Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 7, 2022, #352


Dane Wigington

Are the weather makers altering their script as flaws in their narratives come to light? A newly released science study has completely overturned the stated foundational premise for climate engineering / solar radiation management operations. Long tern weather "forecasts" for numerous regions have just been completely altered. Is all of this connected? In the meantime climate chaos continues to crush crop production around the world, how long till food store shelves in the US begin to empty out? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Center, Sacramento, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

30 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 7, 2022, #352

  1. virginia says:

    Thank you, Malia, for your tender post.  Beautifully written to bring our attention to the delicacy of our forests, our beautiful land and how you heard their cry.  Living in a forest as I do, as well, one becomes very aware of the devastation being wrought upon the most beautiful gift given to us – trees.  I see it every day and I, like you, weep for what is happening – and what makes it worse is that is being done intentionally.   Let us hope and pray (in our own way) that  the trees we love will survive beyond us and retain their majesty for years to come.

    "I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree…"  J Kilmer

    Thank you for your thoughtful and heartwarming message.  Stay strong and be well.

  2. Mary says:

    370 square mile fire raging in the northern New Mexico mountains fanned by relentless 40-60 mph winds day after day and no rain in sight. The most heartbreaking part of this to me is the images of the the viejos, the very old ones, sitting on their cots in the local community center, all lined up in one big room, waiting for news of their lands and homes that have been in their care for generations. So many praying to God to bring rain and to calm the winds. If they only knew. It's really almost more than a heart can bear. 

  3. Dennie says:

    From ILFScience, ICYMI: Separated Identical Twins Raised In The US And Korea Have Massive IQ Difference

    Here's what we all suspected, now confirmed:

    A pair of identical twins who were raised in separate countries have displayed unexpectedly large disparities in cognitive abilities while exhibiting highly similar personality traits. A comparison of the monozygotic sibling’s characteristics sheds new light on the age-old nature/nurture debate.

    Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1974, the sisters became separated at the age of two when one twin got lost at a market. Despite her parents’ appearance on a television program about missing persons, the young girl could not be reunited with her family and ended up being adopted by a couple in the US.

    Growing up stateside, the adopted twin was unaware that she even had any siblings until she submitted her DNA to South Korea’s program for reuniting family members in 2018. Two years later, she received word that she not only had an identical twin, but an older brother and sister too.

    Having been reunited, the twins then completed a series of tests designed to assess their intelligence, personality profiles, mental health, and medical history. Somewhat surprisingly, results revealed that the IQ of the twin raised in the US was 16 points lower than that of the Korean-raised sibling.

    How 'bout them apples?

    [source article:]

  4. Jeff Baker says:

    Here in SE Wisconsin we had the heat on until last Monday(5-9-2022) morning – by 5pm the temps went up to 72F with 64F dew point. Today Wednesday at 10am we are 84F with a 74F dew point. Hotter than south Florida. No one here understands this is NOT Normal for early May in Wisconsin. My son in Wilson, NC is only 69F.. People still don't want to face Reality with this weather manipulation.

    • Jonathan says:

      Im 45 min from wilson

      EXTREMELY dry here

      I stopped by a local Beaver Pond today to leave an Apple for the Beavers to chew on. The pond is almost dried up

  5. Sandy Patrus says:

    Last night I dreamt that a large, beautiful monarch butterfly the size of a small bird was flying all around me and landed on my arm.  What could this mean?  Does anybody know?  My husband saw a large monarch butterfly flittering through my front yard last week!

    • Dennie says:

      Simple: It means that people somewhere are keeping an eye out for these beautiful creatures that migrate between the U.S. and Mexico twice a year, providing food and habitat, and one was in your back yard.  Lucky you!  I see 'em in my fron and back yard, and all over my neighborhood.  We have ppl here in Marin County, CA who are actively providing food and habitat for the monarchs.

    • Jonathan says:

      In Native American Indian medicine butterfly typically is symbolic of transformation.

  6. A friend says:

    Greetings All,

    I want to suggest we ramp up our outreach efforts, specifically to include military personnel/bases etc.

