Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 13, 2021, #292


Dane Wigington

Denver, Colorado, is the latest target of engineered winter weather. The global climate engineering cabal is unleashing the full fury of patented chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding processes in order to produce highly sensationalized winter weather headlines. Locations in Arizona and New Mexico have also been targeted by the same processes for the same reasons. The majority of the moisture for the current winter weather mayhem (and countless previous engineered storms) is coming straight out of the record warm Gulf of Mexico. How can “winter storms” originate in the Gulf of Mexico? Geoengineering. Parts of Northern California have now also been scheduled for another round of engineered winter weather. In the meantime the polar meltdown is continuing to accelerate by the day, as is the CV-19 scenario. Where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Washington State Fair Events Center, Puyallup, Washington, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, the most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

35 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 13, 2021, #292

  1. JayM says:

    At 9:00 AM 3/24, in the skies over the Buffalo area, were a multiple row upon row and crisscross patterns of trails, which gradually morphed into an opaque light gray sky blocking out the morning blue.  So obvious that something is going on up there so early in the morning of this era of decreased air travel.  Of course, the local TV "meteorologists" go along to get along, to make "predictions" that are more often than not, off base.

  2. Robin says:

    I am afraid that most people won't wake up to the damage to this planet until it's too late to fix. These technologies are so far beyond the level of day-to-day life. People are busy working, going to school, caring for their kids/grandkids/elderly parents…trying to pay the bills and stay afloat. And add to that the fact that news media paints whistle blowers as "tinfoil hat conspiracy nuts". 
    But just being observant about your surroundings and weather patterns…and asking the question "why is this happening" should be enough to wake up some people.

    I have been living in the same part of southeast AZ, since 1989. I live in a suburban area on the fringes of open country/ high desert and foothills.  I have been walking the same nature trail near my house for the past 7 years. There used to be abundant wildlife and a beautiful diversity of these species. However, about a half-dozen species of small birds ( Inca doves, Orioles, etc) have not been seen since summer of 2014. I have been putting out feed for wild birds for maybe 15 years! The hardier birds like mourning doves are showing weird symptoms as if they are losing their eyesight or becoming super-stupid. They don't seem to fear people anymore. They build nests and don't seem to use them…or some lay sterile, empty eggs. I used to see beautiful raptors like Northern Harriers, Kestrels, large family groups of red tailed hawks, etc. Not so much anymore. There used to be a sizable population of rabbits: jack rabbits and cottontails. I haven't seen a single rabbit, for possibly 3+ months. ( this is a warm climate with mild winters….rabbits are usually active 12 months a year, here). Not one rabbit. Not a single one!! Considering how fertile these creatures are…seeing NONE out in nature is a scary sign.

    I plant flower gardens every spring. The bees love them. In the past few years I have noticed that our bees are sluggish, weak, they fly like they're drunk!! They seem confused.

    Ive only been reading this website for a couple of months. In that time, I've begun to notice how often/when the chemtrails are sprayed in the skies over my County. They don't spray on breezy or windy days. They spray when it's fairly still or mildly breezy. Sometimes they spray overnight…I get outside maybe an hour after dawn and see the spray patterns  already spreading. It's alarming. I tried to discuss some of the HAARP science with a friend who thought it was just a bunch of nonsense. 
    Thank you, Mr. Wigington, for the work you do to warn and to raise awareness.

    • lady farmer says:

      Thank goodness I am not alone in this. very few people talk about this where II live in rural Alberta, Canada and agree with you, Robin 100%.  I have watched the sky being gridded with chemtrails for 8 years, but now the jet noises over my house are at 9:00 at night with wispy chemtrails being left for early morning viewing.  I have written letters to government but I am reassured there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed and that I am safe and so on and so on.  More than half our grain crops were ruined last year due to heavy rainfalls and flooding as never seen before.  Peoples basements were flooded and some homes had 3 sump pumps working.  Excessive, heavy rainfall is happening in Australia now.  My family and I keep waiting for a hot summer like we had years ago so we can enjoy the sun and vit D, but all we get are cool days and rain.  The launching of rockets and satellites should be halted.  The usage of these jets that spray our skies should be halted.  Government has such a powerful voice in making us feel guilty but they have such entitlement that they can go ahead and do what ever they want when ever they want.  But we are to pay the carbon tax.

      As for the "life saving" covid vaccine, I photocopied different articles of "other" factual writings including the ingredients of each of the vaccines, WEF, and Bill Gates.  I then highlighted only one or two lines per page and tell "dear friends" to disprove the findings if they thought it was incorrect because I did not want to give out wrong information.  That forces them to do some critical thinking and hopefully form some well informed ideas.  And I applaud the people who have been protesting in Toronto and Montreal in Canada, in Germany, the Netherlands, England, Australia, and other countries over these lock downs and vaccines.

      Thank you to everyone who has posted.  I have learned so much and I know I am not alone in this.

  3. jonathan o'quinn says:

    A friend of mine, I have reason to believe, most likely took the jab/s.  I had not seen him in a while, and I saw him a few weeks ago after several months. he now has a facial tic he never had before.

    Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Mercola did an interview on this subject, a link to which I saw on Jeff Rense's website. She mentions there is a component of HIV in the jab.

    I have lost many personal relationships because of being outspoken on subjects of Truth, whether it was Geoengineering, CV-19, vaccines, of the Judas Goat psyop of the last administration (and ALL administrations).

    It is what it is. Someone close to me was raised to be very non-confrontational, and she knows a lot about what is happening in the world…. however, she often will not tell less well informed people things they need to hear out of fear that she might upset them.

    That is unfortunate.

    If you know something is TRUE and that that information might save someone else's life, then be bold… who cares what they think of you personally. Which is more important?

