wage supporters who sent in as little as $20 to support them. 

    We appear to be powerless to stop them in anyway.  All we can really do is pray and I do believe in the power of prayer and of course try to act locally to try to help survive homeless pets and wildlife that are trying to survive, if we can water some old towering giant that is struggling due to a drought, I know it isn't much but it does matter to that "Starfish" 

    It appears they are constantly targeting your beloved section of the world. My guess is because you are "spreading the word."  where as other locations seem to be hit and then they move on to devastate another location and all it's inhabitants from insects to humans.

    So many millions are struggling just to keep on the utilities in this country, they cut your water and electric off in the same month you get your bill if you don't pay where I live and laughed and said they cut off people on oxygen all the time. 

    I don't think if the whole world knew it would matter.  They would not hesitate to murder millions/billions if they made too much trouble.  Great excuse to genocide the populations which is what they want to do.  They claim they want to save the earth from over population yet are destroying the entire planet and all  the systems required for all life.  This makes no sense at all and appears like the Dark Lord in Mordor in  Lord of The Rings.

    Destruction for the joy of it.

  11. Joe Strauss says:



    Does anyone in Northern Cal, San Francisco seen,

    what appears to be a soap bubble mixture in the on going Cal 

    rains floating over the public sidewalks.

    Also observed before the rains ,at 1AM a long cem trail over

    San Francisco.

    It appears the geoengineering goe on at night hours.

    Of course can not see overhead when it rains.

         Joe S

    • EJ Canary says:

      Yes, nasty stuff in the rain/snow. I am south of San Francisco in the Santa Cruz mtns., had some wash out on the line and saw what looked like tiny little beads of water stuck to clothes–looking closer they were clear gel like droplets–not water.

  12. Lance says:

    IDF and US air forces have begun a joint ‘Red Flag’ exercise – Israel News – The Jerusalem Post (

    Could, may, might be something to do with what's going on with the weather over the west coast?


  13. Jessica Lively says:

    I'm tired of being sprayed daily is affecting us and our kids. They do this hardcore in AZ every city and flagstaff lake havasu city Nevada close to Area 51 and haarp and Colorado. Colorado is becoming not green anymore and it's hard for the kids to breathe is what we see in the hospitals. This was before pokes came! The spraying has got so bad out there daily and the trees are dying and water is contaminated for the wild and livestock to drink and the people. I'm so done with this crap. I'm praying but I'm so tired of it. 

    • Randyl J says:

      Thank you Jessica! I grew up in Grand Junction CO and the California High Desert Regions and love the "4-Corners"  Flagstaff area with family still Out West and they are all ignoring my pleas to 'pay attention' to "the Sky Elephants" and GEW! Many young people ages 40 and Below, have no recollection of 'normal' weather patterns. The Carolinas where I now live are getting dryer than ever and I'm seeing no normal insects so far, this spring. Dane is the only voice that makes sense of it all. It's definitely not 'aliens'! Randyl J

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hello RandylJ & Jessica L., Yes, the only 'aliens' are the freaks who are doing this to us all.  ; )

  14. Jeff Lanier says:

    Thank you Dane for being brutally honest. I truly respected that.

    I have always hed an extreme dislike for sugar coating liars,and I have a well honed inner detection for such persons.

    I have been fallowing this news sight since 2011,and listen every week in hopes the tide changes to awake informed action that supports our children's future. 

    Thanks again,to you and all those steadfast in this attempt to raise awareness of this assult.


  15. Matt says:

    That is exactly what we are experiencing here in MD. Dane, Planes non stop day and night Gloom and doom w/ extreme temperature change from Humid to extreme cold and we smell/taste chems. and No One to report it to?? EPA? Leave a mess and no return call. Won't answer emails…Base commander has no Geo flights on chart "chuckle" (Lies and denies) EPA at this time and "Real Time" reports air quality "Good"  Just blatant lies and reports. Btw…One of the Headquarters of Weather Mod (NOAA) is here in Pax River Base in MD they fly from base to base and spray whatever??  Isn't this Genocide?  Haven't we gone to war for Dictators spraying Genocide on the people…I remember most recently   that was said about Quadaffi and Hussein…Isn't that what our govt is doing?  This is not Genocide on the people? I looked this up in Legal Library, wouldn't this be "Toxic Tort" intentional toxic poisoning. Hard to wrap my head around that we are allowing this and NO Recourse? What to do? Everyone is sick w/ flu symptoms and my wife has MS and Not doing well 🙁

  16. dava golino says:

    KAKISTOCRACY is government by the worst people. Government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.

  17. Jules P says:

    The, They, Them.  Aka. United Nations, those supporting the globalist Agenda.  Central Bank and YOU IF YOU STAY SILENT. 

  18. Anicca says:

    It snowed a bit here in SE Ohio last night. Cleaning it off the the bird feeders, it was very strange. It was, like, lumpy! Definitely do NOT let your kids eat the snow!!!

