Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 28, 2023, #429


Dane Wigington

From engineered weather to engineered insects, we are now paying the price for interfering with nature. "CDC Warns Tropical Flesh-Eating Parasite Is Now Endemic In Texas", are genetically modified sand flies the source? From CNN news, "Hurricane Otis Devastates Acapulco". From FOX news, this headline, "Acapulco has been destroyed". Scientific American is telling us that the catastrophic category 5 hurricane that inflicted mass destruction to Acapulco, "came out of nowhere", but is that the truth? The so called climate science community apparently doesn't have any clue about how this could happen. What was predicted to be only a tropical storm suddenly became a devastating category 5 hurricane that delivered a direct hit on Acapulco. This self declared ignorance from the so called experts also applies to their ongoing denial of the shockingly obvious climate engineering operations taking place in our skies. For the record, the US military has been developing technology to manipulate hurricanes for over 76 years starting with Project Cirrus in 1947 and later Project Stormfury in 1962. Welcome to the world of weather and biological warfare. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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37 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 28, 2023, #429

  1. Diana says:

    Eden, I am so sad for you and your community, it breaks my heart. Thank you for your posts! Our friends in Austin said this is their 2nd summer where it was over 100° for 3 months. She vehemently said, "If we wanted to live in the desert, we would have moved to the desert!"  Praying a majority of you can, by the grace of God, find a new area to settle. This is beyond despicable, just like Lahina, Acapulco, etc., etc. I think we're all wondering who's next, and then who's next after that. It's just disgusting. My husband & I live off grid on 20 acres above a beautiful upper valley in So. Cal. I just asked him today, if they give us even half as much rain as you received, in one fell swoop, could our drain system handle it. Oh, and they've been spraying the snot out of us today. Continuous 80's in November at 2500', give me a break

    "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13  This verse is for you and all the wonderful people in your town.


  2. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Temperatures here are going to be in the Nineties all over again Monday through Wednesday of next week. Which if that happens, means that we will have reached 90 degrees or more, for at least one day of each month, over the last two years. It dropped to one degree below freezing last night and now a powerful high pressure dome of much warmer air is forming in the atmosphere. Bringing us highs in the eighties starting tomorrow. This isn't coming from Mexico or the super heated Gulf of Mexico either. It is just magically appearing out of nowhere as you can hear non-stop jet engines above us, and that extremely frustrating "Rolling Thunder" noise began at sunrise this morning. I count eighteen planes in the sky at this very moment. We are under attack yet again and if this campaign continues unabated, we will likely push the hundred degree threshold by Thanksgiving.

    Their policy of torture and torment to cause us anguish, while fulfilling their climate intervention agendas has this community reaching the boiling point. And not just in air temperature either, but in our demeanor and tolerance level as well. When is enough, enough?!

    We capitulate! Please leave us alone while we try to form a reasonable exodus plan. We can't believe that they have chosen to treat us with a "Take No Prisoners" attitude.

    Going back to spending over $1,000 on electric bills will just force us into escaping as quickly as possible, as we spend our very last dime trying to avoid heat stroke. We will become a modern day version of a Band of Gypsies, wandering the land in search of a safer sanctuary.

    In our opinion the controllers of the weather are nothing more than Climate Terrorists! Not the saviors of humanity or the planet, as they try to make everyone believe. Geoengineering is a brutal form of torture and a heinous crime against humanity. The entire world needs to fight back against this insane mentality of Imperialism, and Conquer all that does not bow down to their will and might. That well known term of a "Super Power" has basically been transformed into a "Regime from Hell".

  3. Robert says:

    Today as I was feeding my cat Curiosity, when I stumbled upon a statement by David Keith's Research Group-Harvard University that went on to explain the chemtrail conspiracy theory to me. Boy, was I relieved to learn  that what I see happening daily above me is really not what I'm seeing, all a big misunderstanding,  I guess Mr. Keith has received some disturbing e-mails lately and he wants to clear the air on the subject, pun intended Horseman.

    I'm heading back to sleep now, I feel so much better. I'm going to make up for all those sleepless night I've spent worrying about nothing, Whew!


  4. penny waters says:

    dear eden lost to insanity

    am devastated to hear of the stealing of your land and home

    has happened to me twice – although the first time we saved 10 houses in 2 blocks that kind of stuck out of the side of the development – homeless we were, but formed a co-op and with a lovely humane friendly officer from the greater london council (he had a nervous breakdown a little while after – most probably from the aggravation of his boss !! )

    we saved some (1980's) – but the hundreds of other houses were knocked down and a mixed 'modern' development of flats and idiot tiny houses with little garden room, from large decent victorian housing with gardens, and they gained one unit for all their destruction – one unit isn't even a one person flat!!!!!

