Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 28, 2022, #355


Dane Wigington

The global controllers have just gathered in Davos, Switzerland. Did they solidified their plans for our collective fate? There was almost no major media coverage of the criminal cabal meeting in Davos. Weather catastrophes of every kind continue to decimate crop production around the world, the food that is available is increasingly toxic. As populations grapple with simply trying to survive, official sources tell us new pandemics are on the way. Are the days of the human race now numbered? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

16 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 28, 2022, #355

  1. Diane says:

    David Keith is a liar and a mouthpiece, (aka "professor") for a depopulation agenda! He has espoused this disinformation for decades now! How he has totally convinced the masses is beyond me. It's sickening to listen to him! So sad to see people so unintelligent. People have lost their ability to think critically!

  2. Thomas Ciolli says:

    Here in Bruce Michigan the spraying is happening every day on a massive scale. I have observed this activity being ramped up in recent years and now it’s beyond insanity on steroids. A coordinated effort by those who listen to this broadcast is needed. Most people don’t care because they are unaware, don’t believe it or they think it does not affect them. We cannot wait for those people to get on board, something needs to be done now to get their attention. My idea is this; all those who want to participate send a package to your Senator which would include the 20 page fact and photo booklet, the 2, double sided glossy flyers, a DVD and a cover letter with a table of contents signed by the sender with a CC to the Geoengineeringwatch Legal team. A copy of this page along with the signature return receipt can be sent to Dane Wigington to forward to the legal team. If this process can be repeated over and over again they cannot deny they were unaware of this illegal activity that continues unabated. I have been calling Senator Gary Peters for 6 years with no response. It’s time to start making a record of this. I would do it every 2 weeks until I receive a response from DC. My package would also include a copy of the 47 rain water samples posted on this web site under Michigan. Is there anybody with me on this ?        

  3. Matthew/Boston says:

    May 31, Tuesday. We have been getting slammed in the greater Boston area. Spraying every day. The only time I've been sick at least four days in an row. What is this doing to our lungs,especially long-term? Today, Tuesday, the local TV newscast mentioned near the top of the newscast that the temperature dropped from 82 to 60 degrees in 10 minutes. I don't recall spraying every day over Boston until now. The days have been very hot and the nights unusually cold.

  4. Leah Altmann says:

    bs"d  According to new health discoveries, it is specifically Infrared light from the sun (to be obtained in the first three hours of sunlight and close to sunset time) the part of sunlight that maintains and restores human health, and it can't be replaced by ingestible vitamins.  Imagine blocking that out.  So many more people would get sick and die.

  5. Wikoli says:

    Extremely dry in southern Arizona this year (Tucson area). Way below average. The monsoon season starts in two weeks, so we'll see what that's like this year.

    We've had very little spraying this year, mostly clear skys. Thinking there may be a supply chain issue and shortage of the toxic stuff they spray and they're concentrating on other areas like the coast. The spraying picked up a bit in May, but just sporadically.

    In previous years we've had heavy spraying many times 4-5 days of the week resulting in the solid white haze overcast sky.

    Was going through your Engineered Droughts page and there's a lot of info to unpack on that page alone.

    Thanks Dane.


    • Janey says:

      They spray lake has sun like bugs. Most can't think straight in town and it makes many angry sick and depressed. Very sad what's being done to our grand children and kids. We tested the rain and it's shows high analysts of aluminum barium uranium fungi and many more toxic chemicals. Disgusting act by the devil himself. Praying for all our heath has been under attack for years as long as our water and food. 
      I bought a white market to write on cars and I put your website to educate many in the state. Doing my part to educate others and plant the seed. Enough is enough the kids can't breathe daily. 

  6. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Dane, and all others who read this.  Over the years I've listened to Dane going on a decade now.  I clearly have seen our biosphere manipulated and in decline.  Dane states he's being told to just stop or go about day to day mundane business as usual and just be quiet.  I admire Dane.  He know's what's coming and he is fully aware to keep trying to protect what is left.    With that being said.  I've heard and seen video's put out by Dane about the forest and the animals around him struggling and or dead.  A forest not breathing, dead frogs, burnt forests, cloud fogged air, and much more.  Yet, Sunday morning in Alabama.  My family and I hiked through a forest and we could smell the tree's, the forest you could hear birds, and what awakened my senses, to think about Dane.  I saw a small frog on the edge of the trail.  If this small patch of our world is still living, and fighting to survive, we owe it to that patch of the world to make people aware and to fight for them.  There are lily's in the Cahaba river that bloom for a few weeks. They are endangered.  They only live in a few places now.  200 years ago they lived all throughout rivers around the south. Dane has made examples on his broadcast of a weed in a crack clinging to dear life but yet still living.  If you see these lily's, they cling to the rocks between a steady flowing river.  There's a lot in this world worth saving.  Keep it up Dane.  And to all who are trying.  Perservere.  It is what we must be prepared to do.  Thank you.

  7. Joseph says:

    History Channel – That's Impossible – Weather Warfare – video Dailymotion


      This is from 10 years ago but still relevant today etc.  I read this book Angels don't play this Haarp in the mid 90s long before I knew about Geoengineering.   

