Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 18, 2023, #397


Dane Wigington

"Freezing rain without freezing temperatures", a new headline from the scheduled weather script readers. Matrix media is covering the tracks of the climate engineers with "made-up science" to explain away chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations. Chemical flash freezes are crushing crops while simultaneously confusing and dividing populations on the true state of the climate. The climate science community is pushing the point that climate change is "supercharging" the weather, of course, the global climate engineering onslaught isn't mentioned. How long do we have until the global controllers play their biggest cards? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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39 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 18, 2023, #397

  1. Mo Maf says:

    Hearing about all the major weather related events occuring somewere in the USA sould be of no surprise to anyone whose following the geoengineering operations happening all ove the world.  Obviously we will continue to have tornadoes at least once a month in the USA.  The reason being that all this energy the geoengineers are moving from one area of the world to another has to be released some where.  Why are they not releasing this energy in the oceans? Well, if that was the case, there would be no entertainment for an oblivious population to watch and talk about. No one is asking why are these happening except that the intertainment indusdry has moved to the weather reporters who only recite what they're required to report to keep their job. Trying to talk to anyone about these super unusual events is a lot of work, especially when people are using their emotions to respond. 

  2. miracle says:

    How long do we have until the global controllers play their biggest cards?


    Every day is a miracle

  3. Dual purpose deception says:

    "Chemical flash freezes are crushing crops while simultaneously confusing and dividing populations on the true state of the climate."

  4. Lance says:

    The "storm" that I said was coming on Mon and Tues is actually forecast to strike on Tues and Wed. My mistake, and I do make mistakes just like everyone else!  

    • researcher says:

      Dear Lance,

      So true, and a good reminder even the so-called 'controllers' make mistakes too. In fact, their arrogance makes it even more likely, and their denial makes it at least 10x more likely, I would say.

      All is not yet lost, we must keep going until the very end, yes? Sending you all the best!

  5. Lance says:

    If you care to notice, and most don't, the high "clouds" streaming in from the NW going over the western Sierra mountain range of NW CA this morning show up as dark streaks on the Nighttime Microphysics Images. Why? Because these "clouds" are saturated with tons of nanoparticle pollutants. This is the same reason why the aerosol trails purposefully let out behind aircraft show up as dark lines. By the way, another "bomb cyclone" event is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday next week for much of central and northern CA. High winds, thunderstorms, tornadic activity, rain and snow in the forecast. Am staying in the central valley so I'll have a front row seat!    

  6. JR says:

    I posted on this article a few days back and nothing has appeared? We are getting bombarded almost daily as our rain clouds are demolished and the masses are all so gullible in the drought lies.Created drought is what I mean. Tornadoes are more frequent for the poor people in US throughout it seems. No doubt HAARP at work. I shouldn't be censored with post, I'm not taking up to much space.

  7. Lance says:

    Water contamination in Oregon could prompt EPA to step in (

    They say its from all the nitrate fertilizers being used by large scale farming and livestock operations. Hmmm? Wonder what other types of particulate contamination could be present in the water causing "health issues"? Nothing in this articles about it, but then again they aren't going to mention these toxic elements in the water are they! 

  8. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, NM-USA We have been bombarded with the lowlife and their Chemtrailing-Geoengineering Weather games. Our beautiful rain clouds appear & the devils get up in sky to break them down to nothing. I stumbled across an article from the Scientific website where these lying idiots tell us where they're putting an old 70 year old bomber to sniff the skies? I've seen them for over 17 years spraying us and our whole environment demolishing our ecosystem. In 1977 I saw first oddities of spraying and my old man said they were just contrails, little did he know on subject so I just let it go. He's been gone for well over 40 years, brain tumor? Again with these idiots basically exposing themselves on what they want to do I've seen for 17 years. It's going to only get worse overall. We cannot mock our Creator and get away with it, USA or not. GS…

  9. Jennifer says:

    On March 18th in Arizona. Specifically phonenix and chandler area. 3 children were found not breathing. None survived. Two of them across the city from eachother both at exactly 5:30 am. The 3rd at 6:30 am. The next day they found one more child that had died on the 18th at 5:30 am that had not been reported yet. What would cause 4 children all 25-30 miles from eachother to stop breathing during the hour of 5-6 am? 

  10. Randyl J says:

    Spring Equinox? Weird!

    Thank You Dane for Your Continued March Forward to share Truth and Alert All Who Find Their Way Here! 

