Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 6, 2023, #404


Dane Wigington

Huge hail hammers Texas while regions of Canada incinerate in over 100 unprecedented early season wildfires. What's wrong with this picture? Extreme weather whiplash scenarios are devastating ecosystems, societies and food supplies. Making it all worse new studies have proven that clouds now contain "drug resistant bacteria" and "fungal pathogens". What's all of that doing to our food supplies and us? Ocean surface temperatures continue to skyrocket with Florida and the Gulf Coast now facing rapidly rising and simultaneously dying seas. Record springtime heat waves are devastating societies and crushing crops in Asia while the Southern California mountains get over a foot of snow, welcome to weather warfare. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Is there more in the rain than just rain? Check this 4 minute video.

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42 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 6, 2023, #404

  1. Julie Large says:

    The planes tend  to mostly fly above the clouds and when the clouds clear then you can see the trails on certain days although they do provide trails on clearer days.

  2. Pedro Moreno says:

    An airline pilot pronounces himself on the chemtrails: "The Iberian Peninsula is being sprayed with sulfur to divert the fronts".

    Retired airline commander Javier Antolinez speaks out on chemtrails. "Those are chemtrails with very specific purposes… the lines that they blur in the sky create a greenhouse effect… The Iberian Peninsula is sprayed with sulfur to divert the fronts." “It is very strange that so many planes fly without a transponder… This is financed by the states and NATO, it is supranational.” "This is linked to the destruction of swamps.", "I don't understand how something so obvious can be denied," added the former pilot. First they deplete your water reserves, then they decree the drought as a national emergency with draconian laws, and all with a single purpose: to turn water into a commodity and fill their pockets with our misery.

    Spanish Legislative RD 1/2001, of July 20, Article 3. Modification of the atmospheric phase

  3. Pedro Moreno says:

    Today after 85 days of continuous and criminal spraying all over the Madrid (Spain) skies, the spraying has suddenly stopped for all day. The only difference since the latest days and weeks is a strong wind blowing all day long.

    Cristal clear and blue skies and not even a single chemical UAV's trail at sight in the sky since dawn until sunset. 

  4. Lance says:

    Last comment tonight unless something big happens. Take a look at the Regional Nighttime Microphysics Images on C.O.D. website and look at all the aerosol stuff being let out over the Pacific Ocean off the northern CA and southern OR coast! Crazy!

  5. Lance says:

    Sorry about overloading with comments, but anyway there is a lot of thunderstorm activity moving S in the NE part of CA and most of northern Nevada right now. Possible storm cells heading toward Lake Almanor area and points east. Lots of aerosol particulate waves moving over the N end of CA and NV too. Heads up.

  6. Lance says:

    CA HWY PATROL 911 system down in Chico after the big EQ. Odd. EW aircraft flying SSW of area on shortly before/after the EQ's heading SE. 3 more EQ's just minutes ago in the 2.5 to 2.8 range. KCRA news has a chopper up looking at the dam and reservoir right now showing on flightradar24! They're circling the small town of Chester located at the N end of Lake Almanor.

  7. Lance says:

    Another small EQ under Lake Almanor. By the way, this lake is a reservoir with a capacity of 1,308,000 acre-feet (1.613×10 m ) and a maximum depth of about 90 feet (27 meters). It is formed by Canyon Dam on the North Fork of the Feather River. Its a hydrolic fill dam 130 feet high. Water from this dam flows down into Oroville Reservoir which is 95% of capacity.

  8. Lance says:

    More EQ's same area! 2.5 and 2.8 very shallow, .03 miles down. Felt very slight movement in here near Nicholaus, CA. No reports of damage yet.

  9. Lance says:

    A small aftershock EQ 2.8 just a bit ago in the same area the 5.5 happened in Lake Almanor. EQ's were 5.5 and 2.8, depth 1.8 miles and .08 miles respectively. Very unusual.  Did you feel them DANE?

  10. Lance says:


  11. Robert says:

    Dane, I love you brother. You are the strongest, most inspirational and correct person that I have never met. In another realm, another time maybe we will meet, my honor.

  12. Lance says:

    More aerosol operations off the west coast of northern CA and Oregon! Its all coming in from the W this afternoon! You know where to look!

  13. Lance says:

    Aerosols all over the sky here over my location north of Sacramento about 30 miles. They're drifting to the E. Yesterday it was bearable to sit out in the sun but today its not comfortable to sit in the sun for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. UV radiation causes this!