     plenty of walkways where young antisocial boys/men could mug people – and no-one knew anyone, so isolation for many especially as people were bussed in from brixton to hackney to live in an area where they had no links

    hackney and islington was where my family came from and i 'squatted' (word for homeless people living in empty property usually the property of local councils ) across the road from my great aunty beat so i knew it personally and my family were long time londoners – and yes i know my place – to smile in acquiescence at the wealthy wicked and cock a snook at their back

    the greater london plan was knocked up in 1941 after london and other cities were knocked about by hitler and his cronies 

    the people of london – my family went through what palestine is going through now – hitler targeted the working people cos he thought that would be the way to win the war – just makes men more angry at the annihilation of their people and culture

    although what is happening in palestine is beyond any words that i have and hurts my heart to distraction

    london community life was finished because communities that had evolved  over hundreds of years were destroyed and the younger people moved out – families split up – we all need family and friends – extended, especially, cos there would always be someone who could help – with whatever

    but the london 'planners' – the individuals who had been to private school, and who still run this country, decided to carve up all major cities in britain and basically destroy all the working communities that kept cities working as one big family

    mum said, when i was young, that if someone told something at lands end (furthest place south) then in a couple of days the people at john o groats (furthest place north) would know too – that's how people joined in environment, history and warfare had links – especially when women worked at home – they could pass it on – that was when women ran the neighbourhood during the day

    working people aren't important – we have no power

    learnt our lesson long ago when there was the first recorded revolution and people walked to london from all over the country (wat tyler is a famous name associated) and the king met them

    king stephen then took the leaders to talk (?) to them and then hung them

    that's what they do – the people in charge – the private schools these people go to are decided by family history – some go into the military – some become doctors and so they come out running the system and controlling the rest of us – with their own family connections which we have no more

    do you know of the men's clubs in london – you can only join if someone puts you up for it!!!

    i remember having a conversation with a man dressed up in a strange suit (his club suit!) who said anyone could join a club – i looked him square in the eye and said that one had to be put up by another club member – his eyes said it all – he was uncomfortable with me knowing – they all think we are stupid and don't know, cos they think that if we know we would want to live and be like them hahahaha – no thanks!!

    how could 'I' know these things, being common – hahahaha – i have less to leave behind when i pass – and no illusions about life amongst humans

    vile, people are vile, thoughtless, murdering sons of bitches

    thank you to all the wide awake club who exhibit their joy and beauty at being alive 

    unfortunately most people don't have the kind of brain or the chance that makes them study their lives in relation to others and they conform to their bodies wants 

    jung wrote – "the saddest thing about family are the unlived lives of the parents

    don't know about you all but i struggle to see any logic in what is happening, anywhere!

    i cannot blame people for being ignorant, tis the way of people and therefore the way of nature – people are nature – nature are people

    and cannot see this going anywhere positive

    religion is ritual – nature is spiritual – tis the energy in everything – and elan musk is a nincompoop – such ego and wealth – grotesque – would be a better man if he helped this world to survive instead of running away into space (hahahaha – what a fool – where does he think he going to go?)

     watch and learn they say – am so tired of watching the end coming

    will it be long? 


  5. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Song Lyrics that ironically describe ways people are passively blinded to the reality around them. I call them Anti-Matrix Melodies.

    Strawberry Fields Forever- by the Beatles

    Living is easy with eyes closed

    Misunderstanding all you see

    Nowhere Man- by the Beatles

    He's as blind as he can be

    Just sees what he wants to see

    Doesn't have a point of view

    Knows not where he's going to

    Isn't he a bit like you and me?

    Shadows and Light- by Joni Mitchell

    Saying it's wrong, saying it's right

    Compelled by prescribed standards

    Or some ideals we fight

    For wrong, wrong and right

    Threatened by all things

    Blind- by Korn

    This place inside my mind

    A place I like to hide

    You don't know the chances

    What if I should die?

    A place inside my brain

    Another kind of pain

    You don't know the chances

    I'm so blind



    And then there is this song by Glen Campbell. About how we use kindness to try and wake people up and steer them in the right direction. The same kindness and helping hand that I lend to everyone in this community. Who are all now fully awake to the climate intervention elephant in the sky.

    If you see your brother standing by the road

    With a heavy load from the seeds he sowed

    And if you see your sister falling by the way

    Just stop and say, "You're going the wrong way"

    You've got to try a little kindness

    Yes, show a little kindness

    Just shine your light for everyone to see

    And if you try a little kindness

    Then you'll overlook the blindness

    Of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets

    Don't walk around the down and out

    Lend a helping hand instead of doubt

    And the kindness that you show every day

    Will help someone along their way

    Kindness trumps conflict any day, in a world filled with so much turmoil that millions are lost on the proverbial “road to nowhere”. If you have never really paid close attention to the song lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence”. Then you should truly listen with your heart and soul the next time. Try to play images from your memory of this chaotic world in your mind as you listen, and if you aren’t surprised to find yourself crying. Then play it softly and continuously in the background as you fall asleep.

    You will not be the same person in the morning. Enlightenment will have planted its seeds within you. If you still have a soul, ethics and morals that is.

  6. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    (nearly) Every single property owner was served imminent domain papers today by the Constable. And I was the very first one served (the professor was second). Are they sending both of us a message? I can’t tell you how many women and children were crying in church tonight. The men are holding strong but these turn of events feels like we lost someone we dearly love today. The overwhelming sense of being lost in the storm, is seriously challenging the human spirit in all of us. But we are determined to dig deep and fight through this somehow. Because we know that a court fight is useless as they (Raytheon and the Federal Government) have billions in funds on their side. But we are comforted in knowing that our cause is just and righteous, and God is on our side. (Guess who was the only person that wasn't served papers? Yep, my neighbor who reports current weather conditions for NOAA and Raytheon.) Rumor has it that his home will become a residence for the Blackwater Security Force Commander. That's what the constable told me in secrecy, as his home is also not going to be spared. But his ex-wife lives there, so he isn't as upset as we are.

