Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 29, 2022, #377


Dane Wigington

The science community has stated "the time for geoengineering is now", while simultaneously denying that climate engineering has been ongoing for over 75 years with catastrophic results. Crop crushing drought / deluge scenarios are the hallmark of climate intervention operations, both are taking a terrible toll on food production all over the world. Is this just an unintended consequence of climate engineering? Or the actual objective? Given the century long involvement in weather warfare by the military industrial complex, the answer to the former question would seem clear. Will populations awaken to what is unfolding in time to turn the tide? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

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30 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 29, 2022, #377

  1. Lance says:

    Look at the Dust RGB image coming in from the NOAA satellite(s) right now!  It shows a tremendous amount of "dust" in the Troposphere in the "storm" coming in from the Pacific Ocean!  High upper level winds blowing it to the ESE.  Not a lot of rain with this, but the mountains in S. OR,  N. CA and W Colorado are going to get some ice nucleated snow!  Weather is not natural.  

  2. Lance says:

    Have to respond, again!  Have been reading up on the many developments in science, technology, engineering, and mathmatics specifically with regard to attempts to deal with the rise in the earth's overall temperature.  The efforts of those involved in STEM have focused on using these developments to attempt to halt the rising temperature.  These efforts involved releasing nanoparticulates into the atmosphere composed of elemental materials that are toxic to biological life in order to control the weather.  Now their efforts are focused on attempting to develop ways to "mitigate" the effects these toxic materials are having on biological life on this planet.  They are attempting to address the unforeseen consequences of their actions by developing ways to lessen the seriousness and severity of their grave mistakes.  Their efforts are failing and they know it!        

  3. Paul Davis says:

    Dane, Great work.  Climate can be described as the summation of temperature, wind and precipitation… Now, to that we need to add levels of radiation hitting the surface to complete the climate description… With the collapse of the global ozone layer, one must now add the levels of UV A, B & C radiation to one's climate description…. for that is affecting the biosphere greatly. 

  4. Randyl J says:

    Thank You Always Dane, for another potent reality dose and praise to all the truly intelligent and aware listeners who comment! SE Central Carolinas exactly the same drought pattern. Summer – Fall birdsong has disappeared. Years back there were migratory birds! Zero now! If anything larger than the local park birds flies over, I definitely take notice. I resonate with all of your comments in the many various responses to Dane's weekly march forward with the only source of awareness at the necessary level to keep us focused and moving beyond mainstream insanity, And as We All Know , WE are the Ones we've been waiting for! And Tiny bits of effort equal 👏🏻
    Randyl J

  5. brent papon says:

    "When people get fearful their mental capacity for critical thinking gets disabled."


  6. Ziggy says:

    No rain and the most unbearable heat on planet Earth. Because the humidity is beyond freaking INSANE. It hovers around 85% throughout the day and soars to over 95% each night!

    Right this very moment the NWS and NOAA both say it is around 75 degrees and 71% humidity. But everyone's weather station readings are as follows… 87 degrees and 94% humidity In November!

    So when the record heat comes next week (BTW- 87 is a record here and we still have several hours before it peaks), it will still be ungodly humid. Because the news weather guy said last night "Unfortunately we will have to deal with these unbearable humidity levels that are well above average, throughout the unforeseeable future.

    Which means that if they are officially forecasting daytime highs at 95 degrees (only here but not in the rest of the state "upper 80s for them"). I guarantee you it will get over 100 degrees here, and the humidity will still not drop below 80% in the daytime. Or even below 90% at night and the lows are forecast to be in the upper 70s to low 80s.

    It will feel like it is around 160 degrees in the daytime and in the mid 90s at night! So, where I live has officially reached the stage of perpetual Summer. But with the effect of deadly heat waves included.

    Thank you very much you climate engineering bastards! I would like to welcome everyone to the new norm, and it's called the Venus Syndrome. Soon to be in your neck of the (dead and dying) woods in the foreseeable near future.

  7. brent papon says:

    I came up with a good campaign slogan…

    "It's the ENVIRONMENT stupid."

    I doubt we'll here that one.



  8. Ziggy says:

    Exactly as I said would happen. The cooler temps have now been replaced with possible record high setting temperatures. And we were supposed to see two cold fronts come through the area, in the latter part of the 15 day outlook. Nope! Not now. More record setting high temps are on the near horizon.

    Every single year it is the same old hard luck story (Or at least for the last eight years running now). About 90% of the cold fronts that they say are on the way. Never make it this far south.