    The GeoWatch information materials (double-sided fliers and 20 page booklets) are available from the homepage, and I order from there. I encourage others to please do the same, order as often as you can.

    This morning, I contacted a local Air Force base, specifically their Public Relations Dept. I politely and respectfully asked if it would be possible for me to given permission to distribute some materials. They said "no" but advised me to email their office with information related to this website, so they can look into it further. The young man I spoke with heard the website name several times in the course of the conversation, so at the very least, he will know we exist. Here is part of the letter I emailed. 

    I encourage you all to do the same in your local areas.

    We must reach and get through to the military.


    "……I do volunteer work with an organization started by Dane Wigington, GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG.



    Our only goal is to raise awareness of the weather modification programs that have been carried out in our skies since the 1940s and which continue to this day.


    Though I am only a civilian, I would welcome any opportunity to personally deliver double-sided information fliers and 20 page color booklets on this subject, published by, to the servicemen and women of ___AFB, or, if preferable, to meet someone from the base at the front gate of the base and hand them off so they can share these informational materials to the men and women of the base. If these options are not possible, I will be happy to mail these informational materials as I have just described to any contact you wish on base.


    For more information on the subject of geoengineering, I will suggest looking at Dane Wigington’s documentary titled, “The Dimming,” whose link is given below.


    Thank you for you service to the country.







  7. Josh says:

    Type "Dimming movie" into google and you will be directed to and David Sington's sponsored media by Exxon and David Koch. This fascinating piece has a subsection, "The contrail effect: Are vapor trails from aircraft influencing the climate, and if so, in what way"?

    When did your movie come out and perhaps a name that doesn't immediately link to Exxon? Here in the richest town in Connecticut it has been eerily cirrus aviaticus and srm free for four days in a row. Just the first warm week or what gives?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Josh, thank you for standing with us in this all important battle. Google is doing their best to make it as difficult as possible to find anything from 

  8. Richard/Wisconsin says:

    Unbelievable hard rain today, Mon May 9, in late morning in northern Wisconsin, along with various size hail, from 1/8 inch to at least 1/2 inch in diameter.  Almost looked like snow covering the ground.   Rain lasted for almost half an hour with the hail, then stopped.  Sun came out for a few hours, then at about 6 p.m. more hard rain and wind, but no hail, for about another half hour or so.  And then stopped….abruptly.  Could have almost floated a kayak down the street in the gutters, it was flowing so strong.  Brief periods of thunder along with a few lightning bolts. Not normal weather for all of my years. 

  9. Robert says:

    Here in eastern Oregon we are experiencing a wet and cold spring thanks to the weather makers. We had snow falling on Mothers Day and it continues today with the thermometer at 36 degrees. Saturday I visited a nursery in Keating, Oregon to pick up some plants and had an interesting conversation with a couple of ranchers that live in the valley. One of those ranchers is the volunteer fire marshall and when I mentioned that the rain should help them with the fire season he said that it wouldn't as it will just provide more growth/fuel for wildfires this summer, so sad.

  10. Randyl J says:

    CNN on Google – Totally Ignores Climate Engineering

    Just as Dane has stated for Years, and most recently covered the Lake Shasta situation in his report: “California Drought, How to Party on the Titanic” (August 26, 2021) on GEW Website.

    Google has allowed CNN to share the Situation but not the Real Cause. Failure to ‘Reveal’ is no different than lying!

    “CNN) Against the backdrop of the water crisis in the Colorado River Basin, where the country's largest reservoirs are plunging at an alarming rate, California's two largest reservoirs — Shasta Lake and Lake Oroville — are facing a similar struggle.”

    Central North Carolina: Following several days of high heat and humidity-Mother’s Day weekend Engineered “Cool down”; Nah, felt more like February! All weekend, plus dark, gray sky, following a week of faux thunderstorm activity with little or no moisture, just loud ‘booms’ and lightening flashes! Everything is drying up! I camped last week. Must get more brochures. Gave several campers information. Thank You Jonathan who posts here. The heat was almost unbearable mid-week.

    Thank You Everyone here for continued information sharing.