    I dare say, “First Day of Spring” and Not a Cloud to be seen, nor a Spray Trail ~ However, the surface cooldown feels like January and the odd blue sky shimmers with unseen nano-particles that are creating not only the ice feeling but inflame my sinuses and feel like needles against my sensitive skin.

    If not for GEW information, I would accept this as everyone around me does~ not a thought about it! I even heard two young people in a market debating over ‘El Nino/La Nina’ and naturally not a clue about Geoengineering. Very few are awake. I will keep sharing as I can!

    • Jonathan says:

      That's exactly what we need… for everyone in this Geowatch community to share as they are able. 

      A small spark can start a large flame, and none of us knows what we may share that lights such a flame of awareness.

      Thank you Randyl…

  11. Lance says:

    According to a news report thousands of people living in some communities in Tulare County, CA, are being forced to evacuate due to rising flood waters. It was reported that "someone" used a backhoe on several sections of the levee's channeling the high water in that area to cause the flooding! Most of the people being affected are poor farm workers, small land owners, and some homeless. It would be one thing if this was caused by flood waters eating away a section of the levee, but its another thing if this was done purposefully! Same thing applies to the weather. If flooding was being caused by natural weather that's one thing, but if it's being engineered that's another thing, isn't it! 

    • Jonathan says:

      Yes indeed Lance. Cruel people with no empathy.


      Thank you for your posts Sir.

    • Robin says:

      Lance, thanks for your full commitment to doing what is right.  This illustration & your previous one- the photo images of dead trees and a ghost town in the middle, show the real time nightmare of what is happening when human's become scrooges!  Time to awaken from our self centered, egotistical ways, cuz we're "living the dream."!  Continue your wakefulness by waking others.  Thumbs up!

  12. Lance says:

    Look carefully at the picture of this town. See the hundreds, maybe thousands, of DEAD coniferous trees? That's what it looks like in many forested areas near towns I've been to in my travels up and down the western states of the US since April of 2022. Then there are the hundreds of thousands of acres of burned up forests that I've seen in these same states. Am not going to lie to any of you. They aren't going to be restored anytime soon, if ever. Sorry.

  13. Lance says:

    “If Ukraine fails to defend its independence, we will have no choice but to enter into conflict,” said Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emerik Rosciszewski.

    Cards being played!

    • Lance says:

      There are a lot of "cards" being played right now! The deck is stacked in favor of the "house" as always!

  14. Elaine and David says:

    Once again, profound words from you Dane.

    As Spring arrives, we watch the birds come with it.  We have 2 geese that somehow have found our pasture since before we moved in 9 years ago and return every year.  Our chickens are laying more eggs every day for us and others to appreciate.  Dandelions are popping up along with iris's, garlic and peas.  

    We are so blessed from Nature and what we've been given.  It's truly heartbreaking to see that more are not waking up to what's happening right outside their front door.  Put down your phone, turn off your TV and do something to benefit your environment.

    Thank you Dane for your constant voice that doesn't quiver.

    May the force be with you.


  15. Jonathan says:

    Permit me please to share a little bit of my personal philosophy.

    However, we may conceptualize the idea of a creator, or even if we don't, I think it could be generally agreed upon by all here that life is important. It exists, and therefore it came into being for a purpose. Therefore, all life has inherent meaning, and therefore, so does the Earth, which provides a habitat for all life, or at least it traditionally has done so. I would suggest that the creator has manifested in and through and as each living thing throughout time. The creative forces that came together to produce life convince me that all life is important.

    Dane has clearly done tremendous personal introspection over the years and has come up with a personal philosophy to which he is absolutely committed. Letting go what is behind and looking forward to the eternal present in which we live and move forward, I would encourage everybody to consider to what principle or principles you are committed. I would consider simplifying that to one key idea. For me, it is, to preserve life. To me, that encompasses everything. One cannot enjoy life and the beauty of the natural world if it's not here. And it cannot continue to be here if the weather warfare programs are allowed to continue. So for me, I have concluded that the preservation of life is the simplest and purest principal upon which to base the actions of the remainder of my life. The preservation of life also includes the love of others. Because it is all based upon love.

    Without belaboring the point, please consider personal introspection and the development of a simple guiding principle upon which you wish to base your actions and your priorities going forward. As indicated previously, this is more important than the preservation of personal security. And please remember that the things we do from this day forward will ripple and echo throughout eternity.



    • Irene Parousis says:

      Dear Jonathan, in the ten years of reading every comment on this site, this one today has touched me to the core and has reinforced what I'm here for at this time. Thank you and bless you!

    • Jonathan says:


      I thank you for your kind words and extend my blessings upon you and your loved ones in all things, all-ways.