  19. penny waters says:

    are they doing it cos they know our days are numbered – no ozone

    strange snow – strange rain and then when the sun gets through it burns

    no atmosphere

    after the snow/rain fell the sun heated it into clouds and then they sprayed over the top of the big fluffy clouds? to contain it closer to the ground?

    are they aware and trying stupid industrialized ways (as they usually do cos they don't understand how nature works) to try to save what's left of our environment

    as individuals we have a very limited life span – little knowledge over one's life however much one reads – and what about before human writing?

    how thick was our atmosphere? why do the mountain ranges around the world have huge deserted cities in the middle of mountain desert with no plants – just rock – that had water courses built into the city structure?

    why were people so big (don't get the aliens idea) there is still evidence of huge skeletons left – if the atmosphere was bigger/higher/thicker is this why big creatures were everywhere

    and huge structures were built that we would have trouble building now?

    is our idea of history so small and limited that we have no real idea of what has happened on this planet over time?

    the sahara desert (hahahaha desert desert) was once covered in trees

    the middle east was once covered in trees – all the young men that are from that area that are travelling across europe – instead of running away would be better employed to replant their land and make it whole again

    young men travelling without the constraints of family boundaries and culture are a problem – running away is a cowardly thing to do – was often said about the people that left this little island of britain under siege from the nazis – that they were cowards

    one has to stand and work for the betterment of ones country born


  20. Geoff Hanham says:

    I'm seventy-four years of age. I used to live in Bristol and the one-lovely South-West of England where the late summer thunderstorms and the towering cumulo-nimbus  were an utter delight! But 'Thunder-snow'?  Never!  Winter thunder storms? Never! And the snow tasted like snow whilst the recent moderate snowfall in England left a metallic tang in the air… And parts of the country was brought to a standstill by just an inch or two of 'snow'… In the 1970s, our old 2CV would easily cope with nine inches and even a Morris Minor was happy with four or five…

    But try and tell anybody – even show them pictures of that period and they just don't want to know…

    Geoff Hanham


  21. Julie P says:

    You need help from those who know the web and how to get around the censors.  We are under a huge censorship campaign. You are being shadow banned.  

  22. ~Thomas says:

    It's good to finally see more exposure on this topic. A refresher, that we're not all crazy 🤪 nutters (however, the controller's are)…



  23. bill kendall says:

    If possible could 3 x 5 flags be part of the merch. line ?  I would hang one on my front porch

    • Jonathan says:

      I would probably put one in the front yard. Some years ago I ordered one of the large banners and displayed it in my yard for about a year. However, the intensity of the sunshine and the elements dry rotted it and it cracked and broke to pieces. Flags might be a little easier to use.

      I container like real estate agents we use and put flyers in that at the end of the driveway in case anyone wanted to stop by and pick up some materials. I could not tell that anyone ever did. No matter, because I keep sharing information as I go through life day by day.

    • sea says:

      @ Bill Kendall- that is a great idea- a flag would be an excellent tool !

      I may contact my local banner/sign place to see if they will make one.


  24. Christina Parousis says:

    Asking everyone to write to Russell Brand suggesting he interviews Dane on geoengineering,

    • Jonathan says:

      I will do it right now. Thank you so much. We have to get the most influential people we can with the broadest audience we can, to help us in our efforts to inform others.

    • sea says:

      Hello Christina Parousis- EXCELLENT suggestion and thanks for the contact info that always helps!

  25. Randyl J says:

    It’s Saturday afternoon in Central North Carolina and I’ve returned home from my 1 mile usual once-per-day-walk around the apartment complex. I’d walk twice-daily but the ice-nucleated particles in the air grab my breath and leave me coughing, choking, blurry-eyed, and sneezing. I begin the walk using Dr. Schulze’s “American Botanical Pharmacy ‘Herbal Shield” ‘nasal roll-on herbal product’, which helps block inhalation of some of the toxins from this chemical ice-nucleated engineered surface cooldown. Yet within a 100 yards, my nose runs, chest hurts, and I feel like I’ve been shoveling snow, —my ‘73-years-young-body’, protesting!  I’ve counted well over a dozen spray trails overhead and viewed the silver jets, streaking in all directions and spraying insanely. I continue to share with those who will give me a moment of time, while I point skyward. I’ve begun carrying the GEW ‘business cards’ in my windbreaker pocket. Few elderly people are out walking these days. So many are on ‘breathing machines’ here. Everyone seems to also be suffering arthritic-fibromyalgia type pain in various ways. Local doctors just keep trying new medications and have no answers. It’s all attributed to ‘aging’ and yet, some of the older folks – I mean 80+ – can’t remember ever having all these ‘weird’ symptoms compounded along with so many younger people suffering the same thing. 

    I have listened to many of the “population reduction” theories. I disagree. “They” aren’t trying to reduce the population all at once.  (Various elderly might take advantage of euthanasia offerings!) However, the geoengineering “spraying” is a constant slow contaminant, fostering insurance-driven high profit, collaborating with the pharmaceutical-industry and related. The goal is orchestrated to keep high profits flowing over as long a term as possible! It is the greatest of evils and all being done under legal auspices to a highly – programmed population world-wide. Dane is one of the few individuals on this planet who has the education, courage, and stamina to effectively and consistently inform and help awaken all who are willing to hear about this atrocity.  And all he’s asking is, “Keep Sharing the Information and Facts!”


    KOKO ~ Randyl J



  26. Lance says:

    Severe weather over the Sonora, CA, area a couple hours ago. Saw the thunderheads buildup prior to this storm! Severe thunderstorm, lightning, and inches of rain per/hr in the foothills! All this water is going into the Tuolumne River which drains into the Sacramento Delta.

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