    I wonder if they are just simply outright lying from the get go? Or making changes to the forecast that are heavily influenced by the scheduled weather by Raytheon? You know. The cold fronts were definitely going to come through, as the jet stream starts its dip to the south. But the middle to upper East Coast Paradise takes center stage and that means even more heavily supported climate engineering, is mandated to keep that jet stream in place.

    God forbid, should their paradise start to heat up and not get as much rain any more. They might just lose their grip on the control they have over the majority of the population of this country. And rumors could start to run rampant in their artificially created Utopia,,, like- "just maybe those chemtrail, climate intervention, SRM, SAI and geoengineering conspiracies, have some credence to them after all."

    Just as so many others have vented here too Dane. I am so sick of this CRAP! I am really getting tired of spending Thanksgiving and Christmas in heat pushing 100 degrees! There are two 95 degree days in our forecast right now! They were originally in the 50s and 60s. That's not Climate Change. That is man made purposeful Climate Armageddon! 

  9. Annabel says:

    Another great program, thanks Dane. Also thanks to Larry Demarco who so beautifully expressed that miracles can occur for those of faith. Here in Victoria, Australia, it is still raining, still flooding, though a week of dry sunny weather has been forecast before the next rain. I have more plants to go in the ground and each one hears the same message from me: "Grow and flourish for the Creator". Each plant gets embraced by my thoughts of love and light and whenever l go past, l give a physical touch and a thought of appreciation. Plants feel your support and love and this raises Mother Earth's vibration. 

    • Steve Thomson says:

      God bless you Annabel! Beautifully organic to love and pray for your garden. May you and your plants continue onward, growing in love and wisdom and Divine protection, all the way to the Heavenly gardens.

  10. Mike says:

    Great show! Thank you for your dedication.

    • Clare says:

      Can't find another place to comment, apologies. I'm sitting in Namibia. Anyone know where that is? For the first time in my life we're seeing chemtrails and zigzag skies. I don't see or hear aircraft? Very weird and rather scary. Why here?

    • Robin says:

      Clare, You'll hear on these broadcasts the global scale of climate engineering/aka weather warfare.  Some nations lead (USA #1) others forced to follow.  Some places have become focal points/regions of this ever increasing technology.   As Dane explains-  those who print the money, along with their minions, are addicted to power and control (psychopaths).  Their malignant behavior that poisons & spreads to others is like that of a cancer killing its host (in this case mother earth).

      When I see how this modern tool- the internet- can connect those willing to 'look up' from every location on earth, including Namibia, I'm encouraged!  In this darkest hour, your courage now and forward fortifies 'great resistance' to the countless members of our species (self included) who as Dane says 'need to keep looking in the mirror & to see events as they happen with a clear lens, however disturbing & take action.  I saw my 1st jet trail decades ago living in USA.  I let it pass, grateful to be awakened by this website team- decades later.  Never too late!

      You'll see YouTube access next to settings icon as you click on these broadcasts.  You can also comment there. 

  11. Larry DeMarco says:

    NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.                                                                      But We're Still The Lucky Ones

    We are endowed by our Creator with an intellect and a will. From these gifts stem the ability to reason. Those of us who support this important movement and are able to rise above the darkness of misinformation and see the light are very fortunate indeed!

    Some believe that God will somehow get us out of this mess. I believe that the Lord helps those who help themselves and expects us to work to save His wonderful creation. If we do this, I too, as does Dane, believe in miracles. God might just give us a hand by tossing us one. Thanks Dane for your unyielding efforts in leading us in this struggle as the Lucky ones!

    • Lance says:

      You leave out one very important detail, the "Fall of Man" as detailed in the First Book of Moses.  Man's will was corrupted by the "serpent", a symbolic term used to describe the carnal spirit that dominates the "human way of thinking".

    • Jonathan says:

      I agree Larry— created in the Creator's image and likeness, with reasoning and intelligence, if we do our best and work very hard, then, from one point of view, there then will logically be something for the Creator to "bless." It is not so much a matter of passively waiting for outside help. We are here in this classroom called Life to grow, to learn, and to love. Part of that process involves our going through the various trials of living in this apparently fallen world… so we are indeed the ones we would love to have come by to help us out. Our own hard work is in large measure the answer to so many of our prayers, I would suggest. It would perhaps be foolish to sit back and think that anyone will do the work- the task, that has been appointed to us, those of us living here and now, in this particular time in Earth's history. We are, as Dane constantly reminds us, here for a reason.