    Thank You Dane forever for continuing to carry the Torch – You are a true Olympian for all of us and ‘Mother Earth’!!!

    Randyl J

  11. Malia Autio says:

    Portland area, Oregon. 

    Last wednesday was a WHITE OUT of activity. Since then, rain. Hail. In the sun breaks, look up, and the sun is in white out above the "cloud" layer. And this evening, rain falling own the window like slime. Very thick consistency.  Paint is peeling off multiple buildings around town? And everything seems to be growing a layer of black scum. Even moss on the trees is turning black. As the trees try to grow out leaves, some of the new growth on deciduous trees looks brown yellow instead of green. Many residential trees die off casualties of toxic rain and last years heat dome. My heart aches. The past 2 years I could feel some tide is turned in the health of our mother earth in her battle with her terminal anthropogenic cancer. Will start with a low of 36 C Tomorrow. Absolutely not recognizable pattern for this time of year, even if it were a "cool" year. 

    Heat domes… 2020 statewide firestorm… 

    I've been suffering from mold/biotoxin illness since 2007 but it picked up rapidly since 2016 and the past 2 years I feel my end is coming. 

    I try to seek solace in nature and have found myself wondering for the last 2-3 years… where is the "forest" smell? Why are the forests so quiet? Seems my being calls out on some level "where are you?" "are you still there?" "is anyone alive out there" to the spirits of the forest. But I feel nothing come back. Last summer the Columbia river which usually flows deep blue all year had green and white scum on it all along the Washington Oregon border. The forests around Spokane and Coeur D'Alene which used to be rich and vibrant and beautiful… the trees look very ill and landscape looks unhealthy. Ponds in Western Montana in the agricultural areas near Flathead lake… choked with scum. Stories that locals' dogs have died from algae. Visited the cabin my grandfather built that was such a place of regeneration and magic in my childhood and the thought of it chokes me up. Skies choked with particulate smoke. Insects silenced. Trees dry. An electric quiet… again, my soul cries out like Titanic "Is anyone alive out there? Can anyone here me?" The spirit, the soul of the world. Where is it? 

    Need help with what to do at this late stage, for the Earth's health, with my compromised ailing health (at premature 33 y.o.). Already many in my circle have an awareness of geoegineering… how bad it is, maybe they don't know. I will keep the dialogue open. Already I got a slap on the wrist from the social media for posting a photo of the white out activity in the area. Luckily, I have direct connections to my circle. 

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Malia, you express my feelings so succinctly.  I wish you and mother earth a Godspeed Enlightened Rebirth!

  12. Lynn Phillips says:

    Many thanks to Dane, and thanks to Mary Steigerwald in GAN #349 for the link to Toxic Mosquito Aerial Release System patent:

    The document is a frightful display of the mindset of the military industrial complex. It is basically an admission of the military's past use of "chemicals, viral, and bacteriological substances" on both civilian and enemy targets. The mosquito is merely a different means of delivery.

    On several occasions in North GA and Western NC I have noticed single, short trails in the sky, always over town areas rather than the mountains. These are not the familiar long trails associated with SRM or cloud seeding. They occur in an otherwise mostly clear sky (not that there's any such thing as a true clear sky anymore!) No doubt these short trails are dispersal of something.

    I once read about a whistleblower who claimed to have worked for a company that created chemical agents of various nature to be used on humans. One such agent was designed specifically to induce flu-like symptoms without actually making the victim sick. All the chemical agents were created with aerial dispersion in mind. This was supposedly in the 80's and 90's. Who knows what they've concocted to spray or infect us with now?

    Large scale programming and endless distractions coupled with the use of calmative or neuropharmacological agents on populations – it may well take a miracle from God to achieve the critical mass of awareness. 

    • Jonathan says:


      At the end of the day our Creator makes the final call. Ini the meantime, we can share GW materials from the homepage virtually everywhere we go… and it takes a little courage to get over the initial resistance and self consciousness to start sharing them with complete strangers, but once you do, it gets easier.