    • Dennie says:

      People getting the "jab" also do not understand that this "vaccine" won't keep you from actually contracting COVID, it won't make you immune actually but it supposedly akes the illness less severe.  So many people I talked to think they are somehow immune now that they had the shot and won't be getting sick from COVID.  Wonder how many of 'em will actually still get sick?  I don't know anyone who's gotten sick from the vaccine but I surely do not want to take a gamble on winding up incapacitated or worse because I rolled the dice and got the vaccine.  It's nobody's business whether you got it or plan to get it but it astounds me how often people will ask if I got it.  My cousin's a medical technologist at a hospital in Ohio.  She's not going to get the damned shot because it hasn't been tested and we are in fact the guinea pigs on which this vaccine is being tested.  This, I'm afraid, is the "new normal."  And I just can't wait for future pandemics and "miracle" vaccine rollouts now that they have it down.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Jonathan interesting post there. I've been working on a rehearsed response for those that admit they have already got their doggy shots. Three times now I have looked those friends in the eye and stated, "well, it's been nice knowing ya". All 3 times I got the dear in the headlights look. Which brings to light, all the sheeple know they are going to slaughter, but it's an easy path, there isn't anyone holding them back. With the exception of those they choose to ignore, right?

      Dennie, spot on!! I too will marvel at version 2.0 of what ever they want to distribute. "Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. Come inside the shows about to start, guarantied to blow your head apart, You gotta see the show, It's a dynamo!" Sorry if I'm dating myself there with the lyrics. How fricking simple is it that these days all we have to do is 'not' wear a mask into an establishment of business to be known and seen. I've walked right through sooo many "mask required" signs since this BS began. Frankly, it wasn't that hard. I think age and the persona that I don;t tolerate BS lends a hand. And just to be fair for myself here, that in no way entails me having to muster up any kind of physical activity, "Careful there, I've got a brain and I'm not afraid to use it, Just sayin. My black and white milk cow pattern mask is safely tucked away in the original packaging and has a crease in it so it will fit into my front shirt pocket. It absolutely amazes me as to the distraction this plandemic has provided in regards to what reality actually "is". Myself, I'd like to go out doing what I think is best, just sayin.

    • Earth Angel says:

       A good friend of mine told me of a friend she knows who took the jabs. Upon receiving the second one this man experienced blurred vision and felt some paralysis to one side of his face. Fortunately for him, his sight has returned to normal and so has his facial feeling (at least for now). I am aware that a significant number of people have become afflicted with Bell's Palsy as a side effect from the experimental injection.. and this from the cdc's OWN Vaccine Adverse Event Report numbers!  Another woman I know said she took the first shot and had a very unpleasant reaction to it (awful body aches, sweats, lethargy and loss of appetite) and that she is thinking of forgoing the second dose. I heartily support that decision and hope she sticks to it. Also, a physician here and his wife both had bad reactions when taking the shots. Symptoms ranging from a 103 degree fever and terrible body aches to nausea. They claim to be ok (for now) and I pray they will be. This doctor is a very well liked and respected man. I know a few acquaintances and distant family members who took the jabs and seem to be ok for now. It's like playing russian roulette. I sincerely hope and pray their luck holds out for the future. As for me, no thanks, I won't be taking it. 

  4. Raymond says:

    Humanity has lost its way and forgotten the most important principal of God's miracle and blessing of life.

    Why it is so critically important to live in harmony with nature.

    I have been an artist since the age of four (57 years now). When I was five I saw an ad that had an image of a red Labrador in a magazine documenting natural wonders. It was about giving away free art lessons, if you win a drawing contest and the dog was the subject matter. So I drew the dog to the best of my ability, using a set of colored pencils and a sheet of white drawing paper. When I showed it to my family before I mailed it in, my brother accused me of tracing the image because it was too perfect. It was an exact duplicate and perfectly to scale as well.

    Low and behold, I got a reply from the art agency and they also accused me of tracing the image of the dog. But they said I was being given a second chance and asked me to draw the image of a tree, which was included in their correspondence.

    Once again they replied with accusations of tracing and said that they appreciated my participation in their contest. But no five year old could possibly be such a great artist and only expert art forgers, with 20 plus years of experience were capable of duplicating something so perfectly.

    All through my school years those same accusations haunted me, until I took an art class in the ninth grade and the teacher literally watched me perform my perfect matching duplication drawings and paintings. He entered my work in a competition at the Tarrant County Convention Center, where thousands of students from around the state of Texas, had also entered their artwork.

    Two weeks later the judges awarded all of my artwork with first place ribbons and there were over 50,000 entries in five different categories. I won first place in all five! But all of the judges praised me, especially for how my sketches, oil, acrylic, water color and air brush renderings of Trees and Animals had appeared so lifelike and beautiful to everyone who admired my artwork.

    I still love to draw and paint Trees more than anything else and I am so heartbroken that I literally cry, every time that I search for a beautiful, healthy and thriving specimen to immortalize on canvas. Because there aren't any left standing and nearly all of them are now sick and dying, with the rest having died from humanity's lack of being responsible stewards of nature.

    We artists wear our emotions on our sleeves and I am so upset that no words can possibly describe how ashamed and remorseful I feel. Because I am a part of that very same humanity that has let all of nature down. The same humanity that plows over or burns the few surviving healthy trees and hunts beautiful exotic animals to the brink of extinction. A reluctant part of the human species that sprays poisons in our skies, soils and waters. All because we feel like doing whatever we want to this planet and act like a cancer to every single life form, rather than being an elixir of life giving hope and salvation. We have lost our way and forgotten how to nurture and love all life… including ourselves!