    It all seems so surreal knowing that they intend to replace a generational established way of raising and growing food that feeds the people of this world. With a Cult of Conflict factory that will make the most destructive nuclear weapons in history. Destined to kill millions more people, above and beyond the millions of people that already starve to death every year. How is that not "pure insanity", in every sense of the term?

    We all agreed tonight that the reason why they chose this little valley, is likely because of our location in relation to Elon Musk's Texas rocket complex. Where he is slowly using eminent domain as well, to buy people's homes for pennies on the dollar and plans to build a new city called "Starbase". It will be a marriage made in Hell, I'm sure.

    • Virginia says:

      Eden:  This land theft is devastating news and we all feel your pain and for those who are served to vacate.  But, would you mind giving us a little more info?  How much land, where and more detail in what will be built there?  If you have given this info in a previous comment, I'm sorry that I missed it.   I pray that you and all of your neighbors will have the strength to bear leaving their homes.  Blessings.  Thank you. V

  7. Andy Shaw says:

    Chile recalls ambassador and accuses Israel of violating international law then has a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hours later. Hmm coincidence?

  8. Robert says:

    Especially heavy spraying going on over Baker City, Oregon as I type this morning. As per my daily routine, I step outside before sunrise,  look up and evaluate the sky. Today the morning sunrise looked fairly void of trails and then one by one they came, the zombies and their fleet of death.

    I've heard Dane say over and over again that without the active support of our military brothers and sisters the controllers could not do what they do, so I would like to add my voice, my plea to those complicit in the destruction of our planet. Whatever you have been told by your inferiors to justify these actions, is a lie. We are all going to go down with the ship,and for what, greed, profit, power?Whatever you have been promised, is a lie. There will be no place for you to run, no place for you to hide and your money (Blood Money) won't matter.

    So our time is short, and some serious thought needs to be taken by you and your cohorts. Are you alone in the universe or do you stand with humanity?  What to you think when you look up and see the filth that is raining down on all of creation, do you care, are you afraid? 

    Do the right thing, stop poisoning the planet now!

  9. Joseph says:

    This week, director Martin Scorsese releases his film Killers of the Flower Moon: the true story of the mass murder of Osage Native Americans and the plot to steal the tribe’s oil wealth.

    The film is a powerful telling of what came to be known as the Reign of Terror, a period that resulted in the deaths of as many as 200 Osage. But the story didn’t end there. For the past 27 years, I have been reporting on what happened afterwards. My documentary Long Knife – produced by George DiCaprio, with his son Leonardo’s encouragement – recounts, in the words of the Osage people, what happened in the century since the killings portrayed in the film, from the Terror to oil thievery to today’s fight for sovereignty.

    It’s said that behind every great fortune is a great crime. It was this Osage oil that created one of America’s greatest fortunes: the Koch family, whose wealth is calculated at over $120bn. The Kochs have used this wealth to build a fearsome ultra-rightwing force that can create and destroy political careers.

    Lisa Graves of True North, an authority on corporate lobbying, calculates that Koch interests have spent no less than $200m on campaigns to attack climate change science.

    Today, the Koch oil trucks are gone, but their poisons are left behind – and I’m not just talking about the economic legacy. Former Koch trucker Jack Crossen told me that Koch ordered its workers to cover up toxic sludge spilt into creeks and water supplies.

    Right now, Chief Standing Bear is at war with the system that engendered the Koch heist, the 1920s Reign of Terror and continuing cruelties. The US government still claims ultimate power over Osage money and lands, simply changing the murderous “guardianship” scheme to the “trusteeship” of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The chief explains: “This is our land, and we bought this land with our own money. But the federal government says: ‘The ownership title may belong to you, but the day-to-day control and operation belongs to the federal government.’ And who do they get to help manage? Koch oil!”


    Today, Koch’s trucks are gone, but Koch’s campaign to deny climate science and stop the government taking action on greenhouse gas emissions has undermined Osage demands for funds to seal up the thousands of methane-spewing, poisonous wells abandoned by corporate drillers. And Waller needs the sovereign rights granted to other Americans so the Osage can launch his long-term plan to “put it all underground” –

    that is, instead of drilling oil, drilling huge, clean geothermal reserves. That puts the Osage on the frontline in the war over climate and Koch-ocracy.


    The Osage want you to know their story doesn’t end with Killers of the Flower Moon – Greg Palast

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:


      Exploration contractors for the government and the DOD plan to drill gas fracking wells here after they bulldoze all of our existing structures. In order to power their nuclear weapons manufacturing plants, along with solar and wind turbines. I believe that Raytheon will make highly advanced space planes based on the Boeing X-37B capabilities and use them for creating a nuclear strike fleet. Stationed on new Space Force Command orbiting aircraft platforms. Koch Industries are named in this venture as well. So, I am guessing they will provide the gas drilling rigs and all supporting sub-structures. Including the pumping of dirty water underground to frack the rock, and making huge wastewater ponds that will pollute this valley beyond comprehension. It will probably be void of all wildlife in just three years. But of course, the world could be void of billions of humans by then too, and their new war factory may become a ghost facility… or vaporized by atomic bombs. We are in uncharted territory and anything is possible.

