Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 8, 2022, #374


Dane Wigington

While most are focused on the Hurricane Ian devastation in Florida, a silent insidious cataclysm is taking place in western North America: catastrophic drought. The climate engineers continue to cut off the flow of precipitation from the western US and parts of British Columbia. Meteorologists have named it the "ridiculously resilient ridge", the engineered high pressure heat dome that is turning parts of western North America into a wasteland, including agricultural regions. The same scenario is occurring in European, Asian and African agricultural zones. While so many in the world are struggling to find food, global power structures are making preparations for nuclear war. Populations are beginning to awaken to what has been done to them without their knowledge or consent, do global controllers see nuclear holocaust as their last option? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This is what the meteorologists call "partly cloudy”. Does this look normal to you?​
Waalwijk, Netherlands, August 8th, 2022. Photo credit: M. v. Bladel
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19 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 8, 2022, #374

  1. Lance says:

    Just rechecked the Ventusky GFS forecast "model" and its been changed from what I viewed just a few minutes ago!  Now its showing a low pressure system forming off the coast of CA on the 17th that moves east causing thunderstorms and heavy rains in many locations.  This was NOT being shown on the forecast!  What is going on? 

    • Lance says:

      Checked the GFS "model" just a few minutes ago and its completely different fro what I saw yesterday at around this time!  Its showing no storms coming into the west coast like it was showing yesterday!  NO RAIN is forecast except for in southern CA and Arizona.  A very slight chance of rain in far northern CA and some for OR/WA on the 24th.  No significant storm systems to come into the NW coast until Oct. 29th.  Very strange how their forecast changed so much.  

    • Ziggy says:

      Lance, that's exactly what happens here all the time. Changes from day to day and even minute to minute. We had a 100% chance of rain two days ago (with flash flood warnings) and lows in the 30's. Yesterday it said only 28% and lows in the 50's. Today it says 78% and lows approaching the freezing point. But what we ALWAYS end up with, is only a very light mist and low temps nowhere near what the forecast says. The only thing that you can bet your life on, is that it will be a much warmer than normal winter, and virtually no rain will come. No matter how much you pray for it.

  2. karen says:

    Dane, I watched your interview with Deanna on her site and what you said to her about these pilots who are told by the powers at being..,"you are doing this for the "greater good"… I couldn't help but think on Isaiah 14:14.  But ….14:15.  There is NO greater than our Lord Jesus Christ Who by the Holy Ghost is now showing us the plan from the First to the Last.

    You have been a great warrior for exposing this crime against mankind.  Your reward awaits you.  May God continue to bless your voice in opening the ears to the ones who are called. 

    I have been following you for years!

  3. Lance says:

    The weather forecast GFS "models" for the western US all the way to the 29th of October are showing heavy rains to start moving in to northern CA  Oct. 23rd.  Precipitation maps are showing upwards of 5 inches of precipitation to fall from that date until the 29th.  Major storm system to continue to move into the west coast after the 29th.  No snow is being shown falling in the mountains with this system except for the elevations above 8,000 feet.  Too warm everywhere else.  Will have to check the "models" in the near future to see if this is going to continue after the 29th, but it looks as though it will.  The precipitation that does fall will contain toxic substances which is the "norm" these days.

    • Lance says:

      Checked the GFS "model" again this morning on Ventusky and its NOT showing what the GFS "model" showed last night at around 6:30pm on the website.  ????  Ventusky "model" shows a high pressure system blocking any weather systems forming out on the Pacific Ocean off the US west coast from coming in.  ????  Am waiting to see what the new "model run" shows on the tidbits website.  Perhaps "its" only showing me what "it" thinks I want to see???? 

  4. brent papon says:

    And for the record.

    No pun intended.

    Marx was a critique of capitalism.

    It's not socialism or communism.

    It was a fair and honest critique.

    It is why we have no future as a race.

    Plain and simple.



  5. brent papon says:

    "Central bankers are Marxist."

    Robert Kiyosaki

    WTF ???