    I am embarrassed to be human and cannot forgive myself, for not seeing all of this coming sooner, when I was growing up as a child and drawing or painting nature. Instead of doing everything I could to help out and prepare this world, for the ClusterFukk that we have become.

    That's why I am now, so committed to this cause and will fight to my final breath… to put an end to our insanity and egotistical vanity of trying to master everything that surrounds us.

    Geoengineering is the lit fuse of a mass extinction bomb and it's up to all of us, to snuff it out… before we truly become monsters, in the eyes of God.

    • Well said. Sad and at the same time, beautiful 

    • penny waters says:

      dear raymond

      yes sir, tis painful to be part of such a species

      but humans can also be sensitive and caring – full of the good 

      as is exhibited by you, kind soul,

      do not take on such a burden, that is not yours, we are all naive 

      and there are others who also communicate the pain of being alive at this time

      amongst the misguided ones




  5. Raymond says:

    Boy are we stupid!

    Evidently, we don't have a clue as to what we're talking about. When we claim that runaway global warming will eventually lead to the Venus Syndrome. If we can't get them to stop geoengineering operations, stop burning fossil fuels and stop methane from turning Earth into a sweltering greenhouse.

    This article that was published just 10 hours ago, should finally set the record straight and evidently explains exactly why we are now seeing record winter storms.

    We had it all wrong people and I feel like such a fool now. I am so embarrassed for not getting my facts straight. What the hell were we thinking? Geoengineering and burning fossil fuels is actually our saving grace and the military industrial complex is really trying to keep Earth from turning into a frozen ball of rock and ice!

    Here is the proof:

    One half of Earth is rapidly getting COLDER than the other (

    And this is the most important statement from the Scientific report:

    "Earth is continuously cooling and will eventually become a frigid, lifeless rock, much like Mars."

    REALLY?… That's absolutely amazing!

    And I have a piece of real estate for sale in Arizona that is the most beautiful oceanfront property in the entire state!

    GIVE ME A F*****G BREAK!……………Please!

    This is just like all of the scientific reports that I have read recently, saying that our protective ozone layer in the stratosphere, is miraculously healing and being replenished. Even though the scientific community can't figure out how this is happening.

    So I guess I am just imagining that levels of UV radiation are steadily increasing, every time I take readings with my meters. And I'm not really feeling the sun's intensity getting worse as it hits my skin. That too is just a figment of my imagination.

    Everything is just fine people. We have nothing to fear any more and our crusade to stop geoengineering is simply a waste of time now. 

    Excuse me, while I step outside to puke. Because these lies by academia and the supposed climate experts, are seriously making me nauseous. 

  6. C B says:

    We often hear the term "woke" bandied about in MSM and social media. The unfortunate truth contained therein is that the "woke" are, in the overwhelming majority of cases, just as arrogant and profoundly ignorant as those whom they would characterize as "asleep", or perhaps drowning in pseudo-science and/or conspiracy theory. This divisive scenario extends to just about every major issue we can think of, including climate change, vaccines, race issues, immigration, patriotism, etc. In this age of internet, MSM, social media and alt-media covert entities are perpetually embedding disinformation, misinformation, lies, half-truths, and pure fiction into platforms that are seen by potentially billions in the course of any given day. 

        We are awash in a landscape of information wherein it has become close to impossible to parse out what the f%%k is real anymore. 

       Having said ALL of that, is a site I know I can trust implicitly. Why? Because I have personally met Dane Wigington, have watched his live presentations in Redding, have listened to almost every GAN broadcast, have read probably 80-90% of the content on the site, and have posted commentary here for close to 6 years. Dane's latest project is a tour-de-force of brilliant investigative science and should shut the pie-holes of any and all debunkers and ill-informed, or zero-informed skeptics. However, having said that, I must acknowledge that nefarious forces exist, and the desperation for so many to want to remain hopeful inside their "normalcy-biases" will always find a way to insulate the minds of the preoccupied and the "can't-be-bothered". This is the penultimate challenge and has always been so. The default-skepticism of the public is so huge it cannot be quantified. Again, we are awash in a landscape of information and the funny thing is, billions of people still have to dress and feed themselves and their kids, earn a paycheck, have a little fun, and try to keep themselves from dropping into homelessness and starvation.

        I remain in awe of Dane Wigington and his commitment to this struggle to inform any and all who will listen. Maybe these adulations sound cliched, but I really mean it. This is the number one best site on the net for staying on top of this issue. Enduring thanks to Dane and his crew.

  7. Jack says:

    Airborne Chemical dispersal recently ramping up over Eastern Washington and Oregon.  Perhaps the END GAME has commenced. May the Lord have mercy on our ignorant souls.  

    25 March 2021

  8. Dr Anthony P says:

    To Debbe Darling and others.

    I tried to get my ex colleagues who are well qualified doctors to look at the evidence for vaccine injury and autism. They would not even consider the medical evidence.One of these guys is an extremely involved  climate activist. Willing to be arrested etc and donates large amounts of money to the cause.I sent him the Dimming and he will not even watch it.

    My adult son chooses not to speak to me because I have tried to persuade him to look at vaccine data before he allows his children to be vaccinated. He also will not even acknowledge receiving the Dimming.

    Most people are unaware that the MSM has programmed and brainwashed the vast majority of people for years.Highly formally educated people are more rigidly programmed than others.

    They cannot see that nearly everything they see on MSM and what the institutions have taught them  is forcing them to think the way the powerful and evil want them to think.It is all lies and disinformation.

    The situation is far worse than even many apparently awake people think.

    My approach is always to send data . fliers , references from medical journals etc. I have very little success to my knowledge.

    It appears they do not live on the same planet as me.