  10. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    As the heat on planet Earth spreads out of control, it appears to be acting like a trigger of sorts that festers a road rage mentality in the majority of humans it suffocates and consumes. Hatred, violence and conflict are spreading like a cancer that has metastasized to every corner of society.

    More and more reports are being posted about even docile species of wildlife, who are attacking humans for no logical reason. As though they can sense that we have become a threat to their very survival and blame us for the collapse of their own habitats. Becoming aware of our blatant waste of natural resources and altering the weather, to a point that it becomes hostile to their very existence.

    Many species are rapidly evolving to deal with the human rage spilling over into their world and it's become most evident with killer whales and sharks attacking boats at sea recently. Giant squids are now coming up from the depths and becoming aggressive towards humans as well. Is the heat causing the same aggression and road rage syndrome anomaly with these species? Or is nature finally fighting back against humanity's cancerous insanity?

    As their numbers dwindle from human anti-stewardship extinctions. Are they now experiencing the flee or fight instinct for survival? That very same instinct that the moral majority of humanity needs to embrace, in order to stop climate interventions from destroying Earth's entire web of life?

    The old saying, "Only time will tell" no longer applies to the rapid collapse of the environment and a looming Omnicidal final chapter. Time is not on our side anymore. Growing hatred, violence and conflicts have robbed us of the time we needed to evolve and adapt. Our aggression towards anything that doesn't agree with the matrix conformity, has blinded us to the one and only path that leads to our salvation.

    I have become just another cog in the machine of war, as the matrix intends to dispose of my way of life and replace my home with a means of making even more weapons of mass destruction. Me and every living thing that has become close to my heart has been deemed expendable. We are being discarded to make way for a new and deadly era of space warfare. 

    Which makes me wonder if the new space tourism industry wasn't actually created to bring weightless generals to their orbiting storm trooper fleets and armadas. Just like the majority of space shuttle missions that were classified military operations. Exploration of space is just a ruse for space conquest, and that is exactly how hate, violence and conflict will destroy the final frontier. As they rage on with pillaging and plundering what's left of Earth's resources in their wake.

    To be honest. I truly hope that we don't discover intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Because they would just become another target on the radar of the militarized industrial complex. And only valued as a world teaming with new riches and resources that are ripe for plundering, to satisfy the matrix' addiction to conquest and spreading their plague of infectious insanity.

    We see Earth as our celestial home and a sanctuary. But the matrix military "Cult of Conflict" views it as a world to be conquered and turned into an empire. Why would they treat any other world any differently?

  11. brent papon says:

    We are a nation of fat cowards.

    Tim Dillon

  12. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    BTW… I have studied Hopi prophecies for the last twenty-five years and when they said the skies will be criss-crossed with spider webs, as the end draws near. We here all know they meant climate engineering plane trails. But colleges and universities teach their graduates that it was in reference to telegraph lines and electricity utility power lines. They also refer to the end as simply a transition from the old world, to the new fifth world of a more fulfilling technology based lifestyle that ensures everyone will have enough food, water and resources that is gifted to us by nature.

    The Hopi know full well that it is a tactic used to pacify the masses till the bitter end. Because they see the very same issues that Dane points out every week, and they know that humanity's extinction is inevitable if we don't change our ways soon.

    As the Hopi now warn: "The fifth world will end soon. Because it was never allowed to follow the true path of Nature's destiny. Technology has stifled nature and Mother Earth suffers as a consequence. And life on Earth is nothing without nature. It is the blood and soul of all living things, including the trees, who's spirits are being drained by the resources we plunder. When all of the trees have died, humanity will cease to exist." Dane makes this very clear, virtually every single week.

    My Godfather was a Lakota Tribal Elder (half brother to my grandfather) and I still wear his Kachina necklace to this day. He taught me the value of his wisdom and it carries me through the darkest of times. The Badlands are my true spiritual home and I hope to journey back there, considering what is happening now with the government set to take our homes away in Texas, and turn this land into a factory for the never ending autonomous war machine.

    • WATCHER says:

      Hopi's are truly the gate watchers of our continent. They have passed down thru oral tradition and glyph much accurate information. Interestingly enough, they state as Eden Lost to Insanity relates. We are living on our fifth world. That means beneath us are 4 previous civilization periods. We often see the pyramid like structures from these previous  civilizations, in all continents. Most of these had mysterious endings, leaving few traces of their advanced cultures. Large Cities  have been excavated all over the world and yet more to be uncovered. The Megalithic era may yet be another that came to an ending.  the Mesozoic era is yet another which came to an abrupt ending. Who really knows what lies beneath in caverns. We only have to assume that something may have gone wrong to find their abrupt ending. Quite possibly Scientific or Occultic backdrops led these civilizations to advance then ultimately ruin. There is hypothesis that confirms the Hopi's history telling that where they live and have lived for centuries is the true cradle of civilization. The Bering Strait theory of in habitants from Asia came after. Who knows? What seems very clear is that this is not our first rodeo with advancements an given the nature of advancements  mankind goes too far right over the cliff, leaving more questions than answers.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Watcher, I respect your knowledge of the Hopi and yes they truly consider the Four Corners region (Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico) as the cradle of civilization. Going back through the previous four civilizations preceding them. Archeologists came up with the term Anasazi in 1927 as a means of classifying their ancestors. But the Hopi call them the Hisatsinom because Anasazi comes from the Navajo and they have battled each other for generations over land and reservation borders. Not to mention their similar history and heritage. Hopi means "Peaceful Ones" and Hisatsinom means "People of Long Ago". Both cultures live side by side in Flagstaff, AZ though and their elders organize joint ceremonies every year. Which I recommend that everyone who visits Arizona try to attend at least one ceremonial gathering. Much more spiritually uplifting than visiting the Grand Canyon. But of course, that landmark is also one of my favorite places to reconnect with nature.