    • Gary Morrow says:

      Thanks, Jonathan for your beautiful heartfelt post 

    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you Gary. Blessings brother.

    • virginia says:


      Reading your thoughts above, reminds me of two very dedicated people in recent history.  One is Dr. Albert Schweitzer and the other is Jozef de Veuster (Father Damien).  Dr. Schweitzer's philosophy was "reverence for life." Father Damien's was to serve those rejected from society; in this case, the lepers of Molokai, Hawaii.  Each served at great self-sacrifice.  Reading their stories left me with a profound appreciation for what one human being could accomplish to better this world. 

      Thank you, Jonathan, for your post and your dedication to Reverence for Life.

    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Virginia. And thank you for sharing these stories of selfless love. It is my feeling that it is through such acts of selfless love that we are charged and invigorated with the love and the power of our Creator, in whom we live and have our being. I would like to encourage everyone reading these posts of Dane's each week, around the world, to be the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of God, all labels and preconceptions aside. Understand that the beauty of life and the miracle of life are no accident. However it worked out, every life and the earth given for its habitation is important.

      Let this idea serve to motivate people around the world to take whatever action is within their power to inform others and help wake other people up to the tragedy of weather warfare.

      What eternal ripples do we wish to create in this time that we have been given? We are here for a purpose, and we are here, NOW.

      With love…


    • Jonathan says:

      Regarding Father Damien and Dr. Schweitzer… Just imagine this principal of selfless love being multiplied not only 1,000 fold but millions of times over by people just like us, working in our particular spheres of influence to inform others and bring the truth to light. This idea of synergy and love for all life and its home here in Earth, should drive us forward, never wavering.


  16. Dorothy Derewicz says:

    The people don't hear..They live in where they don't hear they don't see..The whole world is caving and they are planning around..what??..I put these articles on my group page all the time..Maybe 5 will look out of the group..It the "Sound of Silence"..that upsets me the most. Just as in the days of one one listens..WW3 being talked about..No one hears..The planet taking its last one listens…

  17. Jonathan says:

    Additionally, I offer this to the people who would rather preserve their own personal security rather than that of the greater good of all life on earth- depart your comfort zone! For it is about to depart you, whether you know it or not.

    There is a book by Gordon Warner and Donn Draeger titled, Japanese Swordsmanship: Technique and Practice.

    There a section in this book that can be applied to those of us in the geo watch community. I will quote a few relevant portions from pages 72 and 73 of this book, first edition, 1982.

    It pertains to our view of looking the storm in the eye and moving forward in this battle to educate and inform others, putting this above our own personal paradigm.

    "The warrior thus knew that his chances of dying in combat greatly outweighed those of living. Fear, if he allowed it to grip him, would be a constant hindrance to his mental composure… But if the warrior was prepared to die, there would be no feeling of uncertainty and fear in the execution of swordsmanship. Accordingly, the warrior learned how to die by doing so symbolically many times over in the course of his unremitting practice of swordsmanship in kata fashion. Through this kind of arduous training he came to understand thoroughly the relationship between life and death and was able to formulate a stoic philosophy in support of a readiness to die honorably without fear. This philosophy makes much of "seishi o chosetu suru"- that is, transcending thoughts about life and death… Once a warrior had resolved to die, he wiped his mind clean of thoughts about life and death, and from within him arose something that directed his actions in an instinctive and spontaneous matter… The Zen touch of "isogi yoku," or dying without regrets, is to die with a clear conscience, bravely, with no reluctance, and with complete honor. To die well merges with the intrinsic spirit of the classical warrior, who hated to die a lingering death. He much preferred to have his life snuffed out in the fashion of "a blossom blown away in a breeze," provided that his death came about in the name of a cause of to which he was fully committed."


    In theory, the true samurai warriors of old were completely at peace with their focus and purpose in life. They were committed to their goals, not self-preservation.

    Too many today would rather preserve their own personal security rather than commit fully to serving the greater good of this planet and all life on Earth.