    I watch the spraying in the Florida skies more or less daily and cannot believe that others are so blind.

    i will continue the fight and I commiserate with those who like me are astounded that it is so difficult to wake people up.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Dr Anthony P,  I understand totally.  It seems the more educated ones are harder to reach.  My granddaughter, who is in her second year of college, is taking courses to be in some form of the medical field.  My son, and his now ex, chose not to vaccinate her as a baby and she was delivered by a mid wife in their home.  She grew up on nothing but organic food and used natural remedies when she got sick, which was rarely.  Since turning 18 and going away to college, all this has changed.  She had to get 5 required vaccines to start college.  Since then she got all the rest of her vaccines and never told her family.  This year she got her first flu shot ever.  She plans to get this vaccine and refuses to hear anything on the subject, and God only knows I have sent her many articles and videos about the dangers of this so called gene therapy vaccine.  She fact checks everything I send.  If it didn't come from something like the Children's Health Defense she won't even look at it.  I feel like she is in a different universe right now.  Who could be having such a big influence on her?  I thought at first it was her boyfriend's mother who is a doctor and believes in vaccines.  But now I think it is what she is learning in school.  She got so angry with me over some information I recently sent her that she told me she would block me if I ever send her anything again.  She never talked to me this way before and I would be devestated if she got this vaccine and was inflicted with some serious illness she would have the rest of her life.  There is nothing I can do anymore so I have decided to give up and hope for the best.  Maybe a miracle will happen and she will change her mind.

    • Black Cat Italy says:

      Dr Anthony P and to Sandy Patrus.  We too have this problem within the family and some of our friends. We have tried to share the important information about the risks of the jabs. They no longer talk to us. My husband's brother and wife took the jab but we haven't heard from them. They have not communicated since the COVID fiasco started because they say we are "conspiracy theorists".  We believe they are not well after the shot. Other friends do not return my emails as I tried to explain what is happening in the world at this time and about the jab (which they have taken even though they were are high risk of damage). I do not know if they are OK or not.  Two of my husband's sons said they were definitely going to take the shot as soon as it was out and that would include their whole family. We are so worried because we live in Italy and if anything were to happen to them we cannot return to the UK (they both previously had heart attacks and we know that the shot can often cause cardiac arrest and more).  And last night our Italian neighbour told us that he will take the COVID shot, despite us explaining how dangerous it could be. They are believing only what is said on their TV. It is likely that we will be the ONLY people not to take it in our little community. We don't know how that will pan out because what if they say we then are "a risk" to them? We feel like we are living on another planet.  Everyone of like mind must now stick together. I am sure that we are now close to the END OF DAYS. I pray we can survive this.

    • Kaycee says:

      Waking up to what I have been seeing, through my photography of sunrises/sunsets, through the change in the texture and melting time of snow, particulates in spring water, the chem-trails across the sky, the uptick in violence in our world, death of trees, dying plants and vegetation, decreased bee and bird populations, on and on. It seems the elites, who think they will live forever, are on the verge of destroying everything they can touch. My thoughts,several months now, have been about the militant, enforced, use of masks, globally, as an attempt to reduce human CO2 emissions. Now the shot, it appears, has something to do with the geoengineering and 5G radiation. People are not interested in hearing anything outside of what they choose to believe, and they will follow the advice of the MSM and get shots from non-medical workers at a local grocery store for fear of dying from this non-lethal flu virus. Insanity running amuck! Those of us who are bucking the system are being ostracized and discriminated against and perhaps will face loss of livelihood, life savings, home, and jailed.  All truths threaten the power base and they cannot tolerate it. I despise being called a "Conspiracy Theorist" by perennial liars.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

       Black Cat Italy, I believe at the end times, those of us who did not take the shot will be the only ones still alive.  I have two brothers that live on the north eastern part of the US and I live on the south western part and they both got the shot and both had stints put in their hearts several years ago and are younger than I.  So I fear they are at a higher risk of something happening to them.  I am so angry that we are made to live this retched life since Covid began, and the evil ones in control will not allow the truth to be told! 

    • Kat says:

      There is a reason the masses are often referred to as sheep. Most are followers. It is a survival technique/instinct easily exploited. Many animals gather in herds/pods (birds, fish and plain animals like deer) to protect the majority from predation. Being well "educated" does not equate to critical thinking. Unfortunately, many are not independently minded.

      There are critical and individualistic thinkers who question the paradigm. The mentally exploited/weak minded herd have been taught to dismiss and reject critical thinkers as conspiracy theorists (no matter how much evidence exists which contradicts the demonstratively questionable official narrative). The official experts have been so self contradictory (over the last few months) only a completely indoctrinated individual would not see the obvious falsehoods.

      How many of us have tried to flip on the logic switch of our loved ones and failed? Their ideology is reinforced by the people around them. I have had limited success getting people to question the paradigm. Where I have had some success, reality has to be introduced gently (and yes we are fast running out of time).

      Believe your loved ones when they say they will cut you off. They will. They can't handle being labeled a conspiracy theorist or risking ridicule amongst their peers. Most are followers and need to part of the pack. Few are independently minded enough to stand alone in their convictions. Those of us that can accept the facts on the ground are a rarity. 

      There has been a systematic breakdown of our society that glorifies the virtual over the tangible, the self centered mob over the self sufficient individual. I've been aware of the rapidly increasing loss of habitat and species (marine and terrestrial) for a long time. So much that Dane reports each week is easily verified. The news is not good but it's the truth.

      The current lockdown of humanity is necessary for the powers that be to try to protect their paradigm until the last possible moment. Many people were already locked down by herd mentality. It took very little effort to get the herd to go willingly into the pen. The fear mongering works on them. Sadly, the promise of a return to normality will convince many more to take the jab. Some believe they are being heroes and will save humanity by taking the jab (despite this disease having a 99% plus survival rate according to the CDC data). What?!!!