    This guy dropped bombs on the poor of Vietnam

    Total piece of shit

  6. Lance says:

    Have been searching for info on the situation in Ukraine on Twitter.  Most of the posts are fomenting the warfighting (conflict as they term it) going on there.  A few are claiming that the Ukrainian Army was basically destroyed during the summer by the Russian forces, so now there are Western (NATO) forces directly involved in fighting against Russian forces.  They are also claiming that because of this a "Pandora's Box" of destroying key infrastructures has been opened.  They claim this will increase "security threats" that the whole world will now face.  On that note, a major German rail service was shutdown due to cables being cut today!  Its claimed by German authorities this was sabotage!  On another note, infrastructure security has been ramped up according to recent reports in all the nations involved, especially around major military facilities.  This brings to mind an event that occurred when we were staying at an RV campground near Rio Linda on the Sacramento River some weeks back.  We went into Elk Grove to meet some friends for dinner.  We left their house at around 7AM.  We drove on a road leading to a bridge that goes over the river that goes into Rio Linda from the east.  Traffic was stopped for about 3 miles on the road leading to the bridge.  We sat there for 1 1/2 hours until it was announced on a local radio station that the center span of the bridge was stuck in the up position!  There were hundreds of semi-trucks unable to move on that road!  It was then that I decided to take an alternate route which went around the SF Bay area north of SF.  We drove for over an hour and finally got on the same road heading east leading into Rio Linda that intersects with the same bridge stuck in the up position.  This road goes right by the military airbase near Fairfield!  There were numerous military aircraft taking off and landing for some reason.  Arrived back at the RV site at about 10:45pm.  The "problem" with the bridge was resolved at around 12:30 am.  Unknown if the "problem" with the center span of the bridge being stuck in the up position was part of an exercise, or the electrical system that controls the bridge had a "problem".  We'll likely never know, but I do know that based on what info is being presented there are going to be more of these types of events involving infrastructure everywhere.  Couple this with everything else going on and its all bad.        

  7. Willowbagz says:

    Post Ian status:

    i live in SW Florida just north of I4 and my bird census is down again.  First moved here 6 years ago, birds around my house 14. Years later and Before Ian 6

    post Ian catastrophic 2.   What is terrible is : No bugs.  No butterflies. Singletons herons, cranes etc.  12 blackbirds/ ravens.  Single ring tailed hawk. Owl gone for months now. 

    how can I help these birds etc. There are dozens of birds on every street in my hometown Chicago, teeming with life, ants etc

    and Very Little here in paradise 

  8. Ziggy says:

    Look at these US Drought monitor maps, from close to the same time period of each year. 2018

    U.S. Drought Monitor Update for September 25, 2018 | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) (

    2021…   01920_DroughtMonitorUS08122021.jpg (844×559) (

    and the current map now in 2022…

    20221004_usdm.png (3300×2550) (

    Can anyone else see the same alarming pattern that I have noticed?

    It appears as though drought conditions are rapidly approaching the east coast, and unfortunately that tells me that our time on Earth is growing shorter by the day. Or even by the minute and second. 

    My guess is that they have sprayed so much desiccant aerosol particulates into the atmosphere, and used so many microwave transmissions in order to drought out all of us, and divert what rain is left to the east coast. That they have now triggered a tipping point in the atmosphere and it is getting harder and harder, to squeeze any  moisture and rain out of the sky. Even for their Geoengineered Utopia along the east coast.

    I believe that they are now relying on manipulating hurricanes and atmospheric rivers, to bring them their rain. But the storm energy coming off of the African continent is now becoming non existent, and the atmospheric rivers are dropping their loads way short of their planned destinations.

    They were able to get Ian steered in the right direction and bring them rain. But all of the chemically engineered snowfalls in winter (and the desperation of Spring and Fall chemical ice nucleation events) are not made from true water vapor moisture, and don't give them any water from the sky either. (Because the snow and ice doesn't melt like water would. It evaporates as a chemical)

    So, basically it looks like they have turned our planet into a dried out sponge (from the upper troposphere down) with their geoengineering overkill, and instead of a wetter planet as we heat up (like the physics tells us should happen), They have managed to duplicate the tropospheric void of rain producing water vapor on Mars. With the rapid heating from higher altitude greenhouse gas and water vapors on Venus. And what's left of the rain producing moisture in the troposphere here, is now bursting to the ground in uncontrollable atmospheric rivers. Causing the 1,000 year floods in specific locations.

    While the stratosphere upwards is becoming heavily saturated with water vapor and greenhouse gas vapors (destroying the ozone at lightning speed too). Ushering in the Venus Syndrome a thousand times faster than it should be taking. Where the surface of our sister planet is the equivalent of molten lead, and the super heated atmosphere is so thick with vapors that you can't even see the ground from space.

    The exact same direction that we are heading, all thanks to the insane idiots who tried to create their own little east coast utopia. We might have actually had a few hundred years to change our direction, if they had just left well enough alone!


    • Rain Waters says:

      There has been only one complete overcast day in southern Oregon since June. The people hide from toxic feeling sunlight for the most part. Outdoors is void of human after 2pm until after 6.   YUK !