  14. Lance says:

    A lot of aerosol operations ongoing over the Pacific Ocean W of northern CA and Oregon coastlines! Clearly visible on the Nighttime Microphysics images and Tropospheric Dust images. Trying to keep it cool?

  15. Lance says:

    Well, made it through another night. Yesterday was clear, windy and cool here in the Sacramento Valley.  That's about to change starting today. Mid 90's by Saturday. There was some cumulus buildup over the Sierra Mountain ranges but the wind from the SW stopped the buildups. That's about to change as the temps continue to rise. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for the Sierra's starting later today and increasing chance into the weekend. UV radiation level is 8 which is in the severe range. Watching for any major rainfall on the snow pack in these mountain ranges. Shasta Reservoir is 99% of capacity and Oroville Reservoir is now at 94% of capacity. Something else to watch are the CME's coming from the sun causing geomagnetic storms now striking earth which will definitely contribute to heating of the upper stratosphere. Am thinking this will contribute to the heat wave that is forecast to happen over Alberta, Canada and Washington State. We'll know soon enough one way or the other. 

    • Lance says:

      Weather forecast is now calling for chance of thunderstorms Saturday, Sunday, Monday, into next week in the Sierra's. Hot weather still coming beginning Friday here in the Sacramento Valley. 80F here at my location north of Sacramento.

  16. Randolph Directo says:

    I'm getting the royal run around on PFAS testing. I assume the water tests for bacteria is general, but how can I find who tests for PFAS in my area?

  17. Lance says:

    Watched the engineered weather from my location here in the Sacramento Valley yesterday. There were thunderheads visible all along the Sierra's over both the west and east ranges. Highly unusual for this time of year. Could see "waves" in the high altitude "clouds" too. Caused by wind, or microwaves, or solar heating of the upper atmosphere? More thunderstorm activity forecast for these mountain ranges today and the rest of the week too. Major reservoirs are near or at capacity. Temps to be in the high 80s and low 90s in the valley and freezing level in the mountains will be at or above 9,000 feet. Due to all the burned areas in these mountains the ability of the ecosystem to retain and hold water has been severely affected. Now, imagine torrential downpours from a thunderstorm falling on all that snow causing a sudden runoff into these reservoirs, especially Shasta and Oroville. Will it happen? Maybe, maybe not. 

  18. Jonathan says:

    I just saw a patient, who works in the medical field. She and I were talking about the subject of neurodegenerative conditions. I told her that, for many reasons, that is going to become a greater problem in future.

    I gave her a card of "The Dimming, " the QR code of which she scanned with her phone, and I also gave her a full color booklet from Dane on geoengineering and told her that if nothing else, I would encourage her  to read page 18 of Dr. Blaylock's discussion on  this subject.

    I didn't rant about trails in the sky.  I simply suggested she read that one page, if nothing else, and consider the documentary, not wanting to overload her.

    She appeared genuinely interested. 

    The use of pointed, specific portions from Dane's collective work, targeted to __specific individuals' interests__, may be quite helpful in our work.

    Winning one mind at a time as we inform and help give people the information they need is an effective strategy, in my opinion.

    Look the storm in the eye.



    • Wikoli says:

      The article states that the Alberta fire season usually begins in early May, but to me this is extremely unusual. Just an opinion from a retired firefighter.

  19. Jonathan says:

    Questions in no particular order:

    … What is amygdalin and its relationship to cancer?

    … Are there more or are there fewer insects that hit your windshield at night during the summer?

    … No matter what the size of the space, if one plants, natural wholesome, preferably organic plants, flowers, vegetables, etc, will they attract more or fewer insects and wildlife? Even a few potted plants, would they make a difference?

    … After years of feeding the wild animals and birds around my house, do you think I see more or less of these beautiful creatures?

    … Do you think that more people are starting to break out of their programming, realizing that what they were programmed with is no longer working and serving them?

    … Did Mark Twain say, " I was once educated. It took me years to get over it."?

    … Is it more effective to point at the sky at the chemicals or to hand out cards and flyers and tell people to watch "The Dimming?"

    … Are there still canned meats available that have not yet been contaminated by big pharma?

    … Do the safe space protection dot com products actually work?

    … Is there great joy to be found even through a small bird feeder, or a single pot with a potato plant grown in it?

    … Is it a value to consider raising chickens for those who have the ability?

    … Is it a value to network with local farmers who adhere to traditional methods of farming? local harvest dot org

    … Is our work with Dane's organization of value, great value, and the broad scheme of things?

    … Was emperor Marcus Aurelius correct in thinking that the things that we do now will echo through eternity?