      As depressing as reality can be, I would rather know the truth than live in ignorance. If the people you care about refuse to discuss the facts on the ground, there is not much you can do about it. All we can do is attempt to wake them up. Try to preserve the relationship (give them space). At some point, it will be impossible for them to hide from the truth.

    • penny waters says:

      dear anthony

      sad about family and friends

      have no children – thanks be to nature

      will say again to you all

      gave up on god when i realised it was nature that ran things 

      a nature we can nothing about – god to me is a human make up cos its too frightening to accept that we, humans, are nothing, we are not important and as space and time goes – we come and we go

      nature creates and destroys, and within its creation lie the seeds of its destruction

      which, i believe, is the point we are at

      look at what humans have done to the world – and to each other

      women keep churning our more people that keep rushing around the world trying to find a living and making more babies

      and men keep fighting each other and killing

      and the people who run things seem to be the stupidist on the planet

      putting chalk in the sky – what will the silly boy think of next – that silly boy – gates – too much money and too much time on his hands

      save us from ourselves?

  9. Lori M. Bridgeford says:

    Best Congrats Dane and Jovyde Wigington,  every researcher, and all brave experts devoted to this much needed project "The Dimming". Stunning images paired with solid evidence & proof!  Very well laid out from the early history  to current horrors on all realms by geo- engineering. Honestly, I had my fears your efforts would be halted by haters or mortal  harm. YOU are protected to continue exposing these criminals Like many, we wish you could relish in some respite on earthly sojourns . Just know that you need to invest in  a recharge from the constant front line battles. This doc will impact the masses who do not want to know about upcoming negative events. The APA Psych Net search released "Cassandras regret : The psychology of not wanting to know"  2017. Per journal article, ONLY 1 % of participants want to know !  Those who prefer to remain ignorant  are more risk averse (refuse to face it all)  – and more frequently buy life insurance  & legal insurance. Point in the theory is that the closer the near event approaches,  the more deliberate the IGNORANCE.  This explains why we face such denial , stupidity , and clueless people in  obvious collapse. The intentional head in the sand is related to risk AVERSION. No wonder the more we point out the obvious images or reading material, the more they retreat and run !  Dane you , of all the 1% and brave, aware, and dedicated had all these professional join you in this  crucial documentary . You must be blessed and compensated for the SACRIFICES made past YEARS. Sharing this for free is generous, and I suggest  Donate button be a Thank You at very least. The toll taken by you & yours is not unnoticed Dane. Not at all. Replenish  and CELEBRATE this launch ! 

  10. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Hello All,

    I just accidently came across one of my videos I recorded three years ago, during one of my first climate engineering awareness booths, staged down in Punta Gorda, Florida. This one, 13 minute material, specifically focuses on chemical ice nucleation factor in climate engineering operations.

    Since this video, like many others on my "Halt Climate Engineering" yt channel has Polish subtitles, it is also available in Polish section of website (yes, we do have it, under resources, and then other language translations), which comprises of around 50 videos, most of them by Dane himself, including his 2 and a half hour presentation from Redding, CA in 2018. Polish subtitles can be activated or disabled with the cc button. Take a look,


  11. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, It never ceases to amaze me how our endeavors to mingle among the trees is very similar. I revere the mind that 'can' watch them grow. 21 years ago, I could see the FS Rd from my cabin due to my property being scalped off by gypo loggers. Then the previous owner of my property had a camp fire get away and lit the whole hillside up. I'll bet it was quite a thrill there for "a little while". That was 24 years ago. That fire spawned a tremendous amount of regrowth as well as eliminating most of the debris left behind by the loggers. That was as it used to be. Now days, I'm sitting on a tinder box just waiting for an excuse to ignite. Also, now days I am once again able to see glimpses of the forest service road a quarter mile down the hill from the cabin. This is not good folks!! Somewhere deep down in my soul, I know, when my Ponderosa are gone, so am I. That's a tough thought to wrestle with when witnessing how fast they 'all' are dying. It's especially in your face when it's right out your front door and every where you travel locally.

    "Bears in the yard"… Damn, thanks Dane. I too had bears in my yard. The little buggers stole several humming bird feeders off of my porch. I found 2 of them while out riding the Mustangs. Funny, they took the feeder down, dismantled it on the porch, licked up all the surgar liquid and hauled the feeder almost a quarter mile away. And just for fun, I also found a few missing spray paint cans in the same location. All of them had bear tooth sized punctures in them(grin). Can you imagine what a surprise that must have been? I used to find large rocks that had been turned over by bears, many tree stumps torn apart. 3 years now, none.

    "Chemical ice nucleation for weather modification". My how I have come to begrudge that term. You have no idea. If I were to never need a set of tire chains ever again, that'd be alright by me. Seems like every time our mother wants to rain, those pesky humans want to freeze it or condense it. I want to point out to you folks that if it weren't for chemical ice nucleation, "it would be raining 'everywhere!" We could potentially kiss any hopes of a wild fire season good bye. How cool would that be? Just sayin. There are ways to crawl into anyones mind with a certain few observations, premonitions and a sincerity that carries no ego, only genuine concern. Never use the 'C' word and ask more questions about "things" than offering something that an average person can not compute. And with that I offer a final thought. Back in my sled dog days, I pulled out several quads and small 4×4's with my dog team out on the Oregon Dunes south of Florence. In a concentrated form those vehicles got stuck in soft sand or quick sand. My dog teams glided over every situation and were able to lend a hand. Ever watched 40 feet all working together? It's Amazing! I swear, those "sled" dogs made a game out of everything. Good times, good memories. Most of my friends were at home watching TV or something that made no sense, "to me". Now, before I get to carried away here, my point is this, "40 feet on the ground(10 dogs) all working together, willingly!! What "we" could do "together", there is no measure for". You just have to live it, just sayin. Our efforts to expose the climate engineering assault and in relationship to those that are trying to expose it, "are no different than the dogs I loved". We worked soooo hard, "together!" Back then it was fun, now days it's necessary. See what I'm saying there? Hope so.