      Both the Hopi and Navajo are fighting like us to stop climate engineering and save nature from the grips of such a destructive militarized society. Just look at their history and it is obvious to see that the U.S. military represents an evil empire that has subjugated them for generations. Just like they do to every nation on the planet by forcing their dependence on the U.S. dollar, while stealing their resources and storing nuclear weapons there at the protest of the peaceful populations.

      Speaking of nuclear weapons. Now the military claims to have a nuclear bomb that is twenty-four times as powerful as the Hiroshima blast that killed over 200,000 people. They are proud of the fact that it can now kill over one-million victims and destroy every single shelter below ground. When will this insanity EVER Stop?!

      Like the Hydrogen Bomb wasn't enough. They had to trump that with something that could blow up a small moon. The B-21 Raider stealth bomber is named as its carrier. But I believe it will be delivered by a fleet of new space planes that Raytheon plans to create, in a massive assembly plant right where my house sits now. And that thought alone keeps me awake at night.

  13. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Well, the rain has turned to drizzle and mist. So, no more flooding for now. But our troubles have only just begun.

    The county administrator (who I have known since childhood) called me today (on her only day off) and said she wanted to give me a heads-up. Eminent domain papers will be delivered to everyone in this community and the entire valley in three days time.

    Now, everything that the government and military has been doing to us makes perfect sense. She said that a government sponsored defense contractor will confiscate all property and structures in order to construct a military controlled complex that will make highly advanced and classified nuclear weaponry… for the U.S. Space Force Command!

    She said that our part of the county was chosen for its remote location away from heavily populated zones, and they will cordon off the entire valley with a secure perimeter that will be protected by several Air Force Police squadrons and private security guards provided by Blackwater.

    They plan to offer us one-third of the appraised value and if we refuse, they will evict us by Sheriff's department force if necessary. But the recent heat dome, drought and now flooding has basically devalued everyone's homes and properties by at least 50%.

    And the homes that were flooded over the last few days are virtually worthless, as they had already faced possible demolition.

    She says the documents she has access to, states that we will have no more than 180 days to vacate and accept their offers of compensation payment. Before they come through and demolish all homes, business, farms and ranches.

    So, clearly that is why they used targeted climate warfare tactics in order to destroy us personally, financially and morally. Also, why my neighbor lied about the rainfall totals in order to negate all government aid claims for the farmers and ranchers. If they had been approved, the government would have to pay them 100% of the appraised value in compensation, for losses due to the drought, heat and flood.

    I contacted everyone and set up a meeting in the church tomorrow. But, I am afraid it may turn violent after I give them the bad news. Most inherited these homes, farms and ranches and now they will lose them for pennies on the dollar. I inherited this land from my grandfather, who was a third generation rancher and now it ends with the fourth. I just spent most of my life savings remodeling my house and planned to get a new roof and new central AC system in the spring. But now my life has been turned upside down and I really don't know what I am going to do at this point.

    All of us planned to move away from this valley, just not on these terms. I asked my friend the county administrator if she could reveal to us, who the defense contractor is and she was threatened not to disclose that information. But I only need one guess and the name of this defense contractor was likely on the side of the plane we all saw here a little over two weeks ago, I'm sure.

    That explains the Army Corps of Engineers helicopters we saw the other day and why the neighbor who reports current weather conditions to the NWS and NOAA, planned to retire by January 1st. His job here is basically done and I venture to say he will get a huge bonus, for conspiring to drastically falsify the numbers that Raytheon purposely sent him here to do.

    I have deer and so may other animals and birds staying here right now, to escape the flood waters. Those are the ones I feel for the most. Because they face a perilous exodus when we are forced to vacate and they will no longer have this safe haven to rely on. There are so may predators in the hills surrounding this valley, and they will have to sneak past them somehow, in order to find a new home. God be with them and I wish them the best of luck.

    I hope that God is merciful to all of us in the coming months too. Because I know that everyone is going to feel so lost and helpless, after our meeting tomorrow. Maybe the upcoming estate sale will give us the funds we need to make our journeys less intimidating.

    Ranchers will have to sell their herds and the farmers will have to give up their lands that were made fertile with so much blood, sweat and tears. Over the toil of so many generations. This is the saddest day of my life and I worry about what the future holds for all of my friends, who have become like family to me over the years.