    … And perhaps the greatest question of all for each person to ask, is there still hope? Is there still reason for hope? The band YES once wrote that without, hope, you cannot start the day. 

    May you all feel encouraged to return to the old ways, in whatever capacity you are able. An old book titled Back to Basics was published by readers digest decades ago. Parts of it may be helpful to you.

    Never give up.

    Always being encouraged.

    And as Dane says, we are not helpless, and they are not gods.

    Look the storm in the eye.

  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Heatwave Across Asia

    A heat wave in Asia and record-high temperatures in Europe could be an early indication of an emerging El Nino weather pattern about to unleash above-average temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere this summer.

    Bloomberg reported Vietnam recorded 44.2C (or about 111.5F) over the weekend, triggering power shortage warnings. Neighboring country Laos also broke records. The Philippines reduced school hours as the heat index breached the "danger" zone.

    The heat wave in Southeast Asia comes as El Nino is likely to supercharge heat across the region. Record temperatures were recorded last month from India to Malaysia.

    Over the last three years, the weather phenomenon La Nina, which typically results in a decrease in global temperatures, has been in effect. However, the reappearance of El Nino is becoming a strong possibility. This might result in crop production disruptions due to heat and drought, further exacerbating the global food crisis.

    "If El Nino disrupts India's monsoon season, there will be a deficit of rain and, of course, this will hugely impact agriculture and farming, and, as a result, the economy," Dileep Mavalankar, director of the Gujarat-based Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar, told the South China Morning Post.

    Besides concerns about freshwater shortages across Asia this summer, scorching temperatures might increase rolling blackouts as power grids are strained over the higher use of air conditioners.

    Meanwhile, Spain and Portugal experienced their hottest April on record due to a mass of hot air, which caused temperatures to rise above 30C (86F) and even approach 40C (104F) in certain regions. Above-average temperatures were also recorded in parts of Africa, around the Caspian Sea, and North America.

    Samantha Burgess, deputy director of the Copernicus Climate Change Service, wrote in a statement last month that "above-average temperatures were observed over the equatorial eastern Pacific, which is an early sign for a potential transition to El Nino conditions often leading to warmer global temperatures." Around the same time, we pointed out a disruptive El Nino pattern might roil ag commodities markets, like palm oil, sugar, and cocoa, to list just a few.


  21. Larry DeMarco says:


    Storms and wildfires destroying crops? This ha to be Mother Nature at work. Who would or could possibly create them? Oh shucks, my food markets in the southeast have been without many produce items for many weeks now. Guess we'll just have to grin and bear it. Clouds now contain "drug resistant" bacteria and "fungal pathogens?" Certainly no one would put them there. Must be some kind of fluke. Coughing a lot lately? Boy that air pollution is a nuisance. Memory loss and brain fog? Gee it socks to get old. 

    Conspiracy Theories are running rampant. There's one that says our government is not involved in purposely spraying us from above with endless poisions in order to control us. Another claims that the government will somehow save us from the horrors that plague us. I wouldn't count on the wolves guarding the sheep heard, would you?

    Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly likely that censorship along with our unwillingness to face the truths around us will become the final nail in our collective  coffin. Will we ever learn that history continues to repeat itself with increasing devastation.

    Thanks to Dane, those like him and all others that have the guts and decency to fight our seemingly insurmountable task of saving us from ourselves. God bless you all!

  22. Pedro Moreno says:

    Spain is being "drought" because EU directives has forced the destruction of more than 300 dam and reservoirs in a short period of time. Spanish hypocritical gov and official media they falsely proclaim non stop there is a "severe drought" that is to be blame for the disproportionate rise in the food prices, not only for olive oil that has doubled in less than a year, but also in fruits, vegetables, flour, and most of the basic food products, not to say all. To make things worse, geoengineering and climate control operations are constantly spraying chemical and nanoparticles all over the spanish and portuguese skyes in the Iberian Peninsula, in fact today we are non stop being sprayed for more the 80 days in a row since February and the gov neither the spanish media says a word about it, in spite of the daily show of tens of UAV flying once and again in swarms filling the entire and visible sky with chemical trails composed of venoms and nanoparticles.

  23. david says:

    We are here, again:

    "The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die." -Washington addressing Continental Army before the battle of Long Island

  24. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Friday, the mist noted in today's broadcast by Dane was here in Tennessee.  It was dirty mist.  Didn't get to test magnetics but I just wanted to stay out of the mist.

  25. Randyl J says:

    I doubt if 90% will ever know or understand what’s happened!

    Thank You Dane for this week’s excellent ‘teaching’ as to the fungal pathogens and more!