    Dane, A lot of people comment that "this was your best broadcast yet". I admit, I've come close to stating that. This week, you have shown your true and ultimate colors. Anyone that does not agree with me can take a hike. I can not imagine how busy you have been with your efforts of releasing The Dimming. Personally, I did not worry one single bit about your GAN being late for posting. I respect that for "292" weeks now, without fail, you have come through and carried our cause forward. You inspire me. Thank you. I've got your back.

    Mike Torrence, 'a' simple horseman

  12. Ben Billings says:

    Observations on the Biosphere, Taos, New Mexico and vicinity, still valid today, only more so

    Rainfall – Year 2016 & 2017 we have experienced a great lack of rainfall. The soil moisture from the meager winter snow is somehow adequate until the end of March. The summer monsoons follow a rigid pattern. Many jets spray heavily prior to the arrival of promising looking rain clouds, and over the clouds when they arrive. The well formed cumulus clouds dissolve into a white featureless blob. We only get a 20 second burst of heavy rainfall, then the rain suddenly stops, and just a fine mist of very small droplets continue for an hour or so. This has happened to almost all summer rain. Climate engineering/weather warfare at its worst.

    We see the “capping” of the rain bearing well defined cumulus clouds forming in the west. The cumulus clouds rise in the sky until they contact the white lacy sprayed aerosols, then “mush out” into a featureless white haze, killing the upward convection, and stopping the rain. This is called “capping”.

    Where is the winter snow? Even 10 years ago, we would experience several snow storms of 2 feet or more. Now we get a number of 1 to 4 inch “snows”, very unlike natural snows. The snow is “puffy” and vanishes in less than 4 hours of direct sunlight with very little melt water. Apparently sublimation.

    We do not eat the snow or melt water from the snow, to do so results in aluminum poisoning, as validated by hair analysis. Same goes with rainwater. Animals seem to be less affected by the contaminated water. Hmmm.

    Twenty years ago, garden plants would grow rapidly from March through May, then slow down over the summer months. Now they grow slowly from March through November. Since my garden soil is thoroughly re-mineralized, according to soil tests and balanced soil mineral amendments, the plants are still wildly delicious and energizing. When this eventually fails, I am screwed.

    Where are the insects? Five years ago, there were clouds of insects buzzing over the wildflowers and flowering plants. Now I see about a 95% reduction in the number of insects over such plants. Over the summer, I saw only 1 bumble bee. They are packed with aluminum and dying off in great numbers. Where are the bug splatters on the windshield, or insects pasted to the grille and radiator?

    Five years ago there were many hummingbirds, sparrows, night hawks, piñon jays, rufus-sided towhees, hoot owls, Hawks and a few bluebirds and woodpeckers. These populations are greatly diminished. The crows and ravens are still around.

    I collect some seeds for later planting. The lettuce plants are self-pollinating and the percent germination is excellent. The Orach, however, though it produces abundant seeds, the germination is abysmal. It used to be excellent.

    On September 15, 2017 the lowest night time temperature so far was 48 deg/F. Many trees in this are already turning color. In the years and decades past, this would not happen until after several heavy frosts, later in the year.

    Even with cool air temperatures, the sun feels very hot and burning on exposed skin. We need to cover up and wear wide brimmed hats to keep from getting sunburned. The nose, sticking out a little too far, gets fried. Closed up vehicles become furnace-like in minutes.

    On “clear” days, the visibility is 50-80 miles, on spray days one-half that.

    On spray days, here is the constant roar of jet aircraft overhead, with as many as 100 overflights per 24 hour period. The blue sky becomes a featureless white thin overcast. We hear overhead jets about 1 or two per hour at night from 9 pm to 4 am. On non-spray days we hear maybe one jet every 2 hours or so, and rarely any at night. The night flying jets are loud and flying low. Ten or fifteen minutes after they pass over, I smell something in the air similar to the smell of wood ash.

    Fifteen years ago, the sky here was almost always a deep blue, with well formed cumulus clouds. Now we have LA smog, and capped-off cumulus clouds that disassemble into a dirty thin overcast.

    Ten years ago most alternative medical practitioners in the area were half-starved with few clients. Now they are booked and making money hand over fist. The AMA medical doctors are so over-booked that some are refusing new patients. The general population is obese, pallid, and sickly, especially the people 70 years and older, who spend their days watching TV, going to doctor appointments, and standing in the pill line at Walgreens. There are some young, shapely and vigorous exceptions to this – a refreshing sight.

    Over the summer, the younger deciduous trees in town were fully leafed out, the leaves a very dark green, akin to the dark green used on solar water heater collectors to maximize solar uptake. Could it be that the trees are producing extra chlorophyll to protect the leaf tissues from the greatly increased UV? These are mostly the Siberian Elms that are very robust and grow most anywhere and everywhere, except in the arid semi-desert, where they will grow in places that receive additional water, but will not reproduce via seeds. The older trees in town are showing signs of stress with reduced foliage and dead branches in the crowns.

    It appears that few people other than growers for the farmer’s Market, have vegetable gardens. A few of the growers at the farmers report some difficulties growing their vegetables, mostly with insects like cabbage moths, aphids, and squash bugs. When I gingerly brought up the subject of soil minerals, all but one did the instant shutdown and did not want to hear about it. I have done soil tests in a number of locations in the area, and the amount of essential soil minerals is extremely low, except for Calcium and to a lesser extent, Sulfur.