  9. Ziggy says:

    To Virginia and all, I live in the deep southeast. On a small mountain atop the Appalachian Plateau. Due south of the Blue Ridge mountains. I can't name the state just yet, because I am trying to prove that Raytheon is using a newly constructed 500 foot microwave tower, surrounded by five HAARP like antenna arrays… to gain absolute control of the weather in this area. This tower has as much of a security force protecting it, as does Fort Knox. And I have literally seen clouds form at the top of this tower on many occasions. Along with it's energy field showing up on radar, just before massive thunderstorms simply vanish from the sky within 90 seconds. I'm talking storms that took over an hour to develop and triggered severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings, that just melted from the top down at lightning speed. The reason why we always go from 100% rain chances with severe flash flood warnings, to as little as 3% chance of rain…within just minutes! According to the radar images, it also appeared to create atmospheric river deluges when we were hit with a two day, non stop (once in a thousand year) flood event, With rainfall amounts of 5 inches per hour. When that event occurred, I got 4 inches of rain in just the first 15 minutes! That tower is the reason for our man made drought right now (and before the two day flood) and I'm collecting as much evidence of its incredible climate warfare capabilities, as I possibly can. Before I try to expose it to the world. From what I can tell, it has the ability to manipulate the weather in a five to eight hundred mile radius around that structure. I don't think that they have used it on hurricanes yet, but I'm sure that day will come soon enough. This tower is like something out of an Orwellian novel and it scares the hell out of me. The power grid towers that feed it with 15 three inch (in diameter) electricity cables that originate in an underground substation, are just as scary. Because they are constructed from very thick steel beams and they are about 150 feet tall each. Those towers alone look like they could withstand direct hits from EF-5 tornadoes and category 5 hurricanes. While the main tower utilizes 50 three inch, steel braided suspension cables attached to (20 foot by 20 foot) concrete anchors that are 20 feet underground each.

    I know all of this, because I witnessed the Army Core of Engineers construct this tower and everything around it. They used Chinook choppers to erect the pieces of the tower and there are half a dozen cars parked at this site daily, with government license plates and Raytheon logos on the doors.

    This tower is one of the new weapons in the Geoengineering arsenal and if they build more of them. We are all in trouble. This one sits in the middle of an isolated National Park and is surrounded by a million acre forest. There is no red light at the top of this one (to warn aircraft of its presence and steer clear). Nope, it is totally dark at night as the air space around it is federally restricted. However, when it is activated and becomes operational. There is a massively bright white light at top that strobes really fast, and you can then see it's power signature on radar.

    I know how all of this sounds and if I didn't witness its construction for myself, and see how it effects the climate here on radar. I too would think that it could only be out of a science fiction movie, or a mentally disturbed individual's mind. But trust me, this thing is real and it is extremely powerful. When the light comes on at the top, my ears start ringing so loudly and I immediately get a migraine headache. Teeth hurt horribly bad too. I have to leave the area ASAP and get home pronto. It was a friend who brought this to my attention and I am simply following up on this person's disclosure to me.

    God help us all if hundreds of these start popping up around the world. All of the wildlife has migrated completely away from this tower as well, Which is a true testament to its power. You can place your hand on the trees and feel them vibrate, while they also hum when the tower is active. It's an absolute nightmare folks.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, and thank you, Ziggy.   Your current info is not only alarming but bringing a sense of doom to an already struggling planet.  Fascinating information and look forward to more of your observations.  One question, however, Ziggy.  Were you not able to take any photos of the construction?  Seems it would be necessary to develop probity of all you describe in your quest.   Thank you.  V.

  10. Deborah says:

    Wow! You never fail to bring the truth. Thank you for guiding so many to the answers to all the confusion. A lot of people are noticing but don't know what to make of it. The information is set in easy to understand order. And then you give us a safe place to post comments. Just wow!

  11. Lance says:

    As always I listened to your latest bad news report.  Very sobering to say the least, but I've long been a sober minded individual.  Am of the mind that what's happening on many fronts is being made to happen.  The outcomes are, however, not under control.  This is what chaos is!  

  12. Rhonda Tomlinson says:

    The gratitude that I feel for you Dane goes beyond the universe. How incredibly unique and special you are, the difference you have made and continue to make in this world is astounding, Eternal Blessings right back to you and your family. With all the care you give, don't forget to give back to yourself and take time to let your beautiful heart heal. 

  13. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- Appreciate your efforts to keep this going….   You do a great job to connecting multiple dots….   This week in the news… Saudi Arabia cutting production by 2 Million barrels oil daily…  one can see the horizon of BRICSS…getting stronger Brazil, Russia , India, China S. Africa and now Saudi Arabia…..  this cut in production will not only increase energy prices thus helping Russia (not so good for the US and Biden) and further impact food production….   Also it looks like the USA is increasing their attacks on Russia beyond supplying more and more weapons at US Taxpayers cost by taking out the Nordstrom Pipelines, both and now taking out the bridge connecting Russia mainland to Crimea…..If the US keeps this up, there will be nukes used in this war theatre….  could be plausible deniability if the Nuclear Power Station is hit with low level radiation bomb….anything is possible…

    • Lance says:

      A state of perpetual global war is now very obvious to those with discernment.  There will be no winners in this war and few survivors.          

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