  13. Laura Cotter says:

    Hi Earth Angel…….about the ticks on horses…..we have sprayed our guy because a neighbor said she saw ticks on him, although we didn't see any….and I can't speak about what size they were.  But, the tiny tiny ones you mention, here in NJ, are called deer ticks.  Just wanted you to know that if we get a bite from one of those, they don't swell because their bite is felt immediately and we pull it off.  However, we start to swell at the bite location.  No matter what we use, anti itch or anything else for ticks, healing is very slow and includes days of weeping instead of drying like a scab.  They are the worst!  If I had to get bit I would prefer the normal tick…..big enough that you see its six legs.  Those swell up with blood quick if you don't realize it is on you.  And healing is quicker from that kind.  I agree, I wish there was info on all these different ticks and the areas where most are.  We have a vet visit coming up this month.  I will ask questions.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thanks for the information Laura. Although I've lived in the same location for the past 30 yrs. I have not encountered this type of tick until very recently. We have many deer & some black bear around the area. I have hiked the woods & pastures with my dogs & ridden them too over this time. I wonder what has changed that I am only just now seeing these type of ticks. Again, thanks for the response.

    • GeckoProof says:

      Bioweapon?  Quite possibly.  Look at this new book Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons

  14. Stan Sylvester says:

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Klaus Schwab's daughter, Nicole, is making a name for herself in the family business. She is the Founding Director of the forum of "Young Global Leaders" as well as Executive Committee member of the World Economic Forum. I can only imagine what the conversation is like at the dinner table with Dad.

    She recently stated that the Great Reset will usher in a "new humanity", dubbed as a "restoration generation." I don't think I want an explanation of what that is.

    She wants the government policies regarding Covid to be used to help fight climate change. Looks like you can get locked down in the future for something other than a pandemic.

    Like Dane, she says that the current paradigm is unsustainable. Unlike Dane, she makes no mention of the destruction of earth's life support systems going on over her head.

    Proverbs 29:2

    "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people mourn."

  15. Theo Radic says:

    I am a listener of the bad news broadcast for many years, grateful for your steadfast perseverance. I would like to share the following video in which public speaker Charles Eisenstein talked with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about “the things that get left out from that singular focus [CO2]” in the discussion about threats to the global ecosystem. Considering the urgency of the moment and the need for your message to reach the widest possible public, how helpful it would be if RFK Jr. had such an interview with Dane Wigington. Only a thought.

    It’s Time to Change the Climate Conversation, Author Tells RFK, Jr. • Children's Health Defense (

  16. Carol Jones says:

    It sounds like the new NASA report is complete vindication of what Dane has been saying all these years, that climate engineering is harming, not helping the warming planet. 

    The end of the broadcast paints a picture in headlines from around the world, a picture of drought, heat, wild fires, flooding, death, crop damage, forests dying and both of earth's poles having "insane high temperatures", thus releasing methane and raising sea levels.  It's an amazing broadcast.  


  17. Earth Angel says:

    It is interesting Dane mentions the use of ticks along with the recent patented GMO tampering with of mosquitos (compliments ala Bill Gates and his merry band of mad scientists). Only recently, in the past few years, I have been startled (and greatly disturbed) by finding  VERY TINY, almost minute ticks burrowing into sensitive areas on my horses. I say startled because in close to 50 years of horse ownership I have found that in our area of the country these pests RARELY attach themselves to equines and if one DID find the occasional tick it would be attached in a mane or tail as opposed to on the actual body of the horse. Also traditionally after attaching itself to the host animal the tick's body begins to swell as it feeds on the animal's blood. What I am now seeing is quite the opposite- almost as if the tick is INJECTING some toxin INTO the host- from what I have recently seen occurring in MY horses! These ticks remain very tiny while the areas where they attach themselves (often the tender areas up inside the hind legs, (with mares in the udder area) also high up on the neck near the head and/or throat area. The areas of the horse the tick has bitten become inflamed and quite SWOLLEN VERY QUICKLY but the tick remains VERY TINY. Sometimes it is difficult to see or grasp the pest for removal but easy to identify the affected area by the large swelling found there. After removal the areas affected by the bites remain swollen and hard for at least a few days, sometimes several. I immediately wash the bite areas with an iodine solution and paint them daily with a dmso cortisone solution I keep on hand from my equine vet- great for healing all sorts of wounds. Eventually the areas flatten & heal but can leave a hard pea size lump for quite a while at the site. I have saved several of these nasty pests in a small vial of alcohol over the last year or two. I would love to have them analyzed. Naturally I now keep the pasture grass cut short, apply repellant and check the horses daily because this can get serious very quickly. NEVER before have I seen anything like this occur from a tick bite on a horse. Oddly I have not found any on my 3 cats or 2 dogs who also roam the place. Dane, or anyone, if you know a lab qualified to look into analyzing these ticks please let me know. This is so bizarre, the area of the bite swells up instead of the tick. Could mad scientist nut jobs in a lab somewhere be weaponizing ticks for release? I wonder.. maybe we should ask Bill Gates if he knows anything about it?!