    A bossy apartment neighbor wants my front area rose bush removed! It has developed a fungus called ‘Sporothrix’. Another rose bush next door also has it.

    According to ‘Google’: “Sporotrichosis (also known as “rose gardener's disease”) is an infection caused by a fungus called Sporothrix. This fungus lives throughout the world in soil and on plant matter such as sphagnum moss, rose bushes, and hay. People get sporotrichosis by coming in contact with the fungal spores in the environment.”(Google failing to mention the Climate Engineering Source!)

    Considering this week’s Alert News, the obvious “Environmental Cause” is the ongoing Climate Engineering Warfare! In addition to the “Magnetic Rain”, (Thank You Joseph & Patrick), Toxic chemicals and engineered drought conditions, it’s a miracle the rose bush survived this past winter season! Now, the red blooms are tainted with patches of yellow-white and the intense heat is already wilting them. Yet, the Rose Bush keeps blooming! Nature tries soooo hard to compensate for human interference!

    People in general also seem to be getting sicker~ mentally and physically. They are turning to doctors, religion, and distractions – pushing away all else! Apocalyptic writers include every scenario except the Real One- Climate Warfare-Engineering! New Age Channelers are trying to convince everyone that Earth is going to shift into a new planet in another density or dimension and all the happy people will instantly be saved; in case the extraterrestrials fail to intervene! 

    All of the above, along with the denial by the scientific community as to the ongoing Geoengineering onslaught, will make up part of that 90%!

    Thank You Dane! Like my Rose Bush, you’ve not given up. You are the awesome Lantern in this Storm! 

  26. Gene Adaway says:

    Those who can see what's happening have perspective.  Those who cannot, have perception.

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    High Levels Of Toxic Metals Found In Widely Consumed Drinks: Study

    Authored by Katabella Roberts via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

    A new study has found that some commonly consumed beverages such as fruit juice and artificial soda contain levels of toxic metals including arsenic, cadmium, and lead that exceed federal drinking water standards.

    Researchers from Tulane University, Louisiana, measured 25 different toxic metals and trace elements in 60 soft beverages, including single fruit juice, mixed fruit juice, plant-based milk, artificial soda, and tea.

    The drinks were purchased in New Orleans and are commercially available in supermarkets across the United States.

    Researchers found that five of the 60 beverages tested contained levels of a toxic metal above federal drinking water standards.

    Two mixed juices had levels of arsenic above the 10 microgram/liter standard. Meanwhile, a cranberry juice, a mixed carrot and fruit juice, and an oat milk each had levels of cadmium exceeding the three parts per billion standard.

    What Are Arsenic and Cadmium?
    Arsenic is a naturally occurring tasteless, colorless, and odorless, chemical element that can be found in the environment, including in food and water, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The element persists in the environment and does not deteriorate.

    The  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adopted a 10 parts per billion (ppb), or 10 microgram/liter standard for arsenic in public drinking water in 2001, replacing the old standard of 50 microgram/liter.

    However, long-term exposure to high levels of arsenic can result in skin disorders, an increased risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and several types of cancer, according to the CDC.

    Cadmium, meanwhile, is another naturally occurring element used in products such as batteries, pigments, metal coatings, and plastics but also found in plant and animal foods, according to the CDC.

    When consumed in large amounts, cadmium can cause stomach issues and when inhaled at high levels, it can lead to lung damage or death. Cadmium is considered a cancer-causing agent.

    “Exposure to low levels of cadmium in air, food, water, and particularly in tobacco smoke over time may build up cadmium in the kidneys and cause kidney disease and fragile bones,” the CDC notes.

    Fruit Juices, Plant-Based Milks Contain Higher Levels
    In total, 7 of the 25 elements measured by researchers in their study exceeded drinking water standards in some of the drinks, including nickel, manganese, boron, cadmium, strontium, arsenic, and selenium, while lead was detected in more than 93 percent of the 60 samples, although the majority contained levels below one part per billion.

    The highest level (6.3 micrograms/kg) was found in a lime sports drink, though that is still below standards for drinking water set by the EPA and the World Health Organization.

    Overall, mixed fruit juices and plant-based milks, including oat and almond milk, contained higher levels of toxic metals than other drinks analyzed in the study, researchers said.

    Researchers did not identify the specific brands they studied but noted that they can be purchased at local supermarkets and retail stores.

    The findings of the study, titled, “Toxic metals and essential elements contents in commercially available fruit juices and other non-alcoholic beverages from the United States,” were published in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis.