      Prayer is good and important, but there must be something for the Creator to "bless." Without our own hard work, there is nothing with which the Creator could work. 

      The t-shirts, cards, fliers, and so forth are very helpful, so I encourage folks to leave them for others to see, and to send links of information. 

      My efforts to get information to members of the Meteorology community and Military have been largely unsuccessful, so far as I know. So, no matter; I will keep sharing as I am able in every way that becomes available to me.

      Each person will have a unique sphere of influence. Each of us must bloom, i.e. inform others and share information, where we are planted.

      Be encouraged…

      I have had many experiences in Life that I could not explain apart from the context of a divine, supernatural component… like the rattlesnakes and other potentially dangerous animals Dane has never been bitten by through the years. Something else is occurring. 

      For instance, have you ever been driving and somehow momentarily lost your focus of attention, only to be suddenly jolted awake in a split second, before you swerved out of your lane? What is that Force, that Presence, that jolted you back into focus? If we think about it, I am sure we have all experienced that Presence in various circumstances. Dane often alludes to this.

      There is indeed another dimension to Life's experiences, and it is far deeper than may be apparent upon a casual glance. 


    • Paul Davis says:

      Larry,.".Lord helps those who help themselves and expects us to work to save His wonderful creation. "…..   yes.  God has sent each of us to this world to fix the problems.  The problems of the Earth are not for God to fix, they are for each of us to fix….. that is why you have been sent here. We have free will and an intellect…   thus some choose to cause these problems and the others must fix them.    God will not step in and fix our situation.  If we fail and perish, that is our problem, not God's problem.    Dane you are a great blessing (protection=blessing) thanks for presenting this website and your work!–   without this information it would be a challenge to take on this situation…

    • robin says:

      When I awaken, I read this comment section.   Yes Jonathan, I've been jolted in too safety more times than I'm willing to admit while driving a semi.  Thanks for your ongoing encouragement.  Lance, excellent reminder of discipline needed, keeping yours up helps me keep my discipline up.  Larry, as for miracles, your 'Lucky Ones' share prompted me to search the Hopi statement often quoted by Dane- "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

      I'll paraphrase from my reading of Hopi wisdom.  'The river runs fast now.  It's time to let go of struggling from the shoreline' (let go of your fear, the higher power of the river will sweep you and others to its intended destination).  Time for breakfast & fulfillment! 

  12. Malia says:

    The rain and air here in Oregon is absolutely filthy it seems everyone is behaving absolutely bonkers as soon as it started. I have my issues every Fall with this "season" change but my goodness. With my sensitivity everything smells like mold and chemicals. Seems the bad air magnifies everybody's existing behavior or personality problem if they have one. My daughter who usually isn't ADD is acting ADD and having personality changes. I hope a good wind comes to knock this bad air through the problem is they keep making it.

    • brent papon says:


      I am totally experiencing the same here in NE Ohio.

      It's getting to where I don't want to go outside or talk to anyone.

      Peace and love,


  13. Earth Angel says:

    Our largest pond has gone completely dry this year. Roughly 10- 12 ft. of water in deepest area. Not a huge pond; but nothing but a mud hole left now. Last year it remained at full pool all year round we had so much rain. This year they have been spinning the moisture all around us with little to nothing falling here. Our water table must be very low indeed. We tried desperately to pump water back in from the lower pools & creek and even pumped a little each day from the well but to no avail. We rescued as many fish as we could and released them to a lower lying pool which is down but still containing enough water for fish to survive for now. Our catfish have all disappeared and still many small bream died despite our efforts. On the plus side the blue herons and other water birds enjoyed a feast of easy pickings until all was gone. Maybe some racoons & possums too. I pray we get some measurable rain to fill the water table back up even though it will likely be toxic. We are at a loss as to what to do now. It was such a happy little ecosystem. I hope it comes back. We are definately dry here in the southeast now. It will take a couple weeks of steady rain at least to replenish. What I fear is the deluge next that comes with the climate tampering by the deranged fools who are doing this. Then watch- true to form we'll be washed away.

  14. Verity Love says:

    Hi Dane, I've been following your reports for years. Do you have any additional information about the coming storm on Belize, which has most people I know here scared. I'm informing as many as I can about weather manipulation including your website.

    I don't follow politics, so Mexico and Belize is being targeted for either money and/or oil.

    Please respond if you have any additional information. I'm sending the so-called storm lots of love and visualizing it dissipate back out in the sea.