    We must stop climate intervention campaigns as soon as humanly possible, to keep others from experiencing our anguish and the same futility we face in the coming days, weeks and months.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Eden, I see a parallel you and your community now face- the same as the Native American Indians faced via evil governments and their crony contractors/ carpetbaggers. Lying, breaking treaties made with them, dulling their senses with cheap liquor and finally destroying their life sustaining buffalo herds.. thus destroying the only way of life they ever knew. Hearing this ill news I am infuriated for all of you, and also the wildlife inhabiting their natural home. The Space Force is a ridiculous concept- and I HAVE contacted my govt. representatives and stated this; for what little its worth. We MUST defund these evil military industrial contractors immediately for we face planetary annihilation if we fail to do this. I pray the dollar collapses before the rest of the livable world does. I will pray that the Lord will make a path for all of you where there appears to be none. Remember: That is His promise to us. Much love and courage to you and your community.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Thank you Earth Angel. No doubt that we feel like a community of natives being driven from our sacred land. Much like the Cherokee "Trail of Tears" in 1883. Our families have lived here for generations and it is like cutting an umbilical cord that keeps us alive. I would never compare our coming hardships to the massacres and cruelty that the Cherokee suffered at the hands of the soldiers. But we share the same disconnect from the land we were born on, and generations of hard labor that has made us "all one with the soil beneath our feet". The trees, crops and gardens we planted, and even some of the homes that we built ourselves from the ground up.

      Just to have everything destroyed by government bulldozers, in the name-sake of making weapons of war.

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Hurricane Otis unleashes massive flooding in Acapulco and triggers landslides : NPR

    ACAPULCO, Mexico — Hurricane Otis slammed Mexico's southern Pacific coast as a powerful and dangerous Category 5 hurricane Wednesday, unleashing massive flooding in the resort city of Acapulco, sending sheets of earth down steep mountainsides, and leaving large swaths of the state of Guerrero without power or cellphone service.

    While little is known about possible deaths or the full extent of the damage — the main highway into Acapulco was impassable — experts are calling Otis the strongest storm in history to make landfall along the Eastern Pacific Coast.

    Acapulco's Diamond Zone, an oceanfront area replete with hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions, appeared to be mostly underwater in television footage shared online Wednesday afternoon, with boulevards and bridges completely hidden by an enormous lake of brown water.

    Large buildings had their walls and roofs partially or completely ripped off. Dislodged solar panels, cars and debris littered the lobby of one severely damaged hotel. People wandered up to their waists in water in some areas, while on other less-flooded streets soldiers shoveled rubble and fallen palm fronds from the pavement.


    Acapulco is a city of nearly 1 million people at the foot of steep mountains. Luxury homes and slums alike cover the city's hillsides with views of the glistening Pacific. Once drawing Hollywood stars for its nightlife, sport fishing and cliff diving shows, Acapulco has in more recent years fallen victim to competing organized crime groups that have sunk the city into violence, driving many international tourists to the Caribbean waters of Cancun and the Riviera Maya or beaches farther down the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca.

    Between the internationally known resorts of Acapulco and Zihuatanejo are two dozen small towns and villages.

    On the outskirts of Acapulco on Wednesday, highway workers looked on helplessly without the heavy machinery needed to clear debris from the roadway. They warned the road could give way at any time because of the rain-softened ground beneath. Bridges in some areas had collapsed, and trees leaned almost horizontally across the highway, not because they were uprooted, but because the earth they grew on had slid down the slope.

  15. Stan Sylvester says:

    If nothing else, efforts by technology to save us is entertaining. Elanco is an "animal health company." It recently developed "Bovaer", a feed additive for dairy cows. The additive is supposed to reduce methane emissions from the cows by 30%. This is part of the fight to reach Agenda 2030 carbon emission goals.

    This milk is no longer futuristic. Norway already has "Klimamelk" on the shelves. It has been called "future milk" or "climate milk."

    Climate change activists must be excited at the estimated effect of "Bovaer." According to  research, if a million cows were using this feed, it was estimated that it would be as effective as planting 45 million trees. It would also be similar to getting 300,000 cars off of the road.

    Got milk? Got "future" milk? Got "climate" milk? 



  16. Gary Morrow says:

    Dane said that Scientific American is telling us that Hurricane Otis that destroyed Acapulco came out of nowhere. Then he asks the question Is that the truth? No, it is not the truth. Hurricane Otis came out of the sick and twisted minds of the psychopathic weather control freaks who think that they have the right to play God. As I write this, the official death toll is 39. How many people do you think a storm like that would really kill in a city of 800000 people? Before you answer, read this Saffir Simpson Extended Wind Scale Table that describes what can be expected from Category 5 winds.

    Catastrophic damage will occur. 

    People, livestock and pets are at a very high risk of injury or death even if indoors in mobile homes or framed homes. 

    Almost complete destruction of all mobile homes will occur. 

    A high percentage of framed homes will be destroyed with total roof failure and wall collapse. 

    A high percentage of industrial buildings and low rise apartment buildings will be destroyed. 

    Nearly all windows will be blown out of high rise buildings. 

    Nearly all signs canopies and fences will be destroyed. 

    Nearly all trees will be snapped or uprooted with power lines downed. 

    Fallen trees and power lines will isolate residential areas. 

    Power outages will last for weeks or possibly months. 

    Long time water shortages will increase human suffering. 

    Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months. 