    Wood surfaces exposed to the sun must be sanded and recoated with stain/ varnish/lacquer every two years. Polyurethane/Verithane gets fried by the sun and peels off in one year. Plastics exposed to the sun rapidly become brittle and crack/break, with the notable exception of UV protected shade cloth, which lasts for five or more years.

    In most of Northern and Central New Mexico from June through August 2017, the vegetation was a velvety lush green, even with below normal rainfall.

    Ice nucleation is the spraying of endothermic chemicals from jet aircraft to lower the temperature of moisture in the atmosphere. This is done as part of climate engineering over vast areas of the US and other countries to artificially cool the air near the surface of the ground.


    One of the geoengineering patents (3940059 – February 24, 1976) for ice nucleation to “clear fog” calls for a “hygroscopic solution composed of urea and ammonium nitrate in water and spraying said solution into the fog cloud to be treated.” Both these substances are used in conventional agriculture as a high nitrogen fertilizer to stimulate plant growth. Could it be that the velvety green of the vegetation in this low rainfall environment was at least in part due to the stimulation of the vegetation by the spraying of these substances as a part of the climate engineering ice nucleation process?

    I have two water cisterns, one sealed containing well water from the 650 ft public well, and a second that captures roof water. This second cistern collects water, very fine clay particles blown up from the clay adobe, and the material from the atmosphere, mostly particulates sprayed from the jets overhead. When I drain and clean out this cistern there is a grey muck on the floor of the cistern. Could it be that that the nano-sized aluminum oxide particles sprayed as “chemtrails” gradually attach themselves to the clay particles and drop to the floor of the cistern?

    Without the clay particles, the nano-sized aluminum oxide particles remainsuspended in the water, giving it a clouded appearance. If the muck was only adobe, Iwould suspect that its color would be light brown, the color of the adobe soil. When I dry the muck in a plastic container it is a dull grey in color.

    Clean automobile windshields, exposed to rain acquire a grayish crud layer after the windshield dries. Is this crud layer actually nano-particulates sprayed into the atmosphere then washed out by the rain and deposited on the windshield?

    Even on the coldest early mornings with temperatures below 20 deg/F, no frost in the automobile windshields.

    A near neighbor , age 80, on the morning after heavy spraying, finds his eyes stuck shut and “cannot even spit” We jokingly proposed to calibrate his stuck shut eyes on a scale of 1 to 10 measure the amount of spraying that took place the night before.

    No precipitation for 5 months, no snow, no winter. Too many condensation nucelii in the atmosphere due to the incessant nano-particulate spraying of our atmosphere. Trees are dying, zero soil moisture. Gardening more challenging than ever.



    • Robert says:

      I recently traveled through Santa Fe and Taos on a road trip. I covered approximately 5,600 miles from my place of residence in eastern Oregon (I'm a recent transplant from Portland,Oregon) and I can attest to the heavy spraying over New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Texas. Never once in my travels did I have to clean my windshield of insects, maybe one or two splats the whole trip, that's it, they're gone folks. My southernmost  destination was Terlingua, Texas where my friend has an off grid trailer on 20 acres that he lent me. Terlingua ain't much and is situated next to Big Bend National Park on the Mexican border. The SRM program there was intense as any I saw throughout my travels, except possibly  Santa Fe, New Mexico.  New Mexico was the most masked up and covid crazy state of all. Nearly everyone I saw on the streets in Santa Fell wore masks. I saw on the local news where high school kids playing basketball were required to wear a mask, and get this, while playing a game! And high school baseball players had to wear masks and a rubber glove on their throwing hand!  Please tell me this isn't the world I live in. I saw so many dead and dying cacti and desert plants throughout my travels that my heart sank. I was in Terlingua seven years ago and witnessed the same but not on the scale I saw recently. One good note that I scratched off my bucket list was seeing California condors soaring above the Vermillion cliffs in Arizona, with a 9 1/2 foot wing span they're easy to spot, magnificent animals. And if any of you have a chance before everthing implodes, visit Capital Reef Natinal Park and trek through the land of the ancients, it will ground you revive your soul. I'm back home now after having to cut short my trip to Moab, Utah due to snow. You can't run or hide from what's happening around us, but the good things that are left in this world are what binds us together and gives me strength in this fight. Face to the wind and keep up the pace y'all.


    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Ben and Robert, I live in Santa Fe, NM and can contest to everything you both are saying.  I live in a very wooded area only 5 minutes from the downtown plaza.  In our home owners association most of the dues paid monthly go into taking care of our trees.  We are very concerned about the health of our trees these past years.  Almost all the piñon pines have needle scale every year now.  My husband is the caretaker and once a year he and his helper spray the trees with this natural oil for the needle scale, and soaker hoses have been placed all around the piñon and ponderosa trees to keep them watered when it doesn't rain, which we see very little of more and more!  We have water pumps with these attached hoses scattered through out the neighborhood.  I have noticed the beautiful bluebirds are gone, and they use to be here every year.  Insects are few.  The skies are sprayed like crazy and I will not take a walk when they are bad because it affects my lungs.  I feel we are the most masked up state and wonder when the hell we are ever going to be rid of these diapers that are taking our breath away and killing our brain cells!  It is all up to our Governor wether that happens or not and she seems to be trying to gain brownie points by keeping us in masks forever!  The people have had enough…I am horrified when I see tiny kids in them, that is just plain child abuse!  This city is suppose to be the land of enchantment, but has turned into the land of dying.  The downtown use to be a bustling tourist city, but now looks like a ghost town.  We use to have so many things going on there like Spanish Market and Indian Market, and the hotels were packed.  No building downtown is taller than 3 stories and small shops of every sort, but a lot have had to permanently close their doors, as well as the restaurants. Sad to see it so empty these days!