    Much love to you, 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Verit Love, tropical storm Lisa is still scheduled to intensify before a likely impact on Belize. The climate engineers can make or break the storm anytime they want, and in any way they want. We will soon enough see what they have planned. I will hope that that you and all others in the potential impact zone will be able to ride out the storm in safety.

  15. will says:

    There isn't a country on earth that those responsible for the destruction of the planet can run to for their own protection from prosecution.  Non-extradition treaties will not save them. Nature does not give a damn about any country and it's laws. It cares only about the respect and trust it receives from those therein. If you are one of those who partakes in the willful destruction of the planet, or deliberately provides cover for those that do, your own destruction will follow in short order. Nature will see to it.  

  16. Ziggy says:

    You mention that over 90% of the US is in drought conditions Dane, and I too have posted links to drought maps here that clearly show the very same 90 percentile.

    Yet NOAA claims that only 65% is seeing "mostly abnormal to moderate dry conditions". Even though their very own maps definitely contradict the official narrative. And EVERYONE still believes them as the party rages on!

    The weather here is so bizarre that it feels more like a Nightmare. Because, even though we have a NW wind (which ALWAYS brings drier air from the central and western states), it is getting up to over 90% humidity levels through the night. (days are still 58 to 79% as well) Plus, the long range forecast says it will get much cooler "and with drier air" next week… With winds coming from the SOUTH!

    I'm sorry but I live in the deep SE and southerly winds always warms us up along with much higher humidity levels. The word INSANE is clearly not appropriate any more, when talking about the climate engineers.

    I see these cooler south wind scenarios all the time in the forecast. But only a few days later, it changes completely from not cooler but HOTTER… with those same southerly winds. NOAA's latest winter outlook calls for temps to be much higher than normal, over about 75% of the country. Yet, the majority of the middle to upper east coast states, shows that it will be Much cooler than normal. Go figure. Wetter than normal too. No surprise there. Business as usual.

    However it indicates that California will be cooler than normal with average precipitation on tap for the winter months. Right, and I have a Hundred Billion dollars in the bank too!

    Is there a term for something higher than a Pathological Liar? Because if there isn't. Then we need to invent one for both NOAA and the NWS.

    • Rain Waters says:

      the term is psychopath. society is becoming more of a macrosocial psychopatological phenomena .

    • Ziggy says:

      Hi Rain Water, (wish I had some right now)

      I like your analogy of a macro-social psycho-pathological (liars) phenomena. And I bet that if you said that to their faces. They would actually take it as a compliment. Because in their playbook, they probably imagine it to be another form of power and control that they have over us. Causing us to fear them and not want to piss them off any more than we do already in this comment section.

      After all, that puts them in the very same league as serial killers. And that's exactly the nature of their crimes against humanity and all of NATURE as it is. They deserve more than just life in prison. They should be exiled to a very hot planet in the Alpha Centauri star system. Knowing full well that they would die before reaching their destination. But that's fine with me too. Because spending the rest of their lives in deep space, eating nothing more than freeze dried (GMO) bread and beans. And never having power or control over anything or anyone again. Would allow us to finally do whatever we can to save this planet. (As long as we send the power hungry elites with them and let their macro-social psycho-pathological traits… render an eternity of hell for them during their journey to oblivion.) 

  17. brent papon says:

    I swear the trees were defoliated in two days without a frost.


    Said something to my neighbor.

    Her response was 'It's fall, leaves fall off the trees.'

    Reminds me of a few years back when I told a family member that the oceans were super heating. And I quote…

    'Brent , you don't live in the ocean.'

    In both cases, these are intelligent educated people.

    Another white out today. NE Ohio.

    The local weather service has gone from mostly cloudy partly sunny to HAZE.

    It's closer to the truth, but I swear they've been doing it for weeks.


    My mental and physical health continue to unravel with the entire web of life.

    Love and respect,



    • Robert says:

      It happened here too in eastern Oregon. One week it's in the 70's and then a sudden shift to cold with the mountains covered in a light dusting of snow. Within a day or two of unusual cloud/fog formation the leaves started to turn color. And yet just another poison that we end up absorbing. Utter madness.

    • penny waters says:

      don't think that there is much wrong with your mental health mate – you are just too aware for the nasty numpties

      do not forget that intelligence does not always coincide with awareness

      my biggest awareness/struggle is that the people in charge are always the last to know so how to appeal to the 'blind'?

      nature is chaotic patterns, but humans don't even notice that, and just think that we can run it from indoors on a piece of technology

      save us from ourselves? seems like no chance!

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