  8. Jonathan says:

    Please permit me to share these lines from William Wordsworth, which were penned in 1798. These are taken from a poem titled, "Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey." These may offer people meaninful inspiration regarding the beauty of this world we live in, and perhaps they will serve as further motivation and encouragement in this task to which so many of us have committed ourselves; which is to help protect all life on this earth and the planet itself by helping to share information, while it may yet still make a difference. Please enjoy these lines…


    "…. I have felt a presence that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime of something far more deeply interfused, whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, and the round ocean, and the living air, and the blue sky, and in the mind of man, a motion and a spirit, that impels all thinking things, all objects of all thought, and rolls through all things. Therefore am I still a lover of the meadows and the woods, and mountains; and of all that we behold from this green earth; of all the mighty world of eye and ear, both what they half-create, and what perceive; well pleased to recognize in nature and the language of the sense, the anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse, the guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul of all my moral being…"


    – Wm. Wordsworth 1798

  9. Stan Sylvester says:

    There's still money to be made as the assault on the earth's life support systems continues.  Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes sent a warning to the Department of Defense. With the shipment of about 1400 shoulder fired Stingers being shipped to Ukraine, inventory here is getting low!

    Unlike dwindling food supplies, replacing weapons is no problem. The Army agreed to a $687 million contract with Raytheon to get going and get that inventory back up. CEO Hayes was quick to add that the Department of Defense hasn't bought a Stinger in about 18 years. Time to get some updated stuff! 

    Psalm 6:8

    "Depart from me all ye workers of iniquity, for the Lord hath heard the voice of my weeping."

    How difficult it is to watch the $$$ flow for the military industrial complex. All it needs is a war somewhere to get rid of that old stuff sittin' around and to place an order for some new updated ones.

  10. karen somers says:

    dane is the light messenger from the movie "knowning" from which his opened mouth came blinding light

  11. Jonathan says:

    May I respectfully recommend that everybody look up the cover of The Economist magazine May 21st to May 27th 2022 issue?

    If you find that disturbing, look up which family owns the magazine.

  12. Alan says:

    Time for a "scientists are baffled" summary.  Well, actually, it's not a complete summary; it only represents the first page of the search results.  There is a seemingly inexhaustible supply of issues that are baffling scientists.  You'll see that many of them are directly related to geoengineering.  And there is one listed issue that would be very funny if it weren't so true.  I give the scientists a pass on that one (in italics below) because it truly is impossible to reconcile.  (Warning – off-color language warning.) Here we go:  

    Scientists Are Baffled By A Mysterious Particle That Defies Physics

    Scientists are Baffled by Mega-Mysterious Mega-Ice Chunk From the Sky

    Scientists are baffled: What's up with the universe?

    So-Called Land of Twins Baffles Fertility Expert

    Volcano Didn't Actually Erupt, Baffling Scientists

    Many Scientists Baffled as Honey Bees are Disappearing

    Seabirds are dying. Scientists baffled.

    Rapid list – all baffling events:  East-Shifting Tornado Alley, Mysterious Seismic Waves, The Antarctic Particles That Shatter Physics, Persistent Noctilucent Clouds.

    Scientists are baffled. They don’t know why coronavirus (or any virus) greatly impacts the elderly population.

    Scientists Baffled By Man's Incredible Ability To F**k Up Every Time

    Scientists Are Baffled By A Mysterious Particle That Defies Physics

    Scientists Are Baffled by Newly Discovered “Silkhenge” Spider

    Scientists Are 'Baffled' After Dead Baby Humpback Whale Is Discovered

    Scientists are baffled! Severe acute hepatitis showing up in Children …

    Scientists baffled by sudden increase in sinkholes

    Flesh Eating Bacteria Is Attacking Dogs & Scientists Are Baffled

  13. JR says:

    Early this morning the lowlifes with their SAG/SRM/SAI were really at west of us with all kind of snake trails I like to refer to them sons of the evil one. Combined with smoke from Gila Forest it makes for some nasty air we are breathing. The winds come afterwards all day, not just in small spurts HAARP year round, what else.These scum are the lowest of the lowest in this world. They are no different than the predators abusing kids in this world, I would put them on the same level. They see themselves above the Lord because they don't believe & feel they can what they want at will, there will be hell to pay, literally. No one mocks the Creator who is aware of all we do. I wish I had better news to report folks. People have to be realistic to our surroundings but we know most people are in denial. Enjoying the cares of this world more than out to protect our environment & way to gullible to our so called free democracy. No disrespect to our military with good intentions for this country and its people. This country & world is being led by ill minded people with no heart, brain or conscience. Their eyes are blinded and time will tell for all humanity because the truth is what we stand on….Peace

    • virginia theresa rynearson says:

      Hello JR:

      In response:  Man –

      "There is no other species, no other biological being on this planet that for no necessity at all destroys its own species for sheer greed and power." 

      Peter Koenig – "The Children of Syria"  2016        

  14. Meagan says:

    Thanks to you & The Dimming I h

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