  17. Earth Angel says:

    Last 3 days have been in the low 80's here in north Georgia. Unusually warm for this time of year in this location. In more normal weather patterns from my youth (forty or fifty years ago) this time of year might bring nighttime temps from the high 40's to low 50's and days in the high 50's to low-mid 60's if memory serves me correctly. Another day of 80's tomorrow and then we'll be served up some late December/January weather with scheduled lows in the mid to high 30's and wind chills in the 20's by next Wednesday, 3 days from now. Weather whiplash for sure just as Dane has been calling it for over a dozen years now that I've been following him. Man made weather interference sucks for every living thing.This is definately NOT Nature.

  18. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    From 6:00 pm last night to around 2:00 am this morning, we received 10.3 more inches of rain and we are heavily flooded yet again. Now it is raining even more and scheduled to continue through Tuesday Afternoon. Before it dips below freezing on Wednesday night.

    In just the last few days alone, our rain total has reached over Twenty Inches! And we aren't done yet. All pastures and farms are completely under water! Eight families are staying at the church and various other homes like mine. All of which are on high ground. But if we get slammed again with more severe flooding. Then we will have to evacuate this entire community. And airlift all of the livestock to safety as well. Because all roads are washed out for miles. Using john boats and bass boats to get around at present. Our electricity has gone out over fifty times since yesterday, and the fear is that it will go out for good soon. Just as the freezing temps arrive.   

  19. Eden Lost to Insanity says:


    Matrix media drug used to create a false sense of euphoria that makes all the problems in this world disappear. At least temporarily, and that is why it has become an addiction level of media ingestion by the masses. People are dosing themselves with this drug daily to stave off panic and anxiety, related to the existential threat of humanity's extinction. When they sense that their comfort zone level is wavering, they consume as much disinformation (Hopeium) as possible and become high all over again. While their world around them is slowly being devoured by the minions who worship the money printers. However, withdrawals are inevitable when all of society finally collapses, and they are left to their nonexistent survival skills. Commonly referred to as the "Mad Max Syndrome."

    Giddens' Paradox: (not to be confused with Gideon's Paradox)

    Lord Giddens describes what he calls 'Giddens's paradox': Which states that, since the dangers posed by global warming aren't tangible, immediate or visible in the course of day-to-day life, however awesome they appear, many will sit on their hands and do nothing of a concrete nature about them. (as also described by ingesting Hopeium)

    Gideon's Paradox is basically a very long and drawn-out philosophical equation (sixteen pages long) that compares the rational choices made by individuals to the choices made by mistake that could lead to very negative things happening. With either choice of course, but predominately with those made by mistake. Like choosing to believe that geoengineering is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. 

    This is meant to expand upon Dane's utilization of words, terms and phrases that most people can relate to, or connect with when comparing our current gloom and doom reality to the addictive nature of distracting matrix illusions.

    Dane mentioned Hopeium and Gideon's Paradox in last week's broadcast.


    • penny waters says:

      i like the theory that when one gets a job (in a big org.) and does well you get promoted…….until……you don't do well in new promotion but…….you don't get put back to a job that you did well but stay as an incompetent in a job you don't do well

      does it make you think about human society ..on a big scale

      run by the incompetents hahahaha…feels very real!!

    • virginia says:

      Penny:  I believe it is called the Peter Principal.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Virginia, that's exactly right. The Peter Principal is just what Penny Waters described. And she is right too, as it applies to all of this modern techno culture. But they simply don't strive to be promoted anymore. Because that would mean using naturally acquired knowledge and wisdom. They prefer to let AI think for them as it is a matrix planted instinct that they are programmed not to override. They have already been cybernetically infused with the matrix hard drive. Hacked to think in a one dimensional reality of quantum bites that melds them into the sub-frame of their computers, "dumb not smart" phones, video games and I-Pads.

      That's why nature has been exiled to a completely different realm from them, and also why it is so easy to blame everything on nature. They are all techno junkies lost in a living, breathing world they can't see or experience any more. A world that was so beautiful and miraculous before humans became technology addicts.

      As a child I spent nearly all of my time playing outside in nature. This new cyber generation of youths view you as an outcast, freak and a "loser", if you prefer to be exhilarated by the trees, a wildflower fragrance in the breeze, or spiritually connecting with the wildlife.

      The 1972 movie called "Silent Running" predicted everything I just mentioned so accurately. It couldn't possibly have been just a coincidence.

  20. Slow Boiled Frog says:

    Call me crazy but when I heard the WEF phrase, 'By the year 2030 you will be happy and own nothing'. Is that because we will all be dead? Time to wake up.

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Hi "SBF",

      The WEF is cunning, but possibly not very bright? Klaus Schwab's chum, one Yuval Noah Harari wants us all to be 'chipped' by 2030 as part of the 'Internet of Things' of which the 'thinking and wise' human species will be the prime 'Thing' – after suitable eugenic processes of  course (public domain)… But we now have before us the most dangerous 'hair trigger' since the Cuban missile crisis… With the amount of naval battle groups, aircraft and troop movements and other hideous 'instruments of terminal war best not mentioned, we will all be lucky if we get to eat our Christmas Turkeys/Chickens/Geese/Nut Roasts – or in the case of the UK and Europe, sit shivering nibbling some soggy crumbs of stale bread by the guttering candle light…

      What happened to the "Golden Sunlit Uplands' we were all promised in the 1960s whilst the maw of Viet Nam devoured so many lives?