    • Gary Morrow says:

      That ghoul Gates is capable of just about anything  He hates all life. He hates God's Creation. What you say does not sound natural. If not it must be unnatural.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Earth Angel,

      Your post re ticks is of great interest to me as I had similar situation some years ago.  Had lots of ticks and had to check the grandkids and myself regularly.  Coincidentally, I acquired a small flock of beautiful peahens and peacocks (which in time grew to over 35). They were naturally allowed to roam freely (can't cage peacocks!!) over the 12 acres.  To my amazement, over the months and years,  I noticed there were  no more ticks or other harmful insects, including mosquitoes, on the property.  The peacocks were like vacuum cleaners even to doing away with rattle snakes.  Just putting that out as one solution to the darn tick problem.  Peacocks are also great watchdogs re strangers coming on the property, not to mention the great beauty of  these wonders of nature. 

      By the way, peacocks and hens can fly short distances….they flew to treetops each night to sleep and when threatened.   Another miracle of nature created for our enjoyment and needs. How mankind, in all its ignorance, can purposely poison our skies and environment endangering all that is holy and beautiful is beyond my understanding.

      I hope you will find a solution to your tick problem, Earth Angel.


    • GeckoProof says:

      I have seen quite a few around my home and on the dog.  After reading The new book about ticks and bio warefare, I'm suspecting something human caused / influenced is going on.


      it's called 'Bittten…'' something

  18. Jonathan says:

    I wanted to encourage people who are not already perhaps sharing materials to consider doing so. They are accessible through the homepage. I just want to give a few examples of what I did just today during the course of my regular routine to show how very easy it is to spread the word. Please forgive the repetitive use of the word I. I stopped by my local water Corporation and went through the drive-thru window and dropped a flyer off by putting it in the drop off box. So they will get it on Monday and then they can decide if they want to read it. I had to go to an auto parts store to buy a few things today. Before I left I handed out some materials to the employees. I was taking one of my dogs for a walk at a local park today and it is a part where they also have a frisbee golf set up. Many people were there today for the frisbee golf. Before my dog and I left I took some materials and walked around the parking lot and handed them out to people. I had to get gas today and when I was done I took the flyer and curled it up and stuck it in the handle of the pump for the next person who uses the gas pump. Also put some flyers in the post office lobby of our local post office. This is just to give people the idea of how easy it is to share information. It didn't take more than five minutes altogether to do all of that and it was spaced-out through the day. I stopped at the fire department the other day and handed out some materials there as well. Let me please encourage those of you who may not have been very active to consider becoming more active in helping to share materials.

    • I've noticed that my breathing is getting worse by the day and I have difficulty swallowing. Most times at night I'm constantly trying to clear my throat from a bizarre like combination of mucus and then super dry throat.

      The skies here in Moses Lake are aerosolized every single day. It's crazy. What looks like a beautiful sunny day quickly vanishes with the deluge of toxic spraying. I'm near a supposedly closed airport yet there is constant traffic coming into and going out of the Moses Lake airport. The planes are both military and commercial. And last week I believe I so the retrofitted nossels underneath the wings of a couple of these planes.

      My gut feeling tells me the controllers are using this airport as a stagging ground for their weather modification operations.

      Thank you Dane for being a warrior in the fight to expose the truth. Godspeed my warrior brother.

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