    • Sunlight Germany says:

      My friend, I personally can assure you and all of you that I left the so-called comfort zone a long time ago. I don't want to die a protracted death, like the trees or all living things that are affected. I don't want to look at the sky every morning to see, what does the sky look like? Natural or relatively natural? I want to know that I live under a natural sky without looking at the sky every morning, it's as simple as that. Certainly, each of us gathered here, the first glimpse in the morning goes to the sky. (And not just in the morning.) And yes, I dedicate the rest of my life (to one particular thing.) There is no other option. I would have liked to have replied earlier after my last post, but was unable for many different reasons. Here I would like to apologize…

  18. Jonathan says:

    Please understand that I am not complaining. I have two keiffer pear trees I planted years ago as saplings. They are now each 20 to 25 feet tall. We had a spell of unnaturally warm weather about a month ago. And of course, the poor trees put out their blooms. Literally there were thousands of pesrs on those trees. And then we had another spell of unusually cold weather, and the majority of the pairs were burned and destroyed. It seems that the controllers are making it very difficult for small-time, independent farmers to be food self-sufficient. I was able to wrap up my blueberry shrubs sufficiently that it seems that most of the blueberry blossoms have survived. So with a little luck I will be able to raise my blueberries this year. But apparently no pear preserves this year…

    A few nights ago we had a dip to about 25° out here. I put out extra food for the foxes that night before the temperature dropped, including some canned salmon as a treat to help them with their energy stores.

    It would seem that all nature is in confusion. There are few indigenous tribes left across the world. The ones, however, who do still exist, and the ones who existed in the past, always lived in perpetual balance with nature, never taking more from nature than they needed. My heart tells me they also had a deep respect and gratitude for the food they were able to harvest from nature. This is a far cry from the modern day agriculture so prevalent today. is a non-political website i have found that the readers here may appreciate. Although of course their food would not be free from aluminum since it is now ubiquitous, they do go to great lengths to provide otherwise organic food, free of antibiotics, hormones, and even vaccines. They also test their foods for glyphosate and will not sell anything that tested positive. The readers here may appreciate that. Blessings to you all, and continue to share information to help raise awareness in this most noble of causes.


  19. Geoff Hanham says:

    The Scottish Government have cut down fourteen million trees to facilitate Wind Farms in 2022.* FOURTEEN MILLION TREES CUT DOWN! With all the appalling loss of habitat and wildlife and the butchery of any birds that were left… It is difficult to keep ones own sanity when this monstrous insane wickedness occurs… And note that coal fired power stations have had ro be brought back into use to cope with what has been a mild (and comparatively windless) winter of 2022/23… And when it is windy, it is usually very strong, frequently gale force so the infernal turbines then either have to 'feather' or break down…

    *Source Scottish Government / Glasgow Herald (

    Meanwhile sea birds are dying from a new 'fibrosis' disease caused by plastic 'particles'… (reported on website)

    I am now at a loss for words…

    Geoff Hanham






    • Lance says:

      Few understand the dark history of the Scottish. A famous Scottish rock band named AC/DC had as their first lead screamer a fellow named Bon Scott. Their first album was "Highway to Hell" which was the title of the first song on the album. Look up the lyrics sometime. Sums up the current situation.

  20. Lance says:

    Its amazing to watch as the human race keeps on keepin' on, yet the ecological systems we all rely on to make this possible are being systematically destroyed. As this continues to escalate the reactions of the powers that be are to cover-up this fact using the media matrix as you have explained. When governments resort to imposing rules and regulations on populations that are unable to afford higher costs for products that are in short supply, for example, their reaction is to attack those imposing them, yet those imposing them know the truth about the deteriorating environmental conditions as you also do. What is going on in France right now is an example of how people will react when their government leaders enact rules and regulations they can no longer afford, let alone the ones they do not agree with. The elderly, the poor, the children, the mentally and physically deficient are the ones who suffer the most, so naturally "the people" will rise up, fight against, and blame their governments leadership. Right now, in France, millions of people are rising up against their government leaders and they are calling for the return of the "guillotine". Revolutions have always caused a lot of people to be killed just as world wars have. Are these the "cards" the powers that be are now playing? As you say, you decide. 

    • Dorothy Derewicz says:

      The Sound of Silence…It is loud!!..People ignoring ..and not understanding..and denying..the inevitable..

  21. cecilia says:

    You are a man of ethics, morals and values…thank you for your courage, please watch yourself, those evil psychopaths will not stop at anything…so many have been killed already…We need God's kingdom, this is the only way out of this.   We are facing the devil himseld, we cannot fight this creep, ONLY God can stop this…call on his name (Ps 83:18)


  22. Jonathan says:

    In martial arts, when we are going to throw an opponent to the ground, we must first get him or her off balance. And then it is relatively simple thing to do. Even for a large opponent. In so many ways, it seems like the controllers are perpetually keeping much of the human race off balance. It looks as though they intend to throw us.

    Thank for Dane, and all the folks in this community, for all that you do.

    And by the way, I started sprouting broccoli sprouts today. It is very simple.


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