      In the UK these past five years or more, we have not had a single normal Season – in fact the glorious old Seasons of yore have vanished like the snowy Christmases of Charles Dickens… But at the moment everyone seems fixated on some rugby match or other… Or watching the most hideous suffering as if it's some video game…

      Geoff Hanham




    • WATCHER says:

      Cooking Lobsters in cold water :  is the same effect.

      They die peacefully without struggle. Yet that is only the beginning if the meal. Because the meal we will eat will be ultimately Poisoned. In the end. our planet and its inhabitants will all succumb to illness even if we thwart malevolent efforts raining down at us. We cannot reverse any of the travesties done to our host planet and inhabitants. It will take much more time; than these malevolent practices have been implemented until it ceases, to reverse the effects that have taken place, Think about it !  If these diabolical practices of driven by Greed / Mindless Consumption of precious resources: Air, Water and Soil / Geoengineering programs / Pollution / and imminent Nuclear Warfare continue. All of these assaults, will only prolong the time of healing necessary to maintain  the life-health of our planet and all of it's inhabitants. We are running out of time as Canaries continue to die in the coal mine while we  the miners continue to mine with abandon.

  21. Canadoomed says:

    Thanks Dane. I showed the "Webs" that are many 2-3 feet long, big globs. To family. No spiders. (Ballooning spider excuse)

    They didn't care. They know how spiders travel on the wind.

    I watched "The Dimming" with them. They were convinced. But have gone back to a normalcy bias. They consider white/overcast skies with some sun. "Sunny."

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Forest Service to Allow Industry to Dump Dangerous Carbon Waste on Public Lands

    The U.S. Forest Service proposes “to allow exclusive or perpetual right of use or occupancy … of National Forest System (NFS) lands” for carbon waste injection and storage. Carbon waste, in addition to requiring pipelines and injection wells, can cause people and animals to suffocate or even die.

    … the agency plans to make a fundamental change to how it manages our public lands: allowing private parties to permanently dump industrial pollution in national forests.

    This I know: Once gases are piped underground, there are no do-overs. What’s done is done. And I wouldn’t want to be a Forest Service ranger working anywhere near these dangerous operations.

    … the federal government is offering companies massive tax subsidies to dispose of their carbon waste, even though research has shown this program is wrought with fraud.

    Some national forests will be targeted sooner based on their geology, but this rule change puts all of them at risk of future applicants’ desire to make quick profits and spoil public lands permanently.

    Impacts of this rule change could spread across our landscape: National forests are widely distributed throughout America, and highly valued for recreation, domestic water sources, crucial fish and wildlife habitat and outstanding scenery.

    • penny waters says:

      this is so dreadful but not surprising really – nowhere left to dump our waste – so vile we are

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    New ‘Plastic Heat Map’ Includes 3,500 Studies on How Plastics Harm Human Health

    Estimates say more than 10,500 chemicals are used in producing plastic. Minderoo Foundation researchers searched studies for 1,557 of these chemicals, including common chemical classes such as polymers, bisphenols, PFAS and flame retardants.

    Experts from the Minderoo Foundation published on Oct. 11 a large, open-access database, called the Plastic Heat Map, which includes the findings from more than 3,500 studies from 1961 to 2022 on how plastic chemicals impact human health.

    Thousands of chemicals found in plastics — such as polychlorinated biphenyls, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA) and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) — are linked to a wide range of health effects in human studies, from the immune system to the brain to the endocrine system. Thousands of studies have documented these links over the past decades.

    The data, chemistry and health researchers from the Australian philanthropic foundation Minderoo report roughly 1,205 studies found impacts to human endocrine, nutritional or metabolic systems, which represented the largest class of health impacts found in the studies.

    Environmental Health News has reported on the growing evidence that plastic is harming our health, including impacts on our gut health, fertility and weight gain. Check out our plastic pollution explainer for a primer on the crisis.

    Estimates say more than 10,500 chemicals are used in producing plastic. Minderoo researchers searched studies for 1,557 of these chemicals, including common chemical classes such as polymers, bisphenols, PFAS and flame retardants.

    The database allows users to “map” science papers by plastic chemicals, health outcomes and geography and drill down further by year of publication, population, age and other variables.

    Perhaps most important is what they didn’t find:
        •    More than 1,500 chemicals were examined and less than 30% have been investigated for health impacts.
        •    Few studies have looked at replacement chemicals — such as bisphenols that have replaced BPA in some products.
        •    There were no human exposure studies that examined the health impacts of micro- and nanoplastics.
        •    There were few studies in low-income countries or on elderly people. Most studies were in the U.S. (1,006) with the next closest country being China (354).
        •    More than 1,000 studies examined the impact of a mother’s plastic exposure on their children — and a handful looked at the mother and father’s exposure — but zero studies looked at the potential impacts of a father’s exposure alone.

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Toxic Flame Retardants Contaminating Wildlife On Every Continent

    A new analysis by Green Science Policy Institute found toxic flame retardants are contaminating over 100 wildlife species globally, including large marine mammals. The chemicals harm development in animals and humans but often don't improve fire safety.

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