  13. f reps says:

    If every one  of the readers of Dane's website took the time to link the Documentary movie ; "The Dimming". to all the people that they know ;  we could get  this information out pretty fast.  Lets do it.

  14. Carol says:

    Today, it's been very windy,  came out of nowhere, what's strange, is that the clouds have colors of green and pink in them, never seen that before.

    • Raymond says:

      Same here Carol. Clouds are starting to show hues of green, yellow, brown, pink and vibrant purple! There are days when the entire "artificial cloud filled" sky transforms into a violet wash of purple haze. If Jimmy Hendrix were alive today, he would be astounded at our colorful skies.

      The problem is, just like the beautiful colored stripes of a coral snake. Our rainbow colored clouds are probably just as poisonous and deadly!

      Made from sprayed chemicals and possibly even displaying vibrant colors, when extreme UV radiation interacts with those very toxins and heavy metals. Along with supercharged microwave transmissions being beamed at them and exciting nano particulates of barium and strontium. Not to mention the radioactive dust from Africa that's hitching a ride on jet streams and becoming constant world travelers now.

      I have also noticed that every single moonrise is now blood red and even one hour later it is still a deep, dark shade of orange. And one hour after that, it's a vibrant yellow. 

      That simply shows how much crap is now suspended in our atmosphere, compared to fifty years ago. When a red, orange or yellow moon was so rare that you were lucky, just to see those colors maybe twice a year.

      Some clouds are now square with perfect right angles and leave very ominous shadows at sunset. Where colored beams of sunlight, at the edges of those shadows, streak across the entire sky and light up the atmosphere like plasma on the surface of the sun itself!

      Very strange days indeed.

  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Radioactive Dust Is Sweeping Over Parts Of Europe From The Sahara
    An alarming health disaster could be in the making as it's being widely reported this week that radioactive dust has been sweeping out of the Algerian desert and broader Sahara region across the Mediterranean. Further scientists say the ominous sounding 'radioactive Saharan dust' is causing a pollution spike even over parts of Southern Europe.
    The Association for Control of Radioactivity in the West (Acro) reported that scientists have observed the phenomenon happening since February when the dust was found to be over parts of France. Samples confirmed what was found to be radioactive particles in the dust which had been kicked up by a major storm that recently swept Morocco, creating huge dust clouds that picked up the radioactive material that had been left over from past nuclear tests conducted by France on its then colonial possession of Algeria in the early 1960s.

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Bill Gates Foundation Funded Genomics Firm 'Mining' DNA Data Through COVID Tests

    BGI Genomics—the Chinese Communist Party-linked genomics firm flagged by U.S. officials as “mining” the DNA of Americans—has collaborated extensively with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The National Pulse can reveal.
    The company has recently come under fire following a 60 Minutes exposé on the company’s use of COVID-19 tests to “collect, store and exploit biometric information” on American citizens, according to former U.S. intelligence officials. What’s more, a recent Reuters article linked the firm to the Chinese Communist Party’s military.
    … September of 2012, the Microsoft founder’s foundation signed a “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form a collaboration on global health and agricultural development with the goal of achieving common objectives in health and agricultural development.”
    The co-founder of BGI praised the agreement, celebrating the forthcoming “scientific breakthroughs in the areas of human, plant and animal genomics.” He also revealed that the collaborative efforts focused on sequencing genomes—the precise activity flagged for national security threats in the 60 Minutes segment:
    “Having contributed to the Human Genome Project as well as sequencing the genomes of many critical plant and animal species and human diseases, including the initial sequencing of the rice genome as well as our involvement in the Rice 10,000 Genome Project, the 1,000 Plants and Animals Genome Project, the International 1,000 genomes project, the 1,000 Rare Diseases Project, the International Cancer Genome Project, Autism Genome 10K, among others, BGI looks forward to partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in this significant collaboration to apply genomics research to benefit global human health.”

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    20M child sexual abuse images on Facebook in 2020
    WASHINGTON (SBG) – Facebook had more than 20 million child sexual abuse images on its platform in 2020, according to a report by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
    “You don’t want to talk to your kids about sexual exploitation, you don’t want to talk to the kids about sex or pornography,” said Rezsaun Lewis, a father of five. But Lewis says he has already talked to his kids about pornography, fearing exploitative images of children may pop up on their feeds.
    “To be sexually abused and then for it to be put on camera and for millions of strangers to watch it for enjoyment, that’s sick,” said Lewis.
    In 2020, 1,400 companies reported over 21 million incidents related to child pornography. Google had over 546,00 incidents; TikTok over 22,000.


  18. Paul Davis says:

    Boston Field Office… after 2 days of temps in 70s, yesterday, now we are getting snow after a night of heavy winds… this snow is very different, sort of like small hail pellets, but it is a snowfall. Those weather engineers sure are trying new formulations here.. Heavy winds today as well.   People always seem to say, or to minimize events, or it's just New England… i hear that too from people in Denver, oh it's just the mountains causing those issues…  Thanks much Dane..

    • Debbe Darling says:

      I do not know what will wake people up. All around us everything is gone or dying, there are fewinsects,few insects, birds, fish and the one lush, green forests are now dead or brown. I point these things out and most except it as natural without a second thought. Look to me as being of not a healthy mind or conspiracy theorists. I cannot even wake up my adult children. Everyone seems to only except what they are told by media or those with authority as the truth. I will keep talking to all those who will listen as long as I live and Pray. Thank You Mr Wiggington

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