  28. Mary Hollowell says:

    ""The confession that Jesus is Lord does not mean that we can sit back with a sigh of relief and tell ourselves that everything is all right now. The powers of evil around us and within us have not yet admitted defeat. The risen Lord is still finishing the work he began, and to call him Lord means to throw ourselves into the battle with him."

                                        – Shirley Guthrie, CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE, p.286

  29. Dave Dillon says:


    The hydrogel appears to be the secret sauce to deliver the pathogens in aerosol form.  

  30. Laura Cotter says:

    Dane, I was wondering if you have contacted any leaders of Extinction Rebellion in London.  Would be nice if they knew all that you know.  In April they apparently held a world event.

    • Randyl J says:

      Hi Laura ~ XR Definitely Needs Dane's Info! And Input! Thank You for referring this to Comment Section. I've definitely added to URL to my references.

  31. Lance says:

    Here in the Sacramento valley about 25 miles N of Sacramento yesterday thunderheads built up all over the valley. Started about 9am and continued until late afternoon. Some cells joined together in a line which moved to the NE. Torrential downpours could be seen falling from these cells to the S and W of my location. A large thunderstorm moved over northern Sacramento dropping heavy rain, hail, and a funnel cloud was spotted. Residents in the areas hit by this storm as it moved over the foothills were told to stay inside until it passed. As the storms subsided in the late afternoon the suns light shone through cloudless areas. It was quite hot! Felt like pins and needles poking my exposed skin. Around 6:30pm was watching the NW sky. Then the "haze" of micro/nano particluates moved in from the NW. The sunlight reflecting off all this "stuff" made it impossible to look at the sky without sunglasses on because it was so bright! The upper atmosphere became thick with this "stuff" and I could see "waves" flowing through it. The weather is not normal nor natural! Meanwhile, even if I pointed it out to people around me, people don't want to see or hear anything that upsets their profane way of life.  

  32. Stan Sylvester says:

    Queen Elizabeth died 9/19/22. Six months, six weeks and six days later, King Charles had his coronation. Apparently accountants aren't the only ones that love numbers.

    At around $100 million, common folk were allowed to view the pageantry that comes with the coronation of their king. Nothing about being king comes cheap. Charles travels with an entourage of 124 staff members.

    One wonders if the folks trying to get just a glimpse of  their king were aware  of  "Genetic Technology,[Precision Breeding] 2023." Their king recently signed off on this. This act allows for DNA editing of plants and animals. However, I don't think King Charles will be eating from this DNA edited menu. He owns an organic farm in Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

    Psalm 37:12

    "The wicked plot against the godly, they snarl at them in defiance." 

    It's all about control. They just can't help themselves, controlling the weather, controlling the food, while many hope that a new king or new president will be the end of their misery.

    • penny waters says:

      the best thing about dna editing is that the united nations stopped the pharmaceutical industry owning plants

      so don't eat from the supermarkets – grow old varieties – and eat the free food that nature gives us – we call them weeds – an old anglo saxon word for plant

      we ignore them at their and our peril

      at present am collecting hawthorn flowers for my heart – contain anthocyanins – good for circulation – said to literally restore the heart – is an old remedy for old people – hearts get hurt living as a human and being aware 

      also looking forward to the elderflowers – not yet open – good for lung infections 

      we have lost so much in our quest for destroying the earth and thinking we know better

      how can a man be king – what a sorry life it would be with so many crawlers around you -not a good life!

      love to all even poor ol' charlie – what an excuse for a life – who would want that?

  33. Brad Basil says:

    I took a photo of the most colorful sunlight reflecting off of aluminum nanoparticles today. One of those rare things that can be beautiful and ugly at the same time…. 

    (artists with brushes earlier in morning ///  later in afternoon, voila…Sunbow)

  34. Richard Canary says:

    Why haven't any of our governmental agencies destroyed those planes and the pilots and those who back this evil program?  Our govt is duty bound to do so, so I guess they are in on it, and that kind of points to the necessities, doesn't it?

    • Eileen says:

      Why are there pages and pages of Patents going back to 1891 for geoengineering and weaponization of our weather?  I can't believe how many people have no idea!  The spraying in our Valley this week was so bad, I struggled all week to breathe!  We so need a massive peaceful rebellion.  Why don't/won't more folks stand/speak/show/step UP??  We are ALLOWING this zombie apocalypse by our silence and inaction.  I'm in my mid 70s and could weep, every day, witnessing the travesty that humanity has brought upon our Great Mother…

      (the link to the pdf document for the patents I mention above can be found here: )


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